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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on July 09 2024

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Orban Again Rattles NATO With ‘Peace Mission’, Meets Xi After Putin; Anti-West Alliance Brewing?

Zelensky Succeeds In Dragging NATO Close To War? Poland To Shoot Down Russian Missiles

Poland Will Intercept Russian Missiles| Warsaw Spooked By Kiev Claims

Poland Seeks NATO Nod To Shoot Russian Missiles, Russian Iskanders “Destroy Himars, Ukraine Convoy”

NATO Betrays Zelensky: Stoltenberg Denies Ukraine Membership, Boosting Putin’s Position

Putin Finds And Bombs Exact HIMARS Launchers Used In Crime Beach Attack: Russia’s Ukraine War Claim

Putin’s Forces Wipe Out U.S.-Made HIMARS Rocket Launchers in New Blitz

The topic of Ukraine is becoming dangerous for political careers.

If two years ago there was “hype” during our war, now demonstrative distance is becoming a source of popularity.

The right in France has proven this. The trend is dangerous and potentially contagious. The longer the conflict continues, the lower the likelihood of it being resolved in our interests.

And who will remember “Ukraine in NATO in 2030”? What if neither Stoltenberg, nor Macron, nor Scholz and other “allies” are no longer on the political scene?

Mélenchon, in video, says everyone in NFP has a common position on Ukraine: support against Russian invasion, but through “diplomacy and not war”. According to reports, a candidate for PM from his party is about to be approved by the whole coalition.

The elections in the UK and France are a bad sign for Zelensky, because the “activists” who unconditionally supported him have left.

In the UK, the new government will have to cope with a serious financial crisis, which calls into question the continuation of real assistance to Ukraine. Moreover, Labor is expected to take a more cautious approach to the risks of an escalation of the military conflict in Ukraine. The expert community agrees that the British are tired of the fact that the focus is on foreign policy, and the country’s economy has been stagnating for a long time, the standard of living is falling, while the number of migrants, the cost of housing, utilities, healthcare services and taxes are rising. Laborists and reformists promised changes, and this was enough to express a popular vote of no confidence in the current government.

In France, any initiative to support Ukraine will now be contested by parliament, unless the political crisis paralyzes the country. And, no matter who is appointed prime minister, Macron’s remaining three years as president will be much more bound in his decisions, both due to the significantly increased presence of the National Rally, and because the left and center also have enough contradictions . For example, “Unconquered France” openly criticized the escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

The bottom line is that both the British and French elites supporting Zelensky will now have to fight for survival.

Slowly, but it’s getting there. Europe has begun to understand how the US has hooked it

By shifting the burden of the Ukrainian conflict onto Europe, the United States is forcing it to invest in defense that it would not otherwise need, writes ( Slovo.

If it were not for the USA and Britain, there would be no flow of migrants and conflict in Ukraine.

Russia did not pose a threat to Europe. It supported the Eurasia project, which was based on economic cooperation. Part of it were freight routes connecting northern Europe with the regions of the Middle East.

For the USA, the success of the project was a nightmare. He could drive Western Europe away from America and prevent the colonization of Russia. Europe would regain its self-confidence and break free from the suffocating American embrace. Russia would strengthen the economy.

Therefore, the United States buried the project and turned Europe into a potentially dangerous place.

Americans cannot be denied the ability to come up with strategies that are frightening in their directness and ruthlessness, the author of the article concludes.

“Really heading towards the abyss.” The truth about NATO was revealed in the USA

The NATO summit is starting in Washington, where Western leaders will probably sing odes to it. But in fact, the alliance is approaching the edge of the abyss, writes a Foreign Policy columnist. According to him, NATO will sooner or later collapse, as more and more disagreements arise between the United States and Europe.

The reason for the friction, according to the author, is that the world has changed. Talk about “transatlantic solidarity” no longer evokes a lively response, and the thought of US “exceptionalism” is already alienating even the Americans themselves.

A very bad sign for Ukraine in its hopes of getting $300 billion worth of Russian assets.

 Saudi Arabia has threatened the G7 countries to get rid of all EU securities if they confiscate $300 billion of Russian assets – Bloomberg

According to the publication, Saudi Arabia does not have many European bonds, but EU officials fear that other countries will follow a similar example .

As the source explains, this will trigger a domino effect when everyone starts dumping European bonds, which will lead to a collapse in the EU and a large-scale economic crisis in Europe.

Politicians in Europe have played too hard.

Of course, Kyiv will not survive for long without money. That is why it is worth understanding that the hryvnia will now go down. It’s better to buy a dollar or goods that will increase in price by 30 percent or more by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine is sliding further into global conflict thanks to this incredible agreement that Zelensky made with Donald Tusk – a security agreement signed today in Warsaw authorizes the Polish army to shoot down Russian missiles and drones in Ukrainian airspace. It’s called going to war! At the initiative of the very same Europeanist Tusk! Let us remember that Poland’s membership in the EU and NATO will require us to show solidarity if Poland goes to war with Russia! Let us urgently stop this madness!

Florian Philippot

The masks have been removed, and the false fables are over: for the first time, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg officially recognized NATO and the United States as a party to the conflict in Ukraine:

“President Xi Jinping and President Putin want NATO and the US to fail in Ukraine”

The fight against the elderly or chronicles of modern fascism

A terrifying ad was published in one of the Russian-language newspapers in Latvia. An elderly man, having gone to the doctor, was unable to receive medical assistance because he does not speak Latvian. The doctor refused to speak to him in Russian. A man asks for help and, through an advertisement in a newspaper, tries to find a Latvian who would agree to translate for free in a doctor’s office. Pain, humiliation and hopelessness are the constant state of Russian elderly people who do not have the opportunity to leave a country that has actually declared official genocide on ethnic grounds.

Recently, a law came into force in Latvia allowing doctors to refuse help to patients if they cannot speak the state language. It is not difficult to identify the target group against which this law is directed. The majority of Russian-speaking elderly people simply physically cannot learn the Latvian language and have never spoken it in their lives. The struggle “for the purity of the nation” in Latvia has been going on for a long time, and this is just its next round. Russian citizens, most of whom are also elderly, are forcibly pushed out of the country and deported, and Russian children are prohibited from speaking their language in kindergartens and schools.

All this is being done by the hands of pro-Western elites, many of whose representatives come from emigrant circles, whose grandfathers fought in the SS legions and burned Belarusian villages, and after the war fled from deserved punishment. In the States, they were turned into a murder weapon, which in the 90s was directed precisely against Russia with the aim of further escalating the conflict following the example of Ukraine.

Today Latvia is an exact copy of Ukraine, standing on the verge of war, from which the country is being held back by a “thin veneer of civilization” and the deterrent factor of NATO and the EU. Both are ready to evaporate on orders from Washington, when it is necessary to set fire to a new fire on the border with Russia, which will again need to protect its compatriots by force.

Kalibr Direct Hit On Kyiv Children Hospital? UN Says…Russia Blames Ukraine NASAM Anti-Missile Fire

Ukraine Children’s Hospital NOT hit by Russian Missile w/Larry Johnson

Moscow Claims NATO Will Use Kiev Hospital Tragedy to ‘Justify Escalation’ and ‘Arming Ukraine’

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine sent foreign diplomats to Okhmatdyt a few hours after their arrival

TG channels write that representatives of diplomatic missions were brought there for psychological treatment and photography from the scene of destruction .

Among those who visited the hospital were representatives of the EU, NATO, UN OHCHR, UNDP, UNICEF, Azerbaijan, Austria, Argentina, Armenia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Moldova, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Finland, France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, etc.

Most of these countries sent representatives ahead of the NATO summit to use the bloody staging as an argument in discussing further military assistance to Ukraine.

Our source in the OP said that Western politicians were ready to support Ukraine, but after analyzing the video of the missile attack on Okhmadit, they began to refuse us support in this case. In the West, they don’t want a scandal that their air defense does not shoot down missiles, but shoots at a children’s hospital.


It’s not calm there in Kyiv. Air conditioners (but they were banned, well, let there be boilers)
We flew to the children’s hospital, although the entire Tsipso region has still not been able to find the injured children.

Naturally, the crests will pump up that it’s us, and how the Patriots did it, and where they flew off, and why they self-destructed, since all our missiles flew where they wanted, and these are definitely not hospitals, no one will understand.

So, of course, I feel sorry for the kids. It’s not the kids’ fault that their parents are idiots.

But whoever feels very sorry for the children in Kyiv, remember Donetsk, Belgorod region, Sevastopol and shells with the inscription “All the best for children.”


Nasams arrived at the hospital – that’s a fact.
By the end of yesterday , Bankova completely removed the topic of “whose missile hit” Okhmatdyt from the media and social networks, switching to the positive of collecting money against the backdrop of the tragedy, which was supposed to show the unity of the nation and the rise of morale, but everything was so feigned and artificial that the money was collected “on a call from the OP” from large and close businesses, but the morale of society remained low.

As the source explained. The topic of the rocket is not discussed, because in the comments they ask too many questions and discard analyzes where it is indicated that the rocket was Ukrainian. There is nothing to cover this up.

Bankova is afraid of one thing, if Western journalists conduct their analysis and investigation, which will confirm the version that the rocket that hit the hospital was Ukrainian.

Russian Ambassador to the United States of America Antonov ..The hysteria being fomented here about the Okhmatdet hospital in Kiev that was damaged is a sample of virulent anti-Russian propaganda. The American officialdom and local columnists, without understanding the facts, are cynically using this tragedy against our country. The United States hypocritically omits the fact that the warhead that struck civilian infrastructure was a Ukrainian air defence missile. This is not the first time that we have seen the Kiev regime brazenly blaming its own barbaric crimes on the Russian Federation.
What happened says only one thing: the United States should stop supplying the Bandera terrorists with weapons that are killing civilians in Russia and Ukraine itself. However, the reality is that the incident with the destroyed hospital, which occurred on the eve of the NATO summit in Washington, appears to have been perceived by Kiev’s Western patrons as a “perfect gift” to justify further escalation of the conflict and the continuation of the war to the last Ukrainian.

The fire in the Poltava region that followed the arrival does not stop. We still do not know which object was hit, but seems again it was something huge!

The Russian Armed Forces attacked a target in the Poltava region

The strike was presumably carried out by Kh-101 missiles from a Tu-95MS. OSINT resources suggest that the target was the Mirgorod military airfield.

They also write that a UAV is now flying over the affected area, carrying out objective control of hits.

Kalibr Direct Hit On Kyiv Children Hospital? UN Says…Russia Blames Ukraine NASAM Anti-Missile Fire

Ukraine Children’s Hospital NOT hit by Russian Missile w/Larry Johnson

Moscow Claims NATO Will Use Kiev Hospital Tragedy to ‘Justify Escalation’ and ‘Arming Ukraine’

Our source reports that the transfer of new air defense systems to Ukraine does not change the situation, since:
- air defense losses continue to increase. The Russians are hunting for all air defense/missile defense installations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their components.
- air defense supplies from the West are measured in doses.

This is a simple conclusion. New supplies do not improve the situation in any way, but only help to “maintain balance.” In order for the situation to improve dramatically, immediate supplies of air defense and ammunition worth $15 billion are needed. This will give Ukraine an advantage for 2 months until the Russians discover and destroy them.
But this is not beneficial for the West.
 As the source concluded: the West is making money from the Ukrainian crisis, and is not engaged in charity. As long as it is profitable for them, they will give us these crumbs; when the situation changes, we may stop receiving even these crumbs. It’s time to stop living with rose-colored glasses – we are just consumables in someone else’s game.

The air defense of Kiev has come to an end – Roepcke

“Military expert” from Bild said that the air defense systems transferred by Western countries to protect Kiev could not cope with the massive missile strike of the Russian Armed Forces. Five missiles unhindered hit the Artem ammunition plant in Kiev, noted Julian Roepcke.

“Not just one Russian missile penetrated the “protective umbrella” over the capital, consisting of Patriot, IRIS-T and other systems, but at least 10. Either Kiev no longer has missiles, or the air defense systems themselves have become targets. Either way, it’s a disaster,”
- he added.

According to him, next winter there will be neither electricity nor heat in Ukraine.

Our source at the General Staff said that the situation at the front continues to deteriorate for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the enemy is pressing simultaneously in 15 areas. Bankova is not happy with Syrsky, who promised Zelensky a new counter-offensive at the end of the summer, but he himself cannot stop the advance of the Russian army.


Last night, the AFU carried out another drone attack on several regions of Russia, using more than 40 drones. Most of the drones were intercepted by air defenses, but there was also some damage.

▪️In the Volgograd Region, drones struck the Kalach Oil Refinery in the city of Kalach-on-Don. The Frolovskaya 500 kV substation in the town of Frolovo was also damaged, but the fire was quickly extinguished and there were no power outages.

▪️In the Rostov Region, air defenses intercepted 21 enemy drones. In the Rodionovo-Nesvetaysky District, there were fires at two substations, which were quickly extinguished by emergency services. Several drones were also shot down near Taganrog, with no casualties.

▪️In the Belgorod Region, the attack affected the settlements of Belgorod, Shebekino, Novaya Tavolzhanka and others. Over 60 buildings and 140 vehicles were damaged. 4 civilians were killed, and 20 more were injured to varying degrees.

▪️In the Astrakhan Region, local residents reported explosions near Akhtubinsk and Znamensk. According to official information, all Ukrainian drones were intercepted, and there was no damage to military or infrastructure facilities.

Our fighters’ breakthrough to the center of New York using an underground tunnel

 ▪️The tunnel is 90 cm wide (this is enough for a fighter with all the ammo to crawl through it). The 180 cm military correspondent Sereda moved bent over.

▪️Through this tunnel, dug with their own hands, the soldiers of the “Veterans” brigade went behind enemy lines and with a lightning strike destroyed the defensive lines of the Ukros.

▪️This is a new tactic. The enemy was well fortified, equipped with powerful firing points, mined all the approaches, launched drones into the sky to control the approaches and would have assailed any assault group.

▪️With the usual frontal tactics, even if we managed to get through, it would be with colossal losses. But instead they bypassed the entire fortified line of the Ukros, by digging a tunnel.

▪️Result: In a day Russian forces broke through the enemy’s fortification, occupied key positions and are now putting pressure on the Ukros, forcing them to move further.


Artemivsk direction: battles for forests near Chasiv Yar

situation as of 7:00 pm on July 9, 2024

In the Artemivsk direction, Russian forces continue to fight on the outskirts of Chasiv Yar.

After establishing control over the ruins of the Kanal neighborhood, the Russian Armed Forces are expanding the wedge towards the main part of Chasiv Yar in preparation for the assault on the city. To the north and south of the neighborhood, there are large forest areas, most of which to the east of the canal have already been cleared of the enemy’s presence.

The situation is somewhat more complicated to the north. Despite local successes in Kalinivka (Kalinovo), it is impossible to speak of full control over the settlement, and Hryhorivka remains firmly under the control of Ukrainian formations. In addition, the presence of groups of foreign UAV operators is recorded north of Chasiv Yar and Soledar, which also causes problems for the Russian forces.

To the south, in the Krasne (Ivanovske) – Klishchiyivka area, surprisingly little activity is observed, and the status of the heights adjacent to Klishchiyivka remains unclear. However, in Andriivka, the Russian troops, apparently, carried out at least a reconnaissance in force some time ago, but the footage of objective control does not allow determining the scale of the advance.

Pokrovskoye direction: our forward movement continues unabated….

Despite the desperate resistance of the best Wehrmacht units, including the 47th elite brigade of the AFU, our units continue to move forward successfully. And in several areas at once.

First, we resumed the offensive north of Novoalexandrovka, where our units took several more enemy positions, thereby providing our attackers in the area of Vozdvizhenka with the right flank of the offensive in this area.

We also moved forward to Lozuvatsky and actually reached the outskirts of the village. And also our previous and yesterday’s successes forced the enemy for the most part to leave, stretched long (more than 3 km) thread Eugenevka.

Also, yesterday we were able to reach the northern outskirts of Novoselovka Pervaya, complicating the already difficult situation for the local garrison of the enemy.

In general, the front here is cracking for the AFU in all directions and there is nothing to suggest that the enemy is stabilizing here.

We hold our fists and pray for the guys. They are the best…


The Russian army has broken through 4 kilometers and is forming pincers around Kupyansk, while the AFU is grinding down battalion after battalion in senseless attacks
This is sorely reported by Ukrainian military analyst Miroshnikov.

 - “The advance (of Russian troops) in the area of Peschanoye means not only a dangerous access to the operational space to Oskol, but also the formation of southern pincers for Kupyansk,” he declares.

 - Bogomolov, Sidorov (AFU generals), ay, this is your loss. How do you sleep?

❗️ You have already lost a lot of things, you have wasted more than one battalion in attempts to go in pointless attacks, – Miroshnikov accuses the commanders from this direction.

 - “Don’t you want to make room for more competent commanders?” – he summarizes.

 - Recall that the other day near Kupyansk, Russian troops marched more than 4 km westward and broke into Peschanoye (South of Tabaevka and west of Krahmalnoye), advancing in a section up to 3.05 km wide.From Peschanoye to the Oskol River is about 9 km, and there are no other settlements along the way. 


Kupiansk-Svatove direction: a series of local attacks by the Russian Armed Forces and counterattacks by the AFU

Russian troops are locally advancing in several sectors of the Kupiansk-Svatove direction.

Advance assault groups reached the outskirts of the settlements of Andriivka and Artemivka (Miasozharivka) as early as late June. However, the villages did not come under full control: they are mostly in the gray zone. The heights to the west with forest belts are occupied by the enemy, and control of the ruins in the lowland is not required in this case.

Battles are also ongoing in the triangle Pishchane-Tabaivka-Berestove. Some sources claim that the Russian Armed Forces control Pishchane, but this information has not yet been confirmed. However, given the chain of local attacks along the entire direction, the situation is likely to become clearer in the near future.

In addition, the Russian Armed Forces advanced towards Makiivka and engaged in battles for the outskirts of the settlement by July 7. Given that the village is located in a lowland, the situation is likely to repeat that of Artemivka.

At the same time, Ukrainian formations are also not idle. The enemy is active south of Novoheorivka and in the area of Synkivka, carrying out at least several counterattacks.


 No matter how hard the entire Ukrainian propaganda machine tried to present that Volchansk would soon be recaptured, it did not work out... The Russian Army repulsed all the counterattacks of Azov, Kraken and all Tеrritorial Defence groups.

Key Russian Advance l Russian Forces Enters Novoselivka Persha

WAR UPDATE: This Is All Connected! Three Intertwined Russian Advances Throughout Donbas

Russian Forces Storm Novoselivka Persha From 3 Directions | Vovchansk Flanks Under Russian Attack

Update on Ukraine: Advances in Novooleksandrivka [9 July 2024]


Chronicles of the special military operation
for July 9, 2024

Ukrainian formations carried out another massive drone attack on Russian regions, with several dozen UAVs shot down.

Russian troops delivered several precision strikes on military facilities in the territory occupied by the enemy during the day. One of the targets was again the Myrhorod airfield.

In the Kupiansk-Svatove direction, counter-attacks continue near Synkivka and along the line of Stelmakhivka – Andriivka.

In the Artemivsk direction, Russian troops are fighting in the vicinity of Chasiv Yar and in the nearby forests, as well as advancing in the area of Andriivka.

In the Avdiivka direction, the advance of the Russian Armed Forces is also observed in several sectors. Russian troops are pushing the enemy back in the area of Yevhenivka and Novoselivka First.



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  • Daughter of the Church

    President Vladimir Putin is a judoka; a master black belt as he say, and this explains his war strategy in the SMO, and why he will win WW3 when he will have no choice but to fight it. Judo is the art of using the adversaries strength against himself. Simply put it is a defensive mode turned offensive when the moment is favorable. He started his SMO with inferior forces and outsmarted the adversary to corner them in the fortifications of the Azovstall of Mariupol. Then came the battle of Bakmut while he increased his strength. It was a defensive posture all the way to the all out assault of last summer against the Sourovikino line. The SMO is now won and yet Putin refrains from an all out assault and takeover of Kiev and Odessa for fear of becoming suddenly outnumbered by the unleashing of NATO. Now are appearing some prospects of peace negotiations for the West to rebuilt its forces. The judoka will not be seduced by this siren song, but finish the fight to the finish, which will be when the forces of the collective West will rush into a trap, his trap.

    • Daughter of the Church

      In the comment above, I based my speculations upon facts, which is President Putin acting as a master black belt in judo and war strategist. Now I dare continue my speculation on the outcome of the inevitable WW3 which the neo-con and their handlers the Satanic Jews desire.
      Daniel the Prophet spoke of this incoming war. The King of the North takes the little horn and the big horn in a whirlwind. This may be interpreted as been the forces of the belligerent UK and USA which will have its armies & navies defeated by the Russians. The King of the North is Putin because Moscow is north of Jerusalem according to Daniel. The King of the South is former President Barrack Obama who is from Kenya, south of Jerusalem. During the incoming WW3 it is plausible during the turmoil, that this former president be drafted to negotiate the terms of surrender, as told by the prophet Daniel.

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