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Famine in America? 100% Proof Water and Food Wars are Coming! Stock Up Now! West Coast Sinking and Quaking! This Ticking Time Bomb is About to POP!

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California has hit its third year of record-breaking drought conditions, and as a result they are beefing up their law enforcement to crack down on so-called water “abusers” who use “too much water”. Los Angeles has hired four full-time “water-cops” that patrol the streets looking for violators which are a clear indication of the escalating problems in the West.


According to the most recent study, California is sinking at an alarming rate of one foot per year (USGS). This is the direct result of the drought that is creating empty pockets of earth causing the ground to drop.


What does it all mean and is the drought really as bad as some say it is? Are food and water wars really ahead? The video below address all this and more!! I HIGHLY recommend watching it…. 




Here is the Map: 




For More Information:






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    • Man

      yeah, food wars….. especially after Russia stopped importing food from Europe due to the trade ban… Europe food prices are dropping like stones due to overproduction. So if there is shortage of food in the US, Europe will gladly help out since their selling market just closed down

      • Miggy

        Yeah that food embargo by Russia was the most important story of this whole Ukranian thing yet. That is going to hurt a lot of people and surely brings us much, much closer to world war. Sides are going to be taken in much more clarity now.

        Get right with God.

        John 3:16

      • Болеслава

        They also banned American imports. Why didn’t you mention that? So America now has more food to feed itself….is that why?

    • MrAnthony

      There are over 3,800,000 people living in the City of Los Angeles. So 4 water cops are pretty much meaningless….unless you’re Lisa, who apparently has no idea of what life is like in Southern California. Time to see the Big City, Lisa.

    • Bob DD

      Lisa Haven,

      Didn’t you ever hear that the Government can control weather with HAARP and chemical seeding (chemtrails) of the upper atmosphere (with heavy mental like barium, strontium, aluminum)? They can create rain or drought? Da ya think it’s possible for them to create drought to control the people? Hitler withheld food to force the people into submission. Some say there’s an extreme agenda, like fundamental change, depopulation. Maybe people ought to force politicians to come clean on HAARP & Chemtrails. While U R at it, how about firing politicians who allow hundreds of thousands acres of prime growing fields to be shut down because the Delta Smelt are getting caught in irrigation pumps. Grow them in trout ponds and start the pumps again. Unless we hold our friendly politicians accountable we’ll continue down the oblivion track.

      • Болеслава

        Mystery solved. Jaw dropping to floor causes brain to bounce off ceiling, scientists now say, as for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction [ Newtons Laws of Physics.]

        This bouncy ball brain syndrome, as it has been dubbed by these scientists, is the reason for all the loopy posts and comments…. views and shares of loopy posts (and comments) It has been traced back, using a simple probability algorithm to LH’s ‘jaw to floor’ posts, with a probability of 98.987%.

        As a precaution these same scientists concluded a ‘Jaw to Floor.’ section here on BIN should be created so people are warned in advance.


        1.~!@#$%^&*()_+ pge. 5. [plus adendum]

        2. {}|:”? Chapt 7. Pge 214 par 6.

        3. /.,’;][=-“ Entire thesis.(available on line)

        4.”Loopy signs and other algorithmic behaviour in toadstools.” 4th addition.

      • Archiaviator

        Bob DD,
        You are one of the Americans who are awake. To add to you comment, I think this could be linked to the sustainable development for the 21st century. In other terms the Agenda 21 :idea:

      • Sean

        Maybe Liea ..should have Mentioned they Drained all the Dams and the last Rain Kept the Dams Open to allow the Water to Wash into the Ocean and are Blocking the Rain through HAARP..same in Africa, where their dying by the Millions..De-Population began long ago, just look at Russia, Asia China/Vietnam/Cambodia, all of Europe years ago and the middle east and africa now.

        Next Up..America, again..counting America when over 100 million Native Indians were Starved and then easy Pickings of the Rest..the Same Group always behind it…Khazars

    • mfritz0

      It’s interesting how the Kings river is plum full of water and Pineflat reservoir is completely full of water and all they can talk about is drought? I don’t see any photographs posted anywhere about how the water level is so low?

    • Unicorn

      There any whey to speed up the sinking process in California?

      • beefree

        after the San Andrea’s Fault line cracks… CA is going to get lots of water…as it gets submerged into the Pacific Ocean… this drought may be Gods way of sending people a message… to get out ASAP…

      • Sean

        California is said to be held up by Columns, and along the San Andrea’s Fault the Land depth is not suppose to be that deep, people have said navy subs have gone all along the Fault line, decades ago.

    • MSG Chicken

      We are being PUNISHED for your sins. We were told not to put in a foreigner as our “king”, but you went and put a (negro who is not even legal) to be president showing your desire to DEFY God.

      Now he has dried your land up and set the world on fire because like your parched souls.

    • MontanaMel

      Just remember… most of our “cities” only have maybe 7 days of food for everyone within their borders..some less…some slightly more…but, loose the electric power – shut down the pumps for drinking water AND the sewer…you have 3 days MAX to do something yourself == or DIE.
      AND…as for photos of “low water levels”…just Google: Lake Mead, NV…it is less than 5ft above the mandatory water rationing level…it is LESS THEN 80 ft above the actual “water inlet depth for the entire city of Las Vegas, NV (4 million residents – 40 million visitors!)..
      AND… Remember, Atlanta, GA….the city went looking at a border war with TN trying to get river water allocated to them… then, the rains came…
      There have been no real “rains” coming in the California case… and, very spotty/little in Texas!..

      Wonder what the freeways will look like, the morning after the water taps run dry…in LA or Bakersfield, or Sacramento, or San Francisco ??? eh?… can you spell “road rage” deluxe ??..

      As usual, the Moon Beam gang up in Sacramento do nothing constructive – run around and scream will be their dying answer!… While, over in San Fran, they will finally get the message that other places don’t want their kind of kooks and liberals moving in next door… I can see a ballot vote coming to fence the entire area north of San Jose off and declare it loony bin preserve.

      But, there are many other cities and areas with similar “self inflicted” water troubles — you just don’t hear about them much, as they are in “fly over land”…not on a coast full of liberals.

      RIP California — you were once a neat place to live…no more, no mas.

    • laswan57

      Drought cause is climate engineering.

    • prisonerno6

      This actually made me laugh out loud!!

    • NWO for Dummies.

      In Sydney they spent 60 million on a new spillway so the dam wouldn’t burs. No sooner was it finished that the dam ran dry…so that wasn’t needed. Then they built a $6 million dollar desalination plant for $6 billion (Israeli mark up). No sooner was it finished that it rained so hard the damn dam damn filled so that wasn’t needed.

      Meanwhile Sydney and the entire Eastern seaboard is sitting on underground water that stretches the entire length of the continent but they are afraid to use it for fear of it drying up. :shock: :shock: :shock:

      • NWO for Dummies.

        But wait, there’s more.

        because Australia is the dryest continent subject to drought … except for the underground sea of fresh water that stretches for thousands of miles …. it often has trouble feeding its cattle and sheep.

        The introduced prickly pear cactus, an ideal substitute feed for grass thrives here but was banned because it grew too well and covered an area the size of Texas in a short period of time.

        It was never used as feed for cattle but instead a pest was introduced to wipe it out and people were banned from growing even 1 plant until recently.

        Also until recently rainwater tanks were banned on houses……

        :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

        Even though we mine more gold than any country on earth (and diamonds) one gold mine was refused a permit ’cause the area had a ghost in it – according to aboriginal folklore. the Prime Minister Hawke, made that momentous decision. :wink:

        All ancient artifacts and sites are destroyed as a matter of policy as they contradict the “terra nullis” policy of the original anglo saxon invaders. This included a powerful antigravity lifting device using sound waves, similar to what was used in raising the pyramids (or identical…who knows) to raise a plateau and great monuments.

        • Pix

          Actually that would be plasma technology, not sound.

        • Болеслава

          The machine had rows of thick metal speakers covering one entire side so no its sound.

    • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

      all because of some stinkin little fishy, the Delta Smelt.

    • pookieamos

      This is a man made disaster that is a wanted disaster….According to the UN Biodiversity map for the USA , California will be off limits for human beings except for designated plans…They want California emptied and isn’t it convenient that the military is conducting weather modification schemes that are rerouting rain from California…?

    • Bob DD

      Food shorage coming? Gee, isn’t it nice our leaders have shut down thousands of acres of prime growing land because Delta Smelt gets caught in irrigation pumps. How about them controlling weather causing drought with Chemtrails and HAARP? Duh, grow the Delta Smelt in ponds like trout! When are the people going to turn off BS TV shows and get informed?

    • Pix

      Well, you stayed silent about Nestle stating you have no right to water, allowed them to get away with draining all your underground water source reserves so they can sell it back to you in a plastic bottle. Silence is consent. Enjoy the hell of your own creation.

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