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By Jeffery Pritchett
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This Will Change Everything You Know

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What we are seeing on the news is just the beginning. Their plan is starting to come into view, and it’s just as bad as everyone thought.

“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding it’s sphere of influence on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intidimation instead of free choices, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations”-John F Kennedy

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    • Slimey

      You want masters, you get them and you turn into sheep. Sheep get slaughtered.

      That’s the history of mankind in one sentence. You don’t need to get more sophisticated then that. :wink:

      • westgate

        Somehow, there’s a doughnut reference in there I think…… :wink:

    • Everette

      First let’s address the truth . The truth is supposed to set you free ! Let’s start with the name Jew ? Who are they ? Are they of the Tribe of Judea ? No ! Are they of the 10 Tribes grouped together call Israel who were given to Ephraim’s ( Joseph’s son ) descendants , because Solomon sinned many great sins by marrying women of other nationalities and then builded them temples dedicated to other gods other than Israels GOD YHVH ( YEHOVAH ) . No they are not of Israel . In the Bible Judea was left to Solomons son with 2 other tribes ( Levite and Benjamin ) . The other 10 were handed over to Ephraims descendant . So in the Bible we are told Judea and Israel fought each other . In Ezekiel 37 we are told that near the end of the gentile reign the tribe of Israel also called the tribes of Ephraim and also called the tribes of Joseph will join with the tribe of Judea to once again reunite total Israel back together . The name Israel was given by GOD to Jacob . When GOD divided Israel 10 and 3 , the names Judea and Israel were the new norm that stood for the group of tribes under the leadership of the tribe of Judea and the tribe of Ephraim . Jacob had 12 sons . On Jacobs deathbed he gave the name Israel that GOD had given to him to Ephraim and Manasseh ( Joseph’s two sons ) . So now there were 13 tribes instead of 12 because of deathbed blessings passed down to Ephraim and Manasseh instead of to Joseph their father . Who are the Jews ? In Nehemiah 4 you will find out that the Jews filled the land of Israel after the King of Babylon took Judea and Israel prisoner . Israel got shipped to Europe , Judea stayed in Babylon as slaves until they returned home to Israel . Once they returned home to the land Israel the Jews had already set up shop in their land . In Nehemiah chapter 5 Judea ( GOD always addresses them as Judea not the Jews ) addresses the enemy that is trying to stop Judea from rebuilding the Temple , as to who the Jews are . Judea addresses them as being their brethren . Brethren as in Jacob had a brother named Esau . Now ask a Jew who the descend from and you will find that it is not from the children of Jacob Israel . Jews are Esau Edomites ! In Malachi GOD tells the Prophet that Jacob have I loved Esau have I hated .putting all the pieces together I find that Esau was the son of lucifer , the devil . In Obediah chapter 1 we are told that the Esau Edomites will one day be destroyed from the face of planet earth . So these people are not GOD’s chosen people . Their god is lucifer . They even admit it ! Lucifer was the angel made greater than all other angels . Because lucifer decided to try and throw GOD off HIS THRONE , lucifer was cast down and Jesus states he was cast so hard that it looked like lighting striking downward . Jews have negative blood types . Science states these are different as to they are closer kin to reptilians like lucifer the dragon , the serpent ( Revelation 12:9 ) . Now The Tribes of Jacob Israel are not negative blood types , but of type A positive . Science states that type A came upon earth (about) 5800 years ago . The Bible history starts 5778 years ago . 22 years difference than science guesses at . The Hebrews state that Adam began upon earth 5778 years ago . He begins in Genesis chapter 2 . Chapter 1 brings in the white type O positive blood types . Science states they began about 150,000 years ago . The Black type O blood types descend from Ham after the flood of Noah . Type B comes upon earth about 5600 years ago according to science these are Cains descendants after he is driven out for killing Able . After the flood they are Jappeth’s descendants . Shem carries the type A positive White blood . The Bible was written for Adams descendants . In the Bible , Song of Solomon 5:10-12 tells us that Solomon was a White man with black hair . The blood line is always carried by the father and not the mother , that is why GOD has the prophets state the fathers linage . The Jews use the mothers linage which can jump to different blood types . The mother does not give the child its blood type , the father gives the blood type . So type A positives are Hebrews and possibly of one of the Tribes of Jacob Israel . The Jews also claim to have a Preisthood . This almost makes you think of the tribe of Judea . Judea does not and can not have a Preisthood that GOD respects . The Preisthood was given to the tribe of Levite . They were given no land territory because their claims was to be in the Temple grounds and Temple . GOD states Israel is MY chosen and Judea is my law giver . No verse states that the Jews are GOD’s chosen people . In Acts chapter 10 we find out that GOD tells Peter using a mediphore in a vision to let him know GOD is no respect or of persons and that a Roman soldier of the tribe of Esau was coming for him to ask of him on how to be saved . When the Roman soldier got saved and received the Holy Spirit , Peter went back and told the disciples . They were angry with Peter . Then Peter explained what GOD had shown him and what GOD had told the Roman soldier to do . When he told the disciples that the Esau Edomite also received the HOLY SPIRIT they then marveled . In Acts chapter 11:1 we are told of the first record of a Gentile to receive the Gospel who was the Jew Roman soldier . He received Jesus ( YESHUA in Hebrew ) sacrifice for his sins and ask GOD ‘s HOLY SPIRIT to come into him . Esau Edomites are half breed humans and half devil . Their father is lucifer that mated with human flesh , We are told this happened in Genesis 6:1-2 . The new world order is going to be run by Esau Edomites catholic vatican and the UN to be Ishmael’s descendants . Esau married Ishmael’s daughter . These descendants will revel lucifer to the world . This creature is called the beast . Revelation 12 calls him the dragon . The flesh form will contain lucifers spirit . Many then say he is lucifers son .
      Those leading this ring of evil are few in number . To win a war first one needs to take out the leading body that instructs the lower ranks . Next all those that have pictures yielding the sign of lucifer the triangle and the all seeing eye , which may be the mark of the beast that will be showing loyalty to lucifer . The triangle on a plate was first given to Enoch (7th from Adam ) with the name of GOD inscribed in the triangle . Enoch was told to bury the plate in the earth . The Jews today use the eye in the triangle to represent the all seeing eye . They believe GOD only has one eye and that is HIS right eye . Meaning all is right with GOD because HE is never wrong . Now their God is lucifer the created being made by GOD . We have had Esau Edomites play book for about 100 years , why has nobody stopped this evil progress ? One day very soon the son of man and GOD is going to turn this world upside down . We know it’s not long because fucashemia scientist say we only have 60 years of any kind of life left on planet earth . Next Revelation 12 great sign happened over Jerusalem September 23 2017 . The next part is for the woman ( Israel ) to be taken into the wilderness and kept from harm . Revelation 3:7-12 tells us that those of the church of Philadelphia ( brotherly love ) will be the only ones kept from the hour of temptation ( Revelation 3:10) that is going to try all man kind .
      So to wrap this up Esau Edomites with negative blood types are now in very high positions setting up lucifers to be appearance . These are not GOD’s chosen people . These are not of Jacob Israel . These are not GOD’s Preisthood leaders . They are the devils ! The holocost more than likely was killing the tribe of Judea rather than those of Esau Edomite Jews . Hitler was a Jew of Esau . Rothschild , Hitlers father by his mistress was a Jew . They identify themselves as Zionist . Zionist means those interested in Temple Mount . The truth is in plain sight . We must open our eyes . Besides in the New Testament we are told that men are not to cover their heads when entering the Temple as the Jews do . Why because they are in GOD’s image . But women are to cover their heads because fallen angles seek to have sex with them . But then we are told that a woman’s long hair is her covering . Today many don’t have that covering because they look more like men than women .

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        Do you honestly think anyone is going to read that wall of text?

        Summarise and space out.

        • DangerWillRoberson

          i didn’t, lol! you only need the name of one jew and that name is Jesus! ask him into your body now he will wash your sins away! repent work for Jesus! :idea:

        • Slimey

          Another cut & baste. :lol:

      • Britnay Smithh

        I am sorry, but you are completely wrong! The bible is One Great Precessional Year cycle,from the Flood( baptism by water) to the Apocalypse( baptism by fire). In our Dual and bipolar world,there is spiritual and physical world. In new creation, two stargates must come together,bringing the male and female cosmic forces into One= Creative! For this reason,the Bible startswith PLURAL,Elohim,being 33x in Genesis! Even theTetragrammaton,IHVH(starting at Genesis 2:4) consists of male Iah, andfemaleHavah! It is as the taoist Jing and Jang, or Maya HunabKu and Bolon Yokte Ku, or the MagenDavid of male& female triangular grottoes in procreation! Or the egyptian ANKH,the Oval,female on the ityphallic,male T-tav!So is the Russian Twoheaded Eagle,holding the VEMALE APPLE and MALE SWORD! ( Apparently,you zre uneducated in the ancient ASTRONOMIES= predecessor of all religions)!
        The Great Precessional Year( Anno Magnus) starts by the Aquarian Age to the middle,the Age of Leo,and backto the new Aquarian Age,and new Great Year! This our one started in 23,760 BC, going to 10,864 BC Age of Leo, and from there to5,793 A.M.= 2033AD, exactly,25,793 solar years…The Great Sphinx symbolises it,with Aquarian Head and Leo’s Body! The3 pyramids of Giza and Teotihuacan,arethe only GLOBAL CLOCK, measuring the Great Year/ Anno Magnus! Well known cycle to the previous,ancient civilizations, but also to us!
        There is the famous Lid of Pakal, with this age of Apocalypse of Aztlan/Atlantis: 9,745 BC( in agreement with Plato’s date given for lost Atlantis),adate re-used on the modern basilica of Guadalupe,and in 911oficial Database!!!
        After the Apocalypse of Aztlan a Mesoamerica, the survivingSerpent people of the Serpent culture went sailing to the then egyptian Palestine and eastern Mediterranean coast, in two waves/ groups! They called themselves as Canaanites= Serpent people! Because Can/ Kan and Chan is in Native American SEMITIC languages= SERPENT/ SNAKE! And they set up not only Jeru-salem( Ezekiel 16:3), as Dragon dusk city,but also other Dragon cities,as Jeri-cho and Jere-van! Because Jeru/Yeru is Dragon in Semitic languages of the Naguatl group( Naga= Cobra snake), because the Mesoamerican Snake people saw Milky Way as Dragon-Serpent-Caiman, meanwhile the ebyptian saw Milky Way as female goddess Nut,filled with stars! These descendants of Shem= Native American tribes, known as Canaanites= Snake people, brought with themselves the CUBICAL TEMPLE design, from Kabah,Yucatan, to Mecca,as Ka’aba! And the priestly-astronomer group of Hebrews= Crossers( of ocean) the cubical Philactery as the symbol of the galactic CUBICAL JAR/ POT= WOMB, for departed souls! For the Maya,the Earth,Gold and New Jerusalem is a CUBE( see Revelation 21:16/17)! The local population in the Eastern Mediterranean nicknamed these Canaanites and Hebrews as Phoenicians, who rose up from their own apocalypticashes,as their mythical bird, Phoenix!
        And from this group rose up the biblical Pharisees and Saducceess, JESUS NICKED AS VIPERS/SERPENTS, because He is the Truth,Light and Path,knowing these satan descendants( Rev.12:9) roots in the Serpent culture of Mesoamerica!!!
        Only this clarifies more the jews being of the RED NATIVE AMERICAN STOCK OF SERPENT PEOPLE, as the biblical EDOMITES! Of course, there are numerous converts and proselytes,like the Khazarianor Karaite ” jews”of Revelation 2:9and 3:9, who call themselves as AshkeNazi jews, claiming to be an ash in their holyhoax stories,but are the only Nazis in this world!
        Since Ama-ruca is the Land of the Plumed Serpent( Wikipedia), and a ” Motherly rich coast/ continent”, shaped as female body, an Earthly copy of the female Milky Way, no suprisethat afterre-disvovery of America, the Serpent jews swarmed the entire continent , and today,as zionists, controls the most powerful,United Snakes! These zionist jews,like the zerpent Aztecs, are in constant warswifhxacrificial victims, building PYRAMIDS OF SKULLS& BONES from theif global victims!
        Just lime leopard never cha ges his spots,so the satanic,murderous jew never cha ges his deadly behavior!!!

      • Veritas

        Close. Try this:

    • Britnay Smithh

      After the age of 60,your immune system isfalling apart! And in about15-20 years,you have none! Proven fact! Our bodies are pre-timed, and there is not much wecando about that! There is the process of rebirth/resurrection/reincarnation: in the old age,we turning into infants in this: loosing hair,loosing teeth and some or all memories, and same even wearingdiapers…The body slowly cools down and is getting ready for the hostle,cold soil/ grave…But the soul, that’s totally different story! After the mi i black hole in thecenter of brain collapses and became wormhole= white tunnel for the departing soul, the soul take journey toward the Belt of Orion,the entrance gate of our galaxy,Black hole…The soul gets into the galactic Womb( center) for Purgatory, to be erazed of its memories,possible only in very high magnetic field…Then a su h,remuvenated soul,travels toward the exit stargate,the Cygnus X1(Swan) yoinic Black hole in Mesopotamia= Dark Rift/ Cleft= Eden/ Paradise in east of Milky Way= Heaven/Havilah, to descend to another infant bodyin accordance with carmic and galactic laws,to start another cycle of life on Earth! And we know,there are somd cases of children reincarnation and memories of previous life/ lives! Not all memories were erased….

      • Don - 1

        sorry, but your comment is a load of BS :eek:

        • Anonymous

          sorry, but BIN is a load of BS.

          • nikita

            Actually, I think Jeffrey did a good post.

            You have to seperate the wheat from the chaff Anonymous.
            & “As above, so below”

          • Dystopian Delight

            IT’s all good. R E L A X. Enjoy the ride.

    • patann

      Prophecy Links Fulfilling

      Jan 12/13, 2019 Hand Write On A Wall, 99 Bowls Of Molten Lava; Aug 7, 2019, Hand Writes Clumsily On A Wall, Escape Yellowstone! Apb

      Article, [Bill Maher Believes People Should 'Want' to Get Coronavirus], (thus saith the Lord of the molten death rider from beneath the earth; Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.
      For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.
      Trust, Delight and Commit, and he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday.ser more here, Ps 37

      Bill Maher Believes People Should ‘Want’ to Get Coronavirus.. Is He like Jesus, is Bill Maher own family willing to be a tester of his theory? If only leads, like those launching atomic bombs put themselves, their loved ones in harm way of their ridiculous to sociopathic ideologies, beware, God Is AWARE, Apb

      Prophecy Links Fulfilling

      After I post these comments about the second wave of Aug 5th thru Sept 13, the day the earth stood still, is darkness come, I found this In my YouTube Suggestion Box, Catastrophic Blackout is Coming – Here’s How We Can Stop It | Samuel Feinburg,, (and as you know there’s too many holy and unholy spirits Rev 9/12, star warring over us to believe in coincidences, beware, Apb

      Prophecy Links Fulfilling possibly referring to the W. Pacific ring of fire, seeing, 2016, fuel canister all set in a circle and like right now, one by one set ablaze; also witnessed an EMP to CME blackout event, that caused a walk-a-thon out of Hacks Cross Memphis.
      -A blessed walk-a-thon oddly right into the southeast coast, Georgia, making sense, seeing West, North, South Memphis TN, went off the planet, followings US/Canada W Pacific into all US/Canada States again except Georgia’s Coast into Africa’s Atlantic, beware, the Caribbean, nor Central, South America are escape but stampeders as well, Apb

      YouTube Final Days, 40 Volcanoes Erupting,
      Article, [More Than 45 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right now, with a predicted 101 Yellowstones pending according to two more visitations Aug 7 a hand like one is unstable barely writing escape Yellowstone. Understand by this time, by Aug 5th and 7th (2O19), already happen and why you’re escaping, one event so gigmornous it has stood the globe still and send two Jesus Grace allowed world powers instantly off the planet. One, the Bride by fiery grace and by fiery judgement, US/West Rule.
      -Meaning by God’s estimates it’s human inherits are living in a partial post apocalypse, West Rule no more. Still by it’s Aug 30/31, (2019) come the news, the report hearing of ), “after 101 Yellowstone eruptions,” apparently the nuclear, molten and solar beginning to end of said superpowers removal, an outbreak of mortuary with two supplied amazing grace safe zones, Jordan’s Sela (Petra); and Georgia’s, Africa’s Atlantic, coasts, beware, Gen/Rev Holy God Is AWARE! Apb, see here, and here,

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