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Revelation Unfolded, Part 1: the most complete historical analysis of the Apocalypse, by Pastor Eli James

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Revelation Unfolded, Part 1: An Outline of the Prophetic History of the World         


By Eli James 


            “The proud have hid a snare for me; the cords of their net have they spread over my paths; they have set a trap for me.”  (Psalm 140:5)

            “Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away.  But take heed to yourselves that your hearts may not become heavy by extravagance and drunkenness and worries of this world, and that day come upon you suddenly.  For like a downpour it will entrap all those who dwell upon the face of the earth.  Therefore keep watch always and pray that you may be worthy to escape all these things which are to happen, and that you may stand before the Son of Man.”  (Luke 21:33-35.


            (To all those reading this document, please understand that it is merely an outline of a very difficult subject; but Spirit has motivated me to publish at this time, for the hour is growing late.  The Apocalypse deserves a more thorough treatment, but this outline will have to do for now.  If a particular statement or viewpoint seems outlandish or unsubstantiated, please write to me and ask for an explanation.  I sincerely believe that we Israelites of the Christian Identity Movement will, by putting our heads together, come to a complete understanding of the Holy Scriptures as we prepare for the Judgment Day.  I hope that this document adds to our understanding.  Since the Apocalypse prophecies cover a period of over 5,000 years {from the Empire of Egypt until the present}, there is much to cover.  Most of the material presented herein is a combination of my own research and that of two authors: Howard B. Rand and Bertrand Comparet.  Of all books ever published on the subject of John’s Revelation, Howard B. Rand’s Study In Revelation stands apart in its level of scholarship and historicity.  I would go so far as to say that, if you read no other books on the subject, you will know more about it than those who have read every other book on the subject. {Study In Revelation is available from Destiny Publishers, POB 177, Merrimac MA 01860.}  The same is true for Bertrand Comparet’s audio tape series on Revelation.  I have a very old set of these tapes which are barely audible.)


            The passages quoted at the top refer to snares and traps.  The worst type of trap is the mental kind, the kind that leads you in the wrong direction.  We have to understand that in all areas of life there are con artists, shysters, impostors and, yes, wolves in sheep’s clothing.  But the most insidious of snares are those laid for us by men in priestly garb, because they can lead us astray for our entire lives, exploiting us and using us while we suspect absolutely no wrongdoing.  The Book of Revelation, properly understood, is about the untold evil committed by two different priesthoods, one Roman Catholic, the other Jewish.  These two priesthoods have deceived us for generations.

            This is a very unpopular message.  No one wants to be told that his most cherished beliefs are lies told him by a group conducting psychological warfare against him; but that is, in fact, the history of organized religion.  Jesus Christ came to warn us about this kind of subterfuge, but the priests never quote those passages.  That’s why the priesthood of His day killed Him.  It remains for us, as a people, to wake up out of our slumber and see reality for what it is.  In an evil world, the scum always rises to the top.  We often mistake it for the cream.




It just so happens that these two priesthoods (Catholicism and Judaism) are the main ANTAGONISTS of True Israel in the Apocalypse, True Israel being defined as the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Caucasian peoples.  Since I was raised in the Catholic faith, I know whereof I speak when it comes to Catholicism.  But in every case of criticism, I mean the Church hierarchy and not the faithful laity, whom I consider to be products of a very sophisticated form of indoctrination.  I do not wish to alienate Catholics, but Catholics need to face the facts of the brutal history of the Papacy.  Much of this history will be detailed herein.

In the case of Jewry, the same factor applies; but modern Judaism presents a more serious problem.  Not only is the priesthood of Judaism a bunch of sophisticated charlatans, so are the people it breeds.  Of all the sophisticated charlatans who ever graced the pages of history, none compares with the rabbinical priesthood.  Everything they teach is based on deceit and hypocrisy, and the world still believes their lies today.  Judaism is the religion of lies, and the rabbis of Judaism are its experts and professionals; and the Jewish people are their snarling, rabid attack dogs.   In addition, Jewry’s main political expression is Zionism, and Zionism is nothing but a genocidal, cultural chauvinism posturing as a religious self-defense movement.  Everything about it is phony, but few understand.

Every statement made herein about the Jews comes with the same caveat as applies to Catholics; but non-Zionist Jews are as rare as snowflakes in hell; and since Zionism is inherently evil, anyone who defends it is siding with evil.  So, be forewarned, if you are not on the side of truth, you are on the side of evil. Since the vast majority of Jews support both the religion of lies and Zionism, they are the enemies of civilization and of Jesus Christ.  If there are any exceptions, let them be excluded from my criticisms.

Jesus Christ puts it this way:  “He who is not with me is against me.”  (Matt. 12:30)

We all should know by now that Judaism is the one religion that absolutely refuses to acknowledge Jesus Christ, either as a prophet or as the Messiah, so the Jews are definitely against Him.  In this document, I explain how the Father is going to hold them to account for their crimes.  Contrary to the teachings of the “Christian” Zionists, there is no chance that these anti-Chrsits are going to suddenly be converted and love Jesus.  Any Christian Zionist who believes that hyperpropaganda is seriously deceived and is an unwitting tool of the Zionists.  In fact, they have been turned against Christ because they turn a blind eye to the heinous crimes committed by the Jews purportedly in the name of the Torah.  The Christian Zionists, therefore, deny Christ because, in His Name, they support the Anti-Chrsit.


The Apocalypse of John Versus the Catholic Church


Recently, the Catholic Church issued a statement that calls into question the reliability of the Old Testament, in particular the Book of Genesis, and the entire Book of the Apocalypse.  This is only more evidence of the Great Apostasy as foretold by Paul in II Thes. 2:3.   Indeed, today, all of Christendom labors under the thrall of false priests who teach lies in the name of Jesus Christ.  The only exception to this rule is the emerging new religion called Christian Identity, a religion which stresses that only doctrines which come straight from the Bible can be considered Christian.  All other made-up doctrine is Pharisaic in nature and almost always conceived by an agent of the Anti-Christ.

            For those of you who might have thought that the Catholic Church is a Christian institution, this essay is going to demonstrate otherwise.  Besides revealing that the Roman Catholic Church was the second phase of the Roman Empire (after the healing of the “deadly wound”), it also reveals its barbaric past and its conspiratorial present.  As evidence of its current apostasy, I submit this news item:

            On Oct. 5, 2005, the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church published a teaching document instructing the faithful that some parts of the Bible are not actually true.  The publication entitled “The Gift of Scripture” says, “We should not expect to find in Scripture full scientific accuracy or complete historical precision.”  The article states that the first eleven chapters of Genesis are not accurate.  The report also denies Matthew 27:25 and the entire book of Revelation.  (London Times, Oct. 5, 2005, by Ruth Gledhill, London.)

            Matthew 27:25 is the famous “blood libel” where the Jews not only admit responsibility for the murder of Christ but accept the full consequences of His murder upon themselves and their descendants.  Why would the Catholic Church cover up for the Jews?  The answer to that question lies in the documents of the Second Vatican Council.  In particular, the document entitled “Nostra Aetate” reversed centuries of animosity between Catholicism and Jewry by denouncing “anti-Semitism“ and rejecting Jewish guilt for the deicide on the cross.  Pope John XXIII was nothing less than a Judaizer; and the Jews and the Church hierarchy have been working together ever since to whitewash the Gospels of Jewish guilt. 

I can assure you that I disagree wholeheartedly with the sentiment that ANY PART OF THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGE BIBLE IS FALSE.   The fact is that the record of biblical prophecy is astoundingly accurate, as I hope to demonstrate in this article on the Apocalypse.  Also, thanks to major advances in archaeology, script decipherment, geology, astro-archaeology, satellite photography and imaging, and the chance discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, among others, the Bible is now understood to be perhaps the most honest and accurate historical document ever written.  The problem is that most people interpret the Bible to suit their own prejudices, not for true understanding.  

            So, having spent the better part of two years documenting what you are about to read, I can say in all honesty that the Catholic Church is going to eat crow for having issued such a ridiculous statement.  They have yet to deal with Christian Identity scholarship on the historicity and the eschatology of the Bible.  I would invite any Catholic who reads this document to copy it and present it to his or her Catholic priest to see if they agree with me or with their Church hierarchy.  As a former Catholic, I am intimately aware of the Catholic interpretation of Scripture.  It is the Catholic teaching, not Scripture, which is unreliable.

In order to compare what you are about to read with conventional scholarship, the following link is provided.  It is a good introductory summary of the current orthodox, non-Identity scholarship on the Apocalypse:


Prefatory Notes


Much has been written about the prophecies contained in the Book of Revelation.  Most of the non-Catholic commentaries on Christ’s Revelation to John have assumed the Judeo-Christian or Fundamentalist point of view.  Their perspective usually teaches that the Jews are “God’s Chosen People” and that all prophecies concerning “Israel” are fulfilled by them.  This position is manifestly false.  The fact is that the Jewish people do not fulfill any of the Old Testament prophecies concerning the future exploits of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.  And since the Jews totally reject the New Testament, they cannot possibly be the “People of the Book,” for they would have received Jesus Christ, the Messiah, as the Son of David that He was.  

The FIRST CASUALTY OF HONEST PROPHECY INTERPRETATION is the myth that the JEWS ARE ISRAEL.  THE ANGLO-SAXONS ARE TRUE ISRAEL.  Knowing this, you can properly look at history and see how the Anglo-Saxons have fulfilled the Scriptural prophecies concerning Israel while the Jews have fulfilled the prophecies concerning Cain and Esau/Edom.

As far as the Book of Revelation is concerned, there are only two groups of people: those who accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah and those who reject Him as such.  Jewry and Judaism are in the latter camp and always have been.  Christianity, in principle, accepts the teachings of Jesus Christ; however, most denominations, without the flocks even realizing it, have abandoned much of His teaching or have accepted false teachings which are not contained in the Bible.

“Judeo-Christianity” is one such false teaching.  Judaism is the denial of Christ and His teachings, and there is no possibility of reconciliation between Christianity and Jewish (Talmudic) precepts which deny or scoff at His teachings.  We either accept Him or deny Him.  If we start picking and choosing which doctrines we like and which we don’t like, then we are practicing Pharisaism, that is, Judaism.  To deny Christ’s divinity, to deny His resurrection, to deny His victory over death…these are all a denial of Christianity.  And since Judaism denies all of these things, there cannot possibly be any such thing as “Judeo-Christianity.”  It is like saying white blackness or evil goodness or backward forwardness.  These are all self-contradictions.  Yahweh — our God, not the g-d of the J-ws — does not contradict Himself.

The Book of Revelation is a book about evil masquerading as good.  It is, with hindsight, the history of military, political, and clerical misconduct, most of it done in the name of God or in the name of Israel or in the name of Jesus Christ in order to deceive the people.  In other words, the most respected and honored figures of history are revealed as the rankest hypocrites, exploiters, deceivers and salesmen, i.e., priests, doctors, politicians and lawyers…criminals who wear the cloak of authority.

In every age, people consider themselves to be enlightened and intelligent.  It is no different today.  The Book of Revelation reveals otherwise.  The wolves in sheep’s clothing rule today just as they did in Christ’s time.  The only difference is that the lies are even bigger and the gullibility of the people is even more profound – despite our educational system, or, I should say, because of it — and the chaos has reached catastrophic proportions.  The good news is that this rule by deceit is coming to an end at the Judgment Day.  It is a day which I await with exceptional anticipation…and I have to say at this point in my life, with a sense of calm resoluteness, because the Apocalypse of John has revealed what is about to happen; and the certainty of these prophetic events is as good as history.  My sense of calm is due to the fact that, from my study of biblical prophecy, I know that our Father, Yahweh, hath ordained these things.  They must happen for two reasons: 1.) to bring about the just punishment of the aforementioned wolves in sheep’s clothing and 2.) to establish the Kingdom of Anglo-Saxon Israel on earth.


The Real Subject of the Bible and of the Apocalypse


1.)  The Bible is the Book of Adam and his descendants: “This is the book of the generations [offspring, descendants] of Adam.  In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him; Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.”  (Gen. 5:1,2.)   It is NOT a book about the Jews, who are NOT Adamites.  The Jews are Canaanites and Edomites, i.e. are descended through Cain and Edom.  The Family Tree of Cain is given in Gen. Chapter 4, 17-22.  Adam is NOT listed as his father. 

2.)  The Covenants were made specifically to Abraham and to Jacob/Israel, NOT to Cain or Edom, and certainly NOT to all peoples of the world.  Yahweh clearly tells us that we, True Israel, are His special people and He repeatedly commands us remain separate from all other peoples if we wish to inherit His blessings.  (Deut. 7:1-8; 14:2; 28:9-10; II Cor. 6:14-17.)  The Twelve Tribes broke up into two Houses: the House of Israel and the House of Judah.  The Ten-Tribed House of Israel was deported by the Assyrians during the years 745-715 B.C. to an area just south of the Caucasus Mountain range in the nation then known as Media.  Because of their migration through the Caucasus range, these Israelites became known as Caucasians.  This date, 745 B.C., marks the TRUE AND ONLY DISPERSION of the House of Israel.  The book of James is addressed to these same people and Jesus Himself tells His Apostles to “Go unto the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.”  The House of Judah was not “lost,” because He brought His message to them in Judea. 

3.)  The Marks of Israel prove that only the descendants of these two Houses are the children of Bible prophecy.  These prophecies have been fulfilled ONLY by the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, and Caucasian peoples… AND NO ONE ELSE.  The prophecies fulfilled by the Jews are those made of Esau.  (See article on website: )

4.)  Distinctions Between Jews and Israelites:  a.) Israelites are by definition pure-blooded descendants of the Twelve Tribes.  (Deut. 23:2.)  Jews are a mixed–race ethnic group.  b.) The Israelites practiced the Law of Moses.  The Jews have always practiced the Talmud.

            5.)  The dispersed Israelites, who had been wandering through the European wilderness since 745 B.C., easily converted to Christianity after Yahshua delivered the New Covenant.  The Jews rejected Jesus and the New Covenant and still do so today.

6.)  The Jewish Dispersion did not occur until 70 A.D., when the Roman General Titus made war against the Jews and drove them out of Judea.  Since the Jewish religion did not begin until the advent of the Pharisees in 150 B.C., all claims by the Jews as to being the children of Israel are false.  The Bible was not written by them, for them, or to them, since they are not Israelites, Shemites or Judahites.  Also, Jesus tells us in John 10:27, “My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they know me.”  The Jews have been entirely deaf for the last two thousand years and they show no signs of hearing His voice any more today.

It is important to understand these distinctions because it is impossible to understand prophecy if you not know which group of people is being referred to.  It is critically important to understand that the Talmudic nation of Jewry has made a living by impersonating True Israel.  Once the world understands that the Jews are liars, thieves and hypocrites, then their global empire will collapse.  It will be a very sudden and catastrophic affair.


Biblical Symbols


The Book of Revelation is filled with symbolic images.  Sometimes, these symbols are familiar to us.  Most of the time they are not.  By comparing the chronological flow of history with these symbols in the order that they are presented in the Apocalypse, we find a very remarkable correspondence.   It is more than remarkable.  It is, quite frankly, astounding.  All of the events and images will be compared in detail, starting with the Seven Churches and concluding with the Day of Judgment.

Some of the symbols that we meet in this prophetic book are explained by the angels that are providing John with his visions.   Those symbols that are not explained within the text of the book of Revelation can be found in other parts of the Bible, both Old and New Testament.  Here is a partial list of these symbols and their usual meanings:


Sea = peoples and nations.

River = movement of peoples and nations, migration

Mountain = government, major kingdom

Sun = Yahweh, Yahshua, King, Most High God

Moon = ecclesiastical authority (reflects the sun)

Crown = dominion

Stars = tribes

Horns = lesser kingdoms

Earth = Israelite nations, nations surrounded by seas (larger nations)

Earthquake = social upheaval

Seals = mysteries

Trumpets = wars

Song = teaching, Gospel

Day = exactly one year

Month = exactly thirty years


The Chronology of the Apocalypse


            For the most part, the chronology of the Apocalypse starts with the early days of the Roman Empire and ends with the Judgment Day and the Wedding Feast of the Lamb.  In addition to this chronological forecast, there are several major themes that weave their way through the narrative from Chapter to Chapter.  These major themes are not part of the general chronological order of the main prophetic narrative.  One of these themes is that of the Beast with Seven Heads and Ten Horns.  This theme starts with the early Egyptian Empire and ends with the current events of our time (the last days), thus encompassing a period of five thousand years.  Another is the Seven Churches, or Seven Church Ages, which encompasses a period of two thousand years.  These epochal themes will be addressed and summarized separately from the chronological narrative and also as they occur in the text.

Within the narrative are contained several flashbacks and flashforwards, and it is important to understand that these are interspersed here and there where they seemingly do not belong, as they are interjected without any connection to the particular text in which they occur.  Given a few different starting points, the main body of the narrative deals with the steady progression of historical events.  Although the language is highly figurative and suggestive, and almost never literal, the fact that this language depicts historical events is both obvious and undeniable.  This is proven by the fact that, very often, the Book of Revelation gives us the exact number of years, expressed in “days,” that a particular dynasty or process will last.  For example, the “locusts” described in Chapter 9 very accurately depict the Saracen horsemen and place their appearance in the proper historical setting, and in the exact consecutive order, that they can be found in the history books.  Another example is the description of portable cannon (with “fire and brimstone” in their heads and tails!) and their use in the overthrow of Constantinople in the year 1453.  John gives us a perfect description of the shape in which these cannon were cast.  Here, again, this prophecy is listed in the exact chronological position that would be expected from historical records.

Once the chronological accuracy of the Apocalypse is appreciated, one can only wonder at the awesome power which has foreseen how all of these things must come to pass.  When you combine the accuracy of the descriptions with the exact order of historical events, a mathematician would have to be consulted to determine the odds against such parallelism being coincidental.  The probability of this must exceed billions to one.  It has to be on the order of quadrillions to one.  The fact that the Book of Revelation also confirms the prophetic record of many other books of the Bible forces us to only one conclusion:  Only the Creator of Universe (Yahweh Himself) could have dictated this book.


The Eight Beasts of the Apocalypse


Of the several themes that run through more than one Chapter of the Book of Revelation, the story of the Eight Beasts is the most critical.  I can say that, once I understood who all 8 Beasts were, then the rest of the Apocalypse was much easier to decipher.  This is because all of the major empires of the book of Revelation are involved in the 8 Beast story.  I have dealt with this subject elsewhere, so I will refer the reader to my article entitled “The Apocalypse and the 8th Beast,” which is located under the “Prophecy” heading at our website,  It is the story of approximately 5,000 years of history, beginning with the Egyptian Empire (the first Beast) and ending with the House of Rothschild’s United Nations/New World Order/Globalist Empire (the Eighth Beast).

To summarize this subplot of the Book of Revelation, it is the story of eight great historical empires, each of which were overthrown by a succeeding empire (beast).  In chronological order, these empires are:

1. Egypt,

2. Assyria,

3. Babylon,

4. Medo-Persia,

5. Greece,

6. Rome (both Imperial and Papal Rome)

7. Napoleon,

8. the House of Rothschild .


The last Beast is distinguished from the previous seven in that it is an international banking syndicate.  It was prophesied to be an “empire of merchants,” whereas the previous seven were led by military and religious dictators.  Since its operations are semi-secret and since the average citizen is completely unaware of how it operates, it is referred to as “Mystery Babylon.”  John tells us that this last Beast, along with the “False Prophet,” will be cast into the fire at the Judgment Day.  In this era of corporate globalization, few knowledgeable observers will deny that the world is being ruled by an empire of merchants.  Most people will think of the big oil companies and conglomerates, but the real controllers are the international banks.  It is international banking that rules the roost, or as the saying goes, “Money makes the world go ‘round.”  Some still believe that governments rule; but they are under a serious delusion which does not take into account the power of these corporations and the true reasons for global strife, such as intrigues over oil, fiat money, insider trading, and secret agreements between governments and business that accommodate corporate greed.

While most people still believe that corporations and governments are distinct entities, the fact is that we have been living in a global fascist dictatorship of the transnational corporations since the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913.  Since taking over America’s economy, the Federal Reserve Bank has facilitated all of the global mergers we are today seeing, including the merger between Big Government and Big Business.  “Global governance” means an International Police State directed from the seat of the United Nations Organization.

The story of the Eight Beasts of the Apocalypse demonstrates how accurate biblical prophecy is.  Once the rules of interpretation are understood, then it only remains to apply these simple principles to historical events; and the entire story of the Book of Revelation begins to unfold like a scroll.  It is both prophecy and history; and its purpose is to demonstrate how God’s plan is operating for us, if we accept Jesus Christ, or against us, if we deny Him.


The Seven Churches  (Ekklesia, or Congregations of Israelites)


Another major subplot of Revelation is the story of the Seven Churches.  As with most of biblical allegory, these stories can be interpreted as moral stories, as actual historical events, or as prophetic guides to future events.  In reality, a particular Bible story can be relevant in all three ways, often with a particular individual in Bible history pantomiming in his or her personal life what will occur to a future empire on a much vaster scale.  A perfect example of this is how, in the Book of Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon went insane for a period of seven years, finally to recover.  This episode of his personal life represented the first seven beasts of the Apocalypse, listed above, culminating in the rebirth (recovery) of his own empire, Babylon, as the Eighth Beast.  Daniel told him, Nebuchadnezzar, that his empire would be defeated but would afterwards be reborn.  John tells us that one of the first five Beasts would be reborn as the Eighth Beast.  He also tells us that “Babylon is fallen, is fallen.”  It is fallen twice.  In order to fall twice, it has to have died and been reborn.  And, indeed, the inspiration of and the spiritual power behind the House of Rothschild’s One World Government is the Babylonian Talmud, the very same “tradition of the elders” which Jesus Christ thoroughly condemns in all four Gospels.  Don’t forget that the Babylonian priesthood in Yahshua’s day also were the very moneylenders that He drove out of the Temple.  Those moneylenders today rule the world.

Most people have believed the lie that Judaism is based on the teachings of the Old Testament, but this is not true.  The origins of Judaism date back no further than the cult of the Pharisees.  Although the pagan religion of old Babylon never died – its practices were kept alive throughout the Middle East by various pagan traditions — the Idumean sect, known as the Pharisees of Judaism, grafted these Babylonian traditions onto the teachings of Moses, a non-Jewish Israelite, thereby distorting the Old Testament.  Publicly, the rabbis claim the tradition of Moses.  They have been passing themselves off as pious followers of the Torah, but, in reality, they are charlatans of the most perverse kind.  Amongst themselves and in their Talmud and in their in-house publications, they admit that their teachings are Babylonian.  In other words, Judaism is not unadulturated Mosaism.  It is Mosaism interpreted through and corrupted by the Babylonian Talmud.  As such, Judaism is no more biblical than German is Hebrew, although the German language borrows about one-third of its words from the Hebrew.  The Hebrew hidden in the German language is unrecognizable to most people.  In like manner, the Old Testament teachings can hardly be recognized in the Talmud because the Talmud was created by and for the exclusive benefit of the parasitic sect of rabbis. 

Under the cover of the Torah scroll is hidden a poisonous serpent.  That serpent is Judaism, and its modern political expression is Zionsim.  This is the beast that has deceived the whole world.  In describing the rabbis who promote the religion of the Pharisees, Yahshua says this: “Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!  For ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but are within full of dead men’s bones and of all uncleanness.”  (Matt. 23:27)  Few Christians have recognized Christ’s denunciation of them in Matthew, Chapter 23.  Milquetoast Churchianity doesn’t like to criticize…

It is only because of the complete ignorance that most people, including the Jewish people, have concerning the true nature of rabbinical Judaism, that they believe there is any similarity between the Old Testament and Judaism.  There is none.  The Talmud and other rabbinical writings, such as the Masoretic edition of the Old Testament, were written to establish the authority of the rabbis over the authority of Jesus Christ.  Babylonian paganism and Mosaism had been in conflict for 1,500 years, just as Judaism has been in conflict with Christianity for two thousand years.  Unfortunately, Christendom has forgotten that this conflict ever existed.  I can assure you that the rabbis have not forgotten.  The enormous propaganda coup that Judaism has pulled off is that it has been able to practice Babylonian paganism while wearing the mask of Mosaism.

One of the lessons taught by the trials and tribulations of the Seven Churches is how their interpretation of Scripture has been tainted by the “leaven of the Pharisees” (Luke 12:1) and other false teachings that Christ warned us about.  These Churches are both literal churches that existed during the lifetime of John and prophetic symbols that characterize the major changes in spirit that were to go through Christianity until the end times.


1.) Ephesus (desirable), 30-64 A.D.

2.) Smyrna (bitterness), 64-313.

3.) Pergamos (elevation), 313-529.

4.) Thyatira (acceptable offering), 529-1529.

5.) Sardis (remnant), 1529-1789.

6.) Philadelphia (brotherly love), 1789-1914.

7.) Laodicea (laymen’s church), 1914 until Judgment Day.


The Apocalypse of History in Outline


(At this point, it is recommended that the reader should open the Bible to the Apocalypse (Revelation) and read both this document and the Bible side by side.)


Chapter 1:  The Magnificent Sevens


Verses 1-3:  Announcement of the prophecies and a blessing upon those who read and hear them.

Verses 4-7: John’s greeting to The Seven Churches in Asia (Minor) in the name of Jesus Christ to a kingdom of “kings and priests.”  This kingdom of kings and priests is not a hierarchical church organization.  It is God’s people enforcing His Law with His blessings.  It is the coming fulfillment of Jer. 31:31-35.

Verse 8:  “Alpha and Omega.”  Yahshua (Jesus Christ) is the initiator and ender of ages, i.e., creator and destroyer.

Verses 9-10:  John, in the Spirit, warns us of tribulation ahead.

Verse 11:  The seven literal Churches

Verses12-15: 7 Golden Candlesticks (Lampstands):  These seven                                                                                 churches are now described as prophetic examples of eras to come.

Verses16-19: 7 Stars:  the angels who rule over these ages

Verse 20: 7 stars and 7 candlesticks (lampstands) defined: The stars are the angels that rule over these churches and the lampstands are the churches.


Chapter 2:  The First Four Churches


Verses 1-7:  Church of Ephesus, DESIRABLE, early congregation, 30-64 AD.  This is a loosely organized church in which the leaders are true shepherds interested only in serving the flock.  The Nicolaitanes are condemned as a hierarchical mutation of this church which seeks to rule over the flock rather than serve it.


Verses 8-10:  Church of Smyrna, BITTERNESS AND TRIAL, the persecuted church under Roman occupation, 64-313.

Verse 9: Jews vs. Judah: “I know…the slander of those who say they are Jews [sic] and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”

This is a very important verse to understand correctly because it involves the crucial difference between Jews and Judahites.  Since the Jews are the synagogue of Satan, the true meaning is this: “…those who say they are JUDAH and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”  Since the word ‘Jew’ is derived from the word ‘Judah’ but also designates those who practice the religion of the Pharisees.   This erroneous, yet common, usage today is terribly confusing because the term ‘Jew’ designates two completely disparate and antithetical groups: Jews and Judahites.  Judahites are always non-mongrelized descendants of the tribe of Judah who practiced the religion of Moses.  Jews are always mongrelized Edomites and Canaanites who practiced the religion of the Pharisees.  The rabbis of Judaism have capitalized immensely on the confusion that the word ‘Jew’ has created historically.  This confusion has enabled them to deceitfully maintain this pretension to be Judah while rejecting Jesus Christ.  Then, in order to gain the sympathy of gullible Christians, they say “Jesus was a Jew.”  This is, of course, a bold-faced lie.

(The synagogue of Satan is a reference to the religion of the Pharisees, which is a religion that pretends to be the religion of Moses, but is not.  The Pharisees also pretended to be Judahites but were not.  Hence, this verse is telling us to beware of those who pretend to be us but are impostors.  The only people in the world who have ever pretended to be Judahites are the Jews.  They have achieved this grand deception (their Great Impersonation) by conniving to adulterate our White race and by adulterating our Holy Scriptures.  Since the King James Version of the Bible was translated by authors who wrongly assumed that Jews and Judahites were the same ethnic group, that translation serves to perpetuate this grievous error and effectively prevents the unaware from realizing this distinction.)

Verse 10: Ten days of tribulation:  These “days” are not literal.  They are references to the ten periods of persecution under ten different emperors: Day 1: Nero, 64 AD; Day 2: Domitian, 95 AD; Day 3: Trajan: 107 AD; Day 4: Hadrian, 127 AD; Day 5: Marcus Aurelius, 165 AD; Day 6: Septimus Severus, 202 AD; Day 7: Maximus, 235 AD; Day 8: Decius, 249 AD; Day 9: Valerianus, 257 AD; Day 10: Diocletian, 303-313.

Verse 11: (Parenthetical remark by the angel: He who understands these messages to the Seven Churches will achieve salvation.  So, listen up, folks!)


Verses 12-17: Church of Pergamos, ELEVATION (freedom from persecution), 313-529.

The Christian Church at Pergamos existed in the veritable belly of the beast, “where Satan dwells.”  Pergamos was the seat of the Babylonian Talmudists at this time, having been transferred from Babylon six centuries earlier.  With the advent of the sects of the Scribes and Pharisees in the land of Judah around 150 BC, these Babylonian teachings were gradually and systematically incorporated into the Law of Moses, thus creating the religion of Judaism, known in the Bible as the “traditions of the elders.”  Later, these traditions were expanded upon and elaborated by the Masoretes and other rabbis.  The Christian church at Pergamos overcame its surroundings and the malevolent influence of these Babylonians!  According to Dr. Wesley Swift, in his booklet entitled “The Day God Was Born,” the future Idumean king of Judea, Herod, was schooled at Pergamos before he was eventually placed on throne of Judah in 63 B.C.  Thus, a non-Judahite Idumean usurper was placed in authority over our people by Rome.  It was near the beginning of the church of Pergamos that Constantine’s Edict of Toleration (Edict of Milan, 315 AD) declared Christianity as acceptable to Rome.  This edict temporarily destroyed any overt power that organized Babylonian Jewry had over these early Christians.

Verse 13: Antipas, a servant of Yahweh, whose name means “Anti-Pope,” is executed.  This is a foretelling of the future role of the papacy in murdering the protestant saints.

Verse 14: Balaam: Intrusion of paganism into this church.

Verses 15-16:  the Nicolaitanes again.  The Nicolaitanes are those who desire a formal church structure, in which the priests rule over the people.  In this type of church, exemplified by both Judaism and Catholicism, the priesthood invariably withholds much Truth from the people, thus ruling over rather than serving the people.

Verse 17: Hidden manna is knowledge of the Scriptures which was forbidden by the Roman Catholic Church.  Possession of a Bible by non-ecclesiastics was forbidden.


Verses 18-23: Church of Thyatira, SWEET SAVOR or ACCEPTABLE OFFERING (martyrs burned at the stake during the Papal persecutions of “heretics”), 529-1517. 

The year 529 was especially significant in that the Emperor Justinian issued two major edicts, one expelling Jews from his court and the other creating the first monastic order, thus establishing the monastic system in Europe.  This first edict, in effect, freed the bishop of Rome from his parasitic advisors.  It eliminated the Jewish moneylenders, rabbis and influence-peddlers (the Jewish State-Within-A-State) from the Roman court.   Earlier, that Satanic system was completely responsible for the overthrow of the Judahite/Davidic succession of Kings in the land of Judah.  The influence of this cabal, via bribery and the deceptive antics of the Idumean Jew Antipater and others, was responsible for toppling the Davidic dynasty in Palestine, putting Herod in power over the true Judahites of the land of Judah.  Somewhat later, operating through Nero’s wife Poppea, this Jewish cabal instigated the hideous persecutions of Christians in the Roman sphere.  Before Nero married this converted Jewess, there were no persecutions of Christians.

            The second edict, which instituted the monastic system, laid the groundwork for the Dark Ages of feudalism, binding the church, lords and serfs to an inflexible economic system.  Of course, the Jewish moneylenders and shysters were frozen out of this system, which made the large-scale usurious moneylending practices of the Jews illegal.  Thus, Satan was prevented from practicing his favorite sport.  Some would argue that feudalism was even more tyrannical than the Jewish moneylending system.  It was also during this time that the Jewish ghettos formed, since the Jewish economy was driven underground.  These ghettos served a purpose for both the rabbis and the church.  The ghettos provided a corral within which the rabbis could keep effective control over their flock of merchants and trinket-makers while at the same time it limited the extent to which the Jews could enslave Christians via debt-usury.  In effect, there were two economies: a.) the official economy of the church and b.) the black market of the Jews and gypsies.  The wealthiest Jewish bankers could not operate in such a restricted system, so they had to go elsewhere (to Constantinople, Africa, India, Khazaria, Babylon, etc.) to ply their trade.   

Verses 20-22: Jezebel was the pagan wife of King Ahab.  During the whole period of the Papal ascendency, dispersed Christian Israel was married to pagan Rome, a domineering, jealous and greedy husband.  The fact is that the Roman Catholic (universal) Church has always been a pagan institution only pretending to be “Christian.”  Heretics who did not worship in the officially approved Catholic way were tortured and executed without mercy.  Hardly Christian! 

Verse 23:  All such churches will be judged according to their works.  Antinomians (law-breakers) beware!

Verses 24-29:  The overcomers will receive their reward according to their good works and shall rule with Christ at the Second Coming.


Chapter 3:  The Last Three Churches


Verses 1-6: Church at Sardis, REMNANT, or ESCAPEES, 1517-1789. 

Scattered Protestantism entered into the organized resistance phase (the period of Reformation) under Martin Luther and others, thus slowly escaping the oppression of the Catholic Church.   Luther’s 95 Theses, exposing ruthless Church practices, were nailed to the door of the Church at Wittenburg in 1517.  This began a firestorm against the Roman Catholic Church which did not subside until the French Revolution in 1789.  This latter Revolution was a clear victory of the Jews over the Roman Church.  Toward the end of his career, Luther writes the phenomenal treatise, “The Jews and Their Lies,” foretelling what is in store for humanity.  Thanks to Jewish censorship of Luther’s work, everybody knows about the 95 Theses, but few are aware of The Jews and Their Lies

            Unfortunately, the ensuing social chaos and literal warfare between Protestants and Catholics opened the door for the Jewish moneylenders and their behind-the-scenes State-Within-A-State intrigues.  The Jews, with their chauvinistic secret societies, plotted against unsuspecting Christians to steal their wealth and property through usury and foreclosure.  Luther at first accepted their “support,” but, having had the opportunity to read their secret, Talmudic, anti-Chrsit doctrines, he turned against them with a vengeance.  In true viper fashion, Jewish moneylenders financed both sides of the conflict, profiting from the spoils of the winner, with interest.  At the same time, Jewish merchants would import arms and other goods not locally available.  (They are still the masters of these two trades today: moneylending and international trade.) 

On May 1, 1776, the Jews, through Adam Weishaupt, formally instituted their system of anti-Chrsitian subversion.  With Rothschild’s money, Weishaupt formed the secret society known as the Illuminati.  Their sole purpose was to infiltrate Freemasonry and other Christian institutions in order to redirect their goals toward serving a Jewish system of political domination based on the control of national economies.   Along with the Illuminati, the Jacobins of France both fomented and financed the French Revolution, thus toppling both monarchy and church and beginning a period of almost constant agitation and revolution throughout Europe.  The strategy of these Jewish groups was to foment revolution behind the scenes while publicly proclaiming “democracy.”  By this method they could pose as “liberators” while they were, in fact, the most vile and bloodthirsty perpetrators and profiteers.

            Meanwhile, across the ocean in America…


Verses 7-13: The Church of Philadelphia, BROTHERLY LOVE, 1789-1914.

The Stone Kingdom (rule by the Stone Tablets of the Ten Commandments) temporarily restored in Philadelphia, USA.   Christian Israel restores LIBERTY and biblical principles in America.  In direct contrast to the French Revolution, the American Revolution was a victory for Christian principles.  By evicting the British and their Jewish banker financiers, America produced a system of honest money which became the envy of the world.  Honest weights and measures were mandated by the U.S. Constitution.  The Founding Fathers (especially Jefferson and Franklin) totally aware of Jewish intrigue on the continent of Europe, swore to keep America out of Europe’s warfare and economically oppressive system of debt-usury.  After a certain Captain Morgan published an article exposing the Illuminati in the American press, the Rothschilds hired two thugs and had him murdered.  The Captain Morgan affair alerted American Freemasons to the presence of the Illuminati, thus keeping Rothschild and his minions from fully exploiting the American economy until the Civil War.

Verses 7 and 8: The key of David is scriptural understanding.   For the first time in history and contrary to the history of Europe, the Bible was an open book for a literate citizenry and it was the principle for our government. 

Verse 9: The Angel dictating these visions to John deems it necessary to repeat the warning about the synagogue of Satan impersonating Judah.

Verses 10 – 13:  Be patient and true.  New JerUSAlem, a new name for regathered Israel, “America” (In ancient Hebrew, AMI = “My People.”  RICA = “kingdom.”  Thus, America means “kingdom of my people”).  America is a “company of nations,” fulfilling the prophecy.  (Gen. 35:11.)  Britain, Europe and other Israelite nations have also fulfilled this prophecy, but America is the last piece of the prophetic puzzle before the Second Coming.


Verse 14:  Church of Laodecia, LAY CONGREGATION, 1914-Judgment Day. 

Verses 15-17:  This modern church is neither cold nor hot!  The LUKEWARM CHURCH!  Yuck!  But…hold on!  Not so fast!  Although the majority of these Christians are lukewarm, there is an anti-clerical element that rises up in opposition to the denominations of apostasy.  The “hot” are obviously Christian zealots who take the Word seriously.  The “cold” are atheists who reject Scripture because they cannot believe the popularly held Judeo-Christian version of it…and rightly so!

Lukewarm Christianity takes its shape in the form of denominationalism.  The Christian Apostasy, through the “higher criticism” of false priests, agnostic priests and atheistic scientists, having begun during the Industrial Revolution, takes root in our government and educational system.  Its anti-Chrsitian impetus results in an evil bastard child, a burrowing parasitic worm, called “Judeo-Christianity.”  Zionism poisons the well.  This is the last insult to Yahweh before He sends Yahshua back to cleanse this evil world of its parasites.

Verses 18 – 22:  An appeal to overcomers.  This will be a very difficult time.  Like a loving father, he will rebuke us for our mistakes.  Don’t close your mind to His appeals!


Chapter 4: The Throne of Heaven.


Verse 1-3: Yahweh in heaven.

Verse 4:  The twenty-four elders: the twelve Patriarchs of the Twelve Tribes of Israel plus the twelve Apostles. Crowns of gold, not a diadem (crown of a King), but crowns of victory (stephanos).  These Twelve Tribes still exist today as the Anglo-Saxon nations.

Verse 5:  Lamps of fire which illuminate these seven ages, also the Seven Archangels.

Verse 6:  Sea of glass: transparency from the throne, or outer space; the four beasts full of eyes (prophecy).  Spiritually, these four “beasts,” I believe, represent the four cherubim on the Ark of the Covenant.  Historically, they represent the forces that control the flow of events.

Verse 7:  The order of encampment, the Zodiac of Adam: The Lion of Judah is Leo the Lion.  The calf is Ephraim, or Taurus, the Bull. The man is Reuben, or Aquarius.  The eagle is the Tribe of Dan, now known as Scorpio.  For those of you who are unaware that the original Zodiac was composed by Adam, Seth and Enoch, I highly recommend the book, The Gospel in the Stars, by Joseph R. Seiss.  The Adamic Zodiac was originally a pictographic story of the coming life and mission of Jesus Christ.  All other zodiacs are of later origin, and these later versions have undergone mutations which completely hide Adam’s intent.  As with other ancient Adamic documents, our enemies have seized upon our literature and corrupted it beyond recognition.

Verses 8-11:  Four animals with six wings each, the wings representing the 24 elders.


Chapter 5: Opening the Book of Prophecy


Verses 1 and 2:  Who is worthy to open the book?  Only Yahshua (Jesus Christ).

Verses 3 and 4: No man is able to open the book of prophecy.   (The Book of  Daniel carries a similar message saying that these prophecies would not be understood until the very end times.)  (Daniel 12:4,9)

Verses 5 and 6: Seven seals announced.  The seven horns are the rulers (angels) of the seals.  The seven eyes of these angels see into the future.

Verse 7.  The book is the Bible which is to be delivered to the people for understanding.

Verses 8 and 9: The new song is the New Covenant of the New Testament

Verse 10: An affirmation of the coming nation of kings and priests who rule via the Word (with the Law “written in their hearts”).

Verses 11-14: Praise to the throne of Yahweh.


Chapter 6: Opening of the First Six Seals


            (Note:  Virtually every interpreter of the Apocalypse of John has placed the four horsemen of the Apocalypse in the last days or just before the last days.  The usual claim is that the Red Horse is communism and the Black Horse is Nazi Germany.  These associations seem self-evident, but few such interpreters have ever provided a satisfactory analysis of the White and Pale Horses.  Although it may not be a futile exercise to try to place these Four Horsemen into a contemporary context, it would only be in terms of a second fulfillment.   Howard B. Rand, in his Study in Revelation, places these Four Horsemen in the context of the early days of the Roman Empire.  The actually history fits these Horsemen perfectly.)

Verses 1 and 2: The First Seal, the White Horse: the Roman Generals, military authority of Rome in the early days, starting with the Battle of Actium in 31 B.C., Octavius, to Augustus, 64 A.D.   The Roman generals always rode on a white steed so that their troops could easily recognize them.

Verses 3 and 4: The Second Seal, the Red Horse: bloody dictatorship: Nero to Diocletian, 64-313.  These verses put the aforementioned “10 days” (Rev. 2:10) within the context of these “four horsemen,” or military stages.

Verse 5: The Third Seal, the Black Horse: Rome divided into two empires (the balances), 313-396.  Christianity recognized by Constantine.  The Eastern Empire is centered at Constantinople while the seat of the Western Empire remains at Rome.

Verse 6: Wheat and barley are references to the faithful Christian Israelites.  The oil of anointing and the wine of preaching (teaching of true doctrine in opposition to the Roman paganism). 

Verses 7 and 8; the Fourth Seal, the Pale Horse, 396-529: the decline of Imperial Rome under a series of military coups.  During this period, only one Emperor died a natural death.  The rest were all assassinated.  In short, pagan Rome was committing suicide.

Verse 9: the Fifth Seal, 529-1789, Emperor Justinian banishes Jews and Judaism.  The foundation of Papal Rome is laid.  As the emperors decline in power, the office of the Bishop of Rome increases in importance.  Papal Rome is to be guilty of the slaying of millions of Christian Israelites.

Verses 10 and 11: “rest.”  The decline of Imperial Rome.  Justinian, ruling from the Eastern Empire, yields to the Bishop of Rome.  During this period of transition, Christians are not sought out for persecution because the Emperor is in the east and the Bishop is dealing with the consolidation of power in the west.  From Christian Israel’s point of view, this is the rest that occurs during the healing of the deadly wound of the Sixth Beast, Rome.  (See Chapter 17 for this historical development.)

Verses 12-17: the Sixth Seal, 1789-1914.  This earthquake is the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars.  European Monarchy and the Papacy both come under constant attack by the dual Jewish forces of revolutionary communism and international finance capitalism.  The “stars of heaven” (monarchies) fall due to the intrigues of the Jewish secret societies.  Even the American Civil War was fomented by the House of Rothschild, which, in numerous wars, has profited from warmongering by financing and selling to both sides.  The French Revolution is the beginning of the days of wrath.



Chapter 7:  Continuation of the Sixth Seal


Verses 1-3:  I believe that “the four angels at the four corners” are the four cherubim mentioned earlier.  (Rev. 4:6.)  Their purpose is to protect Christian Israel and minimize our casualties during this period.  This may also be a flashforward to the city foursquare which is the New Jerusalem.  The “city foursquare” is patterned after the encampment layout of the post-Exodus tribes of Israel.  The “earth” is the children of Israel.  They are the tillers of the earth and its eventual inheritors.  “Hurt not the earth.”  In spite of the military and social chaos, the population of True Israelites expands tremendously.  The “withholding” of II Thess. 2:1-8.

Verse 4: 144,000 Israelites: the overcomers of Israel.  These represent White Christendom, fighting against both the Catholic heresy of universalism and the Jewish beast system.

Verses 5-8:  The 144,000 are distributed among the Twelve Tribes of Israel.  No tribe of Dan.  Why is Dan not mentioned?  The reason is that the Tribe of Dan had migrated so far north and west that it was out of the reach of both pagan and papal Rome.  Dan had migrated to the fringes of Europe: Sweden (Swe-Dan), Denmark (Dan-Mark), the Vikings and the Russ.  The tribe of Dan was the most pioneering tribe, always on the frontiers of Israel’s wanderings.  During this migratory period, no Jews were present either, for Jews must have established cities to move into before their parasitic operations can be imposed upon innocent Christians.  Since the Jews perform no farm work (remember the curse of Cain) nor constuction work, they must have cities to infest.  The Jewish people have never built a civilization of their own.  They have always been a breed of parasites dependent upon other societies for their sustenance.

Verses 9-17 are not in historical context.  They are a foreshadowing of the Kingdom in which the overcomers are given the special honor of living with Yahweh before His throne.


Chapter 8:  The Seventh Seal: A Flashback to Imperial Rome.


Verse 1: The seventh seal is opened.  Silence for half an hour.  The lull before the storm is the reign of Constantine. 

Verse 2: The seven trumpets.  The Seventh Seal consists of the seven trumpets.  The Seven Trumpets are blows to the Empire of Rome.

Verses 3-6:  The trumpet angels prepare themselves.

Verse 7:  The first trumpet: 396-429, the sacking of Rome by Alaric, the Goth.

Verses 8 and 9:  The second trumpet, 429-476, the Vandal invasion under Genseric of Spain.  One third of the Roman fleet is destroyed.

Verses 10 and 11:  The third trumpet, 434-453, contemporaneous with the Vandal invasion, is Attila the Hun, the star which fell from heaven, also called “wormwood,” or extremely bitter.  The Bishop of Rome, not yet known as the “Pope,” is able to buy him off, preventing the wholesale slaughter of the people of Rome.

Verse 12:  The fourth trumpet, 476-622, the insurrection of Odoacer.  Odoacer was a German warrior who served with the Roman army.  He felt he was unfairly passed over for promotion.  In revenge, he organized his own army of rebels and sacked Rome.

Verse 13: The three “woes” announced.  (The last three trumpets are also called the Three Woes.)


Chapter 9:  The Fifth and Sixth Trumpets. 


The Fifth Trumpet, also the First Woe: 622-1299, the Hegira, the Era of  Mohammed.


Verses 1 and 2:  The angel with the key to the bottomless pit.  The bottomless pit symbolizes the seemingly endless parade of invaders against Western Civilization.  Mohammedanism is the first wave. 

Verse 3:  The locusts are the Saracen horsemen with their capes flapping in the breeze as they charge.  The riders advance in waves, like “smoke.”

Verse 4:  Hurt not any green thing:  One researcher has pointed out that a literal plague of locusts would do just the opposite!  Geographically, neither Rome nor Italy were invaded by the Mohammedans.  Their domain was to the south and east of Italy, as well as northern Africa, Spain and Gaul.  Most of mainland Europe was not affected, although there was great fear of total conquest by the invaders.  In addition, the Saracens did not employ the scorched earth policy that previous invaders had employed. 

Verse 5:  Their raids were confined to only five months out of any given year.   Logistical considerations, such as weather and the availability of food, determined much of their strategy.

Verse 6:  Many will seek death and not find it.  Many Christians were forcibly converted to Mohammedanism rather than accept a martyr’s death.  Contrast this with the early Christians of the Roman era who accepted death rather than the gods of the Romans.  This suggests a decline in the resolve of Christianity.  Here, “death” means martyrdom.  They had not the courage to accept death over forced conversion.

Verse 7:  The Saracen horsemen, as seen from above, with their robes flapping in the wind, resembled locusts.  Also, they came from the Arabian Peninsula, the land of the locust.  The most common color of their turbans was yellow (“crowns like gold”).  And, of course, these “locusts” had the faces of men, since they were, indeed, human males.

Verse 8:  “…hair like the hair of women”: They had very long hair which was wrapped up under their turbans.  Teeth like lions: picture them charging at you with their eyes and mouths wide open and their white teeth gleaming through their hairy faces with full beards.  (Recall the Murray’s Auto Parts logo of a full-bearded man with big teeth!)  Also, the sunlight would be reflected from their raised swords.

Verse 9:  Breastplates: armor.  The rumbling sound of the invading cavalry must have been terrifying.

Verse 10: Recall Verse 5: This is the scorpion stinging the heel of the victim, that is, people, often unarmed and unprepared, running for their lives away from the invaders.

Verses 11 and 12:  Their spiritual king was the angel of the bottomless pit.  Their earthly king was Mohammed.  He was succeeded by the dynastic Caliphate.  The first woe is over.



The Sixth Trumpet, or Second Woe: The Ottoman Turks: 1299-1920’s


Verses 13 and 14:  The sixth angel announced, which looses the hordes that come from the direction of the River Euphrates, the Turks.

Verses 15 and 16:  The four “angels” are the four main districts from which the Turks came:  Bagdad, Alleppo, Damascus and Iconium.  200,000,000 horsemen is a very large cavalry.  “Woe” indeed!  Howard B. Rand, in his book, Study in Revelation, describes how the Ottoman commanders counted their troops: “During the years of their conquests the forces of the Caliphate were numbered in the millions.  In counting their troops, a pen was built to hold ten thousand horsemen [at one time! – EJ].  This pen was successively filled and emptied until the army was counted.  Thus they were literally counted by the tens of thousands.”  – p. 97.  Hmm.  Ten tens of thousands makes a hundred thousand!  Can you imagine the food required, for both horses and riders, to sustain such an army!  (We have to wonder whether this Turkish expansion was due to military aggressiveness or to the pressures of their own population explosion.)

Verses 17-19:  These “horses” of fire and brimstone are references to the Turks’ use of portable cannon.  These portable cannon were actually cast with the shape of a lion’s head at the mouth, and, of course, a puff of smoke would issue from their “tails” where the fuse was lit.

Verses 20 and 21:  These two verses are telling us that the remaining people are engaged in idolatry and immorality.


Chapter 10:  The Angel in a Cloud


(This angel is not the “Seventh Angel” of the “seventh trumpet.”  That angel comes later.  This angel acts on its own.  This and other angels mentioned in Chapters 10 and 11 act simultaneously with the Sixth Angel of the Second Woe, which would have to be considered the Angel of the Age, that of the Ottoman Turks.  These other angels refer to events on mainland Europe, during this same time period, 1299-1920, that directly affect God’s people, Anglo-Saxon Israel.)

Verses 1 & 2: cloud, rainbow, face of the sun, a representative of Jesus Christ.

Leading up to the arrival of Martin Luther: the sun begins to shine through the darkness during the pre-Reformation expansion of Protestantism (including such men as John Huss,  John Wycliffe, William Tyndale, etc., all predecessors of Luther – but NOT Calvin, who was a Jew whose real surname was Cohen).  The “little book” is the Bible, which previously was a number of large scrolls now made small by the invention of the printing press, and thus available to more and more people.  The first typeset Gutenberg Bible came off the press in the year 1455.  The sea is the peoples of nations.   The land is the True Church or Congregation (which can only mean Christian Israelites of the Dispersion). The Protestant Movement gave the “little book” to the people.

Verses 3 & 4: The seven thunders, not revealed, are either past ages or future events, probably to occur just before the Judgment day.  If the latter, then they are most likely the same as the seven last plagues of Chapter 16, because the meaning of these thunders is not to be revealed at this time, nor are they mentioned again.  “Thunders” can also mean the great uproar of the people as news is spread of corruption in the churches and “wars and rumors of wars.”

Verses 5 & 6:  “There should be time no longer” has also been translated as “no more reckoning of time” and as “one more time.”  Two British authors, Ronald H. Preston and Anthony T. Hanson, in their book, The Revelation of Saint John the Divine, believe that the correct translation is “there shall be no delay.”  This makes the most sense to me, for the other translations lack a concrete interpretation and they do not relate to the subject at hand, namely, the Little Book.  The implication, therefore, is that there will be little or no delay between the publication of the Little Book and its impact on Dispersed Israel (Anglo-Saxon Israel).  Most historians mark the beginning of the Reformation at Oct. 31, 1517, the day Martin Luther nailed his “95 Theses” on the door of the Wittenberg church. 

Although the actual time span between 1455 (the first printed Bible) and 1517 is 62 years, we have to take into consideration how slowly things moved in those days.  The fastest means of communication was carrier pigeon, and the Bible could not be delivered thus.  Many hundreds of copies would need to be printed, read and shared before a general commotion could result.  Also, people would require some time to digest its contents and consult with each other as to its meaning and how it relates to the Roman Church.   We also have to bear in mind that only nobles, churchmen, and the wealthy class were as yet literate, so the peasantry had to rely on information fed through these sources.  I would say that, under the circumstances, the news spread like wildfire.

Luther’s act was a revolutionary one.  It galvanized all of Europe into pro-Catholic and anti-Catholic camps.  Public discussion of the Bible and its meaning thus were becoming commonplace.  Catholics, of course, had to take the word of their priests as to the meaning of Scripture.

Verse 7:  This verse is an interjection which declares that when the 7th trumpet, the Third Woe, sounds, the final era before the Great Day of the Lord will begin.

Verses 8-10:  Back to the Little Book: sweet taste, bitter belly.  The readers of God’s word would delight in its teachings; but then they would come to the bitter realization that the established church, the Roman Catholic Church, was teaching self-serving heresies which could not be found in the Bible.  The church used devices such as exaggerated notions of hellfire and damnation, false accusations of witchcraft, confession, the interdict, the selling of indulgences, etc., to keep the people in the grip of superstition and fear.  It was, in fact, the Roman Catholic Church, not her enemies, that was practicing witchcraft!  The great “vanquisher of heretics” was herself the biggest heretic of all!  Very bitter, indeed!

Verse 11:  Keep prophesying.  There is more to tell.


Chapter 11:  The Two Witnesses and the Beginning of the Third Woe


            (The story of the Two Witnesses is about the continuing struggle to bring the Holy Scriptures to the people of the European Dispersion, the two Houses of the Twelve Tribes, Israel and Judah, collectively known as Israel.)

Verse 1: A measuring rod, laying out the Kingdom that is to come.

Verse 2: Forty and two months = 1260 years.  This is the first half, now past, of the prophetic 2520 years of the wilderness migrations of the two Houses of Israel, which began in 745 B.C.  The terminal year of Israel’s migration through the “wilderness” was 1776 A.D.  The second half is mentioned in Verse 3.  The median year, 516, falls within the earlier “rest” period during which the Israelites of Europe were able to practice Christianity with little interference from either Imperial or Papal Rome.

Verses 3 & 4:  The Two Witnesses are The Old Testament and the New Testament (the two lampstands shining the light of God’s truth) as revealed by the publication of the Little Book.  The embodiment of the Two Witnesses comes in the form of the Two Houses of Israel and Judah (the two olive trees), the true bearers of God’s Word, not the Catholic Church.  When the Assyrians took the northern House of Israel captive, they also captured much of Judah and Benjamin (the two-tribed House of Judah), but they never took Jerusalem itself.  Those captured members of the House of Judah were then taken to Media and added to the captives of the House of Israel.  Thus, all Twelve Tribes migrated from Media and both Houses are well represented in the European Dispersion

Verse 5:  This is a prediction of retribution for the Papacy.  As the Catholic Church was guilty of murdering heretics, so was the Papacy later plagued with vengeance beginning with the Reformation.  The Protestants fought back and gained major freedom of thought.  After Napoleon defeated the Papal States in 1798, the Papacy would never recover its former glory.

Verse 6:  This verse must be taken as having two parts, and we have to review some history in order to understand this.  The first part deals with the subject of “rain.”  As the Papacy began to emerge out of the Bishopric of Rome, a new tyranny emerged.  The Catholic Church began to enforce its version of Christianity as the only version.  The Dark Ages began as church and state combined to lock the peasants into the feudalistic system.  As the city of Rome began to recover from its wounds, the Papacy began to assert its mind control techniques on the people of Europe.  With the money it earned from the selling of indulgences, relics and other favors, the Papacy was able to finance mercenary armies.  It then waged full-scale war against the Merovingians, 448-751 A.D., thus adding plunder to its coffers.  Feeling its muscles, the Papacy organized the Crusades, 1095-1291.  The religious power had thus become a military power.  Then, it persecuted the Cathars (also known as the Albigenses) from 1209-1255 because they also refused to follow Catholic dogma.  The year 1229 marked the beginning of the Inquisition as decreed at the Council of Toulouse.

Rain in the Old Testament figuratively represents the teaching of God’s word.  But since the Two Witnesses are trying to teach God’s word, this rain here must be a reference to the false teachings of the Papacy (infallibility, God on earth, “Vicar of Christ,” etc.)  The rain (reign, play on words) of Popery – as it is mockingly called –suddenly stops with the continuous teaching from the Two Witnesses.  The Europeans no longer take Popery seriously.  It has become a joke.


Verse 7:  This verse and verse 8 constitute another flashforward toward the “killing” of the Word.  After the deadly conflicts of the Reformation, with a temporary victory for the reformers, a new and even more deadly virus is to appear – even more deadly than Popery!!!!  This is the beginning of the era of communistic Revolution, in which Christianity is attacked from all sides – even by clerics from within — and with various ideologies from anarchism to Zionism.  The beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit is Jewish finance capitalism (the old State Within a State), which arose out of the chaos of this period.  It was Napoleon who “liberated” the Jews and enabled them to re-institute their corrosive economic, religious and social practices on an international scale.  The Pandora’s Box of Jewish deception, intrigue and war-mongering was opened upon an unsuspecting world.   The House of Rothschild arose like a serpent during the Napoleonic Wars due to their ability to finance one nation against another.  These wars and revolutions decimated the churches and the monarchies of Europe.  The angel of the bottomless pit crawled out of its 1,000 year captivity in hell.  It led to the formation of the 8th Beast, the House of Rothschild.

The Two Witnesses will then be confronted with the so-called “Age of Enlightenment.”  Europe, disenchanted with both religion and monarchy, turned toward “Reason” as the new God, the new aim of life.  Skeptical philosophy, science, machines, gadgets and new diversions captivated the bourgeoisie while larceny and licentiousness captivated the Jewish mind.  Popery found itself completely out of touch, but not dead.

Verse 8:  Again, the language of the Apocalypse cannot be taken literally.  This is allegorical language describing major historical developments.

 According to Rand, the 1260 days of Verse 3 are counted from 657-1917, Vatalian’s dictate of the Latin Mass to the liberation of Jerusalem from the Turks by General Allenby in 1917.  Another good guess would be the familiar 529-1789 period of holding back the Jewish State Within a State until the French Revolution.  The third alternative, as I suggest, is the second half of the 2520 divorce period, 516-1776, and the Declaration of Independence.  All three interpretations fall within the period of the Second Woe. 

The “dead bodies” of the Two Witnesses represent the Two Houses of Judah and Israel lying prostrate before its two new oppressors: Judaism and Secularism (“allegorically…Sodom and Egypt”).  Sodom was a Canaanite city of the Baal-worshippers who later became known as Jews and Egypt was our slavemaster.  Every time we try to rise up, these two oppressors find a new way to push us back to the ground.  This verse may also be a reference to the church of Laodicea, the Lukewarm Church of “modern Christianity.”  These Christians will have Bibles on their coffee tables as ornaments which they never read.  The “dead bodies” of the Old and New Testaments will be lying right in the open but unheeded, and certainly not understood.

Verses 9-10:  Back to the Two Witnesses in Luther’s time:  Here is a specific reference to a lull in the conflict between the Catholic Church and the Protestant Movement.  According to Bertrand Comparet, the 3 years and 6 months (3 and a half “days”) is the time between the Second Lateran Council, May 5, 1514 to the 95 Theses, Oct. 31, 1517.  The specific events of this time were quite macabre, for, during this time, the Catholic Church was feeling very triumphant, going to the length of actually exhuming the bodies of dead excommunicants from their graves and burning them in public.  Exclamation Point!  (“I kill you twice!”)  Talk about Satan exulting before the throne!

Verses 11-13:  The tables are dramatically overturned.  Martin Luther drives his dagger into the heart of Popery.  This “great earthquake” is the Reformation.  It leads to the Thirty Years War and numerous other Catholic versus Protestant conflicts, eventually culminating in the French Revolution.

Verse 14: This verse marks the end of the Second Woe.

If Rand is correct that the Second Woe ends with the disintegration of the Caliphate in 1924, then the disintegration of the European monarchies, from 1789 to 1920, parallels that event.  The Second Woe was a period of religious warfare.  Even the seemingly secular forces, such as Darwinism, atheism and communism, which overwhelmed the continent of Europe and spread across the world, were instigated by Satanic forces.  Here is a synopsis of the period following the French Revolution leading to the end of the Second Woe: 

The NapoleonicWars follow on the heels of the French Revolution, and there is seemingly endless strife until World War I, “the war to end all wars,” or so they thought.  Having their origin in Khazaria, pre-Revolutionary France and Bavaria, two major Jewish ideas assert themselves:  Freemasonry and communism.  Financed by the Jewish bankers and controlled by the Illuminati, Freemasonry and communism expand their assault against both Church and Monarchy, which have already been weakened by the earlier religious strife.  The secret societies of Europe, with an even more secret layer of Jewish financing and direction behind them, now begin to covertly rule Europe, fomenting revolution after revolution.  The War of 1812 and the Civil War take place in America.  The robber barons take over America’s economy.  As international banking asserts itself from behind the scenes, America becomes an imperialistic nation, invading Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Columbia and Mexico.  Rothschild war-mongering culminates with the First World War and the temporary League of Nations.

World War I sheds rivers of blood, providing the opportunity for Russia to be seized by the Jewish Bolsheviks.  Financed by Jewish bankers such as Schiff and Warburg, both agents of the House of Rothschild, the Jew Bolsheviks, Trotsky and Lenin, impose communism upon helpless Russia and shed an ocean of Christian blood.  The Turks abandon Palestine and the British Mandate begins in 1917.  The British and the Zionists deceitfully steal Palestine from the Arabs and give it to the Jews via the Balfour Declaration.  Lawrence of Arabia, having fought along side the Arabs in anticipation of liberating Palestine from the Turks, denounces his own government for this treachery.  As usual, Arabs, Turks and Anglo-Saxons shed their blood, but the Jews get the prize. 

The Turkish Caliphate is abolished in 1924.   The Old World Order of Christian Monarchy is at an end.  Only a few hereditary monarchies survive (notably Great Britain), but they are restructured as “constitutional monarchies,” giving their general assemblies and parliaments more power and limiting the power of the kings and queens.  An uneasy peace is established, otherwise known as the Versailles Treaty.  It is a peace dictated to the world by international finance.  In an act of monumental injustice, it blames the German people for WWI and tries to make them pay for its costs.  The High Jew Bank tries to impose the League of Nations on a skeptical world.  With the monarchies out of the way, Zionism, money and treason begin to rule international politics as well as the internal politics of virtually every nation.  Having destroyed the Old World Order, the High Jew Bank, through its stranglehold on the various media and founded on the monopolistic control of the issuance of currency, begins the era of “democracy,” an era in which the gullible public, not able to follow the advice of Will Rogers, believes what it reads in the newspapers and fights yet more Jewish-sponsored wars in the name of democracy.

To summarize the spirit of the Second Woe, I have chosen this most eloquent quotation by Thomas Carlyle.  It was composed in 1850:

In the days that are passing over us, even fools are arrested to ask the meaning of them; few of the generations of men have seen more impressive days.  Days of endless calamity, disruption, dislocation, confusion worse confounded…It is not a small hope that will suffice us, the ruin being clearly…universal.  There must be a new world if there is to be a world at all.  That human beings in Europe can ever return to the old sorry routine, and proceed with any steadiness or continuance therein – this small hope is not now a tenable one.  These days of universal death must be days of universal rebirth, if the ruin is not to be total and final.  It is a time to make the dullest man consider whence he came and whither he is bound.”  — Quoted from the book, Religious Perplexities, p. 46, by L. P. Jacks.

Things haven’t changed much, have they?  As disillusioned as the world is with Church and Monarchy, it will become even more disillusioned with Democracy.  Democracy, described by Benjamin Franklin as two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner, is the last hope of humanistic thought…before we as a nation turn back to Yahweh, our God.  As the Day of Reckoning approaches, the Revelation unfolds.

Verse 15: The Seventh Trumpet or the Third Woe is announced.  This verse also declares the victory of Yahweh and Yahshua, which will occur at the Second Coming.  On that Day, the mockers and the rebels will be brought to their knees in agony.  “There will be a wailing and a gnashing of teeth,” as Jesus puts it.

            Verses 16 and 17: the 24 elders are the Twelve Apostles of the NT plus the Twelve Patriarchs of the OT.

Verses 18 and 19:  The Third Woe:  Angry nations and the general chaos that precede the Judgment Day. 

It is not necessary to detail earth’s history from the Versailles Treaty until the present.  We know that it was even more violent than the preceding Woe.  The Uneasy Peace ended with World War II.  Nationalism gradually is replaced by internationalism.  Again, the High Jew Bank was instrumental in fomenting the constant strife, pitting nation against nation.  The traitor WoodrowWilson was replaced by an even more diabolical and nefarious personality: Federal Dictator Rosenfelt.  As far as I am concerned, he was the Devil Incarnate.  As devious as they come, he was a very clever traitor and a Zionist communist through and through.  America never had a greater enemy.  The White House still reeks from his vileness.  The Zionists, through their spokesman, Samuel Untermeyer, declared war on Germany in 1933.  World War II ends with the completely unnecessary and horrific fire-bombing of Dresden and the atomic bomb is unleashed on Japan.  The hoaxacaust is invented during the kangaroo court at Nuremberg.  The United Nations Charter is signed by a capitalist internationalist, Nelson Rockefeller, and a communist internationalist, Alger Hiss.  The Money Power arranges and finances the wars, the communists provide the shock troops, and nations fall.  The “United Nations,” an organization created by the 8th Beast, is positioned to arrange for a war to test its acceptance by the public.  The Korean War follows.  General MacArthur is relieved of duty by President Truman for his invasion of Inchon, a tactic not approved by the Secret Establishment.  Few people understand that all U.S. Armed Forces military tactics had to be reported to the UN Security Council before implementation.  That Council was headed by a Soviet General.  In other words, we had to report our maneuvers to the enemy before we were allowed to implement them.  MacArthur deliberately violated this protocol when he invaded Inchon, catching the communists by surprise.  The “abomination of desolation,” the Israeli State, is created by a United Nations edict on May 16, 1948.  In the 1950’s, a Second Uneasy Peace, the Cold War, is established.  Joe McCarthy is railroaded by a corrupt Congress for his attempt to expose communist spies in the military.  The fabric of society unravels in the Sixties.  The Miniskirt, the Pill, liberalism, the “sexual revolution,” psychoactive drugs and television dictate the New Morality.  The Second Vatican Council declares a better, pro-Jewish version of Catholicism.  Noteworthy Americans are assassinated by a handful of Manchurian candidates and patsies.  Desegregation.  The Vietnam War.  (What a time of celebration for the Jews!)  The 1970’s are characterized by conspicuous consumption, hedonism, aka the “Me Generation,” disco music, and sexually transmitted diseases.  Mt. St. Helens erupts in 1980 and MTV, which ushers in a time of unparalleled televised decadence, is launched in 1982.  Ariel Sharon arranges for a group of Phalangists to slit the throats of two thousand Lebanese Arabs who think they are safe in a refugee camp.  An Israeli court slaps him on the wrist and demotes him into a higher paying job.  The Nineties start with a bang with the first Persian Gulf War.  The Waco Massacre, Billary Clinton, the Murrah Building attack in Oklahoma City, Kosovo, Somalia, Flight 800 and Ruby Ridge follow; and here we are, in the ought years of the New Millennium, making global war again and attacking Iraq yet again.  “Alfred E. Newman” is elected President.  The Battle of Armageddon looms.

One Jewish commentator, looking back at the Twentieth Century, unable to contain his gloating, refers to it as “the Jewish Century.”

The Judgment Day is at hand.  “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest.”  (Matt. 9:38)


Chapter 12:  The Woman Clothed With the Sun  (A Ray of Hope in the Darkness)


Verse 1: The Woman clothed with the Sun is awakened Christian Israel, the Bride of Christ.  At the moment (Feb. 2006), we are only a small remnant.  The Sun is our King, Yahshua, and the Moon is organized religion or ecclesiastical authority.  The fact that she is standing on the Moon means that the Law of God, or, better, God’s government established through His People, Anglo-Saxon Israel, will be established.  This is the story of the Twelve Tribes and the 2520 years of wandering in the wilderness, forgetting our Identity, and then coming into remembrance just before the Wedding Feast of the Lamb. The wandering in the wilderness was Phase 1 of this story.  That Phase ended in 1776.  Although a period of Great Tribulation, Phase 2 is the Restoration of Israel to her place as Yahshua’s earthly Bride, His theocratic government of faithful Israelites who have the Law written in their hearts.  (Jer. 31:31-35).  Just as the Moon reflects the Light of the Sun, the hearts of Anglo-Saxon Israel will reflect His Law and become God’s government on earth, a kingdom of priests ruling with Yahweh in their hearts.  (The very name, Is-Ra-El, is a prophetic one.  It means “man ruling with God”).  This is how Yahshua will claim His throne.

Verse 2:  “Being with child” refers to both the past birth of Yahshua to Mary and  to the birth of America on July 4, 1776 at the end of the 2520 years of exile in the wilderness. 

Verse 3: The Great Red Dragon: the Beast with Seven Heads and Ten Horns.  The Dragon is Lucifer, also known as Satan, who rebelled against God and was followed by one-third of the heavenly Host.  A major rebellion!  Unimaginable!  He has had spiritual control of the seven beasts and the ten horns.

Verse 4: One-third of the heavenly host rebelled with Lucifer.  The dragon stood ready to devour the child.  On May 1, 1776, Adam Weishaupt, with money from Jewish bankers including Rothschild, formed the Illuminati, just before the birth of America, the world’s first Christian Republic, “for to devour her child as soon as it was born.”  But the Americans fought against the Jew banks and the British crown and were victorious. The child of liberty continues to be attacked from all sides, and from within.  God is watching over us, but it sure doesn’t seem that way!

Verse 5: The man-child is, of course, Jesus Christ.  It also represents the Anglo-Saxon nations, or White Christendom, getting ready to reclaim the earth from the usurpers.  (This was the job that Adam and Eve failed to accomplish in the Garden.)

Verse 6:  The woman (the Twelve Tribes of Israel in exile in Europe, America, and elsewhere), having been exiled from Palestine, fled into the wilderness.  The 1260 days here are, I believe, a retrospective reference to one-half of the 2520-year exile period.  The first half of this period began in 745 B.C. with the exile of the House of Israel by the Assyrians to Media.  During this period, we were actually being protected, sheltered away from the military storms then affecting the Middle East.  As our population exploded, Anglo-Saxon Europe emerged.  The second half of this period marks the era when our people were continually fleeing from religious persecution.  Symbolically, we left the literal wilderness only to enter into a spiritual wilderness.

Verses 7-9:  War in heaven, plus the predicted defeat of the Dragon which deceives the whole world (Jewry with their international economic system based on usury and Talmudic Judaism with its false claims of Israelite descent and of being based on the Torah).

Verses 10-12:  The accuser of our brethren is the Jew.  The Jews are always accusing White Christendom of persecuting them when, in fact, it has always been the other way around.   The con artist lays a guilt trip on the victim, and the duped victim responds with hand-wringing regret for his non-existent crimes!!!!!   The hoaxacaust is a perfect example.  Try to comprehend the colossal level of brainwashing that is required for an entire race and culture to bow its knee to this parasitic, Luciferian conspiracy.  Our most well-educated Whites are, in fact, the most beguiled, for they buy into Jewish materialism, hook, line and sinker.  Our farmers, the most frequent victims of Jewish usury, know better.  They recognize the hook-nosed face of the Jewish moneylender and realize what is going on.  The intellectuals look at history and cannot explain the real cause of all the bloodshed.  They believe the cause is ideological.  They don’t even suspect that the real cause is Jewish hatred of our race.  (This animus by the Canaanite Jew for our race was prophesied at Genesis 3:15.)  Believing Jewish lies, and in a perpetual state of denial, we keep falling for Jewish tricks, perversions and pat explanations.  

But wait!  There is light at the end of this 6,000-year-old tunnel.  There is a Great Awakening.  It is begun by his remnant of OVERCOMERS.  We overcome the evil hegemony of the High Jew Bank by the religion of Christian Identity, whose followers love TRUTH more than this earthly life.  The perfidious Jew will get his just desserts!  (This part better come true, or I’ll be very upset with Yahweh!)

Verse 13:  The hate-filled Jew, always accusing everybody else of hatred, is doing everything he can to persecute the man-child, White Christendom.  He dreads the Day when the Saxon awakens from his drug-induced, world-weary, Jewish-inspired delusion.

Verse 14:  Two wings of a great eagle.  The eagle is America, the regathering of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.   “…time, times, and a half” (1260 years): This is a reiteration of the latter half of the 2520 year exile period, from 516-1776.

Verse 15: The dragon will organize a flood of immigrants against White Christendom, thus organizing other peoples against us.  This is happening in all White nations today as the Zionists and other Jews have always been at the forefront of trying to race-mix us out of existence.  Conquest by immigration.

Verse 16:  “…the earth helped the woman”:  As the farmer, civilizer and builder race, we Israelites have always been able to get away from the Jews and other oppressors by moving West.  But we have run out of room, so there will be one final confrontation, with a promised rescue.  This confrontation is happening right now.   The rescue has not happened yet.  Our rescue depends upon our calling upon His Name, Yahweh, and upon our following His Law.  As we reawaken to our True Heritage, White Christendom emerges out of its mental stupor.  We, as a nation of White Brothers, awaken from our amnesia and once again begin to pray collectively to our God, Yahweh, for our salvation.   Ironically, the worst enemy of the White Race is denominational Christianity, which began as the religion of White Israelites.  Orthodox Christianity has become the footstool, the doormat and the whore of Zionism. 

Our sleeping brethren hate us for trying to wake them out of their deep sleep of Jewish-induced perversity.  The deceived actually base their lives on the gigantic lie that the “Jews are God’s chosen people,” not knowing, as the Apocalypse predicts, that they have been deceived and are worshipping the anti-Chrsit in the name of Christ.  They have become the subjects of the New World Order and love to have it so.  They trumpet personal salvation, but their end comes suddenly.  Some sort of natural or social catastrophe is going to eliminate the flood of invading non-Israelites.  The earth will swallow them up.  Hurricane Katrina was probably the beginning of the final stage of this prophecy.  The years between 2005 and 2012 will witness great social upheaval.  All semblance of civilization will disappear.  Expect race riots and unprecedented street fighting.  Absolute chaos lies ahead.  The gathering at Armageddon is being prepared.

Verse 17:   “the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of Yahweh and testify of Yahshua”:  Two-Seedline Christian Identity.  We are the only members of the White Race who recognize that we are Yahweh’s literal OFFSPRING.  Those of our Race who reject His Fatherhood are in danger of the Judgment just as surely as the Jews.

I pray that we reach our sleeping brethren with this message.


Chapter 13:  The Seven-Headed Beast


The Seven-Headed Beast is revisited, but with much more detail.  For a thorough discussion of this Beast, please follow this link to my article, “The 8th Beast of the Apocalypse.”  This very detailed article completely deciphers Chapters 13 and 17, which deal with this Beast.

Verse 1: 7 heads and ten horns announced.

Verse 2: the four beasts of Daniel:  Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome. 

Verse 3: Rome receives the “deadly wound.”  Imperial Rome died with its last emperor, but the Bishop of Rome ascended to great heights and reestablished Rome as the seat of the Papacy.   Both the Emperors and the Popes held the pagan religious office of Pontifex Maximus (High Priest of Jupiter).  [See the article mentioned above for a detailed explanation of this transition period from Imperial Rome to Papal Rome.]  This is why the Pope is still today referred to as “The Pontiff.”  Ironically, the pagans of Europe never realize that their persecutor is a closet pagan.  In reality, he is the Pagan-in-Chief pretending to be a Christian.  He must persecute pagans in order to be a convincing “Christian”!  Although not all of the Popes were evil men, too many of them were.  Answer this question:  Did Jesus persecute those people who refused to believe He was God?  Did He kill those whom He failed to persuade? 

Verse 4:  All of the heads of this Beast worship the Dragon.  All of these governments are tyrannical, Satanic dictatorships.

Verse 5: The blasphemies of Papal Rome:  529-1789  (42 months of days = 1260 years).

Verses 6- 9:  The tyrannical rule of the Roman Catholic Church which murdered anywhere between 20 – 40 million “heretics” in the name of Christ.

Verse 10:  The Roman Church will receive its punishment for its evil deeds.

Verse 11:  “two horns”:  The division of Imperial Rome into the Eastern and Western Empires. 

Verses 12 & 13:  Both of these Empires survive long enough to revive their respective churches, but their military power comes to an end.  Byzantium (Constantinople) was overcome militarily in 1453, but it still survives today as the Eastern Orthodox Church.  The Papacy was relieved of its military forces by Napoleon in 1798, but it lives on as a religious institution.  “Fire from heaven”:  This fire does not come from the “heaven” of Yahweh.  It comes from the “heaven” of the Papacy.  According to Comparet, the fatal persecutions by the Catholic Church continued until the year 1866, when the last two “heretics” were burned at the stake.  No more fire from the Catholic version of heaven after this date.

Verse 14:  We are living this prophecy at this very moment.  The Catholic Church is making its big move on the modern world: ecumenism.  All churches will be asked to unite under the banner of humanistic (neo-pagan) religion.  The Lukewarm churches will have no problem with this.  This religion is also supported by the Rothschild-inspired United Nations.  One of its major expressions is called the “New Age Movement.”  Another is the Green Movement and its attendant Gaia worship.

Verse 15:  World Jewry assumed control of the Vatican through the Freemason, John XXIII, at his Second Vatican Council.  Both Paul VI and John Paul II were Jewish stooges.  John Paul I was murdered by the Freemasons.  They allowed him to reign for 33 days, symbolic of the number of degrees of Freemasonry.  Since the days of Adam Weishaupt, Freemasonry has been a tool of World Jewry.

We are in the incipient stages of this world religion.  It is actually Judaism in the guise of “Judeo-Christianity” and various forms of ecumenism.  It preaches tolerance for everything except Biblical Christianity.  On the world stage, this super religion is imprisoning “holocaust deniers” as we speak.  At the exact same time that the Christian religion is becoming taboo, the rabbis are doing everything in their power to impose their supremacist Noahide laws onto an unsuspecting public.  Don’t be surprised if the death penalty is soon imposed on “anti-Semites” who speak out too loudly.  During the reign of the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia, “anti-Semitism” was punishable by death.  Most assuredly, Satan wishes to re-impose this rule worldwide.

Verses 16-18:  The mark of the beast is symbolic of the world economic system which has been imposed by the High Jew Bank in every nation (except in the Islamic world).  The number 666 is part of every UPC identification number.  Credit cards, electronic banking and biometrically transacted commerce are being prophesied here.  Computers can be used to spy on us.  “Terrorists” can be “identified” through their spending patterns.  Have you bought a firearm lately? – or ammunition?  Did you  question the hoaxacaust in writing or with an email?  You can’t hide from this beast!

            The 6-pointed Seal of Solomon is also represented here with its 6 points, 6 lines, and 6-sided polygon inside the figure.  The Seal of Solomon had been the symbol of many secret societies down through history.  In fact, some Freemasons claim that their society originated during the time that Solomon was building the Temple.  The  Rothschilds claimed it as the symbol for Zionism and then renamed it the “Star of David,” even though David himself was not a Jew and he never used the symbol.


Chapter 14:  The 144,000 Saints


Verse 1:  The Lamb is, of course, Jesus, the Messiah, and his Father’s name is “Yahweh,” just as the OT declares.  We are today seeing a revival in the use of His Sacred Name, Yahshua, by His Chosen Identity People.

Verses 2 & 3:  The New Song is the awakening of the Anglo-Saxons to their historical Identity as the Israel of the Bible.  It is also a reference to the New Covenant, the writing of the Law of Yahweh, our God, on the hearts of His People, Israel (not the Jews, who hate His Law and have substituted their own Talmud for His Law).

Verses 4-7: “Defiled with women” means practicing false religions in the name of God and Jesus.  Read the Book of Hosea for confirmation.  Christian Identity is the ONLY religion which faithfully practices BIBLICAL CHRISTIANITY.  All other religions pick and choose the verses they want to believe and discard the verses they don’t want to believe.  There is no guile in us because we are sincerely trying to understand Scripture.   We freely debate Scripture with all comers and we challenge non-Identity Christians with our understanding.  As awakened and aware Israelites, we truly appreciate how miserably we have failed to do God’s work on this planet; therefore, we have abjectly humbled ourselves before Him.  As an Identity adherent for the last 35 years, I can honestly say that ONLY Identity Christians will have the patience to search the Scriptures for answers that other denominations cannot or will not provide.

Verse 8:  Babylon was the third kingdom of the 7-Headed Beast.  It fell to the Medes and Persians.  In Chapter 17, Babylon is reborn as the 8th Beast.  This new, global version of Babylon, with its reliance upon the teachings of the Babylonian Talmud, will also fall.  Therefore, Babylon is fallen twice

Verses 9-11:  Recall the number 666 from 13:18.  The mark, sign or symbol of the beast in the 21st Century is the economic system of fiat money issued by the High Jew Bank.  The image of this Beast is the various propaganda outlets of the mass media, such as television and movies, which keep us hypnotized with endless displays of materialism and commercialism, with sex, drugs and decadence thrown in to keep us away from our God, Yahweh.  Think about it.  The vast bulk of money spent on entertainment is spent on anti-Chrsitian decadence.  “Desperate Housewives,” “Jerry Springer,”  “Howard Stern,” rampant homosexuality, senseless violence, White-bashing, Jew-loving entertainment for all!!!  In early 2006, the HollyJew Academy is promoting “Brokeback Mountain” for the Decadency Award.   This type of entertainment literally encourages the spread of communicable diseases.  Few of us are capable of understanding these brainwashing techniques, for we mistake it for entertainment.

The Jews of Hollywood dance and sing while the Jews of Jew York City sell merchandise and the Jews of the District of Corruption bribe and intimidate our Congress.  Kaching. Kaching. Kaching.

Verses 12 and 13:  Those of us who keep the commandments of Yahweh are, indeed, dead to this world.  We ache for an end to this apostasy.

Verses 14-20:  These verses are a vivid description of the terrible harvest at the Judgment Day.  If there are any verses that argue against the Universal Salvation preached by Churchianity today, these are the verses.  This winepress squeezes the offenders until their bodies are crushed like grapeskins and their blood flows from the winepress.  Does Yahweh love sinners?  I don’t think so!  Antinomians and Universalists beware!  This verse applies to you!


Chapter 15:  The Wrath of God Against Those Who Do Not Worship His Name


Verse 1:  Recall the Seven Thunders that John was not allowed to reveal.  I believe that these Last Plagues are those Thunders.  They are enumerated in the next Chapter.

Verse 2:  The Sea of Glass is fire and brimstone: the flowing lava of Judgment.  Only the Overcomers are immune to its effects.

Verse 3: Song of Moses: Old Testament.  Song of the Lamb: New Testament.  Of all Christian religions, ONLY Christian Identity teaches BOTH the Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb without interjecting foreign doctrines.  Most modern denominations REJECT the Old Testament because the God of the Old Testament is perceived as vengeful.  Instead, they preach a “Casper Milquetoast” (Comparet’s expression) version of the New Testament which says the Law has been abolished and we will all be saved, no matter how rebellious or unrepentant we are.  Obviously, these “Christians” don’t have a rock’s chance of floating in this sea.  (They may find themselves floating on a lava flow for while!)   Obviously, these misguided people can’t understand the Book of Revelation because they can’t possibly reconcile their heresy with what’s being described here.

Verse 4:  Only those who understand THE WHOLE BIBLE “fear” Yahweh.  The rest of the world will be mightily impressed by His Judgments.  Which type of “fear” do you want to experience?

Verses 5-8:  The seven last plagues announced.


Chapter 16:  The Seven Vials Poured Out


            (With regard to these vials or bowls, the conventional wisdom is that they are a repeat of the Seven Plagues of Egypt.  There are some similarities, but the order of events differs.  In addition to this possible interpretation, I have added in italics certain insights of my own.  These insights simply came to me one day while studying Scripture with a friend, and they seemed to reflect our current state.)

Verse 1:  The angels are instructed to pour out the vials.

Verse 2:  The First Vial.  Recalls Exodus 9:10,11.  The “noisome [harmful and foul] and grievous sores” are the diseases caused by immoral behavior.  The wailing of those who infect themselves with needles and sexually transmitted diseases is noisome indeed.

Verse 3:  The “blood of a dead man” refers to the diseases caused by vaccinations.  Anyone who accepts a vaccination is allowing DEAD BLOOD to be injected into their veins.  You should know that vaccinations are the main cause of autism, sudden infant death syndrome, respiratory ailments, and chronic diseases.  In addition, demographic studies have proved that, in Africa, those nations with the highest vaccination rate are the nations dying from AIDS.  Those nations which are not vaccinated hardly have a problem with AIDS.  AIDS is MAN-MADE DISEASE created in the laboratories of the Anti-Chrsit for purposes of population control.  The so-called “Bird Flu” is just another in a long list of phony diseases that are caused by corrupt doctors and the World Death Organization.

Verse 4:  The Third Vial.  Recalls Ex. 7:17-21.  This plague was caused by volcanic dust settling in the rivers, lakes, and streams.  According to historical research, this dust was almost certainly caused by the eruption of Mt. Thera in the Mediterranean Sea.  This happened while Moses was pleading with Pharoah to set his people free.  Iron oxide from volcanic dust settling in the river caused the water to turn blood red and it killed all the fish.  In 1982, we had a very similar type of volcanic experience with Mt. St. Helens, including a plague of frogs!!!  This prophecy probably refers to a very great episode of volcanism affecting our whole planet. 

Verses 5-7:  The angel declares that these judgments upon a self-righteous and rebellious world are just.

Verses 8 & 9:  The Fourth Vial.  A solar flare will erupt and scorch the earth.  Many astronomers and other scientists have begun expressing concerns regarding the recently erratic behavior of our Sun.

Verses 10 & 11:  The Fifth Vial.  Recall Ex. 10:20-23, darkness over Pharoah’s kingdom.   The modern seat of the beast is the High Jew Bank.  When the world’s economy collapses, the Second Great Depression will make the First One look like a church picnic.

Verse 12:  The Sixth Vial.  The civilizations that today thrive in old Mesopotamia will dry up for the same reasons that other nations are dying.  Even though they don’t practice usury, their priesthoods and monarchies are just as corrupt as the economies of the West, which are dominated by Jewish usury.  The “kings of the East” are the inevitable invasions coming from Gog and Magog (China and Mongolia), after the world economy collapses.  (See Ezekiel, Chapter 39.)

Verses 13 & 14:  The three unclean spirits like frogs:  1.)  The dragon is history’s Jewish/Satanic invisible government which they call the Kehilla; and its operative secret society (frog) is Cabalism (including Freemasonry and the more recent B’nai B’rith and the ADL); 2.)  The current beast is Zionism and their secret society frog is the Illuminati; 3.)  The False Prophet is world ecumenism as promoted by the dying papacy and its frog is Jesuitry, the secret society of the Vatican, whose head is known as the Black Pope.  Also, it should be known that since the 1960’s, the Vatican Bank has been run by the Mafia.  It was well known then that Cardinal Marcinkus, the head of the Vatican Bank, was a member of the Cicero, IL Mob.  Cicero is the suburb of Chicago to where Al Capone’s successors moved after their glory days, after Elliot Ness and the Untouchables ran them out of Chicago.

Verses 15 & 16:  Armageddon will come swiftly upon those who least expect it.

Verses 17-21:  The Seventh Vial.  The great earthquake is one that shakes the whole planet, dividing it into three new geographical areas.  “It is done.”  The Judgment Day is here.


Chapter 17:  The Judgment of the Great Whore: Mystery Babylon Explained


Verses 1and 2:  The judgment of the great whore of Babylon is announced.  It is interesting that it was in ancient Babylon that the first truly international merchant class was developed.  This merchant class practiced usury (lending money at interest) and they were often influential in the affairs of governments because of their wealth and access to resources.  As a result, this merchant class often conspired among themselves to profit from warfare and from government spending.  Having “the ear” of the king or other leaders, they were always privy to information that few others had.  As moneylenders and as traders, they would often act as advisors.  As “friends” of the Court, these merchant/bankers would seek to arrange marriages between the children of the merchant class and the children of the nobility.  Having thus married into the ranks of the nobility, the alien Jew Banker stealthily became “one of us.”  So developed the modern version of the Jewish State-Within-A-State. 

            Throughout history, and even today, this State-Within-A-State has operated with one goal in mind: to use their privileged position to profit from international trade and thereby control governments.  Always having their own agenda, they would lend money and influence politics from behind the scenes.  This is the “great whore.”

Verses 3-5:  The woman is great whore who sits upon a scarlet colored beast with seven heads and ten horns, a beast which we have already encountered.  (Chapter 13.)  Now, we are being told of her relationship to this beast with seven heads.  She represents the banker-merchant class which deals in gold, pearls, fraudulent currencies and also in debauchery.   Cultivating all forms of vice, this Beast profits from such activities as pornography, drugs, gambling and prostitution.  She is given the name of Mystery Babylon.  Because she operates behind the scenes, few people are aware of her syndicated activities and corrosive influence.  As has been previously explained, the Great Whore is the secret Jewish State-Within-A-State that governs behind the scenes, mafia-style, by bribery, extortion, blackmail, threats and assassination.  She rules world politics today but few even suspect her existence.

Verses 6 and 7.  This “woman” is said to be guilty of killing the followers of Jesus Christ.  Yes, it was Antipater and his Pergamos/Idumean merchant/banker friends who instigated the Roman Empire to overthrow the Judahite succession of kings in Judah and gave the throne to Herod, a non-Judahite Idumean Jew.  Throughout history, influential and wealthy Jews have always conspired against the Christian world, as when the Jewess Poppea urged her husband Nero to persecute Christians.  Judaism has always been a religion of merchants.  They use their religion as a pious cover for their mafia-style international rackets; and they use money as a weapon against nations.  Few suspect that Judaism’s main purpose is to justify international banking and warmongering as a means of preventing “persecution.”  This pretense of persecution buys them the sympathy they need to get away with murder.

Verse 8:  Having had her origin in pagan Babylon, the angel explains that one of the seven heads “was, is not, and yet is.”  At the time of this prophecy, the ancient kingdom of Babylon had already been defeated by the Medes and Persians; but the State-Within-A-State system that was established by these pagan merchants survived.  Although banished from Rome by Justinian, these Jewish Banksters continually plotted against Rome to find a way to insinuate themselves again into this familiar lender/advisor position.  This has always been the means by which the international Jew achieves political power.  This eventually happened as the High Jew Bank re-emerged at the demise of Papal Rome at the hand of Napoleon’s armies.

Verse 9:  As explained in my article on the subject, the Seven Heads of the Beast System are 1.) Egypt, 2.) Assyria, 3.) Babylon, 4.) Medo-Persia, 5.) Greece, 6.) Rome and 7.) Napoleon.

Verse 10.  At the time that John wrote down his visions, the first five of these kingdoms had fallen and the sixth, Rome, was still in power.  Only one of the seven had not yet lived, Napoleon, who, when he finally did reign, reigned for only a short “space,” 17 years (1798-1815).

Verse 11 tells us that the Beast that “was, and is not” shall be the 8th Beast.  In other words, one of the previous five shall be reborn as the 8th.  We have already been told in a previous Chapter that Babylon will have fallen twice.  The chorus of Revelation interpreters who insist that the Roman Church will be revived are dead wrong.  The Roman Church simply does not fit this prophecy, because it did not exist previously.  John was living during its one and only reign.  There is no doubt about it.  Babylon, not Rome, will be reborn as the 8th Beast, and it is already here.  It’s been here since 1815. 

Verses 12 and 13 talk of the ten horns, or kings, signifying that ten independent nations were to confederate with the Papacy.  The Holy Roman Empire officially began with the Emperor Charlemagne, but the original ten nation/tribes of this confederacy did not have a common king until Charlemagne.  They were of “one mind” with the Papacy. These ten kingdoms were:  1. Franks, 2. Huns, 3. Vandals, 4. Visigoths, 5. Ostrogoths, 6. Alans (and Sueves), 7. Burgundians, 8. Odoacer’s Italian kingdom of several tribes, 9. Saxons, 10. Lombards..)

Verses 14 and 15:  With these nations subject to its ecclesiastical power, the Roman Catholic Church used the armies of these kingdoms to persecute independent Christians, Protestants, and anyone who would not accept the Catholic “faith.”  In this way, Roman Catholicism mercilessly persecuted dissenters, calling them “heretics.”  Since rank and file Catholics are only dimly aware – if at all — of the brutal history of their own Church, most of them cannot understand why some believe the Catholic Church to be the anti-Chrsit.

Verse 16.  Now, recall, the whore sits upon all seven of the beasts of the image, so the whore is not the Catholic Church.  The Roman Catholic Church is only the second phase of Sixth Beast, and it happened to have been empowered by the ten horns after recovering from its deadly wound. 

The Scarlet Woman, the Great Whore, is the behind-the-scenes economic empire of the Babylonian Jews.  And this group had survived this whole time (festering behind the scenes of history), although it was temporarily suppressed by the emergence of Christianity and the Holy Roman Empire, both of which forbade the practice of usury.  The Roman Church didn’t need usury since it had the power of direct taxation, war booty, religious contributions and the penalties of the Interdict to fill its coffers.  Via the power of the Interdict, any dissenters would be persecuted unmercifully until they either recanted or were killed.  Few had the option of moving to a free country.  So, during this period of Roman Catholic power, the Jew-Bank parasite could not feast on its main dish, which is borrowers and revelers.  Since the Jews always maneuver to control the news, book publishing, education and entertainment media, few people are aware of this secret coterie of banker/adviser/usurper/war-monger mafiosos.  And this international mafia is diabolically clever, using the rabbinical priesthood and the religion of Judaism to hide behind and to justify its abominations.  Most people know that the Jews “keep to themselves.”  Very few understand why.  It was the French Revolution and the subsequent Napoleonic Wars that provided the House of Rothschild with the opportunity to rebirth Mystery Babylon from the “bottomless pit.”

This verse also tells us that all of these subjected nations would eventually come to hate the Scarlet Woman, the Great Whore, the High Jew Bank and its oppressive, secret rule.  We are beginning to see signs of this today, as war-wary Europe is quite reluctant to engage itself in another Jewish-sponsored war.  Public statements against the Israeli State’s warmongering are on the increase.  The Iranian Oil Bourse, scheduled for March of 2006, threatens to upset the international hegemony of the Federal Reserve Note, otherwise known as the “U.S. dollar.”  The U.S. Dollar has been the sole property of the Federal Reserve Bank since 1913.  The Fed will almost certainly have to provoke  military action to avoid exposing the weakness of the dollar.

Verses 17 & 18:  Yahweh will use His people to destroy this Whore.  She is a “great city,” which has power over all of the kings of the earth.  Cities are centers of commerce.  Her power is based on putting people, and nations, in debt to her so as to control them.  In modern terms, this Whore is composed of the Federal Reserve Board, the Bank of England, Deutschbank, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Bank of International Settlements, etc.   All of these banking institutions are owned and operated by the same bunch of Jewish Mafia Banksters, the heirs of the Babylonian banking system; and they are experts, with 4,000 years of experience, at manipulating, exploiting and destroying nations and cultures for their personal profit, all the while using religion as a cover for their fraudulent activities.  That religion is called Judaism.

Eustace Mullins, in his book, The Secrets of the Federal Reserve, states that within the present day city of London, there exists THE supreme financial District, a square mile area within which only 17 firms are allowed to operate as merchant bankers.  These comprise the real magnates of international commerce, and this District, known as The City, is their headquarters.  This District is a sovereign territory ruled by these same merchant bankers, just as Vatican City is a sovereign territory within the city of Rome.  Most of the Governors of the Bank of England come from the partners of these 17 firms.  According to Mullins, five of these merchant banking firms, N.M Rothschild Company, Lazard Brothers, Brown Shipley Company (the London Branch of Brown Brothers Harriman), Morgen Grenfell (the London and dominant branch of the House of Morgan) and Schroder Bank actually control the New York banks which own the controlling interest in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  No official or member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors can command the power over the money of the world, for it is held by these London merchant bankers.  The City is where Lord Rothschild and his coterie of international banksters congregate every day and dictate how the rest of us  should live.  Thanks to the treason of the traitor Woodrow Wilson, and a Christmas Eve vote taken while most of the (unsuspecting) members of Congress were at home for Christmas, the issuance of money in the US was handed over to the Jewish banksters in 1913.  Thanks to the complicity of Federal Dictator Rosenfelt, the Rothschilds effectively stole America’s gold reserves in 1933.  This act of treason gave the Rothschilds total control of the world’s gold market.  Until recently, the Rothschilds were able to set the price of gold on a daily basis from their throne of power in The City.  But with the Federal Reserve Note now in danger of collapse as an international currency, the Rothschilds have recently decided to retire from their visible role of the daily and arbitrary setting of the gold price.  Could their evil empire finally be showing signs of crumbling?


Chapter 18:  The Empire of Merchants


Verses 1 & 2:  An angel announces again that Babylon is twice fallen.  The 8th Beast is the final kingdom of Mystery Babylon, the hidden sect of banker parasites and warmongers who, from behind the scenes, have ruled the earth for ages.  Historically, only a handful of historians and critics have been daring or knowledgeable enough to explain how their hegemony functions.  Since the general public is engaged in working overtime to pay the interest on its debts, we are too busy indulging ourselves in the pleasures of drugs, sex, entertainment, gambling, and prostitution provided by this same ruling clique to pay attention to the vice lords who are running this world racket.  Not one person out of a thousand understands how the High Jew Bank uses money as a weapon against the people.  The 8th Beast is this world empire of merchants, headed by the Rothschild banking family.  The ultimate dream of this Empire of Merchants is the full empowerment of the United Nations leading to a One World Government, the idea of which was first promoted by the House of Rothschild at the Congress of Vienna, shortly after the demise of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.  They have been pursuing this goal ever since.

Of course, Babylon’s second fall hasn’t happened yet, but I believe that the Father is going to allow the 8th Beast to publicly proclaim itself as the master of the world, since the Jews who run this enterprise are, indeed, the synagogue of the anti-Chrsit.   This will be his last blasphemy.   This last world empire has most certainly become the habitation of devils, financing global warfare, Zionism, communism, revolutionary strife, and promoting all sorts of cultural depravity, such as homosexuality, abortion, anti-Chrsitianity, corrupt medical practices, etc., etc., etc.  You name it.  They profit from it.  Even the hoaxacaust is nothing but a gigantic money-making scheme.  Sixty years after this event never took place, they still extort money from people who did no wrong.  They still parade innocent men, such as John Demjanjuk, in front of their damnable High Jew Courts, so as to keep this monstrous myth alive.  Since the myth can’t be validated historically, their only recourse to prevent disclosure of the truth is to silence anyone who challenges their hegemony with the threat of imprisonment.

Two of the anti-Chrsit’s current imprisoned victims, Germar Rudolf and David Irving, are colleagues of mine.  Since one is an ethnic German and the other British, they have conflicting perspectives about the hoaxacaust, but they are both excellent historians.  Unfortunately, the Beast cannot tolerate that the Truth be made public.  Both are currently in jail (writing as of February 1, 2006) for exercising their right to freedom of speech.  David Irving received a three year prison sentence, even though he never officially denied the holocaust.  But he never affirmed it, so that is just as bad in the eyes of the world’s Jewish Masters.  Neither one of these gentlemen has done anything wrong… except that they have exposed the lies of the 8th Beast.

Verse 3:  Because of their control of international banking and commerce, this secretive cartel has corrupted every nation on the face of the earth, even the Muslim nations, though few realize this.  Arab oil merchants invest in the stock market, don’t they?  Crass commercialism, control of markets via advertising and monopoly, plus keeping everyone in debt through usury are the stock-in-trade of this Beast system.

Verse 4: We are admonished to get out of this Satanic System before it’s too late!  “Come out of her, my people,” meaning, of course, Christian Israel and all White Christians who have eyes to see and ears to hear.  Except for some White Power advocates, virtually all secularists are under its spell, and most Christians have fallen for its phony claim that they are “God’s chosen people.”  This Beast has, indeed, deceived the whole world.

Verses 5 – 8:  She has glorified herself but she will experience sudden destruction.  Believe me, folks, I can’t wait to see the day!  This destruction shall be by fire.  I expect this will come by a combination of fiery speech, the fires of war and the fires of volcanoes and lava flows… and possibly even from some intense solar activity or comets impacting our planet.

Verse 9:  The fat cat, big shot, cigar-chomping Jews who have been instigating, enjoying and profiting from this corrupt worldliness will begin to taste of their own demise: a complete financial collapse of their legalized theft system, otherwise known as international banking.

Verses 10-19 are a vivid description of these merchants and their kept politicians, bureaucrats and clerics who will suffer and wail as they lose everything they have.  Doesn’t your heart bleed for these suddenly impoverished merchants?  This collapse will bring the Crash of ’29 into remembrance.  Bankruptcies and suicides will increase with a vengeance.

Verses 20-24:  The avenging of His people is Yahweh’s doing.  The Judgment of the Great Whore is complete. With regard to Verse 24, compare Jesus’ condemnation of the Pharisees at John 8 and Matthew 23.


Chapter 19: The Wedding Feast of the Lamb


Verses 1-3:  Celebration at the news that the Great Whore has been judged.

Verse 4:  The Twelve Patriarchs plus the Twelve Apostles = the 24 Elders

Verses 5-6:  More rejoicing.

Verses 7-10:  The awakened remnant of Christian Israel is cleansing herself by coming out of Babylon and practicing Yah’s Law.  She is making herself ready for her upcoming marriage to Yahshua.

Verses 11-13:  The White Horse is Yahshua (Jesus Christ), whose Name is called “The Word of God.”

Verses 14-16:  Great wrath is followed by the reign of the Lion of Judah.

Verses 17-18:  The scavenger birds prepare themselves for a feast of human carrion.  The Rapture Crowd, cock-sure that they will not have to go through the Tribulation, finds out otherwise.  In the midst of their travail, they realize that the televangelists lied to them.  In abject rage, they seize upon these false priests and tear them limb from limb.  Apostates and false prophets, such as John Hagee, Tim LaHaye, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Hal Lindsay and their ilk, will suffer this fate.

Verses 19-21:  The 8th Beast (Jewry) and the False Prophet (the Papacy) are destroyed while trying to make war against Yah’s people, Anglo-Saxon Israel.  By this time, the survivors will all understand that, contrary to the once popularly held belief, the Jews are the chosen of Satan.  Rare is the Jew who does not follow his master.  The few Jews who have tried to alert the non-Jewish world to the true nature of Judaism have been persecuted as mercilessly as the sheep.


Chapter 20:  Satan Bound for a 1,000 Years


Verses 1-3:  These three verses announce that the devil has been loosed from the bottomless pit after a stay of 1000 years.  Virtually all interpreters of the Apocalypse place this event AFTER the Judgment because this Chapter follows the numerous statements of Yahshua’s reign in Chapter 19.  But this is a great mistake.  The fact is that many other Chapters end with the announcement of the Judgment Day and the Reign of Yahshua.  The previous two Chapters described the Beast system that will be destroyed.  I can assure you that this Beast will never rise again after this denouement.  Just as the 7-Headed Beast is mentioned several times in different Chapters, so is this Beast.  Here, in Chapter 20, it’s a recapitulation, with more details given.

Although much of the Apocalypse is in chronological order, no case can be made for every sentence or even every episode being in chronological order.  As I said earlier, this Book contains several flashforwards (to the Judgment Day) and several flashbacks (to previous events).  Satan was bound for 1,000 years AND HE WILL NOT BE BOUND AGAIN.  He will be destroyed forever at the Judgment Day.  That language, especially from the other books of the Bible, is absolutely clear.  The best way to understand verses 1-7, therefore, are as a flashback to earlier events. 

The Emperor Charlemagne was crowned in 800 A.D.  For 1,000 years, the Popes of the Holy Roman Empire crowned every emperor since Charlemagne.  This tradition was brought to an end by Napoleon, when he, at the coronation ceremony, snatched the crown from Pope Pius VII’s hands and crowned himself.  This happened in the year 1804, just a few years beyond an exact 1,000 years.  The Papacy’s military end came in 1798 with Napoleon’s defeat of the Papal States.  So, we are dealing with a period that had a very specific beginning, 800 A.D., and an approximate end, 1798-1804.  Some might object that this time period is not an exact 1,000 years.  However, virtually none of the prophecies of the Apocalypse are literal.  Even more interestingly, when John records “days,” they count as exact years, as in the “1260 days” prophecies.  With this non-literalness in mind, I think it is fair to say that we are not dealing with an exact number of years, especially since the emergence of the High Jew Bank was a gradual process that was contemporaneous with the decline of the Papacy and the European monarchies.  Once the obstacle of the Holy Roman Empire was taken out of the way, the House of Rothschild and other Jewish bankers were unleashed on the people.  From that day forward, Jewish bankers have grown richer, fatter and more powerful. 

During this period of 1,000 years, the High Jew Bank was restricted in Europe.  But the Napoleonic Wars served to put the anti-Christ (Judaism and its bankers) back in business.  The demise of the Holy Roman Empire opened the door for the rise of the Jewish 8th Beast, which had been bound for 1,000 yearsOnce Mayer Amschel Rothschild was let out of the Frankfurt ghetto, economic hell broke loose.

Verse 4:  Even though most Christians were under the domination of Rome, the Jew Beast was relatively powerless against us because he was only able to make small, personal loans.  (Don’t forget, dear Christian, usury is a violation of the Torah.  If the Jews are “God’s chosen,” why do they always break His Law?)  The governments of the Israelites (Anglo-Saxons) were out of his reach.  One tyrant kept the other at bay.  Europe’s Israelites, many of whom were relatively free of Papal domination, were also free from Jewry, who were small in number and confined to ghettoes.  Whenever the Jew got too powerful in one of our nations, like Marrano Spain, he was kicked out and the Christians were liberated from this pest.  The Jewish Beast is like a vampire that kills and kills and kills because its main food is Christian blood.  The ghetto system had kept the vampire from feasting on Christian prey.  Europe’s Israelites were largely spared this ordeal for 1,000 years and were not under constant siege by Jewry as we are today.  Throughout history, the High Jew Bank has spilled oceans of Christian blood, but too many of our people are unaware that this Beast even exists.

Verse 5:  The “rest of the dead” were those under Rome’s domination while Satan was bound.  The collapse of Papal Rome liberated their souls from militaristic Roman Catholicism. 

Verses 6-7 are a restatement of Verses 1-5.  The thousand years free of Jewish influence are followed by a period of Jewish hegemony.  Satan, in the personage of the Jewish banksters, is loosed from the Bottomless Pit.

Verses 8-9:  The economic, religious, and political deception of the Jews creates chaos during the period known as the Industrial Revolution; and the modern days of atheism and agnosticism, the Fable of Evolution, and a decline in religion (recall the Laodecian Church, the Lukewarm church), all contribute to our deepening apostasy.  Gog and Magog: the synaGOG of Satan, the Jews of Ashkenaz/Khazaria, the House of Rothschild, the masterminds of finance capitalism and revolutionary communism – both chaotic forces in the hands of the same demonic power.  Gog is the native land of the Khazar Jews in southwestern Asia, land of the Mongols, Ashkenazi and wandering Jews who had to settle there because of “persecution” in other countries.  It is from this people by which the Empire of Russia was besieged by waves of Jewish assassins (from the Pale), who murdered one Russian official after another, until Czar Nicholas II agreed to liberalize Russian law and try to assimilate them. 

The Jews loudly proclaim that the Russian people organized pogrom after pogrom against Jewish communities, but what they do not tell you is that these pogroms (retaliations against Jewish excesses) were local affairs organized by local peasants who had become aware that Jewish predators had stolen their land and possessions from them through usury, just as the American farmer is more aware of the Jew Beast than are our intellectuals.  The Czars were actually powerless to stop this natural reaction to the presence of the Jewish parasite.  The Russian government did not have the resources to keep tabs on every community and its reaction to the Jew parasite.  To blame the Czars for this is like blaming President Bush for the actions of a local lynch mob. 

The liberalization policy towards the Jews was Czar Nicholas II’s greatest mistake, for this gave the Jews the opportunity to make war against Russia from within.  Utilizing their tried and true methods of infiltration, nepotism, subversion and sabotage, the Jews took over Russia’s educational, financial and publishing institutions, fomenting anti-monarchic and anti-Christian sentiments among the people, just as they did before the French Revolution.  The Bolshevik Revolution, financed by the international Jewish banking houses of Schiff and Warburg, followed.  The Bolshevik Coup was Rothschild’s vengeance against Christian Russia, to the tune of sixty million Christians — mostly White — dead.  The Czars had dared to keep the Jewish Banksters from fleecing the Russian sheeple.  Now you know what Jewish vengeance is capable of.  Few want to believe me when I say that the Jews have the same intention for America.  The parasite cannot help but hate the host it feeds upon.  The vampire cannot help but feed from our blood.  That is its nature.

Verses 9-11:  The Beast that destroyed Russia, the Rothschild Banking Mafia, will be destroyed by fire.  They will try to destroy White America, but they will not succeed, although the bloodshed will be great.

Verse12:  The Opening of the Books.  The prophecies of the Old and New Testaments will be revealed to the world.  The book of life will be opened.  The prophecies were written so that they might one day be understood.  Knowledge is revealed so that a cadre of True Israelites, dedicated to the understanding of the Holy Bible and true to His Law, will be able to comprehend how the Jew Beast operates.  “Be ye therefore wise as serpents, yet gentle as doves,”  — Matt. 10:16.  Those who have ears to hear… As I have said many times, the Christian Identity movement is the remnant people of the Book of Revelation.  This remnant of Israelites will reveal to the world how the fallen angels and their progeny, Jewry, have deceived, exploited and butchered the Christian world.  It is a rude awakening.  Many will refuse to believe that there is a breed of people capable of such monstrous evil. 

Anyone who has tried to explain these things to the sleeping sheep knows what it means to be scoffed at; but the tide is turning.  Scripture tells us that the Man of Sin will be revealed.  Anyone who looks at Zionism, communism, and that abomination called the Israeli State and cannot see their blatant evil is most surely either deluded or brain-dead.  We do our best to awaken our brothers and sisters. 

Despite the rabid opposition of the Jews, I feel compelled to issue this warning to our people who call themselves liberals, conservatives and Judeo-Christians:  Take this Book of Revelation very seriously.  During Hurricane Katrina, rescue workers reported several instances of coming upon scenes of utter devastation, only to find undamaged Bibles lying in the debris, open to the pages of the Apocalypse.  To one group of rescue workers, this happened more than once.  You can imagine their surprise…and even fear.  Surely, this was a sign.

These three groups of apostate White society will receive the greatest shock of all.  Having totally disobeyed Yahweh’s [It cannot be overemphasized that Yahweh is not the God of the Jews.  He is the God of the White Race] commandment to remain racially separate from the other races around us, they have fallen victim to a serious delusion.  They actually think that the other races they have been appeasing – in direct violation of Yahweh’s Law — for all of these centuries will show appreciation for it.   

The day is coming when these appeasers, who, having completely lost any sense of the unique genetic, racial make-up given to them by Yahweh Himself, will realize the utter insanity of their politics and religion.  The fact that Paris was burned by the appeased in 2005 is utterly inexplicable to these appeasers.  They can’t understand why throwing money and Bibles at non-Whites fails to civilize them.  I fear that these appeasers will not have the opportunity to join our cadre.  Never even suspecting the seething resentment that the Jew has instilled against the White Race in the minds of the other races, these appeasers will one day, when they least suspect it, feel the searing pain of the knife blade plunging into their backs.  Knife firmly implanted in his flesh, the appeaser will live long enough to turn around and see his executioner, and, in utter perplexity, find that it is one of the non-White hired hands of his own household.   Having foolishly believed that the other races will respect him for what he has provided them, he will at that moment realize that these others only resented his status and coveted what he had.  As he falls to his knees, his eyes will silently exclaim surprise and ask the question, “Why?” 

The answer is that they refused to believe their Creator when he told us not to race-mix.  Of the hundreds of times that Scripture tells us that race-mixing is forbidden, these appeasers have taken it upon themselves to prefer their own opinion to that of their Creator.  If you learn nothing else from this essay, remember this:  A just civilization can only be built upon His Word.  Rebellion is its own death sentence.

This message from Yahweh was meant for us, Anglo-Saxon Israel, exclusively:

For ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.  Wherefore come out from among them and BE YE SEPARATE, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean; and I will receive you.”  — II Corinthians, 6:16, 17.

What part of BE YE SEPARATE don’t you understand?  Do you think that Yahweh created our race only that we should destroy ourselves by race-mixing?  Of course not!  No.  He created us so that we would take dominion away from the fallen angels and their progeny, the Jews.  Whom are you going to believe, Yahweh, the Separatist, or the race-mixing Jew?

Verses 13-15:  Death itself will be vanquished.  The Vampire Jew will never exploit Anglo-Saxon Israel ever again.


Chapter 21: The New Jerusalem


Verse 1:  The chaos of the Judgment Day is over.

Verse 2:  To quote Pastor Sheldon Emry: the New JerUSAlem is not the Old Jerusalem.  In my opinion, the New Jerusalem is the planet earth after the Judgment Day.  The planet will be cleansed of the disease-bearing parasite, Jewry.  They will never infect the universe again.  The New Jerusalem is Yahweh’s government re-established after the Judgment Day.  It is the restoration of the Garden of Eden, which Satan and his offspring destroyed by their villainy…and race-mixing.

Verses 3-6:  God Himself will reside here because His people are once again worthy to have Him present.

Verse 7:  The overcomers, NOT THOSE WHO EXPECT TO BE RAPTURED, inherit the earth.  The rapturists, in fact, shall be harvested along with the tares (Jews) and burned.

Verse 8:  All those who partook of the abominations of the Beast system are toast, along with those who will not accept Yahweh as their King.

Verse 9:  The Bride, the Lamb’s wife.  In your wildest dreams, could this even remotely mean the Christ-hating Jews?

Verses 10-12:  The overcoming Remnant of the Twelve Tribes of the children of Israel (Anglo-Saxon Israel) is that Bride. 

Verse 13: The 12 gates representing, again, the exclusivity of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, not the Jews.

Verse 14:  The 12 foundations: the Twelve Apostles, all of whom were White Israelites, who brought the Gospel to the world.

Verses 15-21:  The City Foursquare:  God’s Government brought about through the 144,000 (12,000 members of each of the 12 tribes).  Of course, this can’t be an exact figure.  It is symbolic of the overcomers who come through the Judgment Day triumphant!

Verses 22-27:  The New Jerusalem is to be a kingdom of priests, that is, every Israelite will know Scripture like it is second nature.  This is the fulfillment of the prophecy that the “Law will be written in their hearts.”  (Jer. 31:31-35.)  There will no more be a hierarchical priesthood, which always tends toward corruption, especially if there is a money power to bribe them into teaching false doctrine. 


Chapter 22:  The Kingdom Established Forever


Verse 1:  The “Pure river of water of life” means that race-mixing has finally been abolished.  No more can the Jew make genetic war against us by polluting our seed  (see Genesis 3:15). 

Verse 2:  The Tree of Life is the Adamic tree of the White Race.

Verse 3:  No more curse.  The Edomite Jews were the people of Yahweh’s curse.  They are no more.  The Father intends that members of all races will survive; but race-mixers will not survive. 

Verses 4-6:  The Remnant shall call upon His Name, Yahweh.  They shall receive glory.

Verse 7:  For those who scoffed at the teachings of the Judgment Day, He came very suddenly and unexpectedly. 

Verses 8-9:  The angel tells John not to worship him because he is his brother, of the people of Israel.  The people of Yahweh keep the Law of Brotherhood contained in the Bible.  (Matt. 22:36-40)  WE, the Adamic White Race, are His holy Offspring, His nation that is to set His example for the other nations.

Verse 10:  John is instructed that these prophecies begin immediately; so, publish this Book, so that men may dwell upon its meaning, until they realize what it means.

Verse 11:  If one has been partying with the anti-Christ for all of these years, don’t try to change your act just before the Judgment Day.  You won’t be able to fool the Judge!

Verse 12-13:  Yahshua, the Lion of Judah, judges all of us according to our works (NOT ACCORDING TO OUR MERE BELIEF!)  Are you listening, antinomian, “faith only” Christians?  “Alpha and Omega.”  Yahshua initiates ages and He ends them.  He is the Lord of time and the ages, i.e., eternity.

Verse 14:  Only those who KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS have a right to the Tree of Life. 

Verse 15:  Everyone else is a dog and a liar.  They are excluded from the New Jerusalem.  This is not the kind of exclusivity you want!

Verses 16-17:  “I AM THE ROOT AND THE OFFSPRING OF DAVID.”  Jesus Christ is a literal, genetic, White Israelite.  He is the Father of the White Race, and, in order to fulfill prophecy, also one of us, our Kinsman Redeemer.  WE were the people who fell in the Garden, therefore, we are the people He has come to save.

Verses 18-21:  DO NOT DARE TO ALTER THE WORDS OF THIS BOOK.  The curses of Yahweh will be upon you.




I realize that few people want to believe that there exists behind the scenes an organization as evil as this document has revealed.  I certainly do not wish that the gullibility of our people should end in terror.  This is why I write.  Please share this message with our sleeping brethren.  Let them laugh if they must, but it may just wake them up.  If our people would read their Bibles instead of allowing the false priests of Churchianity to preach invented and perverted Scripture, they wouldn’t have these blinders on.  If you don’t have a love for the truth, then you sit on your couch, or in your pew, and vegetate. 

This is a RACE WAR, folks, and the enemy has targeted us for extinction, so we had better do what we can to awaken the sleeping sheep.  As unbelievable as it sounds, the sheep are being fattened for the slaughter by their own shepherds, the corrupt priesthood of Judeo-Christianity.

One of my favorite – and most terrifying – cinematic moments was at the end of the movie, “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” when Kevin McCarthy ran out onto the highway screaming that the Body Snatchers were displacing the real humans with look-alike aliens that had no souls.  Of course, nobody would believe such preposterous ravings.  I really identify with Kevin McCarthy in that role.  If you don’t want to believe that this interpretation of the Apocalypse is accurate, just pretend that it is science fiction.  The choice is yours.  I have always loved a good science fiction story!

As for me, I pray, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus.”


End of Part 1


Pastor Eli James



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    • Central Europe

      Big load of garbage! 911 was done for Novus Ordo Seclorum in 2033! 911 was done on biblical key numbers 7, 8 (=15) , and Ennead of 9 as 4&5 after rebuilding it by the same conmen. US Skyscrapers calendar in Nat.Geogr.magazine,Feb.1989, is also based on 5 bldgs+7+8 buildings and 4 ( Ennead of 4&5). So is the apocalyptic/ postapocalyptic Georgia Guidestones with advice to keep population in ” ideal 500 milion”, in 8 languages. This Rosicrucian murder stones were opened to uneducated public in March 22, 1980. March 22= 322 masonic number for Vernal Equinox starting point of measuring Great Precessional year! 322= in summary,number 7! 1980= number 9, and 8 is in languages.Atop the T-shaped central column are another 4 languages,already dead. It creates masonic number 84 = Judgement, a d 8×4= (20)32, when this Great Year ends! In 2033 will be Novus Ordo Seclorum. Covid-19 is 2nd horse of apocalypse,after 911.3rd one will be STARVATION,arlund 2023…And 4th o e,depopulating the world,as Armageddon/ WW3, in 2025…

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