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Vatic Note:   This was a complete and thorough eye opening event for me, in reading this.  I keep saying  this, but its true….. the world is not as we thought and believed…. its amazing what we do not know and what has been kept from us.  That is all changing now and doing so pretty rapidly.    

Please read this below and I am sure you will be much surprised at what you learn here tonight.  Its long, so read it in a couple sittings, and digest what you read in  between.   I am grateful to Capt Ajit Vadakayil for his research, and sharing of his knowledge with us.  

Because I know so little about this compared to what I know here in America, that it would be arrogant of me to even comment on it, except to say how informative this has been and will continue searching for more about this woman and their relationship with Rothschild.  Is there anyone who is not in that mans pocket??? 


by Capt. Ajit Vadakayil, Calicut, India

In 1888 when Gandhi was doing his second year of studies at England, he was handpicked by Rothschild to have a tete e tete with Madama Blavatsky and her disciple Annie Besant.  

Annie Besant and Allan Octavian Hume were members of the Theosophical Society of Adyar Madras ( now Chennai ) and also members of the Indian National Congress .  Both Hume and Annie Besant were double agents of Rothschild , who pretended to be India lovers and freedom fighters. A grateful Rothschild would allow Annie Besant to start her own “female” Freemason lodges. See her picture in Freemason regalia. These are the people,  naive Indians trusted.

Gandhi was introduced to the Bhagawat Gita by Blavatsky , to catch his interest and then brainwashed with the idea of Ahimsa (non-violence).  Gandhi was taken aback when he realised that that this Russian Jewess (VN: Khazar) Madame Blavatsky knew more about Indian spirituality than he could ever imagine. 

He was also introduced to the concept of MAHATMA.  He would be one very soon — affixed like the title of a knight SIR to his name .

It must be noted that Blavatsky was in touch with Leo Tolstoy. It was NOT by chance that Gandhi was called to South Africa to take up a court case, and later stayed in Tolstoy farm . This was made to happen by Rothschild and in South Africa Gandhi was groomed to be an agent of Rothchild and converted to be a Mahatma before he was called to India as a messiah to sit in the driver’s seat of India’s freedom struggle.

You may find this a bit strange. So I suggest you punch into Google search-


Before the first world war, the Indian Freedom movement under Rash Behari Bose and Bagha Jatin would be sunk thanks to the Irish section of Annie Besant who leaked the secrets to Rothschild.

A Czechoslovakian TRIPLE agent Emanuel Viktor Voska under the payroll of Rothschild got the secrets from the Irish and upset the Indian quest for independence apple cart. Woodrow Wilson revealed the Bagha Jatin conspiracy to Rothschild , who was running the British Raj in India.. Voska conveyed the information about the looming Indian conspiracy via Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk to Rothschild .  A grateful Rothschild crowned Masaryk as the First President of Czechoslovakia in 1918.  Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, was “allowed”  by Rothschild to lead Czechoslovakia to independence from the Austrian empire in 1918, and become a natural hero. Today Tel Aviv has a Masayrk square.  Rothschild controls 80% of Israel today.
In 1912, Charles Crane ( the US agent of Rothschild ) financed the election campaign of Thomas Woodrow Wilson (1856 – 1924), who in 1913, became the American President.  Crane became his counselor in the White House, to keep a hawk’s eye on him. Charles Richard Crane (1858–1939) was a crypto Jew who always pretended to be anti-semitic in the media. In 1913 Woodrow Wilson was installed by Rothschild in the US President’s chair , on the express condition that he must sign the US Federal Reserve act into law. At the time the act was frustrated in Congress from passing.  The cunning Jews moved, days before the Christmas of 1913 when the majority of the Congress men were enjoying at home with their families –the Federal Reserve act was voted in. And Wilson true to his promise to Rothschild, made it law.

Madame Helena Blavatsky became the first internationally famous professional psychic and she was also a brilliant occult con artist who drew such figures as G. B. Shaw and William Butler Yeats into her bizarre web.  She was the first flower child , who journeyed to India for a bizarre purpose , almost 100 years before the hippie hegira of the 1960s
HPB’s ( Helena Petrovna Blavatsky ) maternal lineage goes back through Prince Michael of Chernigov to Rurik, founder of the Russian state at Novgorod. H.P. Blavatsky’s great grandfather,  Prince Pavel Vasilyievich Dolgorukov (1755–1837) was a Major General during the reign of Ekaterina the Great.  Going further back her family is traceable back to German  Carolingian dynasty.  
Helena knew fluent German at a young age, though she was born in Ukraine as Helena von Hahn. For some time her family was in the Khazar area ( Georgia ) where all current Israeli Jews are from . You can hardly believe a word of what she tells about herself  and her past  -such was her capability for deception.
On June 7, 1849 young 17 year old Helena Petrovna got married to the 41 year old vice-governor of Erevan, Nikifor Vladimirovich Blavatsk.. Soon after the wedding , even before the honeymoon she escaped . She would die a virgin though she married twice. On April 3, 1875, in New York, Blavatsky formally married Michael Betanelly, a Georgian Jew living in America. The marriage dissolved after a few months as soon as she became an American citizen. 

Blavatsky helped found the Theosophical Society in New York City in 1875 along with Henry Steel Olcott , with the motto, “There is no Religion higher than Truth” .  In February 1879, Blavatsky and Olcott and arrived in India . 

In 1882, Rothschild gave them a headquarters of the Theosophical Society in Adyar, in the southern suburbs of Madras, which still exists today. Known as the “Huddleston Gardens,” the Theosophical Society campus lies on the south bank of the Adyar River and covers more than 265 acres of prime land. 

The garden has exotic plants, birds , animals , and insects. Trees include the rare mahogany and other trees imported and planted from across the globe. The garden also has a 500 -year-old banyan tree, whose aerial roots cover some 65,000 sq m.

From 1879 to 1888 Blavatsky edited the magazine The Theosophist.  In 9 years flat Madame Blavatsky would bamboozle this planet with occult and spirituality , and lay the foundation for Nazi Aryan Pride,  from which the Jewish state of Israel would be born. 
Madame Blavatsky is the only woman who asserted, dominated, and started the first religion ever by any woman… Theosophy.  She competed with Buddha, Mahavira, Zarathustra, Jesus, Mohammed, Guru Nanak and even Joseph Smith (the creator of Rothschild funded religion Mormonism) —  all men whom humans worship .
Madame Blavatsky was the first person to bring Eastern Indian spirituality to the Western world.  Words and concepts such as karma, reincarnation, consciousness, kundalini, meditation, yoga, aura, OM, mantras, tantra, chakras, prana, akasha etc are now familiar, if only in a small way,  to almost everyone in the West.  

This popular awareness can be traced directly back to Blavatsky’s work,  which first introduced such ideas to Western thought by way of several books she authored . 

None of her books had a single original idea.  Everything was blatantly lifted or plagiarized from ancient Hindu texts . Things she could NOT understand with her limited perception and grey matter, made very funny reading.  

Yet, she had an incredible and far reaching effect and her admirers and critics alike , and she changed the face of world spirituality forever.

Initially the Theosophical Society had an alliance with an organization run by a Hindu Swami Sarasvati. One fine day the Swami denounced Madame Blavatsky and her Yank sidekick Ollcott as charlatans and broke off the partnership.

So, what are these her teachings?  Blavatsky’s Theosophy deals with such hokum as the “seven root races”.  The god like giant Aryan race lived on Atlantis and lost their god-like status by intermarrying with the “semi-human” Jews.  The intermarrying with Jews caused the Aryans to devolve, according to Blavatsky. 

To keep the double agent game going Blavatsky called Judaism a “religion of hate and malice toward everyone and everything outside itself.” , while the Aryans were the most advanced people spiritually.  Her Theosphy is nothing but poorly understood Hindu spirituality from ancient texts and recycled occult which made gobbledy gook  with a strong flavor of anti-Semitism and anti-Christianism  thrown in for good measure.

German occultists and racists embraced Blavatsky’s idea of being descended from superior Aryan god-men .  Blatvatsky’s favorite occult symbol was the Hindu symbol of swastika, which she claimed was the symbol of the invading Aryan race and the most powerful of all occult symbols. 

Actually the Swastika is the symbol of the Saraswati civilization Indian Aryans who migrated outwards from India in 4000 BC after the Saraswati river dried up in a tectonic shift . The mouth of the river in the Himalayas got blocked causing the river to become non –perrenial.  

This Swastika symbol was adopted by the Nazis.  Heinrich Himmler was a devout believer in Blavatsky’s teachings, and even went on an expedition to Asia ( clutching at straws ) as Germany was losing WWII to try and find the German connection to the Aryan race.

Above : Hindu God Lord Ganesha ( Lord Shiva’s son ) has the Swastika symbol on his palm.

Punch into Google search THE SWASTIKA SYMBOL – VADAKAYIL to know more about Swastika symbol.

The main purposes of the Theosophical Society was “ to form a nucleus of the universal brotherhood of humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color –to encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy, and science, to investigate the unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in man”.

Madama Blavatsky used this front to access hidden Hindu libraries of ancient scientific texts,  which she passed on to the Germans. It is a known fact that the Germans made Vimanas ( flying saucers ) using some information given by Blavatsky.

It was only in 1897 that J. J. Thomson discovered the electron , suggesting that the atom was not an “indivisible” particle, as John Dalton had suggested, but a jigsaw puzzle made of smaller pieces.

Nine years before, in 1888, Blavatsky had written: QUOTE: The atom is elastic, ergo, the atom is divisible, and must consist of particles, or of sub-atoms. And these sub-atoms?  They are either non-elastic, and in such case they represent no dynamic importance, or, they are elastic also; and in that case, they, too, are subject to divisibility. And thus ad infinitum. But infinite divisibility of atoms resolves matter into simple centers of force, i.e., precludes the possibility of conceiving matter as an objective substance.UNQUOTE
—Helena Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Volume I, p. 519

Above para among thousands of others , is lifted from the ancient 7000 year old Hindu Vedas—just a small example of her plagiarism  as she had no formal education.

Madame Blavatsky went to town telling about the macrocosm and microcosm ( ancient Indian Upanishads 5000 BC ) and impressed the hell out of everybody. 

She writes like a modern Lynne Mc Taggart , ( whose books contain all lifted Vedic ideas ),  QUOTE Briefly, the law of correspondences states that the microcosm is the miniature copy of the macrocosm and therefore what is found “below” can be found, often through analogy, “above”. UNQUOTE– 

–and people cried  WOW!

Charles Darwin’s theory caused quite a stir when it was released.  Many people lost their faith in any religion. Crime increased. The rich became the new gods, and this is what the Freemasons wanted.  A few people went so far as to commit suicide, having lost their mental anchors and thus hope.  Madame Blavatsky would cash in on Darwin’s theory by trying to bridge the gap between religion and evolution with the occult.  

To find out what a propped up rogue Darwin was, punch into google search CHARLES DARWIN AND HIS APPLE- VADAKAYIL

She was anti-science. Attendees to Madame Blavatsky’s séances and soirees were treated to the sight of a taxidermied baboon lurking at the entryway clutching a copy of Darwin’s Origin of the Species.

Her seances where she contacted past masters by telepathy ( all bull ) , made a messiah out of her.  She was successful in what she did for she baffled and fooled an intelligent German race into thinking that they are the Aryans.

She buildup her Theosophist Society,  as an universal fraternity devoted to unleashing the latent potential of the human race which is still active today, despite DNA being downgraded from 12 strand to 2 strand 97% junk.  Spiritual authority came to Madame via dead holy men, “The Mahatmas,” ( past Masters) via whom she channeled massive hotch potch texts which she published as Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine, among others. When she could NOT dazzle with brilliance she baffled with bullshit—  and people cried WOW!

We must remember that Gandhi was propped up as a Mahatma as soon as he arrived from South Africa, to recruit Indian soldiers for the first World War .  111000 Indian soldiers would die for England in the First World War , used as cannon fodder in the most dangerous sectors of war.  These death were recorded as English deaths, with of course no memorials.  243000 Indian soldiers died in the Second World War–thanks to Gandhi and Rothschild.  

Theosophy is the name Blavatsky gave to the spontaneous knowledge that she sucked in by telepathy ( sic!)  from the Mahatma masters to the world.  It comes from the term “Theosophia” used by the Neoplatonists to mean literally “knowledge of the divine”.

1848 — Karl Marx , a blood relative of Rothschild , creates Communism, the perfect Anti-Thesis to Capitalism’s Thesis System.

1917 — Communism created by Rothschild becomes the system of Government in Russia, creating in reality the Anti-Thesis to the Western Thesis, lead by America.  Marx, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky are all Jews.  The Czars enormous wealth and the common communist Russian’s “spread out wealth” are all vacuumed up by Big Brother.

1917-45 — Western powers build up Russia to Super Power status.  State of Israel is carved out after the Second World war.  Theosophy and the power of Swastika was the gospel for Nazism.

1945-89 — USSR poses potential cold war conflict with USA, especially the frightening scenario of nuclear war.  Actual conflict is always avoided.  Jews Gorbachev and Yeltsin destroy Communism in Russia and Europe by Perestroika and Glasnost.

1975 — Guiding Spirits tell Theosophical Society it is now time to go public, changing the name to the New Age Movement. UNLESS THIS PLAN GOES PHUTT !!

1990 — President George Bush announcing New World Order in August, after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.
1990 — Communism changing clothes to become New Age and to begin its planned dissolution.

SOON — Merger of East/West, i.e., USSR/ USA into One World Government ( run by Big Brother ) via the United Nations.

Helena Blavatsky was introduced in London to an Indian Rajput clan mystic Mahatma Morya or M on her twentieth birthday party, as early as 1851.  And she suddenly claimed that this was the man of her childhood psychic visions.

Before Madame Blavatsky came to India she used to do simple magic tricks, passing off as occult,  in USA and Egypt.  Blavatsky took on several odd jobs, including a trick rider in a circus, a piano teacher, and manager of an artificial flower factory. She had also been the assistant to medium Daniel Home, from whom she learnt the tricks of deceit and the trade of the occult.  

She also became the traveling companion of a wealthy heiress who had a library of hundreds of ancient Indian books that she always took with her. This is no doubt where Blavatsky got much of her material to plagiarize from.

In India she became more spiritual enrolled the services of  Damodar K Mavalankar to be her side kick for her seance shrine room magic tricks to bamboozle all.

In 1879 Damodar met Henry Steel Olcott and H. P. Blavatsky in Bombay, after they had just established the Theosophical Society’s temporary Indian headquarters there.  Damodar joined the Society and his Maharastrian Brahmin family ex-communicated him . He promptly went to Sri Lanka and became a Buddhist along with Henry Steel Olcott and H. P. Blavatsky. 

His family cut him off from the will as he could NOT marry the Brahmin girl who was betrothed to him in his childhood. In response to this, Damodar gave up an income of 50,000 Indian rupees ( a large amount those days ) to provide for the future of his wife,  and continued to live and work with Blavastky. He continued his work in this way until 1885, when Blavatsky left India and then he went to Tibet.

Blavatsky used Damodar and a certain Mr and Mrs Coloumb to prop her up as a super magician nay Messiah with divine powers.  Finally in 1885 it was Mr Alexis. and Mrs. Emma Coulomb who ratted on her, revealing all the trap-door tricks of her side-show Mahatmas and her “apparitions.”– forcing her to flee from India for ever on March 31st 1885.  They admitted that they were side kicks like Damodar.

Osho himself said  QUOTE  While she was traveling by train she would be in first class and Damodar would be in third class. Suddenly Damodar would fall flat on the floor of the compartment, unconscious, foaming. Naturally, the train was stopped, people gathered and then Madame Blavatsky would come and do some abracadabra. Damodar would immediately open his eyes and everybody would see –“what a tremendously spiritual powerful woman”… And nobody knew that he was her side kick  and that was his only job. UNQUOTE

Richard Hodgson, a member of  the Society for Psychical Research (London)  arrived in India to inquire into and report on the Coulombs’ allegations. Based upon Hodgson’s findings, the S.P.R. committee in its final report of December, 1885, branded Madame Blavatsky “one of the most accomplished, ingenious and interesting impostors in history.

Blavatsky had ordered Mr. Alexis Coulomb to cut a secret hole in the ceiling for receipt of Mahatma Letters. The shrine in the occult Room was fitted with a secret back door. In fact, the whole occult Room was rigged with all manners of tricks which Emma knew, being part of it.  

There was a hidden hole in back of the shrine from whence all manner of spirit manifestations could be manipulated.  The ex-confederate couple , the Coulombs hijacked by the Catholic church, also revealed Blavatsky had secret passages and hidden doors built into her house which aided her in deceiving people about her “psychic abilities”.    

Blavatsky dubbed herself a ‘Priestess of Isis’, and combined Spiritualism, Cabala, Western occultism, Hinduism and Buddhism along with a dash of Darwinian evolution, to make the whole thing sound ‘scientific’—and the world cried WOW!. 

A German occultist revival began in 1884 with the foundation of the German section of the Theosophical Society under the presidency of Dr. Wilhelm Hübbe-Schleiden.

Toward the last days of her life Blavatsky wrote a confession to one of her detractors, a Russian writer named Solyvov, and admitted she had lied about many things, including the existence of the Mahatmas,  her faked communications with spirits and her psychic powers . The letter was written in an  most dramatic manner possible, making herself sound like a persecuted martyr ( for Big Brother ) rather than a fraud.

Though Blavatsky was proven a fraud in her lifetime and even finally admitted it, her Theosophical Society continues on. There are chapters in several countries even today, including the U.S and her HQ at Adyar in India . 

Her followers will even say things like “Sure, Blavatsky had a streak of charlatanism in her,  but you have to look past that and read her teachings for what they really are.”   She was good in sifting through Indian wisdom and weaving it together in a shoddy manner—even then it was good enough for the West.  

Probably it struck a chord for she was the first to introduce the Hindu concept of reincarnation into Western spiritualism—and she ran down Jesus Christ and Christianity with all their Inquisitions.  

She produced two amazing society members , both Indians.  The first was Jiddu Krishnamurthy who WOWED the west with his amazing and astounding intellect and the other was UG Krishnamurthy.

A Spiritual  order was formed by Theosphists called The Order of The Star in The East to introduce Jiddu Krishnamurty as the new ‘World Teacher’, for which he was more than qualified.  

But in 1929 Jiddu Krishnamurti dissolved the order during an address he gave before the group in 1929, which shocked and angered them.  

Theosophist leaders had unwittingly set themselves up for such a thing to happen, having told their gullible followers over the years that the ‘World Teacher’ might someday say things that were completely unexpected and contrary to their preconceived notions, and it would be unwise and even ‘dangerous’ not to do as he instructed!  

Ironically, Krishnamurti is now known as the ‘un-guru’, because he told seekers that they should forgo all religions and all gurus (including Theosophy) and try to find answers themselves.

An 1892 periodical, Lotus Blossoms, featured Blavatsky’s writings and “was the first German publication to sport the theosophical swastika upon its cover”. Many German occultists who read Blavatsky’s works loved the idea about being racially superior to the rest of humanity, and wrote books of their own promoting the idea as early as the 19th Century.  

In 1902 Dr. Rudolph Steiner became Secretary-General of the German section of the Theosophical Society. In 1912, he and a group of his followers broke away from the Theosophical Society and founded the Anthroposophical Society.  German Rudolf Steiner left, in protest, as he could NOT swallow the idea of Annie Besant promoting brown skinned Jiddu Krishnamurthy being the new messiah.   

Building on Theosophy’s doctrine of root races, Steiner further built on the myth of Aryan supremacy, saying Aryans were more “spiritually advanced” than the other races and that their time had arrived. The similarities with many of Steiner’s bizarre doctrines and Nazi ideas are unmistakable. Nazi occultists believed ancient German tribes were the true keepers of the Ancient Mysteries which had their origin in Atlantis, when seven races of God-men were introduced to Earth

This “S.P.R.-Hodgson” Report did her in–yet she continued as a writer, filling up her books with plagiarized Indian Vedic stuff. .  She wrote two occult best sellers, Isis Unveiled (1887)  and  The Secret Doctrine (1888), which are still in print.

During 1889 Blavatsky finished two more books before her death .– The Key to Theosophy an introduction to theosophical thought and philosophy, and The Voice of the Silence, a mystical and poetic work on the path of enlightenment.

In July, 1890, Madame Blavatsky established the European Headquarters of the Theosophical Society at 19 Avenue Road, St. John’s Wood, London. From this address H.P. Blavatsky died on May 8, 1891, during a severe epidemic of flu in England, and her remains were cremated at Woking Crematorium, Surrey. Part of her ashes were scattered in India.

The Theosophical Society is open today to anybody who supports its three objectives, regardless of belief, social custom or marriage status.  Celibacy is neither encouraged nor discouraged, each member being free to decide his own way of life. General philosophical outlook , universal brotherhood, belief in theory of Karma and reincarnation . Nothing is mandatory. Members are free to have any or no spiritual practice at all.

Blavatsky made Vatican her No 1 enemy when she wrote  “The Christians and scientists must be made to respect their Indian betters. The wisdom of India, her philosophy and achievement, must be made known in Europe and America.”

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