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Masters of Deception: Chapter 17: Jewish (Khazar) Occupation: Zionism Rules America

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Vatic Note:   This blog is up BECAUSE OF THE MONSANTO VOTE which was a direct assault upon the health and safety of the American people and the stated objective of these khazars to rid the planet of the human race, especially the caucasians, as they are now constituted, and to de-evolve them  into mindless, slave friendly, early death minions for their use as cattle and their abuse as sex objects for their perverted purposes.

Once done, they can confiscate our pensions, social security, and other outside retirement plans, as they did in 2008 with our 401 K’s, to the tune of 2.8 trillion dollars.   They can move us out of the rural areas into slave work camps and stacked small housing that can be easily controlled  by these Zionists.  This will happen in Europe as well.   Its already happening as a model,  in China, being used to work out the kinks.

This is not a fair war, but its war against the American people, no less than the 1967 USS LIBERTY WAR and the enemy in this war are the Khazar bankers and their illuminati bosses.   Don’t forget, these deceptions were outlaid in the protocols as a blueprint for the Zionists attempt at global domination. 

Masters of Deception: Chapter 17:  Jewish (Khazar) Occupation: Zionism Rules America 
by Zander C. Fuerza

Jewish Occupation: Zionism Rules America

Since its founding in 1948, the Zionist entity known as ‘Israel’ has operated as a rogue terrorist state, truly a global pariah having violated over 65 United Nations resolutions from 1955 to 1992. (“UN Resolutions Targeting Israel and the Palestinians,” If Americans Knew Website) Founded upon terrorist atrocities and ethnic cleansing, Israel has consistently waged wars of aggression and conquest against its neighbors, such as the Six Day War (1967), the Yom Kippur War (1973), the invasion and occupation of Lebanon in 1978, 1982 and 2006, and so on.

The terrorist state of Israel threatens the entire world with its large nuclear weapons arsenal that is, unlike most other states, not subject to any international inspections or regulations. Despite Israel’s murderous policies against innocent and defenseless people, American politicians are forced to express approval of its atrocious behavior and acquiesce to every Israeli demand, genuflecting at the altar of this entity like servile slaves. (VN:  we just saw that with the house vote on the Monsanto bill that allows and authorized Monsanto to harm, and kill off Americans, just like they do with the Vaccines, and make us into zionbies in the process. )

The reason for this should be obvious: Jews (Khazars) completely control the United States. Using their media, economic and political clout, Jews force the American government to support and defend Israel no matter what the cost is to America.

In the words of the former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon: “We, the Jewish people, control America!” It is a fact that the U.S. panders to Israel — a state which offers no geostrategic or economic benefits to America — and this essentially validates Sharon’s boastful statement. Pat Buchanan, a well-known author, political commentator, influential staff member in the Nixon and Reagan administrations and former presidential candidate, once said that, “Capitol Hill is Israeli occupied territory.” 

Former U.S. Congressman Paul Findley documented the reality of Buchanan’s words in a book called, “They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel’s Lobby”. On page 161 of Findley’s book, he quotes the former Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer, who said:

“I’ve never seen a President — I don’t care who he is — stand up to them [the Israelis]. It just boggles the mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn’t writing any­thing down. If the American people understood what a grip those people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms. Our citizens certainly don’t have any idea what goes on.” (VN: we do now after the MONSANTO VOTE.  We know now that the people and individual states rights are gone, but not for good as long as we have our guns.)

In an interview with Vanity Fair magazine, British MP Tom Dalyell echoed these sentiments, stating that “a Jewish cabal have taken over the government in the United States and formed an unholy alliance with fundamentalist Christians.” (“Anger over Dalyell’s ‘Jewish cabal’ slur,” The Scotsman, May 5, 2003.)

Israeli columnist Ari Shavit, in an essay reprinted in the May 27, 1996, issue of the New York Times, reflected on the Israeli massacre of hundreds of Lebanese civilians the month before, stating: “[w]e killed them out of a certain naive hubris. Believing with absolute certitude that now, with the White House, the Senate, and much of the American media in our hands, the lives of others do not count as much as our own.” (Joe Sobran, “‘In Our Hands’,” The Wanderer, June 13, 1996.)
The poisonous effects of this control have been felt by numerous U.S. politicians who refused to bow to Zionist demands when it comes to the Middle East. Cynthia McKinney, a former U.S. Congresswoman from the state of Georgia, was railroaded out of office by the Zionist lobby due to her sympathies for the oppressed Palestinians.

In 1992, when McKinney’s political career was taking off, she received a fax from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) which she says turned out to be “a pledge stating that as a candidate I would commit my tenure, should I win, to the military superiority of Israel, to Jerusalem as the capital city, to continued aid at the level requested by Israel.” (Dr. Hanan Chehata, “Cynthia McKinney, Former US Presidential candidate, blames the pro-Israel Lobby for ruining her political career,” Memo Middle East Monitor, Dec. 08, 2011.)

Standing by her principles, McKinney refused to sign this treasonous ‘pledge’ which is essentially required of every candidate running for Congress if they wish to receive any significant amount of campaign contributions. Because of this, McKinney says, “war was declared” on her by the Jewish lobby, who eventually ousted her from Congress by funding and supporting her political opponents. (Ibid.)

In 2009, McKinney told an interviewer that “more than 99% of Congress work for Pro-Zionist Israeli interests.” (TiU Radio, April 30, 2009.) Other American politicians driven from office for taking stances that Israel and its supporters in America didn’t like include Paul Findley, Pete McCloskey, Charles H. Percy, Roger Jepson, Earl Hilliard, Lincoln Chafee and William Fulbright

(Juan Cole, “Only a “For America” PAC Can Stop the Madness,” Jan 12, 2009.)
The righteous former U.S. Congressman James Traficant was also targeted by the Jewish lobby for his patriotic stances and policies. Because of his strong opposition to the war in Iraq and criticism of unilateral American support for Israel, in addition to his efforts to help out an innocent man named John Demjanjuk who was being wrongly pursued as a ‘Nazi war criminal,’ Jewish zealots saw to it that Trafficant was taken out of the picture. (See: Collins, Michael Piper. Target Traficant. American Free Press, 2005.)

The Jewish lobby engineered Trafficant’s demise, having him thrown in jail for seven years on trumped-up corruption charges. (Ibid.) After being released from prison in 2009, Traficant hit back in a televised interview with Greta van Susteren of Fox News, in which he forcefully articulated the view that:


“… Israel has a powerful stranglehold on the American government. They [Zionist Jews] control both members of the House, and the Senate. They have us involved in wars in which we have little or no interest. Our children are coming back in body bags. Our nation is bankrupt over these wars. And if you open your mouth, you get targeted. And if they don’t beat you at the poll, they’ll put you in prison. […]

They’re controlling much of our foreign policy. They’re influencing much of our domestic policy. Wolfowitz as undersecretary of defense manipulated President Bush number two back into Iraq. They’ve pushed definitely, definitely to try to get Bush before he left to move into Iran. We’re conducting the expansionist policy of Israel and everybody’s afraid to say it. They control much of the media, they control much of the commerce of the country, and they control powerfully both bodies of the Congress. They own the Congress.” (“James Traficant on the Jewish lobby’s power in the U.S.,” Radio Islam / “Greta Van Susteren – James Traficant,” YouTube)

It is because of this overwhelming Jewish influence that the U.S. government officially gives Israel $3 billion per year in foreign aid and military assistance. James Traficant pointed out that this is a deliberately understated figure, alleging that Israel gets closer to $15 billion per year of American taxpayers’ money. He told Greta Van Susteren:

“I did a live interview satellite with Bryant Gumbel, and I said, “When they put this innocent man [John Demjanjuk] to death, they’re going to lose $15 billion to $20 billion every year they get from the American taxpayers. And Bryant Gumbel says, “What are you talking about? They only get $3 billion.” And I said, “Bryant, that’s only the foreign aid bill. Look at all of the other trade compacts, economic assistance, military assistance.” I am saying this to you right now — Israel gets approximately $15 billion a year from the American taxpayers. That $15 billion is $30,000 for every man, woman and child. And people in my district are losing their pension benefits.” (Ibid.)

Conservative estimates put the total amount of aid that the United States has given to Israel since its founding at over 120 billion dollars. (Shirl McArthur, “A Conservative Estimate of Total U.S. Aid To Israel: More Than $123 Billion,” Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, Nov. 2011.) Taking Traficant’s revelations about U.S. aid to Israel into account, the real amount of U.S. taxpayer dollars that have gone to Israel since it was founded could actually be two or three times as high.

This still goes on even at a time when millions of Americans cannot find work and are losing their homes due to foreclosure. As the U.S. economy spirals downward into collapse, Israel still gets its fat paycheck every year, signed by the U.S. government.

As millions of American citizens starve on the streets while the government does nothing to help them, Israel receives millions each week to fund its war machine.
In 2010, Helen Thomas, a White House correspondent and fifty year veteran of the White House press corps, was pressured to resign from her position after she was recorded on video making statements against Israel. (“US reporter Helen Thomas quits over Israel comments,” BBC News, June 7 2010.)

A rabbi approached her on the street with a video camera and asked her to comment on Israel, to which she remarked: “Tell them [the Jews] to get the hell out of Palestine! Remember, these people [the Palestinians] are occupied, and it’s their land.” (Ibid.) Shortly after the video surfaced, Organized Jewry unleashed a frenzied witch-hunt to demonize Helen Thomas and drive her from her profession, even calling on journalism schools and groups to revoke any honors given to her in previous years.

Thomas told an interviewer that the Anti-Defamation League was trying to intimidate her, stating: “I’m going to tell the Anti-Defamation League to back off. They think they have the right of intimidation. They already got my job. They want to get my honorary degrees.” (“Helen Thomas says Anti-Defamation League is intimidating her,” Wake Up From Your Slumber, Dec. 09, 2010.) Reflecting on the debacle, Thomas told another interviewer, “You can’t criticize Israel in this country and survive.” (“Helen Thomas on being anti-Semitic: ‘Baloney!’,” Associated Press, Oct. 12, 2010.) In a public speech Thomas hit back against the Jewish attacks, revealing the true nature of Zionist power over America, stating:

“We are owned by propagandists against the Arabs. There’s no question about that. Congress, the White House, and Hollywood, Wall Street, are owned by the Zionists. No question in my opinion. They put their money where their mouth is…We’re being pushed into a wrong direction in every way.” (“Wayne State ends Helen Thomas Award,” United Press International, Dec. 4, 2010.)

In a 2011 interview with Playboy Magazine, Thomas elaborated:

“[The Jews are] using their power, and they have power in every direction. Power over the White House, power over Congress … Everybody is in the pocket of the Israeli lobbies, which are funded by wealthy supporters, including those from Hollywood. Same thing with the financial markets. There’s total control … It isn’t the 2 percent. It’s real power when you own the White House, when you own these other places in terms of your political persuasion. Of course they have power. [To the interviewer] You don’t deny that. You’re Jewish, aren’t you?” (“Helen Thomas to Playboy: Jews ‘own the White House’,” Politico, Mar. 18, 2011.)

University of Chicago Professor, John Mersheimer, and Harvard academic Stephen Walt, co-authored the text “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” exposing the death-grip Israel has over American politics through pro-Israeli pressure groups like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

The Jewish lobby, in conjunction with the Jewish-owned press, launched a vicious smear campaign against these two erudite scholars, labeling them ‘anti-Semitic’ simply for exposing truths about Jewish power in America. In an interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, the former Israeli minister Shulamit Aloni admitted that the defamation tactic of labeling all critics of Israel, Zionism and Judaism ‘anti-Semitic’ is “a trick, we always use it!” (“‘It’s a Trick, We Always Use It.’ (calling people “anti-Semitic”),” YouTube)

The vast network of Jewish-Zionist lobby groups in the U.S. represents a giant octopus whose poisonous tentacles have stretched over the entire nation. The combined power of these criminal organizations over American political life, in congruence with Jewish media and financial control, is the death-knell of America. The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (CoP) describes itself as “a central address for key American, Israeli and other world leaders to consult on issues of critical concern to the Jewish community.” The official CoP website lists fifty-one of its members, America’s most powerful Jewish lobby groups who collaborate and work in tandem with one another to subvert the U.S. government to favor Israeli interests, operating as emissaries of the criminal Zionist regime occupying Palestine. These groups include:

– Ameinu
– American Friends of Likud
-American Gathering/Federation of Jewish Holocaust Survivors
– America-Israel Friendship League
– American Israel Public Affairs Committee
– American Jewish Committee
– American Jewish Congress
– American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
– American Sephardi Federation
– American Zionist Movement
– Americans for Peace Now
– Anti-Defamation League
-Association of Reform Zionists of America
-B’nai B’rith International
– Bnai Zion
– Central Conference of American Rabbis
– Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America
– Development Corporation for Israel / State of Israel Bonds
– Emunah of America
– Friends of Israel Defense Forces
– Hadassah, Women’s Zionist Organization of America
– Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
– Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life
– Jewish Community Centers Association
– Jewish Council for Public Affairs
– The Jewish Federations of North America
– Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
– Jewish Labor Committee
– Jewish National Fund
– Jewish Reconstructionist Federation
– Jewish Women International
– Zionist Organization of the Conservative Movement
– NCSJ: Advocates on behalf of Jews in Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States & Eurasia
– National Council of Jewish Women
– National Council of Young Israel
– ORT America
– Rabbinical Assembly
– Rabbinical Council of America
– Religious Zionists of America
– Union for Reform Judaism
– Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America
– United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
– Women’s League for Conservative Judaism
– Women of Reform Judaism
– Workmen’s Circle
– World ORT
– World Zionist Executive, US
– Zionist Organization of America

The combined might of this prodigious Jewish crime network is truly breathtaking. According to James Petras’ informative book, The Power of Israel in the United States, AIPAC alone has 60,000 wealthy members with an annual budget of $60,000,000. The foundation of Jewish power is money, which affords them unchallenged political influence. Petras pointed out the extreme concentration of wealth in Jewish hands, stating that, “The basis of the (Jewish) Lobby’s PAC power is rooted in the high proportion of Jewish families among the wealthiest families in the United States. According to Forbes, 25 to 30 percent of U.S. multimillionaires and billionaires are Jewish.”   (VN:  many of these,  may well be Khazars and NOT Jews as we know them,  rather they are khazars and pagans, if not Satanists and racism is being used to divide us,  lets NOT give it to them. .

Stephen Steinlight, former Director of National Affairs of the American Jewish Committee, conceded the “disproportionate political power” of Jews which he gloated is “pound for pound the greatest of any ethnic/cultural group in America.” He went on to explain that “Jewish economic influence and power are disproportionately concentrated in Hollywood, television, and in the news industry.” (S. Steinlight, “The Jewish Stake in America’s Changing Demography: Reconsidering a Misguided Immigration Policy,” Center for Immigration Studies, Nov. 2001.)
The Jewish author J.J. Goldberg, in his book “Jewish Power: Inside the American Jewish Establishment” (pp. 38-39), revealed that there are approximately 300 national Jewish organizations in the United States with a combined budget estimated in the range of $6 billion — a sum greater than the gross national product of half the members of the United Nations! And that doesn’t even take into account the influence of wealthy Jewish families or individuals, and Jewish-controlled Wall Street banking houses like Goldman Sachs who hand out millions of dollars in campaign contributions to both the Democratic and Republican parties every election year. (See: Collins, Michael Piper.  

The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme. American Free Press, 2009.) The Jewish author Henry L. Feingold, writing on page 4 of his book “Jewish Power in America: Myth and Reality,” noted that, “Over 60 percent of campaign funds collected by the Democratic party and a respectable percentage of Republican campaign funds stem from Jewish sources.” The Jewish-American scholar Alfred M. Lilienthal, in his 1978 work “The Zionist Connection,” acknowledged the towering dominance of Jews in American society, writing:

“How has the Zionist will been imposed on the American people?… It is the Jewish connection, the tribal solidarity among themselves and the amazing pull on non-Jews, that has molded this unprecedented power … The Jewish connection covers all areas and reaches every level. Most Americans may not even sense this gigantic effort, but there is scarcely a Jew who is not touched by its tentacles…

The extent and depth to which organized Jewry reached – and reaches – in the U.S. is indeed awesome … The most effective component of the Jewish connection is probably that of media control … Jews, toughened by centuries of persecution, have risen to places of prime importance in the business and financial world… Jewish wealth and acumen wields unprecedented power in the area of finance and investment banking, playing an important role in influencing U.S. policy toward the Middle East … In the larger metropolitan areas, the Jewish-Zionist connection thoroughly pervades affluent financial, commercial, social, entertainment, and art circles.” (A. Lilienthal, The Zionist Connection, New York: Dodd, Mead, (1978), pp. 206, 209, 212, 218, 228, 229.)

Manipulating the U.S. political system is something that Jewish supremacists take great pride in. The single biggest donor to American politicians is the billionaire Israeli tycoon and media mogul Haim Saban. In January of 2007, it was revealed that he had donated approximately $13 million to various American political candidates. (“Israeli Billionaire Saban is Biggest Donor to US Politicians,” Ynet News, Jan. 23, 2007.)

The New York Times has noted Saban’s ardent devotion to the Jewish state: “He has since emerged as perhaps the most politically connected mogul in Hollywood, throwing his weight and money around Washington, and increasingly, the world, trying to influence all things Israeli. ‘I’m a one-issue guy and my issue is Israel,’ he said.” (“Schlepping to Moguldom,” New York Times, Sept. 05, 2004.)  

The New Yorker reported that Saban’s “greatest concern… is to protect Israel, by strengthening the United States-Israel relationship.” (Connie Bruck, “The Influencer: An entertainment mogul sets his sights on foreign policy,” The New Yorker, May 10, 2010.) At a conference in Israel in 2009, Saban described his influence-peddling formula, his “three ways to be influential in American politics”: make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets. (Ibid.)

Saban and his kinsmen have been very hard at work trying to brainwash the American public with fallacious Zionist propaganda. Russia Today conducted a very informative interview with Grant F. Smith of the Institute for Research on Middle Eastern Policy about recently declassified documents pertaining to Israeli lobbying and propaganda efforts in the U.S. (“Inquiry exposes massive Israeli media manipulation campaign in US,” Russia Today, Aug. 20, 2010.) Here is the transcript of the interview:

RT Anchorwoman: Files declassified in America have revealed covert public relations and lobbying activities of Israel in the U.S. The National Archive made the documents public following a Senate investigation. They suggest Israel has been trying to shape media coverage of issues it regards as important. You can download the files from the web-site of the Institute for Research on Middle Eastern policy. And we can cross to Washington now and talk to Grant F. Smith who is a director at that Institute. I’d like to begin by asking you what exactly do these files reveal?

Grant F. Smith: These files are from a sealed Senate investigation which was the result of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the US Department of Justice looking into groups that brought $36 million into the US to plant stories in the US media and promote Israeli foreign policy objectives in the US. They’re extremely relevant because they revealed, for example, a vast effort to divert US attention from the Israeli Dimona nuclear weapons facility by saying it was merely a research center…

RT Anchorwoman: What about the media? How susceptible are they to Israeli lobbying?

Grant F. Smith: Well this reveals essentially that major US publications that were on the receiving end of the 36 million dollars really fell into line for a whole host of initiatives. Now, the Senate investigation was a failure, and they essentially heavily censored the Senate transcript and then put all of these extremely damning files into sealed records for years and years so that nobody could really see what was going on. And unfortunately the groups that were involved in this, that were ultimately forced to register as foreign agents and disclose their activities, they simply transferred all of these activities into a group called the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). So, it’s extremely enlightening for Americans to see how media influence functions by looking at internal documents from this investigation.

RT Anchorwoman: Well it also makes you ask how much will Americans really see if the US media is so affected by these lobbyists, no?

Grant F. Smith: That’s exactly the case because once again we’re replaying history. Now, instead of trying to divert attention away from nuclear weapons in the Middle East, a magazine — again The Atlantic — is on the forefront of an AIPAC drive to get the United States to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, again now under the pretext that they’re nuclear weapons sites. So, for the United States it’s extremely important for people to see this media influence and the mechanics of it because over the passage of time it has only gotten worse.

RT Anchorwoman: What does this suggest about US policy in the Middle East? Is it being shaped around the interests of Israel as you see it?

Grant F. Smith: Well, we’ve done a lot of work over the years obtaining documents about Israeli policy initiatives in the United States. And the documentary record suggests a heavy influence on the parts of Israeli politicians and various para-statal groups that work tightly with Israel without disclosing those relationships. They have successfully built a campaign financing system in the United States that’s extremely effective at pushing Israeli objectives by withholding or dispersing campaign funding to US politicians. So there is a high degree of control that’s in place, but for your average American it’s almost completely hidden.

On numerous television interviews, the former CIA agent Michael Scheuer has lambasted the Israeli lobby, identifying them as an extremely malignant domestic enemy that owns and controls the U.S. Congress, guiding American presidents to do the bidding of the Israeli regime. In an interview with Lou Dobbs, the following exchange took place:

Lou Dobbs: Michael, both the British and the United States have reportedly made it very clear to Israel that they would prefer that there be no military action taken. What are your thoughts?
Michael Scheuer: Well, at least in the United States we’re pretty helpless. If the Israelis attacked Iran, the power of AIPAC and the lobby here, they own the Congress, will lead to our support to whatever the Israelis do I think. (“Michael Scheuer: Israel owns the Congress,” YouTube)

In another interview with Judge Napolitano of “Freedom Watch,” Scheuer accurately expressed the view that,

“the Israelis are an immensely malign influence in the United States. They steal our technology, they suborn government employees to spy for them and transfer documents, and certainly their influence through U.S. citizen groups like AIPAC on the Congress is politically corrupting.” (“Retired CIA Chief: Israelis immensely malign influence in United States,” YouTube)

These sentiments were even reflected by U.S. President Richard Nixon himself. In declassified White House tapes that were recently released to the public, the former President was recorded expressing disdain for Jews and speaking ominously about the Jewish grip over the American mass media and government. In White House tapes from February and March 1973, Nixon is heard saying that “the Jews are just a very aggressive and abrasive and obnoxious personality… [they are] born spies.” (“Nixon’s Jewish Problem,” Slate Magazine, Dec. 13, 2010.) In a candid conversation, Richard Nixon and the Rev. Billy Graham had the following exchange regarding the Jewish stranglehold over the mass media:

Nixon: “… Newsweek is totally [Jewish]. It’s all run by Jews and dominated by them in their editorial pages. The New York Times, The Washington Post, totally Jewish too.”
Graham: “This [Jewish] stranglehold [over the media] has got to be broken or this country is going to go down the drain.”
Nixon: “Do you believe that?”
Graham: “Yes sir.”
Nixon: “I can’t ever say it, but I believe it.”

In addition to their daunting lobbying apparatus and media monopoly, Jews are deeply entrenched inside the highest levels of the American government, directly pulling the strings of whichever puppet president happens to be sitting in the Oval Office. Jews openly brag about the members of their tribe who hold high political office in America. In November of 2008, the Jewish press was roaring with joy and glee after the new list of American Congressmen and Senators was released, showing that “[w]hen the new Congress debuts in January 2009, a record 45 Jews will take the oath of office: 32 in the House of Representatives and … 13 Jews in the Senate.” (“New Congress Has Record Number of Jews,” The Forward, Nov. 18 2008.) Real Jew News editor Brother Nathanael commented on the issue of Jewish infiltration of the U.S. Congress, stating:

“Jews now have capitol hill by the throat – both from the outside and from the inside. As if the powerful Jewish Lobbies from without are not enough for American Jewry to gain total control of the US Congress, Jews have infiltrated the halls of Capitol Hill with more seats than ever before in American history – in both the Senate and in the House. In fact, Jews chair many of the Senate and House committees which oversee every aspect of American affairs. […] Making up less than 2% of the US population, Jews have insinuated themselves into the highest chairs of American government. How did they do this? … Money and media are the keys to Zionist political hegemony. In other words, America has the best Congress Jewish money can buy…” (“THE JEWS WHO RUN CONGRESS: ‘The Best Congress Jewish Money Can Buy’,” Real Jew News, July 07, 2010.)

The Zionist website Jewish Virtual Library routinely produces lists of Jews who serve in the American government. The website names thirty-four Jews who have served in the U.S. Senate since 1845. In his comprehensive book “The Jews of Capitol Hill: A Compendium of Jewish Congressional Members” rabbi Kurt F. Stone documented that there have been two hundred Jewish men and women who have served in the United States Congress since 1841. President Bill Clinton brought sixty-four (64) Jews into his two administrations from 1993 to 2001, fifty-three (53) Jews infested the administration of George W. Bush during his two terms in office, and thirty- seven (37) Jews have, at one time, held top positions in the current Obama regime. (“The JEWS who Run Clinton and the USA,” Bible Believers Website / “The JEWS who Run Bush and the USA,” Bible Believers Website / “The JEWS who Run Obama and the USA,” Bible Believers Website) Bill Clinton — a Vietnam War draft dodger — was so enamored by Jewish intrigue that he reputedly told a Jewish audience in Canada that if Iraq or Iran were to ever attack Israel he would personally “grab a rifle, get in the trench and fight and die” to defend the Jewish state. (“Bubba: I’d fight and die for Israel,” The New York Post, Aug. 2, 2002.) Barack Obama’s extreme subservience to Israel and Jewish supremacists led a prominent Jewish-Zionist bigwig named Abner Mikva to declare Obama America’s first “Jewish President.” (James Petras, “America’s First Jewish President,” Voltaire Net, Dec. 12, 2008.) Obama’s Vice President Joseph Biden told an Israeli reporter: “I am a Zionist, you don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.” (“Sen. Joe Biden on Shalom TV,” YouTube) Suffice to say, George W. Bush was not the ‘black sheep’ among this crooked camp of Zionist traitors.
With Jews representing only between two and three percent of the American population, these numbers illustrate the massively disproportionate influence of Jews in the American government. There can be no doubt that Jewish supremacists have essentially achieved dictatorial power in the United States, ordering Presidents, Congressmen and Senators around at a whim, often defaming them in the press if they are not compliant with Jewish aims. Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the U.S. who was himself a dedicated Jewish servant, came to regret his treasonous actions against the American people. In 1913, Wilson published a book in which he warned that the U.S. government was controlled by a sinister force that was hidden from public view, stating:

“…we have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated, governments in the civilized world — no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and the duress of small groups of dominant men.” (Wilson, Woodrow, and William Bayard Hale. The New Freedom; a Call for the Emancipation of the Generous Energies of a People. New York: Doubleday, 1913. p. 201)

The famous French philosopher Voltaire wisely said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” The tremendous power of Israel and the Jews in America is perfectly illustrated by the fact that criticism of either the nation of Israel or the Jews as a group is staunchly opposed, suppressed and censored from mainstream discourse. In America and the broader Western world, publicly criticizing Israel, Jews or Zionism is considered taboo – it is socially, as well as politically, dangerous. Any prominent individual who criticizes Jews quickly find themselves in hot water. Who could forget the infamous debacle involving actor Mel Gibson and his ‘drunken rant’ against the Jews, where he was pulled over by a police officer, who just happened to be Jewish, and reportedly blurted out: “the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world!” Organized Jewry had their sights set on Gibson long before that episode. After he produced and directed the popular film “Passion of the Christ” in which he depicts Jews as the instigators of the alleged crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Organized Jewry and the Jewish-run press labeled him an ‘anti-Semite’ and a ‘racist’. After his run-ins with Organized Jewry, and the subsequent media campaign to crucify him for his “anti-Semitic rant,” Gibson’s career has never fully recovered. To save himself from being completely black-listed in Hollywood, he was forced to issue a groveling public apology to the Jews for his ‘eternal sin’ of offending them.
The ‘unspoken rule’ of never criticizing Jews or pointing out their pernicious influence even trickles down to the working class of America. In 2010, the former CNN television host Rick Sanchez mentioned the heavy Jewish presence in the media on a radio interview and was predictably fired from his position at CNN the following day. (“Rick Sanchez: Jon Stewart A ‘Bigot,’ Jews Run CNN & All Media,” Huffington Post, Oct. 01 2010.) In 2011, at an ‘Occupy LA’ protest, a substitute school teacher named Patricia McAllister was recorded in a video interview saying: “I think that the Zionist Jews who are running these big banks and the Federal Reserve… they need to be run out of this country.” Because of her honest remarks, Patricia found herself relieved of her teaching duties the following week. (“Patricia McAllister, LAUSD Teacher, Fired After Airing Anti-Semitic Views,” Huffington Post, Oct. 19 2011.) Anyone brave enough to utter even slight criticism of Israel or Jews is publicly targeted by relentless media attacks and defamation. There are many more examples of people being sacked for commenting on Jewish influence, but they are too numerous to mention them all. This extensive Jewish power, opined conservative writer Joe Sobran, is highly visible but completely off-limits to discuss openly. Sobran explained the paradoxical nature of Jewish power in this way:

“Talking about American politics without mentioning the Jews is a little like talking about the NBA without mentioning the Chicago Bulls. Not that the Jews are all-powerful, let alone all bad. But they are successful, and therefore powerful enough: and their power is unique in being off-limits to normal criticism even when it’s highly visible. They themselves behave as if their success were a guilty secret, and they panic, and resort to accusations, as soon as the subject is raised. Jewish control of the major media in the media age makes the enforced silence both paradoxical and paralyzing. Survival in public life requires that you know all about it, but never refer to it. A hypocritical etiquette forces us to pretend that the Jews are powerless victims; and if you don’t respect their victimhood, they’ll destroy you. It’s a phenomenal display not of wickedness, really, but of fierce ethnocentrism, a sort of furtive racial superpatriotism.” (Quoted in K. MacDonald. Separation and Its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism. Westport, CT: Praeger, 1998.)

In their standard tradition of subverting public opinion and pushing for tyrannical laws that prohibit free speech and free thought — such as the notorious ‘Holocaust Denial’ and ‘Hate Speech’ laws that plague dozens of nations in Europe — Jews have actually pressured the U.S. government to take on the task of “combating anti-Semitism” in America and around the globe! In 2004, the U.S. government passed the “Global Anti-Semitism Review Act” which orders the U.S. State Department to “monitor global antisemitism, reporting annually to the United States Congress.” (“Global Anti-Semitism Review Act (October 8, 2004),” Jewish Virtual Library) Not only does this villainous piece of legislation speak of “monitoring anti-Semitism” but specifically orders the U.S. government to “continue to strongly support efforts to combat anti-Semitism worldwide through bilateral relationships and interaction with international organizations such as the OSCE, the European Union, and the United Nations.” (Ibid.) This treasonous act created a political body within the State Department called the “Office To Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism” which “advocates U.S. policy on anti-Semitism both in the United States and internationally, develops and implements policies and projects to support efforts to combat anti-Semitism.” Included in the U.S. government’s ridiculous definition of ‘anti-Semitism’ is the “vilification of Zionism, the Jewish national movement, and incitement against Israel.” (Ibid.) In 2010, the Zionist Organization of America pressured members of the U.S. Congress to request a crackdown on criticism of Jews and Israel on college campuses across the United States. (“U.S. lawmakers seek action against campus anti-Semitism,” Jewish Telegraphic Agency, July 13, 2010.) In August of 2012, California’s state assembly passed a resolution equating criticism of Israel with generic ‘anti-Semitism’ in a delusional effort to delegitimize and silence all criticism of the rogue Zionist regime on college campuses. (“California State Assembly passes resolution equating criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism,” Mondoweiss, Aug. 29, 2012.) The Associated Press reported:

“An Assembly resolution urging California colleges and universities to squelch nascent anti-Semitism also encouraged educators to crack down on demonstrations against Israel, angering advocates for Muslim students. With no debate, lawmakers on Tuesday approved a resolution that encourages university leaders to combat a wide array of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel actions.”

If these Stalinist bureaucrats got their way, all criticism of Jews, Judaism, Israel and Zionism — no matter how mild or soft — would be strictly forbidden by law, globally! The same people behind this brutal suppression of free speech today perfected their heinous tactics of muzzling political opponents under the savage system of Bolshevism in Russia and Eastern Europe. It is no wonder that the communist mass murderers Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky (Bronstein), and Molotov all made public pronouncements condemning ‘anti-Semitism’ as a capital crime against the state. Considering that the Soviet ‘state’ was entirely run by Jewish communist criminals, resistance to Jewish power was ruthlessly crushed with a vengeance. Many of the leading Soviet-Communist leaders are on record stating that anti-Semitism (opposition to Jewish domination) would be punished with death! In 1918, Lenin ordered all Soviet Deputies to “take uncompromising measures to tear the anti-Semitic movement out by the roots. Pogromists and pogrom-agitators are to be placed outside the law.” (Baron, Salo Wittmayer. The Russian Jew Under Tsars and Soviets. Macmillan, (1976), p. 180.) Leon Trotsky-Bronstein, the genocidal Jewish-Bolshevik kingpin who founded the “Red Army” of the Soviet Union, issued the same murderous directive, announcing that under his leadership all “pogromists,” a Bolshevik catchphrase for Russian freedom fighters resisting the Jewish takeover of their country, “shall be shot down on the spot without trial.” (The Ogden Examiner, Aug. 11, 1918, p. 24.) In 1934, Stalin reiterated Lenin’s and Trotsky’s barbaric decrees, writing: “In the U.S.S.R. anti-semitism is punishable with the utmost severity of the law as a phenomenon deeply hostile to the Soviet system. Under U.S.S.R. law active anti-semites are liable to the death penalty.” (Josef Stalin, Works Vol. 13) The top Soviet-Communist functionary Vyacheslav Molotov proudly acknowledged the fact that “in the Soviet Union actual anti-Semities are shot.” (Hunterberg, Max. Tragedy of the Ages: Anti-Semitism, the Root, Cause, and Cure. New York: Associated Press, 1937, p.144.)
Taking all of these facts together, it becomes a transparent reality that America is ruled by Jewish supremacists, not Jesuits, Luciferians, the Illuminati, WASP’s, Reptilians, Nazis, or a “Germanic Death Cult,” as some deceivers would have us believe. Criticizing other religious, ethnic, racial or political groups – such as Christians, Muslims, Mormons, Scientologists, Whites, the CIA , the FBI, the U.S. President or the U.S. government as a whole – is permissible to a great extent in America. The repercussions of criticizing or bad-mouthing any of those groups is certainly nowhere near as great as the consequences that are incurred when an individual publicly excoriates Jews or Israel – an observation which in and of itself illuminates the true power behind the throne of America, so to speak. Benjamin Freedman, a former Jew and great opponent of the Zionist conspiracy in his own right, said it best when he exclaimed: “Here in the United States, the Zionists and their co-religionists have complete control of our government… The Zionists and their co-religionists rule these United States as though they were the absolute monarchs of this country.” (1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel, Washington, D.C.) The foregoing proofs that I have furnished are strong enough to convince any logical person of the truth of that statement.

© 2013 Zander C. Fuerza

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