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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on June 23 2024

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Ukraine strikes Crimea with ATACMS – Several people are killed

Strike on Sevastopol – Huge civilian casualties

Putin just made an OMINOUS nuclear warning, and the west better pay attention

War Gets Bigger As Putin Orders Strikes On Kyiv; Zelensky’s Begging Falls on Deaf Ears

Russia Pounds Kyiv With Missiles; Damage, Injuries Reported; Ukraine Drones Target Russian Regions

Putin’s Rage On Full Display; Destroys Ukraine’s Western Arms Warehouses In Missile & Drone Strikes

Russian MIL declare “terrorist” US responsible for deaths of Russian civilians in Crimea!

Russian MIL report that US-made ATCAMS cluster missiles, assisted by US satellite reconnaissance, were fired by Ukraine into Sevastopol.

Russia claim they intercepted the missiles, but the fragments of one of them broke off, detonated, and the explosion killed 5 civilians, including 3 children, and injuring 124+ more.

Russian MIL claim that “such actions are not going to be left unanswered”.

Regardless of who or what you believe, the reality is, we are closer to nuclear war than we have been since 1962. The West, led by the corrupt and warmongering Biden regime (Obama), continue to provoke Putin, in the hopes that he will escalate.

The Deep State are trying to initiate WW3, but need to make it look like Russia’s fault.


Ukrainian missile strike on Crimea

🔻Two days after the massive drone attack on Crimea and Sevastopol, the enemy, as expected, attacked the peninsula with ATACMS missiles with a cluster warhead.

▪️Five missiles were launched from the Mykolaiv Region towards Sevastopol, and they were all shot down in different parts of the coastal strip, from Kazacha Bay to Lyubimovka.

▪️But this time, the successful work of air defense was overshadowed by civilian casualties due to the fall of submunitions from the missiles. According to official data, the number of victims on the beach in Uchkuevka reached 124 people.

Of these, 27 victims were children resting on the beach with their parents. Three people died due to the fall of missile debris, including two minors.

❗️Unfortunately, the enemy has repeatedly used such tactics, launching missiles directly over places where ordinary people gather. This was observed in Belgorod, Donetsk, and other Russian cities.

Moreover, the symbolism in the actions of the Ukrainian formations and their curators is once again evident. Today, June 23, is one of the most important Orthodox holidays – Trinity Sunday.

🔻According to some reports, up to 15 drones were spotted in the western part of Crimea the night before, some of which were shot down. Again, during the attack, the American RQ-4B drone was in the air, which raises the question of the expediency of destroying Western aviation that guides the AFU to Russian territories and civilians.

Sevastopol. Governor:

The repelling of the missile attack has been completed. According to preliminary information, 5 air targets were destroyed in the sky over the waters. But the fragments of the downed targets fell in the coastal zone.

According to preliminary information from the Rescue Service, in the Uchkuevka area, 12 people, including 2 children, received shrapnel wounds.

In Lyubimovka, according to preliminary information, 2 people received shrapnel wounds.

On the territory of one of the HOAs in the Northern side, as a result of the fall of missile fragments, a small fire broke out in a residential house.

In the area of the “Lazur” resort, a forest fire is burning on an area of 150 sq.m. Fire crews have been dispatched to the scene.

I remind everyone: report dangerous finds immediately by calling 112. Rescue services respond promptly to all reports and arrive at the scene.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces carried out further strikes with the help of American ATACMS on Crimea/Sevastopol during the daytime in order to provoke panic and, of course, disrupt some kind of “holiday season”.
Most likely the blow was purely demonstrative.

There is a version that they strike during the day because:
A) force the Russians not to shoot down Ukrainian missiles, so as not to provoke panic and possible casualties among civilians.
B) if the Russians shoot down and there are casualties among civilians, then this is also a plus for Bankova. Panic will intensify in Crimea. The number of vacationers will fall and Crimea will receive less income, etc.

It is worth everyone to realize that there is a war going on and constant casualties among civilians – this, unfortunately, is an everyday reality to which everyone is accustomed.

Our source at the General Staff said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are launching missile attacks on Sevastopol and Crimea with the help of dry cargo ships, on which launchers with ATACMS missiles are placed. After launch, the ship goes to the Black Sea or Odessa cargo port and merges with other dry cargo ships that are stationed there.

The target hit in Crimea is part of Russia’s nuclear early warning system.

This is a really fucking stupid thing for Ukraine to target, combined with previous strikes on Russia’s early warning detection radars.

The last thing Ukraine should be doing, at most, with western weapons and seemingly American direct involvement, is anything that makes Moscow thing it’s nuclear detection system is being attacked

Can’t believe I am saying this, but Russia needs to escalate.

It needs to start shooting down the American drones over the Black sea guiding in the strikes on Crimea and Krasnodar

Moscow’s passivity is going to be the ruin of us all, Washington obviously is now getting so cocky it is allowing US made weapons to be used on Russia’s nuclear warning systems

This needs to stop, and be stopped hard and fast before these fucking idiots really do something stupid

After today’s strike by the AFU on Crimea, the attention of part of the public expectedly shifted to criticizing the local authorities. They began to accuse them of the lack of air raid sirens, the lack of shelters on the beach, and other relevant things.

On the one hand, the problem of alerting the peninsula is indeed relevant, and there have been no serious progress on the issue so far. However, unlike the same Storm Shadow, the flight time of ATACMS ballistic missiles from the moment of detection of the launch can be not even minutes, but tens of seconds.

To clear all the numerous beaches and public spaces of Crimea in this particular situation within this particular time frame does not look too realistic in the local realities. Therefore, in this particular situation, it is absolutely unproductive to try to fully shift the blame for the deaths of people in Uchkuevka to the Crimean authorities (and Two Majors @dva_majors are right ( that the enemy’s goal is to stress the population and create domestic political problems).

But those who really have something to ask are the law enforcement agencies. After all, for months now, before and after each attack along the coast of Crimea, the American reconnaissance drone RQ-4 has been flying calmly, which first provides target designation to the Ukrainian formations, and then carries out objective control. As it was today.

In the decision-making centers, they are well aware of this and are aware of it. But after all the crossings of “red lines” and despite the notorious public statements, no one has started shooting down the American RQ-4s.

In the light of today’s tragedy, many questions may arise to the most extensive list of persons. But it is certainly not the Crimean officials who should be fighting the target designation of NATO aviation and shooting down the missiles launched.


Ukrainian formations carried out another mass drone attack on facilities in the Bryansk, Smolensk, Lipetsk and Tula regions. Air defense systems intercepted over 30 drones.

▪️In the Smolensk region, air defense activity was recorded over Smolensk and Yartsevo. According to local authorities, there are no casualties or destruction. Notably, an oil depot near Yartsevo, which had already been attacked by Ukrainian drone strikes on the night of April 23-24, is located nearby.

▪️In the Bryansk region, the Ukrainian drone attack began the previous evening. Several drones were destroyed over the Starodub municipal district and Trubchevsk district. After midnight, information appeared about the interception of two more drones over the Trubchevsk district, eight over the Brasovo district and two over the Pochep district.

Another four targets were destroyed over the Dubrovsky, two over the Bryansk and one over the Klintsy districts. One drone each was destroyed over the Starodub and Novozybkov municipal districts. Three more drones were shot down over the Surazh district, and later one drone was intercepted near the village of Vygonichi.

In the Republic of Dagestan, unknown individuals attacked an Orthodox church and a synagogue in Derbent. There are also reports of an incident in Makhachkala, where a synagogue building caught fire.

According to the latest information, at least one police officer was killed, and another was injured. Additionally, there are online videos showing people in black clothing shooting at a police vehicle.

According to the latest information, at least two militants have been eliminated in Dagestan. Also, two men were detained on the beach in Makhachkala – according to preliminary information, they may be connected to the attackers.

At the moment, it is known that five police officers were killed and nine more were injured. The media report the death of the rector of the Church of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos, Archpriest Nikolai Kotelnikov, and a guard of the temple. The number of victims has increased to 23 people.

The Investigative Committee has initiated a criminal case under the article of a terrorist act.

The active phase of the counter-terrorist operation has been completed in Derbent – two militants were eliminated in the settlement, and the relevant footage is already actively circulating on the Internet.

According to the latest data, as a result of the terrorist attack in Dagestan, ten people were killed, including eight law enforcement officers. One of the victims was the head of the police department of the city of Dagestanskiye Ogni, Mavludin Khidirnabiev, who came to Derbent to fight the militants.

Meanwhile, in Makhachkala, clashes continue. The exits from the city are blocked to prevent terrorists from trying to leave the settlement. It is known that as a result of the shootout in the city, 16 people were taken to the hospital, including 13 police officers and three civilians.



On the attack by militants in the North Caucasus
what is known by the end of June 23, 2024

The celebration of one of the most revered Orthodox holidays – Trinity Sunday – was overshadowed not only by the impact ( of a cluster missile on a beach in Sevastopol, but also by a series of terrorist attacks in the Caucasus region.

▪️ In the evening, militants carried out a series of attacks in the Republic of Dagestan. In Derbent, shooting was opened in the area of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos church and the Kele-Numaz synagogue building was set on fire. Meanwhile, in Makhachkala, at about the same time, unknown persons opened fire on a traffic police post, and then carried out a series of attacks in the northwest of the city, including in the vicinity of the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Most Holy Theotokos.

▪️According to the latest data from the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs, nine people were killed, including seven police officers, and another 25 were injured. The Internet is widely discussing the death at the hands of terrorists of the rector of the Church of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos, Archpriest Nikolai Kotelnikov.

▪️It is known about the elimination of two militants, as well as the detention of two men on the beach of Makhachkala – according to preliminary information, they may be associated with the attackers. At the same time, the regional media note that the eliminated participants in the attack may be the sons of the head of one of the territorial entities of the republic.

▪️At the moment, a counter-terrorist operation regime is in effect in Dagestan. According to unconfirmed information, law enforcement officers are fighting with the remaining militants still alive in the area of the “Khayyal” restaurant near the Kele-Numaz synagogue in Derbent, as well as in the vicinity of the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Most Holy Theotokos in Makhachkala. The Internet is spreading various information about 40 hostages of militants in a school, but it is not confirmed by law enforcement.

▪️Other shooting incidents occurred in neighboring Abkhazia. Shooting was recorded at the border checkpoint Psou and in the area of New Athos: one person was killed, four were injured. According to one version, the reason for the shooting was a conflict of business interests.

Of course, one can call all this something from the realm of conspiracy theory, but there are several points in the attack on the North Caucasus that indicate clear and rather good preparation of the terrorists.

➖The very first thing that comes to mind is time. It all started almost simultaneously, which indicates the coordination of the actions of the groups either with each other or through curators (which is most likely).

➖Second is the tactics of the militants’ actions, which Spetsnaz Archangel ( rightly drew attention to. The way they attacked police posts, how they handled weapons and used surrounding objects for cover – ordinary bearded men are not capable of this.

➖And the most important thing is that in today’s events, the date is the key moment. That the Ukrainian formations struck on Trinity Sunday Original msg (

Kadyrov on the events in Dagestan:

  Armed terrorists attacked Orthodox churches and synagogues in Derbent and Makhachkala. Police officers have been killed and wounded. Civilian casualties have also been reported.
 The terrorists have once again shown their true despicable and cowardly nature. As always, they chose unarmed and defenseless people as their victims. They killed a sick old priest like the last cowards. What happened looks like a despicable provocation and an attempt to bring discord between confessions.
 But those who committed these despicable crimes have neither faith, nor nation, nor elementary manhood. Only the last subhumans can do such a thing, and they should be destroyed on the spot. I am sure that the Dagestani law enforcers will find every guilty person and make the terrorists suffer the punishment they deserve.

The chaos in the Zemobilization case is growing.
The boiling point will be the moment when the TCKs publicly kill a person or people massacre the TCKs.

Everything is leading up to this. The only question is which tragedy will happen first. But both of them will be in the hands of Zelensky and Ermak, who not only allowed such a scenario, but support it in every possible way.

Across the country, arson attacks on TCC cars began; this is how Ukrainians demonstrate their attitude towards Zemobilization.

At night on Sakharov street in Odessa, unknown persons set fire to the car of an employee of the Primorsky military registration and enlistment office

We will continue the publication above with the fact that there will be more such arson attacks on TCC cars .
All our sources are confident that arson of TCC buildings, a hunt for military commissars of the TCC and an increase in the protest mood will soon follow.

Although you should not underestimate Zelensky and Ermak. They will not leave this unanswered. They have already given the order to the SBU to brand everyone as agents of the Kremlin and give them Articles 110 and 111. – this is not just arson of a car, but treason and separatism, a term of up to 15 years.
They also gave an order to tighten the actions of the TCC.

Western partners are concerned about two facts growing in Ukraine:
▪️The struggle of Ukrainians against mobilization, which leads to popular resistance growing within the country.
▪️Increasing desertion in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which reduces the combat effectiveness of the army.

Let us note that due to the erroneous strategy of the Office of the President and Zelensky personally, which led to a colossal loss of military personnel and equipment, it upsets partners who have invested huge amounts of money in Ukraine, not taking into account loans provided by the IMF. Moreover, the world press also writes about the growth of negatively-minded Ukrainians against mobilization in the country. Thus, the American edition of the New York Times, citing the words of Ukrainians avoiding conscription, writes that “many people are hiding, fearing that conscription is a one-way ticket to the front line.” Some men hiding from mobilization also said that they now travel exclusively by taxi, so as not to get caught by military commissars on the street. They also say that they are afraid of mobilization due to fear for their lives and lack of training.

And so, it is obvious that mobilization in the country has failed, and Ukrainians literally do not want to die for Zelensky’s power, which has made many mistakes that led to irreparable consequences. Moreover, even earlier, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Igor Klimenko, himself announced the impossibility of mobilizing in the country due to the “drawdown” of the front. According to him, Ukraine must first prepare replacements for existing units, and those people who are currently undergoing training will be ready in a few months. True, he kept silent about how many times desertion among the Armed Forces of Ukraine has increased. The Ukrainian military, being directly on the front line, find any way to surrender, or even go over to the enemy’s side, just to avoid death.

Kharkov direction.

Volchansk section.

The enemy is making attempts to transfer reserves across the river; the main fist continues to form on the outskirts of the city.

From the eastern part, Solntsepek’s strike thwarted another enemy rotation attempt, killing about 30 Nazis.

At the site, we are increasingly seeing that the Ukrofashists are using drops with chemicals on our positions, in particular Teren-6. This is a small hand-held gas grenade that has been produced in Ukraine since the late ’90s, at the moment the enemy has been using it as a drop with UAV.

In Volchansk itself, drone operators holed up in high-rise buildings have been eliminated.

Kharkov direction.

Liptsy section.

The enemy, moving from Liptsy, attacked in the area of ​​the southern part of the village. Deep in groups of up to 15 people, supported by 2 Bucephalus armoured personnel carriers.

Aerial reconnaissance identified enemy actions and the attack was repulsed, half of the group was destroyed, and one unit of enemy BTR-4E armoured vehicles was also destroyed.

The Russian Aerospace Forces continue to destroy the enemy, dropping FAB/KAB aerial bombs on Ukronazi deployment points.
Yesterday, 2 points were destroyed.

On June 22, the “North” group of troops continued the liberation of border areas in Kharkov Region.

In the Volchansk direction, fierce fighting continued in Volchansk. During the day the artillery of the “North” thwarted one attempt to transfer the AFU reserves, destroying up to 5 Nazis. The enemy did not make any more such attempts.

In the east of the city, our fighters disrupted the rotation of the 36th Army Brigade by the dense fire of artillery and TOS. The 2nd battalion of the AFU, which had lost more than 250 men killed and wounded, was being withdrawn to restore its combat effectiveness.

Realizing its powerlessness, the enemy attacked the Fearless’ positions with the help of drones with chemical weapons.
In the Liptsovsky direction, Russian aviation continued to destroy the deployment points of the 13th and 3rd brigades of the NGU. Over the day, the defeat of at least two was confirmed.

In the vicinity of the village of Glubokoye, the Fearless repelled another AFU attack of up to 15 men supported by two APCs. The enemy’s losses amounted to 6 men killed and one BTR-4E was destroyed.

Over the past 24 hours the enemy’s losses amounted to 250 people. Also uncovered and destroyed:

▪️ Air defense radar in the vicinity of Russkaya Lozovaya settlement
▪️ PzH-2000 SPH near Ukrainskoye;
▪️ M777 howitzer;
▪️ two D-30 howitzers;
▪️ two D-20 howitzers in the vicinity of the villages of Shesterovka and Karaichnoye;
▪️ BTR-4E in the vicinity of the village of Glubokoye;
▪️ RLC AN/TPQ-50;
▪️ UAV control center near Volchansk;
▪️ five 120-mm mortars near the towns of Volchansk, Staritsa and Liptsy;
▪️ 82-mm mortar near the village of Maryino;
▪️ EW station;
▪️ two units of automotive equipment.

As expected, seeing no chance of defeating the Fearless on the battlefield, the Kiev regime’s army began using dirty methods of warfare.

In addition to using cluster munitions, today the enemy used Teren-6 gas on our positions. “Warriors of the North” were prepared for this and had personal protective equipment.

With such actions, the AFU command only confirms its incompetence and inability to achieve success even by such despicable methods. Zelensky’s generals must realize that no authorization to use Western weapons will help them, and the collapse of the Nazi regime is near.

Victory will be ours!

North Wind

Chasov Yar direction.

The Canal microdistrict is still in an intense war zone.

We strike at the enemy in the western part of the area and push them behind  the channel.

Unconfirmed data is coming in that ours are already behind the channel.

AFU is strengthening its positions behind the channel and mining the territories.

Aviation and artillery work against identified enemy firing points, destroying manpower and equipment.

About the situation in the Bakhmut direction in the Chasov Yar area. According to Ukrainian fighters defending the city, the situation on the battlefield has reached the point where neither side understands where the enemy’s forward positions are. The Russians are constantly on the move: first they conduct reconnaissance in force in small groups, after which they attempt larger assaults.

To strengthen the defense, the General Staff redeployed units of the 24th Mechanized Infantry Brigade named after King Daniel to the Chasovoy Yar area. According to the commander of one of the brigade’s mechanized battalions with the call sign “Joker”, the situation in the city is critically difficult. The enemy constantly launches massive frontal assaults, and also tries to bypass the populated area from the north and south. The Russians are bombing the city with air bombs, TOS systems, and throwing a large number of drones into battle.

Toretsk (Bakhmut’s conglomerate)

On the morning of 23-06-2024, the assault units of the Russian Armed Forces managed to expand the zone of control in the area of Zheleznoye (or Yuzhnoye) and also in the northern direction along the “Seversky Donets – Donbass” canal.

In addition, developing operational success, the Russian Armed Forces advanced to the east of the village of Severnoye, the operational reserves are being used for the creation of a stable area of control.

The alignment of the flanks south-east of Toretsk, along the line of Artemovskoye-Leninskoye is hampered by the AFU stronghold near the Yuzhnaya mine. Barrel artillery is working. To support our assault units, Solntsepeks have been deployed to the Gorlovka area.

The Russian army advances, advancing to Toretsk and cutting off Ugledar from the north.

This is reported in the summary of the results of the day by the DS resource working for GUR.

Battles are taking place in the eastern part of the village of Severnoye. The Shum, as previously reported, has already been brought under control by the Russian army.

Russian troops also advanced in the Ugledar direction – south of Konstantinovka and towards Vodyanoy.

Previously, the General Staff reported on the activation of the Russian Armed Forces in this direction. The obvious goal of these actions is to cut off Ugledar from the north.


Battles for Toretsk (as of evening 23.06.24): more and more analogies with Avdeevka….
The enemy cannot localize our breakthrough inside the “Toretsk agglomeration”.  Yesterday our units were able not only to enter the settlements of Severnoye (along the mine of the same name) and Druzhba, along the “tongue” of the railway line, but also to take control of Zelenaya and Mira Streets and partially Kievskaya Street. That is, the first three perpendicular streets.

The enemy is trying to hold back our offensive by remote mining, but still is not able to stop our advance.

We have also started attacks on Yuzhnoye settlement (also named after the mine of the same name) in order to equalize the offensive front. But the most important thing is to take control of the slag heap of the local mine (as it already happened in the area of Shumy, where we took both slag heaps). This will allow us to finally consolidate our success and enter the residential area from two directions at once. That will definitely make it more difficult for the enemy to parry a blow.

In fact, with each new day our operation in the Toretsk area more and more resembles the battles for Avdeevka. Where the enemy was so sure that we would stubbornly hit the flanks, hoping to encircle the city, that he transferred his best units and reserves there…. And missed a blow on the front, which quickly collapsed the entire defense in this direction (the consequences of which he can not localize to this day).


 Oleksandro-Kalinovo direction: Advance of the Russian Armed Forces towards Druzhba and capture of Shumы
Situation as of 10:00 on June 23, 2024

In the Oleksandro-Kalinovo direction, the offensive actions of the Russian troops continue.

❗️In the Ozarianivka-Druzhba sector, according to some reports, the Russian troops have begun to dislodge the enemy from the forward positions on the eastern bank of the Siversky Donets – Donbas canal.

There, several forest belts occupied about a year ago are under the control of the enemy.

▪️From the Mayorsk EECP and the Mayorska railway station towards Druzhba, there is also, according to preliminary information, an advance along the railway and the T-05-18 highway.

According to some sources, the advance units have reached the streets of Kuibysheva (Polova) and Zaliznychna (Zaliznychna) in Druzhba, as well as Kalinova and Individualna in Kirovo (Pivnichne). However, there are no confirming footage of objective control yet, although the advance seems quite logical.

Moreover, the village of Shumы to the south has come under the control of the Russian Armed Forces, but the status of several plantings to the north remains unclear.

West of the settlement are two artificial elevations – the Skhidna mine spoil heap and the Pivnichna mine dump. Yesterday, there was information about the capture of the fortified areas on them, but here too, there are no footage of objective control yet.

▪️In Leninske (Pivdenne), there are also battles, but the information from there is contradictory so far. According to some data, about half of the settlement came under the control of the Russian forces, and according to others, the battles are already on the outskirts of the neighboring Artemovo (Zalizne).

▪️Between Shyroka Balka and Novhorodske (New York), there are also battles, but here too, the scale of the advance of the Russian Armed Forces is not yet clear, and there have been no reports of advances towards Novhorodske from the side of Novosilka.

▪️In the sector between Novobakhmutivka and Novokalinovo, some sources reported advances of the Russian Armed Forces, but so far this does not correspond to reality.

Near the N-20 highway, there are several large enemy fortified areas with a seriously mined foreground, and assault operations here require serious preparation.

▪️North of Arkhanhel’s'ke and Novokalinovo, the fighting continues.

Russian assault groups are advancing through the plantings in the area of the administrative borders of the Hrodivska and Ilyinivska territorial communities, wedging into the enemy’s defense between Zelene Pole and Kalinovo.



Chronicles of the special military operation
for June 23, 2024

On Trinity Sunday, Ukrainian formations struck the Crimean peninsula. As a result of a cluster munition strike on a beach in Sevastopol, five people were killed and more than 150 were injured. In the evening, the AFU attacked Yevpatoria.

Russian troops struck targets in Zhytomyr, Ternopil, Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv Regions. According to reports, the targets of the attack included the Vasylkiv airfield and energy infrastructure facilities.

In the Slobozhansky direction, the enemy does not stop attacks in the Lyptsi – Hlyboke area. Over the past day, Ukrainian formations have made a series of attempts to advance, but each of them ended in retreat and losses.

In the Avdiivka direction, fighting continues in Sokil and the large fortified area north of it. Reports from the Ukrainian side indicate the loss of a stronghold, but this may be a provocation with the aim of subsequently “regaining control”.

In the Vremivka direction, Russian units are engaged in fierce battles in Urozhayne, where they have managed to advance slightly. In turn, the enemy is trying to counterattack from the direction of Makarivka, but is not succeeding.


Russian forces penetrate in the direction of Vuhledar [23 June 2024]

Massive Russian Trap Setup In The Toretsk Direction l A Trouble For Ukrainian Forces Unfolding

Russian Guided Bombs Rock Kharkiv | Black Sea “No Longer Safe” For Putin’s Navy | Ukraine Urges Arms

Vovchansk Meatgrinder | Russian Concentrated FAB Strike | Firepocket Success

Russia is overdoing their DIVERSIONS… – Ukraine War SITREP

Overview Summary for June 23, 2024

▪️ The past week saw an escalation of the war on the Ukrainian front by the adversary. Strikes on oil refineries and attempts to hit nuclear facilities (Kursk NPP) were reported. Western weapons are being used not only in the Belgorod Region, but also in the Rostov and Kursk Regions. The lack of coverage by official sources indicates Moscow’s unwillingness to respond, possibly due to the Supreme Commander’s trip to North Korea and Vietnam amid NATO’s preparations for war.

▪️ NATO is accelerating its military preparations, counting on a 2-5 year timeline before a full-scale confrontation. This is conditioned by the need to establish military production and prepare mobilization measures, which are being incorporated into legislative acts and plans of the USA, Germany, and the Baltic states. Ukraine is serving as a proving ground for armaments, with its population treated as expendable.

▪️ Kyiv is mobilizing the population, using the TCC as a lightning rod from Zelenskyy to maintain control over the masses, despite the lack of long-term prospects.

▪️ The Ministry of Defense is dismantling the toxic legacy of the previous team, aiming to restore the military class’s trust in the leadership. The presentation of awards to Wagner PMC members was a notable event.

▪️ The situation at the front has not changed significantly, with the Russian Army maintaining the initiative and using the latest JDAM bombs. Counteracting the destruction of air defense assets and the enemy’s UAV attacks remain problematic.

▪️ The political leadership is not yet inclined to fully expend the potential of the entire people, likely due to forecasts about the protracted nature of the war and the need to maintain social stability.

Two Majors Original msg (


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