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By Jeffery Pritchett
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New Stew Peters: Shadow Government: Databanks Expose Worldwide Evil and Corruption Says French Billionaire

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New Stew Peters: Shadow Government: Databanks Expose Worldwide Evil and Corruption Says French Billionaire

‘Shadow government’ may refer to: An opposition grouping in a parliamentary system that mimics the structure of the actual government, in particular its cabinet (see Shadow Cabinet) A term for plans for an emergency government that takes over in the event of a disaster, see continuity of government.

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    • Gary A DePietro

      Listen at the 36 minute mark. He talks about “the great work”! He’s a damn Lucifer worshiping MASON!!!! Search on this “Manly P Hall+Lucifuge quote”. They are the Serpent, the snake, the spider, the scorpion. I’ll stick with the Book of Revelation. I know which side wins.

      • Busta Myth

        You should interview my Grandmas deaf dumb gereatric Cat Twinky…she know waaaaay waaaaay more about who is who in the World than the irate frenchy :roll: …sad…but true

        I wish someone would offer Twinky a few million Buckaroos and a lifetimes supply of Dreamies to spill the Beans….any takers ?

      • Kitty

        He is telling the truth, so what is your problem with that? and he is risking his life too.

        • JBC4

          Just ignore the trolls…they are here to continue spreading disinformation so people stay complacent until it’s too late to fight back

      • Anonymous

        The Great Work is the same thing idiot Q sQum ignorantly- and full of gullibility – parrot the al QIAduh swindlers as ‘The Plan’.
        Trust The Plan.
        Yeah. Trust the sQum. Trust the sQam!!!
        Trojan Horse Trump’s idiot Q sQrew base also repeat the notorious occult New Age phrase “The Great Awakening”… straight out of Lucis Trust lingo from Blavatsky.
        2 jews revealing more we already know- wow- the Deep State orchestrated/ created the COVID bioweapon.
        Yet neither of these zio-frauds reveal the true Kingpin ally of Lucifer at the top— ROTHSCHILD and BNAI BRITH in ISRAEL, the Brotherhood of the Snake.
        Crisis Actor in Thief, Dump? ‘MAGA’ derived form MAGI means ‘high priest’ of Black Magic. Woman Stew interviewed says “Dump was anomoly”. Another lying cunt…
        wtfu people. ignore these limited hangouts and cut to the chase. Stew sQrew is now in action:
        REAL whistleblower exposed COVID genocide plan in vids starting in FEB 2019.

        • Anonymous

          Funny how no one has laid it all out so well- yet, along come losers and intell disinfo pigs by the doz and they get endless air time. Shit Shari, Jaco, Ward, Simon, ben Nun etc etc…
          But THIS Goldberg expose’ is ignored and memory holed.
          2 yrs later Klaus Schwab announces WEF’s Op Cyber Polygon of shutdowns, roundups etc. Listen close folks and kick time-wasters and distraction vids to the curb. Time is short

    • shelzy

      Wow Stew! That was an explosive interview! You certainly are at the top in your career right now that’s for sure! So the question is…where does it go from here and can we get him on again?!

    • Bob

      How come nobody talks about what the Bible says? Fishy….

      • ~~🧐🤔🧐🤔—good question

        • 2QIK4U

          Not a single word in 3 year’s from any Australia outlet. Not a single Priest in Australia has Said the Truth or Fought against This. I believe they’ve all been ordered (or already know it is thier traitor time?)

    • Johnny B Good

      Get Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine online. Bitcoin accepted

    • Tedx

      Phillipe sure withholds a lot of information for someone claiming to be transparent.

      • ~~unfortunately
        ~have 2 agree
        ~Stew Peters———out of nowhere…?
        ~Now HES the Voice of REASON?
        ~side note: Ladies, your just as lethal…

        —(there R good ones out there.)

        • 2QIK4U


    • achristiansilluminosity

      911 was the bigest act of war against the american people done by it’s own elected officials via their puppet stattus of the shadow government of the world elite.

      • Sarika

        yet if you talk about this 911 people call you delusional as they did to me>

    • ddoyle1319

      Why is he not putting this data out for reveryone to see? Why is he withholding so much? He appears to be not “affraid” of the retaliation of the shadow government, so why is he not blasting this out there for the entire world to see? :evil: :shock: :mrgreen: :?:

      • Freeus

        Just like U.S. globalist have owned major reporting media institutions for decades. He needs a platform which is what he was doing with Stew. He would have to be pretty stupid to think he had anything to gain being a fake…he has a whole lot to lose like his life.

      • JBC4

        He explained why in the interview

    • HawkBowler

      I watched a video of a guy the other day, like many before… where he steps in front of one of those local Nazi V mandate panels, (Satanists bound together and determined not to listen)… and he lets them have hit. But first he says,

      “I can appreciate that I’m not fully in control of my emotions right now”

      I thought that was really funny. Here’s the thing… nobody on our side is going to look bad on the rewind. People will look at what you said and did and say, “Wow, I’m surprised at your capacity for composure.”

      Let em have it… tell them that you see them clearly for who they are… you know what they’ve done and what they continue to do out in the open… crimes against humanity… tell it’s not funny… let them KNOW… KNOW that they’re not going to get away with it. We don’t need beliefs… certainly not the ones pitched by the Satanists.

      • HawkBowler

        ANTICHRIST 121-49-149-68-143 ALW

        The evil ones like to parse themselves into many groups with different names and faces. The actors. The shapeshifters. However, all of them are ANTICHIST. This is who they identify as… saying it proper.

        Drop all of the other bad names you have been using for these people… call them ANTICHRIST… they are… ask them to renounce Satan… they wont.

    • ProudUSAGirl

      ⁣Hospitals in USA and in first world countries are refusing life-saving Ivermectin treatment even with court orders. Big Pharma doing everything they can to jab us no matter what, while alternative COVID cures EXIST! There happens to be heavy censorship who are looking for these treatments. The Research Is Clear: Ivermectin Is a Safe, Effective Treatment for COVID. Get your Ivermectin today while you still can!

    • Anonymous

      Does this billionaire know of the Black Sun club and the SanHedron? The actual two sides of the coin that represent all the wars on the planet? Does he know that Trump is said to be of the Black Sun club? Does he know of Kim Goguen? The answers to these questions will be important for the future of this world. As there was plan to make DJT look so “angelic” that it seals the World completely into the control of the two players 100%. And steps have been made to make it look this way already, “God chosen” but us not knowing the “God” choice was of the Annunaki, Enlil and Enki who are still here messing with this world. We must grow up as a humanity without deception that is for sure. These questions will help.

      • ~~U should stick your head up your
        ~~U and all your “Aliases”
        ~R not fooling ANYONE ANYMORE

        • ~~U (Anus)
          ~and Stew can give us more of your red-direct
          —-(or is that “re-direct” crap)?

      • 2QIK4U

        Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s a member of the Anunerbe at all being half German isn’t he ? Drumpf is the real spelling and being a FACT he is the owner of the TR-3B Tesla’s tech and all he owned thanks to his criminal uncle in the FBI taking it all, What will be interesting is ALL WORLD FINANCIAL ACTIONS Are inside the 12 MILLION Pages of the PANDORA PAPERS So ALL governments will be exposed soon enough when someone finally reaches it

    • ProudUSAGirl

      DEFUND THE MEDIA. Our war is not against the enslaved, it’s against the slavemasters: The “News” Media and Social Media owned by the Cabal. They want to know every move we make. Personal privacy is becoming more precious everyday because of the unprecedented surveillance that we face today. Some countries can now hack your device, collect or delete your data, take over your social media accounts – all without a judge’s warrant. Give them nothing! Encrypt your internet today! Get yourself a decentralised VPN.

    • Olive

      Stew looks like he dumped in his pants. LOL

      I believe the man. I would love to have coffee with him. Let it rip.

    • Sarika

      Why isn’t the Jesuits being looked into? Don’t hear a thing about them but a lot about the Khazarians and deep state. Pope francis is a jesuit….check out NWO The Black Pope on youtube

    • Anonymous

      The guy just danced in circles and never said anything that people don’t already know.

    • Anonymous

      It is a little bit Lee Van Cleef over Stew Peters, and I like it.

      • Anonymous

        But this totally materialistic way, does not suit me at all.

      • Anonymous

        They say Bill Gates been dead since 2014, I am not super sure. But it ties in-to Biden that is a totally fraud, the real Biden is dead 100% sure.

      • Anonymous

        Good thing we at-least gotten ONE Billionaire on our side of things, these are strange beings?

        • Anonymous

          I can let you read the files, but if you carry the knowledge to the press it is on your wings, pathetic.

          • Anonymous

            Like at 9/11 2001, they changed the law just for that day, then they changed it back, they really see themselves as little gods./I say It is fraud anyway, it is how psychopaths works, and they think they outsmart everyone every-time.

            • 2QIK4U

              When all they do is constantly stumble over the line dropping the ball

        • 2QIK4U

          He would never have been allowed to become a Billionaire if he didn’t already do the evil things Millionaire would do… Just a thought :idea:

    • Cuttlefish

      Dancing moses,building number 7,inside job,everything is and was,smoke and mirrors,sheeples dont look up,since 1913 the usa has been controlled,all major wars controlled,control,destruction,look at the current control of canada,us,australia,nz,britain,complacent,soft,and currently under a plandemic,acquiesemce,if millions of western people realized that all their populations,soldiers,airmen and navies had died for bankster wars,

    • non compliance

      NO DON”T DO THIS STEW im finally starting to like you….SHIT! IRAN IS NOT THE WORLDS LEADING SPONSOR OF TERROR IT IS AMERIKA! by a clear mile! honestly youd have to prove to me that iran is even involved in any terrorism at all….RUSSIA CHINA AND IRAN WILL END AMERIKAN BULLSHIT!!!! AMERIKA IS A SCOURGE ON THE WHOLE WORLD!

    • Guido

      The moment this cook said he wanted the “Shadow Government” to join him, ….. I was like, ah, .. aah, .. aaah, aaaah…. Buuuushit !!!

    • Anonymous

      It’s not about our health. The Global Reset gang have TOLD us they have an agenda. They’re destroying everything so they can Build (a new world order) Back to where they believe it’s easier to control ‘the herd’ and make it Better by having their communist/police state laws. If it was about our health why isn’t there a vaccine/cure for every contagious disease out there and not one they’ve manufactured and have no answers as to how it will affect people now or long term?? We’re the carbon they want eliminated.

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