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What Do You Mean Nothing has Happened? The Final Warning

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     I have been studying current events and bible prophecy for quite a few years and have never seen a period of time that the world has experienced over the last few years. For those people that say nothing has happened, they are not paying attention at all. I believe we are entering the final phases of bible prophecy and the 7 year tribulation is going to start very soon, quite possibly within the next couple of months. In this article I am going to explain in brief many of the events that have happened over the last few years in relation to bible prophecy. I believe this is all leading to the start of the final 7 year tribulation period, which will culminate with Jesus coming back to earth to destroy the Antichrist and world system that we currently live under.

   During the 2 year period from 2014-2015, we had what is now called the blood moon tetrad. The blood moon tetrad is a series of 4 lunar eclipses in a row, where the moon turns blood red and all of these eclipses occur on Jewish feast days. In the middle of the blood moon tetrad of 2014-2015 there was also a full solar eclipse as well. The previous times this series of blood moons tetrads occurred was in 1967-68, 1949-50, 1493-94, 860-861, 842-843, 795-796, 162-163 and 32-33 all of which were significant with regards to Jewish history. 1967 was the year that Israel re-took control of Jerusalem after nearly 2000 years without it. 1948 was the year that Israel declared itself to be an independent state. 1492 was the year of the Spanish inquisition when Jews were expelled from Spain and also when Columbus discovered land in the Western Hemisphere. Of course 33AD is the year that Jesus was crucified on the Cross and rose again 3 days thereafter. While the 4 blood moons of the tetrad in 32-33 did occur on Jewish feast days, the final two were not full moon eclipses but only partial. I think this would still qualify in light of Jesus being crucified during that time as very significant. There have actually been only 8 full blood moon tetrad cycles since Christ was born over 2000 years ago, which makes it a very rare set of events. The other tetrads I referenced above also were in correspondence to very significant world events that greatly affected the Jewish people as well.

In September of 2015 we also had a Shemitah, which occurs every 7 years. While the entire global economic system did not completely collapse as some had predicted, most of the financial markets did have their greatest downturn since the great recession started back in 2008, which was also the year of the last Shemitah. For instance many world markets dropped anywhere from 10 to 40 percent during the months leading up to the end of the Shemitah period in September of 2015. There was a great fear around the world that the global economic system was going to completely collapse, but it did not for a variety of reasons. While many said that because the global economic system did not completely collapse in 2015, the Shemitah prophecy was a failure, but it actually it was not at all. If you read Jonathan Cahn’s book documenting the Shemitah you will realize that the same pattern we saw in past Shemitahs throughout history took place in 2015. Many Shemitahs in history did not result in a total economic collapse like we saw in 2008, but they all signaled a great shift in the economy either for better or worse. One could make the argument that the Shemitah in 2015 actually started the great rise in the financial markets that we have seen over the last few years. I would say that this great rise we have been seeing is actually going to lead to the greatest financial crash in world history that will occur very soon, but that discussion can be left for another day.

After the blood moon Tetrad we then we had the Star of Bethlehem appear in the sky from 2015-2017. The star was last seen during the time when Jesus was born on earth around 1AD and the wise men followed it to find where Jesus was at the time as a baby. The star of Bethlehem has not been seen in the sky since that time, but during the 2015-2017 time frame it followed the same path as it did during the time of the birth of Jesus.

2016 and 2017 we had a lot of prophetic events take place. On December 23rd of 2016 we had Jupiter enter the womb of Virgo in the sky, which started the now famous Revelation 12 sign culminating with the birth of the man child on September 23rd 2017. At about the same time there was a comet that appeared between Virgos legs, which many have called the conception comet. Also on December 23rd we had a resolution passed at the UN that condemned Israeli settlements and it was the first time that the US did not veto the resolution in the Security Council, like it had done in all other instances. By not vetoing the legislation and abstaining from the vote the US allowed resolution 2334 to pass, another black eye to Israel from this world body. Also in November of 2016 Donald Trump won the presidency against all odds, which I think has greatly speeded up bible prophecy. There are all sorts of strange numbers associated with Trump related to Israel. For instance he was born 700 days before Israel became a state and was 700 days old when Israel was born. On his first full day in office on January 21st 2017 President Trump was 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old. If you follow bible prophecy at all you know that 7 and 70 and very prophetic numbers in a lot of ways.

Now we hit 2017, which I would argue has been the most prophetic year since Jesus walked the earth. 2017 is the anniversary of a lot of events, including the 500th year since the reformation, the 120th year since the first Zionist Congress met, the 100th year since the Balfour declaration, the 70th year since the UN declared that Israel became a state again after nearly 2000 years in exile, and the 50th year since Israel took back control over the city of Jerusalem. Most of these anniversaries are very significant in bible prophecy. We also had many other things happen in 2017. On August 21st 2017 we had a Solar eclipse over the United States that went from coast to coast, which I believe parallels the sign of Jonah for all the nations. For the next 40 days from August 21st until the Day of Atonement on September 30th somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 natural disasters occurred around the world, which to my understanding are the most ever disasters to occur in that short a period of time. In the US we had 3 of the worst hurricanes ever to hit the country in one season causing hundreds of billions in damage. There were huge earthquakes around the world, massive heat waves in Europe killing hundreds, droughts in Africa, and many other strange weather phenomenon around the world. We know from the biblical story of Jonah that he went into to Nineveh and warned the people that they needed to repent or God would destroy them in 40 days. The same day Jonah went into Nineveh and started warning the people there was a solar eclipse and it was also 40 days before the Day of Atonement. Fortunately for the people on Nineveh they obeyed and God delayed judgment for a very long period of time. For America and the world, we did not repent and I think judgment in now very close if not already at hand. On September 23rd we had the Revelation 12 sign culminate in the sky over Israel with Jupiter exiting the womb of Virgo, signifying the birth of the man child in the sky. Many people thought that the rapture might occur on this date or right around there, but it did not obviously. While I thought it was possible the rapture or some other major event might occur that day, looking at it now I realize it was just a sign that is leading to bigger things to come in the near future. 77 days before the Revelation 12 sign on July 7th UNESCO declared that the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron was a Palestinian sight and not Israeli. Also, on July 14th of that year, 7 days later and 70 days before the Revelation 12 sign there was a terrorist attack on the Temple Mount, allowing Israel to retake control of the temple mount for a brief period of time. During this brief period Jews were allowed to go up and pray on the temple mount, for the first time in nearly 2000 years. The day after the Day of the Atonement on October 1st the worst mass shooting in US history took place in Las Vegas, which may signify the start of the judgment to come. A few weeks later in Texas the worst mass shooting at a church, occurred at a small church in Sutherland Springs where 26 people lost their lives tragically. On December 16th 2017 the second part of the Revelation 12 sign occurred in the sky with regards to the Dragon. On December 6th 2017 we saw one of the most prophetic events in history occur in a long time. President Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel and vowed to move the US embassy there as soon as possible. While this was a great thing President Trump did, he stopped short of saying that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel and said in the same speech that the final status of the city is still up for negotiations. While I considered that a grave mistake in the natural, prophetically it has greatly speeded up bible prophecy. By doing this it was the start of the fulfillment of Zechariah 12, which says in part that Jerusalem will become a cup of trembling for all the nations. One week later on December 14th the 57 members of Arab league met in order to condemn President Trump’s declaration and declare that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine. One week after this on December 21st (day of the winter solstice) the UN met and most of the nations in the General Assembly also voted to declare that Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine or at least it should be divided up between Israel and the Palestinians. In the Security Council the vote was 14 to 1 on this as well, with the US using its veto power to stop the resolution from going through.

Now we are in the year 2018, and the prophetic events continue to accelerate. On January 31 we had what is called a super blue blood moon over the US, which had not occurred since the year 1866. February had no full moons and March has two again, which does not happen very often. I believe that the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39, Psalm 83, and Isaiah 17 are also about to take place at any moment. In the Middle East we see two alliances forming. The first alliance is between the Russians, Turkey, Iran, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Libya which are the nations that attack Israel in the Ezekiel 38-39 war. The other alliance is between the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, which I believe will attack Iran (Psalm 83) and destroy the city of Damascus in Syria (Isaiah 17) either before Russia attacks Israel or right after. I am not sure which alliance will attack the other first, but these things should happen very soon, because everything is in place right now. We also have another major prophetic event taking place right now as well. We know that in Daniel 9:27 that a 7 year covenant is signed between Israel and the many that will be the start of the final 7 year tribulation period. We know that President Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner has been working on a peace plan in the Middle East for over a year now. From leaked reports about the plan we know it will divide up Jerusalem giving the Eastern half to the Palestinians and the Western half to Israel. The Temple Mount area will be under the sovereignty of an international force, with control of it going to the the UN and probably the Vatican. The Palestinians will be given a state and 40 billion dollars to help get it going. Kushner has been working with several Arab leaders on this across the Middle East and many of them have started to pressure Abbas to accept the deal once the full text is released, which most experts believe will be very soon, possibly within weeks of this writing. Abbas has said publicly he will not accept it, but I think with the carrot stick of 40 billion dollars he will be forced too. If this peace plan is signed in the next few months it will start the final 7 year tribulation period. It is also interesting to note the Jared Kushner owns a building in New York on 5th avenue with the address of 666. I am not saying he is the Antichrist, but I find it very interesting that the person in charge of the negotiations owns a building with the address of 666. Nothing in my opinion is coincidence, it is all part of a plan that God wrote down thousands of years ago when he created everything.

There have been a number of prophecies over the years that say if the US brokers a peace deal to set up a Palestinian state and divide the land of Israel, there will be a massive earthquake on the New Madrid fault that will divide the land of America. William Koenig wrote a book called “Eye to Eye”, which documents all of the natural and manmade disasters that have occurred in America and around the world right after someone tries to divide the land of Israel. I believe for a number of reasons that if this plan is signed we will have 3 massive earthquakes in this country on the Juan De Fuca plate, followed by the San Andreas, and finally the New Madrid. There is also a possibility of a huge Tsunami hitting the East Coast as well. The start of the destruction of the US will begin right after this peace is signed by the two parties and brokered by America’s leadership. I have believed for a long time that Mystery Babylon, talked about in Jeremiah 50-51 and Revelation 17-18 is America and that this once great country will be completely destroyed during the tribulation period. Other people believe Mystery Babylon is Rome or even a revived ancient Babylon in Iraq, but if you read the text closely it only describes some features of those places and not all. The text more closely resembles the nation of America than any other place. It is also hard for me to believe that God would somehow forget to mention America anywhere in the bible, even though this nation has spread the gospel around the world more than any other, and has been the most powerful and influential for well over a century now. I don’t think God would just completely leave America out of the end time’s picture especially when we are helping to get it going. President Trump recently said that he plans on opening the new embassy in Jerusalem on May 14th of this year, which is the 70th anniversary of Israel declaring itself independent. This is more prophecy being fulfilled. I think that there is a very good possibility at the same time or right around this time that this peace plan will also be signed starting the Tribulation period. While we do not know for sure, there is a good possibility that the text of the plan also allows the Jews to rebuild the 3rd Temple, which they have wanted to do for a long time. The Temple Institute in Israel has all of the materials and plans ready to rebuild this. They claim it can be rebuilt in about 6 months once they are given the go ahead. The Antichrist will allow the third temple to be rebuilt and animal sacrifices will be allowed to restart for the first time since 70AD. As I have mentioned earlier 70 is an important number in the bible. There were 70 nations on the earth in biblical times. When Babylon destroyed the first temple back in 586BC they took the Jews into captivity for 70 years. After that time King Cyrus allowed the Jews to go back to Israel and rebuild the temple again. The second temple was then destroyed in 70AD by the Romans and the Jews were scattered around the world until 1948 when the Israeli state was reborn again. 2018 is 70 years after Israel became a state again and 1948 years since the 2nd temple was destroyed. The Sanhedrin in Israel has recently minted a silver half shekel coin with an image of President Trump and King Cyrus on one side and on the other a picture of the third temple. During biblical times when a male would go to the temple, he would have to bring a half shekel as an offering in order to be cleansed by the priests.

All of these prophetic events are converging at the same time and it seems like there is not much time left until the Tribulation gets started. We know from Jesus that the generation, which sees Israel reborn will not perish from the earth until all of the events of the tribulation take place (Matthew 24: 32-35). That generation is now 70 years old and if you add 7 years onto it we get 77. In Psalms 90:10 it says that a generation lasts 70 years and by strength it can be as long as 80, so in theory the tribulation may not start for another 3 years, but there is a huge amount of evidence that it could start this year.

There is a whole other study I have done on the rapture, which very well may take place right before the tribulation takes place. I wrote another article called “The Case for Two Raptures” a few months ago, so you may want to check that out if you want to learn more. I think anyone who knows anything about bible prophecy realizes we are in the last days, no matter what happens in the next couple of months. I believe this will be my final warning to humanity that I write before these events start to take place. Please pray about this and see if God reveals to you that this is the time or not, then prepare accordingly.

The most important thing you can is accept Jesus into your life as your Lord and Savior. As JD Farag says this is as easy as learning your ABCs. First you must acknowledge you are a sinner, then believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins, and confess with your mouth that he is the lord and savior of the world. If you agree with what I am saying and have not done this yet, please consider doing it very soon, because none of us know how much longer we have on this earth and by the looks of things, our relative tranquility we have lived in for so long is about to change in a dramatic way.

While there is no single prayer that is right or wrong for this a common one is listed below. You can say it this way or pray it in your own words if you like. The exact words do not matter as much as the fact that you truly believe it in your heart and strive to live a better life after your confession.

Dear Lord,

I am a sinner. Please forgive me. Come into my life and cleanse me of my sins and unbelief. believe in you and in salvation through the blood of Jesus. I turn from sin and trust in Jesus alone as my savior. n Jesus name I pray, Amen.


God Bless


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    • Paulp

      Hey someone knows what they are talking about! Not 2 raptured but when it comes to discerning the signs of the TIMES you have that ability. Some of us have been given the gift of seeing the proof that is found in the Bible. God did say through His prophecy we can know that He and His word the Bible is indeed true. The signs and prophecies match perfectly and man can not do this on purpose or by accident. The world and even some Christians don’t understand what “give us this day our daily bread” really means. If you are born again and you seek Gods word, not because you feel you should but because you want to, you begin to understand things that isn’t shown to those that have no desire to know God. You begin to understand the truth is ways you never knew. You also begin to see how the enemy Satan trully operates. You begin to see his clever devices. The world we live in, the reason we have all this change with the technology in the one time period at the same time the signs are matching like they have never matched before, is because not only does Gods children know the last generation has begun but so does angels both good and evil. I look at people and everyone is staring at their cellphones or I pads. That alone tells me that Satan is expecting the rapture at any time now. He doesn’t want people to realize that there is something stirring in both spiritual and flesh world. Look at all the ghost hunting shows on tv. What does this do? Well it causes an increased interest and people all over the world is going ghost hunting or dabbling in something they shouldn’t and what are they do that they don’t realize? They are opening up spiritual doors on a mass scale all over this planet. Look at the video game GTA 5. I’ve played it. Am I the only one that sees all the satanic glorification hidden in this game? These are not by chance. Open your eyes and look at clever ways they are bidding it in front of the world’s face and they are either oblivious or straight up foolish. You’ll see a poster with the word facade repeated 3 times stacked on top of each other. 6 letter word 3 times 666. Or 3 hexagon for a service station canopy which is a 6 sided shape. The word GD is constantly repeated. Point is that the satanic kingdom is expecting the tribulation is at the very door. The door is opening. That’s how close we are. Satan and His kingdom for thousands of years has been anticipating and plotting for a specific time period and we are in that time period now. He has planted seeds of deception and for them to spring forward now so that deception of His will be powerful in his final bid to corrupt Gods plan but he knows he will fail but he will give his best. Satan has not played or shown his best cards til he knew the final generation has arrived. You know what he used to be able to tell when it has arrived? Gods word! Because it tells us how to know it. These are very important days we are living in. You and I are of those of the time period Gods word talks about the most! And the world is totally oblivious to it. I think most of the world feels it but they know not what they feel. New age ers talk about shifting energies or whatever the crap is that they think but that’s just a satanic lie that they are falling for. Satan does not care what a person believes as long as they don’t believe the one true thing a d that is the word of God. I got news for all those out there that think the Bible is a “fairy tale”….you have no idea how wrong you are and it’s going to cost you your soul if you don’t get off that path and I guarantee you that. I’d beware of your attitude towards God because if you are not humble towards Him then He will not allow you to come out of the lie you can’t see that you are buying into. He will not remove the Vail from your eyes and this is how He separates the wheat from the tares. Get right with God and He will begin to show you the real world and you will see what God trully is about and you’ll see the lies for what they are. You will no longer be of the world and this world is in a corrupt state until Jesus return. The spiritual danger is immense beyond comprehension and it’s never been as dangerous as it is now. God is not the bad guy. Jesus is our only way and one day everyone will understand that and any problem anyone has with that will fade away because the truth will be revealed but we have to make sure we are not on the wrong side of the chasm when it is because that’s where you will be eternally. Jesus is the only way to escape damnation once you can be held accountable. That’s not just a belief that is a fact.

    • jknbt

      Bin took down your two raptures article. pls repost.

    • The Ferrett

      You confuse the terms “Israel” and “The Jews.” Without a proper Biblical understanding of these crucial terms, your well-meaning predictions will simply NOT come to pass ..

      Many evangelical Christians believe, incorrectly, that the Jews are the “chosen people,” and they feel that any people chosen by God should be supported. They believe that the nation God promised to bless refers to the modern state of Israel. If they knew that the modern day Jews are not descendants of the Israelites and thus are not descended from the “chosen people” spoken about in the Bible it is likely they would not be so enamored with the modern state of Israel which is populated by descendants of the Satan worshiping Edomites/Khazars, and not by descendants of the Israelites of the Bible.

      It is especially surprising that certain highly educated and biblically trained television evangelists, that some refer to as “Christian Zionists,” would not know that modern day Jews are not descended from the Israelites. Is it that they are blinded by what they assume to be true? It is the belief of the authors of this article that the modern state of Israel should be supported as the only democracy in the Middle East.
      We assume, however, that the fanatical support of the modern state of Israel by those “Christian Zionists” mentioned above is based on their incorrect belief that Israelis, and Jews everywhere, are modern day descendants of the Israelites of the Bible.

      NOTHING could be further from the truth . .

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