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I'm a Physicist At CERN. We've Done Something We Shouldn't Have Done. Connecting to Other Dimensions Is Real and We Have Achieved Contact!

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I’m a Physicist at CERN. We’ve done something we shouldn’t have – Part 1, PART 2, & PART 3


Please be advised of the following: 1) I am breaking international laws regarding privacy and secrecy by publishing this information. 2) I am not going to disclose my location since I know that any attempt to prove what I’ve seen or what I’ve been part of will result in my immediate and thorough extermination. My name is Dr. Edward Mantill and I was (technically still am) a physicist at CERN, located in Geneva, Switzerland. I specialize in particle and subatomic research, focusing on quark interactions. In other words, I study very very small particles and how they interact with one another at very high speeds. Until Thursday, Jan. 15, 2014 I was a normal scientist living and working on the CERN campus. Most of the scientists who are involved in the branch of research that I am live on campus at the facility in Geneva and venture out only for social activities and the occasional visit home.


Most of you who have heard of CERN will have heard of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) the largest scientific instrument which exceeds 20 miles in diameter and travels under the sovereign territory of two countries (Switzerland, France). The public has been told that it was constructed at a cost of tens of billions of Euros for the purpose of studying the birth of the universe and the collisions that take place within the collider allow us a quick glimpse at certain phenomenon that can only be witnessed when particles hit one another at incredibly high rates. This is NOT what the machine was designed for, nor is it what the machine has been used for since it’s inception. CERN’s main purpose for building the Collider was too, well it was to open a door way. Allow me to explain: the doorway idea came into fruition in the 1960s.


After years and years of attempting to hide UFO phenomenon, including large scale and very public interactions such as the Roswell incident, and the Battle for Los Angeles incident well before that, the governments of the United States, Great Britain, and France decided to throw their weight behind the understanding of what precisely these objects were. The ideas flew far and wide. Were UFOs from another planet? Were they from another time? Or where they simply mass hysteria and mass delusion fueled by the overactive imagination of a public who were shit scared of communists and their technology? No, they were none of those. Our universe is but one page in a large book. Think of a closed book sitting on a table: you see each page stacked on top of one another, bound by the spine and sandwiched between the two covers. Our universe is but one page in a vast and all-encompassing book. And our page is certainly not the only one with rich, in depth thought and writing committed to it. Every page in the book represents a different dimension each with it’s own unique writing, own unique story, own unique way of isolating itself from the other pages. No page was to interact with the other, just as no ink bleeds from one page to another in a standard book. Each page, a universe unto itself.


Within a few short years of mathematical research and fleets of scientists working under threat of extermination should they share their research, the book idea was finally cemented. Though many disagreed, the mathematics were there to support the book idea, and the mathematics also showed us that it was impossible for one page to interact with another. That was, until the 1980s. During the 1980s billions of dollars of research was funnelled into the idea that if we used enough energy, if we used enough force, concentrated into a small area (the size of a pin prick) we could theoretically tare our page and get a glimpse of the page next to ours. We could open a door from their universe to ours. When the Family (the code name for the group of scientists that functioned as the head of each of their departments at CERN) were shown the initial presentation in March of 1981, many of them expressed grave concern about the ramifications of opening such a doorway. But in the beautiful name of science, the Family decided to share these ideas with the governments who constantly funded their research. At a meeting held in Luxembourg, the heads of state of the newly forming European Union, along with the United States and China were shown plans for the construction of a colossal machine that would enable the opening of a doorway that could be closed at our discretion. The door would be opened, and the energy levels would be measure to prove that CERN had accomplished its task, and the door would be closed. Open. Shut. Simple as that.


The government leaders threw endless funding at the Family and the rest of CERN in the hopes of understanding what kind of power lay in another universe. Think of the possible endless source of Energy, faster than light travel, weaponry that could obliterate enemies using laser. The possibilities for power were truly staggering. So, the public was fed one narrative (“understanding the universe”) and the Family and governments knew the truth. Most of the scientists at CERN were kept completely in the dark, after all the collider would perform it’s function as normal and collide particles for eager funding hunters to capitalize on. But the far more nefarious purpose would only be tested in the presence of the Family and a few select scientists. I am the member of the Family for my division. Obviously the original Family have all retired or died out, but there is a new, younger, more eager to prove themselves group now at the helm, and the consequences of this were and are dire. So, with that established, allow me to explain what happened last thursday. It was an ordinary day with the LHC scheduled to commit two collisions, one at 9am and the other at 630PM. Both went off magnificently and the experiments were deemed a success. We witnessed two full collisions and the general group of researchers were very happy with their work.


Around 7pm, most of the team had filtered out of the observation room, and the machine had been put into it’s usual stand-by mode. As the room emptied, the ID clip that I had on my waist, which had a built in display and vibrator, started to go off. I looked down at the display and it said in very faint green writing “Living room,” I knew right away what they were going to attempt. I looked up from the badge and caught the eye of Dr. Celine D’Accord, another member of the Family and the head of plasma physics. She too had just looked up from her ID badge. We both understood and left. “Living room,” was a large room under the main facility located in A-section. The room wasn’t special in any way and appeared completely normal. This was key to hiding our true intentions. If we met in a secret underground bunker instead of the regular basement, we’d arouse suspicion every time we were going to run an experiment. As Celine and I made our way from the collider to section A, the cold Swiss air hit my face and burned as we booked it across the campus. The night was exceptionally clear, and this factor further bolstered my suspicion. They always liked doing these experiments on clear nights. We entered Section A and made our way to the main building. The doors opened up as we approached and we made our way to the elevators across the wide expanse of a lobby with the vaulted ceilings.


The RFID signal given off by our name badges caused the elevator doors to open before we had even pressed the button. As we stepped in, the doors shut and the elevator began to move. “I’ll never get used to that,” Celine said, referring to the degree of automation that the buildings displayed. We had been scheduled for a meeting in the Living Room, and the building knew, so all strategic lights were on, and elevators were reading where we needed to go. The miracle of networking. We exited the lift and made our way to the regular board room, the door was shut and assembled inside was the Family. At the head of the table was Father, a young, rather ambitious physicist named Sandra O’Reilly, designated, “Father,” since she was in charge of giving orders to the Family with respect to our clandestine experiments. The mood in the living Room was never tense, but rather one of controlled excitement. The Family had been attempting these tests once every 6 months for the past 10 years without much success. We had gone through several, “Fathers,” from the great Dr. Bertramberg to the lesser known and constantly drunk Dr. Yao, Each had failed to achieve what the original Family had planned. Billions were spent, but no door had yet been opened. “Tonight, we try 40 Tera Electron Volts,” Father announced.


Her announcement brought an immediate and total silence to the room. Family members looked from one to the other, some with feigned excitement, others with revered concerned, all with a general sense of disbelief. “The last four trials were between 10-20TeV, we’ve never tried anything that high! We don’t know if the machine can handle a test of that magnitude,” protested Dr. Akava, head of mathematical physics and chief of the department that should be certifying whether or not 40 TeV was even a healthy thing to do. “We have reviewed the possible outcomes, and even though we will have to pull twice the amount of energy out of the grid, the Swiss government have been advised and are cooperating,” Father quickly retorted. Her sweet, controlled tone actually did help the situation. I looked over and Celine had been frantically writing down some calculations on a piece of paper, after a few seconds she shot up from her seat “Father, even if we try to reach 40 TeV, the math doesn’t support that this is possible! We can’t just throw the collider to the highest setting and hope for the best!” “Are there any other objections that you would like noted before we begin the experiment?” Father asked, completely ignoring Celine’s desperate pleas. Father surveyed the room and could see that she wasn’t going to be met with other objections, after all what was the point, they were going to go unheeded. “Excellent, then we shall proceed, meet in the control room at 22:00 hours,” Father announced as the Family got up from the table and left the Living Room.


No one said a word, we left in complete silence, made our way into the lift, and exited the building into the cold Swiss night. If the machine couldn’t handle the electron voltage, it could become structurally unstable and break apart, but being buried underground prevented this from being a catastrophe. There wouldn’t be loss of life, but the LHC would be rendered useless and billions of dollars worth of funding would be destroyed. On the other hand, if the experiment was successful and the door opened, could we close something functioning on 40 TeV? Our math had supported 10 TeV, 20Tev, Fuck even 30 TeV, but no one had dared go above that. However this is where our role as scientist ended and our regrettable role of secret experimenter began. All we could do was say yes. At 22:00 hours, with the Family assembled in the control room, and the handful of select CERN employees who understood the true nature of the experiment milling around, we commenced our grand try. “Begin,” was the only order that Father issued. The Family members at the control entered the required programming to begin the collider, and so our fateful experiment began.


“Release the First particle sample,” came the command. A few seconds later the sound of gas entering the collider could be heard. The gas started it’s 20+ mile journey around the collider gaining more and more speed. “Release the second particle sample,” another sound of whooshing gas entering the tube and travelling into the opposite direction as the first. Both gaining speed, travelling faster and faster, approaching the speed of light. Like two runners, running around a circular track in opposite directions, not touching one another. “Father, we are approaching 30 TeV” one of the commanders warned. “Excellent, increase the energy to 35 TeV within the next 3 Minutes,” Father’s commands once again brought grave concern. If anything was going to happen it was going to happen now. “Increasing to 35 Tev” came the announcement over the intercom system.


We all continued to look at one another, the concern growing graver and graver.” “Achieving 38 TeV” another announcement. But nothing, no explosion, no catastrophic failure, nothing. In theory 40 was possible, but never advisable, however at 38, no specific structural damage signs were noted, nothing. “40 TeV achieved.” We looked at one another in astonishment. We had achieved what we thought was impossible: 40 TeV of energy was pushing the particles through the collider and we were sustaining it.” As the two particle clouds whizzed past each other, our first indication that something different was going to happen started to occur. There was a sudden spike in the temperature of the room. we could feel that it had gotten warmer, and the first reaction was one of panic. “SHUT THE MACHINE DOWN!” Came the first exclamation from a Family member. “The Machine is heating up, explosion could be imminent!” She continued. “WAIT!” Exclaimed father, her eyes glowing with the reflection of the computer screen in front of her, “Look at the core temperature read out, they haven’t changed, they’re perfectly normal!”


We each looked at the closest computer screen we could find, all of them showing that everything was going well, except for the fact that the thermostat in the room now read 35 degrees celsius, when we started out at a pleasant 20. Could this be it? “COMMENCE THE COLLISION SEQUENCE.” Father barked the order into the microphone near her control console. “Collision in 4…3…2…” The methodical voice announced over the intercom. “1″ – An ethereal blinding light consumed the room, I had never experienced anything like this before. The temperature dropped back down to 20 degrees, and the light was overpowering us. We couldn’t see our own hands in front of our faces. Suddenly there was a blood curdling scream, like someone being horribly beaten, followed by complete and total silence and then darkness. “Is everyone ok!” Celine was shouting from her side of the room. “I’m fine!” I called back, “Sound off!” “Mantill, code: Fam-0113″ “D’Accord, Code: Fam-0115″ “Chung, Code: Fam – 0114″ The Family members present started to scream out their names and code designation as our eyes adjusted to the total darkness that had encompassed the room.


With the sound of a bang the emergency red lighting bathed the room in a lambent glow. We could make out shadows, but no distinguishing features. By this time, approximately 2 minutes after our encounter with the white light, we still had not heard Father sound off.” “Where is Father!” Dr. Chung called out. We all turned to the seat that Father sat in, and could see a lump on the chair, but no sign of her. I entered the panel code to open the emergency exit and made my way through the escape corridor to the lighting box at the end of the hall. I turned the breaker and the normal lighting filled the control room again. Panic struck for Father’s well being I turned and ran back into the control room. All of my fellow scientists were in complete and total awe. Nothing in the room was out of place, and the temperature had returned to normal, however sitting in Father’s chair was a pile of her effects. Celine ran up to the chair Father once filled and looked down with a gasp. “She’s gone! All of her things are here, her jewellery, her clothes, her tamp…, everything!” Where Father sat now rested her physical possessions. She had vanished into thin air.



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      • Ano-nymous

        go to hell with your link…. :mad:

        • saulina seko

          what I find so funny? People who say, “go to Hell,” don’t realize such a place exists; probably going there!

          • The Seer

            he was pointing out the fact of the link numb nuts and there is no proof there is a hell and no proof there is not so go and stand in the corner numb nuts

          • AllRoadsLead2NWO

            Sure it does- and the hebrew gods chosen people- the jews are all going ‘there’ for not believing in the one riddler jew from nazareth. Yeah- the hebrew god sends ‘his chosen’ people to hell, HAHAHAHAHA. insanely stupid.

            • Pumpkin

              Hell is the burning realization that you went against your Creator, and chose a path more aligned with Satan. People send themselves, God only give you the free will to do so.

            • ReformedII

              OBVIOUSLY you don’t understand what “chosen” means!

              It “sin’t” necessarily a “good” thing! IF you don’t “get it” it can be “hell” as “israel” REPEATEDLY PROVED!!

        • Redeemer

          You can go by following this link…… :roll:

      • GOLOC

        here’s my reply,

      • The Seer

        a link to your own page next you will be telling everyone you love yourself and just married your bathroom mirror

      • 2QIK4U


    • Anonymous

      This was posted on BIN some time back yet here we all still are so it must be just more of the usual attention seeking BS.

      • Mark Brander

        Learn the truth about inter-dimensional portals and Revelation 12. The Lord has now opened His own inter-dimensional portal into the earth!

        • AllRoadsLead2NWO

          Yes, revelations- the Original Fear Porn.

      • Anonymous

        Yep I read this stupid ass story, both pages, what a wast of time. The Collider has been down for the last few years under going a major reconfiguration change and hasn’t been operational. BIN is there anyway of filtering out these tin foil hat wearing mommies basement living 30 something sci fi dreamers?

    • Morgawr

      Writing in the style of a poor sci-fi book, without the drama I might have taken it in, clearly the only thing real about this is the writers desire to be an author or is this Edmund Cooper through the Cern past.

      • mfritz0

        Yep, seems it was either in September or perhaps as late as August. Makes one wonder who is writing this fear porn?

        • Problem, Reaction, Solution

          mefarts0…No Fear Porn hear idiot, “Fact”…any education in basic physics? Electromagnetics?

          • mfritz0

            Yep, troll, thought so, go crawl back under the rock you crawled out from. Nobody wants to invest any time with you.

            • Problem, Reaction, Solution

              mefarts0…Losing your job at McDonald’s must be painful…to escape your “fear Porn” phobia may I suggest you move out of your mommy’s basement and get off the public welfare system. Does wonders for your self-esteem. Best of luck.

        • The Seer

          the word fear porn is used by conspiracy nut jobs that live with mummy ,the rest of us will shrug our shoulders and say Right what ever , or is it that most of the people in the world have turned into pussys

          • mfritz0

            I got two comments about fear porn, This must mean it’s true. They are actually trying to generate fear. They must have Satan as their ruler. To be ruled by Satan, indicates you don’t know any better and you believe his lies.

            • The Seer

              Why are you on the internet its full of fear poon, why have a mobile when someone can phone about some fear poon news, why watch TV when some braking news could be fear poon, seems your scared of spiders too well like I said you must be a pussy,

              I bet down at the bar you tell everyone you would kill the Chinese or Russians if they invade lol wait until they find out your a pussy and scared of CERN the world has turned people into pussy then you talk about Satan so not only are you a pussy and now a nut job

    • David Montaigne

      Opening a dimensional doorway or stargate is one way of allowing evil into our world. Too many signs warn us that by June 2016 it will be too late:   Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate

      • VirusGuard

        Now me knows you is not stupid or too far gone but we live in some type of computer simulation and if these stargtes are possible and it’s not just the usual type of BS we get from CERN then yes we risk the plug being pulled on our simulation since it’s an “Access Denied” to memory error.

        if not then we have been allowed to peek at the internet and the programer could stop us if he wanted and not losse any sleep over it.

        My money is on it’s BS from the author and we will all be here in 2017 and will just be bigger slaves than we are now.

        • Chameleon

          I concur…Continue with the ‘Blue Pill’…avoid the ‘Red Pill’ & certainly stay away from that ‘brown acid’ that’s leftover from Woodstock…That’ll really put you in touch with some nasty dimensions.

          • mfritz0

            Knock, Knock, Hey Dave? Answer: “Dave? Dave’s not here.”

            • Problem, Reaction, Solution

              mefarts0…Knock, knock, who’s there?…Pfffffft…pew! Something stinks to high heaven. Why its mfritz-bean0 the fear porn “troll” over reacting to his own shadow, again.


      This reads like a novel. Like someone is throwing around a book idea. I call bull on this story as fact. As a story in book however, would be a good story. Write the book! :lol: 5

    • Cara

      The three parts:

      Part 1 –

      Part 2 –

      Part 3 –

      You ought to read them all.. She comes back after another try at 40 TeV, then the second, a man, called MOTHER, disappears in the same experiment a few weeks later. Strangely he is seen on the CCTV screens in six different places, all-at-the-same-time…This is in the third part. Incredible! The Light is what people see after they die and the phenomenon of being able to be in different locations at the same time – as if time had been obliterated, is what Ma Ananda Moyi talks about in one of her talks; she calls it “Delocalization of the conscience”

      “Vous vivrez ce qui a été appelé la Délocalisation de votre Conscience. Votre Conscience pure, indépendamment de tout corps, pourra aller dans tous les espaces illimités de la Création et de l’Incréation” (note, increation is what exists without first having been created)

      They are trying to do ahead of time what the Nibiru will do for us: move us from one frequency range to another frequency range (Archangel Anael) “Rappelez-vous que l’Ascension est un changement de fréquence. Vous passez d’une gamme de fréquence à une autre gamme de fréquence.”

      It’s terrific reading, the whole three parts of it

      • Cara

        Just read the 4th part too, thanks to Endtime. So they must have done the experiment again, when the Swiss Army personnel were threatening them. The Light appeared and this time, in Part 4, the physicist Celene D’Accord (plasma physics) is missing… What a story! and how reckless they are to push the accelerator to its, then, limits. The story may not be three or four years old, as you say Endtime in another comment, because the publishing date, or the date on the comments is “9 months ago”, so it could have happened last winter, either late 2014 or early 2015, perhaps in January. The writer Edward Mantill, physicist at CERN, mentions the cold Swiss air several times during the four parts.

    • Pix

      “I’m a Physicist at CERN. ”

      Yeah what ever, I’m roger rabbit, oh no hang on I’m donald duck.


      • Ted

        I am Walt Disney – and I am your Creator.


        • CrowPie

          Walt is DEAD.

          • The Seer

            so is the joke now I think :)

    • Amacha

      What a joke. “…another sound of whooshing gas entering the tube..” All of the hydrogen that will ever be injected at CERN is contained in a small pressure cylinder. This is silly.

    • coolsaint

      Scientist don’t write in prozaic prose , they write in matter of fact verbage . This is a novel in the making

    • Don Quixote

      I always come to the loonyBIN for my daily dose of comedy.

    • Leaping Lizard

      I buy into the idea that the real purpose behind the LHC has been to open a portal to another dimension at the behest of some very nasty beings residing there. Simon Parkes and Anthony Patch, among others, claim this to be true. However, I find this particular piece of “prose” to be less than convincing. Interesting that this “physicist” chose not to mention what particle or nuclei were used to achieve this energy, comprising his so-called “gas”. Patch claims, in a recent interview on C2M, based on a ten-year-old, publicly obscure, peer reviewed science journal paper, that they will use lead nuclei and will achieve energies far higher than 40 TEV, in the PEV range.

      As one learns in Physics 102, a charged particle gives off energy when accelerated, i.e. has a change in velocity, and velocity is a vector function. In a circular collider, the particles are constantly changing velocity if not speed. That is why the radius of the LHD is so huge. Using lead nuclei is another way to get around this “energy leakage” problem (as opposed to the more common protons i.e. hydrogen nuclei). I only have a bachelor minor in physics, but this supposed Ph.D., world class physicist author, seems to know less than I. Publishing this fiction as fact is not doing the freedom movement any favor., though it is a common way for second string SCI Fi and fantasy authors to boosts sales. That said, the most basic premise behind this second rate work of fiction, opening a dimensional portal, is accurate IMO.

    • beforeitsnotnews

      I’m a real Physicist At CERN.

    • Cryptic

      Chip off the old block, for once I would love to see someone tell the truth what are you really hiding? Chip children and cause hell to be free owe yea a baby dimention crack and I hope it comes for you! China’s syndromes🗿

    • Jay

      Stop reading two paragraphs down ,as soon as UFO’s were mentioned you can get the gist of the story. What CERN is really is a over priced “Pyramid” project that has spent billions of dollars/Euro on theories that borders on superstition . The Pharaohs had Pyramids, the Elitists have CERN.

    • dick dangler

      whatever it is i’d like to read the rest, it’s well written and interesting.

    • Anonymous

      There is something fascinating about this article. Looking at the list view count, it’s receiving a huge number of clicks. The headline is just pure, lying crap, the article bad fiction. Who would even read it all? It’s just pure fantasy trash, the likes of a comic book. Yet an article with some real pressing truth is not likely to get two dozen clicks.

      This is insightful, as it explains how it’s possible the likes of the antichrist or any even not so clever deception will be received by people, makes these scripture verses come alive with truth that is before our eyes, via examples like the foolishness above that people flock to.

      2 Thessalonians 2

      7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.
      8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:
      9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
      10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
      11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
      12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

      How there are those who love lying and lies, which God states belong with the dogs:

      Revelation 22:15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

      Beforeitsnews is a monument to how people, without spiritual eyes to see, blindly love lies and how gullible people can be.

      Just something to consider, if you’re not of this group:

      Romans 1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

      If you are of this group, never mind, go back to sleep.

    • Endtime

      This story is a few years old and has 3 more parts. It appears to be written by an experienced science-fiction writer.
      Therefore, I do not believe it even though something like that could possibly happen one day.

      But it has obviously not happened yet…

    • moochie2

      She probably checked out early to go to the bathroom.

    • LVdude

      Blow it Out Your Butt Cern Physicist, REPTILIANS have been on Earth and Annunaki and Big Foot, The Greys, Namlú’u, the Titans and a hundred other different species of Aliens for Tens of Millions of years. YOU DIDN’T MAKE FIRST CONTACT. Take a HUGE LAXATIVE and clean out your brain BOZO. We are fed up with you PHD bastards that are posting false info for your own RECOGNITION!!!!! :mrgreen: :grin: :eek:

      THIS post shows the truth about who, when, where :


    • Jango

      “I am not going to disclose my location since I know that any attempt to prove what I’ve seen or what I’ve been part of will result in my immediate and thorough extermination. My name is Dr. Edward Mantill and I was (technically still am) a physicist at CERN, located in Geneva, Switzerland.”

      I stopped reading right after this hypocritical statement…..

    • Judge Roy Bean

      They ave been connecting it to vehicle alternators and digital aliens have been appearing.

    • Antique White

      and then we saw satan sitting in fathers chair and he was singing a song about gmo food and vaccines chem trails and then the lights started to flash red and blue and then what looked like small humanoids started to enter the room holding what looked like large cans of soup and then we all cried as if someone was having a hard time taking a dump and then silence and then a bad smell like burnt plastic and then there was a pile of tools from shop laying on the floor and then we were all flying above the complex eating out dated ice cream with small black thing in it?

    • Cleareyes

      Automatic Story Rotation! You know like E-mail!

    • Cleareyes

      Scientist makes mistakes too! Like the old song from Yeehaw,”She made another, and Pfsst, she was gone!”

    • NWO for Dummies.

      I’m another scientist at CERN and i know for a fact the scientist in this article is fake.

      Here is why.

      Firstly we have found another dimension where everyone looks like donald duck and talk like him . Walt disney was in the background on a throne of some kind. this is fact and can be proven. Just get a comic from the 50′s and you’ll see the resemblance.

      there are no other dimensions just the duck dimension and this dumb ass dimension we call america. btw the rest of th world does not exist. it is all a hologram created by the western banks



    • Anonymous

      Just as I’ve speculated, you can’t have a magnet that large able to generate 40 Tera volts and not affect the very fabric of space time. They knew and this was their objective, just how much power is needed to burst open to the other side? It does not make sense that she should be the only affected by this, unless the other sided wanted to remove her from ever doing this again.

    • Anonymous

      Just as I’ve speculated, you can’t have a magnet that large able to generate 40 Tera volts and not affect the very fabric of space time. They knew this and that was their objective, just how much power is needed to burst open to the other side? It does not make sense that she should be the only affected by this, unless the other sided wanted to remove her from ever doing this again.

    • Pink Slime

      Yes, I think I believe your theory. They wouldn’t go through all that trouble to examine what dust is made of.


      It’s a nice bit of fiction. The problem the writer had here is that he was too good. If an actual scientist were exposing material like this, BIN is the last place he’d post it. Secondly, he wouldn’t waste energy and effort going into details about things like who was in the room and whether or not he looked at them at a certain time or not. The are extraneous pieces of information used in order to produce a fictional scenario in books. It is not necessary for a expose’ of any type. I would go out on a limb and say this whole article is utter bunk of the lowest order. And just on another note, I also find no record of any Dr. Mantill involved with any physics or CERN.

    • CharlesH

      I think Father decided to step out to go to McDonald’s since she heard they were serving breakfast 24 hours a day. :twisted:

    • Decleated

      Interesting ending. Did they ever find “Father?” Kind of weird ending and never really explained what if anything happened. Am skeptical.

      • Cara

        Yes, FATHER, Sandra O’Reilly, came back with the immediate repeat, and never left a second time.

        Mother, Arthur Chung, went the second time and came back with the immediate repeat. (see part 2)

        Both Celene D’Accord (plasma physics) and the Author Edward Mantill went the third time, but Edward either never really left or he came back in the same unauthorized experiment at CERN (see part 4). The only one who truly disappeared, and wasn’t found later, was Celene D’Accord.

        (part 4) ” The light finally subsided and I realized I was in control room with Mother, Father, Nevga and the other’s lying around me.”

        So the only person who unresolvedly disappeared was the plasma physicist, Celene D’Accord.

    • jdpent01

      jdp…Just like Satan who scratched the surface of mankind and brought in Sin into the world. Either way you look at sin is still sin. These people with learned knowledge need to re focus on what God has given mankind. There looking in the wrong direction!

    • Tedx

      I’m a Physicist At CERN.

      And I was born yesterday, so I’ll believe you.

    • Anonymous

      pure fiction. a waste of time

    • The Guided One

      Before It’s News is good comedy, haha…

      My daily comedy for the week.

    • Morgawr

      You read it, LMAO

    • justraightalk

      I cannot believe I wasted my time reading this fictitious story.

    • AreUforReal

      Good read but reads like a science fiction novel. A Physicist wouldn’t right like this “As we stepped in, the doors shut and the elevator began to move. “I’ll never get used to that,” Celine said, referring to the degree of automation that the buildings displayed.” Too much information, they just get to the point. That has nothing to do with the story.

    • PhoenixLiberty

      It’s true I can hear the aliens in Uranus!

      • Bill Lyle

        Funny how they all sound like Chewbacca, eh? :lol: :lol: :lol:

        • The Clucker

          +1 for Chewbacca sounding fart addition to joke

    • imbrbing

      I am not going to tell you my address cause I can get in trouble for saying these things, but here is my name and place of work. LOLOLOL!

      What idiot wrote this article?

    • djfxw

      LOL..the guy gives his full name right after saying he could be exterminated if telling details about it. :lol:

    • djfxw

      I think I saw this in a movie once…

    • djfxw

      I also like how there is a naked woman on her period somewhere in another universe. :lol:

    • nw316

      Sounds like another contrived farce by BIN.

    • Anonymous

      I am not going to disclose my location so just let me provide you with my full name….LMIAO

    • Anonymous

      The CERN crowd are trying to find a way out of this dimension….

    • RationalSkeptic

      Yeah, suuure…

      Don’t get fooled by this fake alarmist.

    • Astral Silence

      Great story, just in time for Halloween

    • James Keene

      The only “news” here is that somebody has written some science fiction. Article should be labeled as such. Indeed, writing science fiction is not news, so the whole article is “off-topic” for this web site.
      In reality, even the public work at CERN is trivial, given recent advances in physics ( There is no reason to believe that the so-called “scientific staff” there is any less clueless and out-dated in any “secret” projects.

    • b4Idie

      Yep, don’t reveal your location…but absolutely give your real name… they can’t see you because you were rendered invisible by CERN.

    • Adventurous

      Cool story, bro.

    • Nancy636

      this is a recycled story of fiction. Please do not put Bible verses after these untrue stories.

    • vimy15

      fake article .. give me a break

    • vimy15

      fake article, give me a break

    • vimy15

      where r my freaking commwnts

    • Overmind

      Terran forces from Mirror Universe FTW.

    • Overmind

      …ot the guy just played Half-Life 1.

    • AmbrociousXP

      Not a true story, definitely does not deserve to be way up at the top of the list of suggested articles. This has been posted here before and it’s an amazing untrue story. Good fiction.

    • 1 darkstar

      No offense, but if you could be killed because of revealing information, why have you left your name?

    • charlie2dogs

      am i supposed to believe this

      • The Clucker

        Not if there are brains in your head.

    • TempleIsland

      I Call B.S sounds like a good beginning to a book to me!

    • Syco

      Pitch it to the SyFy channel I am sure somebody would dig this pile of fiction!

      • AllRoadsLead2NWO

        hell, they cannot even spell Science Fiction anymore- left alone abbreviate it.


      Cool story Bro.

    • Anonymous

      This writer claims to have a Ph.D. yet writes like a high school sophomore. Nope. Not real.

    • justoldog

      Halloween is over-

    • vimy15

      i love this story .. it must be soooo true

    • vimy15


    • worldordernews

      Reads like a PST if novel, obviously a load of BS… More fantasy crap or someone trying to sell a book.

    • Creepy Little Book

      This is 9 month old creepy pasta from Reddit’s Nosleep Subreddit. Here’s the link that at least credits the author of this FICTIONAL horror story. Do your due diligence people.

    • Suemoni

      Time travel has existed for well over 50 years, unlike what they want people to believe, this is not there first attempt.. There is plenty of valid information out their, take time to look it up. It will amaze you. They are playing a very dangerous game messing with the Time Lines. Its’ discussing what they are doing and its’ all to control what’s going on in our present time line. Don’t believe me because that’s too easy, look it up and do your ow research and draw your own conclusion. We are fr more advanced then many of you might realize.

    • AnAxiomDarkly

      Any moron foolish enough to believe this petty falsification is the type that will forever be absorbed in a realm of fantasy and obscurity. This article is poorly thought out like it was created by a 17 year old creative writing student who might excel in that class but surely falls short in their math and science department.

      Humans have become too gullible…

    • doggy do

      Lemesee: We’ve gone through ‘the niburian’s are coming, the niburians are coming’ fearporn about once every, oh, six weeks, whenever the science fiction writer sees his bank account getting low.
      We’ve gone through the ‘Nibiru will pass earth in 2017, giving the science fiction writer plenty of time to fill his checking account with revenue from two years of ad clicks’ fearporn.
      we’ve gone through the ‘Texas will be taken over’ by the country it already is a part of fearporn.
      We’ve recently entered the ‘Alaska will be taken over by the country it already is a part of’ fearporn era. Good choice, since the state is full of paranoids and escapists, both from reality and the law.
      We’ve gone through the “military exercises really a takeover of the U.S. by the U.S.’ fearporn.
      We’ve gone through “texas town taken over by its own army’ fearporn.
      We’ve gone through the ”all the school gun murders are false flags to take our guns’–I still have my seven or eight– fearporn.
      We’ve gone through the ‘all school gun murders were done by space aliens’ fearporn.
      We’ve gone thru the ‘world will end sept 25′ fearporn.
      We’ve gone thru ‘the whole world is under the devil’s control—guess that means the writer of the trash who decreed that, too’ fearporn.
      We’ve gone through ‘the world will end Oct. 18′ fearporn.
      We’ve gone through ‘well it didn’t end on Sept 25 or Oct. 20, but it will in November’ fearporn.
      We’ve gone through ‘weather chaos will erupt in 500 days, giving the writer enough time to make hundreds of posts, earning him/her lots of money; pretty clever I’d say’ fearporn.
      We’ve gone through the ‘everyone’s an antichrist but me, the real saviour, and if anyone says anything against me, you’re the antichrist too even though i belong in a hospital’ fearporn.
      We’ve gone through the “someone’s piloting a comet towards earth, and you can see them inside’ fearporn.
      We’ve gone through the ‘all walmarts are now ready as FEMA prison camps’ fearporn.
      We’ve gone through the ‘there are secret tunnels leading to all Walmarts to turn them into FEMA prison camps overnight and moving thousands of tanks across the nation in these secret tunnels’ fearporn. Yeah, right.
      We’ve gone through the ‘they’re knocking at my door to take my guns—even though I still have mine’ fearporn.
      We’ve gone through ‘the stock market will crash in April, June, October/take your pick of dates’ fearporn.
      We’ve gone through the ‘there are FEMA prison camps disguised as Army bases all over the nation but no one can find them’ fearporn.
      We’ve gone through the ‘city disappears and no one notices’ fearporn.

      We’ve gone through ‘the supercollider at CERN is a gateway to the devil because it’s science-based’ fearporn.
      We’ve gone through the ‘they’re spreading poison in the contrails seen from jets even through they’ve existed since we began flying in the stratosphere’ fearporn.
      We’ve gone through, numerous times, that ‘WW III is starting any day’ fearporn.
      We’ve gone through the ‘anyone who disagrees with me is a CIA operative’ fearporn.
      We’ve gone through the ‘anyone who disagrees with me is a govt. operative…hey that’s a great way to discredit anyone, with ‘proof’ someone made up 15 minutes ago, or absolutely no proof at all, just say it anyway because the people who believe that aliens are living in my basement will definitely believe this’ fearporn.
      We’ve gone through ‘the moon will be hit by an asteroid—maybe’ fearporn.
      Who wants to add more here? I’m betting very few are, because so many of you are living in a fantasy world that is the internet.
      What you should be asking yourselves is, why do i enjoy being afraid of the boogeyman so much? It’s not halloween for another year, so why?
      Does anyone reading this crap with enough sense to climb out of their ‘build your end of the world shelter now fearporn’ plans even see ANY kind of pattern here with the crap that is posted on BIN? I know batboy would. But he’s retired and living in a cave, unless he’s infected with white nose syndrome.
      I’m adding to this list constantly, because the writers of this stuff lost their jobs at Weekly World News and now make money this way, writing fearporn while locked in their little apartments, because ‘I’m too afraid to speak to anyone for fear they’re an alien, or a government agent, Obama or Putin spy who, apparently out of your own twisted sense of clinical narcissistic disorder, think you’re the most important person in the world and therefore worthy of being spied on, or…take your pick’ fearporn.
      It’s to MAKE THE POSTERS OF THIS CRAP MONEY, people. Nothing more. They feed on your fear. YOU feed on their delusions.
      Will you be joining the ranks of ‘the guy who shot his friend during a zombie movie marathon because he was so crapped he thought his friend was turning into a zombie even though there is no such thing’ fearporn?
      And what does that say about YOU?

    • Mighty Mouse

      one word… FICTION !
      LOL you can find the audio book on YouTube… :lol:
      I would suggest you boycott this ass wipe for trying to pass it off as real !

    • James Rathey

      Next 24 hours will be decisive for how many people join us and how much impact…..

    • MadnessintheMagnolias

      This is old news that’s just being recycled. Summary of the analysis of the 19 September 2008 incident at the LHC.

    • MyTwoCents

      No source link? This is the only place this story was posted? Seriously?

    • AJ

      Wa Hoo; Sounds like some sort of story I could have made up while in Junior HS….Cool :razz:

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