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The AB Positive Blood Type In Israelites Is Incredibly Special And It Is Also Present In The 144,000 Warrior Angels And The "SON OF THE MOST HIGH"

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By C.A. Bouthillier 2006 from CBouthillier Website recovered through WayBackMachine Website Spanish version


The Blood Typing Farce (WHO ARE THE 144,000 ORIGINAL DNA BEINGS?)


At least 95% of the population, who have blood type ‘O’ and ‘A’ which are the thinnest blood and lowest blood volume, and blood type ‘B’, have copper deficiency, due to slow poisoning from blood thinners, alkalizing chemicals, copper binders, and copper antagonists that they have saturated the food and food chain with. These poisons have altered and damaged the proteins/DNA of the blood and other tissues of the body. Copper is essential in the formation of normal healthy proteins, that is, normal amino acid sequences, in that it provides a balanced pH state for the blood and tissues. Copper is acidic at a pH of 5.5 and is important in providing a balance of the numerous alkaline and acidic nutrient minerals.


A balanced pH is present in blood type AB, which is the only normal blood type. Consequently, because of generations of poisons, the vast majority of the population has malformed proteins and is missing normal proteins, as can be evidenced just in the blood properties as noted in different “blood types”. The blood types of A, B, and O are missing the normal (clotting) proteins; type A is missing B, B is missing A, and O is missing both A and B proteins. The “Rhesus Factor” (D-antigen) is a malformed or variant A or B protein, resulting from insufficient copper levels. The blood type AB is balanced and therefore does not carry the malformed “Rhesus Factor” protein. Blood pH Levels The A protein (A-antigen) is alkaline as it is made up of more of the alkaline amino acids. The B-protein is acidic with more of the acidic amino acids. When the A and B proteins are present together, as in Type AB blood, the pH of the blood is in a balanced state or approximate pH of 7.0. A balanced pH is also indicative of the nutrient minerals being in balance. Individuals with blood types A and O have a propensity to over-excrete the acidic minerals and/or overload alkaline minerals, while those with blood type B have a propensity to overload some acidic minerals and/or over-excrete alkaline minerals, all cases due to copper deficiency. With type O blood, the alkaline level is so high that even the normal alkaline A-protein cannot be formed, and thus, is missing.


According to numerous references and texts dating a few years back and earlier, the pH range for blood in the US was 7.35 – 7.45, with an average pH of 7.40. Assuming Type B is acidic and Type AB is at or near 7.0, this range apparently included type A’s and O’s, which comprised 86% of the US population. The same dated texts and references document the percentages of type O as 45 % and type A as 41%, in the US population. It is interesting to note that a clinic in Florida recently measured blood pH samples of 259 clients, from January 2004 to June 2005, and found the average pH to be significantly higher, at a high average of 7.54. (Ref 12) Assuming Type A’s and O’s were only recorded in the samples, and O’s are the higher pH, this data indicates that type O blood in the US is currently well above 7.60 pH level. Additionally, many individuals with type A blood may change over to type O blood if the pH has increased to a point or range at which the A protein disappears.


Fraudulent History & Evolution Theory “In 1900, Karl Landsteiner, a physician in Vienna, Austria, noted that the sera of some individuals led to the ‘discovery’ of ABO blood types.” (Ref 1) Essentially, he noted a distinct difference in viscosity/pH level or the clotting factors of blood. Later on his students “discovered” the AB blood type. Then, in 1940, the “Rhesus Factor” (D-Protein) was detected. In truth, there is only one blood type among humans, and that is type AB. Anything else is a mutation due to copper deficiency. As each generation has been deprived and depleted of copper, the mutated genes/proteins have become more prevalent. These mutations of the blood and other structures that have manifested over the generations, is used as supporting evidence for the fraudulent “Evolution Theory”. The mutated blood types of A, B, and O and the presence of the “Rhesus Factor” are used to establish a lineage/correlation of the vast majority of the human population to the man-apes. This correlation does not exist, since natural DNA humans are created solely with blood type AB, and the man-apes or Mankind do not carry this blood type.


We Natural DNA beings were all created with type AB blood which came from Adam and Eve, with normal viscosity/balanced pH level with normal protein structures. Through a misinformation campaign the “official” history is that blood type AB is the newest and rarest, emerging 500-1000 years ago, while blood type O is the oldest. But in actuality the AB blood type group is the oldest, tied to our distant earthly Mother and Father, Adam and Eve. Copper Functions Copper maintains mineral balance, thus a balanced pH with normal blood viscosity, by functioning as the primary antioxidant in the body, remember copper does not rust like iron. When the blood is of normal viscosity with optimal blood flow, the blood is able to rid the body of toxic metals, chemicals, and any overload of other minerals, thereby retaining and balancing out the nutrient minerals. It has been documented that a, “decrease in antioxidant (anti-oxidation) protection caused by copper deficiency goes beyond a decrease in the activity of copper-dependent enzymes by inducing a wide range of disturbances in the other enzyme systems.”


(Ref 4) This is because sufficient copper levels are extremely important in the formation and/or activity of numerous other enzymes involved in the formation of, bone and connective tissue immune system cardiovascular and heart brain liver blood vessels pigmentation collagen and elastin blood clotting factors all the glandular systems, …and many others. (Ref 4) Thus, it can be stated with certainty that copper is the single most important nutrient in the body. This is why copper is the target for deprivation and depletion. Diabetes Prevalence Reveals Increased Mortality Rate in Alkaline Blood Types Blood Types A and O Diabetes data was chosen for the purpose of this writing because it correlates to blood type B, thereby making it easier to isolate the type B blood from the alkaline blood types in disease. Not surprisingly, national level health and medical organizations did not have any data on blood type correlated to diabetes, or other diseases for that matter, when requested. But, we know that blood type B is the acidic of the blood types and diabetes is known to be caused by an elevated acidity level of the blood.


Thus, diabetes does correlate to type B blood. Indeed, when the diabetic individual’s blood becomes dangerously high in acidity, Diabetic Keto-Acidosis (DKA) occurs, and is treated with high alkaline chemicals. Additionally, according to estimates a few years ago and earlier, blood type B comprised about 10% of the US population, which corresponded with the combined estimate of both diagnosed and undiagnosed cases of diabetes. (Most documentation on diabetes indicates that one third of all cases are undiagnosed.) According to dated references about 20% of African Americans and 10% of Caucasians carry the type B blood in the US, which is why African Americans are at twice the risk of developing diabetes than Caucasians. The following web site should be referenced for graph and data interpretations: Prevalence of Diagnosed Diabetes by Age, United States, 1980-2004. The graph depicts percentage of the population on the vertical axis and the years 1980 through 2004 on the horizontal axis.


The age groups are color coded lines according to age range. Data Analysis Ages 0-64 yrs have a combined rate of about 6.5 to 7.0 %, holding steady from 1980 until 1996, when an increase started in the 45-64 yr age group. This coincides with about two thirds of the diabetic population with the other one third being undiagnosed. There is also a significant increase in the two combined 65+ yrs age groups, starting in 1996-1997. The combined percentage indicates that about 1 in 3 individuals aged 65 and older were diagnosed with diabetes in the year 2004, which may actually be closer to 1 in 2 when the undiagnosed cases are included, indicating the acidic levels have risen in this age group. Note that in the same year, 2004, there was a significant increase recorded in the pH level of the alkaline blood types. (Paragraph 3) The significance of this data is as follows: At some point within the years 1995 or 1996, an increased rate of copper depletion began, which started manifesting in the year 1996.


The ratio of type B blood changes from about 1 in 10 in the age range 0-64 yrs to 1 in 2 in the age of 65+ yrs in 2004, after factoring in the undiagnosed cases. This does not mean that individuals with the alkaline blood types A and O are changing over to the acidic blood type B, but that many with the alkaline blood types are now dying in their 40s and 50s. Although a shortened lifespan, individuals with type B blood have a longer life expectancy on average, than the alkaline blood types. Note that Alzheimer’s, kidney disease, and amputations are all linked to diabetes, all of which greatly affect quality of life. Lastly, the increased death rate in the alkaline blood types will cause a corresponding increase in the percentage of individuals with type B blood in the overall population, as well as an increase in the percentage of individuals with type AB blood.


The Myth of “Disease” (See Ref 4,5) In their multitudes of “scholarly” medical works there is virtually always mention of missing and “variant” proteins in regards to different diseases. Copper deficiency causes “variant” malformed, missing, damaged DNA/proteins, and is responsible for virtually EVERY “disease” and symptom manifesting now, accelerating aging and death. Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s MS mental depression diabetes autism other neurological diseases ADD, ADHD pancreatic & digestive problems vision problems hemophilia bleeding disorders anemia low hormone production Cystic Fibrosis many other ‘birth defects’ cancer bone & muscle degenerative conditions shortened lifespan heart/cardiovascular disease heart attack stroke allergies respiratory illness kidney disease, …and the list goes on. These things happen gradually over time, so we do not suspect we are slowly being poisoned.


Take into mind these Scriptures: present time, “Man’s days will be 120 years.” and the future kingdom on earth a time of immortals, “Never again will a child live but a few days.” Meanwhile, many people are dying and suffering needlessly, because they are copper deficient, much of which is caused by the wicked powers that be through mass poisoning of the food, water, air, and electro-magnetic fields through frequency manipulation. Blood type is nothing more than the degree of copper deficiency in the vast majority of the population. The blood type AB have survived through this, indicating that some areas of the world and/or some groups have been excluded from the poisons or have the remedy in the DNA.


Copper Depleting Poisons: If the food and food chain was untainted and did not have any poisons, we would not be copper deficient. ALL the food now contains copper antagonists, blood thinners, alkaline chemicals, and copper binders, so that any copper that may have been present is negated. They have been depriving and depleting us of this most important nutrient, which must be acquired through the diet. We were born copper deficient, not because we were created with “genetic defects”, but because we have been slowly poisoned over the generations with copper depleting poisons. All the proof is self evident in the stores. There are thousands of these ingredients in everything we consume, and put on our skin. EVERY item has a combination of copper depleting poisons. Even supplements are loaded with these poisons. Note that some are stacked with vitamins, which are not required for supplementation, since the body produces its own. Its very simple Vitamins deplete copper but the powers that be always instructed us to take our vitamins, another wicked lie to make us sick. Your DNA along with building blocks of natural fruits, vegetables, meats, and alkaline waters from the earth is all your body needs to stay healthy in a normal environment.


One cannot get a copper supplement to boost levels of copper – they have ALL been prepared in an alkaline base or other chemical, which negates the copper. Some of the Genetically Modified (GM) food crops have been modified by changing an acidic protein to an alkaline protein by inserting additional alkaline amino acids into the sequence, thereby negating any copper that was contained in the crop. Other protein foods have been modified by adding additional sulfur amino acids into the amino acid sequences. Sulfur binds with copper and pulls it out of the body, thereby depleting copper status. This is the purpose of GM foods, to deprive and deplete us of the mineral copper, and to do further genetic DNA damage to the body structures, tissues, and blood.


The “Mad Cow” disease that is widespread is from copper deficiency – (Ref 10). This is another way they deprive and deplete us of copper. They claim the populace gets plenty of “copper rich” foods, but when examining the list, these foods are known to be very rich in sulfur. (Foods Rich in Sulfur) And, vaccines are loaded with toxins that deplete copper from the body, specifically targeting the liver, where the greatest percentage (~10%) of the body’s copper is stored. The Poisoners & Population Reduction How did they manage to pull off such a successful, massive poisoning campaign, and deceive everyone on the different blood types and diseases? They are one entity coordinating & cooperating with many, they possess great wealth, and they have many fronts. They own/control ALL the food and food processing entities, personal care products included, and everything that manufactures poisons.


They successfully sneak the poisons into the food and food chain, because they control every level and function of our government – every agency, organization, the administration, congress, house, all the political parties, FDA, AMA, CDC, USDA, natureapathic/alternative health care community, and the list goes on. They have agents and fronts to control us and control what goes into our food and food chain. It’s all about control, greed, keeping our minds weak, and decreasing our lifespan. This is how they have been accomplishing their goal of world population reduction. Their fronts, agencies, and corporations benefit and profit greatly from what they do. Yes, they are all connected – that is why they are successful in what they do. Through taxation we pay these people who allegedly represent us, and who give their authority to all these fronts to approve the poisons, without the consent or knowledge of the people.


The Constitution does not give authority to our government representatives to lie to us and deceive us, nor does it give authority to the government to act without the consent of the people. The government is supposed to be looking out for the best interests of the people it represents. When this is no longer the case, as we now know, the government ceases to be the rightful, legitimate government, and as such it is time to abolish the entire government. Today they are known as Illuminati, Elite, proponents of their “New World Order”, and other secret sects and secret societies. These secret groups derive their workings, rituals, symbolism, and traditions from the Talmud and Kabala. They work in secrecy, for the people will be repulsed and angry at what they do. They are liars, murderers, thieves, deceivers, and they destroy the earth and mankind. They Proclaim To Be God Remember what you have been told in generations past, for the time has come and the lawless ones have now been revealed.


They exalt themselves over everything that is called God. The blood type found on the Shroud of Turin, the suspected burial cloth of the “Son of God”, is blood type AB positive but they have deceitfully said that it is AB negative like some of their wicked bloodlines. Everyone else with blood types of A, B, and O have damaged DNA/proteins. This is how they proclaim to be God, the “Chosen Ones” and “the 144,000″, by their blood type/DNA matching the deceptive AB negative blood type said to be found on the Shroud of Turin by their wicked scientists who help turn everything upside down and backwards through the spirit of satan. They try to change the set times in their favor. Through one of their secret groups, Priory of Sion, they perpetuate the story of the bloodline of Christ. Their claim is that Jesus bore a child/children and these children became white royalty in Europe and the bloodline now has many descendants, ANOTHER LIE OF SATAN.


They also claim that everyone else who does not have blood type AB evolved from apes, since the man-apes or mankind hybrids only have the other major “blood types” of A, B, and O. This is to separate themselves and exalt themselves above everyone else, so that they proclaim themselves to be God, the designated ones to rule over the earth. We were ALL created with blood type AB with normal healthy protein/DNA properties by the “Most High” through our forefather and foremother Adam and Eve the original Spiritual Beings. Their poisons have mutated us into these other “blood types”.



References – History of “Blood Types” – Blood rates from different parts of the world – Distribution of blood types – Copper: The Maligned Mineral (The many functions of copper and copper deprivation, copper depletion) – Copper: Defining the Human Requirement – Misinformation about origin of type O. –


28 separate studies showed that Chimpanzees have the blood types A and minimal O, but never B. 8 separate studies showed that Gorillas have the blood types B and minimal O, but never A. There is NO blood type AB in either of the man-apes known as mankind which is a type of hybrid man. But natural seed man has both A and B AND blood type AB as well as very much O. For additional information on alkaline levels of the many chemicals in our food, contact chemists, and some web sites by searching for the name of chemical and “alkaline” or “pH”. There are just too many to list in this writing.


Some can found in ref # 8. – A Case for the Role of Copper Deficiency in “Mad-Cow” Disease and Human Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease: Research has suggested that copper also has an important role to play in the prevention or moderation of certain neurodegenerative diseases including the polyglutamine diseases (such as Friedrich ataxia and Huntington’s Disease), Parkinson’s Disease, Wilson’s and Menkes’ Diseases, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s Disease, also called “Motor Neuron Disease” in the UK), and Alzheimer’s Disease. – Because HFCS may deplete the body of Copper*, causing a copper deficiency, or if one currently has a copper deficiency, consuming HFCS over time will eventually cause heart failure due to hypertrophy (enlargement of the heart)


Most of the controversy surrounds the apparent link between the increased use of HFCS (mostly replacing sugar) and an increase in Type II diabetes and obesity in the United States. – Dr. Field explains that fructose in combination with copper deficiency in the growing animal interferes with collagen production. (Copper deficiency, by the way, is widespread in America.) In a nutshell, the little bodies of the rats just fell apart. Return to Genetically Modified Organisms – Foods and Others Return to Depopulation of Planet Earth Return to Temas / Sociopolitica Return to Genetic Changes

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      Mongolians have a total of eight blood types, namely A+- B+- O+- AB+-. More than 70% of Mongolians have А, В blood types
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