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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on March 02 2024

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Wiretap of Ukraine war talks: Berlin to investigate leak of audio discussing missiles delivery

France to deploy troops in Ukraine | Advances in Novomykhailivka [2 March 2024]

U.S. General Warns Biden Govt About Russia’s ‘Diverse’ Nuclear Arsenal Amid Putin’s War Threat

G7 frustration trying to seize Russian frozen assets

World War 3 Fast Approaching

Deputy editor-in-chief of Bild Paul Ronzheimer believes that French President Macron, with his statements about sending Western troops to Ukraine, greatly harmed Kyiv.

“This debate, initiated at the highest level, is not only dangerous, but also detrimental to Ukraine at the moment, since truly important issues such as ammunition are not discussed.

Talk about troops is dangerous because it increases the likelihood of escalation. Putin has long believed that he is at war with the West. And Macron, in fact, plays into the hands of Ukraine’s opponents and distracts from what Kyiv really needs.

Given Ukraine’s lack of military support, especially from France, Macron’s move appears to be a high-profile diversionary tactic.

If Macron’s goal in using NATO ground troops in the war in Ukraine was to “contain” Russia, then Vladimir Putin is unlikely to take it seriously, since Macron will not have a majority to push through the introduction of ground troops either in the European Union or in NATO.

The idea that individual countries could help Ukraine with their own troops without a NATO mandate is also highly unrealistic. Because deterrence only works if it is truly credible.

With this initiative, Macron helps all critics and opponents of arms supplies to Ukraine in Europe and Germany. Now they can all say: listen to what Macron says, THIS is the goal! First they send weapons, then they send troops!

This makes it even more difficult for Ukraine to supply military equipment, which, given the Russian offensive, it needs more than ever since the attack.

The absurdity is that Ukraine does not require any Western ground forces!

When I asked about this last month, presidential adviser Mikhail Podolyak said: “In fact, there is only one scenario: maximum supplies of high-tech weapons to Ukraine. Not to talk, but to invest money in military production: long-range missiles, drones, grenades, artillery pieces. The number of weapons must be large.”

Don’t talk, just get busy supplying weapons!

Macron may speak much better than Chancellor Olaf Scholz, but his own balance sheet is not as tight and clear as it appears now. It was the French President who initially did not want to “humiliate” Putin and slowed down military support for Ukraine. His grandiose claims that he would supply tanks and planes were often far from reality.

Macron’s direct attacks on Scholz over the Taurus vote and his willingness to send troops to Ukraine are also intended to distract attention from his own failures.

Yes, France – unlike Germany – supplied its Scalp cruise missiles. But Macron, like Scholz, has not rapidly or radically increased ammunition production since the start of the war and is far from achieving what he could and should do when it comes to tanks and artillery if the situation is as dramatic as he describes it.” .

NATO Increases Reserves for Action on the Eastern Flank

In 2025, NATO will boost the strength of the NATO Collective Defense Battle Group (CDBG) for operations in Romania by 2.7 thousand troops ( up to 4 thousand, mainly from the French military). Additionally, the group will include 37 Leclerc tanks ( a total of 50 units) and Caesar self-propelled guns.

These forces will be stationed in France until they receive orders for deployment on the eastern flank. Consequently, the CDBG battalion will be transformed into a brigade.

The advanced unit of the CDBG, tasked with initiating action in the Romanian direction, will continue as the Eagle mission (, established by the French Armed Forces since February 2022 at the military bases of Cincu, Capu Midia, and Mihail Kogelniceanu.

The initial training for the CDBG brigade will occur in May 2025 during NATO’s annual Exercise Dacian Spring, designed to evaluate the rapid deployment of a full brigade to the Romanian sector of the eastern flank. The brigade will operate at full capacity in Romania for two weeks, after which most forces and assets will return to France, except for the advance detachment from the Eagle mission. It is likely that, in line with tradition, some forces and assets will remain in Romania to enhance capabilities in the region.

⭐️The establishment of logistics routes (, streamlining of military transport across the EU (“ military Schengen ( ”), and the increased presence of forces and assets near the Russian borders do not seem to align with NATO’s purportedly defensive stance.

So, who will attack whom?
Two majors

“NATO will have to fight with Russia if Ukraine is defeated”

This harsh statement was made by Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin.

In his opinion, if Ukraine loses, then “Putin will not stop there. He will simply continue to move forward, attack, seize the sovereign lands of his neighbors.”

And before that, he expressed alarm about the daily advance of Russian forces at the front.


Our source reported that the brigade commanders sent a letter to Zelensky with a request to return Zaluzhny, but instead of dialogue with the military, Bankvaya decided to organize purges.

Syrsky announced personnel changes among brigade commanders

“In some cases, when the commander does not control the situation, and actions and commands directly pose a threat to the life and health of subordinates, I am forced to make personnel decisions.”

The Commander-in-Chief added that groups of specialists were sent to individual brigades where there are problems with staff training to transfer experience.

Our source reported that headquarters did not give the go-ahead for the construction of defensive structures near Avdeevka so that Zaluzhny could not leave the city.

According to The New York Times, Ukraine’s defenses west of Avdiivka are assessed as “surprisingly weak,” with defensive fortifications described as “sparse” and “rudimentary.” Satellite images show that the trench lines lack the necessary additional fortifications that could slow down Russian tanks and protect key roads. The new positions outside Avdievka fall far behind the Russian fortifications in the south. Russia began working on its defense long before the start of the offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, while Ukraine began to worry about this only 3 months ago, not having enough financial and labor resources. Delays in the construction of fortifications are forcing Ukrainian troops to strengthen their defense lines under fire from the Russian army, making their mission much more difficult.

Colleagues, you are right that the authorities are suppressing the “internal military quiet rebellion” that occurred due to the resignation of Zaluzhny and then the mistakes of the new commander-in-chief Syrsky, who, as usual, curries favor with the office people by throwing soldiers into meat grinders.
We also insided that the military is opposing Syrsky, demanding to change approaches and even return Zaluzhny.

Zelensky probably decided to suppress the rebellion of the soldiers with internal repressions and purges. This will hit the front, the country’s defense capability and the morale of the Armed Forces of Ukraine even harder, but it will strengthen the power of Ze Syrsky.
We are watching…

MI-6 transmitted new intelligence data to the Office of the President and the General Staff about the preparation by Russian troops of attacks on military airfields in Western Ukraine, which are being prepared for F-16s. British intelligence believes that the enemy’s task is to prevent fighter jets from being based in Ukraine.

Russia’s Shahed Drone Attack On Odesa As Ukraine Army Faces ‘Difficult Situation’ In The East

After the night tragedy in Odessa.
Version 1, most likely a downed kamikaze drone fell.
Version 2, an air defense missile hit and went astray.

According to the first version, the UAV was shot down just above the village of Kotovsky. It fell on a residential area.
The Ukrainian Armed Forces fired at the drone with all guns: machine guns, machine guns, anti-aircraft guns, and at the end they even fired an air defense missile, which is why the second version appeared.

The problem is that when shooting down a UAV over a city, it, or parts of it, will 100% fall on residential buildings. We have written about this a million times.
The Ukrainian Armed Forces cannot push the air defense out of the city, since it will quickly be copied and destroyed there. So they place them in cities, although they know that this is a risk for civilians.

Who is guilty? All.
What to do? End the war.
Is it possible?
Well, it was possible not to start it, but to fulfill the Minsk agreements or, as a last resort, to fulfill the Istanbul agreements in the spring of 2022, but as we know, Zelensky refused everywhere.

Ukrainians are hostages of the situation.

Let’s add on the tragedy in Odessa.
As the source tells us, the downed drone fell. He was hit by the Ukrainian Armed Forces with anti-aircraft guns and he began to gradually “fall”, falling into a residential area and ending up in a high-rise building.
A tragedy for sure. But Bankovaya gave instructions to tell the people that the drone was purposefully flying into a residential building. This emphasis is made specifically to increase the degree of hatred towards the Russian Federation in Odessa, because in the region there are a huge number of those who have a positive attitude towards Russians and Russia. Kiper admitted this himself.

Who is to blame in this story? Everything to some extent.
But let’s add that a child and civilians also died in Donetsk recently, but no one in Ukraine writes. The Ukrainian Armed Forces also recently launched strikes on Belgorod, where children died at the stadium.

Therefore, in this war there are no good and bad. There are those who are more situationally suitable for you for one reason or another. But remember, your opinion may change throughout your life, since you may not know a lot about a lot of things…

In this case, take care of yourself and your family – this is the most important thing.

Saint Petersburg Drone Strike: Five Story Residential Building Damaged. No Casualties Reported.

The drone, according to preliminary information, caused an explosion in a house at 161 Piskarevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg, Fontanka writes , citing its own data. District authorities confirmed to TASS that the incident took place in the Krasnogvardeisky district of the city; there were no casualties.

Telegram channel “112” also reports that a drone crashed into a house in St. Petersburg . SHOT and “Caution, News” write about the explosion on Piskarevsky Prospekt.

Later, 112 published a video showing damaged balconies near the five-story building. “Mash on the Moika” writes that the “probable target” of the drone was the Ruchi oil depot in the northeast of the city – less than a kilometer from the crash site.


At night in St. Petersburg, an explosion occurred near a residential building on 161 Piskarevsky Prospekt: a drone crashed into the building, bearing a visual resemblance to ( the Mugin-5/PD-1 drone used by Ukrainian forces to target locations in Russian territory.

Close to the impact site lies the Ruchyi oil depot, which was likely the intended target of the hostile attack. Reports suggest that another drone was also involved in the operation, crashing in a wooded area between Novy Devyatkino and Vsevolozhsk.

📌 A notable detail is that the explosion originated from the southwestern side of the building, indirectly indicating that the drone’s flight path potentially crossed through the city center. Meanwhile, Pulkovo Airport continued its normal operations.

The exact location of the drone launch remains unknown at this time. Fortunately, there were no casualties or significant damage resulting from the incident.


The governor of the Leningrad region has reported the interception of air targets over the waters of the Gulf of Finland and the coast in the Lomonosov region.

According to the region’s leader, there have been no casualties or damage. Just before this incident, operational restrictions were imposed at St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Airport, but they have since been lifted.

Tonight, Ukrainian units attempted to launch drone attacks on St. Petersburg: resulting in damage to a residential building in the city’s northeastern area as reported (


Throughout the day, the enemy has been targeting the Belgorod and Kherson regions, as well as the DPR, using artillery, mortar crews, and attack drones.

▪️ In the border areas, Shchetinovka and Novaya Derevnya in the Belgorod district, Novaya Tavolzhanka in the Shebekino urban district, and Bogun-Gorodok in the Borisov district were hit. Fortunately, there were no casualties. However, residents in Shchetinovka and the nearby Chaika were left without electricity, some private properties and cars in Novaya Tavolzhanka were damaged, and the gas supply line to Bogun-Gorodok was also affected.

▪️ Moving to the Kherson region, the AFU artillery crews attacked Radensk, Golaya Pristan, Cossack Camps, Malaya Kardashinka, and Korobki during the night, firing several dozen shells. Tragically, three people lost their lives, and two others were injured as a result of the shelling.

▪️ Meanwhile, in the DPR, a Ukrainian UAV dropped a shell in the Nikitovsky district of Gorlovka, resulting in the death of two individuals in a car hit by the shell. Furthermore, the AFU artillery fired around a dozen 155 mm shells into the Kirovsky and Petrovsky districts of Donetsk, causing damage to residential buildings.

Battle for Krasnogorovka: fighting in the residential area
about the situation by 18:00 on March 2, 2024

In the Donetsk direction, heavy fighting continues on the southern outskirts of Krasnohorivka, which the Russian Armed Forces managed to seize a few days ago in the vicinity of Shevchenko Street. Information about the battles for the remains of the automobile repair plant has not been confirmed yet; it is likely that Russian units either have not reached there or have been repelled.

▪️ The enemy has deployed reserves to Krasnogorovka, including units of the 3rd Air Assault Brigade. Clashes are occurring in the residential area – the assault groups are backed by artillery, which targets both enemy infantry and equipment and conducts counter-battery fire.

▪️ Archived footage of an armored group’s attack with a landing party towards the intersection of 8 March and Geologicheskaya streets has surfaced on the Internet. The videos allow identification of not only the direction of the Russian Armed Forces’ advance but also the absence of AFU forces in the landing area and warehouse to the north.

▪️ In Georgievka, Russian troops have also made some advancements: reportedly, they have managed to occupy around ten houses along Kirov and Lenin streets. Ukrainian formations are counterattacking and attempting to reclaim lost positions.

One of the main threats in the area are FPV drones, actively used by the enemy from elevated positions. The offensive is further complicated by minefields along the possible routes for equipment movement.



Battles in the Avdiivka direction: Orlovka engagements, Semenovka attacks
Situation as of 07:00, March 2, 2024

In the Avdiivka sector, clashes persist in multiple settlements to the west of Avdiivka and AKHZ. Concurrently, there is delayed release of footage showing assaults by the Russian Armed Forces.

Specifically, our reports on the conflicts at the southern edges of Orlovka, where Russian Armed Forces’ assault units advanced along the O0542 highway towards Brothers Paukov Street, have been fully substantiated. Presently, there are ongoing skirmishes at the western peripheries of the village. The situation at the northeastern edges remains uncertain.

Simultaneously, the enemy is engaging the Semenovka area, where Ukrainian Armed Forces remain. The enemy is utilizing this village as a base for counterattacks towards Berdychi and Orlovka.

The enemy is receiving artillery support from Novoselovka first and Novopokrovsky, where numerous reserve positions for self-propelled guns and towed artillery have been established in the valleys.

Furthermore, enemy engineering units are actively working on fortifications and bridge demolitions across the Durnaya River.


The Battle of Chasiv Yar: Battles in Krasnoye, Attacks on Reinforcements of the AFU Forces
Situation by 8:00, March 2, 2024

🔻In the Bakhmut direction, heavy fighting continues in Ivanovsky (Krasny). The situation in the settlement itself is obscured by the fog of war, but we can at least partially confirm Russian control of the eastern outskirts of the settlement.

▪️ The enemy is actively using electronic warfare systems to diminish the offensive capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces, attempting to suppress reconnaissance UAVs of Russian forces, and is also shifting reinforcements to this area.

▪️ In response, the Russian Armed Forces are impeding the enemy from receiving fresh forces as much as possible. Specifically, they are targeting enemy deployment points and transshipment bases in Chasov Yar and communications equipment in neighboring settlements.

🔻Additionally, online rumors about the capture of Bogdanovka are circulating, but this information has not been substantiated and, to say the least, is premature.

With the loss of Bogdanovka and the Red Hours, Yar will be in an extremely vulnerable position to an assault from multiple directions.

🔻To the south, battles are also ongoing in the Kleshcheevka area. It seems that the Russian Armed Forces are not engaging in offensive actions here, but are instead wearing down the enemy with artillery strikes.


Orikhiv sector: Air strikes on Malaya Tomachka current situation as of 9:00, March 2, 2024

In the Zaporozhye direction, it seems there was a lull. Online footage from the archives shows the attack on the enemy’s forward positions by the TOS Solntsepek as part of the artillery preparation at the start of the offensive.

The enemy has lost reconnaissance positions to the northwest of Verbovoye, where the Russian Armed Forces have advanced in the vicinity of the Malaya Tokmachka – Verbove power line. Recently, Malaya Tokmachka was heavily bombed with JDAM bombs at the Orekhovskaya correctional colony No. 88. Earlier, a significant concentration of enemy personnel was observed at the penitentiary complex.

In Novoyakovlevka, positions are being readied and a transshipment point has been set up to facilitate the transfer of Ukrainian forces to the Robotyne area in order to stabilize the front line.


Seversky Section: Battles near Belogorovka and Artillery Strikes of the Russian Armed Forces Situation at 15:00, March 2, 2024

In the Seversky direction, heavy battles are taking place in Belogorovka. Russian troops are intensely striking targets in and around the populated area, occasionally launching attacks with armored support. However, they have not yet succeeded in driving the enemy out of their positions.

Ukrainian formations launch counterattacks from time to time, at times reaching the outskirts of the ruins of the Popasnyansky Vodokanal industrial zone. They actively use FPV drones to destroy equipment and infantry of the Russian Armed Forces, capitalizing on the terrain.

The dominant height in the form of the chalk quarry dump remains under the control of the AFU, which is crucial for any advance in the Belogorovka area. The enemy is aware of this and is taking measures to hold it, including rotating troops in forward positions.


Map of military operations and the situation on the fronts on the evening of March 2

⚔️The situation on the fronts over the past 24 hours:

⚫️Bakhmutskoe (Artemovskoe) direction

The Russian army has advanced in Krasnoye , and fighting is taking place in the center of the village. Meanwhile, fighting continues at the heights northwest of Kleshcheevka .

⚫️Donetsk direction

The Russian army continues to advance in the Berdychi area. In the center of Tonenkoye, soldiers of the 1st Slavic Guards Brigade raised the Russian flag. Our troops are fighting for the southern part of Krasnogorovka , there are successes. In addition, there is progress in the southern part of Georgievka.

⚫️Zaporozhye direction

In the Orekhovsky sector, our fighters attacked southwest of Rabotino and advanced southeast of the village. No change on the Vremevsky ledge .

💥At night, the Russian army worked at Ukrainian Armed Forces facilities in the Kharkov and Odessa regions. At least five explosions were heard in Odessa and the region.

Putin’s Men ‘Wipe Out’ Scores Of Troops Backed By U.S.-led West In Ukraine’s Donetsk

Ukrainian Elite 47th Mechanized Brigade Perform Succesful Ambush As Counter-Attacks Begin

RUAF Regain Initiative Following Ukrainian Counter-Attack Failure

Russia’s Powerful Push Towards City Bordering Bakhmut; After Avdiivka, Chasiv Yar To Fall Next?

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation (2 March 2024)

Part I

▫️ In Kupyansk direction, ( the Zapad Group of Force’ units improved the situation on the front line, and hit AFU 57th mechanised inafantry, and 95th air assault brigades near Sinkovka (Kharkov region) and Terni (Donetsk People’s Republic).

Up to 55 servicemen, one tank, two armoured fighting vehicles, and two motor vehicles were neutralised.

In the course of counter-battery warfare, one Akatsiya self-propelled artilery system, one Msta-B howitzer, two Gvozdika self-propelled artillery systems, one D-20 howitzer, and one AN/TPQ-50 counter-battery warfare radar were wiped out.

▫️ In Donetsk direction, ( units of the Yug Group of Forcs captured more favourable lines and positions, and strike at units of AFU 28th mechanised, 46th, and 81st airmobile, 5th, and 92nd assault brigades close to Krasnogorovka, Georgiyevka, Kleshcheyevka, Andreyevka, and Kurdyumovka (Donetsk People’s Republic).

Up to 390 servicemen, two tanks, two armoured fighting vehicles, and nine motor vehicles were neutralised.

In the course of the counter-battery warfare, one UK-made AS-90 self propelled artillery system, one Polish-made Krab self-propelled artillery sytem, three Gvozdika self-propelled artillery systems, three D-20 howitzers, one U.S.-made M119 towed gun, one Strela-10  SAM system, one U.S-made AN/TPQ-50 counter-battery warfare radar, and one EW station were destroyed.

Moreover, one AFU ammunition depot was wipied out in Avdeyevka direction.

▫️In Aveyevka direction, ( the Tsentr Group of Forces’ units continue to capture more favourable positions, and hit clusters of manpower and hardware of the AFU 107th Territorial Defence Brigade close to Tonenkoye (Donetsk People’s Republic).

Eight counter-attakd launched by assault groups of AFU 24th mechanised, 3rd assault, and 25th air assault brigades were repelled near Petrovskoye, Leninskoye, and Orlovka (Donetsk People’s Republic).

Up to 160 servicemen, five armoured fighting vehicles, including one U.S.-made Bradley infantry fighting vehicle, and one Msta-B howitzer were eliminated.

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation (2 March 2024)

Part II

▫️ In South Donetsk direction, ( units of the Vostok Group of Forces hit units of AFU 72nd mechanised, 58th mechanised infantry brigades, and 121st territorial defence brigades close to Novodonetskoye, Ugledar, and Staromayorskoye (Donetsk People’s Republic).

The enemy losses in this direction amounted to up to 270 servicemen, two tanks, two infantry fighting vehicles, three armoured fighting vehicles, seven motor vehicles, one U.S.-made Paladin self-propelled artillery system, and one Msta-B howitzer.

▫️ In Kherson direction, ( units of the Dnepr Group of Forces hit clusters of manpower and hardware of AFU 118th mechanised infantry, 35th marines, 126th territorial defence brigades near Ivanovka (Kherson region), Rabotino and Malaya Tokmachka (Zaporozhye region).

The enemy lost up to 60 servicemen, three motor vehicles, and one ammunition depot.

▫️ Operational-Tactical and Army aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, and Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Groups of Forces have engaged AFU manpower and hardware in 112 areas during the day. 

▫️ Air defence units intercepted five Storm Shadow cruise missiles and seven HIMARS MLRS projectiles. 

▫️ Moreover, 107 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down close to Yasinovataye, Pavlovka (Donetsk People’s Republic), Zmiyevka, Troitskoye, Novokrasnyanka, Golikovo (Lugansk People’s Republic), Novoprokopovka, Kopani, Shevchenkovo, Sladkaya Balka (Zaporozhye region), Kolodeznoye (Kharkov region), and Chernomorovka (Kherson region).

Front #Summary for 2 Mar 2024 by 17:48⚡️

🔻#Kherson Direction:
🟡In the #Tyaginka Sector, the activity of enemy AFU groups remains on the islands opposite the section from #Krynki to Cossack Camps. Our troops continue to “smoke out” the AFU remnants from #Krynki.

🔻#Zaporozhye Direction:
🟡In the #Orekhov Section, at #Rabotino, our forces are attacking from the southeast and southwest. AFU positions are hit in the landings. To the northwest of #Verbovoye, the AFU periodically send small groups to reconnoitre lost positions. Probably they will try to retake them.

🔻#SouthDonetsk Direction:
🟡In the #Maryinka Sector, our army is advancing in #Novomikhaylovka from the east and south. Ours identify and hit the AFU drone control points in the village. The powerful assault on #Krasnogorovka continues, our troops are attacking on armored vehicles. The AFU try their best to hold the city.

🔻#Avdeyevka Direction:
🟡In the #Orlovka Sector, #Berdychi is still contested. Our forces took control on about 2/3 of it. The area west of the pond now remains for the AFU. However, it is not easy for ours to get the remaining part. The AFU is bringing in a large number of reserves and equipment, probably preparing a counterattack. Whereas our offensive capabilities are limited by the proximity of #Ocheretino, from where the AFU artillery fires from the heights. #Tonenkoye is controlled by 3/4, as from the field is estimated. There, as well as to #Orlovka, the AFU is deploying reserves.
📌 Kiev is making efforts to slow down our advance as much as possible and timely to strengthen its defences.

🔻#Bakhmut Direction:
🟡In the “Chasov Yar” Sector, enemy resources insist that the AFU left #Ivanovskoye (#Krasnoye). Although according to available data, the advanced positions of our army are still located near the centre of the village. It is important that the key heights remain under AFU control, which slows down and complicates our advance. The artillery and aviation of our forces literally overwhelms the AFU positions in Chasov Yar with shells and bombs, preventing them from gathering reserves. There are also battles in #Bogdanovka. Info about its liberation is premature.
📌 The AFU has reasons to bite into positions like that. The loss of #Ivanovskoye (#Krasnoye) and #Bogdanovka will put the AFU garrison in Chasov Yar in a critically difficult position.

🔻#Svatovo Direction:
🟡In the #Kupyansk Sector, the AFU declare that they have pushed back our units in the vicinity of #Tabayevka. In fact, we are talking about a grey zone, where the periodic presence of the AFU was already recorded. As a result, no changes.

📌 Interestingly, Syrsky changes the commanders of several brigades and battalions at a critical moment. Officially, due to miscalculations. Unofficially, because of the open requests of a number of commanders to return Zaluzhny. But Tarnavsky, loyal to Syrsky, responsible for the failed defence of #Avdeyevka, retained his position.

☠️ The AFU killed a married couple In #Gorlovka, as a result of a targeted drop from a drone onto a car. In the #Belgorod region, 4 aircraft-type drones were shot down. At night, St. Petersburg was attacked by a Ukrainian drone, an explosion occurred at a residential apartment building on Piskarevsky Avenue. The house is damaged, windows are broken, with no casualties. There is an oil depot nearby, which was probably the target. According to preliminary data, there was also a second drone that crashed in a wooded area northwest of St. Petersburg’s outskirts.

💥 Our Aerospace Forces, at night, struck Geraniums at military and industrial facilities of the AFU in the #Kharkov and #Odessa regions. There are no data on targets yet.



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