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What To Prepare For Depending On The State You Live In

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What To Prepare For Depending On The State You Live In



Since 2020 the nation has gone through some radical changes. There are more people prepping now than ever before. That should tell you just how much has changed in such a short time in our nation. While the federal government is working to figure out this moment in history, state level governance is stepping in, too.

Along with mother nature, each state is starting to get a clearer picture of its threat profile. The first step in eliminating all this fear is to understand what it is that threatens you. Then you can prepare for it.

Below you are going to find all fifty states and a threat profile for each state. This should help you decide what to prepare for depending on your state:


Natural Disaster: Severe Storms, Flooding, Hurricanes, Tornadoes

Civil Threats: Alabama has a contentious history with a massive constitution that has been amended over nine hundred times. Most areas are not densely populated but there is a high poverty rate.

Poverty Rate: 15.5

Alabama is home to two nuclear power plants and several military installations. This makes them a target in warfare. Their natural disaster profile is no laughing matter either.


Natural Disaster: Blizzards, Floods, Wildfires, Landslides

Civil Threats: Low population but high crime rates

Crime Per 100,000: 4185.5 (2nd Highest)

Poverty Rate: 10.1

Alaska is a massive state that requires a special kind of person to live and enjoy the place. It has the second highest crime per capita.


Natural Disaster: Wildfires, Drought, Flooding, Extreme Heat

Civil Threats: Arizona is a border state and the crime and chaos that comes along with that.

Crime Per 100,000: 3151.7

Poverty Rate: 13.5%

Arizona is home to multiple military bases and two nuclear power plants. The issues with the border and serious issues with drought and heat give people lots to prepare for in Arizona.


Natural Disaster: Floods, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Droughts, Ice Storms

Civil Threats: Crime and political corruption along with poverty are big concerns in the state of Arkansas.

Crime Per 100,000: 3456.6

Poverty Rate: 16.2%

Arkansas has a four military bases, a nuclear power plant, high crime, and poverty with serious threats like hurricanes and tornadoes.

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Natural Disaster: Wildfires and Earthquakes

Civil Threats: Densely populated areas are overrun with homelessness

Political: Political corruption is at an all-time high in California

Crime Rate Per 100,000: 2827.8

Poverty Rate: 11.8%

During the year 2020 many people left the state because of stringent COVID-19 restrictions and unfathomable tax rates and the natural disaster threats.


Natural Disaster: Wildfires, Flooding, Winter Storms and Tornadoes

Civil Threats: Colorado has major cities and suburbs that can rough for preppers.

Crime Per 100,000 3068.8

Poverty Rate: 9.3%

Colorado is a very diverse state that has some really great places and then some places where you will have to prepare for civil threats and natural disasters.


Natural Disaster: Hurricanes, Floods, Winter Storms

Civil Threats: Old state with lots of political corruption and high population

Crime Per 100,000: 1888.4

Poverty Rate: 10%

Connecticut is a state of political prowess, wealth, and corruption. There are lots of people, a nuclear powerplant and some serious natural disasters to deal with.


Natural Disaster: Severe Storms, Snowstorms, Flooding, Drought

Civil Threats: The proximity to large cities can make places in Delaware prime for civil unrest and

Crime Per 100,000: 2748

Poverty Rate: 11.3%

With a nuclear power plant and major air force base there are significant targets in warfare. The highly populated east coast is also dependent on civility and supply chain to survive.


Natural Disaster: Hurricanes, Floods, Landslides, Severe Storms, Wildfires

Civil Threats: Florida is one of the most diverse states in the union and has a serious population density in large cities like Miami.

Crime Per 100,000: 2666.7

Poverty Rate: 12.7%

Southern Florida has a serious set of natural disasters and conditions to deal with. It also has a tremendous number of military installations in the state and two nuclear power plants that are in the path of hurricanes.

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Natural Disaster: Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Floods, Ice Storms

Civil Threats: Georgia’s population has grown rapidly an in densely populated areas you must prepare for civil unrest

Crime Per 100,000: 2900.3

Poverty Rate: 13.3%

Georgia is a southern city that is facing the reckoning of the past, like many places in our nation. It is also fighting to keep its economy afloat in hard times. The leadership is questionable, and Georgia deals with its share of disasters.

Also, there are many military installations in this state including Fort Benning. They draw power from two separate nuclear facilities.


Natural Disaster: Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Wildfires, Earthquakes

Civil Threats: There is a lot of police corruption and even some echoes of racism towards white people that is rarely talked about. Tourism is key to the island’s survival

Crime Per 100,000: 3118.9

Poverty Rate: 9.3%

Everything has to be shipped into Hawaii. In times of calamity, it is very bad place to be. Not to mention it is a volcanic island in the Pacific which comes with many threats. Cost of living is also very high and taxes, too.


Natural Disaster: Wildfires, Floods, Winter Storms. Wildfires are very common in Idaho

Civil Threats: Sparse population density means there is very little by way of civil threats

Political: Recent considerable rising tax rates

Poverty Rate: 11.2%

Idaho is another top location for preppers. Wildfires are a concern in some locations, but it is a very liberty minded state. Cost of living is increasing in Idaho.


Natural Disaster: Severe Storms, Floods, Winter Storms

Politics: Mayor Lightfoot told reports that she would only be doing interviews with black reporters. The city’s gun crime and violent crime stats are massive despite thorough gun control laws.

Civil Threats: Chicago and the surrounding areas are dangerous and civil unrest is highly likely in a long term disaster.

Crime Per 100,000: 2336.9

Poverty Rate: 11.5%

Home to one of the America’s most dangerous cities for gun violence, Illinois is a highly populated location with highly suspect political leaders. They utilize the nation’s highest six nuclear power plants and have four military installations in state.


Natural Disaster: Severe Storms, Floods, Winter Storms, Tornadoes

Civil Threats: Low population density and good leadership in many places.

Crime per 100,000: 2561.6

Poverty Rate: 11.9%

Sparse military bases and no operating nuclear power plants make Indiana less of a target for war. However, they face their share of natural disasters.

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Natural Disaster: Floods, Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Winter Storms

Civil Threats: Low population density in most places.

Crime Per 100,000:1941.6

Poverty Rate: 11.2%

Prepare to deal with the potential for serious flooding. There are no military bases and one nuclear power plant.


Natural Disaster: Tornadoes, Severe Storms, Winter Storms, Flooding

Civil Threats: Low population density in most towns and cities makes civil unrest less of a threat.

Crime Per 100,000: 3072.9

Poverty Rate: 11.4%

Furthermore, Kansas faces its share of serious natural disasters. With few military installations and one nuclear power plant it is less of a target. Its location helps.


Natural Disaster: Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Wildfires, Winter Storms

Civil Threats: Louisville and Lexington maintain decent populations for civil unrest

Crime Per 100,000: 2174.5

Poverty Rate 16.4% (4th Highest)

No nuclear power plants and sparse military bases make it less of an inland target. However, large populations centers and high poverty raise the potential for civil unrest.


Natural Disaster: Floods, Hurricanes, Severe Storms, Tornadoes

Civil Threats: Lots of decent sized southern cities and potential for serious natural disaster.

Crime Per 100,000: 3813.5 (3rd Highest)

Poverty Rate: 19% (2nd Highest)

Louisiana has a serious history with natural disaster. It has the second highest poverty rate and third highest crime rate per 100,000 in the nation. There are two nuclear power plants and five military bases.


Natural Disaster: Severe Storms, Floods, Winter Storms

Civil Threats: Low population density

Crime Per 100,000: 1469.9 (3rd Lowest)

Poverty Rate: 10.9%

Maine’s tough winters have to be prepared for, but population is low, crime is low and there are only two military bases on the coast. No nuclear power plants.


Natural Disaster: Floods, Hurricanes, Winter Storms

Civil Threats: There are many highly populated areas and some very dangerous like Baltimore and the Surrounding DC area.

Crime Per 100,000: 2502

Poverty Rate: 9% (3rd Lowest)

Maryland has some terrible gun laws, dangerous cities and can be wacked by severe disasters. It has one active nuclear power plant and many military installations.


Natural Disaster: Tropical Storms, Hurricanes, Flooding, Winter Storms

Civil Threats: A highly populated state with horrible traffic problems so you need to be prepared for population density issues.

Crime Per 100,000: 1061.4

Poverty Rate: 9.4%

An old state that is rife with political corruption, Massachusetts is a highly populated state that can be affected many types of natural disasters and civil unrest.


Natural Disaster: Floods, Severe Storms, Winter Storms

Civil Threats: Some densely populated areas pose a serious threat

Crime Per 100,000: 2102.9

Poverty Rate: 13%

Michigan has a few densely populated cities besides Detroit. Winters are harsh. There are four nuclear power plants and a handful of military installations.

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Natural Disaster: Winter Storms, Floods, Severe Storms

Civil Threats: Radical leadership and high populations in cities has created serious potential for civil unrest in Minneapolis

Crime Per 100,000: 2214.2

Poverty Rate: 9% (2nd Lowest)

It’s cold and they get snow all the time. You have to be prepared for winter weather and cold. There are two active nuclear power plants and no military bases.


Natural Disaster: Hurricanes, Floods, Tornadoes, Severe Storms

Civil Threats: Low population density in most towns and cities

Crime Per 100,000: 2637.4

Poverty Rate: 19.6% (HIGHEST)

With the highest poverty rate in the nation and huge potential for natural disasters there are threats in Mississippi. There are many military installations and one large three unit nuclear power plant.


Natural Disaster: Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Floods

Civil Threats: A couple larger cities pose civil unrest threats

Crime Per 100,000: 3149.2

Poverty Rate: 12.9%

Serious threats from mother nature and a creeping crime rate are things to prepare for. The cities are getting more dangerous.

Also, there is one nuclear power plant and three military bases.


Natural Disaster: Wildfires, Winter Storms, Floods and Severe Storms

Civil Threats: Low population density means little or no civil unrest threats

Poverty Rate: 2870

Montana is home to the largest Minute Man missile base in the US which makes it a significant target in war. There are some natural disasters to worry about.


Natural Disaster: Floods, Tornadoes, Severe Storms, Winter Storms

Civil Threats: Low population density and low threats

Crime Per 100,000: 2364.7

Poverty Rate: 9.9%

If you can weather the storms of mother nature you will be safe. There is one nuclear plant and one military base.


Natural Disaster: Droughts, Extreme Heat, Wildfires

Civil Threats: There are some large cities in Nevada with potential for civil unrest.

Crime Per 100,000: 2979.3

Poverty Rate: 12.5%

Nevada is a desert and there are serious concerns with that. Areas like Las Vegas are big with lots of people and potential for chaos.

There are four military bases in Nevada and no nuclear power plants.

New Hampshire

Natural Disaster: Floods, Severe Storms, Winter Storms

Civil Threats: Low population density

Crime Per 100,000: 1421.7 (LOWEST)

Poverty Rate: 7.3% (LOWEST)

New Hampshire is not a place that faces a lot of threats and with the lowest crime and poverty rates in the nation, you are not dealing with civil threats.

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New Jersey

Natural Disaster: Hurricanes, Winter Storms, Tornadoes, Floods

Civil Threats: Home to some massive populations and surrounded by other giant American cities you are going to have to prepare to bugout in a long term disaster.

Politics: There is a lot of corruption and strong arm politics and law enforcement in New Jersey

Crime Per 100,000: 1613

Poverty Rate: 9.2%

New Jersey has some crime ridden areas, high population, and corrupt government. Natural disasters befall them from time to time and there are military targets and nuclear power plants.

New Mexico

Natural Disaster: Wildfires, Severe Storms, Drought, Severe Heat, Flooding

Civil Threats: Highly populated areas and proximity to the border create threats of crime and civil unrest.

Crime Per 100,000: 4276.3 (HIGHEST)

Poverty Rate: 18.2% (3rd Highest)

New Mexico boasts a collection of military bases, no nuclear power plants but high incidences of poverty and the highest crime rate in the nation.

New York

Natural Disaster: Severe Storms, Floods, Hurricanes, Winter Storms

Civil Threats: Areas with dense populations are a serious concern

Crime Per 100,000: 1791

Poverty Rate: 13%

New York is a diverse state both in its population and geography. NYC is obviously a prepper’s worst nightmare but there are very remote locations in the state of New York.

There are five military bases and four active nuclear power plants in New York.

North Carolina

Natural Disaster: Severe Storms, Floods, Hurricanes

Civil Threats: Growing cities make for increased civil unrest threats.

Crime Per 100,000: 2871.7

Poverty Rate: 13.6%

North Carolina faces all the threats of any coastal southern state. Their growing cities are a concern for preppers. There are three active nuclear power plants and extensive military presence in North Carolina.

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North Dakota

Natural Disaster: Floods, Severe Storms, Winter Storms

Civil Threats: Low population density

Crime Per 100,000: 2320.8

Poverty Rate: 10.6%

North Dakotans battle with Mother Nature as its true threat. There are two military bases in ND.


Natural Disaster: Floods, Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Winter Storms

Civil Threats: The cities of Ohio like Columbus and Cleveland are suffering from the outbreak in crime that most big cities in the nation are suffering.

Crime Per 100,000: 2,348.85

Poverty Rate: 15.9%

Ohio faces its share of natural disasters but if you live outside of the city you won’t have to contend with the agendas and the crime that go along with those places.


Natural Disaster Tornadoes, Floods, Wildfires, Winter Storms

Civil Threats: Crime rates and civil threats are actually on the decline in 2021. That is saying a lot as many states and major cities are setting records for violent crime.

Crime Per 100,000: 3277.08

Poverty Rate: 15.7%

Oklahoma ranks #3 in the nation for the most natural disasters per year. It’s a big deal because #2 and #1 are California and Texas. Which are states that are much larger than Oklahoma.


Natural Disaster: Wildfires, Floods, Coastal Erosion, Landslides, Tsunamis

Civil Threats: Portland has been the epicenter for Antifa violence and civil unrest.

Crime Per 100,000: 3179.5

Poverty Rate: 11.4%

Oregon is a beautiful place that can be affected by a variety of natural disasters. The cities and politics seem to invite the current environment of civil unrest.


Natural Disaster: Floods, Severe Storms, Winter Storms, Hurricanes

Civil Threats: High population cities and surroundings suburbs are a threat.

Crime Per 100,000: 1795.9

Poverty Rate: 12%

Pennsylvania is a big state but there are densely populated areas that pose a serious threat. There are four nuclear power plants and five military bases in PA.

Rhode Island

Natural Disaster: Hurricanes, Winter Storms, Floods

Civil Threats: You are dealing with densely populated areas and that is always something to prepare for, COVID cases are pretty high and there are issues with homelessness.

Crime Per 100,000: 1880

Poverty Rate: 10.8%

Its costs a lot to live in Rhode Island, taxes are high and restrictions on guns and homeschooling make it a place that is tough preppers. You need to be prepared to deal with a place that is opposed to much of what you believe.

They also have a two unit nuclear power plant.

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South Carolina

Natural Disaster: Severe Storms, Floods, Hurricanes

Civil Threats: Low population except in major cities

Crime Per 100,000: 3505.9

Poverty Rate: 13.6%

South Carolina faces coastal state issues on the East Coast and has smaller southern cities that could face small pockets of unrest.

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There are five military bases and four nuclear power plants in SC.

South Dakota

Natural Disaster: Floods, Severe Storms, Winter Storms

Civil Threats: Low Population Density

Crime Per 100,000: 2133.4

Poverty Rate: 11.9%

Like North Dakota the battle here is with Mother Nature. There is just one military base in South Dakota.


Natural Disaster: Severe Storms, Flooding, Wildfires

Civil Threats: Low population except in major cities

Crime Per 100,000: 3449.1

Poverty Rate: 13.9%

Tennessee has a surprisingly high crime rate. It faces typical threats from Mother Nature. It has two nuclear power plants and four military bases.


Natural Disaster: Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Flooding and Wildfires are the most common natural disasters in Texas.

Civil Threats: The greatest civil threat in Texas is the open US border

Political: Texas is experiencing rapid political change in its biggest cities

Crime Per 100,000: 2778.1


Texas is a massive state and there is a lot of space. The threats at the border, the changing political climate bleeding out from cities due to an influx of people moving from others states and a decent profile of natural disasters offers up plenty to prepare for!


Natural Disaster: Wildfires are one the major natural disaster in Utah. The residents also face things like flash floods that are the most damaging. Winter storms and landslides are also things to prepare for.

Civil Threats: Civil threats are low in Utah as the state has very low population density even in Salt Lake City.

Crime Per 100,000:2610.6

Poverty Rate: 8.9% (LOWEST)

Utah is one of the most favorable places for preppers.

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However, there are some serious natural disasters that you need to be prepared for. You should be equipped to deal with snow, particularly if you are moving there from a place where you don’t get lots of snow.


Natural Disaster: Flooding, Severe Storms, Winter Storms

Civil Threats: Low Population Density

Crime Per 100,000: 1455.1 (2nd Lowest)

Poverty Rate: 10.2%

There are no military bases in Vermont or nuclear power plants.


Natural Disaster: Hurricanes, Floods, Severe Storms, Earthquakes

Civil Threats: Home to the nation’s Capital Virginia has tremendous corruption and civil unrest potential

Crime Per 100,000: 1865.8

Poverty Rate: 9.2%

Virginia is a state with moderate natural disaster threats, political corruption, two power plants, a major naval base, and significant targets in warfare. Potential for serious civil unrest in some location, too.


Natural Disaster: Flooding is the most common disaster in Washington. There are about one thousand wildfires a year and you could also prepare for winter storms, landslides and possible earthquakes.

Civil Threats: Seattle is a west coast hub for civil unrest and major political upheaval

Crime Per 100,000: 3257.7

Poverty Rate: 9.8%

The west coast crime and homeless waves are pervasive in the major cities. Being prepared for floods and wildfires would be important if you plan to live outside the cities in Washington.

West Virginia

Natural Disaster: Floods, Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Drought

Civil Threats: Low Population Density

Crime Per 100,000: 1775.5

Poverty Rate: 16%

There are no nuclear power plants in West Virginia and just two military bases.


Natural Disaster: Severe Storms, Floods, Tornadoes, Winter Storms

Civil Threats: Low Population Density

Crime Per 100,000: 1855.3

Poverty Rate: 10.4%

Wisconsin’s greatest threat comes from Mother Nature.


Natural Disaster: Wildfires, Winter Storms, Landslides, Droughts, Severe Storms

Civil Threats: Low population density and low threats

Crime Per 100,000: 1997.3

Poverty Rate: 10.1%

Wyoming has to face off with nature but has low population and concerns if civil unrest.

Final Words

Which of these states surprised you? Did you know as much about your state as you thought?

A strong base level preparedness will allow you to react and survive many of the disasters and threats in your state. Then you can begin to tailor your preparedness plans to the particular threats of your state.

Then again, it might be time for you to move on to greener pastures!

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