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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on May 27 2024

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Putin’s Coup Plot? Pro-Russia Ex-Ukrainian President’s Plane Landed In Belarus During Putin Visit

West Embarrasses Zelensky Again: Ukraine’s Biggest Weapons Demand Rejected By NATO Chief

Russian KINZHAL Hypersonic Missiles Rained Down On NATO Officers’ Heads In STAROKOSTIANTYNIV

Ukraine has allocated $11 million for penguin research in Antarctica.

The purchase includes champagne, chocolate and even a set of professional darts.

The scientific center is headed by the former commander of the Aidar terrorist platoon, “Dikiy (”.

- Ukraine Leaks

Ukraine is clearly in desperation mode hoping to find the secret mythical Third Reich hideout in Antartica. Probably hoping to unfreeze Hitler so he can lead them to victory. Well.. that or they are planning their own secret hideout it would appear knowing the war is lost.

The summit in Switzerland is finally being merged by our partners, and Zelensky’s peace formula will remain a set of drafts that no one is even going to discuss. Our source reported that Ukraine is ready to begin negotiations with the Kremlin.

The EU wants to organize a peace conference on Ukraine in the fall with the participation of Russia, Bloomberg writes, citing sources.

It should take place in Saudi Arabia.

“The big question for the EU, officials say, is how to move from next month’s conference to a possible meeting in Saudi Arabia in the fall with Russia,” the newspaper writes.

Today, EU foreign ministers will discuss “how to find an acceptable result” for the summit in Switzerland. Many leaders will not attend the event, including Biden, Xi Jinping and, most likely, Indian Prime Minister Modi.

“Zelensky is relying on his TV charisma, but photo-op no longer has currency it once had in the US”: The West has concluded that Zelensky’s PR efforts have run out of steam.

“Vladimir Zelensky’s video invitation recorded in Kharkov will not make Chinese President Xi Jinping attend a conference in Switzerland on Ukraine. Kiev’s PR actions have already lost all influence not only on the world, but also on Ukraine’s closest allies. Even Biden is unlikely to heed the call because he has stopped appreciating beautiful photos with Zelensky. The heated presidential campaign has made aid to Ukraine a key contentious issue, and the White House may already be figuring out how to do propaganda without Zelensky.
As for President Xi, he made it clear during a visit to France this month that the war in Ukraine has nothing to do with him – even though China buys huge amounts of Russian oil and gas while also supplying computer chips, airplanes, parts and other goods”

EU foreign affairs ministers will today discuss how to find a face-saving outcome for the Ukraine peace summit on June 15-16 in Switzerland. US President Joe Biden is planning to skip the gathering for a Hollywood fundraiser, while China and Brazil are planning a rival initiative. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is imploring leaders to attend, but Moscow is actively trying to undermine participation of key powers. Brazil and India are floating the idea of sending more junior officials, and only a senior civil servant may attend from Beijing, we’re told. For the EU, the important issue is how to progress from next month’s conference to a possible meeting in Saudi Arabia in the autumn with the participation of Russia, officials said.

Kaja Kallas explains to the Europeans that they do not need peace negotiations. 

Ukraine must win the war, and Russia must understand that it has lost. This is our plan A, B and C. Words and sanctions are important, but they are not enough. Ukraine needs weapons, ammunition, training. It also needs financial and economic support, and it needs it now. Our role and responsibility is not only to continue, but also to strengthen our support for Ukraine on all fronts

Our source reports that Zelensky has not abandoned the idea of     preparing the autumn offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with recruits who should be recruited in the summer and “trained” in a month, and then thrown straight into battle.
The main trump card that Zelensky is counting on is the number of Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers simultaneously thrown into battle. According to the OP’s idea, this should bring territorial results, at the cost of tens of thousands of lives of Ukrainian soldiers.
Biden will be glad to receive such a gift for the election.
After this successful offensive (the OP is counting on this), you can go to negotiations, since everyone understands that Ukraine will become an expensive “suitcase without a handle,” since it will be necessary to spend from 1 to 2 x billion hryvnia per month – this is only this year. Next year, this figure will be 2-3 times higher.
Not counting their treatment.
Add to this the social block, deterioration and degradation of housing and communal services, a decaying economy and growing corruption, etc.

There will always be a shortage of money, and there will be more and more problems and costly cases.

Our source reports that the huge problem of the Ukrainian crisis is that Western partners do not have enough real weapons in warehouses that can be immediately transferred to Kyiv.

Now Western military aid packages for Ukraine will consist of 70-85% orders for the future.
In ordinary words, the West loads its military-industrial complex with orders for years to come, using the Ukrainian crisis, while the result in this war is not particularly important to them. The main thing for them is to earn money.

This is bad for Ukraine, since the headlines will be military aid worth billions, but in reality crumbs will immediately come. The shortage of equipment and ammunition among the Ukrainian Armed Forces will increase.

The New Yorker notes two years in and the war is decidedly in Russia’s favour.

- The Russian military is now bigger and now gets 30,000 volunteers per month (French intelligence noted earlier in the year Ukraine needs 35,000 but gets only 17,500). Russia can produce more than twice as many shells as all of NATO, is adept at drones and EW, and has been levelling Ukrainian “troop formations” with glide bombs.

- Russia has worn down Ukraine’s defences so substantially that the government “ordered nationwide blackouts.”

But a lack of arms is only one of Ukraine’s problems; the military is also short on soldiers. In the early days of the war, there was no shortage of people looking to sign up to fight, but finding eager recruits has become far more difficult.

- People are discontent especially as it hits the poor, rural, and less educated. Ukrainian soldiers are also unhappy there is no demobilization, and the only way out is death or serious injury.

- “Ukraine cannot count on future aid packages” from the US and “And all the talk in Washington and in European capitals of the existential nature of the fight, they have not used the past two years to seriously upgrade or expand arms production.”


Kallas: Putin wants to prevent me from becoming NATO commander-in-chief”: Estonian PM sees nothing wrong if NATO military personnel start dying in Ukraine – no escalation, just fighting and dying.

“If Estonian personnel get hurt, it’s our decision whether to invoke Article 5 of NATO’s collective defense charter. After all, we are the ones who sent them, and we would never argue this need to invoke Article 5. If someone argues that this will lead to NATO getting involved in a war, I argue that this is not the case.
We are a democracy, which means that there is a need for a parliamentary decision to send ground troops there. Parliament represents the people and in this case we would have had a public debate. We would not do anything in secret. The possibility of training Ukrainian soldiers directly on the ground is something we take for granted, because it is faster than airlifting Ukrainians first to the West and then back again”

Today it became known that the Commander-in-Chief of the AFU, Syrskyi, has allowed French instructors to legally be present on the territory of Ukrainian training centers.

📌The participation of the French in the status of mercenaries or instructors in the conflict zone has been no secret almost since the very beginning of the SMO.

Another question is that Macron’s rhetoric in recent months, as well as the constant military exercises near the Ukrainian border, demonstrate the gradual implementation of an already known ( plan:

➖To deploy a limited contingent from France, the UK, Poland, and others in Western Ukraine to free up AFU units engaged in border protection and logistics functions, in order to send them to the front line;

➖To demonstrate NATO solidarity in supporting the so-called Ukraine. At least until there is a real risk of direct confrontation with the Russian Armed Forces;

➖In the interests of the US, to shift even more of the burden of providing for the AFU onto continental Europe.

Against the backdrop of the hype over Syrskyi’s statement, the French Ministry of Defense clarified that the possibility of sending French instructors is still being worked out. And it’s hard to argue with that. Right now, in Romania, not far from the Odesa region, the French have been rehearsing their actions for deployment in Western Ukraine for several weeks.

🔻For the French, the introduction of troops is a risky step that promises damage ( to their reputation and condemnation in the media due to inaction in the rear against the backdrop of the AFU’s defeats at the front, or damage to their reputation as a result of combat losses.

Therefore, the decision, disadvantageous for the French from any side, will be postponed to the limit, and at least until the end of the 2024 Olympic Games.

Macron – said of an unprecedented number of EU enemies:

   We have never had so many enemies inside and outside. We are living an existential moment when our Europe could die – I spoke about this a few weeks ago. And it’s not because war has returned to Europe – I’m talking about Russian aggression in Ukraine – it’s because we are facing the challenges of decarbonizing the economy, when the solution to climate issues must not be at the expense of economic growth and industrialization. I also think that our democracy is in a kind of crisis, and we see it ourselves.

Scholz – on Ukraine not joining NATO in the next 30 years:

  It has been repeatedly stated that Ukraine will allegedly become a NATO member. You know the solutions, it is not expected in the near future. It is possible that in the next 30 years. We support Ukraine as much as possible so that this imperialist attack on a neighboring state does not succeed. But at the same time we care that it does not come to a big war between Russia and NATO.

Australian Strategic Policy Institute analyst Malcolm Davies on the conflict between Blinken and the White House over strikes on Russia:

   There is a group within the Biden administration that is concerned about the prospect of an escalation of conflict with Russia. Secretary of State Blinken is trying to speak out against those fears. However, National Security Advisor Sullivan, in my view, is as restrained as President Biden. It is the internal conflict in Washington that prevents Kiev from obtaining authorization to strike Russian territory with U.S. weapons.

The enemy again attacked the strategic radar of the missile attack warning system (MAWS).

This afternoon it was reported that a Ukrainian was shot down in the Orenburg region (1.5 thousand km from the border, by the way). One of the over-the-horizon warning stations, Voronezh-M (Object 7357), is located 20 km from Orsk.

At the moment, no materials have surfaced about any damage, except for fuzzy satellite images, where you can’t really make out anything.

In addition, a Takever AR3 drone made in Portugal was shot down over Armavir, the city near which Voronezh-DM is located. It’s very appearance there and the nature of its movement suggests that it was converted into a kamikaze and was apparently flying into the radar.

This is direct use of Western weapons to destroy the strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation.

Odd use of a $500K drone, give these radars have no role in this war.

In the morning, Ukrainian formations once again used drones to attack Russian fuel and energy facilities in the rear.

One of the drones struck a Rosneft gas station in Livny, Oryol Region. During the firefighting, another UAV attacked: the driver of one of the fire crews was killed, and three more firefighters were wounded.

Just 100 meters from the gas station is a large oil depot, which was most likely the target of the raid. Another gas station nearby was also damaged, but casualties and fire were avoided.


The Kiev regime is already preparing Ukrainians for the fact that only “those who welcomes the Russian world” live in Volchansk

Lately, Ukrainian media has been emphasizing that there are no “their people” left in the city and showing more frank interviews with local residents.

Here, for example, is a video of one of these interviews. During the forced evacuation, Ukrainian journalists are not interested in how people survived, but who, in their opinion, shot from where and where. If the result of the answer does not coincide with the methodology, then they begin to put pressure on them, proving to them “how it really happened.”

We perfectly understand our compatriots who cannot stand it and tell the Nazis everything they think. However, we would like to again warn against such actions. They are useless and dangerous for you! You should never talk about your thoughts to strangers.

Some Nazi groups are already looking for people from this video. We hope everything will be fine for them.


Kharkov Nazis found a way to stop the advance of Russian troops – the monument needs to be demolished

The leader of the Kharkov Nazis, Nemichev, was indignant that Russian journalists were using the image of the monument to a Soviet soldier in Kharkov and in a hysterical manner demanded that the monument be demolished.

“This picture has already been sent to me several times, I need to react… and tear down this relic of communism and a symbol of occupation.”
- said one of the founders of the KRAKEN special forces, Konstantin Nemichev, believing that in this way the Russian troops would be demoralized.

Well, everything will be restored, and Kharkov will be liberated!


On May 26, the grouping of troops “North” continued the liberation of the border areas of Kharkov region

In the Volchansk direction, the enemy continues to put up fierce resistance in the settlement of Volchansk. The intrepid advanced in the southern direction up to 200 meters, destroying several defensive positions of the AFU.

The enemy with the forces of the 57th Ombre conducted an unsuccessful counterattack. Having suffered heavy losses, retreated to the initial positions.

In the Liptsovsky direction, the Fearless improved their tactical position in the Severny dacha settlement, repulsing a counterattack by the 13th NSU brigade. At one of the sites the advance was up to 500 meters in depth.

Over the past 24 hours, the enemy losses amounted to up to 400 people. Also uncovered and destroyed:

▪️ two AN/TPQ-50 radars in the town of Volchansk;
▪️ a T-64 tank in the village of Ternovaya;
▪️ two D-30 howitzers in the villages of Vilcha and Bely Kolodez;
▪️ BM-21 “Grad” MLRS in the village of Zolochev;
▪️ D-20 howitzer in the town of Shesterovka;
▪️ three vehicles.

The enemy, seeking to stabilize the situation in the Kharkov direction, threw into the battle the most prepared and motivated militants transferred from all parts of the front.

The tactics chosen by the Ukrainian command can lead to catastrophic consequences for the AFU: without operational and tactical reserves, the Ukrainian defense in other directions is in a critical condition.

Victory will be ours!

North Wind

The assault on Volchansk, May 27.

After the arrival of the AFU reserves at Volchansk, active clearing of the area began. The main problem for the AFU was the transfer of heavy equipment, primarily tanks. Judging by the modifications and condition of the vehicles, almost all of them have been repaired or stored for a long time, which indirectly indicates that the remnants of available reserves are being raked out.

At the same time, the activity of AFU equipment on the southern approaches to Volchansk is almost immediately bought by the artillery and aviation of the “North” group: the main attempts of the AFU to accumulate forces and act in a concentrated manner in the last 72 hours were recorded in the area of Vilcha, Liman, Simonovka and Zemlyanoy Yar.

In the city itself, the AFU holds the north, part of the east and the western part of the city, with the exception of the fortified area near the aggregate plant. The nature of the fighting does not change, and the artillery fire, the features of which “Military Chronicle” told the day before, on the contrary, begins to thicken, which is clearly visible on the map of strikes.

East of Volchansk, the activity of the AFU units was also recorded, but the Ukrainian army was unable to accumulate large forces and prevent the activity of the “northern” after the strikes on the reserves south of Volchanskiy Khutor, after which it rolled back to regroup and make up for losses near Bely Kolodez.

From the same area, the AFU is trying to conduct counter-battery warfare, as Beliy Kolodez is conveniently located on a hill and is used by the Ukrainian army as a stronghold for artillery units.

Military Chronicle

 Russian troops have taken 60% of Krasnogorovka – BILD analyst Jihady Röpke

 - “The situation in Krasnogorovka is extremely difficult for the AFU. Russian forces have taken the center of the city and replenished their troops there with tanks and BMPs. They now control about 60% of the city,” Röpke writes.

 - On another section of the front in the DNR, according to his data, the Russian Armed Forces have taken the village of Umanskoye west of Avdeevka. On the border between Kharkov Region and the LPR, Russian troops took the villages of Ivanovka and Kislovka.

Ukrainian media confirm the beginning of the battle for Karlovka, a settlement that is one of the key ones in the second line of defense of the AFU in the Donbass.



Assault troops storm Chasov Yar, advancing into the Canal microdistrict

▫️Ukrainian military analysts recognize the new successes of the Russian army.

“The Russian Armed Forces have secured a foothold in the eastern and southern parts of the Canal microdistrict in Chasov Yar in an area up to 720 meters wide and continue assault operations in the area of   multi-story buildings,”
- they write.

“Russian troops continue their assault operations, advancing into the Canal microdistrict from the east and south. They are massively hitting the city with air bombs and artillery.”

“The Russians are advancing up to 200 m deep,”
- write other enemy resources.


Chasov Yar: our guys advanced half a kilometer and completely took the remaining part of Gorbaty Street and the buildings on its eastern side.

At the same time, we moved further south along the high-rise block and approached it closely from two sides, from the south and east.

Artyomovsk direction, Chasov Yar section

Since this morning, our assaults forced the Ukrainian to retreat to a distance of at least two kilometers.

The fighting was pushed back close to Chasov Yar.

Visual confirmation: Russian forces now control the entirety of the Southern border to the ‘Kanal’ district of Chasov-Yar (Bakhmut direction) – Russia already has control of the entire Eastern border.

The advance in this direction means Kanal’s only supply route “Oleha Koshovoho” is under Russian fire control.

Siversk Direction: The Saga of Raising the Flag on the Pipe in Bilohorivka
Situation as of 8:00 PM on May 27, 2024

Last night, more footage ( appeared online allegedly showing the presence of Russian assault groups in the ruins of the residential area of Bilohorivka. The video published by the opponent shows strikes on two Russian flags, one of which is located on a pipe near the ruins of the House of Culture.

Coordinates: 48.925547, 38.244144

🔻The flag was installed on the pipe using a drone, which becomes clear when watching the strike footage. For this, a search magnet was used, which allowed the flagpole to be secured on the platform. And this is not the first similar case. Russian troops installed a Russian flag using a grappling hook on the Antonov Bridge ( on May 22 – however, this in no way means that the Russian Armed Forces control the area.

▪️The real goal was to provoke the opponent to take retaliatory actions, who could use personnel or spend FPV drones (which is what happened in this case) to remove the Russian flags instead of striking equipment. However, the placement of the flag on the pipe was interpreted by many as an advance of Russian troops, effectively substituting the desired for the actual.

▪️The other Russian flag, located on a two-story brick building, could indeed have been installed by a Russian infantryman. Given that the building is completely destroyed, and nothing remains of it except the walls, it is unlikely that the Russian Armed Forces could have entrenched there, so it was most likely a solo raid.

Coordinates: 48.925082, 38.254830

📌Nevertheless, the opponent is much more often engaged in information dumps with the installation of Ukrainian flags from drones, passing them off as successes on the battlefield – he was repeatedly caught ( doing this during the battles in Krynky. And just last week, the Ukrainian media similarly claimed control of an area east of Kozachyi Lahery, publishing footage with a flag on one of the water towers.

🔻The current forces and means of the Russian Armed Forces are not enough to break through the opponent’s defense and advance to the center of the village, while the AFU hold positions on the dominant height – the chalk quarry dump. The only road for equipment leading to the eastern approaches to the spoil heap runs through the ruins of the Popasna Water Treatment Plant – an area that is not only fired upon from all sides (, but also where the operators of the opponent’s FPV drones feel quite comfortable.

❗️In reality, it will be possible to consolidate in Bilohorivka only after the Russian Armed Forces begin to squeeze the opponent’s positions from the southern side of the chalk quarry and dislodge the AFU from Verkhnokamyanske. Then the Ukrainian formations, under the threat of encirclement, may leave the spoil heap. Until then, the operational situation in the area will allow the opponent to maintain fairly advantageous defensive positions.



Chronicles of the special military operation
for May 27, 2024

Ukrainian formations once again attacked rear fuel and energy facilities in Oryol Region and Krasnodar Krai with drones. Late in the evening, the AFU shelled Luhansk.

On the Slobozhansky direction, fighting continues in the area of the assembly plant in Volchansk, where the enemy managed to somewhat stabilize the situation.

On the Kupiansk-Svatove direction, Russian assault troops are clearing the liberated Ivanovka, and fighting also continues in the central part of Berestove.

On the Siversk direction, footage has appeared of a Russian flag being installed in Bilohorivka, but it is impossible to conclude from this that Russian troops have advanced into the center of the village.

On the Bakhmut direction, Russian troops are storming the eastern outskirts of the Kanal neighborhood in Chasiv Yar, and are also advancing in the area of Kalinivka.

On the Donetsk direction, Russian Armed Forces units are advancing in Krasnohorivka. Battles are ongoing in Balka Domakha on the line Pervomaiske – Netailovo.


100 FAB Bombs A Day Creates Hopeless Situation For Ukraine

Russian Forces Intensify Offensive Operations On Avdiivka Front l Russian Advance On Multiple Fronts

RUSSIA IS CRUSHING IT! WITH MORE CAPTURES!!! Ukraine push back at Lyptsi~! – Ukraine SITREP

Russian forces advance in Umanske [ 27 May 2024]

UMANSKE CAPTURED CONFIRMED; Ivanivka near capture; Kyslivka gain buffer – Frontline Changes Report

Bilohorivka & Berestove Have Fallen | New Russian Offensive Begins

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation (27 May 2024)

▫️Units of the Sever Group of Forces continue advancing to the depth of the enemy’s defences.

Losses were inflicted on manpower and hardware of the AFU 125th Mechanised Brigade and 112th Territorial Defence Brigade near Konstantinovka and Granov (Kharkov).

Two counter-attacks launched by the enemy’s assault detachments were repelled near Glubokoye and Volchansk (Kharkov).

The AFU lost up to 318 servicemen, one tank, and two AFVs.

In the course of counter-battery warfare, one U.S.-made 155-mm M777 howitzer, one UK-made 155-mm FH-70 howitzer, one 152-mm D-20 howitzer, three 122-mm D-30 howitzers, one U.S.-made 105-mm M119 howitzer, and one 122-mm Grad MLRS combat vehicle were neutralised.

▫️Units of the Zapad Group of Forces liberated Ivanovka (Kharkov) and took more advantageous lines.

Losses were inflicted on formations of the AFU 14th and 66th mechanised brigades near Nevskoye (LPR) and Novosadovoye (DPR).

Moreover, three counter-attacks launched by the AFU assault detachments were repelled near Novovodyanoye (LPR) and Grigorovka (DPR).

The AFU lost up to 405 servicemen, one IFV, and five MVs.

In the course of counter-battery warfare, one UK-made 155-mm Braveheart self-propelled artillery system, one 152-mm D-20 howitzer, one 122-mm D-30 howitzer, and two 122-mm Bastion MLRS combat vehicles were neutralised.

▫️Units of the Yug Group of Forces improved the tactical situation along the front line and inflicted losses on manpower and hardware of the AFU 57th Mechanised Brigade, 105th, and 118th territorial defence brigades near Razdolovka and Chasov Yar (DPR).

The AFU lost more than 460 servicemen, four MVs, one UK-made 155-mm FH-70 howitzer, one 152-mm Msta-B howitzer, one 122-mm Gvozdika self-propelled artillery system, and one UK-made 105-mm L-119 howitzer. In addition, two AFU ammunition depots were destroyed.

▫️Units of the Tsentr Group of Forces liberated Netaylovo (DPR) and improved the tactical situation.

Losses were inflicted on formations of the AFU 68th Jaeger Brigade and 24th Mechanised Brigade near Semyonovka and Novgorodskoye (DPR).

Five counter-attacks launched by assault detachments of the AFU 71st Jaeger Brigade, 47th, and 110th mechanised brigades were repelled near Ocheretino, Solovyovo, and Umanskoye (DPR).

The AFU lost up to 335 servicemen, two AFVs, and three MVs.

In the course of counter-battery warfare, one U.S.-made 155-mm M777 howitzer, one 122-mm Gvozdika self-propelled artillery system, three 152-mm Msta-B howitzers, two 122-mm D-30 howitzers, one 122-mm Grad MLRS combat vehicle, and one U.S.-made 105-mm M102 light towed howitzer were neutralised.

▫️Units of the Vostok Group of Forces took more advantageous lines and inflicted losses on manpower and hardware of the AFU 128th Territorial Defence Brigade near Makarovka (DPR).

The AFU lost up to 130 servicemen, five MVs, one U.S.-made 155-mm M777 howitzer, and one U.S.-made 155-mm M198 howitzer.

▫️Units of the Dnepr Group of Forces inflicted losses on manpower and hardware of the AFU 65th Mechanised Brigade and 37th Marines Brigade near Rabotino (Zaporozhye) and Veseloye (Kherson).

The AFU lost up to 40 servicemen, three MVs, one 122-mm D-30 howitzer, and one U.S.-made 105-mm M119 howitzer.

▫️Operational-Tactical Aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Groups of Forces engaged AFU manpower and hardware clusters in 114 areas during the day.

Air defence units shot down six French-made Hammer guided aerial bombs, 14 U.S.-made HIMARS and Olkha MLRS projectiles, as well as 44 UAVs.


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