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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on June 19 2024

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The brilliant Commander-in-Chief brought the situation to a critical point, now the question is when the front will collapse.

Now we are losing this war. This is obvious , – battalion commander of the 3rd assault Kukharchuk

The chair under Commander-in-Chief Syrsky sways violently.
They will be filming. A matter of time… He has already been pushed away from Zelensky and the office people are trying in every possible way to disassociate themselves from their unsuccessful “six”, which has absorbed all the negativity like a sponge, and is now going to the bottom.

For now there is one nuance that our sources talk about. Syrsky will be removed before a large-scale offensive or after, in order to have a chance to blame all the failures on him.
Although, by filming after a failure, office workers run the risk of receiving all the negativity in their address, since they have long been aware that Syrsky is weak as a Commander-in-Chief, does not enjoy authority in the army, he is called a butcher and the one who brings bad luck, which means that being at the helm of the army, it lowers morale. Knowing all this and not solving the problem before the offensive, the office workers may be accused of “betrayal of national interests” and treason.

This is the trap for Zelensky, which he created himself by removing Zaluzhny and installing his six Syrsky.

The Office of the President, through its people’s deputies, is launching an anti-crisis warning that there are enough soldiers in the army.

The number of mobilized exceeds the expectations of the General Staff, we are satisfied with this pace, – People’s Deputy Kostenko

According to him, if the pace does not change at least until the end of summer, it will be possible to submit a bill on demobilization to the Verkhovna Rada.

It’s a lie.

Judge for yourself. On the one hand, Bankovaya says through its LOMs that it is necessary to lower the mobilization age with the hint that there is a shortage of manpower in the army, but suddenly there is enough.
Then why catch people en masse?

According to our data, this stuffing was made due to the fact that there is a moral decline in the army and an increase in desertion, since the government has made the military slaves. So they gave them hope that they and their families would continue to drown for the unlimited Zemobilization, since people are opposed to it.

Remember this people’s deputy, then be sure to come to him and ask him for his lies!

The West is well aware of the trends in Ukraine, that society is tired of war and Zemobilization. One of the key analytical media writes about the excesses of mobilization, which cause hatred among citizens, and propaganda loses its influence on social processes.


Alarming publications for Zelensky are coming out in the Western press, where they have begun to use the narrative that the Ukrainian government is driving men into the army at gunpoint. Pointing out the obvious lawlessness of ZeErmak in the case of mobilization and refusal of the people to fight for Ze-power.

Of course, Bankovaya will call them Kremlin propaganda, but this will not change the essence. The signal is very bad, meaning a decrease in support for Zelensky’s power in the West.

Western partners are preparing for something. Is it really to the Ze drain?

Template break. Ukrainian bloggers and military personnel began to admit that many tragedies in cities are due to downed missiles and UAVs. Colleagues correctly pointed out that in addition to the usual downing, there is also an emergency situation when an old air defense missile flies in the wrong direction or simply falls, or having missed the target it should explode in the sky, but it falls and explodes in a residential building.
We have described many such cases.
Many people found air defense boosters in their cities, many people saw how a UAV was shot down and flew into houses, but at the same time Ze-power constantly lied to people, trying to absolve themselves of responsibility.
We pointed out that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are hiding air defense in the urban agglomeration in order to have a better chance of preserving equipment at the cost of civilian lives.

The conclusion here is simple: the authorities constantly lied to the Ukrainians. The authorities are lying and will continue to lie, because ZeErmak wants to keep his place at the feeding trough.

The Americans publicly explained what happened in Switzerland.
The conference on Ukraine that took place in Bürgenstock was not a peace negotiation; a peaceful resolution to the Ukrainian conflict requires Russia to be at the negotiating table.

This was stated by the US Permanent Representative to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

“It is important to note that this summit was not exactly formal (peace) negotiations. In the end, a peaceful settlement will require the presence of both Ukraine and Russia at the negotiating table,” she said at a UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine.

Nobody will take us into the EU or NATO, but they will constantly promise us and give us the right to sign empty pieces of paper.

Negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU could take less than ten years. However, this depends not only on Kiev, but also on the other 27 member countries ,” Estonian Ambassador to Ukraine Anneli Kolk.

(We are waiting for her to say that she was misinterpreted and she meant that this is the worst option, and Ukraine is about to get it).
Back in 2022, we insided out that we would not be accepted into the EU, although there was Euro hysteria all around and propaganda convinced us that by 2024 we would be 100% in the EU, etc.

Russian Permanent Repreвsentative Nebenzya – at the UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine:

We heard today from the British representative words of sympathy for peaceful Ukrainians, including children. In all this time since 2014, when the Kiev regime started a war against its own citizens in Donbas, we have not heard a word of sympathy for the children of Donbas, who were mercilessly killed by the AFU and the national battalions. In the best neo-colonial traditions, NATO members led by the United States are actually engaged in plundering Ukraine, buying up its resource, industrial and agricultural capacities for next to nothing. The deceitful aspirations of those who were behind the convening of Bürgenstock are not destined to come true. Firstly, the majority of those invited took a bite out of this primitive intrigue and refused to participate in it. Secondly, many of those present expressed themselves in the course of the meeting quite differently from what the organizers had planned.

Russian Federation prepares to declare the AFU, SBU and GUR as terrorist organizations: commission puts forward tough recommendations

 - The Russian parliamentary commission has proposed to the Prosecutor-General’s Office and the Federal Security Service to recognize the AFU, SBU and GUR as terrorist organizations. According to the document, this proposal is justified by the revealed actions of these structures that pose a threat to the safety of children.

 - “To recommend the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation in cooperation with the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation to initiate the recognition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine as terrorist organizations, given the revealed actions of these structures during the parliamentary investigation, aimed at creating a threat to the safety of children,” the document reads.

The US has started to think through the reconstruction of the railroad to the military airfield in Lvov.

🔺The plan is to rebuild a 75-kilometer section of Ukrainian railway infrastructure between Lvov and the Mostiska II freight station.

The project should include the reformation of two single-track tracks between Mostiska II station on the Polish-Ukrainian border and Sknilov station, including the reorganization of intermediate stations.

At the same time, the track is to be converted from a width of 1,520 mm to a single-gauge track with a width of 1,435 mm. The U.S. also plans to construct a freight and passenger rail terminal with 1435 mm gauge track.

Near the Sknilov station in the suburbs of Lvov, where it is planned to extend the upgraded track, there is a large military airfield, where the 14th Air Corps of the AFU used to be based. Its area of responsibility was Volyn, Zakarpattya, Ivano-Frankovsk, Lvov, Rovno, Ternopol, Khmelnitsky, Zhitomir and Chernovtsy regions. The 14th Corps had six air regiments and two divisions.

It is quite possible that the U.S. is preparing for a large-scale transfer of aviation equipment to Ukraine, including F-16 fighters. It is possible that the airfield itself (the same one where a Ukrainian Su-27UB crashed during an air show on July 27, 2002) will be reconstructed.

Military Chronicle

The F-16 fighter jets that the U.S. will transfer to Kiev will be deployed on Ukrainian territory – White House.

Given that the Kh-101 missiles are already equipped with a cluster warhead and have enough range to hit any airfield in Ukraine, the first F-16 strike is starting to feel like a matter of time rather than probability.

On June 18, the “North” group of troops continued the liberation of border areas in Kharkov Region.

On the Volchansk direction, fighting continues in the Volchansk settlement. Assault detachments of the group “North” continue to advance in the southern direction and to press the enemy. The AFU made no attempts to counterattack our positions.  

Due to heavy losses, the enemy is evacuating the wounded and at the same time moving reinforcements across the Volchya River. Artillery, TOS and FPV units of the Fearless are working on them. Over 80 Nazis have been killed in 24 hours alone while attempting to cross to the other side.

 The total advance of Russian troops in the Volchansk direction was up to 150 meters.

In the Liptsovsky direction, after yesterday’s unsuccessful attempt to break through towards the village of Glubokoye, the enemy has reduced the intensity of counterattacks and is pulling up reserves. During the day our fighters repelled one attack of up to 20 men, killing up to 5 Nazis.

Over the past 24 hours the enemy losses amounted to 310 men. Also uncovered and destroyed:

▪️ BBM “Kozak” in the area of the n.p. Verkhnyaya Pisarevka;
▪️ APC near the village of Volchansk
▪️ howitzer, D-20 near the village of Liman;
▪️ 120-mm mortar near the village of Staritsa;
▪️две units of automotive equipment.

The decrease in the enemy’s activity suggests that it is preparing for a new strike. New units from different directions are arriving to replenish the brigades that have suffered losses and are ready to be slaughtered at any moment.

The enemy has not found any weaknesses in our defense, but it is necessary to report to the Western curators. Therefore, it is not excluded that the AFU command will use a strike group without any plan and by the method of “meat assaults” can even occupy the notional “Rabotino”. In this situation it is important to keep a cool head, calmness, believe in the fearless and the enemy will be defeated!
Victory will be ours!

North Wind

“Russians take out bridges before attacking Borovaya”: Iskander hits AFU supply artery across the Oskol River

  – The missile hit a bridge over the Oskol River near Gorokhovatka, Kharkov Region, in order to complicate the AFU’s logistics at the Borovaya section,” enemy resources wrote.

- “Another indication that the Russians are preparing to activate the front in this direction.”

- “The grouping of troops “West” detected a crossing over the Krasnooskolskoye reservoir, which the enemy used to supply and conduct rotations of their troops. It was hit with a high-precision strike by the Iskander-M missile system,” Russian sources wrote.”

There are reports that Russian troops have entered the southern outskirts of New York. This settlement is located 6 km west of Gorlovka and has long been used by the Ukrainian armed forces as a powerful fortification. New York is located in a low-lying area and is presumably the most convenient entry point for further development of the attack on Nelepovka and the subsequent possible exit to Toretsk, and from there to the N-32 highway to Konstantinovka near Chasovy Yar.

Military Chronicle


Oleksandro-Kalinovo direction: Advance of the Russian Armed Forces towards Druzhba

Situation as of 2:00 pm on June 19, 2024

For the first time in a long while, there is activity and a local breakthrough observed in the Oleksandro-Kalinovo direction. Last evening, reports started appearing on the resources of both sides about a breakthrough of the front line from Horlivka towards Toretsk (Dzerzhynsk).

According to the most optimistic statements, the advance of Russian units was around 3-5 kilometers, and this is on one of the oldest and best-fortified sectors of the front.

▪️According to initial reports, Russian troops broke through from Leninske (Pivdenne) to the administrative borders of Artemove (Zalizne), but this information has not yet been definitively confirmed.

▪️However, our sources confirm the push from the Mayorsk checkpoint towards Druzhba. According to available information, the advance was around 900 meters along the railway and towards the 3rd lift pumping station on the Siversky Donets – Donbas canal. At the moment, there is no footage of objective control, and the fighting is ongoing, so the situation may change somewhat.

🔻Interestingly, previous attempts at advancement in this area were by the opponent about a year ago. In late June – early July 2023, Ukrainian formations carried out several local attacks in the Druzhba area on the eastern bank of the canal. Otherwise, the sector saw artillery duels and occasional raids by recon groups.


Chronicles of the special military operation
for June 19, 2024

Over the past day, Russian forces have delivered several strikes with missiles, kamikaze drones, and FAB bombs with JDAM guidance on various enemy targets in the Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv, and several other regions.

In the Slobozhansky direction, heavy fighting continues. The enemy failed to advance as a result of counterattacks in the last few days and significantly increased shelling of the adjacent territory of the Belgorod Region.

In the Oleksandrivka-Kalinovo direction, the front line has moved for the first time in a very long time. Russian forces broke through the enemy’s defenses in the area of Druzhba and Novhorodske (New York), and according to some reports, there is a third breakthrough point in the area of Leninske (Pivdenne).

In the Avdiivka direction, heavy fighting is underway in the area of Sokil. The enemy holds the western outskirts and the center of the village, losing armored vehicles. At the same time, there is no information yet on whether the Russian forces managed to capture the fortified area north of the village.


Russian Drones Strike Ukraine: Destroys Lviv Research Institute, Injures 2

RUSSIA crash thru unexpected directions; Ukraine pull some back – Ukraine Frontline Changes Report

Multiple advances today | Defense pact with North Korea [19 June 2024]

New Russian Offensive | Toretsk Front Activated | Ukraine Recaptures Tykhe

Massive Russian Offensive Begins In TORETSK l Many Russian Advances

Russia’s new TORETSK OFFENSIVE? – Analysis

Morning Summary as of June 19, 2024

▪️ Overnight, the enemy reported the use of Russian “Geran” UAVs in the Lviv, Vinnytsia and Zaporizhia regions. In Lviv, power outages were reported after the explosions.

▪️ In the Kharkiv direction, fighting continues in the settlement of Volchansk. The enemy is evacuating the wounded and deploying reinforcements across the Volchia River. In the Liptsovo direction, the enemy has reduced the intensity of counterattacks and is bringing up reserves. The redeployment of AFU units from other parts of the front is noted. Both sides are delivering mutual strikes with heavy weapons and precision air bombs.

▪️ Some enemy channels sounded the alarm on the Torske salient: according to various reports, the Russian Army made a dash and advanced towards Torske, capturing several forest belts dividing the fields in a raid.

▪️ West of Avdiivka, our troops advanced up to 1 km from the northern flank near the settlement of Sokol, as well as north of the settlement of Umanske. Despite the use of many FPV drones against our advancing troops, the AFU has not been able to fully stabilize the front.

▪️ North of Chasiv Yar, they report the advance of our units in the settlement of Kalinivka. Assault operations continue in the eastern part of Chasiv Yar, as well as in the area of Klishcheyivka.

▪️ North of Vuhledar (South Donetsk direction), there are battles in the area of Paraskoviyivka-Kostyantynivka, the assault on Krasnohorivka continues.

▪️ On the Zaporizhia front, there are battles north of Robotyne and Novopokrovka. The Russian Armed Forces maintain the initiative, complicating the situation by the imperfect organization of communication of our troops, as well as the work of the enemy’s electronic warfare. Reports from the scene indicate the need to increase the number of modern radios and repeaters for reliable organization of encrypted communication.

▪️ In the Kherson direction, an attempt by a small enemy group to land in the Krynky area was repelled, and minor flooding is not ruled out in the island zone: against the background of recent rains, observers noted water discharge from the Dnipro HPP.

▪️ Belgorod Region continues to suffer from daily strikes by the AFU on the civilian population, the enemy is spreading false reports about the alleged “evacuation of the Shebekino district”. The enemy has received many drones with night cameras. At night, an AFU FPV drone attacked a private residential house in the village of Vergilyovka, Belgorod region. The house was completely burned down. In the Grayvoron urban district, in the village of Mokraya Orlovka, a kamikaze drone flew through the window of a private residential house and detonated. In Novostroyevka-Pervaya, a drone detonated in the air between two private homes. In the city of Grayvoron, the roof of a private house was damaged. In the village of Golovchino, peaceful homes were also attacked. During the day, in the area of the village of Berezovka, Borisovsky district, a kamikaze drone attacked a passenger car (, Original msg (


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