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By Jeffery Pritchett
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Hal Turner: 50,000 Chinese Soldiers Were Bombed and Killed in Maine Which Was Listed as an Earthquake

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Listen to Hal Turner Live Stream Right Now via This Link. Thank you. 


Hal Turner Radio Show has just Reported, “50,000 Chinese Soldiers were Bombed and Killed in Maine which was listed as an Earthquake.” Then an F16 was taken down in Michigan. 3 Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups Deployed on the West Coast and 2 Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups Deployed on the East Coast “POSITION TO SHOOT DOWN INCOMING NUCLEAR MISSILES.” The Chinese and Russian Navy are now Positioned for a Quick Move to Position “FROM WHICH THEY COULD QUICKLY ATTACK THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!”



Pray for Hal’s Safety… 

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    • Tamohara dasa

      What is this baloney?? :mad:

      • 2QIK4U

        Where is the beginning of this show that was cut off ? The videos there are not what the writing says ? Have you seen any real evidence of this yourself ? Interesting but where’s the rest of the story ? Evidence of uniforms tens of thousands of chinese dead in Maine America ???? What happened to the Americans in Maine ?

        • Anonymous

          Hal Turner’s sources are Deep State intell agency pigs. He push the establishment narrative posing as ANOTHER “whistleblower/defector” bs.
          Turner is a DOCUMENTED FBI agent provocateur and incites others to criminal activity. Remember, this is the same agency that spent DECADES setting up, framing and entrapping Muslims into ‘terrorist acts’ that the FBI then “discovered in the nick of time’ to justify War on Terror and endless wars in the M.E for Israel.
          For first half of 2020? Turner quoted these same pigs about how severe, end of civilization-making, the Ft Detrick COVID virus is. He is trying to start war between US-China. who benefits? ISRAEL, and their next proxy- China.
          Buyer beware on this one.

        • Marilyn

          I heard a while back that
          Chinese troops were on the border of the US and Canada, that there were troops that had been moved into Presque Isle Me, which is near to the border. Strange that that so called earthquake was right at the border. It could very well be a true story.

          • 2QIK4U

            It is True Plattoons of Military Chinese jogging on Canada back roads on YouTube but is old now, They’ve been there years now !

    • Болеслава

      what happened to to the rest of them?

    • b4

      has hal turner lost his mind?–this would be impossible to hide even if it was 10 chink soldiers—-there is a huge military movement,ships,planes–training they say but us watchers of china lake in cali and nellis at vegas think something is up beyond training

    • PeacePlanet

      I know what a fúktard is, but what is a Hal Turner?

      Answer: another fúktard, … right, Baitshop Guy?


      • Jeffery Pritchett

        Both leaders on both sides of left and right seem nuts to me. I found this hard to believe when I shared it. It is a case study in madness. Is it a future event? Why make this up? This is Ragnarok. Opinions will not matter after the liberation of our deaths. Everything dies. Welcome to Planet MFer – White Zombie

    • miffed citizen

      Sounds like Orson Well’s 1938 radio broadcast of the Martian Invasion on Earth.

      • Anonymous

        c’mon that is a small CITY. To be ratlined for months or years without discovery?
        When asked about Canadian approval for this encampment, Turner just brushed it off lightly, saying Canada “needed to make money” or some such bullshit.
        If scenario was real- and Dump was real? This base would be far more dangerous than nukes in Cuba and would generate an immediate response. Like nukes on Ottawa or permanent seizure of the base and 100 mile perimeter around it.
        Hal is still pushing narratives for his Deep State intell buddies.

    • DangerWillRoberson

      that dam first amendment we need to amend it and let you be the person who will decide who it applies to and who are the peasants! oh hail the demigod for with out them we would have peace on earth! that being said 50,000 dead china men in the state of main will make a big stink? i wonder who is doing the counting in main, maybe its them dam demon-rats using the ill fated dominion voting machines to get a favorable number? :idea:

      • b4

        1 dead chink in a drunken car crash–dominion machine counted it as 50,000!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          Sorry to see that you are such a racist. Sad.

      • 2QIK4U

        Funny if it wasn’t so Possible

    • counselor john

      Dude why do you do this to yourself?

      • Jeffery Pritchett

        I like to embody the behavior of this current administration. This was given to me by the architect. I am thinking Hal put it up and took it down but was given the stream for the radio show and figured that was the subject matter. This was already on BIN just reposted it via that source. No matter what it is.. true or false. It raises serious questions probably to complex for your oatmeal brain.

        • DangerWillRoberson

          no man its classic click bate , stop it!

          • Jeffery Pritchett


      • Anonymous

        He should have just stuck with the Bigfeets. He really had something going there. This is just bullshit.

        • Anonymous

          You’d be surprised how many believe it. I see it being reposted across the internet. Turner is 90% clik bait, most of which he plagiarized off GLProductions

    • LVMike

      If it is true they must have dropped a moab on them! It registered as 3.1 magnitude on the Richter scale. I remember them testing them while I was at Eglin AFB. They warned everybody on base for over a week that they were going to test one in the area. When they did the test it shook the entire main base!

    • S8-10

      Aircraft carriers are not armed with anti-icbm tech. Their anti-missile tech, CWIZ, has a max range of 6,000 yards and an effective range of 1500 yards. It is for point-defense in the event of incoming anti-ship missiles, small boats, helicopters etc. It does not have the range to protect a coastline from icbms

      • b4

        army/navy/AF have new tech now that can identify/knock down a small bullet ten miles away—any missile or plane/jet–the electronic jammers are out of this world–they can go thru 30ft of solid hard core steel–make any missile go hay wire within ten minutes of launch,anywhere in the world,hint,hint,from space… the russians,china man has the same tech but usa is 1000 times more powerful–the rooskies,china man has played around with their tech,disclosed the frequentcies–the usa has not–they are very very small wave lengths,nano stuff—a war with china will be over in 10/15 hours—all their military wiped out and half the country–the russians will play it cool,always…they got learnt in ww2–all the games being played by military with russia and them doing the same is not by the head dudes–being done on a much lower level and could escalate….ugh–wish they would just torch iran or the sahara desert if they wanted to play around…

        • nikita

          “There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent.”

          ― Lao Tzu

          The Ruskies have had Scalar weapons for years. :shock:


          Some say the Chernobyl meltdown was caused when America finally hit back @ the Soviet EMF weaponry. :neutral: .

          • CUB4DK

            I just wonder who they have tortured,… with this Scalar tech?

            Hmmmmm… :cool:

        • S8-10

          Well if anything like that exists it’s above my pay grade to know about it. I’d call bs on it but i have to assume there are plenty of breakthroughs they dont tell us about. So who knows

    • globalbitcoin

      who is this POS

    • Dan Hammer

      We will find out very soon if this is the real thing or not. It won’t take long to find out.

    • George Eaton

      The 50,000 number was speculation regarding the so called size of the underground base in Maine. We don’t know if there was any such bombing. The only things that can be verified is there was an earthquake in that area of Maine, and there was a crash of a fighter jet in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. All the other statements are not verified.

    • Jackson

      I have been writing about Chinese Troop build ups in Canada for months now. There are many pictures and reports from Canada.
      Go and look for your self and call some of these Folks upthere . ! There are pictures of Chinese troops on Salt spring Island. Prince Rupert Island.
      Aslo in Quebec.
      We must hear from Canadains up there now.
      I have heard that Governor Newsome and Governor Kemp of Georgia have taken Bribes and have betrayed our Nation . There is a probability this is their backup plan if Trump wins. All three States of Ca. Oregon and Washington ST. Including Georgia.
      This why Newsome who broke every Law of our constitution is so cocky. He is a traitor and the People of California should arrest and hang him! The same for the rest of them who betrayed our Nation.
      I just read today that the dirtbag lawyer dershowitz is now saying that our States will force the vaccines on its citizens which is Illegal . This punk is a psychopath and he should be executed if found guilty in a court. Which I believe he would be easily. Bobby Kenned totally destroyed him in a debate.

    • Ludeman

      Hall Turner has been outed years ago as a disinfo agent.

    • Counter Analysis

      Truly frightening. If the point of no return has not already been reached, it probably is now. Time to gather the allies and harden alliances. Probably the only indication of trustworthiness is mutual interest. Countries controlled by the main globalist cabal have to be assumed to be hostile even if they were traditional allies. Perhaps it is time for a paradigm shift in alliances. Emergency measures for supply chain shifts need to be ready. Trade needs to be tied to military pacts.

      The biggest danger in war are blind spots. I fear rebel elements of the US military siding with China, the globalists, and states who plan secession. I also suspect massive military moves around the world that will be very hard to counter while protecting the mainland, or leave the mainland susceptible while countering. It also makes me nervous if our navy is situated too close together on the coasts and could be partly decimated by underwater nukes. Will Russia consider a ruined America more advantageous than an American hedge against Chinese expansion?

    • nomdeplume

      I doubt there are 50k Chinese restaurants in the US, much less soldiers in Maine.

    • Neil A. Lien

      I’m not saying Hal Turners report is 100% accurate, however there was a 3.0 earthquake on the USGS website that all the sudden they erased and made disappear even though there actually was an earthquake there. In addition to that, if you look at google earth at the same exact spot the earthquake was, there is a strange type of structure that actually could be the site of an underground DUMB.
      Here are the LAT LONG coordinates that you can cut and paste.
      45° 5’47.34″N, 67° 9’38.17″W
      This is right at the border between Canada and the USA. It has been documented that Trudeau has been allowing Chinese troops into Canada on the premise that they are doing training.
      You can go to the Hal Turner website and listen to the actual show for free which was on Dec 9th 2020.

      • Jeffery Pritchett

        Thanks for sharing. I share things for discussion even if they sound totally mad at first..

    • Jude

      I used to check out the nuclear tests in New Mexico using the USGS earthquake monitor, until they figured out why I would frequently zoom in to certain locations. Was probably a bomb test. Or am actual earthquake. China and Canada are presently conducting joint military cold weather training exercises. That’s why so many Chinese troops in Canada right now. They have no interest in trashing their largest market and supplier of free high technology.

    • DON ROBER>to

      [" And yes, the Fidel Castro secret Son Just-in-Tru-doo is a ROTHSCHILD Puppet, which is going to install a CCP2 Canadian Commie PartyLand. His Dad already sold out the Canadian Spirit and Soul and Harper sold the last Canadian Gold Nugget into ROTHSCHILDS Hand. Now, the half-muslim-Tru-Doo is doing the rest. But he is under observation, being declared as " Self-Quarantine" which means house arrest.

      The Trains with ChiComs has been detected between Maine and New Brunswick and there was a short info, that these young highly motivated SOLDIERS are asked for to support to "protect the drinking-water-resources" (before NESTLÈ would privatize (privare ; to rob and to steal) the Drinking water. HaHaHa !! Canadians are believing that!! Tru-doo as well asked the private commercial RIOTS-AGENTS to help to built up " QUARANTINE-CAMPS" owner of these: FEMA DHS Group, which is nothing else than the Old IG-FARBEN Group, the same BigFamilyClans out of the Chemistry-Pharma and MilitaryIndutries where they wanna process their life-experimental ANIMALS=SERVI=SLAVES=THINGS, Non-DO-GOODERS who do not agree with the CCP2 Plans to become a Communists DOGOODER and ANTI-Vaccine-Fellows and System-ANTI-what so ever. Old Times are back and simple not recognized. Why? Military Re-Education Program. Need2know and no truth and real History based on facts and documentation in Schools. Desinformation from Kindergarden to High-Schools. THEY KNWO NOTHING !!! But glued at their...

    • Anonymous

      how did 50,000 chinese get there?

    • F16Hoser

      Bull Sh1t story. Misinformation. :wink:


    • Synickel

      Now 3 days in a not a whisper of any such thing going on. 50,000 chinese are bombed and killed in Maine, and not one resident knows or says a word about it? Sheesh. I guess we got to have nutcake trolls to keep the good reports in a bad light.

    • Starbuck

      I’v read one Polish mystic woman clairvoyant in 80s was talking about yellow people coming from Alaska thru Canada. I live in Canada i know they have some troops in Vancouver i have seen that video you are talking about There was a joint exercise supposed take place in 2019 between Canadian troops and Chinese but was canceled after Canadians stooped hwawei CEO. And Chinese are holding couple Canadians. You see they are hoping to create unrest in USA so the Chinese troops can just jump in all the UN equipment that has been prepared for this occasion Im sure you have seen all the UN vehicles being transported thru USA The Purchase of guillotines the plastic coffins .

      • Jeffery Pritchett

        thanks for sharing

      • nikita

        If they can create civil war in USA…which is certainly been talked about recently.
        It would rather leave USA open to an external attack. :idea:

        I hope not! But certainly consider the possibility folks.

    • Jen the pen

      Nothing but lies here, i cant believe grown ass adults sit around on they asses concocting up nothing but lies. Trump lost america is going into future as the leader of the new world order, America is egypt and we are perfectly positioned to be strong and fight, unfortunately we have war mongers and parasites amongst the people

    • Loosegoods

      i I may go without, (nothing new for me these past three decades), however it will be a COLD day in hell before I buy ANYTHING made in China!!

    • nomorelabels

      I think spreading complete lies such as are in this article does everyone at BIN a disservice, although unfortunately, most writers here present questionable articles, nothing but speculation presented as “fact”, when there is little to no evidence.

      Do you folks posting only care about being a click bait poster, make a few bucks off the people you actually dupe?

      Seriously? It is this kind of outright lying that drags ALL decent respectable journalists down the drain. You should be ashamed of yourself for posting this garbage all for the sake of getting clicks and selling something.

      • Jeffery Pritchett

        thanks for the click if you actually read thru the comments instead of being so quick to judge you would learn more about the subject matter. this took 2 minutes to post. it was sharing information not trying to win a pulitzer prize..

    • Dan Hammer

      Geeezee, can we just have a little proof. State attorney generals can now stand in front of the entire planet and openly lie. If you stuff ballot boxes and we know who you are and have video to prove it, well, it’s okay, you can openly steal my vote. Governors can openly lie when the entire world knows they are lying, so what the hell, 50,000 dead give or take a few, no facts? Who cares anymore.

      • Jeffery Pritchett

        If only you used this same scrutiny with this current administration?

    • DON ROBER>to

      ["What's missing? Proven, certified evidences. A Press-Conference of the White House. There are no other statements neither from the BLUE side or RED side. No Case No. No file No. No videos, no puctures nothing. So, 5o thousands are more than a Truck-Load and there are no families who are claiming the losses of their Children. Which MOVIE of Hellywood has MR.TUNER seen???? "]

    • Polebridge Trapper

      USGS (dot gov) reported three (3) earthquake tremors on the east coast of North America 60 miles apart December 09-10, 2020: M 2.4 – 4 km NW of Robbinston, Maine 2020-12-09 02:44:32 Depth 5.0 km; M 3.0 – 4 km WNW of Robbinston, Maine 2020-12-09 04:31:16 Depth 7.7 km; and M 2.1 – 12 km SE of Oromocto, Canada 2020-12-10 10:07:32 Depth 5.0 km. (1 kilometer = 0.62 mile) Source: These were the only seismic events reported for the Atlantic coast of North America. There were three small seismic events reported on the large scale map in the SE US interior during the period examined this evening, showing all magnitudes, which can register a “Quarry Blast”. Remember “The Forgotten War” in Korea? The Chinese Army moved men and supplies at night and in bad weather through the mountains, avoiding roads and UN reconnaissance to the disbelief and surprise of those commanding UN forces in Korea. The Ho Chi Minh Trail? Hauling supplies by truck, bicycle, on foot, again avoiding air reconnaissance and interdiction. Technology can be defeated with sheer numbers of lower tech, cheaper equipment employed.

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