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Reporter Threatened With Arrest For Filming A FEMA Camp!? We Have the Video to Prove it and You Will be Stunned by What the Lieutenant Says to the Reporter....

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A reporter from NewsChannel 13, Mark Mulholland and his camera man Matt Soriano were threatened with arrest by a corrections lieutenant on July 24th, simply for having an “empty” prison in the background of their video footage on Grant’s Cottage—a nearby historical site where President Ulysses S. Grant died.


If this so called “empty” prison was truly “empty” then why all the hassle from the lieutenant? Furthermore the prison houses 0 prisoners, yet has 76 working officers?!  Without a doubt this is another FEMA camp!!! Check out the footage… 



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    • Anonymous

      Welcome to Nazi America

      • Anonymous

        He is an example of that ISRAELI training.

        • Equalizer

          It is just a matter of time now… Our treacherous, treasonous government has opened the borders allowing criminals, terrorists and disease to move about the country freely. Impeachment would be too kind for the vermin…Death by public hanging is more appropriate. We are one “false flag” away from martial law. Ebola break out will bring in NATO, destruction of the U.S. dollar will bring riots and finally… simultaneous false flag events will bring the boots to your doorstep! You better be prepared to stand up for yourself or you will be getting a train ride to camp FEMA. No $hit

        • Equalizer

          It is just a matter of time now… Our treacherous, treasonous government has opened the borders allowing criminals, terrorists and disease to move about the country freely. Impeachment would be too kind… Death by public hanging is more appropriate. We are one false flag away from martial law. Ebola break out will bring in NATO, destruction of the U.S. dollar will bring riots and finally simultaneous false flag events will bring the boots to your doorstep! You better be prepared to stand up for yourself or you will be getting a train ride to camp FEMA. No $hit


          Only racists or muslims see Israel behind everything! which one are you?

        • Brightwinger

          Pathetic. Are you mentally ill? Scratch that – your comment is already certifiable.

      • BuelahMan

        Your ignorance is stifling, but unsurprising. The Jews’ work is never done.

    • MileHiLife

      Wow — incredible…the Time is near.

    • Warren

      Time to get the chopper out and get some aerial footage of that ‘empty’ prison – er, FEMA facility.

      • Anonymous

        It look that that is a NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMP, run by the Obama GESTAPO. WAKE UP AMERICA

    • MissingRonnieR

      It is all federally controlled. These are all interwoven troops in a Federally funded National Police Force under the control of the DHS Most of you have no idea what has happened since 9/11

      Here it is Department of “Homeland Security”, before in Germany it was Schutzstaffel or “Protective Shield”. Most know it as the SS.

    • jimmythehat

      should have kicked that pussy ass nazi pig right in his nuts and take off.

    • Anonymous

      google earth the two locations and you will see the prison is 1.5 miles from Grant’s Cottage and the guard gate is probably 1.25 miles away, UP THE HILL< THRU THE TREES.. Clearly the reporters were not at Grant's Cottage as there is no way a. they would even be noticed at that distance b. the foliage and trees would prevent line of site. c. google Grants Cottage and look at the images, this clearly confirms they were not there, in their pic it shows an old rusted tin roof, not a refurbished museum quality heritage site. This looks to be right near the guard post. This is being mis-reported..

      • Before It Was All Pop Ups

        There is no misreporting, the reporter clearly states and its visible in the film, that they are ‘in the shadow of the facility’. He says they were at Grant’s Cottage to the guard while standing directly across the street from the prison.

      • Warren

        The prison facility and Grants Cottage are interlinked. The back story seems to be that there has been some level of cooperation between the prison and the non-profit organization that operates Grants Cottage, concerning operation Grants Cottage. The closing of the prison requires renegotiation of some of the agreements. So, a story on the present state of Grants Cottage naturally includes discussion of the prison.

      • Brightwinger

        Tough. The reporter has EVERY RIGHT to shoot footage with the prison in the background. The reporter doesn’t have to justify himself.

        Did you notice the Cop’s objection was content driven? He said they were doing a story on the prison which he claimed wasn’t allowed.

    • Will

      The place is probably full of illegal aliens.

    • retiredpatriot

      Wow and another crew was filming. Amazing makes you wonder just with they thought they were thinking. Now all of them have the emberrishment of bing on the news and complete IDIOTS!!!!!

    • kbreukh

      To say that this is Nazi America is absurd, maybe tone down this language.

      • Neo

        I’m sure the German Jews thought it was all absurd too… ’till they heard the sound of boots kicking their doors in.

    • NWO for Dummies.

      “Wow!” – so its a turn on is it?

    • Decode the World

      This should be required viewing.

    • angel.bethany

      I say don believe it til you google it yourself on google earth. There is a huge fear campaign going on in America to keep the sheeple in line. Most of these stories are bull. However there are a few here and there that seem to be legit .

    • CrowPie

      Those idiots might as well have run a piece on the local news that something is”going on” in the prison.

      Prob’by sheltering illegals there……what paranoid retards.

      • CrowPie

        Think about it ….Barney Fife would have done the same thing they did…”You can’t film this empty prison we have illegals in……Move along now”

    • justiceday

      We have a military that thinks they can kill and rape at will and then they become cops so America has no hope!

    • YouGuysAreIdiots

      I’m sorry, I must have missed it. Where was the proof that this is a “fFEMA camp” and where is the information on what type of “FEMA camp” this is?

      LOL. Typical.

    • YouGuysAreIdiots

      Gawd you people are idiots. Do you EVER fact check? This is what is pictured and it isn’t a stupid “FEMA camp.”

    • Rob Costello

      Get your facts right!!!! Hitler Was a Jew descendant!!!

      Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 reputedly to Alois Hitler (1837–1903) that was reported in the first parts of this series, titled, “Fuehrer Adolf Hitler was the Grandson of Freiherr Salomon Mayer von Rothschild, the head of the Viennese Rothschild Banking Dynasty”. If so, this could have made Adolf Hitler one of the dynastic male-to-male descendants of the famous Jewish banking family that reputedly owns 50% of the wealth of the world. In one of the most mysterious sagas of human history, it is now believed that Alois Hitler was the illegitimate son of Salomon Mayer von Rothschild (September 9, 1774, Frankfurt/Main – July 28, 1855, Paris) by an illicit relationship with his Jewish maid and housekeeper, Maria Anna Schicklgruber.

      Out of this union came the angry, sullen child known in history as Alois Hitler, the father of Adolf Hitler, the future Fuehrer of the Third Reich of Germany called Nazi Germany. This family portrayal gives us a new picture of the life of Adolf Hitler with the Viennese dynastic banking family of the Rothschilds, the descendants of the Austrian banker, Freiherr (Baron) J.J. de H. Salomon Mayer von Rothschild, and the Jewish population in Vienna, the largest community of Jews on the European continent. Today the total wealth of the dynastic Jewish Rothschild family dynasty is estimated to be fifty percent of all the wealth in the world.

      - See more at:

    • 63 Marine

      Well gang, its all over for Amerika. Obutthole has his grip on us and he is having his way. Bringing ebola onto our shores is the icing on the cake. The only saving grace would be if someone gave him a lead implant.

    • Anonymous

      This is not an isolated case. I’ve seen dozens of these incidents on YouTube.

    • TonysTake

      What I see here is a few Nazi Gestapo wannaB’s what need a good a$$ lickin, just like what happened to the heavily armed BLM fools at the Bundy Ranch Standoff. This is exactly why the militia exists.

    • the truth

      Thank you LT dorn, now we know the camps are active.

    • 7up

      I wonder what they were filming at the prison. I bet that’s why they didn’t want this news reporter filming. Might be something they will use in a future hoax. I bet we will see this place in the news again soon.

    • SeekingTrews

      As a subscriber to this website, it continues to amaze me the amount of disinfo being spewed and the conclusions that the writers jump to with little to no evidence. I love a good conspiracy, but this is simply fear mongering at its worst. This is not a FEMA camp. This is in my town, in my backyard… Nothing dirty in that sense is going on there. They are turning it over to the local park and recreation area as well as selling off the buildings for business purposes. Until any substantial evidence is presented suggesting that this is being turned into a FEMA camp is presented, this is what I maintain is happening to that facility.

      Jumping to these sorts of fear based conclusions with complete lack of evidence, only conjecture, is what gives “conspiracy theorists ” a bad name….running around like Chicken Little screaming the sky is falling! A SURE way to PREVENT people down the road from looking at REAL evidence when something of value and urgency is presented to the public because they have already written of such ridiculous accusations from BS articles such as this one. This is an anti-truth article…and for the most part, website.

      • Anonymous

        Well said- and thank you for posting your response to this ridiculous article. Why (or how) anyone could possibly conclude that this is proof of FEMA camps is beyond me. From what is presented in the story and the video, there is absolutely nothing to suggest that this is the location of a FEMA camp, and absolutely no basis for making such an outrageous claim.

      • StormyB4

        I would agree that no evidence was presented that this is a FEMA camp. That being said, the reaction of the corrections officer is not indicative of a facility that is closed and being sold off. His reaction is indicative of someone trying to hide something.

        I agree the article jumps to all kinds of unsubstantiated conclusions, but the video speaks for itself. If you have some explanation as to why they would react to the filming of this “closed facility” in this manner, I would love to here it….

    • Rumplestilskin

      If you drill down in Google Earth to that site, you’ll see that with all the automobiles parked there is has not been closed. there are at least 80 vehicles there with some apparently pulling into or driving out of the parking lot.

      For you naysayers. Our government’s DHS has turned all vacant prisons and some not so vacant into makeshift FEMA camps. There are about 200 of these all across the US of A.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder why the FEMA Camps have not been used for the ‘Immigrant Storms’ at the United States borders.

    • mave

      I put a comment on this story yesterday and I see it has already been removed. Thanks BIN. I guess when you speak the REAL truth about a story or dont agree with the story your comment gets removed. Real classy.

    • Baldy

      Welcome to Nazi Germany, there trying to hide the Fema Camps, & can’t get it done. Wait tell all HELL breaks loose, & they will be full.

    • StarRyder

      what I saw was …..not a FEMA camp revealed, but I did see a over zealous, $14.00 an hour “corrections Lte” more like a security guard, at a federal site, who got his minimal 2 day training course screwed up and used his buddies to harrass a news crew. The guy was clearly oversteppeing his authority, and had no legal cause, and likely will be reprimanded for his behavior. As you saw the Trooper was not pushing it too far as he was well aware of the constitutional rights of the crew.

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