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Stewart Best (7/2/2022): Exactly What Independence Are We Celebrating?

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Exactly What Independence Are We Celebrating?

Exactly What Independence Are We Celebrating?

July 5, 2015


Exactly What Independence Are We Celebrating?

With the UN/CHINA/USA BEAST rising up under Jade Helm and its global martial law system, one must wonder what the American people are thinking when they light off their fireworks and think they are still a free and independent people.

Exactly how free are you? Let’s see, Obamacare destroyed medical freedom and along with medical privacy. Our leaders actually treat us as we should be treated, comatose idiots and they laugh in our faces as they bring in their new world order. The stupid Americans.

Then of course, you should take your flu shots even though they are worthless, and then your kids have to be given all sorts of shots to attend school. In California said immunizations are MANDATORY, no excuses allowed. That’s real freedom, right? Very soon EVERYONE will be forced to be immunized!

(Now I can update this from 2020-2022 and the CV-19 HOAX and the total lockdowns not only here but around the world. How much FREEDOM did you have? Let’s see:

LOCKDOWNS to your HOME ONLY. Many were told if you left your house and were caught, you would be arrested, and many in fact were! How FREE is that?

You were ORDERED to wear a mask, even though all the scientific evidence said that masks were not only worthless and offered no “protection” they were actually harmful and lowered your immune system. How FREE WAS THAT?

Then of course we had SOCIAL DISTANCING and that was strictly enforced. How FREE was that?

Next came the mRNA killer DRUG SHOT and mandated in many areas or jobs. Either take the killer shot or lose your job. HOW FREE WAS THAT?

No, all of your freedoms were taken away by government at all levels. You became a TOTAL SLAVE. You bowed the knee and kissed the black boots of Satan and did not even recognize what it was. Protesters were treated harshly. Truth tellers were destroyed, reputations ruined by Deep State operatives, all of whom KNEW THEY WERE LYING because Satan is a LIAR and a murderer from the beginning. How many millions have now died or were maimed by the Jab? All in the name of a fake medical “emergency” just as Revelation 18 warned you. Apostasy has a horrible price.

The next step? MARK OF THE BEAST, a total SOCIAL CREDITS SYSTEM. You are NOT FREE, you have now become a SLAVE. STOP FOOLING YOURSELVES!! – SCB)

Then again, the new manuals from the MENTAL HEALTH shrink departments says if you are alive you are most likely mentally ill anyhow. Have you cried lately because you lost a loved one? Mentally ill. Did you get angry and shout at a neighbor? Mentally ill. Are you depressed? Mentally ill. Did you run a stop sign? You are a total renegade. Mentally ill. Own a gun? Mentally ill. Don’t like unjust authority? Mentally ill. Opposed to abortion? Mentally ill. Don’t like socialism? Mentally ill. Like the Bill of Rights? Mentally ILL! Love Gramma and apple pie? Mentally Ill. Do you get it? You are mentally ill and therefore CANNOT OWN A FIREARM for your self-protection. Besides, who wants a gun anyhow, you would have to be mentally ill if you think you need one even though the crime rates and house “break ins” are all over the place. Want to protect yourself or loved ones? Mentally ill.

The comatose American. They put money in the bank thinking it is their “deposited funds” for safe keeping, while in fact the bank stole it and declares you “invested” in their future and they have the right to confiscate all of it but you get no stock certificates in return, and even a major corporation does not have the brass to take money without issuing you stocks for your investment.

How about your 401K’s and IRA’S? Think you are free there? Guess again. The government is already speaking very loudly about total confiscation and forcing you to invest in worthless government bonds with restrictions on withdrawals!! Work for others? Total freedom there as well. Go to work when they tell you, be on time, do what you are told and don’t be nasty. NOT EVER. Make sure you are “jabbed” and wear your bracelet so your every move can be tracked in real time. 401K’s and IRA’s are now becoming MANDATORY in many places of employment, as is the confiscation of your salary or wages by the IRS withholding. LOTS OF FREEDOM THERE AS WELL Try protesting and see what happens.

Then again, in the state of Wisconsin and most likely all others, the state can decide of you are an independent contractor or an “employee”, and you don’t get to decide that, THEY DO. Lots of freedom there to if you want to be an independent contractor. MORE FREEDOM!!!

Let’s see, BACK TO THE BANKS: if you take even a small amount of “cash”, (if the bank decides it wants to “loan” you “their” money that “you” deposited), the government has to be notified immediately if your bank teller thinks your are “suspicious” and it can be “confiscated”. The bank is instructed to even call the police to have you arrested if they “suspect” something. Lot’s of freedom and privacy there too, right?

So now two huge items are totally under the control of the government, who tells you what you can and cannot do. That’s real independence, REAL independence!! And you are free in your private papers, right? No snooping allowed there, right? Try going to your social security office and they can tell you stuff you did not even know or forgot about. REAL FREEDOM FROM SNOOPING HERE. They know more about your private affairs than you do! The FBI knows all about you. The NSA as well, the CIA and who knows who all? Maybe they know more about you than God does, or so they think, maybe. Maybe not…So much for the ancient concept of privacy. Nothing to hide, right? Not to worry. Make a wrong move in your “freedom” and you end up not so free after all.

Ok, so then you cannot rent an apartment or a house or an office space without getting “approval” from Homeland Security but I bet you did not know that. The landlord turn all that in so Homeland Security must can run a check on you to see if you might be a terrorist or enemy of the state. Bet you did not know that, but it is true. If they decide you are a bad dude or dudette, well, too bad, soooooooo sad, sleep in the street if you don’t like it.

Then of course if you were to buy a house, well, that’s a whole different story with 50,000 pages of mortgage information filled out that some remote bank committee looks over to see if they like you enough to “give you fake money” and Homeland Security has to be notified as to that as well. But that is only the start – because now you have to get DNR and EPA approval before you can even begin to build anything because you might destroy the “habitat” of a grasshopper who happens to be on the “endangered” species list or your local area. FREEDOM!!! Woe be unto you if you step on one of these critters and a government inspector finds it dead near your construction site. Jail time! Heaven forbid, the poor little grasshopper gets a state funeral and you get three hots and a cot. Well, something like that anyhow…

Then of course you must have every step of your construction approved by all of these government inspectors, be they federal, state or local, WHO CAN APPROVE OR NOT AS THEY SEE FIT. Skip any of that and you get a big fat fine and you are stopped from proceeding further. Bad dude, bad machine, bad robot. Decide to build anyhow? The Sheriff comes with his SWAT TEAM to stop you. Resist? Dirt nap time!! DIE FREE THOUGH, RIGHT? Of course you understand that the county can confiscate your property if your land might profit them in some way. Real security and freedom there as well!!!

Own land? Think you own it? Better check with your local WATER SHED BOARD. They have total control over it, not you. They can tell you when to plant your crops, how much to plant, where to plant, and when to harvest. Don’t believe it? Might want to check that one out – I know, I was on a watershed board and we had total power, we just never used it.

Own a gun? Better be careful there. First you have to fill out a form that is sent to the FBI for them to inspect and decide if you can even have one. Then you must fill in another form for each and every gun you want to buy, but you are limited in your choices. Want an automatic AK-47? Denied. What a machine gun? Denied. Want an open carry PERMIT? Many states restrict them.  Not so smart, because they know what you got, but then they know everything right? The Bill of Rights says you may BEAR YOUR ARMS. That means wear it, carry it, BEAR IT. No permit needed, but then again, who ever heard of the Bill of Rights?

In some states, you need to keep that gun unloaded, locked away in a safe that is approved OR BETTER YET, IF THEY HAVE THEIR WAY, in the local armory 25 miles away or more where you need to get permission to take it out of their “safe-keeping”. Of course the criminal breaks down your door and before you can get your gun he does you in. DIRT NAP TIME!! If you do him in, well, many years in prison for you, that poor criminal was the victim and you had no right whatever to protect yourself, or your loved ones. But it’s safe that way, you see. More rules, more regulations every day. In the UK they are now going after KNIVES. Pretty soon you won’t be able to own a knife in the kitchen either. TOTAL FREEDOM!!

So you like to fish or hunt? Total freedom there as well. Only it is not hunting now, by the way, it is called harvesting. Sort of like the “personnel department” being changed over to “human resources”. Sort of like Orwell’s 1984 double speak. Then of course, you need a certain license, you can only hunt on certain places, at certain times, with certain guns, with certain ammunition, and never at night. And you can only kill certain animal species each year. Total freedom there as well. All of this is decided by the State.

Want a pet dog or cat? Better get a license or you can’t have one. Better be of a certain species to or it’s a no-no. Oh, gotta have certain vaccinations at certain times to protect the general public and other pet owners. Don’t want to comply? Well then, animal control comes and takes your beloved pet to be exterminated if no one else wants it. Total freedom here as well.

Speaking of animals, got a black bear or other dangerous creature wandering around your porch looking for food? It’s protected. If it attacks you, well, too bad so sad, for the DNR may well say you need to be partially eaten before you can kill it or else you are in dire trouble. Run into one in a corn field while harvesting and you did not see it? You did it willfully according to the DNR and so you need to pay a huge fine or go to court and spend lots of money fighting your case (actually happened).

Got a bunch of woodpeckers destroying you wood siding? Shoot one and you are in deep trouble. Better hope your nosy neighbor next door does not rat you out!!

Want to go to a state (PUBLIC LAND) park? Sorry, you can’t even though your tax money was used to confiscate the land it is on from some poor slob who thought he owned his own property only to find out he did not really own anything. Like property taxes. Don’t pay, they confiscate your property and sell it to some other poor slob who thinks he then owns it. So why can’t I go to a state park? Well you can, if you pay a certain fee and go at a certain time and stay only at a certain place and only stay a certain length of time and do only certain things. Otherwise it curtains for you!!  TOTAL FREEDOM RIGHT?

Like to fish? First if all, you need a license issued by the State. And then only on certain days, on certain lakes, for certain species of a certain size, and only a certain number of fish, ONLY AT CERTAIN TIMES, or you get big fines and jail time. All regulated by Fish and Game Wardens who wander around doing their duties to protect the communist United Nations Biosphere reserves or global parks. All of that to protect you and your environment. So give thanks to your authorities who only have the UN’s best interests at heart.

So who owns anything, anymore? You only think you own things. Really it is a leasehold agreement and the Lord is the real owner, who just so happens to be punishing His people right now called curses, for their total apostasy and then He will punish those who are punishing His people. Wow – total freedom there as well!!!

So let’s see now, medical, financial and shelter and protection are all under tight government approval which can be revoked at any time. Yessereee bob, that’s real and total independence and freedom!! Time for a roman candle to celebrate our freedom, that is if they are legal – better check it out with your local authorities to find out, get permission and the right permits (for a fee), lest you end up in jail for celebrating the FREEDOMS YOU DON’T HAVE.

So let’s take a gander at transportation – let’s see, you decide you want to fly somewhere. You first of all are run through some type of “secret” NO FLY LIST. TSA has to approve of you, or you don’t get to fly. Then you have to undergo a “pat down”, all you baggage is inspected and if they don’t like the way you look, they pull you aside for an interrogation” to find out if you are a domestic terrorist or enemy of the state. If you protest all of this, you are immediately detained and can be arrested and put in jail while they do a “search” on you to find out how dangerous you are. Of course if you make it through all of that, you have to be “patted down” and your genitals have to be checked for “secret bombs.” Even cavity searches because a woman might have a bomb in there.  HOW FREE IS THAT? CRY FREEDOM!!

If you make it through all of that, well then, you are told what you can and cannot bring in your luggage, which can be searched and detained at any time. If you take a bus, TSA can, at any time, on a whim, search your person and luggage. If you take a train, same thing. Want to go to a football game? Baseball? Hockey? Might have to go through a TSA check there as well. On and on  it goes, but its all rational and reasonable right? So what’s your problem?

But I am free to drive anywhere I want, right? Well yes and no. You have to have a license to drive. You have to fill out a form and wait many hours as the Department Of Motor Vehicles searches out your past, gives you a vision test to make sure you not totally blind, and charges you a LARGE FEE for your license. You may have to take a drivers test, you know to find out if you stay on the read, in between the lines, and to see if you stop at stop signs, all of that. Can you park? In other words, you must PAY FOR YOUR FREEDOM TO TRAVEL, or you cannot travel. You have to have insurance to drive. Your car has to be inspected in many states to see if it is even allowed to travel on the highways. You can be pulled over at the whim of any state trooper or local police departments FOR ALMOST ANY INFRACTION, such as signal lights not working, headlight out, etc. You must carry your ID WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES. Your car can be searched. Cash found can be confiscated. Total freedom here too, right?

You may have also noticed all of these gates going up all along entrance ramps to the Interstate system and even on some smaller state highways. GATES. Gates are made to stop you from entering or leaving. The excuse is WEATHER CONTROL, to shut down sections of the Interstate when you get bad storms etc., or some large accident occurs. Makes sense, right? All of the above “restrictions” are reasonable and rational. In the name of “security” of course.

Sounds right, sounds good. By extension of course, any Interstate can be shut down for any reason whatsoever, say to stop you at some TSA checkpoint (already in the works with their bullet proof portable guard shacks) to see if you are on the red or blue list for round-up to go to your local FEMA collection point or be marched to your local FEMA JOY CAMP that Hillary Clinton spoke of.

And you may also have noticed those steel FENCES going up all over as well on the Interstate system to prevent one from turning around when these CHECK POINTS GO LIVE. Gates and fences. Freedom, total independence!! Go figure. How blind are these folks, anyhow? Time to light off another cherry bomb!! Whoops, I forgot, those are not legal anymore. Time for to be arrested. TOTAL FREEDOM HERE AS WELL. Do you get the drift, here?

And you may also have notice all of these so-called “turn-abouts” that are replacing simple stop signs. A turnabout is easy to block access to. They are actually traps, so traffic can be “funneled’ wherever the authorities want to funnel it. It is all new world order martial law stuff.

OK, let’s see, medical, financial, housing, protection and transportation all tightly controlled as the noose gets tighter and tighter. REAL FREEDOM HERE, I mean WOW!! How can you stand such a vast amount of freedom? I mean, wow, aren’t you excited?

How about electricity or power? Want to live off the grid? Real Independence? In Florida and now progressing in other states, it is not legal to be living OFF THE GRID. Power of course is under very tight controls now with smart meters and other methods to shut you down any time they want. Days late on your bill? OFF GOES THE POWER. SO SAD. Total freedom here as well. Like light bulbs – gotta have a certain type or you are in violation. No real light bulbs allowed.

Want to set up a solar power system? Well, before you try that, you might want to get approval of your local zoning board to make sure you meet all the regulations concerning such a drastic move. And in some states, even with it, you have to pay the electric company a monthly fee to allow you to be electrically off the grid. That’s independence for you!!

Let’s take a look at two other basic essentials. FOOD AND WATER. Rain water that falls on your property (actually most likely the bank’s property, or the governments who bought the mortgage owns it, and that means Obama owns it for he is a dictator now), so this water belongs to the EPA and government agencies who tell you what you can and cannot do with rainwater, streams, ponds, even trickles of water on your own land. Yes, it is sadly true, run afoul if the DNR/EPA or some other unheard-of government agencies and well, too bad for you!! SO SAD. Built a bridge across a small creek that runs dry most of the time and totally on your own property? DNR approval a must or you are in big trouble. Want to put in a small pond on your land? DNR will most likely not approve. Build it anyway? Lose your property, go to jail. TOTAL FREEDOM HERE AS WELL, RIGHT?

How about the water in your John? Gotta have a new toilet that does not use so much water. Not legal anymore to have more than the REGULATED AMOUNT. The authorities might have to come out and destroy your non-regulated John and make you build the old-fashioned outhouse. But then again you would be destroying the UN Habitat if you did that, so better get one of those incinerator toilets. Well, gotta get approval for one of those. Those outdoor johns where great when it was like 40 degrees below zero. Sure made thing happen fast though!!!

Watering your lawn? Well that is regulated in many places as well. Water only on certain days and for how long. Violate those rules? BIB TROUBLE FOR YOU. Why not just paint your lawn green and be done with it?

I WANT TO PAINT MY HOUSE. Get approve from the local zoning board. Near a river? Get approval from the DNR. Want to paint an interior wall? Modify your home slightly? Get approval from your local zoning board? Don’t bother? You will be fined, and in some cases made to put it all back the way it was. Tax man coming to evaluate your property? Better let him in and hope he does not notice the changes you made, else he will report it and then zoning gets into the act. Want to put in a new furnace? Air conditioner? That will have to be inspected after you get approval to install it. FREEDOM HERE AS WELL!!

So then water, a most basic of all needs, is tightly controlled. Even private water wells are now coming under government control, slowly but surely. Soon they will have meters on private wells and you will be billed for the water or told how much you can actually use each day. Use too much? Fines and jail time!! THEY LEAVE NOTHING UNTOUCHED. Total freedom here as well!!!

OK, let’s move to food, which is one of the most tightly regulated of all. Even your kids have to eat a government approved lunch. If a mom or pop send the kid to school with the wrong lunch, it gets destroyed and the kid IS FORCED to eat what the government has approved and a warning letter is sent home because, after all, you might be guilty of child abuse and the Child Protection Services comes to take your kids away. MORE FREEDOM!! WOW!!

Some young child was sent to school with her lunch box and mom had put in some cookies. WOW!! Well the teacher rummaged through the lunch box and found the cookies, confiscated them and destroyed them, telling the little kid they were not good food. TOTAL FREEDOM HERE TOO RIGHT? I mean how far does this have to go? Remember the mayor of New York and the drink size? Yes the nanny state is in full swing, and government always knows best. Maybe Lindsey Williams was right, the America people will DO NOTHING TO STOP THIS.

For example, RAW MILK. You know, the type nature gives you. Cannot have that. Sell raw milk direct from the cow even if you own the cow? TO JAIL YOU WILL GO, TO JAIL YOU WILL GO, HI HO THE DAIRY O, TO JAIL YOU WILL GO. Real freedom here as well!!

How about growing your own food in your own garden on your own land? Well, better check out that with your local zoning board. Might not be a wise thing to do. A neighbor might turn you in. Imagine having the audacity to grow your own food!! Unthinkable!! And you might find out that your contribution to yourself runs afoul of some unknown statute that says you are competing with some far distant conglomerate without a license. Actually happened!! How dastardly are you anyhow? What NERVE!!! Call the cops, call Homeland Security!! Call the UN!  Anyone who helps themselves is suspect and in need of a mental health evaluation.

OK, well, how about free speech? You know the one guaranteed under the Bill of Rights? Well, better be careful there. NSA might overhear you. Facebook might report you. Twitter might have to turn you in for investigation and termination of your account. YouTube might censor your video. NSA overheard you say something while tapping your phone without a warrant, for who needs one these days? The police overheard you mutter something around one of their cameras on the street with a microphone on it. Total freedom, relish in it. Light off another firecracker, that is, if they are legal where you are. If not, well, expect a police car anytime now and a big fine for disturbing the peace.

NDAA allows your interrogation and incarceration for no reason at all, even if they don’t like your haircut or the color of your eyes. Every word monitored. You might be an enemy combatant, or simply an enemy of the state, or maybe well, you just said the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time. But you are totally free right? Free of snooping? Totally secure in your papers and effects, right?

And those FEMA CAMPS and WALMARTS and old PRISONS being reactivated all over. New shopping malls and schools and stadiums that have guard towers going up all over the place. What for? Oh, let’s see, FOR YOUR FREEDOM. SO YOU CAN LOOK THROUGH THE RAZOR WIRE which you might be free to do, that is if you are not working at some gulag 5am to 11pm at some North Korean prison camp, an extension of your local Hillary FEMA CAMP JOY. You are free to obey, you are free to work and you are free to die. That’s your freedom and you made it so. So don’t complain. Don’t bitch about it, you own it, you bought it, and I cry not for you whatsoever.

So all of this fits in with the celebrations of Veterans Day and such like. Send the sons and daughters off to war to fight for freedom and give it all away back home. Same thing. Same result. America down, America down forever, never to return. It did not have to be, but it is what it is.

So anyhow, I hope you have  a happy and carefree Independence Day. I also hope you recognize that you are in fact, A TOTAL AND COMPLETE SLAVE and you have NO INDEPENDENCE WHATSOEVER because you allowed it all to slip away while you stuffed your faces with brats and burgers and drank your denial cool-aide and could care less – that is until that knock on the door comes and you see your wife, your children and you hauled away and will never see any of them ever again. It’s coming, but you are oblivious to all of it. NEVER HAPPEN HERE, RIGHT? WE ARE THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE BRAVE, RIGHT? We have freedom here, we have rights, RIGHT?

Not everyone mind you, many have fought the good fight, but as the Bible says, SO FEW. TOO LATE NOW. ITS COMING. The night is fast APPROACHING. Are you ready? You will love your MARK. You will LOVE YOUR SERVITUDE. You will LOVE BIG BROTHER. You will BE HAPPY and OWN NOTHING, not even the shirt or prison garbs you wear. Better not let those bar stripes get dirty now, lest you be put in solitary or simply shot. But you are happy right? REAL HAPPY and YOU OWN NOTHING! WOW, lets light off another roman candle!!

Oh, by the way, you might want to try and explain to your children why you sold them into total slavery and why you did not give a tinkers damn for their future. But you love them, RIGHT? Stupid idiots. The Torah Code tells it all, the American people suffer from a stupidity virus, we call it THE JAB. Now the curses of God are upon you. Now you die and because your refused Jesus Christ and His commands, your go to a bad, bad place. REAL SMART, I SAY, REAL SMART.

Is there any way, is there any “event”, any warning that will bring the American people out of their comatose slumber? The rope of tyranny is now tight around your neck. The New World Order boys and girls are throwing the other part of that rope over the tree limb, while they also saw the legs off the chair your standing upon. GOD SAYS YOU DESERVE IT. Do you think there any chance He is right?

So please tell me what you are celebrating Independence Day for? Anyone?



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