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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on June 15 2024

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Russia notably absent from Ukraine peace summit in Switzerland

Switzerland hosts Ukraine summit aimed at kickstarting peace process

Zelensky’s Switzerland Peace Summit Falls Flat, w/COL Jacques Baud

Colleagues, everyone around the President understands this well, that now eternal war is the guarantee of power for Zelensky, none of the functionaries at the Banking World need it.


Our source in the Ukrainian delegation in Switzerland said that Zelensky is satisfied with the scale of the summit, and no one cares about the results. The Office of the President is ready for a protracted war and a new escalation; for this, mobilization and cleansing of the political landscape will be further intensified

Zelensky – at the summit in Switzerland:
I also want to say that Russia is not here. Why? Because if Russia was interested in peace, there would be no war. We have to decide together what a just peace means for the world and how this can be achieved so that it is a long and sustainable peace. So the basis for us is that we should all talk about these issues so that these issues are transparent to all of us. Then this will be handed over to the Russian representatives. And at the second summit, we can really talk about ending the war. We have to start it all together. Today we can confirm that the whole world knows how to do it, how to do it the right way.

From all the numerous public statements at the so-called “Peace Summit” in Switzerland, several striking remarks can be highlighted that fully characterize the essence of this event.

For example, the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen stated that freezing the conflict is an unsuitable option, as it “serves as a recipe for future wars.” And Chancellor Olaf Scholz rejected the possibility of an immediate ceasefire, because it “legitimizes the seizure of Ukrainian territories.”

❗️In fact, through the mouths of European politicians, it was once again stated that the main scenario of the collective West remains a war to the last Ukrainian, which the sponsors of the Kyiv regime do not plan to curtail.

Which, against the background of the same yesterday’s statements ( by Vladimir Putin, looks quite characteristic and even symbolic.
#EU #Germany #Russia #Ukraine

The summit in Switzerland has been prepared for two years, but in fact everyone already recognizes its failure, which means Zelensky’s peace formula will soon become history. All attempts by the Office of the President to lure world leaders have failed and now it is necessary to form a new track in the international arena.

The Ukrainian summit has turned into a dummy: there is neither China nor Russia – CNBC

A so-called peace summit is due to take place next weekend in Bürgenstock, Switzerland. Ukrainian authorities have been talking about him for several months in desperate attempts to secure international support and additional funds, CNBC reports.

To some extent, their efforts were crowned with success; a number of countries agreed to take part in it. However, Russia will not be at the summit. Such influential countries as Saudi Arabia and China will not come either. All of this calls into question the effectiveness of this highly publicized conference. Many states decided not to send their representatives, or made do with the visit of junior officials. A number of countries that maintain warm relations with Moscow, such as India, Brazil, South Africa and Turkey, have not yet announced what kind of delegation they will send, or whether they will send one at all.

According to the portal, the final list of participants should be published on Friday. It is possible that this could change at the last minute, given reports of a steady decline in visitors. But the bad news for Kyiv does not end there. Even his most important ally, the United States, will not be represented at the presidential level. Instead, Joe Biden chose to attend a fundraising event for his re-election campaign.

Our source in the Ukrainian delegation in Switzerland said that there were serious problems with the final document, which all leaders and delegations had to sign. The Office of the President is forced to abandon a number of drafts that demanded the immediate withdrawal of troops from the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant and the clause blaming Russia for food security in the world.

The situation for Ukraine has not changed in any way since April, when we painted 7 negative puzzles of the overall picture of the Ukrainian crisis.

Even the promised $50 billion from frozen Russian assets will not be able to change the global picture, but will only prolong the war for the next 6-9 months (there is a version that the Biden administration needs to keep Kyiv from capitulating before the US elections). Further, even more money will be needed to maintain Ukraine.

Plus, Biden is waiting for the massive offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine promised by Zelensky with the help of recruited manpower this year, which could give some positive results for the elections in the United States (although the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have a lot of casualties).

Colleagues, you are right that the conference in Switzerland on the Ukrainian crisis failed a long time ago.
We informed about this in advance, understanding that it would be “empty.”

The fact of failure is also confirmed by the office people themselves, who try to shout every 5 minutes about victory and the grandeur of the conference in Switzerland, but none of them wrote, and what does this gathering really give for Ukraine?

Will they give us more money?
Will they give us more air defense?
Will they give us more weapons, equipment and ammunition?
Will we be given the right to sell our products anywhere without limits and without duties?
Will they give us more technology?
Will our energy infrastructure be repaired quickly?
Will they send their armies to help us?

Will even more sanctions be immediately imposed against the Russian Federation?
Will everyone stop buying Russian oil and other resources?
Will Russia be completely isolated tomorrow and all air traffic, shipping and transport will be stopped?

Of course not! This conference is just window dressing and an attempt at PR for Zelensky, who is beginning to lose his appeal in the Western arena. In fact, this is the last year when he is greeted so “fun”. Soon Ze will have a sharp cold shower… you’ll see.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry rejected Vladimir Putin’s conditions for starting the negotiation process

“Putin has only one goal: to prevent leaders and countries from participating in this summit. The appearance of Putin’s statements exactly the day before the start of the summit indicates that Russia is afraid of real peace. Putin understands perfectly well that the powerful voice of peace that will be heard at the summit will be the first practical step towards a just world,” the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Earlier, Zelensky’s office and NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg responded with a refusal to negotiate.

Kiev does not exclude Russia’s participation in the second “peace summit”

Deputy head of the office of the President of Ukraine Igor Zhovkva called the Swiss conference “inaugural” . According to him, the second summit is already being planned, and the Russian Federation can take part in it “in certain formats.”

At the same time, Zhovkva said that the participation of Russia is possible only if Moscow “listens to the world community” and other countries convey to Russia the principles developed in Switzerland.

If Kiev refuses the current peace proposal of the Russian Federation, then in the future the conditions for starting negotiations will be different, as stated by Vasily Nebenzya.

Other statements by the Russian Permanent Representative to the UN:

- The Russian Federation calls on countries whose leadership is pursuing a sensible course not to believe the crafty calls of the “gathering” in Switzerland on Ukraine;

- Military registration and enlistment offices in Ukraine have opened a hunt for men, healthy, sick – the medical commission recognizes everyone as fit and sends them to the front, they are exterminated;

- Kiev and its sponsors are demonstratively ignoring peaceful efforts to resolve the crisis and refusing to discuss them;

- If the West and Kiev refuse the peace proposal of the Russian Federation, then they will bear responsibility for the bloodshed in Ukraine.

“The Russian Federation should have sent peace proposals directly to Kiev.” A senior US administration official noted that Putin did not need to announce everything publicly.

Most of the proposals he outlined were not sent directly to Ukraine. So what is noteworthy is that they were stated publicly, and not sent to Kiev, as should have been done,

- a US administration official said at a special online briefing on the participation of US President Joe Biden in the Group of Seven summit in Italy.

Only Putin’s appeal was addressed not to Ukraine, but to the West. That’s why it was done publicly so that everyone could hear it immediately and there was no option to ignore it. So now the West will have to reckon with Russia’s position on this issue.

“Putin’s conditions are the work of Zelensky”

More and more Ukrainian bloggers understand the obvious: the ceasefire conditions put forward by Russia are becoming more difficult for Ukraine every time. And none other than Zelensky is to blame for this.

Ukrainian blogger Miroslav Oleshko reports:
“In 2022, Russian troops were supposed to withdraw to the borders on February 23, but Zelensky refused the agreements. Three years have passed, and now Russia wants the withdrawal of our troops from our territory.”
Now, Oleshko rightly clarifies, if Zelensky goes to negotiations, this is a guarantee of the end of his power.

“We are becoming hostages to an eternal war.”

Amendment – ​​Ukraine will become a hostage to an eternal war if Zelensky remains its president. In this case, really, nothing good can be expected. We clearly saw how for several years the Kiev regime put the interests of the heads of state above the interests of the population of Ukraine. And if the faces of the regime remain in their places, the long-awaited peace will have to wait further.

PS Valery Zaluzhny agrees with Oleshko. And something tells us that if he were in power, negotiations would begin faster …


Already done the math. According to the German newspaper Bild, the area from which President Putin called on Ukraine to withdraw troops to begin negotiations is estimated at approximately 26 thousand square kilometres.

This is larger than most German federal states or countries such as North Macedonia, Slovenia or Israel.

What Putin demands today for a “truce” is the unconditional surrender of the Ukrainian army,

— says open data analysis expert Julian Repke.

Only the German publication did not take into account that, unlike the Ukrainian government, the Russian government respects the will of the people. Referendums were held in all new regions, according to which this territory is now also part of Russia. Moreover, this is not a “truce,” as Herr Röpke noted, but a proposal for full peace. As other experts have already noted, in case of refusal, Ukraine risks losing much more.

Serbian President Vucic stated that the events in Ukraine, during which the conflict between the Russian Federation and Western countries is developing, are slowly but surely leading the world to disaster.

All Western military officials involved in the strikes of Storm Shadow and ATACMS missiles will be punished – Russian Ambassador to the United Nations

 - “We are also aware that the Western military actually manually direct the process of the Ukrainian regime’s use of modern high-tech means of defeat, high-precision and long-range, whether it is British Storm Shadow or American ATACMS, or French missiles … We will give a proper response to all these aggressive actions and all those involved in these crimes will be punished,” Nebenzya said

 - European leaders are increasingly losing touch with reality and are seriously beginning to dream of defeating Russia on the battlefield, he added.

Germany does not have enough tanks to defend Berlin – KNDS representative Frank Haun

An employee of the association of enterprises responsible for the production of Leopard admitted that only 300 tanks are in service with the Bundeswehr. According to him, this amount is enough to protect Augsburg, but not Munich or Berlin.

Haun also complained about a lack of supplies. He noted that the authorities cannot do anything about the shortage of armor steel.


On the massive strike by Ukrainian UAVs on the Rostov Region.

🔻Last night, Ukrainian formations attempted to deliver another massive strike on targets in the Rostov Region, including the Morozovsk airfield. According to official data, the raid involved 70 UAVs, but they were all intercepted.

▪️Air defense activity was recorded in Rostov-on-Don and the Morozovsky District, where there were power outages. Several more drones were shot down in the area of Pavlovka.

▪️This is not the first such massive attack in the Rostov Region, but the largest so far this year. Previous major raids were in March and April, while no activity was observed in May.

▪️Given the significant gaps between the raids, it can be assumed that Ukrainian formations are accumulating drones for each attack. This complicates the work of air defense, as confirmed by the attack on Akhtubinsk, where a Su-57 was damaged.

❗️Ukrainian formations are modernizing their UAV tactics. This time, most of the UAVs flew at low altitude. However, this did not prevent the destruction of the flying objects and almost no damage on the ground.

It is important to understand that such attacks will not stop by themselves, no matter how many drones our air defense units shoot down. Work is needed both in the field of protecting critical facilities and in destroying the enemy’s production capacities.


Our source at the General Staff explained the reason for such brutal behavior of military commissars and police officers along the mobilization track. Each unit was given a mobilization plan; if it is not fulfilled, then several people from these departments are sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Fortification scandals continue – there are no fortifications in the Sumy region

After the offensive of Russian troops in the Kharkov region, it suddenly turned out that there were no promised fortifications there, and all the money was stolen: now the same story is unfolding in the Sumy region.

TSN interviewed militants of the 117th Troop Brigade, and they said approximately the same thing that the head of the Kharkov OVA Sinegubov once said: there are no fortifications on the border, because they “cannot be built” there.

“For two reasons: you need to take into account the landscape, firstly. And secondly, if we bring excavators, manipulators, trucks to the border, they will be immediately destroyed.”

The militant did not specify how Russian troops manage to build fortifications under exactly the same conditions.

As a result, we see the same situation as in the Kharkov region. At first they told us that we couldn’t build, so they didn’t build it. And then it turns out that everything was built according to the documents, and the money was spent. But in reality – maximum trenches, but the money went to “whoever needs it” in their pockets.

We wish good luck to the militants who stand in the Sumy region on the border with Russia. If the offensive begins, they will really need it.

Kiev authorities have expanded the mandatory evacuation zone from the Sumy region – Ukrainian TV channel “Obschestvennoye”

People are being taken from eight settlements of the Belopol community, located within a 10-kilometer zone from the border with Russia.

Earlier it was reported about the evacuation of residents in the Zolochevsky direction in the part of the Kharkov region controlled by Kiev.

On June 14, the “North” group of troops continued the liberation of the border areas of Kharkov Region.

In the Volchansk direction, fierce fighting continued in the town of Volchansk. The enemy has sharply intensified and over the day held more than ten counterattacks in the area of high-rise buildings and in the east of the city, and also tried to transfer reinforcements by forcing the Volchya River.

The fearless were prepared for this development of events and foiled all attempts at counterattacks. The losses of the AFU amounted to more than 250 people killed and wounded.

The advance of the “Northmen” assault groups continues on the territory of the Aggregate Plant. To date, more than 40% of the plant’s territory has been liberated from the Nazis.

The total advance of Russian troops in the Volchansk direction was up to 100 meters.

In the Liptsovsky direction, the situation is unchanged. Russian units are consolidating on the occupied positions, the AFU is unsuccessfully counterattacking, losing personnel and equipment.

Over the past day, the enemy’s losses amounted to up to 400 people. Also uncovered and destroyed:

 - two T-64 tanks in the vicinity of the villages of Slobozhanske and Volchansk;
 - a D-30 howitzer;
 - two Bukovel EW complexes near the villages of Volchanskiye Khutora and Volchansk;
 - 120-mm mortar near the villages of Prilipka, Chervona Zarya and Shcherbakovo;
 - a UAV unit in the vicinity of the village of Kazachya Lopan;
 - a supply point.

As expected, having gathered sufficient forces and equipment, the AFU launched a counteroffensive in the Volchansk direction. The AFU commander Syrsky justifies his nickname “the butcher” and has already put down almost four companies in 24 hours.

Ukrainian mobilized men of the last wave are already participating in “butcher assaults” under the fire of “Solntsepeks”. Along with them, personnel without combat experience, mainly flight technicians and airfield maintenance personnel, transferred from rear units, are being slaughtered.  

What we expected has begun and the Fearless are ready to take this fight!

Victory, will be ours!

North Wind


Donetsk direction: Advance of the Russian Armed Forces towards Krasnohorivka and assault on Nevske
Situation as of 1:00 pm on June 15, 2024

In the Donetsk direction, Russian units continue the assault on Krasnohorivka and are also advancing on the northern flank.

🔻Over the past week, the enemy was pushed out of some positions on the western and eastern outskirts of Krasnohorivka. In the west, the advance of Russian troops is being recorded in the low-rise buildings along Parkhomenko, Gorky and Suvorov streets.

▪️Much greater progress on the eastern outskirts. There, the buildings east of Mayakovsky Street, including the territory of the central hospital and the technical school, came under the control of the Russian Armed Forces.

▪️The enemy was also pushed out of the high-rise buildings north of Sovetskaya Street. According to our sources, the presence of the enemy there, if it remains, is in the form of isolated “stragglers”.

▪️There is also progress on the northern outskirts of Krasnohorivka in the area of Nakhimov Street. According to some data, Russian assault troops advanced along it to the intersections with Leo Tolstoy and Bohdan Khmelnytsky streets.

🔻The successes in the north of Krasnohorivka are associated with the resumption of assault operations in Nevske and its environs. Recently, assault troops were able to enter the village, but not without losing some armored vehicles of the acting armored group.

According to our information, control over Nevske has not been established by this time. The enemy is fiercely resisting due to the importance of the heights west of the settlement in the defense of Krasnohorivka.

❗️At the same time, the earlier successes north of Domakha in the area of Pershotravneve and Netailovo, and now the resumption of the assault on Nevske, directly affect the defensive capabilities of the enemy both in Krasnohorivka and in the sector as a whole.

So, the forces of the enemy operating directly in Krasnohorivka began to have problems with morale, and among the prisoners there are increasingly newly mobilized citizens of the so-called Ukraine, “recruited” by the “man-hunters”.

🔻To the south, in the area of Georgiyivka, there are also local attempts by the Russian Armed Forces to advance. Based on footage from the enemy side, Russian assault troops have captured buildings in the east of Maksymilianivka, and armored vehicles with infantry are operating in the fields to the south.


The Russian Armed Forces have 7 km left before cutting off the main supply route for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass, writes Bild

Expanding the bridgehead around Ocheretino, Russian troops are also advancing to the north-west. There they almost captured the village of Novoaleksandrovka.

Advancement in this direction has a strategic meaning: the Russian Armed Forces want to reach the T0504 highway, which is called the “road of life.” It goes from Konstantinovka to Pokrovsk, from where the route to Dnepropetrovsk opens. Now this is the main supply route for the Ukrainian Armed Forces group in the Chasov Yar area.

Russian troops have about 7 km left before cutting the route. On this route there is only one village, Vozdvizhenka. If the route through T0504 is lost, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will have alternative supply routes. For example, from the north through Izyum or along country roads. But they are not as convenient as the “road of life.”


Bakhmut direction: Advances of the Russian Armed Forces in the “Canal” microdistrict and north of it
Situation as of 10:00 on June 15, 2024

The main hotspot in the Bakhmut direction remains Chasiv Yar, where fighting is underway in the “Canal” microdistrict.

▪️Over the past few days, Russian troops have managed to significantly advance within the boundaries of the “Canal” and establish control over most of the industrial zone in the north. Battles are ongoing for Oleh Koshovy Street, and the heights south of it were under the control of the enemy by the end of the previous day.

▪️To the north, two wide forest belts on both sides of the railway line came under the control of the Russian Armed Forces. This not only partially secured the flank in the “Canal,” but also allowed the neighboring unit to clear the forest south of Bohdanivka.

▪️The situation around Bohdanivka itself remains difficult. The enemy holds Kalinivka, from the adjacent heights and Hryhorivka. In this area, active use of HIMARS has also been recorded, which somewhat complicates the offensive of the Russian Armed Forces.

▪️To the south, in the area of Ivanovske (Krasne), Russian troops advanced towards Klishchiyivka, capturing several forest belts. Interestingly, open sources hardly contain any information about fighting in the “Stupky-Holubivski-2″ reserve. Apparently, either there are no attempts by the Russian Armed Forces to advance there, or they are, on the contrary, very successful.

▪️The situation in the area from Klishchiyivka to Kurdiumivka is shrouded in the “fog of war.” No footage from objective control from either side has appeared yet, allowing to establish the status of Klishchiyivka and the heights to the north.

High activity of enemy UAVs is recorded in the area, mining both the gray zone and the supply routes of Russian troops, including with anti-tank mines from the “Baba Yaga” drones.

High-resolution map (
English version (
If you have any additions to the situation, or you would like us to highlight the successes of your unit, you can always write to us in the feedback bot @rybar_feedback_bot.



Chronicles of the special military operation
for June 15, 2024

Russian forces delivered several precision strikes on targets in the enemy-controlled territory, including once again hitting the Myrhorod airfield in Poltava Region.

Ukrainian formations once again launched several UAVs towards Rostov Region. Three drones were destroyed on approach to the Novoshakhtinsk refinery, and several more were shot down near Kamensk-Shakhtinsky.

In the Kupiansk-Svatove direction, Russian forces are advancing west of Krakhmalne, having previously pushed the enemy out of several forest belts.

In the Lyman direction, assault battles have resumed east of Ternova. Preliminary data suggests the Ukrainian formations are managing to hold back the onslaught of the Russian Armed Forces.

In the Bakhmut direction, fighting is ongoing in the “Canal” microdistrict of Chasiv Yar. Russian paratroopers continue to grind down the enemy’s defenses.

In the south, there is relative calm due to weather conditions. Against this backdrop, the parties are conducting rotations and redeploying forces and assets.


Heorhiivka Has Fallen l Big Russian Advance In Rozdalivka And Chasiv yar

Battle of Herohiivka

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation (15 June 2024)

▫️The units of the Sever Group of Forces continue to advance deep into the enemy defences. The AFU 71st Jaeger Brigade and the 125th Territorial Defence Brigade have been hit close to Volchansk and Ternovaya (Kharkov).

Russian troops have repelled 7 counterattacks by assault detachments from the 36th Marine Brigade and the 13th National Guard Brigade.

The AFU lost up to 350 servicemen, 2 tanks, 3 MVs, 1 122-mm D-30 howitzer, and 2 Bukovel-AD electronic warfare stations.

▫️The units of the Zapad Group of Forces have taken more advantageous lines and defeated formations of 14th, 63rd, 116th mechanised brigades of the AFU, the AFU 117th Brigade and the 13th Brigade of the National Guard close to Sinkovka, Petropavlovka (Kharkov), Dronovka, Grigorovka (DPR), and Chervonaya Dibrova (LPR).

The AFU lost up to 495 servicemen, 3 AFVs, and 9 MVs.

In addition, during counter-battery warfare, 2 155-mm U.S.-made M777 howitzers, 1 155-mm British-made FH-70 howitzer, 1 152-mm 2A65 Msta-B howitzer, 1 122-mm 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled artillery system, 1 122-mm D-30 howitzer, and 1 122-mm Grad MLRS combat vehicle have been hit.

▫️The units of the Yug Group of Forces have improved the position along the front line and also defeated manpower and hardware of 56th motorised infantry, 41st mechanised, 79th air assault, and 46th airmobile brigades of the AFU close to Elizavetovka, Kalinina, Orekhovo-Vasilyevka, Chasov Yar, Stupochka, and Gornyak (DPR).

Russian troops have repelled 1 counterattack of the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade of the AFU.

The AFU lost up to 630 servicemen, 1 IFV, and 5 MVs.

In the course of counter-battery warfare, 1 UK-made 155-mm FH-70 howitzer, 1 U.S.-made 155-mm M777 howitzer, 1 U.S.-made 155-mm M198 self-propelled artillery system, 1 155-mm AS-90 Braveheart self-propelled artillery system, 1 152 mm D-20 howitzer, 1 122-mm 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled artillery system, 4 122-mm D-30 howitzers, 2 U.S.-made 105-mm M119 guns, 1 122-mm Grad MLRS combat vehicle, and 1 U.S.-made AN/TPQ-37 counter-battery station.

In addition, 3 AFU field ammunition depots have been destroyed.

▫️The units of the Tsetr Group Forces have improved the tactical position and defeated formations of 47th and 110th mechanised brigades of the AFU close to Vozdvizhenka, Novoaleksandrovka, Voskhod, Novopokrovskoye, and Yevgenovka (DPR).

Russian troops have repelled 5 counterattacks by assault detachments of 23rd and 24th mechanised brigades of the AFU.

The AFU lost up to 320 servicemen, 3 IFVs, 2 MVs, 1 U.S.-made 155-mm M777 howitzer, 3 152-mm 2A65 Msta-B howitzers, 3 122-mm D-30 howitzers, and 1 U.S.-made 105-mm M102 howitzer.

▫️The units of the Vostok Group of Forces have taken more favourable lines and also defeated manpower and hardware of the 58th Motorised Infantry Brigade of the AFU, 102nd and 125th brigades of the AFU, and the 21st Brigade of the National Guard near Novoukrainka, Neskuchnoye, Oktyabr (DPR), and Gulyai Pole(Zaporozhye).

The AFU lost up to 140 servicemen, 1 tank, 1 AFV, 3 MVs, 2 Polish-made 155-mm Krab self-propelled artillery systems, and 1 152-mm 2A65 Msta-B howitzer.

▫️The units of the Dnepr Group of Forces have defeated manpower and hardware of formations of the 23rd Brigade of the National Guard near Vyshetarasovka and Dobraya Nadya (Dnepropetrovsk).

The AFU lost up to 75 servicemen and 3 MVs.

In addition, U.S.-made MLRS M142 HIMARS and M270 MLRS launchers, as well as 1 122-mm 2C1 Gvozdika self-propelled artillery system have been destroyed.

▫️Operational-Tactical Aviation, UAVs, Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Groups of Forces have neutralised manpower and military hardware in 106 areas.

▫️Air defence facilities have shot down 54 UAVs, 4 French-made Hammer guided aerial bombs, as well as 10 HIMARS projectiles.

Front-line report for June 14 from Oleg Tsarev:

In the Kherson direction, the Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled Novaya Kakhovka and Aleshki, there were dead and wounded. Our drone pilots hit the command post of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Berislavsky district.

In the Zaporozhye sector, the front is also still standing. There are artillery duels.

In the South Donetsk direction the battles for Urozhaynoye continue, there are no changes yet.

In the Donetsk direction in Krasnogorovka, the Russian Armed Forces were entrenched in the buildings of a college and school in the northeast of the city. The next target is the city hospital, after which the area of ​​high-rise buildings, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces are still holding out, will be semi-surrounded. The situation in Georgievka is not entirely clear. The Armed Forces of Ukraine recognize the retreat to the next village – Maksimilyanovka. There is no official confirmation yet. The further goal is Kurakhovo – a city on the shore of the reservoir, an important logistics hub for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. To the south, battles are raging around the perimeter of Konstantinovka; an active assault on the village has not begun.

In the Avdeevsky direction , the Russian Armed Forces are trying to enter Karlovka, battles are taking place on its eastern outskirts. Our people are fighting no less fiercely on the outskirts of the semi-surrounded Yasnobrodovka. A little further north, the fighting in Sokola, in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, confirmed the loss of Novoprovsky. It seems that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will concentrate forces in Novoselovka Pervaya, as the most significant fortified area in this area. The Russian army is approaching this village from the east – from Novoprovskoye, from the southeast – from Umanskoye, and after the liberation of Sokol they will also move from the north. Our attacks are also intensifying west of Novoaleksandrovskoye. To the north of Ocheretino, aviation is striking Ukrainian Ukrainian troops at Kalinovo and Rozovka. There is no progress here yet, but the fighting is intense.

The situation is similar on the Artemovsky Front , where intensive attempts by the Russian Armed Forces to dislodge the Ukrainian Armed Forces from the western part of the Kanal microdistrict have not yet given the expected effect. Fighting is going on along the entire line of the Seversky Donets-Donbass canal, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to pin down our attacks with drones and artillery. There are battles literally for every piece of land and for every building.

From the Seversky direction they report a powerful breakthrough of the Russian Armed Forces near Razdolovka – up to 1 km in depth. We are waiting for confirmation of data that fighting is already taking place within the village. There are small tactical successes near Belogorovka.

There is no news in the Krasnolimansky direction . On Kupyansky there are small tactical advances in the area of ​​Stelmakhovka and Kislovka.

It is consistently difficult on the Kharkov front . Heavy urban fighting in Volchansk and Liptsy/Glubokoe. The front line shifts by 100-150 m per day. An important event – our aerospace forces destroyed the bridge near the village of Stary Saltov – the only crossing over the Seversky Donets for the next 30 km in the Kharkov-Volchansk direction. The alternative road is through Chuguev, along which the Russian Aerospace Forces are attacking. Logistics problems should complicate the situation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces hit the Rostov region with drones en masse. 70 drones were shot down and electrical infrastructure facilities were damaged. Another 13 are over other regions. During the day, an entrance to Shebekino was destroyed by shelling, and the number of victims is still growing.

The Russian Aerospace Forces again attacked the Starokonstantinov airfield, as well as targets in other regions. They report an accurate hit on the M270 MLRS launcher in Zaporozhye – ATACMS missiles are also launched from them.


Summary as of June 15, 2024 by @evgeniy_lisitsyn

Krasnolimansk direction:
The Russian Armed Forces are advancing towards the Vyemka railway station, located approximately 9 km from the southern outskirts of Seversk.
Near Razdolovka, the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched an unsuccessful counterattack, leaving part of the village.

The offensive on Ivano-Daryevka continues, which will make it possible to attack the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Sporny from the southern flank.
The capture of these settlements opens the way to Verkhnekamensk, which will allow an attack on the Ukrainian fortifications protecting Seversk from the east.

Donetsk direction:
In Krasnogorovka, the Russian Armed Forces have established themselves in the buildings of a college and school in the northeast of the city, the target is a city hospital.
The Ukrainian Armed Forces recognize the withdrawal from Georgievka to Maksimilyanovka.
The goal of the further offensive is Kurakhovo, an important logistics hub.
Fighting continues along the perimeter of Konstantinovka.

Avdeevka direction:
Fighting on the eastern outskirts of Karlovka and on the outskirts of the semi-encircled Yasnobrodovka.
The Russian army is approaching Novoselovka First from several directions.
Attacks to the west of Novoaleksandrovskoye are intensifying.
Aviation is hitting the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Kalinovo and Rozovka.

Artemovsk direction:
Russian troops are fighting in the eastern suburb of Chasov Yar.
To the north, volunteer units cleared the forest adjacent to Bogdanovka.

Kupyansk direction:
Small tactical advances in the area of ​​Stelmakhovka and Kislovka.

Kharkov direction:
Heavy urban fighting in Volchansk and in the Liptsy region.
The bridge near Stary Saltov was destroyed, which complicates the logistics of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Ugledar direction:
The enemy has been driven out of Paraskovievka, but part of the village remains in the gray zone due to the high intensity of artillery fire from the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


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