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Will September 18th or 19th 2020 be the Start of the Final 7 Year Tribulation Period?

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So much has happened in 2020 it is hard to know where to start. From the Coronavirus Pandemic to the worldwide protests and riots, this has been a year of great change. I unfortunately think as we move into Fall of this year, things will get much worse. From the looks of things, it certainly seems that we are in the time of sorrows talked about by Jesus in Matthew 24, just before the start of the final 7-year Tribulation period on earth. If you have read any of my previous articles or are a prophecy watcher, you know that events have been accelerating over the last several years, and we are moving toward a worldwide breaking point of our entire society.

I have been researching and studying end times events for about 25 years now, when I first started waking up to how the world is really run behind the scenes. I have been waiting for an event or series of events that the globalists can use in order to collapse the current society and bring in their New World Order. The first event that I thought this was possible was with 911 back in 2001, then Katrina with the rising of the oil prices, the global financial collapse of 2008-2009, the riots and unrest during the Obama Administration, the rise of Isis and the Caliphate, the election of President Trump, and the wars that nearly started with North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Venezuela. While none of these events were used by the Globalists to bring in their NWO, all of them were used as a stepping stone to further the agenda of moving us towards a One World Government, One World Currency, One World Trading System, and One World Religion. This year we had an event that has eclipsed all of the other ones in size and scope. The Corona Virus Pandemic, which I think was pre planned a long time ago, is being used to bring in the New World Order Beast System talked about in the book of Revelation. It looks to me like the Pandemic is the event that will collapse the current world economic system. For a virus that has a mortality rate of 0.2 to 0.3 percent, the globalists are using it for all its worth. They have shut down the entire world economy, forced everyone to wear masks, and social distance. While I think the virus has been way overblown, it really does not matter, because the final plans have been put into motion and are being implemented as we speak.

As prophecy watchers know, the final 7-year tribulation will start with a peace treaty or “Covenant with Many” that is confirmed by the Anti-Christ between Israel and the Palestinians with many other countries agreeing to it. Daniel 9:27 says that he will confirm the “Covenant with Many” for 1 week (aka 7 years). I believe that the peace plan President Trump and Jared Kushner released in January is that Covenant, but it still lacks the many other countries needed to be the final version of the plan. From my understanding of the plan 4 out of the 5 elements in the final covenant are included in President Trump’s “Deal of the Century”. The first is to create a Palestinian State, next is the allow the Jewish settlements to be annexed by Israel in the West Bank (formally known as Judea and Samaria), third is to divide Jerusalem giving part of it to the Palestinians as their capital, forth is to allow the Jews to have their capital in West Jerusalem, and last is the allow the Jews to rebuild the 3rd temple on top of the Temple Mount next to the al aqsa mosque. President Trump’s peace plan has 4 out of these 5 elements, with the only one missing being the rebuilding of the 3rd temple. I believe the AC will come in and add this to the plan when he confirms the covenant at a future date. The part that is missing for all of this is to have many other countries agree and sign onto it, but this week it looks like we have a major breakthrough on this front.

On Wednesday August 13th President Trump, Jared Kushner, and several other administration officials announced a peace plan had been agreed too between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. This is a major breakthrough in the peace process. Under the agreement, Israel and the UAE will normalize relations and it will allow Muslims from the UAE to travel to Jerusalem and pray at the mosque on the Temple Mount. Each country will open embassies on the others soil and hostilities will cease between the two. This is only the 3rd country in the Middle East that has normalized relations with Israel since 1948 when they became an official state again under the UN mandate, the other two being Egypt and Jordan. During the press conference President Trump said that negotiations are in the works for other countries in the Middle East to get on board with this peace plan and normalize relations with Israel. We know that Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq to some degree, Yemen, and Syria are all very hostile towards Israel, so the countries being talked are probably Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain. We know the Saudis and President Trump get along very well and on Friday August 14th Jared Kushner announced it is inevitable that they will get on board and announce a similar plan very soon. If Saudi Arabia gets on board it is likely that some of these other smaller countries, mentioned above will also sign on and do the same thing. By doing this it serves two purposes. The first is that it will create a counter alliance to the alliance that Russia has been creating in the region between Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, Libya, and maybe Iraq. Most of these countries will be part of the Ezekiel 38-39 war, that can start very soon I believe. The other part of the alliance is that it will allow the AC to confirm the peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians having many other countries sign onto it. One of the conditions that the UAE had in order to sign this deal with Israel was, that they would temporarily suspend plans to annex the settlements in the West Bank putting them under Israeli sovereignty. Israel has done this, but because of what the bible says about what happens to the Jews in this area at the midpoint of the tribulation, we know that eventually Israel will take control of these areas allowing the Jews to live there, within a Palestinian State. I think what is going to happen is that these other nations will also normalize relations with Israel very soon and then they will put pressure on the Palestinians to agree to President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” peace plan. This process maybe further along behind the scenes then what it looks like in the public eye. I think in the next few weeks we could see several of these nations sign on to normalize relations with Israel very quickly and the peace plan come to swift conclusion by the middle of September, although I do not know this for sure.

September 18th and 19th is the Feast of Trumpets this year in Israel, which is the first of 3 fall feasts that the Jews celebrate every year and have been for thousands of years now. Christian students of the bible know that the 3 spring feasts were fulfilled by Jesus during his first coming to this earth with his death, burial, and resurrection. Pentecost is the middle of the 7 feasts that Moses instructed the Jewish people to celebrate every year. After Jesus was resurrected to heaven during the ascension the holy spirit came down to the newly formed Christian group during Pentecost of that year, so that feast was also fulfilled at that time. The Fall Feasts will be fulfilled when Jesus comes back to the earth at his 2nd coming. I believe that Jesus will resurrect the Tribulation Saints on the Feast of Trumpets near the end of the 7-year tribulation period (Revelation 14:14-18) then pour out the last 7 bowl judgements (Revelation 16) on the earth during the next 10 days known as the Days of Awe. At the end of the Days of Awe the next feast will be fulfilled called the Day of Atonement. This will be the day that Jesus comes down and sets his feet on the Mont of Olives (Zechariah 14:4). He will fight the AC and his armies, then defeat them at the battle of Armageddon. Then Jesus will bound Satan and False Prophet up for 1000 years, at which time he will release then again for a short time. At the Feast of Tabernacles that year is when he will start his 1000-year millennial reign on earth. If this is all how it plays out it would mean that the tribulation period starts exactly 7 years or 2550 days before the Day of Atonement.

In Daniel 12 it gives a timeline for how long the tribulation lasts, saying in essence that the first half of the tribulation is 1290 days and the 2nd half is 1260 days for a total of 2550 days. The reason I think that the tribulation may start on September 18 or 19th of this year is because the timeline in Daniel fits perfectly if the “Covenant with Many” is signed on one of these two days. If you go 1290 days past September 18th of 2020 you come to March 31st 2024. On the Torah Calendar that year is the last day of Passover and on the Gregorian Calendar it is Easter or Resurrection day as we Christians like to say. Fast forward another 1260 days and you get to September 12th of 2027 or the Day of Atonement on the Torah Calendar. This would mean the AC would confirm the “Covenant with Many” on the Feast of Trumpets this year, kicking off the final 7-year tribulation period. 1290 days later, he would go into the temple and declare himself to be God, also know as the Abomination of Desolation (Matthew 24:15-21) and thus causing the Jews to flee out of Judea and Samaria, where they will be living in the sovereign settlements. 1250 days later would be the Feast of Trumpets in 2027 where Jesus raptures or resurrects the Tribulation Saints out of the Great Tribulation that have died or survived throughout talked about in Revelation 14:14-18. Then he would pour out the last 7 bowl judgements on the earth for all the non-believers also known as Gods wrath bowl judgements (Revelation 16:1). Remember Jesus said that none of his believers would have to experience his wrath. This includes the Old Testament Saints, the Church Age Believers, and the Tribulation Saints. All are raptured out of the earth before his wrath is poured out in 3 separate rapture events. At the end of the 10 days he would come back on the Day of the Atonement with all the Saints on horses and defeat the AC and his armies who will be attacking Israel and trying to destroy it for good (Revelation 19). It will be at that point that the Jews will finally realize that Jesus is the Savior of the world and believe it in their hearts. All of this madness of the end times will finally end and we will be able to live in peace for 1000 years here on earth.

During the press conference President Trump gave on August 13th announcing the peace deal between Israel and the UAE, he said there would be a formal signing at the White House in the coming weeks. If we see Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman agree to normalize relations with Israel in the coming weeks like the UAE did, then we could be looking at the confirmation of the “Covenant with Many” talked about in Daniel 9:27 on September 18 or 19th take place, thus kicking off the tribulation period.

The Coronavirus has been used to destroy the world economy setting up the transition into their One World Economic System with a One World Currency. I think the One World Currency will be a digital cryptocurrency that will be administered by the central banking system of the world. The US dollar and all other currencies of the world will collapse, probably right after the “Covenant with Many” is confirmed, allowing the new system to be put into place.

The coming Mark of the Beast I believe will be a system that will include the Covid-19 Vaccine, 5G, an RFID microchip implanted into the skin in your forehead or right hand, and the cryptocurrency will be uploaded onto the chip along with everyone’s personal, medical, and bank account information. When people take the vaccine via the quantum dot tattoo, it will be the administration of the Mark of the Beast System talked about in Revelation 13:16.

The quantum dot tattoo is like a band aid that has micro needles in it. The needles will hold the vaccine and when a doctor or health care provider puts the band aid on your skin it will absorb into it and release the vaccine into the bloodstream. The vaccine will have something called recombinant DNA/RNA in it and when 5G is turned on full blast it will weaken a person’s cells allowing the recombinant DNA/RNA to absorb into it. Once the cells are weakened a person’s DNA will start to be altered meaning you will not be fully human any longer. On the top of the band aid are dots that will form an X. This X can only be seen with infared light apparently, but anyone looking at it with that light will be able to see that the person has been marked, meaning they took the vaccine and is okay to participate in the economy. Anthony Patch writes an article each month in a publication called Entangled Magazine. He has some great technical articles explaining all of this, if you are interested. Anyone without the mark will be banned from entering stores and not be able to participate in the economy similar to how in most places now you are not allowed to go into a store without a mask on. Masks are a beta test to see how many people will comply and follow orders, even though there is no scientific evidence that masks do any good on healthy people. Masks and social distancing are a form or social conditioning to get people used to this, so when the vaccine comes out it will be easier to convince the public to take it.

It is imperative that people do not take the vaccine under any circumstances. If you take the vaccine and the recombinant DNA is in it, your DNA will be altered meaning you will no longer be fully human. If you are no longer fully human you will not have the ability to be saved anymore, which is Satan’s plan from the start. The war that has been going on for nearly 6,000 years now between God and Satan is about people’s souls. God and Satan are fighting over souls. If you are not saved the bible says you will spend the rest of eternity is a Lake of Fire and I for one do not want anyone to have to suffer through that. The bible says anyone who takes the Mark of the Beast will not have the ability the accept the holy spirit any longer and be saved from sin, that Jesus died on the cross to save us from. It maybe the toughest choice anyone has to make and it may cost your life, but for eternal security you must reject this Vaccine and the Mark at all costs.

This all may sound completely crazy to someone who is not versed in bible prophecy, but think back to the start of the year and did you ever think in your wildest dreams, that all of the events we have seen thus far would happen as they have. I have been watching these events play out for 25 years now and have never seen a time like this ever before. It would not surprise me one bit if things deteriorate even further as we move towards the fall and winter. Hopefully I am wrong and things will be delayed longer to allow more people to get saved, but I would not count on it. I believe 100 percent that these events I describe above will happen at some point in the future, the only question is when.

If you believe in the Pretribulation Rapture as I now do there is a way to escape the final 7-year tribulation period. For those that do not know the Pre Tribulation Rapture doctrine is the idea that the true believers in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will be raptured or taken off the earth sometime before the “Covenant with Many” is confirmed by the AC and thus escape all the things coming upon this earth during the Tribulation period. Despite what some say, there is a lot of evidence in the Bible to support this doctrine including the letters to the 7 churches in Revelation 3:7 when it states that the Church of Philadelphia will not have to endure the “Hour of Trial” that is coming upon the whole earth. The feasts are about harvests of the earth and the Old Testament Saints were harvested by Jesus himself when he died on the cross talked about in Matthew 27: 52-53. The 2nd harvest will be the church (true believers in Christ as their lord and savior) before the start of the tribulation and the third harvest will be of the Tribulation Saints (people that come to belief in Christ during the tribulation period) who will be resurrected before the final bowl judgements (Gods Wrath) is poured out on the earth at the end of the Tribulation period. Shortly after the Pre-Tribulation Rapture takes place there will chaos on the earth for a time and people will be trying to figure out why millions across the globe have disappeared. At this time the Antichrist will rise to power and come up with a good explanation of where these people went, and most of the public will accept and believe the narrative. The story of where these people went will most likely include an explanation that there was some kind of Alien invasion and the people were kidnapped. This will be part of the Great Deception that most people will believe. The AC will offer a solution to all of this and that will be for everyone to get microchipped, so millions of people will not disappear again in the future, because they can be tracked at all times. Only the people who have biblical knowledge and realize this is a deception will not take the Mark and become saved during the tribulation, but sadly a majority of people will line up and take the Mark in order to save their lives here on earth. The AC will also have the peace plan (Covenant with Many) confirmed in the Middle East, which will bring a temporarily calm over the world and people will think the worst is behind them. Not too long after this however the world will be plunged into a 7-year period of death and destruction that has never been seen before and will never be seen again in the future.

There is only 1 way to escape all this chaos that is coming and that is to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior right now before all this begins. I think time is very short now, so please make a decision on this very soon, because your life and eternity depend on it.


Please say this prayer or something similar below.

I am a sinner. Please forgive me. Come into my life and cleanse me of my sins and unbelief. I believe in you and in salvation through the blood of Jesus. I turn from sin and trust in Jesus alone as my savior. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

If you prayed that prayer for the first time, let me welcome you to the family of Christ, through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Please get a bible if you do not have one and try to get set up in a church or a group of believers in order to grow in your new life. You need to turn away from past sins, and start to practice repentance. The holy spirit will guide you and start to change you from the inside out. We live in incredible times and I think we are very close to the final 7 years beginning, so there is not much time left of so-called normal life. Everything is about the change in a drastic way, so please learn as much as you can ASAP and get ready both spiritually and physically for what is coming.


God Bless


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