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By Joachim Hagopian
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Zionist Israel Betrays US in World Takeover, Aligning with America’s ‘Enemies’ Russia and China

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As the world wakes up to the medical tyranny and genocide of the COVID nightmare and is now fighting back, cheering in solidarity Canada’s ongoing truck convoy protest in Ottawa, while important crimes against humanity lawsuit at The Hague’s International Criminal Court and an investigation at London Metro Police are underway, no doubt solid tangible progress toward victory in humanity’s epic war between good and evil has recently been made. And with over a dozen nations rolling back COVID restrictions, the criminal cabal faces a growing global population pissed off with the overplayed totalitarian bullshit and insisting on justice. Citizens of the world are now adamantly opposed to the World Economic Forum and UN Agenda 2030. Freedom-loving activists, conservatives, Constitutionalists and the patriot truth movement the world over are fighting against the authoritarian CCP-Marxist-socialist left, most visibly personified in the US by compromised and controlled bad actors within the Democratic Party and their joined at the hip RINO lackeys all part of the planet’s larger Deep State complex.

But with We the People revelling in our hard-fought gains, the war remains far from over as it’s pure folly to be over-confident amidst the long struggle for freedom that still lie ahead. After all, the present power structure in control for centuries that brought us to this breaking point, is still in power, and right now retaliating with threats of mass arrest in Ottawa under another fake emergency power measure. The next shoe/boot to drop could be at any time. Make no mistake, to retain its power, the murderous psychopathic elite will take out as many casualties as possible as the two forces between the decent people of this earth and the Satanic globalist controllers are both battling it out for their very survival with whichever is still left standing in the end the declared lone victor.

No doubt our Creator has some say in the high stakes outcome and my bet is on God’s divine intent to prevail, ensuring that humanity is able to live out our lives on earth in truth, peace and justice, but how many of us will perish before that occurs remains to be seen. The forces of evil possess at their disposal an enormous arsenal of weapons of mass destruction to be used against us, aimed first to destroy the United States of America and then entire world in this epic David vs. Goliath battle of the ages, bent on a depopulation agenda through a death jab holocaust designed to exterminate the human race. The Satanic elite is fast closing in on accomplishing its centuries’ old obsession of attaining one world totalitarian governance, leaving only a half billion transhumanist nanotech slaves surviving in a feudalistic surveillance state from Hell under total dystopian maniacal control.

World leaders are not elected but selected by New World Order front man Klaus Schwab himself. A shortlist alumni of his “Young Global Leaders” features Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Justin “Castro” Trudeau, New Zealand’s lockdown queen Jacinda Ardern, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, globalist kingpin George’s son Alex Soros and David de Rothschild. Other elitist groomed pedo-war criminal grads include Tony Blair, Nicolas Sarkozy, U2’s sellout Bono, Epstein island owning neighbor Richard Branson (Virgin), Jorma Ollila (Shell Oil), and José Manuel Barroso (President of the European Commission 2004–2014) and Scandinavian royalty. With Bill Gates the pandemic maestro, virtually every one of these movers and shakers is a zealous death jabbing pusher. Even an odd pair of do-gooder-controlled opposition figures are represented – presidential hopeful former Rep. (D-Hawaii) Tulsi Gabbard and 3-tour combat veteran Rep. (R-Texas) Dan Crenshaw.

Last year German Chancellor Angela Merkel has finally been put out to pasture, but the still installed G-7 puppets doing the dirty bidding of the bloodline puppet masters, known compromised, blackmail-controlled clowns like America’s Joe Biden, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, France’s Emmanuel Macron and UK’s Boris Johnson, are the next to go if the fall of the Rothschilds’ Khazarian crime cabal is to be demolished sooner than later.

What people don’t realize is the core of the international crime cabal, comprised of the Khazarian mafia-Rothschild-City of London Crown-Greater Israel Project, is currently in secret alliance with Russia and China, out to destroy America as the biggest impediment to one world government. West Australian geopolitical analyst podcaster Brendon O’Connell sees the COVID pandemic as mere slight-of-hand distraction to frighten the masses into 24/7 reactivity designed to obscure and mask the real public enemy’s stealth operating under the radar. As virtually a lone wolf howling into the night forest over the trees providing the bigger chessboard picture, since 2015 O’Connell’s been urgently exposing Israel’s Operation Talpiot and the quiet, behind-the-scenes merger afoot – the Rothschild Khazarian mafia colluding with Putin and China’s Belt and Road Initiative, seeking global control at the expense of the controlled demolition of the former sole global superpower currently in freefall – the United States of America. This is their covert, Trojan Horse backdoor method to filling in the power vacuum left by the USA’s demise.

Israel and Russia intelligence connection goes back decades. The deep-rooted Soviet infiltration and investment in Israel per extensive KGB files leaked by a retired KGB archivist defector in 1992, reveal both nations valued weight to gain access to America’s secret stolen nuclear and hi tech technologies and Russia and Israel’s shared mutual exchange. With steady flow of Soviet and Ukrainian Ashkenazi Jew migration to Israel since the 1980s, impacting both culture and politics, the Jewish State grew to be a hotbed source of vital intelligence gathering with an army of Soviet spies deeply penetrating Israel’s diplomatic-security-intelligence establishment. Despite the espionage, today Israel and Russia have grown to be intimate strategic partners in the plotted rape and pillage of America’s assets.

Yet since 1948 Israel has parasitically pretended to be America’s “greatest ally.” For the last 43 years Israel has possessed a secret weapon of its own, the Talpiot Program launched in 1979, the same year a high-level Israeli delegation from the foreign and defense ministries covertly traveled to Guangzhou, China. Israel initiated both formal diplomatic relations as well as lucrative arms and technology deals with Communist Red China, a supposed US enemy. It’s also been proven that China and Israel have also shared stolen US secrets in both their nuclear weapons and technology development.

During the 1980s, Israel transferred missile technology to China that in turn sold Chinese built missiles to Israel’s so-called enemy Iran, which ever since has deployed these acquired arms to strategically control the Strait of Hormuz, the lifeblood waterway for Middle East oil shipments to China and the Far East. Thus, the symbiotic interlocking economic and national security ties developed decades ago between Israel and the Chinese Communist Party establish a record of enduring yet overlooked [by design] partnership that flourishes to this day. As a result, China’s tech money has been exponentially pouring into Israel, not the US.

The Talpiot Program agenda led by Israeli hi-tech telecom entrepreneur Zohar Zisapel thrives in the long-term business of placing Israeli military intelligence officers in top positions of corporate power throughout the world to dominate and control the planet’s high technology sector in virtually every nation on earth. 71-year old Zisapel is an early Talpiot alumni who went on to build 27 startup companies in 27 years, supplying the nuts and bolts technology of the global cyberworld, in effect cornering the market on cybersecurity through his Talpiot Program.

The Talpiot Operation is a key adjunct to Israel’s infamous military signal intelligence Unit 8200, its premier hacking school program literally comprised of geeky, highly intelligent teenage boys and girls serving for nine years in the Israeli Defense Forces Intelligence Directorate, busily wreaking havoc on the world stage creating malfunctions and breakdowns that they exclusively hold the kingdom keys to contractually fix, pulling off nothing less than a gigantic global RICO crime.

According to Israeli military intelligence spokesman Yossi Melman:

Unit 8200 is the backbone of the Israeli intelligence community, and is also a hotbed for Israeli hi-tech.

A recent application demonstrating the Jewish State’s virtual monopoly on global cybersecurity occurred just weeks ago in mid-December 2021. Israel’s Ministry of Finance hosted a cyber exercise where ten countries, including the IMF, BIS and World Bank, simulated a cyberattack on the global financial system. A simulation exercise attacking the world’s hi-tech security financial infrastructure is identical to the late October 2019 Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum sponsored Event 201, a live action Coronavirus pandemic simulation conducted at the exact same time that the COVID outbreak was being simultaneously unleashed from the Wuhan Virology Lab. Luciferians are big on predictive programming, broadcasting what they do on or before the day they do it.

Since 1948 Israel has enjoyed milking and basking in its role as the US’ closest Middle East ally to the tune of draining over a quarter trillion US taxpaid dollars in financial military aid. Zionist Israel’s subversive takeover of both the US and world while enjoying America’s unwavering loyal and complicit support throughout Israel’s brutal apartheid genocide of Palestine, using bribery and blackmail against entrapped US and UK useful idiot politicians. Through weaponized AIPAC (the American-Israeli Political Action Committee), ADL (Anti-Defamation League) and B’nai B’rith, coerced politicans sign-on-the-dotted-line mandatory, highly subversive contract. After Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) accused her fellow Congress members of showing too much allegiance to Israel in 2019, within one business day AIPAC and ADL forces had the US leaders officially towing the line blasting her incendiary “anti-Semitic” remarks.

Over a decade ago the brave former six-term Congresswoman from Georgia – Cynthia McKinney, after refusing to sign her oath of allegiance supporting Israel’s military superiority, went public on Press TV exposing the outrageous demands that the Israeli lobbying power holds over all US Congress 535 members, for years pressured toplace Israel’s interests over their own American constituents. Infiltrated subservient Israeli-first traitors ruling the US government have long fueled the cocky criminal arrogance of every Jewish State leader for the better part of a century… from its very first prime minister David ben Gurion to the dozen years under despot Benjamin Netanyahu, right up to Bibi’s successor since last June – “the hard-right tech millionaire” Naftali Bennett.

Israel’s longest running prime minister and Khazarian mafia chieftain – Benjamin Netanyahu, has long admitted his Talmudic tribe’s demonic intent to destroy America. Leading up to the World Trade Center disasters, the first one just three years away at the time, an arrogant, boastful, vengefully bloodthirsty Bibi in a Mossad watering hole in Jerusalem’s Fink’s Bar in 1990, divulged his own committed mission within the controversial Protocols of the Elders of Zion plan to gain planetary power and control:

If we get caught, they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So, it does not matter what you do. America is a golden calf; and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit; so, we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.

Israel’s pervasive sexual blackmail control over the US has been typified by the longtime Israeli entrapment operation manned by Zionist “made man” billionaire-pedophile-sex trafficking gangster Jeffrey Epstein and his Zionist pedophile-sex trafficking, Israeli intelligence handler – Ghislaine Maxwell. Epstein was financed by billionaire apparel retailer, Victoria Secret entrepreneur and Jewish Mega Group Israeli-firster, Zionist Les Wexner.

Epstein’s partner-in-crime Guislaine’s infamous media mogul “superspy” father Robert Maxwell, on behalf of Israeli military intelligence, allegedly first brought his favorite daughter together with America’s most notorious pedophile back in the mid-1980s. Robert Maxwell later stole millions from his own workers’ pensions shortly prior to his alleged Mossad murder. As a friend and consultant to President Ronald Reagan and UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Israel’s master spy and Khazar mafia overlord Robert Maxwell, in the 1980s acting as a critical go-between with the Soviet Union and Israel working alongside the Bronfman crime family Mega Group members Sam and Edgar, whose daughter Clare is serving prison time for NXIVM sex scandal crimes, Maxwell was instrumental in opening the floodgate of Soviet Jewish immigration. Again, the Maxwell family, Henry Kissinger, Israeli-Russian hi tech industry, espionage and their entrapment operations are all seamlessly interwoven.

Daddy Maxwell also endangered the national security of both the US and many other nations around the globe, stealing the database software PROMIS and selling it to Los Alamos National Lab, America’s top secret nuclear development facility, multiple law enforcement agencies and banks, adding millions to his media mogul coffers. Master spy’s gift to Israel provided backdoor access worldwide to virtually every nation’s national security and Talpiot and Unit 8200 took it from there. Maxwell’s mysterious 1991 “disappearance” and Israeli state funeral paid homage to his Zionist superspy status. Papa spy’s criminal legacy was given extended life through Guislaine’s international blackmail operation as well as her older twin sisters’ espionage escapades within Israel’s burgeoning hi-tech industry, financed in part by Epstein pal, eugenics killer Bill Gates. By intimate association over and over again, the entire shady Maxwell crime family is constantly outing themselves as loyal Zionist members of the Khazarian mafia’s New World Order control grid.

After three quarters of a century pretending to be America’s most stalwart friend, backstabber Israel and its Khazarian mafia are at it once again, conspiring to destroy an installed Biden weakened, nosediving US while simultaneously forging a strategic alliance with America’s foremost historical [by design] adversaries Russia and China and their Belt and Road agenda to expand control over the global chessboard from East Asia through Eurasia to the Middle East, Africa, and all the way to the newly emerging nation-state of Europe. Immediately after collecting its latest $40 billion cash cow payload, a year ago the Jewish State threatened to abandon the US and further align itself with Russia and China.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative involves 150 nations, or more than three quarters of all United Nations members, and its vision that includes smart cities technology aspires to take over the world. With more than 500 smart cities being built in China already, the former Rothschild owned Reuters published a June 2020 article with the subheading unabashedly selling China’s surveillant state control to the rest of the world as more predictive programming:

A new smart city that prioritizes people and the environment with the help of technology may be a model in a post-pandemic world

A headline from a December 2020 World Economic Forum piece reads “Chinese Smart City to Put AI in Charge.” Of course, AI’s in charge electrically with the graphene conductor kill shots for mass mind control. In lockstep to the cabal and China’s smart cities agenda, in mid-January 2022, the war ravaged Middle Eastern nation Syria also signed on to China’s modern Silk Road infrastructure development highway, touting how decimated ancient Silk Road cities like Palmyra and Aleppo can be rebuilt as the next smart cities extension.

Three years ago, The Times of Israel reported that supposed Middle Eastern archrival enemies Israel and Iran were both set to join the Russian-led free trade Eurasian Economic Union. Note how this bigger picture is sneakily emerging as the ever-strengthened Israel-Russia-China alliance continues making back deals with Middle Eastern Arab nations always historically portrayed as the Jews’ worst sworn enemies. In keeping with this theme, Russia’s strong military and diplomatic presence in Syria consists of balancing its super close ties with both Iran and Israel, ostensibly fighting against each other portrayed always in Rothschild controlled MSM press as enemies. Russia actively courting Israel is effectively replacing the US as the Jewish State’s closest ally in the Middle East. The unfolding pattern here is very clear. The US and entire world stand to lose bigtime to this subversive Rothschild City of London plot, fast closing in on its one world government tyranny.

The globalist agenda for surveillant lockdown control holds the strong suit, wreaking havoc deploying its directed energy weapons of mass destruction by creating extreme unnatural catastrophes while relentless, aerosol sprayed toxic geoengineering metals continue wrecking our planet while fake science is still calling it climate change, quietly moving ahead with its carbon tax agenda. The elites maintaining their Gladio strategy of tension of nonstop crises around the globe holds an infinite arsenal of more deadly weapons to come – the ongoing 5G smart cities rollout, co-timed with the long plotted global economy/US dollar crash and burn, just in time for Schwab’s Great Reset “rescue mission.” The elite’s war against humanity obviously is far from over as millions more jab victims worldwide continue dying in unprecedented, never before seen numbers. In the meantime, the planet’s supply chain shutdown is setting in, inducing widening pockets of starvation amongst the global masses. Another round of false flags will also likely be unleashed, including power grid failures. The fearmongers are promising even deadlier viruses. If all their lies don’t work anymore, they may get desperate and launch a fake alien ET invasion. The ET scenario’s been mapped out way before NASA’s first Nazi director via Operation Paperclip, Wernher von Braun’s 1977 deathbed confession.

The Illuminati guru-war criminal-statesman Henry Kissinger himself, along with his trusted righthand man Dr. Steve Pieczenik who’s “never been an aficionado of the Constitution,” having served under four US presidents as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, together with the Soviet KGB grooming one of its very own, the young Vladimir Putin was the next installed Russian leader after the foibles of alcoholic Boris Yeltsin let in the swarming Western oligarch sharks to prey on the former Soviet Empire’s natural treasures. Putin was brought in for damage control.

Putin’s grand chessboard strategic advisor and onetime deputy prime minister is Vladislav Surkov, whose “nonlinear warfare” takes a page out of City of London bankers funding both sides to create every war. Surkov controls the theater that is Russian politics, pitting one group against another straight out of the Rothschild divide and conquer playbook. He helped Putin craft his image to both Russians and the Cambridge Analytica talking points spoon-fed to alt-media world, fashioning their leader as the “God of stability.” Surkov managed the Ukraine conflict:

The underlying aim is not to win the war, but to use the conflict to create a constant state of destabilized perception in order to manage and control.

… keeping the enemy guessing and confused, just like the cabal controllers.

After the breakup of the Soviet Empire and the chaos under Yeltsin, the powers-that-be brought in Putin as the anecdote, not unlike the 2-party flip flop of selected US presidents. Having cut his teeth in the KGB, strongman Vladimir was credited with “trimming down” the oligarchs’ rape and pillage of the Russian homeland, earning the respect of his people. Over the years, internationally Putin’s role on the world stage has demonstrated constraint amidst the West’s near constant aggression. This “good cop, bad cop” grand chessboard strategy from the City of London global command center, filtered through the likes of Surkov and Cambridge Analytica, cast an image of Putin’s confidently calm restraint, leaving it to blame the neocons that never left Washington for incessantly poking and provoking the bear. Meanwhile, US-NATO missiles lined up along Russia’s NATO membered neighbors are directly pointed at Moscow.

The geopolitics grand chessboard has resurrected another “wag-the-dog” major misdirect, threatening WWIII again with its Ukraine-Russia crisis as pure theater, staged to take the heat off recent exposure of the cabal’s failed genocidal COVID agenda. Today’s staged US warmongering theatrics and NATO courting Ukraine, igniting Cold War 2.0 (or is it 3.0?), “forces” the cemented Putin-Xi Jinping alliance as a matter of mutual self-defense survival, bound as strategic blood brother partners, again by globalist design. The US and NATO know full well that a war against Russia and China on two fronts (Taiwan in East Asia) is a losing proposition risking nuclear Armageddon.

Though many may agree that a multipolar world is far safer than the US exceptionalism that drove the now ex-unipolar planet into the ground, if the same divide and conquer overlords remain in control throughout, then it hardly matters. Same as a Republican or Democrat occupying the White House, it doesn’t matter. As FDR admitted, all “selected” presidential puppets (since JFK) answer to the same cabal controllers. Realistically, national sovereignty is a smokescreen with the Deep State tentacles stretching internationally, especially after ousting controlled opposition Trump. Invisible, behind the scenes powerbrokers from bloodline dynasties continue to rule the planet, with the COVID debacle blatantly proving that more than ever.

All global developments in recent years, from the so-called military white hats and Pieczenik’s “countercoup” WikiLeaks data dump linking Hillary to Pizzagate in 2016, delivering the “accidental” President Trump his first term in office, to his stolen 2020 second term, aided by the Fauci making good on his early 2017 “promise” of a pandemic , and now the elites’ current genocide in progress, all serve one primary purpose, to create such deadly planetwide turmoil and panic that the globalists’ Great Reset will be framed as “saving” us, and the fascist totalitarian, digitally cashless one world government will be ushered in, unchallenged. This is their “great game” plan.

Despite an apparent momentary reprieve from pushing more mandated vaccine passports on us, the elite has yet to abandon its rollout of central bank digital currencies (CBDC) and social credit scores for maximum surveillance, population control and punishment. On February 5th, 2022, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in conjunction with MIT released its “long awaited research” on CBDC. Of course MIT is the same elite school that Bill Gates as Jeffrey Epstein’s bagman was caught delivering a $2 million bribe to before lying about it.

A further glimpse of what’s to come began in October 2021, when the leftist 3-party coalition came to power in Germany, now pushing a federalized EU superstate, in effect a united states of Europe. As a strategic response to Brexit and a departure and rejection of US Empire’s dominant role over NATO, calling for its end, replaced by a separate EU military. With France the designated lead nation taking over the EU during the first six months of 2022, it looks to shift the European Union from an economic union of separate nation-states to one sovereign all powerful entity. The German coalition government is receptive, with its transparent ruling elitist agenda advocating a policy to increase immigration, allowing family member chain migration. Essentially, a united states of Europe will enact the same disastrous globalist open border policy found in the US, where after just one year of Biden, over 2 million illegal aliens have swarmed into America at taxpaid expense, acting as an incentivized boom for international child sex trafficking. The disintegration and erosion of sovereign states continue worldwide.

Europe’s apparent breakaway from the US imploding orbit is likely driven puppet blackmail control, with all those secret Zionist Epstein-Maxwell cameras rolling and safely hidden away, still holding the dirty goods over countless Fortune 500 CEOs, the MSM (flurry of busted CNN pervs) and Washington and London VIP pedo-leaders. The recent enflamed Cold War 2.0 hostilities with Putin is mere déjà vu theatrics, highly reminiscent of the Rothschild banker controlled opposition vis-à-vis the Bolshevik/Stalin era. Meanwhile, Russia’s Nord Stream 2 plan for yet another underwater gas pipeline to Germany is greenlit for completion shortly, despite US feeble opposition. Clearly, the Zionist Rothschild powerbrokers are bent on using Biden to sink America amidst the rising nexus of Israel, Russia and China. The war for survival continues…

In recent years, in addition to stealing elections and creating a fake pandemic genocidal jab, these same bloodline overlords out of the City of London have also clearly been quietly embracing Putin and Xi as their co-conspiring useful idiots to completely eliminate the freshly dethroned, kicked to the curb ex-hegemon superpower America. Despite the elites’ recent temporal COVID setback having to back off from its lockdown mandates, defeating the US to take over the world remains the primary globalist strategy as the final obstacle standing in the pathway to their technocratic wet dream of graphene nanoparticle, AI mind controlled cyborg hybrid enslavement where, according to their fantasy, we will be so beaten and dumbed down that we will own nothing yet be stoned happy. In actuality, our fight for our collective human survival has only just begun in this war of the ages between good versus evil, the epic endgame war between God and his once fallen angel Lucifer. Which side of history are you on?


Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate, former Army officer and author of “Don’t Let the Bastards Getcha Down,” exposing a faulty US military leadership system based on ticket punching up the seniority ladder, invariably weeding out the best and brightest, leaving mediocrity and order followers rising to the top as politician-bureaucrat generals designated to lose every modern US war by elite design. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In Los Angeles he found himself battling the largest county child protective services in the nation within America’s thoroughly broken and corrupt child welfare system.

The experience in both the military and child welfare system prepared him well as a researcher and independent journalist, exposing the evils of Big Pharma and how the Rockefeller controlled medical and psychiatric system inflict more harm than good, case in point the current diabolically lethal pandemic hoax and genocide. As an independent journalist for the last 8 years, Joachim has written hundreds of articles for many news sites, particularly Global Research and As a published author of a 5-book volume series entitled Pedophilia& Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State, Joachim’s books and chapters are Amazon bestsellers in child advocacy and human rights categories. His A-Z sourcebook series fully documents and exposes the global pedophilia scourge and remains available for free at the late Robert David Steele’s Joachim’s empire exposed blogsite was deplatformed.


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      “What people don’t realize is the core of the international crime cabal, comprised of the Khazarian mafia-Rothschild-City of London Crown-Greater Israel Project, is currently in secret alliance with Russia and China, out to destroy America as the biggest impediment to one world government.”

      Utter BS.

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