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The End Game

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The End Game

   First, let me say that I have been studying current events and how they relate to the end times for about 20 years now.  In 1995 I started to become aware of what was going on in the world and the more I learned the more curious I became.  As I went deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole so to speak, it became clear to me that we are entering the end times talked about in the bible.  I think we have now entered the end game, where the globalists will collapse the current system, untold numbers of people will be sacrificed, and the New World Order will come into being as the tribulation gets under way.

    For centuries the globalists led by Satan himself have used the world as a chess board in order to shape the world for their own benefit and to bring about their one world utopian society.  Now, they are ready for their final play that will bring about their dream of a global government, a one world economic system, and a one world religion.   The world as we know it today is divided up into three spheres of influence.            

    To the East we have the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) nations, which now have something like 130 plus nations aligning with them.   To the West we have the US, Canada, Mexico, and the European Union and in the middle we have the turmoil and chaos of the Middle East.  After the Soviet Union collapsed the West rose to power and the US became essentially the only superpower on earth.  Today as it looks on the surface, the West is dying drowning in debt, and participating in endless wars.  The East is rising with economic dominance and political influence around the world. The Middle East is descending into total chaos with jihadist terrorist groups taking over country after country.  While this is how things look on the surface in reality this has all been orchestrated and is an illusion to the general population who does not understand what is happening.  To the average person out there it looks like the Eastern countries are rising to power and there is going to be a great shift on the world stage, just like there was when the Soviet Union fell apart.  In reality however, I believe the entire world is going to collapse all at once and from the ashes the New World Order will rise.

    The US and the Western European powers has been supporting and using the different Muslim groups in the Middle East for decades now as proxy armies, to do essentially their dirty work. This goes back to the Balfour and Sykes Picot agreements after World War 1 that divided up the Middle East into the countries that are there today.   This also allowed the Jews to come back to their homeland after being in exile for over 2000 years and later set the stage for Israel to become a modern day country again in 1948.  The US later funded the Mujahedeen, which became the Taliban when they were fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan back in the 80s.  The US also funded Saddam Hussein when he was fighting Iran back in the 80s.  In addition the US supplied Saddam Hussein with chemical and biological weapons during that war, which he later used on the Kurds in the North.  Fast forward to the Gulf War when the US gave Saddam the green light, (or at least did not put up the stop sign) when he invaded Kuwait in 1991.  Later that year the US went to war with Saddam, which began a 24 year odyssey of direct involvement in the Middle East that continues to this day.

   After the war the US maintained a no fly zone over much of Iraq during the entire Clinton administration. Clinton periodically would bomb Iraq in what he called violations of the agreement signed after the war, but it was mostly to distract people from his sexual escapades.     

     After the attacks of September 11th, Bush Jr decided to go to war in Afghanistan to get Osama Bin Laden the perpetrator of the attacks.  Even though most of the hijackers on that terrible day were Saudis we strangely did nothing against Saudi Arabia.  Could this have something to do with the fact that Saudi Arabia has some of the largest oil reserves in the world?

     Then in 2003 the US decided to go back to war in Iraq on two pretenses. The first was that Saddam had ties to Al Qaeda and helped in the training of the terrorists that committed the 911 attacks.  This accusation I believe from all the evidence has been proven to be completely untrue.  The second accusation is a lot of controversial and I personally believe is probably true, but most people out there would not agree with me.  This accusation of course is whether Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction and if he was still producing them between the first and second gulf wars.  We know Saddam had WMDs before the first gulf war, because the US supplied him with these weapons during the Iran/ Iraq war.  For various reasons I believe Saddam was still producing these weapons before we invaded in 2003 and that many of them (maybe all of them) were moved to other countries in the Middle East, before the invasion took place.  Many others disagree and even the administration later said that Saddam did not have these weapons.  At this point it does not matter one way of the other, because we have moved past that now and things are much worse.

    After the invasion the US began a 10 plus year occupation of Iraq where they fought insurgent groups, in a bloody long drawn out war.  When Obama came in to office he started to withdraw combat forces, but there were still thousands of contractors that stayed there, along with the largest US embassy every built in history stayed fully staffed.

    A few years ago something called the Arab Spring began, which Obama supported and thus the rise of the Jihadist groups began.  First, it was the Muslim Brotherhood that started an uprising in Bahrain that quickly spread to Libya and Egypt.  Although the MSM called this a spontaneous uprising by the people, in reality this was orchestrated by the globalists.  They wanted to over throw all of the leaders in the Middle East of the countries, which had been there for decades. These leaders while brutal themselves in many respects, did keep the different factions in the Middle East from fighting each other.  The Arab Spring later spread into Syria where the Jihadists wanted to depose Assad. These jihadists were known at the time to be called the Syrian Rebels or the Free Syrian Army.  In reality they were the same Muslim Brotherhood members that had fought in Libya and ended up killing Kaddafi with the help of US airstrikes.

   In September of 2013 Obama wanted to do the same thing in Syria, because the uprising was not working and Assad was winning the war now with Russian help.  At this point the American people were tired of war, so they stood up to the administration and along with Putin’s influence Obama backed off.  Obama backed down even after an orchestrated chemical weapons attack, that was later to be proven it was the Rebels that had launched it and not Assad.

   Another year went by and it looked like Assad was going to drive the rebels out and win the war.  But the US was hard at work training and funding this group and in June of 2014, all of a sudden ISIS comes along. Within a few weeks ISIS (now the most brutal terrorist group in the history of the world) gained an incredible amount of ground in both Syria and Iraq.  Their goal was to end the Sykes Picot agreement and bring back the Islamic Caliphate or more commonly known as the old Ottoman Empire.  With the media in a frenzy over this new group that came out of no-where, Obama had his chance to get back in the war and launch airstrikes again.  While some of these airstrikes are hitting ISIS targets there is evidence to suggest that Obama is trying to take out Assad’s infrastructure so ISIS can go into Damascus and take out Assad, which has been the goal all along.

    While all this is going on in the Middle East the globalists have been hard at work trying to destroy Russia.  Russia has gained a lot of influence in recent years and is now considered a major power again.  This past summer Russia moved troops into Crimea (in southern Ukraine) and annexed it. There are some major oil pipelines that go through Crimea and Russia did not want to lose control of those pipelines to the West.  While this was happening the US seized the opportunity and ousted the Ukrainian government in order to put a new government in that was controlled by the West.  In Eastern Ukraine where many of the citizens are pro Russian there is now a war going on with the west, to see if there will be a succession to Russia or if that area will stay a part of Ukraine.  The west has been trying to bait Russia into a full scale invasion of the East, but so far Putin has not done that.  There is however a war going on with so called Rebels and probably Russian Special Forces.

   At the same time oil prices have fallen by over 50 percent in recent months, which has hurt the Russian economy because most of it is based on oil extraction.  The lowering of oil prices is being done deliberately for at least two reasons.  The first reason is to crash the Russian economy and try to get Putin out of Syria, so the West can use the jihadists to take over that country.  This can also cause Russia to start taking back Ukraine and the other countries that once used to be a part of the former Soviet Union.   With NATO troops in Ukraine and some of the other former Soviet Republics, if Russia starts to move World War 3 could ensue.  The second reason for the lowering of oil prices is to destroy the fracking industry in the United States.  Since the financial crash of 2008-2009, the industry that has done the best in the US is oil fracking, which has created over 1 million jobs.  Now that oil is down to under 50 dollars a barrel massive layoffs have started in the oil states which is further hurting the overall economy.

     As all this is happening the European Union is collapsing, because of overwhelming debt.  All of the EU countries are socialist and everyone is taken care by the government, so we know through historical fact that this only works for a period of time, before it falls apart.  Sooner or later you run out of other people’s money and socialist nations fall apart.  The only system that can be sustained indefinitely is a Capitalist system that is not taken over.  The Capitalist system rises and falls, but gets rid of the bad apple companies that have gone under, because of poor accounting and policies. New companies rise up to take their place.  By bailing out Bear Sterns, Lehman Brothers, and other investment banks during the fiscal crisis in 2008-2009, the US ended the pure Capitalist system and is now part of a Crony Capitalist/Fascist system.  In the Euro zone Greece is falling apart because they cannot pay the loans that have been extended to them by the European Central Bank. Also Spain, Portugal, and Italy are on the verge of economic collapse as well because of crushing debt.  Most analysts agree that if one or two of these countries falls apart and drop out of the EU that the entire thing will collapse.

    Now that I have explained some of the background to all this, let me get to the point.  All of this has been orchestrated by a select group of people at the top of the pyramid.  What is likely to happen next, because of all the debt that has been created throughout the world is that the entire world economic system will collapse all at the same time?  A world war will begin, because that is always what happens when large countries start to go bankrupt and millions (probably billions) will be killed.

    You are probably asking at this point what happens to the elite.  The elite will be fine.  They have built underground bunkers (cities if you will) that they will go in when the chaos starts.  They will stay down there until the fighting calms down and some sort of calm takes hold.  The same elite groups that created the mess we are in now will come out of their holes in the ground and have the answer to all of our problems.  The new world order will be forced upon the people that are left on earth after the war and chaos ends.

    The UN will essentially be the world congress and every country will have representation, which will end political wars at least that is what we will be told.  The One World Religion will be created where the central theme will be Universalism.  Universalism is the idea that you can worship however you like, to whatever god you want and everyone will go to heaven in the end.  As long as you do more good than bad over your life and do not hurt others you can pretty much do whatever you want and will end up in the right place, when you pass from this earth.  There will be a governing council for the one world religion where all the religions of the earth will have representation.  The leader of this religion will be the False Prophet (most likely the pope), which will have the final say in all religious decisions.  Anyone who does not embrace this new religion (ie the Christians) will be either imprisoned or killed, because descent will not be tolerated. This One World Religion will be touted as the idea that will end all religious wars.  The third part of this is the one world economic system.  There will be one currency that will be used in every country of the world. The price of oil and everything else will be the same in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the West, which will essentially end all economic wars across the world.  There will be no more price fixing and if prices go up or down they will do it, all over the world.  The one world currency will be administered and controlled by the World Bank, which are controlled by the elites.

    At the head of this One World Government will be a leader (dictator) if you will that will probably be the most swell guy the world has ever know. He will facilitate a peace treaty in the Middle East between Israel and the Arab World.  He will also do many other amazing things and people will be wowed by his oratory and demeanor.  At some point during his reign he will declare himself to be god and will demand that everyone worship him.  If you fall for this you will be required to get a mark (most likely a microchip) in your hand or forehead, in order to be able to participate in the global economy.   Anyone who refuses to worship this man will be killed probably on live Television as an example to others who are resisting.

   This whole thing will go on for a period of 7 years or so until the final battle between good and evil takes place at the end of the tribulation period.  With 2015 being the year of the Blood Moons and Shemitah (you might want to read about these phenomenons) it looks like this end time scenario I have just described may start this year or very soon thereafter.

    There is so much more to say about all this, but if you have made it this far I think you get the point.  There is only one way to survive all this and end up on the right side of history at the end.  You must give your life over to Jesus Christ, who died for our sins almost 2000 years ago.  At the end of the tribulation he will come back and end all this insanity, but if you do not know him it will not matter.  The other thing you must never do is take the mark that will be offered by the world leader called the Anti Christ.  If you do take the mark you will have sold your soul to Satan and there is no getting it back.  There is a good chance you will be killed in some horrific way if you accept Jesus as your lord and savior and go against the One World Order, but at that moment you will go up to heaven and live there for the rest of eternity.  This is the only thing that will save your soul so while I am not telling anyone what to do, I ask that you please look into it, do your own research, and come up with your own conclusions.  As one who was skeptical of all this for a very long time, I have now come to my own conclusion that everything in the bible is true and the end game for humanity is being played out right now step by step.


God Bless


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