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By The Blaring Trumpet (Dr. Luke Prophet)
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Who Are the 6 Prophets In Revelation 11?  Messiah Jesus Is At The Door  For His 144,000 Saints In The Harpazo.  Who Did Messiah Jesus Tell Us Would Be Alive To See His Return To Earth And Who Are They Today?  

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A Complete Analysis Of Revelation Chapter 11 And Where We Are In The Timeline Of End Times Events. 

Updated March 19, 2021

By Dr. Luke Prophet

After working as a medical doctor for ten years, I left the medical profession and returned to University to obtain a master’s degree in both Economics and Mathematics, then worked for a major bank until decided to retire early to devote the rest of my life to the study of Soteriology (Salvation), Eschatology (The Biblical End Times Prophecies), Israelogy (The Twelve Tribes of Israel) and Ecclesiology (The Development of the Christian Church). In Luke 12:2 it states: There is nothing concealed that shall not be revealed, or hidden that will not be made known. My goal is to fulfill this prophecy and now I believe that after many years of effort, and with the constant help and support of the Holy Spirit, I finally succeeded. You be the judge after you read this work.

Ephesians 6:12 is for the times we are living in today, and it states: For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. The Apostle Paul wrote the letters to the Ephesians, Colossians and Philemon around AD 62, and had them delivered by Tychicus who was accompanied by Onesimus. (Ephesians 6:21, Colossians 4:7-9 and Philemon1:10-12)

Please be aware that the interpretations of the Bible prophecies in this work are directly from the Holy Spirit. I am only the vehicle the Holy Spirit is working through and all interpretations are then further confirmed as the truth through the three witnesses of Holy Gematria.

If our struggle, according to Ephesians 6:12, is not against fresh and blood or humanity, who exactly are our enemies, and how can we determine what Paul was trying to tell us? The prophet Hosea prophesied to the northern tribes of Israel just prior to their destruction in 722 BC. when they were taken into captivity. I feel I’m in the situation today as Hosea was in 722 BC waiting for people to heed my warnings.

In Hosea 4:6 it states: my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Things are much worse today with the lying mainstream media in America and Britain.

So why can’t anyone today tell us who are enemies are that Paul the Apostle was referring to? Why should this be the case when 1 Corinthians 14:33 states: For God is not a God of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints. There had to be a way to determine what these End Times prophecies actually meant. I did not believe Our Father would leave us in the dark without the means to determine what the prophecies are warning us about. It took many years, but I did discover that God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob did give us the means to unravel the truth and now I will share this knowledge with you that Our Father allowed me to discover.

Fifteen years ago I was struggling with how to determine the meaning of prophecy, and to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that my interpretation was factual.

I had retired early in 2006, and as a pastime gave myself two years to decipher the book of Revelation. I had been a mathematician, so had worked with numbers most of my life. I had realized, as Sir Isaac Newton had as well, that the prophecy in Revelation had been sealed through numbers.  It was through the numbers representing the words that the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob had sealed the book, and it was only through numbers that Revelation would be unsealed. That initial pastime activity lead to fifteen years of devotion to both the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and this task He had laid in front of me of how to decipher Revelation as well as other extremely difficult bible passages with the confidence of knowing you have determined the correct interpretation.

During his life, Paul struggled against the same forces we are battling against.  However, as we are living in the End Times, the forces of evil today are far greater in strength and in number  than in Paul’s day. All evil from the time of Adam is back on earth today as satan is back on earth to bring this age to a close, and satan knows his time is short. (Revelation 12:12)  Satan is at war today with all Christians. (Revelation 12:17)

You may find this truth unbelievable or frightening, but you will know the truth, as well as how to save your soul, and the truth will set you free (John 8:31-3)

Holy Gematria

I am using the gematria calculator at for all my calculations so you can follow along if you wish to do so. I reduce the Holy Gematria  numbers to a single digit either by adding or subtracting or taking a factor. An aleph (1) or a zero are neutral numbers and can be dropped. We can add or subtract an aleph (1) to any final number and an additional aleph (1) to any number where there is an aleph in the number. I am using the NASB77 version of the Bible unless otherwise noted.

I am using the English language as God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob gave the Tribes of Jacob surnamed Israel a new language and it is primarily English. For the calculation of the antiChrist and the Mark of the Beast, we use only English Gematria. For Bible Prophecy, we use all three ciphers (Jewish, English and Simple Holy Gematria) for our three witnesses.

I am primarily using the Mispar Katan (small value) which calculates the value of each letter, but truncates all of the zeros. It is also sometimes called Mispar Me’ugal.  However I have updated the rules with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

The key to unsealing Revelation, or any bible prophecy, lies in three bible verses, Revelation 13:18, Matthew 24:15 and Mark 13:14. In all three verses the word understand is used.

I have used three witnesses or three different forms of Holy Gematria, namely Hebrew, English and Simple Holy Gematria to establish the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob’s truth.


=   564 or 64+5=69 or 6+9=15 or 1+5= 6        (Hebrew Gematria)

=   720 or 72 or 12 or 6                                   (English Gematria)

=   120 or 12 or 6                                             (Simple Gematria)

Use Holy Gematria

= 1006 or 6

= 1074 or 74+1=75 or 7+5=12 or 6

=   179 or 79-10=69 or 6+9=15 or 1+5= 6

Note that aleph (1) and zero are neutral numbers and can be dropped.


 The Key of David

= 1302 or 20+3+1=24 or 12 or 6

=   810 or 10+8=18 or 9

=   135 or 35 or 3+5= 8

Holy Gematria

=   711 or 11+7=18 or 9

=   804 or 8+4=12 or 6

=   134 or 34+1=35 or 3+5= 8



=  415 or 4+1+5= 10

246 or 2+4+6=12 or 6

=    41 or 5


=  228 or 28+2=30 or 10

246 or 2+4+6=12 or 6

=    41 or 5

Hebrews 6:18 Two Immutable or Unchangeable Things

That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us: (Hebrew 6:18)

I have used three witnesses or three different forms of Holy Gematria, namely Hebrew, English and Simple Holy Gematria to establish the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob’s truth throughout this work.

Two immutable things

= 1701 or 17 or 1+7= 8                         (Hebrew)

= 1386 or 68-4=64 or 6+4= 10            (English)

=  231 or 23-1=22 or 22-1=21 or 7      (Simple)    

Two unchangeable things

= 586 or 58+6 = 64 or 6+4=10

= 1020 or 20+1=21 or 7

=   170 or 17 or 1+7= 8 

Two unchangeable numbers

= 1829 or 1+8+2+9 = 20 or 10         

= 1458 or 4+5+8=17 or 1+7= 8

=   243 or 24-3=21 or 7

Our God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is a wonderful teacher and Judge. Here, He has not only shown us His Holy Gematria, but has given us an example of three  final matches instead of two. Two matches is the minimum requirement of determining truth.

This is the third time I am coming to you. EVERY FACT IS TO BE CONFIRMED BY THE TESTIMONY OF TWO OR THREE WITNESSES.  (2 Corinthians 13:1)

Every fact is to be confirmed by the testimony of two or three witnesses

= 5885 or 5+8+8+5=26 or 2+6= 8

= 4578 or 78+45 = 123 1+2+3 = 6

=   763 or 76-3=73 or 7+3=10 

Every fact is to be confirmed by the testimony of two or three numbers in Gematria

= 5075 or 75+50=125 or 25+1=26 or 2+6= 8

= 4776 or 76+47 = 123 or 23+1 = 24 or 6

=   796 or 79-6=73

What I have managed to achieve was no easy task. As there are seventy-five types of Holy Gematria, it took years of effort to determine the type of Holy Gematria that King David had used himself.  As well, as all the rules of how to use Holy Gematria had been lost to us, I had to rediscover the rules through years of trial and error. There is one Key of David or type of Holy Gematria that King David used, and one Key of Solomon or type of Gematria that the luciferians use for evil

I first decided to take a serious look into the life of the historical Jesus.  Biblical scholars have long determined that Mary and Joseph were Essenes. Essenes were the writers of the New Testament and everything told is from an Essene point of view, as the Essenes are not mentioned in the New Testament. The Essenes also wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls and lived in two areas; around the Essene Gate in Jerusalem where their Mikveh baths can still be seen today, and in Qumran south of Jerusalem on the Dead Sea. 

I now understand that the saying in Mark 10:25 of a “Camel going through the eye of a needle” is referring to the graduation of a celibate in the times of Jesus.  The Essenes used a system of grades in their religious education system.  The four levels of men matched the first four letters of the Hebrew alphabet:  priests (Aleph), Levite (Beth), Celibates (Gimel) and married men (Daleth).

The pictograph of the letter “Gimel” in Hebrew is a camel and the word “camel” is derived from a variation “Gamel”. A man who wished to become an Essene started his studies at age twenty and went through a series of grades in his religious training.  At twenty-three he reached the first grade, Samekh, or full initiation.  Four years of education followed, taking him to Qof, or graduation at twenty-seven years old.  As Qof also meant “eye of a needle”, the graduate had symbolically gone through an “eye of a needle” when he graduated. 

At age twenty-eight, he reached Resh, then after another two years, he reached Taw and was given the sign X.  The numerical values of these letters in Hebrew were 60 (Samekh), 200 (Resh) and 400 (Taw) or 600 plus 60.  When the letters were put together and a Waw added, as the usual letter attached to a Hebrew letter in order to make it a word, and since Waw was 6, the total combination came to 600 plus 60 plus 6.  Many people today are searching for an individual whose name totals 666 in Gematria to determine the antiChrist.  However there is more to the puzzle than trying to match 666 mentioned in Revelation to the name of a man. What type of Gematria would you use as there are seventy five types?

My belief today is that Jesus Christ or Yeshua (the correct name for Jesus which means Salvation) was telling me that I was the one he had chosen to unravel Revelation.  However, I would first have to study the Essenes and their lives in great detail and in fact, go through their education system or through the “eye of a needle”.  I also had to go through a full immersion baptism in a Mikveh bath. I would then be able to fulfill the prophecy of Revelation 3:7 by acquiring the key of David or the Holy Gematria that King David had used himself that would open the door to all of the prophecies contained in the Bible.

Revelation was written by John of Zebedee in both Hebrew and Greek. Hebrew and Greek are two of the three languages, the other being Latin, in which the letters of their Alphabet also equate to numbers. The second clue, located in Revelation 13:18, relates to an ancient form of Mathematics called Holy Gematria, where it states that the beast from the sea equates to 600 three score (60) and 6.

There are three types of Ephod in the Bible

In the Old Testament Ephod has three meanings; in one group of passages it signifies a garment; in another, very probably an image of an abacus; and in another, a sacred oracle or abacus.

In the former the ephod is referred to in the priestly ordinances as a part of the official dress of the high priest, and was to be made of threads “of blue and of purple, of scarlet, and fine twined linen,” and embroidered in gold thread “with cunning work” (Ex. 29:5 and 2 Samuel 6:14).

The word “ephod” has an entirely different meaning in the second group of passages, all of which belong to the historical books. It is certain that the word can not here mean a garment. This is evident in Judges 8:26-27, where it is recorded that Gideon took the golden earrings of the Midianites, weighing 1,700 shekels of gold, and made an “ephod thereof, and put it in his city, even in Ophrah,” where it was worshiped by all Israel. The ephod image in this verse relates to a giant abacus.

In the third group of passages, the ephod is frequently mentioned in close connection with the sacred oracle. When Saul or David wished to question God through the oracle, they commanded the priest, “Bring hither the ephod” (1 Sam. 23:9, 1 Sam. 30:7). In this instance, the ephod or abacus was used to obtain information from the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob by asking questions of God  though words and numbers.

1 Samuel 30:7-8 David Inquired Of The Lord Using An Ephod

7Then David said to Abiathar the priest, Ahimelech’s son, “Please bring the ephod here to me.” And Abiathar brought the ephod to David. 8So David inquired of the Lord, saying, “Shall I pursue this troop? Shall I overtake them?” And He answered him, “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all.” (1 Samuel 30:7-8)


= 127 or 27-1=26 or 2+6= 8                                (Hebrew Gematria)

= 288 or 2+8+8=18 or 1+8= 9                             (English Gematria)

=   48 or 8            (8×6=48)                                 (Simple Gematria)


= 297 or 2+9+7= 18 or 1+8= 9

= 282 or 28-2= 26 or 2+6= 8

=   47 or 47+1= 48 or 8

In Holy Gematria 1 can be 10 or 1, but the number 10 can only represent God. so if it doesn’t represent God, we reduce it by 1 so 10 becomes 9. The number 11 can also be 8 or 10-1=9.

In Holy Gematria, the Number 1 can be added or subtracted at any time. The number 13 can be 1+3=4 or the number 7. And the number 6 can be 9 and 9 can be 6.


= 478 or 4+7+8 = 19 or 19-1=18 or 8

= 636 or 36-6 = 30 or 10 or 10-1 = 9

= 106 or 6


=  74 or 7+4 = 11 or 10-1 = 9 or 9-1 = 8

= 180 or 18 or 9

=   30 or 6

Ephod is a match to abacus, calculator and Ipad according to the three witnesses of Holy Gematria (10-9-6). This give us confirmation with the three witnesses that an Ephod was an abacus in King David’s day and what we call a calculator or Ipad today


= 417 or 17+4=21 or 7      (7×3=21)

= 582 or 58-2=56 or 5+6=11 or 8

=   97 or 9+7=16 or 8        (2×8=16)        (Also equates to a year 970 BC)

Used Holy Gematria

= 1010 or 10+1=11 or 8                               (Also equates to a year)

= 1098 or 98-1=97 or 9+7=16 or 8

Alternatively 1098 or 980-10 = 970 or 97 or 9+7 = 16 or 8

=   183 or 18+3=21 or 7

A number 1 in Holy Gematria can be 1 or 10.

It is very interesting that some of the four digit initial numbers such a 1010 above may also equate to years that give us additional information. King David’s reign was between 1010 and 970 B.C. and it is my belief that the Holy Spirit is telling us through Holy Gematria that the Holy Spirit gave King David the knowledge of Holy Gematria, as Holy Gematria was considered sacred knowledge reserved for the priests, and King David was not a priest. 

After praying for and being given a double portion of the Holy Spirit, I managed to find out that King David used Katan Gematria and then I worked out all of the rules for its use. The Holy Spirit also showed me that King David had taken Holy Gematria  one step further by “theosophical reduction”, a technique known throughout antiquity that consists in reducing all numbers made up of two or more digits to one digit numbers by adding them repeatedly until only one digit is left.  For example, 378 = 3 + 7 + 8 = 18, then 1 + 8 = 9. I use this procedure of reducing all numbers to only a single digit number less than 10, unless it relates to God, where it would  remain a 10. Please note that the initial numbers from the Gematria calculator can be read from left to right or right to left. I am using the Gematria calculator at for all Holy Gematria calculations used in this work so my readers can follow along if they wish to do so. I am using the NASB77 version of the Bible unless stipulated.

At that point in time, further light was shown to me by the Holy Spirit regarding the Scriptures. . Embedded within the New Testament, the Essenes used a type of word play called a Pesher. It is a riddle with only one available solution. The Pesher was inserted to enable readers in the End Times to obtain historical information as to the day, time, date and actual location of any event mentioned in the New Testament. It also gives us the actual identity of every individual mentioned, as in many cases the Essenes used a variety of pseudonyms for the same individual.  The Essenes were a religious party they called “The Way” prior to them using the name Christian. In addition, they were also a political party, so were forced to conceal the truth about their members and activities in case their writings fell into Roman hands. The Pesher gives a birth date for Jesus as Sunday March 1st, 7 B.C. It gives a date of the crucifixion of Friday March 20th, 33 A.D. at noon

Being as close to this work over the period of time that I have, I know with all certainty that no human mind has the intelligence to use two completely different systems (Gematria), and one hermetic (a Pesher), and embed them in a spiritual account of faith making use of angels and devils, parables and symbols. God, however, through the Holy Spirit, did achieve it making use of his Suffering Servant’s mind since the name of the book of Revelation, after all, is the Revelation of Jesus Christ! It was not the Revelation of John, or any of the others involved in the book. They were just the writers and the words they were to write came directly from Jesus Christ. Revelation is actually a mystery (Holy Gematria) containing a riddle (the Pesher giving us historical information) sealed as an enigma (the surface spiritual message).

In John 16:25 Jesus tells his disciples that He had spoken to them in figurative language, and He mentioned the term figurative language twice in John 16:25. Jesus is telling us He was using a Pesher and Holy Gematria to veil His message throughout the New Testament.

“These things I have spoken to you in figurative language; an hour is coming when I will speak no more to you in figurative language, but will tell you plainly of the Father. (John 16:25)

Figurative language

= 1398 or 98-3=95 or 95+1=96 or 9+6=15 or 6

= 1116 or 10+10+10+6 = 36 or 6

= 186 or 18+6 = 24 or 8

A Pesher

= 249 or 94+2=96 or 9+6=15 or 6

= 432 or 32+4 = 36 or 6

= 72 or 8


Holy Gematria

= 711 or 17+1=18 or 9

= 804 or 40+8 = 48 or 8

= 134 or 1+3+4 = 8

Jesus the Christ

= 1388 or 3+8+8=19 or 19-1=18 or 9

= 1104 or 1+1+0+4 = 6

= 184 or 84 or 48 reversed or 8

Figurative Language equates to Holy Gematria and A Pesher as well as Jesus the Christ who embedded the code into the Gospels on the evidence of three witnesses or numbers (8-6-8) and additional witnesses (36 and 48).

Hebrews 6:18 Two Immutable or Unchangeable Things

That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us: (Hebrew 6:18)

I have used three witnesses or three different forms of Holy Gematria, namely Hebrew, English and Simple Holy Gematria to establish the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob’s truth throughout this work.

Two immutable things

= 1701 or 17 or 1+7= 8                         (Hebrew)

= 1386 or 68-4=64 or 6+4= 10              (English)

=  231 or 23-1=22 or 22-1=21 or 7        (Simple)    

Two unchangeable things

= 586 or 58+6 = 64 or 6+4=10

= 1020 or 20+1=21 or 7

=   170 or 17 or 1+7= 8 

Two unchangeable numbers

= 1829 or 1+8+2+9 = 20 or 10         

= 1458 or 4+5+8=17 or 1+7= 8

=   243 or 24-3=21 or 7

You need figures to figure things out as our God is the ultimate mathematician. God used all 66 disciplines of mathematics to create everything. God gave us mathematics, and as 2+2=4 and will always equal 4, God cannot  lie. Our God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is a wonderful teacher and Judge. Below, He has not only shown us His Holy Gematria, but has given us an example of three final matches instead of two. Two matches is the minimum requirement of determining truth.

This is the third time I am coming to you. EVERY FACT IS TO BE CONFIRMED BY THE TESTIMONY OF TWO OR THREE WITNESSES.  (2 Corinthians 13:1)

Every fact is to be confirmed by the testimony of two or three witnesses

= 5885 or 5+8+8+5=26 or 2+6= 8

= 4578 or 78+45 = 123 1+2+3 = 6

=   763 or 76-3=73 or 7+3=10 

Every fact is to be confirmed by the testimony of two or three numbers in Gematria

= 5075 or 75+50=125 or 25+1=26 or 2+6= 8

= 4776 or 76+47 = 123 or 23+1 = 24 or 6

=   796 or 79-6=73

The question that I have been asked by fundamental Evangelicals is why God would choose to hide his interpretation of prophecy through His use of Holy Gematria in the Book of Revelation and other books of the Bible? However Fundamentalism is only a product of the Twentieth Century and I for one have never found anything that fundamentalists have been correct about concerning End Times prophecy.

If you stop to think about it, numbers are really the only things in the universe that are absolute and determinate.  Of all the sciences known to man, mathematics and logic are the only exact and pure science.  I believe the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob used all sixty-six disciplines of mathematics to create the universe.

Every branch of science uses and depends upon math.  Words and their meanings are interpretive in nature—they are relative to so many different contributing factors:  various cultures, ideas, feelings, emotions, viewpoints, and interpretations.  Scholars who attempt to deal with the Bible based solely upon the grammatical-historical system—words and their meaning (hermeneutics) must forever be working with some degree of uncertainty.  If not, then why are there so many viewpoints about Revelation (never mind the rest of the Bible!)  In  Second Peter 1:20 were are warned that no prophecy of Scripture is a matter of one’s own interpretation. Further, in Second Peter 3:16 it tells us that some things in Scripture are hard to understand, which the untaught and unstable distort. Numbers are absolute and inflexible (2+2 always equals 4).  Mathematical laws and principles never change, and since God is the Unchangeable One (Malachi 3:6), it only makes sense that He would express His true meanings of His words to mathematical exactness and precision, or Holy Gematria.

Recently, when some N.A.S.A. engineers set up a broadcast antenna and focused it on distance stars, trying to communicate with any “intelligent life” out there, they decided that the only possible language they could use that would make sense to other civilizations was based solely upon numbers. If humankind realized this, why wouldn’t God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob?

To help explain why I believe the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob gave His priests Holy Gematria, (aleph) is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and corresponds to the number 1.  Like the number 10, both 1 and 10 represent God in the science of numbers, the supreme unity.  And in the same way, the science of numbers allows us to subtract 1 or 10 from words that express an opposition to the divine.  The letter (aleph) is silent. It cannot be spoken without the addition of a value 1.  That is because the name of God is silent and unpronounceable.  A word like emeth means truth.  Since Adam disobeyed God, the most perfect human being will never rise above the number 9.  Revelation chapter 1 verse 8 states:  “I am the Alpha and Omega,” says the Lord.  God is the Supreme Truth, and the only being with a value of 10.  In the word emeth, the number 1, placed at the end, represents Omega (the end).  By adding 1, the value of Alpha, the beginning, to the start of the number 1, we get 1441 or 1+4+4+1 which equates to a total of 10 and the Absolute Truth.  The message is clear:  without God there is no Absolute Truth.  If you read 1+4+4+1 in either direction, either right or left, you still get 10.  So the wheel turns full circle.  God, the Absolute Truth, envelops the universe, and whichever way we turn, the truth is omni present.  On the other hand, if we remove the letter aleph from the word “emeth” (as if we had removed the letter (e), we are left with “meth” which means “death”.  The message is clear:  without the help and support of the divine, man is condemned to death. 

There are twenty-two chapters in the Book of Revelation, the same number as letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Rev. 22:18-19 states: if anyone adds to the words and also states if anyone takes away from the words. You can add and take away words, or the letters that make up the words, and you can also add and take away numbers that represent each letter of the Hebrew or Greek alphabet that the word or words in the biblical verse consists of.

Isaiah 28:10 states: line on line.  Online means Revelation would only be deciphered with the development of the computer and Internet. Line on line also means you compare one line of words of any Bible verse converted to Holy Gematria numbers with another line of what you believe the interpretation of the Bible verse actually is and then convert those words to Holy Gematria numbers. If you obtain a match, your interpretation is correct, as God cannot lie (Numbers 23:10). “A little here a little there” (Isaiah 28:10) means that you may have a Bible chapter that you might think is dealing with only one subject when it is actually dealing with two or more separate subjects. 

I am using the gematria calculator at for all my calculations so you can follow along if you wish. I reduce the Holy Gematria numbers to a single digit either by adding or subtracting or taking a factor. An aleph (1) or a zero are neutral numbers and can be dropped. We can add or subtract an aleph (1) to any final number and an additional aleph (1) to any number where there is an aleph in the number. I am using the NASB77 version of the Bible unless otherwise noted.

The Seven Blessings In Revelation

Revelation is the only book of the Bible that promises seven blessings to the reader. The blessings are as follows:

Rev 1:3     Blessed is the one who reads the words

Rev 14:13 Blessed are those Christians who die during the Tribulation

Rev 16:15 Blessed is the one aware of the signs of the End Times

Rev 19:9   Blessed are those Christians invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb          

 (The resurrection of the dead in Christ or those alive in the Harpazo)

Rev 22:7   Blessed is the one who understands and follows the words of the prophecy of Revelation.

Rev 22:14  Blessed are those who are followers of Christ awaiting His return and praying constantly that they will be accounted worthy to escape the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. They have repented of their sin, accepted  Jesus as their savior and intercessor to the Father, and have under-gone a full immersion baptism in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They are followers of God’s Commandments, Holidays

and Ordinances.

The number seven in Holy Gematria means completion or the final phase of the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob’s plan to redeem the earth of all evil.

Why me?

Why do I think I was selected for this task? Originally I had thought it was because I was a mathematician; I was retired and in good health with time on my hands (I’m in my seventies) had the money to travel and have always been tenacious. However the Holy Spirit eventually showed me that there was more to it than that. I had to make several trips to the Middle East including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and twice to Israel and Egypt. Trump and Kushner are the two False Prophets of Revelation 11:10 that will be assassinated. Revelation 11:11 tells us that after three and a half days, they (Trump and Kushner) will be resurrected. Revelation 11:12 tells us that there was a shout of “Come up here” and they went up to heaven in the cloud. The Holy Spirit eventually told me I was the antithesis to Trump, as we were both born in 1946, and I am mentioned in Revelation 11:4 as one of the two candlesticks. I was then told to leave North America and move to Egypt, which I did several years ago. The reason I was told to leave North America was that my life would be in danger if I remained and that North America will eventually be destroyed. So the best way to describe my function is an interpreter and guardian of the truth.

Proverbs 25:2 explains why King David was allowed to know Holy Gematria.

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.  (Proverbs 25:2 KJV).

I have been shown by the Holy Spirit that I was one of the 144,000 bondservants of Revelation 7:4 and was Fulk the Younger, Count of Anjou and King of Jerusalem in a previous transmigration.  This is why I have been successful in rediscovering Holy Gematria and the rules for its use.  Fulk’s chief fault was his inability to remember names and faces, a problem I have had all my life. The 144,000 bondservants were created in the first creation (Genesis 1:1 to 2:3) by the  God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob (The  Father, The Son or Logos and The Holy Spirit or “Us” and made man and woman in “Our image”and “Our likeness” as mentioned in Genesis 1:26).These 144,000 bondservants are a remnant that were saved from the war in heaven and on earth which is described in Jeremiah 4:23-26. The Elect or the ancestors of Adam and Eve were created in the second creation by The Lord God or The Logos and The Holy Spirit (Genesis 2:4 to 3:24) The Logos, the Preincarnate Yeshua or Jesus and The Holy Spirit were sent to earth to repair the destroyed earth in the war mentioned in Jeremiah 4:23-26 and to recreate man. Notice in this second creation man is not created in the same manner as was the first man. This man later referred to as Adam was created from dust of the ground or DNA, Adam and Eve were both given the ability to transmigrate, but this ability was taken away from them after they were deceived by the Nachash, or Gadreel, one of the two hundred fallen watchers. The story of Gadreel is in the Book of Enoch. Romans 9:21 confirms some humans were made for honorable use (the bondservants) and some for common use (the Elect).

The book of Revelation is not in Chronological order. In the timeline of events, we will be  out of the Tribulation once Trump and Kushner, the two prophets of Revelation 11:10  are killed and resurrected three and a half days later and the Rapture occurs.  We will then enter The Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

John the Baptist as Elijah Reincarnated

John the Baptist as Elijah is the Clearest Biblical Statement of Reincarnation.

In many instances in the Bible, John the Baptist is identified as the reincarnated Spirit of Elijah the prophet. Often the person identifying John the Baptist as Elijah is Jesus himself. These instances are the clearest statements in the Bible declaring the reality of reincarnation. One example is during the “Transfiguration of Jesus” in the Gospel of Matthew:

When Jesus took Peter, James and John to a high mountain where he transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light. Moses and Elijah also appeared and talked with Jesus. As they were coming down the mountain, the disciples asked Jesus, ‘Why then do the teachers of the law say that Elijah must come first?’

Jesus replied, ‘To be sure, Elijah comes and will restore all things. But I tell you, Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him, but have done to him everything they wished. In the same way the Son of Man is going to suffer at their hands.’

“Then the disciples understood that he was talking to them about John the Baptist.” (Matthew 17:1-13).  In very explicit language, Jesus identified John the Baptist as the reincarnated Spirit of Elijah. Even the disciples of Jesus understood what Jesus was saying.

Revelation 11:1-2 The Temple

And there was given me a measuring rod like a staff; and someone said, “Rise and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and those who worship in it. “And leave out the court which is outside the temple, and do not measure it, for it has been given to the nations; and they will tread under foot the holy city for forty-two months.

The temple is divided into three parts:

Holy of Holies, where the Ark of the Covenant is to be located

The Holy Place, where the Table of the Showbread, Altar of the Incense, and the Menorah is to be located

The Outer Courtyard, where the bronze altar is located.

John was instructed to do some measuring of the temple area, but to not include the outer courtyard. So, in examining what John did, in measuring the temple, I had to go back and research the measurements of the tabernacle to see if anything could be learned.

When the tabernacle was built, according to the vision of the Heavenly Tabernacle shown to Moses, it was built with very specific dimensions. How many of us know that in nearly every instance in which numbers are given, those numbers mean something important, and that meaning is often hidden?

How much more true should that be for the dimensions of the temple?

The outer dimensions of the Holy of Holies found in the Tabernacle was 10 cubits wide, by 10 cubits long, by 10 cubits high (found in Exodus 26). If we were to measure the outer volume of the Holy of Holies, that would be 1,000 cubits cubed.

Most experts suggest that the walls of the tabernacle were about half a cubit thick. Thus the inner dimensions of the Holy of Holies found in the Tabernacle was 9 cubits wide, by 9 cubits long, by 10 cubits high. If we were to measure the inner volume of the Holy of Holies, that would be 810 cubits cubed.

The only thing found in the Holy of Holies is the Ark of the Covenant. So, let’s measure that.

“And they shall construct an ark of acacia wood two and a half cubits long, and one and a half cubits wide, and one and a half cubits high. (Exodus 25:10)

The Ark of the Covenant is 1.5 cubits by 1.5 cubits by 2.5 cubits, which yields a volume of 5.625 cubits cubed.

So, we have three different measurements.

We are told in Exodus that the Ark of the Covenant is to go into the inner area of the Holy of Holies. The Ark of the Covenant’s volume is 5.625 cubits cubed, and the inner volume of the Holy of Holies is 810 cubits cubed. Turning that instruction into a mathematical equation would be 5.625 going into 810, because the Ark of the Covenant is to go into the Holy of Holies. Placing the Ark of the Covenant (5.625) “into” (divide) the Holy of Holies (810) yields exactly 144.

The outer volume of the dwelling, the Holy of Holies, is given to us as a 10 x 10 x 10, which is 1,000 cubits cubed. 1,000 times 144 equals 144,000. The 144,000 unit of measurement is then found as part of the Holy of Holies. 144,000 unit of measurement is mathematically built into the Holy of Holies and the instructions surrounding it.

Realizing that little nugget was quite fun. Revelation appeared to be the only place that specifically mentions the number of 144,000, but apparently, that number was hidden and can only be revealed by measuring the tabernacle.

The meaning of this measuring exercise is that 12,000 firstfruits or saints from each of the twelve tribes of Israel, which are mentioned in Revelation 7:3-8 and Revelation 14, will be the only ones allowed into the Holy of Holies, and they will be caught up to meet Jesus the Messiah (Yeshua Ha Mashiach) in the clouds along with the saved dead, who will be raised first but at the same time as the firstfruits. The 144,000 have always been with us as they are immortal. They do die, but transmigrate, and were the only humanbeings created in the image and likeness of the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob in the first creation. (Genesis 1:1 to 2:3) Paul confirms the fact that there were two creations of man made for two distinct purposes by our creator in Romans 9:21. Those created in the first creation are referred to a Firstfruits and were made for honorable use and those of the second creation or the Elect were made for common use.  The second creation is explained in Genesis 2:4 on. The Firstfruits were created by the Trinity, referred to as “Us and God.” The Elect were created by Lord God, or the Logos and Holy Spirit.

John mentions that he was not to measure the courtyard, as it is trampled by the Nations. Now, there may be a literal trampling of the courtyard by the Nations for 42 months, but there may be something else worthy of considering.

The courtyard is 100 cubits by 20 cubits, which is 2,000 cubits squared. The Nations have certainly been trampling all over the Word of God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob for nearly 2,000 years. Is that 2,000 years almost up? I believe it will end in 2022-2024 at the latest with Jesus the Messiah’ return at the end of the age, or the end of the age of Pisces.

Revelation 11:3  Two Witnesses

And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth. (Revelation 11:3 KJV)

And I will give power

=  2819 or 28+19=47 or 4+7=11 or 8

=  1224 or 12+24=36 or 6

=    204 or 20-4=16 or 8

And I will give the presidency of America

=  2718 or 27+1+8=36 or 6

=  2094 or 49-2=47 or 4+7=11 or 8

=    349 or 3+4+9=16 or 8

The Six End Times Witnesses Of Revelation Chapter 11

These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands that stand before the Lord of the earth. (Revelation 11:4)

These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands

(Revelation 11:4)

= 4165 or 65-5=60 or 10-1= 9

= 3186 or 18+6=24 or 24-3=21 or 7

= 531 or 35-10=25 or 2+5= 7

These are the  disciples John and James and the prophets Elijah and Elisha

 (underlying Bible meaning)

=  3598 or 3+5+9+8=25 or 2+5= 7

= 3666 or 3+6+6+6=21 or 7

= 611 or 61-1=60 or 10-1= 9


That stand before the lord of the earth

= 1222 or 2+2+2= 6

= 2076 or 76+2=78 or 7+8=15 or 1+5= 6

=   346 or 46+3=49 or 9 reversed or 46 or 4+6=10-1= 9

That stand opposed to Satan lord of the earth

= 1662 or 62+6+10= 78 or 7+8=15 or 1+5= 6

= 2652 or 2+6+5+2=15 or 1+5= 6

=    442 or 44+2=46 or 4+6=10-1=9 


Two Olive Trees

=  2114 or 2+1+1+4= 8

=  1128 or 82+1=83 or 8+3=11 or 8 

=    188 or 88+10=98 or 9+8=17 or 1+7= 8

Two Peacekeepers

=  1379 or 79+3+1=83 or 8+3= 11 or 8

=  1002 or 10-2= 8

=    167 or 97+1=98 or 9+8=17 or 1+7= 8

In His Olivetti Discourse in Matthew 5:9 Jesus blessed the peacekeepers calling them the children of God. John and James would be sent by God with the express purpose of preventing nuclear war.

Two lampstands

=  1486 or 48+6=54 or 54-1=53 or 5+3= 8

=  1062 or 62-10=52 or 5+2= 7

=    177 or 77 -1=76 or 7+6=13 or 1+3= 4

Two Prophets

=  1503 or 50+5=53 or 5+3= 8

=  1050 or 50+1=51 or 51+1=52 or 5+2=7

=    175 or 75+1=76 or 7+6=13 or 1+3= 4

Elijah and Elisha were alive during the time when the Tribes of Israel were the most evil under the rule of King Ahab and his wife Jezebel. Jezebel was from the Phoenician cities of Tyre and Sidon, where she was the daughter of the King Ethbaal. Jezebel convinced her husband King Ahab to introduce the gods Baal and Asherah to the Tribes of Israel. Jezebel then began to harass and kill the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob’s prophets.

Our Father, the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, which is His memorial name for all time as stated in Exodus 3:15, considers the Tribes of Israel to be more evil today than in the time of King Ahab. Jesus in Matthew 11:22 states that on the day of judgement, it will be more tolerable for the citizens of Tyre and Sidon than for the Tribes of Israel today. In Luke 11:32 Jesus tells us that the people of Nineveh will condemn this generation today at the day of Judgement, for Nineveh repented of their sins at the preaching of Jonah, and were spared destruction for a generation.

Most of humankind today will not be so lucky as time has run out on this age. In Revelation 17:1 the Tribe of Manasseh or America is referred to as the great whore that sits on many waters. America has never repented as a nation for her sins, and neither has the Tribe of Ephraim, or the United Kingdom and Commonwealth Nations, or all the other Tribes of Israel today that are located in Western Europe.

On September 25, 2015 Pope Francis addressed the United Nations General Assembly. The Pope did not say he had come as the representative of Jesus the Christ. The Pope stated he had come in his own name. Pope Francis thereby fulfilled the prophecy in John 5:43 where Jesus stated “I come in my Father’s name and ye receive me not; another shall come in his own name and him you will receive. Elijah and Elisha are back today to warn as many as possible to repent, accept Jesus as your savior, and request a full immersion baptism at an age of accountability, 8 years and over. Ahab and Jezebel are with us today as transmigrated Bill and Hillary Clinton. Bill and Hillary Clinton were also around at the time of Jesus and were Simon Magus and his mistress Helena respectively, which I have covered in my previous work on the Crucifixion.  In Revelation 2:20-22, Jesus warned Helena, the mistress of Simon Magus, who Jesus recognized as Jezebel, that he would cast her into the Tribulation, or transmigrate her in the End Times, which Jesus has done.

John and James of Zebedee (Matthew 20:20-23)

Then the mother of the sons of Zebedee came to Him with her sons, bowing down, and making a request of Him. And He said to her, “What do you wish?” She said to Him, “Command that in Your kingdom these two sons of mine may sit, one on Your right and one on Your left.” But Jesus answered and said, “You do not know what you are asking for. Are you able to drink the cup that I am about to drink?” They said to Him, “We are able.” He said to them, “My cup you shall drink; but to sit on My right and on My left, this is not Mine to give, but it is for those for whom it has been prepared by My Father.” (Matthew 20:20-23)

Are you able to drink the cup that I am about to drink?”

= 2328 or 2+3+2+8=15 or 1+5 = 6

= 2946 or 29+4+6 = 39 or 3+9 = 12 or 6

= 491 or 49-1 = 48 or 4+8 = 12 or 6

Are you prepared to suffer and die as I will, in order to follow me?

= 4179 or 79+41 = 120 or 12 or 6

= 3714 or 3+7+1+4 = 15 or 1+5 = 6

= 619 or 6+1+9 = 16 or 6


but it is for those for whom it has been prepared by My Father.

= 3610 or 16-3=13 or 1+3 = 4

= 3558 or 58-35=23 or 2+3 = 5

= 593 or 93+5 = 98 or 9-8 = 1 or 10-1= 9

but it is for Jesus the King and Priest and his Prince David

= 3266 or 66+32 = 98 or 9-8 = 1 or 10-1= 9

= 3318 or 3+3+1+8 = 15 or 5

=   553 or 5+5+3 = 13 or 1+3= 4

Notice that John and James of Zebedee confirmed that they were prepared to follow Jesus to their deaths. We will encounter these two brothers in Revelation 11:3-4.

Jesus the King sits at the right of the Father while the Prince, a descendant of David,  sits on the left side of the Father. This is why Jesus told the Zebedee’s’ mother that the seats on either side of the Father were reserved for Jesus the Messiah and Prince David. So let us first look into who will be the Prince?

Prophecy of Isaiah 22 tells us Shebna will be cast out of Ruling Judah and Jerusalem

In the near future the prophecy of Isaiah 22 will be fulfilled with Shebna cast out of ruling the house of Judah and Jerusalem with all of the Khazarians and Eliakim the son of Hilkiah taking his place. So now we must ask who is Shebna today?


= 146 or 10+46 = 56 or 5+6=11 or 8

= 294 or 29+4 = 33 or 3+3= 6

= 49 or 7

Benjamin Mileikowsky (Benjamin Netanyahu)

= 2260 or 60-(2+2) or 60-4 = 56 or 5+6=11 or 8

= 1320 or 1+32 = 33 or 3+3= 6

= 220 or 20-2 = 18 or 8-1= 7

You are probably wondering who is Benjamin Mileikowsky? Benjamin Mileikowsky is the real name of Benjamin Netanyahu before his last name was changed. Benjamin Netanyahu is Shebna in Isaiah 22:19.

Judgment on Shebna

“Indeed, the Lord will throw you away violently, O mighty man, and will surely seize you” (Isaiah 22:17).

Isaiah 22:15-25 Prophecy for Sheba

We have before us a prophecy concerning two individuals, which is a rare subject in Isaiah, for he dealt mainly with nations as a whole. But in his case, the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob chose to bring to light broader principles by singling out a man who represented evil within the nation of Judea. The prophecy is against Shebna, an officer in the court of Hezekiah, a good and noble king. Shebna was a wicked, deceitful, and proud man who, as some Jewish historians maintain, conspired with Assyria in an attack on Jerusalem. Shebna probably was elevated to his position as household treasurer during the reign of Hezekiah’s father, Ahaz.

God saw Shebna’s pride and wickedness, and He sent Isaiah to proclaim judgment on him. The main point of the prophecy was that Shebna would be brought down and another man, Eliakim, would be put in his place over the household. Eliakim was a servant of God, faithful and trustworthy, and he would rise from a lower position to become a great officer in the court.

This probably seemed ridiculous to Shebna at the time because he believed himself rooted in his position. He even had a sepulcher hewn out for himself as a monument to his greatness. He was ambitious to be remembered and honored even after his death. Shebna was full of his own glory, but God was not impressed, and He would not tolerate a traitor in the midst of His people. He would replace Shebna, bringing him down from his lofty position to that of a scribe, and then eventually sending him from the country to die in a foreign land, alone and forgotten. Some Jewish historians believe Shebna contracted leprosy and was forced from the court and eventually from the nation because the disease was seen as a direct judgment of God. If this was what happened, then God’s judgment was complete, for a “great” man was brought low without hope of redemption.

This passage reminds us that God is in control of everything, and though it might seem as if wicked men will never be removed, He can bring them down in a moment and replace them with His good and faithful servants. This was what happened in Judah. A wicked man was removed from office and a man after God’s own heart was put in his place. We need never fear that prideful men will truly succeed in their quests for power, for God will judge them for their crimes.

Read Luke 1:52. Who is in control of promotions and demotions? Think of the political and ecclesiastical leaders in your nation. Which of them are humble men? Which are proud and self-serving? When you think of these men and their evil actions, take comfort in the passage from Luke, as well as the passages below.

The LORD makes poor and rich; He brings low, He also exalts. (1 Samuel 2:7)

37Then Eliakim the son of Hilkiah, who was over the household, and Shebna the scribe and Joah the son of Asaph, the recorder, came to Hezekiah with their clothes torn and told him the words of Rabshakeh. (2 Kings 18:37)

1And when King Hezekiah heard it, he tore his clothes, covered himself with sackcloth and entered the house of the LORD. 2Then he sent Eliakim who was over the household with Shebna the scribe and the elders of the priests, covered with sackcloth, to Isaiah the prophet the son of Amoz. (2 Kings 19:1-2)

But God is the Judge; He puts down one, and exalts another. (Psalm 75:7)

A man’s pride will bring him low, But a humble spirit will obtain honor. (Proverbs 29:23)

Eliakim Raised up by God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob which is a future Prophecy

Eliakim will replace Shebna as ruler of Judea and Jerusalem and will be a descendant of King David and ancestor of Jesus, and will be one of many princes under King Jesus. At the coronation or the marriage supper of the lamb (Revelation19:9) Eliakim is clothed with a robe and girdle, the insignia of his office, and having the government committed into his hand, becomes the “father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and the house of Judah. The key of the house of David is laid on his shoulder, and he alone has power to open and shut, this being symbolic of his absolute authority as the King’s representative.

Jeremiah 30:21: Their Leader and Ruler, The Prince Under King Jesus

And their leader shall be one of them, And their ruler shall come forth from their midst; And I will bring him near, and he shall approach Me; For who would dare to risk his life to approach Me?’ declares the LORD.

And their ruler shall come forth from their midst

1704 or 70+4+10=84 or 8+4=12 or 6       (Also equates to a year

=  2910 or 29+1=30 or 10-1= 9                                     

=    485 or 58+4=62 or 62+1=63 or reversed 36 or 6     


=      84 or 8+4=12 or 6

=    360 or 36 or 6                                      

=      60 or 10-1= 9

And their leader shall be one of them

=    802 or 20-8=12 or 6

1704 or 40+7=47 or 47-10=37 or 37-1=36 or 3+6= 9       

=    284 or 28-4=24 or 12 or 6


=      84 or 8+4=12 or 6   

=    360 or 36 or 3+6= 9           

=      60 or 12 or 6                     

The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is telling us in Jeremiah 30:21 by using the    same Holy Gematria number 1704 twice that Eliakim had been transmigrated    previously and would be on earth once again to fulfill two separate prophecies.  In the year 1704, Sir Isaac Newton publishes his Optics.  Sir Isaac Newton was a firm believer in a supreme God who was the creator and ruler of the Universe.

Jeremiah 30:21:

For who would dare to risk his life to approach me declares the lord

=  3767 or 7+6+7=20 or 20-3=17 or 1+7= 8      

=  3768 or 3+7+6+8=24 or 12 or 6                    

=    628 or 62-8=54 or 6                                    


=    643 or 46-3=43 or 43-1=42 or 24 reversed or 12 or 6          

=    270 or 70+2=72 or 72-1=71 or 17 reversed or 1+7= 8        

=      45 or 54 or 6                                                                      

Peter, turning around, saw the disciple whom Jesus loved following them; the one who also had leaned back on His breast at the supper, and said, “Lord, who is the one who betrays You?” (John 21:20)

Peter therefore seeing him said to Jesus, “Lord, and what about this man?(John 21:21)

“and what about this man?” (John 21:21 phrase)

= 1685 or 68-5=63 or 63+1=64 or 8

= 1284 or 1+2+8+4 = 15 or 1+5= 6

=   214 or 21+4 = 25 or 2+5= 7

and what about John of Zebedee (underlying meaning)

= 2687 or 87-26 = 61 or 16 or 8

= 1500 or 15 or 1+5= 6

=   250 or 25 or 2+5= 7

As Peter worked with John of Zebedee, Peter may have wanted to ensure that it was not John who would betray Jesus. The underlying meaning according to Holy Gematria is that the spirit of John of Zebedee would be transmigrated in the End Times.

Jesus said to him, “If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow Me!” (John 21:22)

If I want him to remain until I come,

= 1893 or 39-8=31 or 31+1=32 or 8

= 1968 or 68-9=59 or 5+9=14 or 7

=   328 or 3+2+8=13 or 1+3= 4

If I want John of Zebedee’s spirit to be transmigrated before I come

= 3732 or 37-5= 32 or 8

= 3594 or 94-35=59 or 5+9=14 or 7

=   599 or 9+9=18 or 18+5= 13 or 1+3= 4

John 21:22 confirms that John of Zebedee’s spirit would be transmigrated in the “End Times”. It does not confirm that John of Zebedee would never experience death. The 144,000 firstfruits or saints from the first creation do die in this physical dimension. However, their spirit can be transmigrated to another physical body if God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob so wills it. A transmigrated saint does not have a memory of his previous lives, but he can experience déjà vu. (Ecclesiastes 1:11)

Hebrews 9:27 refers to the Elect or those created by the Logos and the Holy Spirit in the second creation. It does not pertain to the saints or firstfruits. Note all people, no matter their race, that are “in Jesus” and saved, will be resurrected for the millennium.

And inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment, (Hebrews 9:27). This applies only to the descendants of Adam or Eve.

This saying therefore went out among the brethren that the disciple would not die; yet Jesus did not say to him that he would not die, but only, “If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you?” (John 21:23)

This is the disciple who bears witness of these things, and wrote these things; and we know that his witness is true. (John 21:24)

This is the disciple who bears witness of these things,

= 3507 or 35-7 = 28 or 2+8 = 10 or 10-1 = 9

= 3294 or 94-32 = 62 or 62+1 = 63 or 6+3 = 9

=   549 or 49+5 = 54 or 5+4 = 9

This is John of Zebedee who wrote the Revelation of Jesus Christ

= 6133 or 61-33 = 28 or 2+8 = 10 or 10-1 = 9

= 3942 or 42+39 = 81 or 8+1 = 9

=   657 or 57+6 = 63 or 6+3= 9

The two phrases above match according to the three witnesses of Holy Gematria (9-9-9) and 3 additional matches of (3294-3942) (28) and (63).

Revelation 1:9 Partaker in the Tribulation                 

I, John, your brother and fellow partaker in the tribulation and kingdom and perseverance which are in Jesus, was on the island called Patmos, because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus. (Revelation 1:9)


= 337 or 3+3+7= 13 or 1+3= 4

= 540 or 54 or 54+1=55 or 5+5=10-1= 9

= 90 or 10-1= 9


= 463 or 4+6+3= 13 or 1+3= 4

= 762 or 62-5=55 or 5+5=10-1= 9

= 127 or 1+2+7=10-1= 9

Revelation 1:9 tells us that at the time John of Zebedee was writing the pastoral letters of Revelation that John of Zebedee knew and understood that he would be transmigrated later in human history to complete a task along with his brother James of Zebedee that Jesus would give to them, and also understood that they would be killed when their task was over.

The Two Witnesses in Revelation 11:3

And I will grant authority to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth.” (Revelation 11:3)

And I will grant authority to my two witnesses

= 5138 or 83+1+5 = 89 or 8+9 = 17 or 1+7= 8

= 3270 or 70-32 = 38 or 3+8 = 11 or 8

=   545 or 45-5 = 40 or 8

And I will grant the authority of the Office of President of America to my two disciples

= 5094 or 94-5=89 or 8+9=17 or 1+7= 8

= 5046 or 46+50 = 96 or 8 (8×12 = 96)

= 841 or 48-10=38 or 3+8=11 or 8

And I will grant authority to John and James of Zebedee

= 4380 or 80-43 = 37 or 3+7 = 10 or 10-1= 9

= 3018 or 18-3=15 or 1+5 = 6

= 503 or 5+0+3 = 8

And I will grant authority to John and Robert Kennedy

= 3893 or 93-38 = 55 or 5+5 = 10 or 10-1= 9

= 3228 or 3+2+2+8 =15 or 1+5 = 6

=   538 or 5+3+8 = 16 or 8

Jack and Bobby Kennedy, “Sons of Thunder”

and James, the son of Zebedee, and John the brother of James (to them He gave the name Boanerges, which means, “Sons of Thunder”); (Mark 3:17)


= 280 or 80-2 = 78 or 7+8=15 or 1+5= 6

= 516 or 57-1 = 56 or 8

=   86 or 8-6 = 2

“Sons of Thunder”

=   763 or 63-7 = 56 or 5+6=11 or 8

= 1068 or 68 or 86 reversed or 8-6 = 2

=  178 or 78 or 7+8 = 15 or 1+5 = 6

James and John sons of Zebedee

= 2321 or 23-21 = 2

= 1524 or 1+5+2+4 = 12 or 6

=   254 or 54+2 = 56 or 8

John and Robert sons of Joseph Kennedy

= 2703 or 30+27 = 57-1 = 56 or 8

= 2298 or 98+4 = 102 or 10+2 = 12 or 6

= 383 or 38-3 = 35 or 5-3 = 2

John of Zebedee was also called Aquila in the Bible, and was married to Priscilla. John Kennedy was married to Jacqueline Lee Bouvier (Maiden name)


= 698 or 6+9+8 = 23 or 32 reversed or 8

= 282 or 28+2 = 30 or 10 or 10-1 = 9

=   47 or 4+7 = 11 or 1+1 = 2


= 301 or 3-1 = 2

= 366 or 36-6 = 30 or 10 or 10-1 = 9

=   61 or 16 reversed or 8

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

= 1934 or 9-7= 2                  

= 1398 or 3+9+8+10=30  or 10-1= 9

=   233 or 2+3+3= 8  

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was John of Zebedee and Aquila in the times of Jesus.


= 292 or 2+9+2 = 13 or 3+1 = 4

= 594 or 59+4 = 63 or 6+3 = 9

= 99 or 9+9 = 18 or 1+8 = 9

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier

= 2029 or 2+0+2+9 = 13 or 1+3 = 4

= 1266 or 66-3 = 63 or 6+3 = 9

= 211 or 11-2 = 9

Priscilla and Aquila were a first century Christian missionary married couple described in the New Testament and traditionally listed among the Seventy Disciples. They lived, worked, and traveled with the Apostle Paul, who described them as his “fellow workers in Christ Jesus” (Romans 16:3).

Jackie and John Kennedy had the spirit of Priscilla and Aquila respectively.

James of Zebedee’s other name in the Holy Scriptures was Niceta.


= 726 or 7+2+6 = 15 or 6

= 288 or 28+8 = 36 or 63 or 7

=   48 or 8


= 158 or 15+8 = 23 or 32 reversed or 8

= 312 or 12+3=15 or 6

=   52 or 5+2 = 7

Robert Francis Kennedy

= 1050 or 10+5=15 or 1+5 = 6

= 1356 or 56+3=59 or 59-10=49 or 7

=      226 or 26-2=24 or 8     

Robert is a match to James and Niceta in Holy Gematria on the evidence of 3 witnesses (6-7-8) plus an additional witness of (15) confirming that they are all the same entity.

“And I will grant authority to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth.” (Revelation 11:3)

And they will prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days. John F. Kennedy was President from January 20,1961 (inauguration) to November 22, 1963 (assassination) or 34 months. Robert F. Kennedy was U.S. Attorney General from January 20, 1961 to September 3, 1964 or 44 months. Robert F. Kennedy remained Attorney General for an additional 10 months after his brother was assassinated. Robert F. Kennedy was later assassinated on June 6, 1968.

Calculation of the duration the Kennedy’s were in office was a total of 44 months:

Jan 20, 1961 – Sept. 3, 1964 = 1322 days / 30day/ mo = 44 months.

Prophecy Revelation 11:3:

1260 days / 30 days = 42 months

Note that the prophecy of 1260 days is a minimum time requirement and can exceed it. This prophecy was fulfilled with the Kennedys but the prophecy represents duality so there will be another two witnesses still to come in the “End Times”.

“And I will grant authority to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth.” (Revelation 11:3)

Clothed in sackcloth

=   524 or 52+4 = 56 or 7

= 1092 or 92+1 = 93 or 9+3 = 12 or 6

=   182 or 82-1 = 81 or 9

Marked for death

= 384 or 38+4 = 42 or 7

= 774 or 77+4 = 81 or 9

= 129 or 92 (29 reversed) +1 = 93 or 9+3 = 12 or 6

“Clothed in sackcloth” means “Marked for death” in Holy Gematria on the evidence of 3 witnesses (7-9-6) in Holy Gematria.

The 44th Presidential race in 1960 between Kennedy and Nixon was one of the closest of votes. Jack and Bobby Kennedy were Irish Americans and were both Israelites belonging to the tribes of Jacob surnamed Israel.

“And I will grant authority to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth.” (Revelation 11:3)

and they will prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth

= 6430 or 6+4=10+39=40 or 10-1= 9

= 4812 or 84+2=86 or 86-1=85 or 8+5=13 or 4

= 802 or 82 or 8+2=10-1= 9

and they will be in office for twelve hundred and sixty days and both will be  assassinated

= 6970 or 70-69=1 or 10 or 10-1= 9

= 4980 or 89 or 89-4=85 or 8+5=13 or 1+3= 4

= 830 or 83-1=82 or 8+2=10-1= 9

The Four Witnesses in Revelation 11:4

These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands that stand before the Lord of the earth. (Revelation 11:4)

These are the two olive trees

= 2521 or 21+25 = 46 or 4+6 = 10 or 10-1 = 9

= 1812 or 81+3 = 84 or 8+4=12 or 6

=   302 or 30-2 = 28 or 7

These are the two peacekeepers

= 1786 or 786 or 78+6 = 84 or 8+4 = 12 or 6

= 1686 or 86-16 = 70 or 10 or 10-1 = 9

=    281 or 28 or 7

These are John and James of Zebedee

= 2345 or 2+3+4+5 = 14 or 7

= 1608 or 80+6=86 or 86-1=85 or 85-1=84 or 8+4=12 or 6

=   268 or 68+2 = 70 or 10 or 10-1 = 9

These are John and Robert Kennedy

= 1858 or 58-18=40 or 10-1= 9 

= 1818 or 18+18=36 or 6

= 303 or 3+3= 6                                                       

Sent by Jesus to prevent nuclear war

= 4102 or 41-2=39 or 39+1=40 or 10-1= 9

= 2466 or 24+6+6=36 or 6

= 411 or 4+1+1= 6

Most of the young people today do not know how close we came during the Cuban Missile Crisis to nuclear war. In those days, the technology did not exist for the Russian submarines stationed around Cuba to contact the Kremlin for further orders.  JFK and Bobby were sent to save America from nuclear destruction and they were successful in their mission. God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob was not ready to lift His staff of protection from America. America was much more of a God fearing nation in those days.

Revelation 11:5  Fire Proceedeth Out Of Their Mouth

And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed.  (Revelation 11:5 KJV)


=  100 or 10-1= 9

=   228 or 2+2+8=12 or 6

=     38 or 3+8=11 or 8

The truth

=   601 or 16 or 8

=   720 or 72 or 12 or 6

=   120 or 20 or 10-1= 9



= 1129 or 29-10=19 or 19-1=18 or 9

=   624 or 24+6=30 or 10-1= 9

=   104 or 10+4=14 or 7


= 1213 or 31-2=29 or 29+1=30 or 10-1= 9

=   810 or 18 or 9

=   135 or 35 or 7

Evangelicals and Pentecostals who take the Bible literally are going to be very disappointed in Elijah and Elisha because they will not have fire coming out of their mouths, except for the truth, and will not be wearing sackcloth in Jerusalem.  In fact, they won’t even be in Jerusalem.

Notice in Revelation 11:5 that the phrases and if anyone desires to harm them, as well as and if anyone would desire to harm them are mentioned twice and are slightly different. This tells us who the enemies of our Father and His flock of Christians are today.

And if anyone desires to harm them

=  1291 or 19-2=17 or 17+1=18 or 9 

=  1848 or 48-18=30 or 10-1= 9

=    308 or 8-3= 5

The Mossad

=    378 or 3+7+8=18 or 9

=    624 or 24+6=30 or 10-1= 9 

=    104 or 1+4= 5


And if anyone would desire to harm them

=  2375 or 75+3+2=80 or 10-1= 9 

=  2184 or 2+1+8+4=15 or 1+5= 6

=    364 or 64-3=61 or 6+1= 7

The Central Intelligence Agency

=  1081 or 81-1=80 or 10-1= 9 

=  1656 or 65+6=71 or 71-10=61 or 6+1= 7

=    276 or 2+7+6=15 or 1+5= 6

 Revelation 11:6 Power To Shut Heaven

These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will.  (Revelation 11:6 KJV)

These have the power to shut up the sky

=   3551 or 3+5+5+1=14 or 4

=   2586 or 86+5+2=93 or 9+3=12 or 6

=     431 or 4+3+1= 8

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and HAARP

=   2824 or 28-24= 4

=   2478 or 87+4+2=93 or 9+3=12 or 6

=     413 or 4+1+3= 8

HAARP stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program


During the days of their prophesying   

=   2015 or 15-2=13 or 1+3= 4

=   2328 or 28-23= 5

=     388 or 3+8+8=19 or 9

During the days of the Kennedy Presidency until the Day of the Lord     

=   3353 or 3+3+5+3=14 or 14-1=13 or 1+3= 4     

=   3756 or 56-37=19 or 9                              

=     626 or 6+2+6=14 or 1+4= 5                   

The Anunnaki are mentioned in the Bible, and are the Elohim and Bene Ha’ Elohim (Hebrew for gods and sons of the gods) that were created prior to the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob creating the first man. The first creation is covered in Genesis 1:1 to 2:3. In Genesis 2:5 it states: there was no man to cultivate the ground. There was no man because the Anunnaki rebelled against God when they found out man was to rule over them. The war that resulted is mentioned in Jeremiah 4:23-26. God removed 144,000 survivors of this war which were the Sumerians to earth.  When God created the first man, he gave him the ability to transmigrate. He did not give this ability to Adam and Eve of the second creation. Paul explains humanity of the first and second creations in Romans 9:21.The 144,000 Firstfruits or those of the first creation are mentioned in Revelation 7:4 and will be hidden during Armageddon as they have to be refined through the fire. (Isaiah 48:9-11 and Zechariah 13:8-9) You will go through the fire, but your clothes will not have any smell of the fire on them and the hair on their head will not be singed providing you are a Christian baptized full immersion at an age of accountability, 8 years and over.  Mankind was created to rule over all of the creation of the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, including the hosts of heaven. However since the fall of Adam and Eve, the Anunnaki or the gods and sons of the gods, especially Anu, Enki, Enlil and Marduk, have been ruling over us. Anu, Enki, Enlil and Marduk are mentioned in the King James Bible and they are here today in human form ruling over us.

Messiah Jesus Will Be Returning In The Clouds For the Harpazo

How do I know that Jesus is at the door and will soon be returning?

In Matthew 26:64 Jesus told those at his trial that they would see him returning on the clouds of heaven. I have identified who Jesus was referring to and who they are today. Jesus also told us in Matthew 16:28 that some of his disciples, which includes Peter, would be transmigrated to see the return of Jesus, This also includes the disciple Simon Magus and his mistress Helena and her children who will be all be punished rather than rewarded.

BEHOLD, HE IS COMING WITH THE CLOUDS, and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him; and all the tribes of the earth will mourn over Him. Even so. Amen. (Revelation 1:7)

even those who pierced Him

= 2174 or 74+21 = 95 or 9+5 = 14 or 7

= 1494 or 94-14 = 80 or 10 or 10-1 = 9

= 249 or 2+4+9 = 15 or 1+5 = 6

even those who were responsible for His crucifixion will be transmigrated

= 5857 or 57+58 = 115 or 15-1 = 14 or 7

= 4572 or 4+5+7+2 = 18 or 1+8 = 9

= 762 or 7+6+2 = 15 or 1+5= 6

Some individuals who were responsible historically for the crucifixion of Jesus have been transmigrated and are alive today, living in Israel, and will see the return of Jesus. I have managed to locate two of those responsible for the death of Jesus that have been transmigrated, namely Caiaphas and Jonathan Annas.

Joseph ben Caiaphas

= 1033 or 33+10 = 43 or 4+3 = 7

= 912 or 93 or 9+3 = 12 or 6

= 152 or 52+1 = 53 or 5+3= 8

Baruch Kahane

= 359 or 35+9 = 44 or 44-1 = 43 or 4+3= 7

= 558 or 58-5 = 53 or 5+3= 8

= 93 or 9+3 = 12 or 6

Baruch Kahane is the high priest selected by the Sanhedrin and is the transmigrated Joseph ben Caiaphas according to the three witnesses (numbers) of Holy Gematria (7-8-6) and three additional witnesses (43-12-53).

According to the pesher code, Caiaphas was High priest of the Jews AD 18 to 36. Caiaphas was a Pharisee, related to the Boethus family of priests. He supported the eastern doctrine of the Hebrews, with strict views on morality, and so held that Jesus was not the legitimate David or King, but that his brother James was the David or King. Caiaphas supported John the Baptist on this question. In the latter part of his reign the Twelve Apostles, Hellenists, were working to have him replaced as high priest. He was dismissed in AD 36.

Jonathan Annas

= 1012 or 12 or 6                      

= 792 or 7+9+2 = 18 or 9  

= 132 or 13+2=15 or 6

Avichai Mandelblit

= 962 or 9+6+2 = 17 or 17+1=18 or 9

= 870 or 8+7+0 = 15 or 1+5 = 6

= 145 or 54 or 6        

 Avichai Mandelblit, is the current Attorney General of Israel, and is the transmigrated Jonathan Annas.

After John the Baptist was killed, Jonathan Annas became Pope. The two candidates for Pope during the gospel period were Jonathan Annas for peace with Rome and Simon Magus for War. Simon Magus when Pope was called “Lightning” and Jonathan Annas when Pope was called “Thunder” Both Jonathan Annas and Simon Magus have been transmigrated to Avichai Mandelblit and Bill Clinton respectively.


= 240 or 2+4 = 6

= 600 or 60 or 10-1= 9

= 100 or 10 or 10-1= 9

Simon Magus

= 547 or 74+5=79 or 79+1=80 or 10-1= 9           

= 786 or 78+6 = 84 or 8+4 = 12 or 6

= 131 or 31-1 = 30 or 10-1= 9

William Jefferson Blythe

= 2406 or 24+6 = 30 or 10 or 9

= 1494 or 4+9+4 = 17 or 17-1 = 16 or 8

= 249 or 2+4+9 = 15 or 1+5 = 6

William Jefferson Blythe is the real name of William (Bill) Clinton who is a murderer as was Simon Magus.


= 437 or 4+3+7 = 14 or 7

= 540 or 54 or 6

= 90 or 9

Jonathan Annas

= 1012 or 12+10 = 21 or 7

= 792 or 7+9+2 = 18 or 9

= 132 or 13+2 = 15 or 1+5 = 6

Avichai Mandelblit

= 962 or 9+6+2 = 17 or 17+1=18 or 9

= 870 or 8+7+0 = 15 or 1+5 = 6

= 145 or 54 or 6        

 Avichai Mandelblit, is the current Attorney General of Israel, and is the transmigrated Jonathan Annas.

Jonathan Annas, son of Ananus the high priest of AD 6. Jonathan Annas was himself high priest for six months in AD 37. He was a Hellenist, at first with John the Baptist as the Good Samaritan, opposing militant zealotry. Then he joined the Twelve Apostles, who worked to bring Hellenist high priests into power. Like all the Annas brothers, he support Gentile members and taught peace with Rome, but insisted on priestly superiority, and the treatment of village priests in the Diaspora as divine persons. Jesus supported him on the Gentile question, but opposed him on the priestly question, often claiming his position. Jonathan Annas thus had a personal animosity to Jesus, despite their political agreement. When it was clear that Jesus would be crucified, he ordered Jesus to take poison, and Jonathan Annas supplied the poison. He was subsequently opposed by Paul, who took part in the process of his deposition in September AD 37. Jonathan Annas was put to death in AD 57 by the Roman governor Felix, for the reason that he was constantly interfering in Felix’s management of the state

“But be on your guard; for they will deliver you to the courts, and you will be flogged in the synagogues, and you will stand before governors and kings for My sake, as a testimony to them. (Mark 13:9)

Joseph ben Caiaphas today is Baruch Kahane, the High Priest of the Sanhedrin. As a hater of Christians, he will be responsible for many Christian deaths based on the Sanhedrin enforcing the seven Noahide Laws through the United Nations One World Government. According to these seven Noahide laws, which are laws of men and are to be found nowhere in our bibles, any Christian worshiping Jesus can be accused of idolatry and the penalty for this supposed crime is death. Anyone can be accused of idolatry and if found guilty on the basis of having only one witness against you, you will be put to death. One hundred and seventy six member states of the United Nations have signed as agreeing to abide by these blasphemous laws which contradict God of Abraham’s law contained in Deuteronomy 17:6 which says no one can be executed by having the word of only one witness against him.

In Revelation 2:20-22, Jesus warned Jezebel, a pseudonym for Helena, the mistress of Simon Magus, one of the original twelve disciples, that Jesus would cast Helena and her followers into the Great Tribulation. Jesus has done exactly that. Simon Magus and Helena are back on earth. But exactly what was the history behind Revelation 2:20-22? A Church of Thyatira, who was led by John Mark, the beloved disciple, was allowing Helena to teach non-Israelites. Helena claimed to be a cardinal as the mistress of Simon Magus. Both Helena and Jesus were instructing Polemo of Cilicia prior to his marriage to Berenice. Helena was allowing Polemo to attend Roman banquets in honour of the Roman Emperor to be worshipped as a god. Helena was instructing Polemo, a non-Israelite to become fully Jewish and to be circumcised. Jesus wanted Polemo and Helena to become fully Christian and both refused. Polemo of Cilicia was also biblical Balak of the Old Testament, who tried to have Balaam curse the Israelites.


= 1137 or 73-1=72 or 6

= 390 or 3+9 = 12 or 6

= 65 or 6+5 = 11 or 8


= 79 or 7+9 = 16 or 8

= 270 or 70+2 = 72 or 12 or 6

= 45 or 54 reversed or 6

Hillary Diane Clinton

= 770 or 70-7 = 63 or 36 or 6

= 1062 or 62+10 = 72 or 8

= 177 or 1+7+7 = 15 or 1+5 = 6


Simon Magus

= 547 or 5+4+7 = 16 or 8

= 786 or 78+6 = 84 or 8+4 = 12 or 6

= 131 or 31-1 = 30 or 10 or 10-1 = 9

William Jefferson Blythe

= 2406 or 24+6 = 30 or 10 or 9

= 1494 or 4+9+4 = 17 or 17-1 = 16 or 8

= 249 or 2+4+9 = 15 or 1+5 = 6

William Jefferson Blythe is the real name of William (Bill) Clinton who is a murderer as was Simon Magus. Polemo of Cilicia is Mike Pompeo, a former Director of the Cocaine Importing Agency and currently Secretary of State. Mike Pompeo’s wife’s maiden name is Susan Elaine Justice, and she is the transmigrated Berenice. All of these facts that are not my facts but are given to me directly from the Holy Spirit tell us two things. All of these individuals I have mentioned above are currently in their positions because Jesus is at the door soon to return, and Jesus means what He says and will do what He says He will do, and will punish and extinguish all wickedness when He returns and touches down to earth (1 Corr. 15:24-26).

Polemo of Cilicia

= 325 or 25-3=22 or 11 or 8

= 858 or 8+5+8 = 21 or 7

= 143 or 43+10 = 53 or 5+3= 8

Michael Richard Pompeo

= 516 or 16+5 = 21 or 7

= 1152 or 52+1 = 53 or 5+3= 8

= 192 or 9+2 = 11 or 8



= 149 or 14+9=23 or 2+3= 5

= 366 or 36-6=30 or 6

= 61 or 6-1= 5

Susan Elaine Justice

= 1508 or 15+8=23 or 2+3= 5

= 1242 or 42-12=30 or 6

= 207 or 7-2

Berenice was married to Polemo of Cilicia, but left him to have a relationship  with her brother.

Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro

= 1042 or 42+10=52 or 5+2 = 7

= 1362 or 10+3+62=75 or 7+5 = 12 or 6

= 227 or 72-2=70 or 10-1= 9


= 247 or 47+2 = 49 or 7

= 474 or 74-4=70 or 10-1= 9

= 79 or 7+9 = 16 or 8

D’Alesandro is the maiden name of Nancy Patricia Pelosi. Herodias was the Granddaughter of Herod the Great, sister of Agrippa I. Herodias was promised as a child to Herod (Thomas) and during this marriage bore a daughter, Salome. Herodias eventually left Thomas to marry the tetrarch Antipas. John the Baptist attacked the tetrarch Antipas for his marriage with Herodias and the Baptist was ordered to be slain by Antipas for meddling in his affairs.


=   301 or 30 or 10-1= 9

=   480 or 84 or 84+1=85 or 8+5=13 or 1+3= 4

=     80 or 8

Paul Francis Pelosi

=   774 or 74-7=37 or 3+7=10-1= 9

= 1176 or 76+10=86 or 86-1=85 or 8+5=13 or 1+3= 4

=   196 or 1+9+6=16 or 8

Paul Francis Pelosi is the transmigrated Antipas.

Antipas, the tetrach – Son of Herod the Great by Malthace the Samaritan, full brother of Archelaus.  Antipas had been promised the succession by Herod about a year before his death, and was disappointed when Archelaus was given the position.  He led a campaign against Archelaus in Rome, establishing an alternate Herodian party there, known as the Figtree.  In the gospel period Antipas was allied with the war faction of Hellenists led by Simon Magus and conspired with the Parthians against Rome.  He was married first to the daughter of Aretas, the Arab king, then divorced her to marry Herodias, who left her first husband Herod (Thomas), half-brother of Antipas.  Aretas took revenge on Antipas by declaring war in AD 37.  Herodias tried to persuade her husband to claim the Herodian kingship against Agrippa I, as Antipas had a better right to it, and he, although unwilling, finally agreed.  However in Rome he was outwitted by Agrippa, and he and Herodias were exiled to Gaul in AD 39.   

Jesus repeated a prophecy three times, in Luke 9:27, Mark 9:1, and Matthew 16:28. It is my belief that Luke, John Mark the beloved disciple and Matthew Annas are all with us today to bring the Great Commission to a close prior to the removal of the Restrainer or Holy Spirit from the earth. It should come as no surprise that the instructions for the Great Commission are contained in Luke 24:47, Mark16:15 and Matthew 28:18-20. The Holy Spirit is soon to be removed bringing the Age of Grace to a close. If you have not committed yourself to Jesus, do so as soon as possible as time is short. Repent and ask forgiveness of your sins and then go and have a full immersion baptism at a church of your choosing at an age of accountability (8 years and older).

There are some individuals from the Old Testament that are back on earth today, some doing good work and some contributing to evil and will be punished accordingly. Enoch and his wife Edna are back in America and are currently doing their  best to educate the masses to the dangers of Cern and the Gates vaccines that will alter your D.N.A. I do not intend to release the name he is using as I do not want to endanger him. Jonah is back as well in America and Jeremiah is also back in England warning its  citizens.

I will now show you some of the evil ones from the Old Testament that are among us today and will be with us until the return of Jesus with his holy angels who will bind these tares to be burned in the fire.

The Bush Crime Family – Conspiracy Behind Every Bush

Evil Lamech and his family mentioned in Genesis 4:18-25 have been transmigrated to the Bush Crime family.


= 67 or 6+7 = 13 or 1+3 = 4

= 252 or 25-2 = 23 or 2+3= 5

= 42 or 7

George Herbert Walker Bush

= 1750 or 50 +17 = 67 or 6+7=13 or 1+3= 4

= 1518 or 18+5 = 23 or 2+3= 5

= 253 or 25+3 = 28 or 7

Lamech’s father was Methushael, which is a match to Prescott Bush, George HW Bush’s father.


= 467 or 67+4 = 71 or 7+1 = 8

= 672 or 6+7+2 = 15 or 1+5 = 6

= 112 or 12 or 21 reversed or 7

Prescott Sheldon Bush

= 1005 or 10+5 = 15 or 1+5= 6

= 1458 or 85-14 = 71 or 7+1= 8

= 243 or 24-3 = 21 or 7

Prescott Bush was the transmigrated Methushael. Lamech had two wives. George HW’s wife was Barbara Bush and George HW Bush had a long-term affair with Jennifer Fitzgerald.


= 14 or 7

= 84 or 8+4 = 12 or 6

= 14 or 7

Barbara Pierce

= 329 or 3+2+9 = 14 or 7

= 594 or 59+4 = 63 or 7

=   99 or 9+9 = 18 or 6

Barbara Pierce was the maiden name of Barbara Bush or the transmigrated Adah. We must always use the name on the birth certificate for the individual we are investigating.


= 558 or 55+8 = 63 or 6+3 = 9

= 408 or 40+8 = 48 or 8

=   68 or 6+8 = 14 or 7

Jennifer Ann Isobel Patteson-Knight (m. Fitzgerald)

= 1662 or 62+6=68 or 6+8=14 or 7

= 2106 or 60+2+1=63 or 6+3= 9

=    351 or 51-3 = 48 or 8

Jennifer Patterson-Knight (maiden name of Jennifer Fitzgerald) is the transmigrated Zillah.

George Herbert Walker Bush, who is a Khazarian Jew, is alive and kicking living in Paraguay. He was responsible for the deaths of Jack and Robert Kennedy with the help of a rogue element within the Central Intelligence Agency and the Mossad. Bush is the transmigrated biblical figure Lamech (Genesis 4:19-24). His moronic son, George Walker Bush Jr., is Lamech’s Son Jabal.

The assassination of John Kennedy was planned by the Mossad with help from the Clowns In Action. John Kennedy had told David Ben-Gurion, Prime Minister of Isra-hell,  that he would not allow the Ashkenazi Khazar Edomites in the State of Rothschild to develop atomic weapons. John Kennedy also intended to do away with the Rothschild controlled Federal Reserve and have the United States Treasury issue its own currency. The Bush family was also behind the murder of Robert Kennedy Junior, who had found proof that the Bush family were behind the murder of his family, as well as Cardinal Spellman of New York. Spellman and the Vatican wanted a war in Vietnam as the Buddhists were killing the Catholics in Vietnam.


= 624 or 62+4 = 66 or 12 or 6

= 156 or 1+5+6 = 12 or 6

=   26 or 62 or 6+2= 8

George Walker Bush

= 1470 or 70-4=66 or 12 or 6

= 1062 or 62 or 6+2= 8

=   177 or 1+7+7 = 15 or 1+5 = 6

George W. Bush is the transmigrated Jabal.


= 823 or 23+8 = 31 or 3+1= 4

= 276 or 2+7+6 = 15 or 1+5= 6

= 46 or 46 or 64 or 8

John Ellis Bush     (also known as “Jeb”)

= 1142 or 42-11=31 or 3+1= 4

=   924 or 9+2+4=15 or 1+5= 6

=   154 or 45 (54 reversed) +1= 46 or 64 or 8

Jeb Bush is the transmigrated Jubal.

Jabal has a brother, Jubal who is Jeb Bush, another one of lesser intelligence. George Bush Jr. was responsible for the bomb placed on board the plane of John F Kennedy Jr. and his wife and sister-in-law. Both of these demons planned the 911 Twin Towers and Pentagon episode which was nothing more than a plot to bury the evidence of the theft of trillions of dollars and gold that all went to the State of Rothschild.

There are also 144:000 bondservants or saints that have been transmigrated for such a time as this which is just before the Harpazo or Rapture is to take place. All of the disciples are back on earth today as well as some of the Old Testament prophets such as Elijah, Elisha, Enoch and his wife Edna, Jeremiah, and Jonah.

Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and thus we shall always be with the Lord. (1 Thess. 4:17).

What did Paul mean when he said “Then we who are alive and remain?”

Then we who are alive and remain

= 3047 or 47+3=50 or 50 or 10-1= 9    

= 1638 or 63+8=71 or 7

=   273 or 27+3=30 or 10-1= 9              

Then the saints who are transmigrated and remain alive

= 3132 or 33-2=31 or 31-1=30 or 10-1= 9

= 3054 or 54-3=51 or 51-1= 50 or 10-1= 9     

=   509 or 5+0+9 = 14 or 7

So who are these saints that have been transmigrated and how many of them are there?

saying, “Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees, until we have sealed the bond-servants of our God on their foreheads.” (Revelation 7:3)

The Saints: 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel listed in Rev. 7:4-8 = 144,000

And I heard the number of those who were sealed, one hundred and forty-four thousand sealed from every tribe of the sons of Israel: (Revelation 7:4)

Revelation 14:4 tells us the 144:000 are considered saints for they have kept themselves chaste.

For they have kept themselves chaste

= 2798 or 27+9+8=44 or 4+4= 8

= 2214 or 22+10+4=36 or 12 or 6

=   369 or 69+3=72 or 12 or 6

For they have not defiled their DNA through interbreeding with other races

= 4131 or 31+1+4=36 or 12 or 6

= 4230 or 42+30=72 or 12 or 6

=   705 or 50-7=43 or 43+1=44 or 4+4= 8

Leviticus 26:13-33 Punishment To The Tribes of Jacob (the Caucasians) For Disobedience

(Leviticus 20:1-9; Deuteronomy 28:15-68; 1 Samuel 15:1-9; 1 Kings 13:11-34)

Leviticus 26:13-33 KJV

13I am the LORD your God, which brought you forth out of the land of Egypt, that ye should not be their bondmen; and I have broken the bands of your yoke, and made you go upright.  14But if ye will not hearken unto me, and will not do all these commandments; 15And if ye shall despise my statutes, or if your soul abhor my judgments, so that ye will not do all my commandments, but that ye break my covenant: 16I also will do this unto you; I will even appoint over you terror, consumption, and the burning ague, that shall consume the eyes, and cause sorrow of heart: and ye shall sow your seed in vain, for your enemies shall eat it. 17And I will set my face against you, and ye shall be slain before your enemies: they that hate you shall reign over you; and ye shall flee when none pursueth you. 18And if ye will not yet for all this hearken unto me, then I will punish you seven times more for your sins. 19And I will break the pride of your power; and I will make your heaven as iron, and your earth as brass: 20And your strength shall be spent in vain: for your land shall not yield her increase, neither shall the trees of the land yield their fruits.

21And if ye walk contrary unto me, and will not hearken unto me; I will bring seven times more plagues upon you according to your sins. 22I will also send wild beasts among you, which shall rob you of your children, and destroy your cattle, and make you few in number; and your high ways shall be desolate.

23And if ye will not be reformed by me by these things, but will walk contrary unto me; 24Then will I also walk contrary unto you, and will punish you yet seven times for your sins. 25And I will bring a sword upon you, that shall avenge the quarrel of my covenant: and when ye are gathered together within your cities, I will send the pestilence among you; and ye shall be delivered into the hand of the enemy. 26And when I have broken the staff of your bread, ten women shall bake your bread in one oven, and they shall deliver you your bread again by weight: and ye shall eat, and not be satisfied.

27And if ye will not for all this hearken unto me, but walk contrary unto me; 28Then I will walk contrary unto you also in fury; and I, even I, will chastise you seven times for your sins. 29And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat. 30And I will destroy your high places, and cut down your images, and cast your carcases upon the carcases of your idols, and my soul shall abhor you. 31And I will make your cities waste, and bring your sanctuaries unto desolation, and I will not smell the savour of your sweet odours. 32And I will bring the land into desolation: and your enemies which dwell therein shall be astonished at it. 33And I will scatter you among the heathen, and will draw out a sword after you: and your land shall be desolate, and your cities waste.  (Leviticus 26:13-33 KJV)

We now have to look at a prophecy in Zechariah chapter 11 which is a continuation of the prophecy in Revelation chapter 11 in order to prove that the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob has withdrawn his protection from Manasseh or America and Ephraim or Britain and the Commonwealth and Judah (Germany, Scotland and Ireland). 

Then I said, “I will not pasture you. What is to die, let it die, and what is to be annihilated, let it be annihilated; and let those who are left eat one another’s flesh.”  And I took my staff, Favor, and cut it in pieces, to break my covenant which I had made with all the peoples (Zechariah 11:9-10 NASB77).


=   837 or 8+3+7=18 or 9

=   372 or 3+7+2=12 or 6

=     62 or 6+2= 8

The Tribes of Israel

=   660 or 6+6=12 or 6 Bold 12

= 1146 or 64-2=62 or 6+2= 8

=   191 or 19-1=18 or 9

The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob has broken His covenant with the Tribes of Israel.

Then I cut my second staff, Union, in pieces, to break the brotherhood between Judah and Israel.  (Zechariah 11:14 NASB77).


=   339 or 3+3+9=15 or 1+5= 6

=   438 or 38+4=42 or 4+2= 6

=     73 or 7+3=10-1=9                                                                            

To break the Act of Union between Northern Ireland and Scotland with England

= 2949 or 49-9=40 or 40+2=42 or 4+2= 6                                   

= 3816 or 381-6=375 or 75-3=72 or 72+1=73 or 7+3=10-1= 9   

=   636 or 6+3+6= 15 or 1+5= 6                                                   

Revelation 18:4:  Come out of her

I heard another voice from heaven, saying, “Come out of her, my people, so that you will not participate in her sins and receive of her plagues;   (Revelation 18:4)

This verse  Rev. 18:4 applies to several different subjects.

Come out of her

=  587 or 5+8+7=20 or 20+1=21 or 7      

=  864 or 48-6=42 or 4+2= 6                      

=  144 or 44-10=34 or 3+4= 7                    

Come out of the Roman Catholic Church

= 1304 or 30+4=34 or 3+4= 7                    

= 2034 or 24-3=21 or 7                                

=   339 or 39+3=42 or 4+2= 6                     

Come out of her

=   587 or 78+5=83 or 8+3=11 or 8

=   864 or 8+6+4=18 or 8-1= 7

=   144 or 14+4=18 or 9

Come out of Babylon the Great

=  1315 or 15+3=18 or 9

=  1608 or 6+8=14 or 7

=    268 or 2+6+8=16 or 8

Come out of America and Britain

=    909 or 90-9=81 or 8-1= 7

=  1530 or 15+3=18 or 9

=    255 or 55-2=53 or 5+3= 8


Come out of her

= 587 or 87+5=92 or 92-1=91 or 9+1=10          

= 864 or 64+8=72 or 12 or 6

= 144 or 44-10=34 or 3+4= 7                              

Come out of the European Union

= 1387 or 87+3+1=91 or 9+1= 10

= 1884 or 1+8+8+4=21 or 12 reversed or 6      (also equates to a year)

=   314 or 31+4=35 or 35-1=34 or 3+4= 7           

On June 23rd, 2016 Great Britain voted in a referendum to have their citizens in the country decide to either remain as members of the European Union or to leave the European Union. England and Wales or Ephraim followed the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob’s advice to vote to leave the European Union. Northern Ireland and Scotland or Judah voted to remain in the European Union in June 2016. However the majority of the population in Britain voted to leave the EU and the majority always rules.  The brotherhood between Ephraim and Judah has now been broken. 

As God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob has broken the covenants of both  Favor and Union, He has lifted His protection from all the Tribes of Jacob surnamed Israel as they have turned their face away from God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement and the protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland set out the EU’s course of action to leave the E.U. Britain signed them when it formally left the EU in January 2020. Britain says it has not breached the protocol.

1884 above also equates to a year.  Source: Wikipedia.

1884 R Conservative members agreed to pass Gladstone’s proposals in return for the promise that it would be followed by a Redistribution Bill. Gladstone accepted their terms and the 1884 Reform Act was allowed to become law. This measure gave the counties the same franchise as the boroughs – adult male householders and £10 lodgers – and added about six million to the total number who could vote in parliamentary elections.  However, this legislation meant that all women and 40% of adult men were still without the vote. According to Lisa Tickner: “The Act allowed seven franchise qualifications, of which the most important was that of being a male householder with twelve months’ continuous residence at one address… About seven million men were enfranchised under this heading, and a further million by virtue of one of the other six types of qualification. This eight million – weighted towards the middle classes but with a substantial proportion of working-class voters – represented about 60 per cent of adult males. But of the remainder only a third were excluded from the register of legal provision; the others were left off because of the complexity of the registration system or because they were temporarily unable to fulfil the residency qualifications… Of greater concern to Liberal and Labour reformers… was the issue of plural voting (half a million men had two or more votes) and the question of constituency boundaries.”

I believe our Father is telling us that the decision to either leave of stay in the European Union was decided by a vote through a referendum by the citizens of Britain which occurred on June 23, 2016.

See Revelation 2:9 and 3:9: Please note that the word Judean is correct in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 as the word Jew did not come into use until the 1800’s, Jesus was NOT a Jew. He was a Judean and from the Royal Tribe of Judah from the Branch of David.

As their own DNA has proved, those living in Palestine in the State of Rothschild today are Ashkenazi Khazars, who are Edomites and whose religious book is the Christian Loathing Talmud or the Fables of Men (Titus 1:14) in order to have their ears tickled as per 2 Timothy 4:3.  In the time of Jesus the Khazars were called Pharisees and practiced a form of Babylonian religion, which they still practice today. Their God is Satan also known as Lucifer and the god of forces (Dan 11:38).

People are finally waking up to the fact that the Khazars were never our friends and have stolen our Birthright similar to Jacob stealing Esau’s birthright. They call us Gentiles or Golem, when we are the true Israelites and Hebrews, and the Khazars are Edomites and non Israelites. If you try to inform people of this truth, the Khazars will call you an Anti-Semite. The Israelites are the Semites and the Khazars are Edomites, and when Jesus returns he will exterminate all of them except those who have accepted him as the Messiah.

12And I said to them, “If it is good in your sight, give me my wages; but if not, never mind!” So they weighed out thirty shekels of silver as my wages. 13Then the LORD said to me, “Throw it to the potter, that magnificent price at which I was valued by them.” So I took the thirty shekels of silver and threw them to the potter in the house of the LORD.  (Zechariah 11:12-13)

The meaning of these verses is that Jesus is returning to punish all of those who were responsible for his crucifixion and have rejected him as the Messiah, including those who are true Israelites or race traitors!

“Woe to the worthless shepherd

Who leaves the flock!

A sword will be on his arm

And on his right eye!

His arm will be totally withered,

And his right eye will be blind.”  (Zechariah 11:17)

Woe to the worthless shepherd who leaves the flock

= 4802 or 80-2=78 or 78+4=82 or 8+2=10-1= 9 

= 3138 or 3+1+3+8=15 or 1+5= 6                       

=   523 or 52+3=55 or 5+5=10-1= 9                    

Woe to Antonio Guterres who has the spirit of Horatio Nelson

= 4079 or 79+4=83 or 83-1=82 or 8+2=10-1= 9           

= 3978 or 39+7+8=54 or 54+1=55 or 5+5=10-1= 9      

=   663 or 6+6+3=15 or 1+5= 6                                    

The individual mentioned in Zechariah 11:17 is the antiChrist who will be an Israelite traitor from a European country. I have identified the antiChrist as Antonio Manuel Guterres, General Secretary of the United Nations, and he is from Portugal, one of the Tribes of Jacob that has deserted his flock. Many Christians have been looking for an individual with one eye and one arm who might be the antiChrist. You would have better luck looking for a needle in a haystack as we need to use Holy Gematria to determine the antiChrist! Antonio Guterres is the main antiChrist and will have the warrior spirit of Horatio Nelson who lost his eye and arm in two separate battles.

Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man: and his number is six hundred three score and six. (Revelation 13:18)

He that hath understanding

=   959 or 59-9=50 or 10-1= 9    

= 1494 or 49+5=54 or 6

=   249 or 49-2=47 or 4+7=11 or 8 

He that hath understanding of Holy Gematria

= 2147 or 47+1+2=50 or 10-1= 9

= 2100 or 10+2=12 or 6

=   350 or 50-3=47 or 4+7=11 or 8 

Father Son and Holy Spirit

= 1251 or 52-2=50 or 10-1= 9

= 1656 or 6+5+6=17 or 7-1= 6             

=   276 or 6+7=13 or 13-2= 11 or 8

Holy Gematria belongs to the Father Son and Holy Spirit as the three numbers of 9-6-8 proves.

For it is the number of a man

=   942 or 9+4=13-2=11 or 8

= 1512 or 12+5=17 or 7-1= 6                  

=   252 or 52-2=50 or 10-1= 9  

For it is the name city and country of birth of a man

= 2346 or 3+4+6=13-2=11 or 8

= 2892 or 2+8+9+2=21 or 12 reversed or 6            

=   482 or 48+3=50 or 10-1= 9

The number 666 consists of three digits or three pieces of information, namely the name, city and country of birth. We then must locate a conqueror whose name, city and country add to 600 three score (60) and 6.

Six six six

= 1197 or 97+11 = 108 or 10+8 = 18 or 6

= 936 or 93+6 = 99 or 9+9 = 18 or 6

= 156 or 1+5+6 = 12 or 6

three pieces of information

= 841 or 84 or 8+4 = 12 or 6

= 1608 or 16+8 = 24 or 6

= 268 or 26-8 = 18 or 6

name city and place of birth

= 1761 or 61+17 = 78 or 7+8 = 15 or 1+5 = 6

= 1818 or 18+18 = 36 or 6

= 303 or 3+0+3 = 6

We must first see how the number 666 relates to man. An atom is a basic unit of matter that consists of a dense central nucleus surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons. Carbon-12 is one of five elements that make up human DNA, being composed of six protons, six electrons, and six neutrons, or 666. This is how 666 relates to man. Carbon-12 is the more abundant of the two staple isotopes of the element carbon, accounting for 98.89% of carbon. Its abundance is due to the triple-alpha process, by which it is created by the stars. Our bodies are actually atoms, which are connected to the entire solar system! Songwriter Joni Mitchell was correct in the song she wrote entitled “Woodstock”. We are all Star Dust!

On 13 October 2016, the UN General Assembly adopted by acclamation a resolution to formally appoint António Guterres of Portugal as Secretary-General for a five-year term of office, starting on 1 January 2017.  Antonio Guterres has  announced his intention to seek a second five-year term which would begin on 1 January 2022.

António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres, the current Secretary General of the United Nations, was born on 30 April 1949 in Lisbon Portugal. Note that Portugal is part of one of the Tribes of Israel.

António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres = 2202 or 2+2+0+2 = 6 )*

Lisbon = 426 or 42+6 = 48 )*

Subtotal = 2202+426 = 2628 or 2+6+2+8 = 18 or 6

Alternatively Σ* = The Sum of 6 +48 = 54 or 6                 (6×9 = 54)

Portugal = 660

Country of Birth = 660 + (Full Name + City of Birth) = 6

Total 660+6

António Guterres will be the ruler of the New World Order. António Guterres who is the last world leader is actually Nimrod who was the first world leader who was in charge of building the Tower of Babel.  He is again trying to usurp the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, Creator of the Universe, through the use of CERN, the Large Hadron Collider which is located along the Franco-Swiss border. CERN’s headquarters is in the town of Meyrin, which is not far from Geneva Switzerland. CERN is actually a weapon which is trying to create a hole in the veil that God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob stretched over the entire earth (Isaiah 25:7). Earth is actually a prison colony. After the removal from earth of the Saints or Firstfruits and the Holy Spirit in the Harpazo, Cern will be successful in tearing the veil, allowing dark matter and every evil imaginable to descend to earth. Men’s hearts will fail them from fear (Luke 21:25-26). However as I stated previously, the main objective of Nimrod is to attempt to kill Jesus when he touches down and returns to earth by having Jesus sucked into the black hole they are trying to create by tearing the veil. See Psalm 2:4-5 and Psalm 37:12-15 for God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob’s reaction to Nimrod’s and humankind’s efforts. God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob laughs at the wicked in derision. Antonio Guterres is also the Little Horn of Daniel 7:25.

Antonio Manuel Guterres

= 1153 or 35-1-1=33 or 33-1=32 or 3+2= 5     

= 1602 or 60+2=62 or 62-10=52 or 5+2= 7     

=   267 or 76-2=74 or 74-1=73 or 7+3=10-1=9 


=  213 or 23 or 32 reversed 3+2= 5                                              

=  438 or 43+8=51 or 51+1=52 or 5+2= 7       

=    73 or 7+3=10-1= 9                                     

A Little Horn

=  433 or 33+4=37 or reversed 73 or 10-1= 9

=  804 or 40-8=32 or 3+2= 5

=  134 or 43+10=53 or 53-1=52 or 5+2= 7

The Law of Redemption

In ancient Israel, land wasn’t sold as simply as we are used to. Since the God of Abraham, Isaac and Josepfh was the real landowner, Israel was simply a tenant under conditions of obedience. When land was “sold,” what the buyer received was only the use of the land, not clear title. There were conditions under which a kinsman of the seller could “redeem” the land back to the original family. These conditions were typically noted on the outside of the scroll defining the transaction. An example of this was when Jeremiah, despite the impending Babylonian captivity, was instructed to purchase land from the son of his uncle Hanameel. He, of course, would never benefit from this purchase. The deed was secreted in an earthen jar in anticipation when his heirs would return after the captivity and claim it (Jer 32:6–15).  It is my belief that this deed in an earthen jar will be found by the Tribes of Israel when they reenter their promised land of Palestine during the second Greater Exodus from Egypt.

The scroll in Revelation Chapter 5 was written “within and on the backside,” which identifies it as a deed subject to redemption. A Kinsman of Adam, in His role as a goel, a Kinsman-redeemer, is taking possession of what He had already purchased with His blood as the sacrificial Lamb. Jesus not only purchased the land; he also purchased a Bride.

Jacob told Joseph in Genesis 48:22 that Jesus, the Messiah will bring the Tribes of Israel and his remnant people back to the Promised Land of Israel.

Then Israel said to Joseph, “Behold, I am about to die, but the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will be with you, and bring you back to the land of your fathers (Genesis 48:21).  It is my belief that the transmigrated Jacob is back on earth today and will help the Egyptians get through the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, as the Egyptians will be punished as a people as well.

As Christians, we must wait for Jesus the Messiah to gather up the remnant of the Tribes of Israel from the four corners of the earth and bring us back into the land of Israel which he purchased for us at the cross. Greater Israel, without Khazars, Edomites and Palestinians, will be ours when Jesus our King returns and leads us out of Egypt to our promised land during the second Greater Exodus! (Deut. 28:68)

The Pharisees gave Judas Iscariot thirty pieces of silver as payment for the assistance of Judas in their arrest of Jesus. The British Mandate of Palestine ended at midnight on the 14th of May, 1948.  Britain gave Palestine to the Khazar Zionists in return for the Khazars financing the Second World War and bringing America into the war. Britain should never have issued the Balfour Declaration to Rothschild as Palestine was not there’s to give. No one was to enter Palestine UNTIL our Father returned to take us back to the land he promised to Abraham. America has now made the same mistake with the Kushner plan to divide up the land of Palestine between the so called Jews, who say they are Jews and are not, and the Palestinians. America, Britain and the Edomite/Khazars are all to be destroyed in His fierce wrath. The desolation of both North America and Britain is prophesied in Isaiah 34:9-12.

9And its streams shall be turned into pitch,

And its loose earth into brimstone,

And its land shall become burning pitch.

10It shall not be quenched night or day;

Its smoke shall go up forever;

From generation to generation it shall be desolate;

None shall pass through it forever and ever.

11But pelican and hedgehog shall possess it,

And owl and raven shall dwell in it;

And He shall stretch over it the line of desolation

And the plumb line of emptiness.

12Its nobles—there is no one there

Whom they may proclaim king—

And all its princes shall be nothing.  (Isaiah 34:9-12)

Isaiah 34:12 states that all of the British Royals will be killed and no one will be found to crown King.  It is my contention that the Crown Jewels, the Coronation Chair and the Stone of Scone will all be rescued prior to the destruction of England, and will be used at the Coronation of Jesus.

It will come about also in that day that a great trumpet will be blown; and those who were perishing in the land of Assyria and who were scattered in the land of Egypt will come and worship the LORD in the holy mountain at Jerusalem. (Isaiah 27:13)


= 671 or 67+1=68 or 6+8=14 or 7     

= 552 or 55-2=53 or 53+1=54 or 6    

=   92 or 9+2=11 or 8                         


= 563 or 63+5=68 or 6+8=14 or 7      

= 495 or 49+5=54 or 6                       

=   83 or 8+3=11 or 8                         



= 572 or 57-2=55 or 5+5=10-1= 9

= 438 or 38+4=42 or 4+2= 6             

=   73 or 73-1=72 or 12 or 6              

The United States of America

= 1042 or 42 or 4+2= 6                     

= 1566 or 66-6=50 or 10-1= 9

=   261 or 62+10=72 or 12 or 6         

Eventually our God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob will lead all of the Israelites who are scattered all over the world to Palestine, the land He originally promised to our father Abraham.

Let those who persecute me be put to shame, but as for me, let me not be put to shame; Let them be dismayed, but let me not be dismayed. Bring on them a day of disaster, And crush them with twofold destruction!  (Jeremiah 17:18)

And crush them with two fold destruction

=  3397 or 3+3+9+7=22 or 11 or 8

=  2622 or 2+6+2+2=12 or 6

=    437 or 4+3+7=14 or 7

An Electromagnetic Pulse and Nuclear Missile Attack

=  1736 or 36-7=29 or 2+9=11 or 8      

=  2838 or 2+8+3+8=21 or 12 reversed or 6      

=    473 or 4+7+3=14 or 7 Bold 437         

“Their widows will be more numerous before Me Than the sand of the seas; I will bring against them, against the mother of a young man, A destroyer at noonday; I will suddenly bring down on her Anguish and dismay.  (Jeremiah 15:8)  

They have dealt treacherously against the LORD, For they have borne illegitimate children. Now the new moon will devour them with their land.  (Hosea 5:7)      

The Tribes of Israel namely Judea, are the Northern Germans, the Irish and the Scots, who are the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob’s battle axe. (Jeremiah 51:20) The Southern Irish informed the English that they would not fight against their  cousins the Germans, which is why Erie or Southern Ireland was neutral in WWII.

Come, My people, enter into thy inner chambers, And shut thy doors behind thee, Hide thyself shortly a moment till the indignation pass over.  (Isaiah 26:20 Young’s Literal Translation)

Come, my people, enter into your rooms, And close your doors behind you; Hide for a little while, Until indignation runs its course.  (Isaiah 26:20)


=   309 or 30-9=21 or 7                         

=   696 or 69+6=75 or 7+5=12 or 6                        

=   116 or 16 or 8

God’s Recompense                                               

=   519 or 5+1+9=15 or 15+1=16 or 8

=   948 or 9+4+8=21 or 7                     

=   158 or 85-10=75 or 7+5=12 or 6                      

Nuclear detonation

=    748 or 48-7=41 or 4+1=5 or 5+1= 6

=  1146 or 1+10+4+6=21 or 7                

=    191 or 16 or 8

“But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.”  (2 Peter 3:10 KJV)

While they are saying, “Peace and safety!” then destruction will come upon them suddenly like birth pangs upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape (1 Thessalonians 5:3).    

For the LORD has a day of vengeance, A year of recompense for the cause of Zion.   (Isaiah 34:8)_

Day of the Lord

=   728 or 28-7=21 or 12 reversed or 6      

=   798 or 7+9+8=24 or 2+4= 6

=   133 or 13+3=16 or 8        b 16

A day of vengeance

= 1268 or 68+2=1=71 or 7+1= 8

=   768 or 7+6+8=21 or 12 reversed or 6    

=   128 or 82+1=83 or 8+3=11 or 8             


A year of recompense for the cause of Zion

= 2114 or 41+1+2=44 or 4+4= 8                   

= 2340 or 34-2=32 or 8                                 

=   390 or 39 or 3+9=12 or 6                         

Year Five thousand seven hundred eighty-one

= 3504 or 35+4=39 or 3+9=12 or 6                   

= 2640 or 40-8=32 or 8.                                    

=   440 or 44 or 4+4= 8                                    

The year 5781 on the Hebrew Calendar is the year 2021.


= 599 or 5+9+9=23 or reversed 32 or 8         

= 384 or 38+4=42 or 4+2= 6                           

=     64 or 8

The United States of America and Great Britain

= 1521 or 25-2=23 or 32 reversed or 8                   

= 2424 or 42 or 4+2=6                                           

=   404 or 4+4= 8

USA is Manasseh and Great Britain is Ephraim.

While they are saying, “Peace and safety!” then destruction will come upon them suddenly like birth pangs upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape (1 Thessalonians 5:3).    

Peace and Safety

=   721 or 72+1=73 or 73+1=74 or 7+4=11 or 8

=   750 or 7+5=12 or 6

=   125 or 25-1=24 or 2+4= 6

The Start Nuclear Arms Control Treaty renewed

= 3102 or 20+1+3=24 or 2+4= 6

= 2976 or 76-29=47 or 74 reversed or 7+4=11 or 8

=   517 or 7+1+5=13 or 13-1=12 or 6

On February 3rd, 2021 the Start Nuclear Arms Control Treaty was renewed by America and Russia for a five year period.

It is interesting that there is four witnesses or four bible verses in relation to the harpazo and destruction of America and Britain or Manasseh and Ephraim, namely Isaiah 27:13, Matthew 25:5, 1 Thessalonians 5:3, and Isaiah 26:20.

As Isaiah 26:20 uses the words “pass over” this may be significant. Passover in the year 2021 begins on March 27th and ends on April 4th.

In Mark 13:14 ESV Jesus warned those of the Judean Tribes of Israel to flee to the mountains when they see the Abomination of Desolation standing where he should not be (let the reader understand) then let those in Judea flee to the mountains,

“But when you see the abomination of desolation standing where he ought not to be (let the reader understand), then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. (Mark 13:14 ESV)

The Abomination of Desolation

=   870 or 87 or 8+7=15 or 6

= 1686 or 86-16=70 or 10-1= 9

=   281 or 28 or 7

General Mark Milley

=   763 or 63+7=70 or 10-1= 9

= 1086 or 86+1=87 or 8+7=15 or 6

=   181 or 18+10=28 or 7

Let the reader understand

=   977 or 9+7+7=23 or 2+3= 5

= 1446 or 6+4+4=14-1=13 or 1+3= 4

=   241 or 24-1=23 or 2+3= 5

Use Holy Gematria

= 1006 or 600-1=599 or 5+9+9=23 or 2+3= 5

= 1074 or 107-4=103 or 10+3=13 or 1+3= 4

=   179 or 176 or 10+7+6=23 or 2+3= 5


Standing where he should not be

= 1871 or 1+8+7+1=17 or 1+7= 8

= 1770 or 7+7=14 or 14-1=13 or 3

=   295 or 2+9+5=16 or 6-1= 5

Standing as President of the United States of America

= 1873 or 8+7+3=18 or 18-1=17 or 1+7= 8

= 3000 or 3

=   500 or 5

Messiah Jesus is warning His people, the Israelite Tribes of Western Europe, Britain and the Commonwealth countries and America to flee as soon as General Milley becomes Military Dictator of America.  

We now have to find out how General Milley will become President.

Then I annihilated the three shepherds in one month, for my soul was impatient with them, and their soul also was weary of me.  (Zechariah 11:8)

Three Shepherds

=   548 or 48+5=53 or 5+3= 8

=   948 or 9+4+8=21 or 7                                      

=   158 or 58+10=68 or 6+8=14 or 7                     

Joseph Biden Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi

= 1967 or 10+9+6+7=32 or 8

= 2226 or 26-4=22 or 22-1=21 or 7                      

=   371 or 71-3=68 or 6+8=14 or 7                         

In one month

=   372 or 73-2=71 or 7+1= 8                               

=   762 or 67-2=65 or 6+5=11 or 8                          

=   127 or 72 or 12 or 6


=   170 or 71 or 7+1= 8                                            

=   336 or 63+3=66 or 6+6=12 or 6

=     56 or 65 or 6+5=11 or


Then I annihilated the three shepherds in one month

=  1432 or 32+4+10=46 or 4+6=10-1= 9

=  2826 or 62+8+2=72 or 12 or 6

=    471 or 47 or 4+7=11 or 8

Then I annihilated Joseph Biden Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi in one month

=  2738 or 38+7+2=47 or 4+7=11 or 8

=  3906 or 60+9+3=72 or 12 or 6

=    651 or 56-10=46 or 4+6=10-1= 9

I will know let you know who these three shepherds that will be annihilated in one month were in the past.

Joseph Robinette Biden

= 1264 or 46+2=48 or 4+8=12 or 6    

= 1290 or 29+1=30 or 10-1= 9            

=   215 or 51-2=49 or 49+1=50 or 10-1= 9   


=   147 or 1+4+7=12 or 6     

=   300 or 30 or 10-1= 9

=     50 or 10-1= 9                 

Here once again our Father is using symbolism. King Herod the Great was a dictator and Biden is following in Herod’s footsteps by issuing all of his executive orders. Our Father also has a dark sense of humor, Herod was a murderer of all the babies and toddlers in and around Bethlehem after Jesus was born in an attempt to kill the Messiah. Herod also had his own son killed. Biden can’t keep his hands off children and Biden had his own son killed in a ritual murder in order to possibly become President.

Kamala Devi Harris

= 1049 or 4+9=13 or 1+3= 4   

=   912 or 9+1+2=12 or 6        

=   152 or 52-1=51 or 5+1= 6  


=     67 or 6+7=13 or 1+3= 4     

=   306 or 30+6=36 or 12 or 6

=     51 or 5+1= 6                       

Here our Father, God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, is telling us through symbolism that just as Delilah had cut Samson’s hair destroying his power, the witch Kamala Harris will attempt to destroy the power that Christians and all of the white race in America, supposedly have. Kamala Harris believes all the white race have been privileged due to the color of their skin. It was actually having brains and a work ethic Kamala, two things the black race have always been short of.

Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro

= 1042 or 42+10=52 or 5+2 = 7

= 1362 or 10+3+62=75 or 7+5 = 12 or 6

= 227 or 72-2=70 or 10-1= 9


= 247 or 47+2 = 49 or 7

= 474 or 74-4=70 or 10-1= 9

= 79 or 7+9 = 16 or 8

D’Alesandro is the maiden name of Nancy Patricia Pelosi. Herodias was the Granddaughter of Herod the Great, sister of Agrippa I. Herodias was promised as a child to Herod (Thomas) and during this marriage bore a daughter, Salome. Herodias eventually left Thomas to marry the tetrarch Antipas. John the Baptist attacked the tetrarch Antipas for his marriage with Herodias and the Baptist was ordered to be slain by Antipas for meddling in his affairs.

The Bible does not tell us how the three shepherds will be annihilated.

We now have to find out who has planned this attack against the Tribes of Jacob-Israel or Manasseh (America) and Ephraim (Britain and the Commonwealth Nations)

Jeremiah 51:27-29

Lift up a signal in the land,

Blow a trumpet among the nations!

Consecrate the nations against her,

Summon against her the kingdoms of Ararat, Minni and Ashkenaz;

Appoint a marshal against her,

Bring up the horses like bristly locusts.

Consecrate the nations against her,

The kings of the Medes,

Their governors and all their prefects,

And every land of their dominion.

So the land quakes and writhes,

For the purposes of the LORD against Babylon stand,

To make the land of Babylon

A desolation without inhabitants. (Jeremiah 51:27-29)

The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob considers America and Britain modern day Babylon, and will surely destroy America and Britain as He has sworn to do (Jeremiah 51). So what countries will destroy America and Britain? Jeremiah 51:57 tells us that our enemies are Ararat, Minni and Ashkenaz:

Ashkenaz is easy to determine as they are the Edomite/Khazars living in Israel. and America today.

In 2002 Benjamin Netanyahu made the following comment in 2002:

“Once we squeeze all we can out or the Unites States, it can dry up and blow away” It looks as if this Khazar is a man of his word.

Ararat and Minni are ancient lands no longer in existence. We have to use Holy Gematria to determine what countries they represent.


= 263 or 2+6+3 =11 or 8

= 354 or 3+5+4 = 12 or 6

= 59 or 5+9 = 14 or 7

Russian Federation

= 810 or 10+8 = 18 or 8

= 1188 or 88-11 = 77 or 7+7 = 14 or 7

= 198 or 1+9+8 = 18 or 6



= 128 or 28 or 7

= 354 or 3+5+4 = 12 or 6

= 59 or 5+9 = 14 or 7

People’s Republic of China

= 786 or 7+8+6 = 21 or 7

= 138 or 1+3+8 = 12 or 6

= 230 or 30-2=28 or 7



= 655 or 6+6+5 = 16 or 8

= 510 or 10+5 = 15 or 1+5 = 6

= 85 or 8+5 = 13 or 1+3 = 4

Those who say they are Jews and are not (Rev. 2:9)

= 4217 or 4+2+7=13 or 1+3= 4

= 2334 or 34-23 = 12 or 6

= 389 or 38+9 = 47 or 4+7 = 11 or 8

Those who say they are Judeans and are not (Rev. 2:9)

= 3562 or 3+5+6+2 = 16 or 8

= 2346 or 46+23 = 69 or 6+9 = 15 or 5-1 = 4

= 406 or 60+4 = 64 or 8

Zionist Ashkenazi

= 1462 or 1+4+6+2 = 13 or 1+3 = 4

= 1236 or 1+2+3+6 = 12 or 6

= 206 or 2+6 = 8

Zionist Khazars

= 1488 or 488 or 48+8 = 56 or 8 (8×7=56)

= 1176 or 1+7+6=14 or 14-1=13 or 1+3= 4

= 196 or 96 or 9+6 = 15 or 5-1 = 4

The Edomites

= 406 or 60-4=56 or 8

= 738 or 7+3+8 = 18 or 6

= 123 or 32-1=31 or 13 reversed or 1+3= 4

The Russians, the Chinese and Israel (the Rothschild secular state) are behind the plans for the invasion of America from the North or Canada as well as from the South or Mexico, as well as their agents within America. The foreigners will be wearing the Blue Helmets of the UN and posing as UN soldiers. There are many Chinese soldiers on the west coast of Canada but predominantly it will be Russian troops from the North.

Summon against her the kingdoms of Ararat, Minni and Ashkenaz

= 2281 or 81+2+2=85 or 8+5=13 or 1+3= 4

= 3390 or 90-6=84 or 8+4=12 or 6

= 565 or 5+6+5=16 or 16-1=15 or 1+5= 6

Summon against the Israelite nations the kingdoms of Russia, China, and Khazaria

= 3045 or 54+30=84 or 8+4=12 or 6

= 4506 or 60-45=15 or 1+5= 6

= 751 or 75+10=85 or 8+5=13 or 1+3=4

The Illuminati started in Bavaria Germany and later moved their headquarters to Frankfurt. The Tribe of Judah also settled on the western side of Germany but Germany has been infiltrated by the Ashkenaz much like the other Israelite / White Christian Nations like Britain, Western Europe and the USA.

Revelation Chapters 17 and 18 along with the mirror image of Jeremiah Chapters 50 and 51 describe America as the following:

1) Reigning military power (Jeremiah 50:23).

“How the hammer of the whole earth has been cut off and broken! How Babylon has become an object of horror among the nations! (Jeremiah 50:23)

2) Main importer and consumer of goods. (Revelation 18:11)

“And the merchants of the earth weep and mourn over her, because no one buys their cargoes any more; (Revelation 18:11)

3) High influencer and corruption of the rest of the world (Revelation 18:3-4).

3“For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the passion of her immorality, and the kings of the earth have committed acts of immorality with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich by the wealth of her sensuality.”

4And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, “Come out of her, my people, that you may not participate in her sins and that you may not receive of her plagues; (Revelation 18:3-4)

America’s Hollywood movies, television programming, music, pornography sites and magazines, newspaper and news outlets and the pharmakeia (import and distribution of illegal drugs or the use of prescription drugs, Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s) and steroids). There is a shocking link between psychiatric drugs, SSRI’s, steroids, suicide, mind control, violence and mass murder in our society. Pharmakeia appears five times in the New Testament in Gal. 5:20, Rev. 9:21,18:23, 21:8, and 22:15.

Strong’s 5331 pharmakeia: the use of medicine, drugs or spells

The Greek word “pharmakeia” has been translated in most bibles as “sorceries”.

And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.  (Revelation 18:23 KJV)

Now we have to ask why the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob would no longer protect His chosen people. Zechariah 11:9-14 tells us that the covenant with all the Tribes of Israel including the special relationship with Ephraim and Manasseh has been broken. The Land of Palestine belongs to the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and no one should have entered the land of Palestine in 1948 when the land was actually returned to the Tribes of Israel until our King Jesus the Christ leads us into our land during the Second Greater Exodus out of Egypt.

“The LORD has broken the staff of the wicked, The scepter of rulers (Isaiah 14:5)

The staff

= 316 or 3+1+6=10 or 10-1= 9

= 510 or 10+5+15 or 5+1+0 = 6

= 85 or 8+5 = 13 or 1+3 = 4

God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob’s protection

= 1632 or 632-1=631 or 6+3+1=10-1 =9

= 1968 or 1+9+6+8=24 or 2+4 = 6

= 328 or 28+3 or 82 reversed + 3 = 85 or 8+5 = 13 or or 1+3 = 4

The numbers 316 and 631 and 85′s witnesses as well as the three witnesses of Holy Gematria (9-6-4) confirm that we have a match to the bible phrase “the Staff”.

The sceptre

= 343 or 43+3 = 46 or 64 or 8

= 516 or 16+5 = 21 or 7

= 86 or 8+6 = 14 or 7

The Wisdom

= 1196 or 96-19 = 86 or 8+6=14 or 7

= 696 or 6+9+6 = 21 or 7

= 116 or 1+1+6= 8

Revelation 11:7 They Have Finished Their Testimony

And when they have finished their testimony, the beast that comes up out of the abyss will make war with them, and overcome them and kill them (Revelation 11:7)

And when they have finished their testimony

=  3422 or 34+22=56 or 5+6=11 or 8

=  2622 or 26+2+2=30 or 10-1= 9

=    437 or 43-7=36 or 6

And when they have been defeated in an election

= 2729 or 27+29=56 or 5+6=11 or 8

= 2160 or 21+9=30 or 10-1= 9 

=    360 or 36 or 6

Revelation 11:7 applies to Trump and Kushner.     

Revelation 11:10 Because these two prophets tormented them that dwell on the earth

Because these two prophets

= 2017 or 20+17=37 or 37-1=36 or 6     (Also equates to a year)

= 1728 or 1+7+2+8=18 or 9              

=   288 or 2+8+8=18 or 9                   

Donald Trump and Jared Kushner

= 1757 or 75+7=82 or 82-1=81 or 18 reversed or 9    

= 1746 or 1+7+4+6=18 or 9                                       

=   291 or 19+2=21 or 12 reversed or 6

The year 2017 confirms that Donald Trump is one of the two false prophets of Revelation 11:10 as January 20th, 2017 was the date Trump was inaugurated as 45th President of America.

Now we must ask who killed the Kennedy brothers and who will kill Trump and Kushner according to Revelation 11:7?

And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.  (Revelation 11:7 KJV)

And when they have finished their testimony, the beast that comes up out of the abyss will make war with them, and overcome them and kill them (Revelation 11:7 NASB).

the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them

= 3558 or 58+5+3=66 or 6+6=12 or 6

= 4464 or 64+4+4=72 or 12 or 6

=   744 or 44+7=51 or 5+1= 6

HaMossad leModi‘in uleTafkidim Meyuhadim

= 1522 or 52-2=50 or 50+1=51 or 5+1= 6

= 2226 or 62+2+2=66 or 6+6=12 or 6

=   371 or 73-1=72 or 12 or 6

The above is the full Hebrew name of the Mossad or the paid assassin’s of the State of Rothschild, the liter box of the Middle East. The Mossad was also behind the planning and execution of the collapse of the World Trade Center Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 which is mentioned in Revelation 11.

We now have to ask who is the beast that comes up out of the Abyss?

The beast that comes up out of the abyss

= 2060 or 60+2=62 or 6+2= 8      

= 2382 or 2+3+8+2=15 or 1+5= 6 

=   397 or 39-7=32 or 8                  

Mark Alexander Milley

= 1061 or 61+1=62 or 6+2= 8

= 1218 or 18-2-1=15 or 1+5= 6      

=   203 or 30+2=32 or 8                  


=   131 or 31+1=32 or 8                   

=   258 or 2+5+8=15 or 1+5= 6       

=     43 or 4+3=7 or 7+1= 8


= 470 or 4+7+0 = 11 or 8

= 582 or 28-5=23 or 32 reversed or 2+3= 5       

= 97 or 9+7 = 16 or 8             

Asmodeus is a Prince of Hell and King of the demons and is a retired demonic general. He is a King of Lust. He is currently possessing General Mark Milley, who will become Military Dictator of America.

Amias (also known as Ashema Deva, Ashmedai and Asmodeus) is the Prince of Hell and king of the demons. He is a creature of judgment, and is being used by the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob for exactly that purpose against the Tribes of Israel. He is the king of lust, jealousy and revenge.  He is mentioned extensively in the Book of Tobit. Amias is also a retired General.

Mark Alexander Milley

= 1061 or 61+10=71 or 7+1= 8

= 1218 or 18-2=16 or 8

=   203 or 20+3 = 23 or 2+3= 5

Antiochus Epiphanes

=   779 or 79-7=72 or 72-1=71 or 7+1= 8

= 1218 or 18-2=16 or 8

=   203 or 20+3 = 23 or 2+3= 5

Mark Alexander Milley is the transmigration of Antiochus Epiphanes and the demon Asmodeus. Acting as Hazael, he will first help destroy the Christians in America. Then he will attack the State of Rothschild when the Jews, who say they are Judeans and are not (Revelation 2:9, 3:9), least expect it.

And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.   (Revelation 11:8)

Revelation 11:8 is a triple prophecy and applies to JFK and RFK Jr. as well as 9/11 and Trump and Kushner. 

And their dead bodies

=  421 or 24 or 6

=  882 or 28+6=36 or 6

=  147 or 47 or 4+7=11 or 8

John and Robert Kennedy’s bodies

= 1814 or 48-1=47 or 4+7=11 or 8

= 1770 or 70-7=63 or 36 reversed or 6

=   295 or 29-5=24 or 6



=   224 or 2+2+4= 8

=   396 or 3+9+6=18 or 9

=     66 or 69 or 6+9=15 or 1+5= 6

Los Angeles

=   328 or 82-3=79 or 7+9=16 or 8

=   654 or 65+4=69 or 6+9=15 or 1+5= 6

=   109 or 19-1=18 or 9

Robert Kennedy was assassinated in Los Angeles


=   572 or 5+7+2=14 or 7

=   438 or 4+3+8=15 or 1+5= 6

=     73 or 7+3=10-1= 9


=   136 or 63+10=73 or 7+3=10-1=9

=   294 or 2+9+4=15 or 1+5= 6

=     49 or 7

John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas

And their dead bodies

=   421 or 42-1=41 or 14 reversed or 7

=   882 or 28+8=36 or 6

=   147 or 14+7=21 or 7

Donald Trump’s and Jared Kushner’s bodies

= 2097 or 20+9+7=36 or 6

= 2298 or 2+2+9+8=21 or 7

=   383 or 3+8+3=14 or 7


And their dead bodies

=   421 or 21-4=17 or 1+7= 8

=   882 or 8+8+2=18 or 9

=   147 or 14+7=21 or 7

Worker’s who died in the World Trade Center

= 3834 or 3+8+3+4=18 or 9

= 2508 or 25-8=17 or 1+7= 8

=   418 or 18+4=21 or 7


Sodom and Egypt

=   841 or 84+1=85 or 8+5=13 or 1+3= 4

=   948 or 94+8=102 or 10-2= 8                          

=   158 or 85+1=86 or 86+1=87 or 8+7=15 or 1+5= 6

New York City

= 1997 or 97-10=87 or 8+7=15 or 1+5= 6

= 1008 or 8

=   168 or 86-1=85 or 8+5=13 or 1+3= 4     

The World Trade Center collapse took place on Manhattan Island in New York City and it looks like Trump and Kushner will be killed in New York City as well.

And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.   (Revelation 11:8)


=   319 or 3+1+9=13 or 1+3= 4

=   468 or 4+6+8=18 or 9

=     78 or 7+8=15 or 1+5= 6


=   225 or 2+2+5= 9

=   510 or 10+5=15 or 1+5= 6

=     85 or 8+5=13 or 1+4= 4  

Should America fast and repent as Nineveh did, God will not relent on the punishment he intends to bring to America. Why? Because of Matthew 12:31 which states all sins can be forgiven except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.  In 2010, the Goldman Sachs Group of Wall Street fraudulently induced a bond insurer to guarantee payments of CDO’s (collateralized debt obligations) which were tied to subprime mortgage securities. The bond insurer was told that Goldman Sachs intended to hold the CDO’s long term, and instead Goldman Sachs took a short position and was selling them, knowing that mortgage rates would rise. This little fraud was partly to blame for the financial crises. The bond insurer lost a billion dollars and Goldman Sachs made a billion on fees. The name of the company the CDO’s were under was the same name as the actual name of the Holy Spirit, which is why America as a nation CANNOT be forgiven.

And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves.  (Revelation 11:9)

Television coverage of the September 11th World Trade Centre disaster and its aftermath was the longest uninterrupted news event in the history of U.S. television, as the major American broadcast networks were on the air for 93 continuous hours, or a little more than 3½ days (93 hr/ 24/hr/d = 3.875 days).

This prophecy may occur once again once Trump and Kushner are killed.

And those who dwell on the earth will rejoice over them and make merry; and they will send gifts to one another, because these two prophets tormented those who dwell on the earth.  (Revelation 11:10)

Revelation 11:10 is actually a dual prophecy of the 911 World Trade Centre disaster as well as a prophecy of the two False Prophets that would appear on the scene after 911. The Ashkenazi Khazars knew about and planned the 911 disaster years ahead of time through using the type of Gematria that King Solomon used.  The Ashkenazi Khazars changed 11:10 to 11:9 in their own calculations of this prophecy because the number 10 represents God so they reduced 10 to 9. 

 Two prophets

=   1503 or 50+3=53 or 5+3= 8

=   1050 or 105 or 10+5=15 or 1+5= 6

=     175 or 75+1=76 or 7+6=13 or 1+4= 4

Bel and Marduk

=     397 or 79-3=76 or 7+6=13 or 1+3= 4

=     636 or 63-9=54 or 54-1=53 or 5+3= 8

=     106 or 106-1=105 or 10+5=15 or 1+5= 6

Jared Kushner and Donald Trump

=   1757 or 57-7=50 or 50+1=51 or 15 reversed or 1+5= 6 

=   1746 or 46+7=53 or 5+3= 8 Bold 53

=     291 or 16-2=14 or 14-1=13 or 1+3= 4

Bel and Marduk are mentioned in Jeremiah 50:2 and are Kushner and Trump respectively. Jeremiah also contains End Times prophecy which I will cover in more detail in my upcoming work in regards to America.

Two symbols

=   1732 or or 73+2+1=76 or 7+6=13 or 1+3= 4 

=     978 or 97+8=105 or 10+5=15 or 1+5= 6

=     163 or 63-10=53 or 5+3= 8 Bold 53

World Trade Centre and Pentagon

=   1825 or 82-5-1=76 or 7+6=13 or 1+3= 4

=   1776 or 97+7=104 or 104+1=105 or 10+5=15 or 1+5= 6

=     296 or 29+6=35 or 53 reversed or 5+3= 8

Kushner and Trump certainly tormented a lot of people, as did the World Trade Centre and Pentagon, as they were symbols of American power. America which is the Tribe of Manasseh, was supposed to evolve into a nation of priests and  follow the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob’s ordinances and commandments. Instead we have turned our face from our creator and abhor His Laws. God warned He would break the pride of our power and would withdraw His protection, which He has now done. Leviticus 26:13-33 outlines all of the plagues which He will punish us with just as He did previously to all the Israelite Tribes AFTER He had led us out of captivity in Egypt to the land promised originally to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We are a stiff necked people who never seem to learn our lesson to put our trust in our Father rather than man. We will now have to face all of these plagues, war and captivity in foreign lands, and finally experience a greater second Exodus out of Egypt after we are returned to Egypt in ships. (Deuteronomy 28:68)

11And after three days and an half the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.  (Revelation 11:11KJV)

Trump and Kushner or Marduk and Bel will be resurrected after three and a half days.

12And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them.  (Revelation 11:12 KJV)

Revelation 11:12 relates to the false Harpazo or Rapture.

The Fake Rapture and The True Rapture

In Revelation 11:12 and in Proverbs 25:7 the words “Come up here” are used. Revelation 11:12 refers to a technology based false Snatching Away and Proverbs 25:2 represents the true Snatching Away of the saints by Messiah Jesus, Our Redeemer and Savior.

False Rapture:

And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them.  (Revelation 11:12 KJV)

The first Harpazo will be one orchestrated by Satan through technology such as Holography, as satan can not replicate the powers of God.  Humanity will then be told that Trump and Kushner, who are the two False Prophets of Revelation  11:10, were removed from earth  three and a half days after they are killed because they would not go along with the New World Order Agenda. Many Christians will lose faith, especially when the killings of Christians begins after this first False Rapture. Trump and Pence will be shown to be removed from the earth by a spaceship. This is the reason that so much is being said about aliens and spaceships today. There will be an alien arrival, but the Grigori are not from another planet. They are demons and are from another deminsion.

True Rapture:

For better it is that it be said unto thee, Come up hither; than that thou shouldest be put lower in the presence of the prince whom thine eyes have seen.  (Proverbs 25:7 KJV)

The second Harpazo or the true Harpazo will remove the dead in Christ and the 144,000 bondservants mentioned in Revelation 7:4 and I believe will take place in 2021. There will then be other occasions in which God will remove his followers through hiding and removing them to a safe location. Pray always that you will be found worthy to escape all things that shall come to pass.(Luke 21:36)

It is my belief that the True Rapture will occur within weeks of the False Rapture. The True Rapture will remove all of the dead that have died and were saved from the time of the first appearance of Jesus on earth. It will also include the 144,000 Israelites mentioned in Revelation 7:4, or 12,000 bondservants from each of the twelve tribes. It is also my belief that Israelite babies, toddlers and children under the age of five as well as the disabled will also be removed at this time. Christians that are Not among the 144,000 bondservants are referred to in the Bible as the Elect. They will have to go through the hour of testing or hour of nuclear war to be refined (Daniel 12:10; Isaiah 48:19 and Psalms 66:10-12) They will not be burned and their clothes will not have the smell of fire on them. The event of nuclear war lasting an hour ( Revelation 3:10) is a repeat of Daniel 3:26-27. There is one group of Elect that will be spared going through the hour of testing, and those are called members of the Church of Philadelphia. They will be removed from earth as they are guests at the marriage supper of the lamb, (Revelation 3:10)

Or does not the potter have a right over the clay, to make from the same lump one vessel for honorable use, and another for common use? (Romans 9:21)

for honorable use

=   687 or 68-7=61 or 61+1=62 or 6+2= 8

= 1044 or 44+10=54 or 6

=   174 or 74-10 = 64 or 8            

The bondservants

= 1315 or 51+13=64 or 8            

= 1116 or 61+1=62 or 6+2= 8      

=   186 or 18+6=24 or 12 or 6

The Saints made by God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob were made for honorable use.

for common use

= 634 or 63+4 = 67 or 7-6 =1 or 10-1= 9

= 942 or 9+4+2 = 15 or 1+5 = 6      

= 157 or 5+7 = 12 or 6                    

The Elect

= 246 or 2+4+6 = 12 or 6                  

= 468 or 4+6+8 = 18 or 1+8 = 9

=   78 or 7+8=15 or 1+5= 6              

Jeremiah 23:21 Confirms That The Two Prophets Are Imposters

Jeremiah 23:21 states: I did not send these prophets, but they ran. I did not speak to them, but they prophesied.

I did not send these prophets

= 1016 or 61+10 = 71 or 7+1= 8  

= 1746 or 7+4+6= 17 or 17-1=16 or 8           (also equates to a year)

=   291 or 29+1 = 30 or 30 +1=31 or 3+1=4

Donald Trump and Jared Kushner

= 1757 or 77-6 = 71 or 7+1= 8                             

= 1746 or 7+4+6=17 or 17-1=16 or 8

=   291 or 29+1=30 or 30+1=31 or 3+1=4

Marduk and Bel

=   397 or 39+7=46 or 64 or 8                        

=   636 or 36-6=30 or 30+1=31 or 3+1= 4     

=   106 or 10+6=16 or 8                               

And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.  (Revelation 11:13)

This refers to the 911 World Trade Center disaster. When the Twin Towers fell, a tenth of the office space available in Manhattan was lost.

Revelation 11:14-18  The Second Woe Is Past & The &7th Trumpet

14The second woe is past; and, behold, the third woe cometh quickly.

15And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever. 16And the four and twenty elders, which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces, and worshipped God, 17Saying, We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned. 18And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.  (Revelation 11:14-18)

Once Trump and Kushner are killed and resurrected after three and a half days, and the three shepherds or Biden, Harris, and Pelosi are annihilated then General Mark Milley will become military dictator of America, ownership of our world is transferred from Satan to the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and to His Son and our Savior Jesus. Then Jesus will truly be at the door to return to reign on the earth as king of kings and Lord of Lords,

And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.  (Revelation 11:18)

At the marriage supper of the lamb, all who are there will be judged and some will be rewarded. Jesus and His Saints will be awarded crowns as the Marriage Supper of The Lamb is a Coronation and an elaborate feast of celebration. During this year of celebration, the nation’s on earth under the antiChrist Antonio Manuel Guterres of the United Nations, will be ordering a massive army from all the nations of the world to Megiddo in the Valley of Jezreel as a staging area in          order to invade Palestine in the first war of Gog and Magog.

It is interesting that the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob gave Megiddo in the Valley of Jezreel to the Tribe of Manasseh or America and America is called Magog in the war of Gog and Magog. Gog is the military leader of Magog, so let me by using Holy Gematria with the Holy Spirit’s guidance confirm who Gog and Magog is.


=   64 or 8                      

= 174 or 1+7+4=12 or 6  

=   29 or 2+9= 11 or 8    

Mark Milley

=   65 or 65-1=64 or 8     

= 714 or 7+1+4= 12 or 6 

= 119 or 19+10=29 or 2+9= 11 or 8  

General Mark Milley is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs in the Pentagon and will be the military dictator of America.


=     95 or 9+5=14 or 7              

=   258 or 58+2=60 or 10-1= 9 

=     43 or 4+3= 

The United States of America

= 1042 or 42+1=43 or 4+3= 7  

= 1566 or 66-6=60 or 10-1= 9  

=   261 or 16-2=14 or 7  

The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb

And he said to me, “Write, ‘Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.’” And he said to me, “These are true words of God.” (Revelation 19:9)

The marriage supper of the lamb

= 1043 or 43 or 4+3 = 7

= 1692 or 92-16 = 76 or 7+6 =13 or 3

= 282 or 28-2 = 26 or 2+6 = 8

The coronation of the saints

= 1035 or 53-10 = 43 or 4+3 = 7

= 1758 or 58+17 = 75 or 7+5 =12 or 1+2 = 3

= 293 or 29-3 = 26 or 2+6 = 8        

The coronation of Jesus as King of Kings and the coronation of the saints will take place at the marriage supper sometime after the Rapture, and will last an entire year of celebration. The Rapture symbolically is represented as a harvest. The first grain harvested in Israel is barley and represents the saints. The second grain harvested in Israel is wheat, and the wheat is ingrown with tares. The wheat represents the saved Christian Elect that were created in the second creation of humankind, and they will be gathered by the angels from captivity around the world at the same time that the angels bind the tares or the unsaved Elect so they can be burned. (Matthew 13:24-30)                 

Why did I state that the Marriage Supper of the Lamb will last a year? Because of a commandment in Deuteronomy 24:5 that a groom is not to go to war until one year after his wedding.      

“When a man takes a new wife, he shall not go out with the army, nor be charged with any duty; he shall be free at home one year and shall give happiness to his wife whom he has taken.  (Deuteronomy 24:5)

It will also take a year for all of the armies to muster at Megiddo

The Harpazo or Rapture will only involve the dead in Jesus, the 144,000 bondservants or saints, babies and toddlers of the Elect, and the disabled.

Important Information For Families With Children

There are some important messages in the Holy Scriptures for the Elect with children whose children are removed in the Rapture but the parents   are left behind. Some parents will be reunited with their children in Egypt during the Greater Grander Exodus. The children, I believe, will not have aged. (see Isaiah 49:20-23 and Isaiah 29:23-24).

What Will Happen To The Elect Left Behind?

I have been asked to explain who will be left behind after the Rapture of the Dead in Christ and the 144,000 Saints takes place, and what will happen to them? Mankind is divided into two groups namely the Saints (also referred to as barley) and the Elect (the Wheat). Barley is harvested first in Judea and wheat is harvested as the second grain crop in Judea. There are many bible verses that state the Elect must go through the fire to be refined as silver is refined (See. Rev. 3:10, Isaiah 48:10, 1 Corr. 3:13, 1 Peter 4:12-13).

Jesus promises to be with us when we go through the flood and fire.

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched, Nor will the flame burn you. (Isaiah 43:2)

The only group of the Elect that Jesus made a specific promise to were those of the Church of Philadelphia.

Revelation 3:7-13 Message To The Church Of Philadelphia

7 “And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write:

He who is holy, who is true, who has the key of David, who opens and no one will shut, and who shuts and no one opens, says this:

8 ‘I know your [a]deeds. Behold, I have put before you an open door which no one can shut, because you have a little power, and have followed My word, and have not denied My name. 9 Behold, I [b]will make those of the synagogue of Satan, who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie—I will make them come and bow down before your feet, and make them know that I have loved you. 10 Because you have kept My [c]word of perseverance, I also will keep you from the hour of [d]testing, that hour which is about to come upon the whole [e]world, to [f]test those who live on the earth. 11 I am coming quickly; hold firmly to what you have, so that no one will take your crown. 12 The one who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he will not go out from it anymore; and I will write on him the name of My God, and the name of the city of My God, the new Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from My God, and My new name. 13 The one who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’

Messiah Jesus promises to save the members of the Church of Philadelphia, who will be transmigrated, from the hour of testing which is a nuclear attack taking place on Manasseh (America) and Ephraim (Britain and the Commonwealth Nations) This nuclear attack will last one hour.

Hour of testing

=    745 or 75-4=71 or 7+1= 8     

= 1062 or 6+2= 8

=   177 or t+7+7=15 or 1+5= 6       

Hour of nuclear war

=   1724 or 74-2=72 or 72-1=71  or 7+1= 8        

=   1194 or 1+1+9+4=15 or 1+5= 6                        

=      199 or 9+9=18 or 8

The Christian Elect in the Church of Philadelphia during the time of Jesus were the only Christians to be approved by Jesus as righteous. It was for this reason he promised them to be kept from the hour of nuclear war in the future. In other words what Jesus was promising them was they would be transmigrated in the End Times and be included as guests at the marriage supper of the lamb.

Hebrews 12:1 talks about them as a “great cloud of witnesses”. John the Baptist, one of the Old Testament saints, identifies himself as a friend of the Bridegroom (John 3:29). All the believing Elect dead from the time of Messiah Jesus up until today will be guests at this wedding feast.

Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance, and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, (Hebrew 12:1)

so great a cloud of witnesses

= 1996 or 96+19 = 115 or 15+1 = 16 or 8

= 1770 or 70+17 = 87 or 8+7 = 15 or 1+5 = 6

= 295 or 2+9+5 = 16 or 8

Guests at the marriage supper of the lamb

= 1636 or 10+63+6=79 or 7+9=16 or 8

= 2364 or 2+3+6+4=15 or 1+5= 6

= 394 or 39-4=35 or 3+5= 8                  

The Elect of the Church of Philadelphia

= 978 or 97+8=105 or 15 or 1+5= 6

= 1890 or 89-10=79 or 7+9=16 or 8

= 315 or 31+5=36 or 36-1=35 or 3+5= 8       

“The Elect of the Church of Philadelphia” will be the “guests at the marriage supper” and the “so great a cloud of witnesses” of the lamb according the three witnesses of Holy Gematria (8-6-8) and the additional witnesses of (15-16-35)

After the Rapture, those left behind will fall into two groups. These are the saved Christian Elect referred to as the Wheat and the Tares or unbelievers or the unsaved.

Zechariah 13:8-9 tells us that only a third of those who actually go through the fire of Nuclear War will survive. They will come through the fire unscathed as did, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. I believe Messiah Jesus will also be with these Elect survivors to rescue them. This third remnant that is saved will represent the Elect who go to captivity in foreign lands, but will later be brought by ship to Egypt.

Jeremiah 46:27

“But as for you, O Jacob My servant, do not fear, Nor be dismayed, O Israel! For, see, I am going to save you from afar, And your descendants from the land of their captivity; And Jacob shall return and be undisturbed And secure, with no one making him tremble.

Jeremiah 23:3

Then I Myself will gather the remnant of My flock from all the lands to which I have banished them, and I will return them to their pasture, where they will be fruitful and multiply. 

Jeremiah 23:4

I will raise up shepherds over them who will tend them, and they will no longer be afraid or dismayed, nor will any go missing, declares the LORD. 

Jeremiah 23:6

In His days Judah will be saved, and Israel will dwell securely. And this is His name by which He will be called: The LORD Our Righteousness.

Jeremiah 29:14

I will be found by you, declares the LORD, and I will restore you from captivity and gather you from all the nations and places to which I have banished you, declares the LORD. I will restore you to the place from which I sent you into exile.” 

Jeremiah 30:10

As for you, My servant Jacob, do not be afraid, declares the LORD, and do not be dismayed, O Israel; for I will surely deliver you out of a distant place, your descendants from the land of their captivity! Jacob will return to quiet and ease, with no one to frighten him. 

Jeremiah 30:11

For I am with you to save you, declares the LORD. Though I will completely destroy all the nations to which I have scattered you, I will not completely destroy you; yet I will correct you in measure, and I will by no means leave you unpunished.”

Deut. 28:68

And the LORD will bring you back to Egypt in ships, by the way about which I spoke to you, ‘You will never see it again!’ And there you shall offer yourselves for sale to your enemies as male and female slaves, but there will be no buyer.” 

This remnant of the Tribes of Israel will have to go through the Greater Grander Exodus. The events in the first Exodus will repeat in the Greater Grander Second Exodus.

So if the dead in Christ, the 144,000 saints, babies and toddlers under the age of accountability and the disabled are the only ones to be raptured, it raises several questions.

Why do the evangelicals state the blessed hope is the Rapture of the Christian Church which they refer to as the bride of Christ? The second question is what happens to all the Christians that are left behind?

The word church in relation to the Rapture does not exist anywhere in the Bible. The only mention of church, which is not relating to the Rapture, occurs in Revelation 3:10 in which the Church of Philadelphia is promised to be kept from the hour of testing. The hour of testing is also mentioned in Revelation 14:7.

The Christian Elect or Wheat  then fall into three groups:

1) Those who are destined to take up arms. Matt. 26:52 tells us that those who take up the sword shall die by the sword.

Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place; for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword. (Matt. 26:52)

2) Those who are destined to be martyred will be decapitated in FEMA Camps.

3) Those who are destined to survive the FEMA Camps and will be sent outside of America to work as slave labor. These individuals will be between the ages of 15 and 50. Anyone below 15 and above 50 will be considered useless eaters and will be exterminated.

And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.  (Revelation 11:19)

A great earthquake and great hailstones will be two of the punishments used to destroy the armies gathered at Megiddo against Messiah Jesus. (Zechariah 14:4 and Revelation 16:21)

The LORD has opened His armory And has brought forth the weapons of His indignation, For it is a work of the Lord GOD of hosts In the land of the Chaldeans. (Jeremiah 50:25)

weapons of His indignation

= 1618 or 1+6+1+8 = 16 or 8

= 1596 or 1+5+9+6 = 21 or 12 reversed or 6

= 266 or 2+6+6 = 14 or 7

earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes and tidal waves

= 3920 or 20+39 = 59 or 5+9 = 14 or 7

= 2898 or 2+8+9+8 = 27 or 72 reversed or 8

= 483 or 4+8+3 = 15 or 1+5 = 6

Man might try to control the weather through technology such as HAARP, but it is the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob that is in ultimate control of the weather.

Job 37:13 tells us that God controls the weather for correction, Or for His land, Or for loving kindness (Mercy)

Accept Jesus the Messiah as your savior today and then run from the Hell which is about to come over North America and the United Kingdom and save yourselves. Head south to the Yucatan by car or boat or whatever. Canada is going to be destroyed as well as America so don’t head north. The safest area to relocate to is Egypt excluding the major cities such as Cairo and Alexandria.

Flee from the midst of Babylon so as not to share in her plagues (Jeremiah 51:6, 51:13; 42-43; Revelation 18:2-6).

The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9).

28And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; 29Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, 30Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 31Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: 32Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them (Romans 1:28-32 KJV).

Messiah Jesus, our intercessor, is at the door. If you have not accepted Jesus as your Messiah and Personal Savior, then I urge you to get baptized as soon as possible, full immersion at an age of accountability 8 years and over. God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob does not want anyone to perish and His Kingdom is open to everyone.


Michael Decon & Dr. Luke Prophet Interview October 17 2020

This post is the thirty third installment of a continuing series on deciphering the prophecy of Revelation and the Holy Scriptures through the use of Holy Gematria. Please click on “More Stories” below my name at the top to see all my previous articles on the Book of Revelation for the complete Rubber Necker’s guide to Armageddon.  I have revealed all the major characters of the Book of Revelation including the enemies of the Christians, the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the Nimrod antichrist, the Beast from the Earth and the Beast from the Sea in both WW2 and WW3, the two witnesses, the two lampstands and the two imposter prophets.

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Killer Bankers Are Humanity’s Enemies. All Wars Have Been Banker’s Wars! Ephraim (Britain) Helped Orchestrate WW1 And WW2 Against Judah (Germany) Due To Jealousy As Prophesied By The Prophet Isaiah. Great Eye Opening Video.


“We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for he Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957

Myron Fagan, a Jew  substantiates the quote by Israel Cohen above. Here’s what he says about it:

“Around 1910; one Israel Zengwill wrote a play entitled “The Melting- Pot.” 

“It was sheer propaganda to incite the Negroes and Jews because the play purportedly visualized how the American people were discriminating against, and persecuting Jews and Negroes. 

“At that time nobody seemed to realize that it was a propaganda play. 

“It was that cleverly-written. 

“The propaganda was well wrapped-up in the truly great entertainment in the play and it was a big Broadway Hit. 

“Now in those years, the legendary Diamond Jim Brady used to throw a banquet at the famous Delmonico Restaurant in New York after the opening-performance of a popular play. 

“He threw such a party for the cast of “The Melting-Pot,” its author, producer, and chosen Broadway-celebrities. By then I’d already made a personal mark on the Broadway Theater and was invited to that party. There I met George Bernard Shaw and a Jewish writer named Israel Cohen. 

“Zangwill, Shaw, and Cohen were the ones who created the Fabian Society in England and had worked closely with a Frankfurt Jew named Mordicai who had changed his name to Karl Marx; but remember, at that time both Marxism and Communism were just emerging and nobody paid much attention to either and nobody suspected the propaganda in the writings of those three really brilliant writers. 

“At that banquet; Israel Cohen told me that he was then engaged in writing a book which was to be a follow-up on Zangwill’s “The Melting-Pot.” 

“The title of his book was to be “A Racial-Program for the 20th Century.” At that time I was completely absorbed by my work as a playwright, and significant as that title was, its real objective never dawned on me nor was I interested in reading the book. 

“But it suddenly hit me with the force of a hydrogen-bomb when I received a newspaper-clipping of an item published by the Washington D.C. Evening Star in May 1957. That item was a verbatim reprint of the following excerpt in Israel Cohen’s book “A Racial-Program for the 20th Century” and it read as I quote: 

“We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial-tension. 

“‘By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can move them to the program of the communist party. 

“In America; we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites; we will instill in the whites a guilt-complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. 

“We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige; the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.’ 

“… Thus the authenticity of that passage in Cohen’s book was fully 
established. But the one question that remained in my mind was whether it represented the official policy or plot of the Communist Party or just a personal expression of Cohen himself. 

“Hence I sought more proof and I found it in an official pamphlet published in 1935 by the New York Communist Party’s official Workers’ Library Publishers. 

“That pamphlet was entitled: “The Negroes in a Soviet America.” It urged the Negroes to rise-up; form a soviet state in the south, and apply for admission to the Soviet Union. It contained a firm pledge that the revolt would be supported by all American “reds” and all so-called “liberals”. 

“On page 38; it promised that a Soviet government would confer greater benefits to Negroes than to whites and again this official communist pamphlet pledged that; I quote: ‘any act of discrimination or prejudice against a Negro will become a crime under the revolutionary law.’ 

“That statement proved that the excerpt in Israel Cohen’s book published in 1913 was an official-edict of the Communist Party and directly in line with the Illuminati-blueprint for world-revolution issued by Weishaupt and later by Albert Pike. 

“Now there’s only one question and that is to prove that the communist regime is directly controlled by the American Jacob Schiff and London Rothschild masterminds of the great conspiracy. 

“A little later I will provide that proof that will remove even a remote doubt that the Communist Party, as we know it, was created by those masterminds (capitalists if you will note)… 

“Schiff, the Warburgs, and the Rothschilds that planned and financed the entire Russian Revolution; the murder of the Czar and his family, and that Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin took their orders directly from Schiff and the other capitalists whom they supposedly are fighting. 

“Now can you see why the vile Earl Warren and his equally vile co-Supreme Court justices issued that infamous and treasonous desegregation decision in 1954? It was to aid and abet the plot of the Illuminati conspirators to create tension and strife between the Negroes and Whites. 

“Can you see why the same Earl Warren issued his decision prohibiting Christian-prayers and Christmas carols in our schools? Why Kennedy did likewise? And can you see why Johnson and 66 Senators, despite the protests of 90% of the American people, voted for the “Consular Treaty” which opens our entire country to Russian spies and saboteurs? 


“All those 66 Senators are 20th century Benedict Arnolds.” 

Above excerpt comes from The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations, by Myron Fagan. For Part 12 of this intriguing look at Illuminati information, see The Order of Illuminati.

Dr. Oscar Ludwig Levy Quote

“We who have posed as Saviors of the World … we (Jews) are today nothing else but the world’s seducers, its destroyers, it’s incendiaries, its executioners .. We who have promised to lead you to a new heaven, we have finally seceded in leading you into the new hell.Dr. Oscar Ludwig Levy, Preface to the World Significance of the Russian Revolution 1920.”

Famous Quote Abouts Jews 

“I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews. In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded, by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within the state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal.”

“For over 1,700 years, the Jews have been bewailing their sad fate in that they have been exiled from their homeland, as they call Palestine. But gentlemen, did the world give it to them in fee simple, they would at once find some reason for not returning. Why? Because they are vampires, and vampires do not live on vampires. They cannot live only among themselves. They must subsist on Christians and other people not of their race.”

“If you do not exclude them from these United States, in their Constitution, in less than 200 years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives our substance and jeopardized our liberty.” “If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them substance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands. I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves.”

“Jews, gentlemen, are Asiatic (Khazars – GOG & MaGOG of Russia), let them be born where they will nor how many generations they are away from Asia, they will never be otherwise. Their ideas do not conform to an American’s, and will not even thou they live among us ten generations. A leopard cannot change its spots. Jews are Asiatics, (Khazars) are a menace to this country if permitted entrance, and should be excluded by this Constitutional Convention.”

Ben Franklin, 1789.

Secret Societies are Controlled by the Jews to bring about the Jewish Controlled New World Order

Mysterious Force was the original name of Freemasonry, which started in 43 A.D and later took on the name of Freemasonry started in 1717 by Joseph Levy and Abraham Abuid to bring in more European men, then to to destroy Christianity that was growing to fast for them to infiltrate–Facts and fictions of Freemasonry by Margaret C. Jacob and Dissipation of Darkness: The Origins of Freemasonry

THE JEWISH TRIBUNE, New York, Oct. 28, 1927, Cheshvan 2, 5688, Vol. 91, No. 18: “Masonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic ritual and what is left?”

LA VERITE ISRAELITE, Jewish paper 1861, IV, page 74: “The spirit of Freemasonry is the spirit of Judaism in its most fundamental beliefs; it is its ideas, its language, it is mostly its organization, the hopes which enlighten and support Israel. It’s crowning will be that wonderful prayer house of which Jerusalem will be the triumphal centre and symbol.”

LE SYMBOLISM, July, 1928: “The most important duty of the Freemason must be to glorify the Jewish Race, which has preserved the unchanged divine standard of wisdom. You must rely upon the Jewish race to dissolve all frontiers.”

AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FREEMASONRY, Philadelphia, 1906: “Each Lodge is and must be a symbol of the Jewish temple; each Master in the Chair, a representative of the Jewish King; and every Mason a personification of the Jewish workman.”

MANUAL OF FREEMASONRY, by Richard Carlile: “The Grand Lodge Masonry of the present day is wholly Jewish.”

THE FREEMASON, April 2, 1930, quoting Br. Rev. S. McGowan: “Freemasonry is founded on the ancient law of Israel. Israel has given birth to the moral beauty which forms the basis of Freemasonry.”

Rabbi Br. Isaac Wise, in The Israelite of America, March 8, 1866: “Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.”

Benjamin Disraeli, Jew, Prime Minister of England, in The Life of Lord George Bentick: “At the head of all those secret societies, which form provisional governments, men of the Jewish race are to be found.”

LATOMIA, a German Masonic journal, Vol. 12, July 1849, Page 237: “We cannot help but greet socialism (Marxism – Communism) as an excellent comrade of Freemasonry for ennobling mankind, for helping to further human welfare. Socialism and Freemasonry, together with Communism are sprung from the same source.”

BERNARD STILLMAN, Jew, in Hebraic influences on Masonic Symbolism, 1929, quoted The Masonic News, London: “I think I have proved sufficiently that Freemasonry, as what concurs symbolism, lays entirely on a formation which is essentially Jewish.”

O.B. Good, M.A. in The Hidden Hand of Judah, 1936: “The influence of the Jewish Sanhedrin is today more powerful than ever in Freemasonry.”

JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA, 1903, Vol, 5, page 503: “The technical language, symbolism and rites of Freemasonry are full of Jewish ideas and terms . . . In the Scottish Rite, the dates on official documents are given according to the era and months of the Jewish calendar, and use is made of the Hebraic alphabet.”

B’NAI B’RITH MAGAZINE, Vol. 13, page 8, quoting rabbi and mason Magnin: “The B’nai B’rith are but a makeshift. Everywhere that Freemasonry can admit that it is Jewish in its nature as well as in its aims, the ordinary lodges are sufficient for the task.

Please Note: The ADL (Anti-Defamation League) of B’nai B’rith is a totally Jewish controlled organization with its main goal to destroy Christianity.

(Also, the B’nai B’rith form a super-Masonic lodge where no “Gentiles” are admitted.)

TRANSACTIONS OF THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY Vol. 2, p 156: “The Coat of Arms used by the Grand Lodge of England is entirely composed of Jewish symbols.”

Update On The 3rd Temple – Peace Deal – Noahide Laws – One World Religion – The Fake Snake Messiah.

David Goldberg, in his last video before he was killed, confirm that Donald Trump is Jewish and will be selected as the Jewish “fake snake” Messiah at the 1:59:30 mark.  The Jews planned this “last act” long ago and everyone is acting their part on this world stage today.  Donald Trump was selected to act as King Cyrus to take down and destroy America (Babylon) from within without firing a shot.   All the evil characters in the Bible are back on earth today and King Jesus will extinguish all the evil when He touches down to earth in 2022 (1 Corr. 15. 24-25).  Hallelujah!

The Covid-19 Vaccine, PCR Test And Neuralink Are All  Individually  The Mark of the Beast.  You Only Have Take One Of Them To Be Cut Off From God Of Abraham Isaac and Jacob Forever!

The American Eclipses Collide at LITTLE EGYPT America! America is the new Egypt. Here’s Actual PROOF!!! Excellent Videos!


Jesus Our Messiah is at the door and if you have not yet been baptized, full immersion at an age of accountability, then time is running out and I encourage you to do so today.

David Pawson On Baptism: Christians Are Required To Be Baptised, Full Immersion At An Age Of Accountability, In Order To Be Saved. Great Videos That Explains How Baptism Should Be Performed Filtered Through The Lens Of The Holy Scriptures.


The Simpsons Forecasted The Rise And Fall Of President Trump. Another Show Predicts The Fall of Pence. Is The Grim Reaper In Trump And Pence’s Immediate Future? Who Will Become The Führer Of The Fourth Reich In America? Excellent Videos And Decode!


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