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An Emerging Communist Take-Over by Gun Grabbing Students Underway

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The Bertrand Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues
By Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)
This weekend we move into “Stage 5″ of Trump’s takedown of the “Deep State” actors, according to a military insider a.k.a. the “Alliance.” What that entails is varied, but what is evident….the “Deep State” have created a diversion by busing in students from around the country to literally break into the gates of the White House over their attempt(s) to force new and aggressive gun control measures.
Promoters of the 2nd Amendment are reported to be rapidly organizing protests at several major cities and if a paid provocateur creates an incident with these so-called “innocent” Social Justice Warriors, the 2nd Amendment will end-up on the chopping block for sure.
These students are shills for the Democrat Party in their bid to take-back the House in November since 99% of these students will be 18 upon graduation this year and WILL vote.
All of this comes at a time when rogue FBI agents will face their demise soon while the Mueller investigation is falling apart fast.
The “Deep State” are using the two bimbos as a diversion in-order to create further chaos within the Trump family in hopes that supporters and those involved with the take-down of the “Deep State” traitors might waiver. The situation is so serious, most do not realize there have been 7 attempts on Trump’s life and Secret Service are not relied on as the only source for Trump’s protection, having to rely on BlackWater and Navy Seals instead.
Most of these “Deep State” actors facing charges of Treason and War Crimes (Bush et al) goes back to the 9/11 black ops by the Bush Administration to allow public support for the fake wars in the Middle East for control of the oil reserves, trans-pipelines, puppet dictatorships, and the icing-on-the-cake…..the take-down of the United States by imposing a strict “Police State” that mimics KGB style Soviet Union era tactics under the “Patriot Act” written and ready before 9/11.
Regardless that President Trump is in office, and even though the Liberty Movement thought our concerns would be ratified and #MAGA would become the norm, however, we quickly learned that our government operates on three levels. The “Shadow Government” (Military Industrial Complex and global illuminati control via the Council on Foreign Relations), the “Deep State” bureaucratic actors selectively placed by Bush and Obama, and WE THE PEOPLE now in a battle with a domestic enemy.
If Trump does not prevail and Stage 5 fails, we as country will quickly slip back to where we were on 9/11 and the Socialist / Communist Left will advance us into a Soviet Union era type of government. Our economy will be 100% debt based where there is basically no Middle Class and restrictions on travel and/or leaving the country will be nearly impossible for low income people and only the Clinton types will be free. Pretty much the same scenario we see in Mexico and the reason why the poor have to illegally cross into the United States and cannot get approved for legal entry, which begins in Mexico.
Most Mexicans and Central American illegal aliens are restricted because of petty and felony type crimes, diseases and no property ownership. China is also a prime example of what America could become if Trump fails with a United Nations Agenda 21 on steroids.
Now….throw-in a Democrat controlled House and Trump impeached or God forbid other, a full blown gun registration of every weapon you own as a result of a Democrat insurance requirement for all gun owners, and millions of gun owners that refuse to acquire the insurance with millions that already have CCW Carry Permits refusing insurance, the stage is then set for marking every gun owner refusing insurance a felony criminal in possession of illegal weapons. Police vehicle tag readers will and do see on their computer screen if you carry a concealed weapon.
Criminalizing society by the Communists will also advance to mandatory vaccine checkpoints when the next false flag biological agent is released on the public. No vaccine(s)??? No passage between states, or in entry into selected buildings, businesses and sports events. Buying food could easily require a vaccination certificate.
Home schooling will be illegal and that will be based-on negative political influence by parents (that own guns or do not vaccinate their kids).
Under a Communist Left government that can easily surpass the Trump presidency in 7 years or less, the right to move about the country will be restricted to the amount of credits you have on your Vehicle Emissions Credit Card. Al Gore et al will surface again like a gopher waiting for Spring. The poor will be unable to travel privately and Greyhound bus lines will emerge as the main source for travel (as long as your vaccine card is up to date).
And of course, the Communist Left Democrats will continue to reign-in votes from the down trodden because they will use the fakestream media to expose the wealthy as privileged and the poor as being restricted ! “Your situation is a result of Whites that have more money than you !” They create the problem and then offer the solution……
The poor Whites will hate the wealthy Whites and Democrats will attempt to stay in power….in-fact, we are seeing that now !
The Democrat Party are nothing but liars by “Deep State” actors….mostly Democrats that want to maintain power. THEY can twist a sweet orange into a lemon and their followers cannot see past their disgust for President Trump. THEY are willing to submit their heart and souls to tyranny while overlooking the criminal actions by those having control of the justice system.
Liberalism is a mental illness by most in the Liberal / Socialist movement that want to take your freedoms because they feel those freedoms are hurting them.
“Hell no”…..give qualified teachers a weapon to defend themselves and their class?? But instead….gun control and then more gun control because gun control initiatives (now) will make no difference when a sub-human wants to go on a killing spree.
IT’S NOT ABOUT SAVING LIVES….it’s about Communist control of America without the threat of the 2nd Amendment.
THEY KNOW….what it says in the 2nd Amendment about the RIGHT to change a government that has turned on the people !
THEREFORE….it is the mission by these organized students, funded by the Communists, to incrementally destroy the 2nd Amendment by restricting effective weapons against tyranny, initiate insurance requirements followed by the criminalization of all gun owners if they don’t submit, and effectively control 90% of gun ownership in AmeriKa.
In the meanwhile, the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex is working behind the scenes to trap as many humans they can with drugs for symptoms that were non-existent years back, but now surfacing as a result of propaganda and feel good drugs…..the result? No weapons for you !!
Legalized Marijuana in all states will be the catch-all for not being able to own a weapon, even though Marijuana has proven to be the number one opiate drug addiction solution.
Keeping most Americans poor, drugged-up, and vaccinated is OUR future if we allow this latest attempt by the “Deep State” to organize millions of students as new voters indoctrinated by total bullshit by the Communist Left. We are there….
Throw-in Stage 5 take-down by the Trump Administration, we could witness all the ingredients for chaos beyond control in coming days.
And… a review of how we got here, listen to this very accurate assessment of what is believed to be extraordinary evidence of what happened on the morning of 9/11 and you will get an idea of how 9/11 was planned for what we are seeing today.
Pay close attention as to clear evidence of where the passengers and the original 9/11 flights were flown to out of Boston to (Westover AFB) and then replaced by drone controlled B-757′s and 767′s and who was behind that technology at the time.
The key factors that blows the “official 9/11 story” out of the water are the cellphone calls that have NO BACKGROUND sound of flying in a jet, let alone no possible way contact can be made above 3,000 ft, obvious scripted statements, and the time line contradiction.
The passengers and crew were set-up as part of the massive military exercise that was underway that morning and participated as true patriots but exterminated accordingly by the “Shadow Government” and presented to the world by the “Deep State” as a real attack by Muslims, which at least six are still alive today. I agree with this flight attendant on nearly 100% of her research into 9/11.

Traitors and war crimes and the murder of over 3,000 people on 9/11? President Trump MUST prevail or we will find ourselves in a bloody war in AmeriKa if the Communists take-back this country. Obama has already taken-off to New Zealand to purchase property and Hillary Clinton soon enough will follow in May. What are the odds their visit to New Zealand (only a couple months apart) is for the reasons fakestream media is telling us? “Golfing and book tour?”
Right?? A Trump’s “Stage 5″ operation by the U.S. military is wishful thinking?? If so….we will be in serious trouble, as a country, if a Communist take-over happens this November…and that’s NOT fake news.
—Dave Bertrand
From The Desk of Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.) Int’l Airline Freight Captain on the DC-8 stretch jet / B-727 series 200 jet & First Officer DC-6 prop & DC-10 wide-body jet), 72′ to 76′ U.S. Army Veteran (Military Police) ‘Comms Sergeant’ (Korea), Law Enforcement (State), DHS Trained Counter-Terrorism Instructor for HWW, Border Security Specialist, Political Analyst and Activist to help “Make America Great Again” while exposing the “Deep State” shadow government enemy.
My mission is to slice through the propaganda, encourage everyone to write and share important news among our network of patriots, military, law enforcement and selected news media sources (we trust). We are the pulse of America and we will prevail.


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    • Pink Slime

      I don’t know why you are mentioning control by the left and communist, etc.

      Your Constitution is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND! It was being about AGAINST such farces. So that means when your government becomes one or goes rogue you have NO MORE obligation to obey them it since they now go against YOUR Constitution!!

      Can I say duuuuhhh…. mb!!

      IGNORE THEM till you don’t want to put up with their BIG MOUTHS! :twisted:

    • kletus_ledbetter

      Yup, them little gun grabbin commies bastards are out in force today. What say we take our 6 million+ NRA members up there some day? Do you think we could get Sorus to foot the Bill for us. There are 6 million+ NRA members but you can be sure that there many million more gun owners that aren’t NRA members that back the NRA. We’ll see you at the poles in November congressmen.

      • Man

        Yeah I remember when obama became president and all NRA members where shouting for cival war because of teh Commie president was after their guns….

        Where were all those NRA members in Oregon when the BUndies where fighting for their freedom…

        All NRA members are just all talk and no action… They replaced their balls with guns

      • Pink Slime

        Where are the NRA marches for 17 unarmed students?

        Where are the rallies to start arming Americans? The outcry and speeches for their disarmed victims?? :cool:

        Where is the rage at the anti-gun disarming liberals and Demoncraps??

    • Man

      So i guess Switzerland is the most commie state of the world because of better gun regulation?

      Better yet, Name one Communist state in the world who has this kind of policies?

      This is like the weirdest Fear mongering propaganda

    • raburgeson

      They jerked the video, censorship is a trip. They will never get my guns. Maybe the couple in the house and the cost in lives will be very high. The ones in the militia vaults far underground will surface and be passed to patriots who’s names are drawn. I have enough down there to make sure they never know peace so, millions have done the same in my state. That means they have lost before they even begin.

    • AmericaWakeUpNow

      The left brainwashes our children in the public reeducation schools, making them into socialist tools to use against us and our constitutional freedoms!!!! They are taught that if they don’t get their way, go out in violent protest, hurt those that are against you, and destroy property!!!! These next generations coming up remind me of the Hitler youth groups!!!!

    • Sue Rosenorn

      We know George Soros is mostly behind this. Why hasnt he been turned over to Putin?

    • kletus_ledbetter

      Yes, teeny boppers are easily mislead and fooled. They have no insight of what their actions now will cause later. The criminals and terrorists won’t give up their guns. Some want to be in the lime light but most are just followers. They will always follow the crowd because of their immature thought process. These young people are merely tools of the liberals. Irrational behavior of spoiled brats who would be totally inept without their smart phones and laptops. Boys and girls come back when you have a little life experience, like a job and responsibility of a family. Maybe if they would re institute the military service draft some old drill Sargent would knock some sense into their heads. Kids should be seen and not heard.

    • kletus_ledbetter

      LOL, I heard several of these kids say that they were the future of the country. LOL, I certainly hope not! We can do better.

    • kletus_ledbetter

      Children, its better to be inconspicuous and be a fool than stand up in front of the whole world and declare it.

    • Cousin_Jack

      How do you think the kids are being taught into believing guns are evil? Most likely because the positive things about guns aren’t taught to them. They’re probably not taught important history, they’re probably taught how evil America is. So the solution is to tell the students about your history and guns and tell them what they’re not being told. Stand on a street corner and tell them why you need guns and why you needed them.

      • kletus_ledbetter

        LOL,We let the liberal main stream media do that. I have noted that a lot on school teachers and professors are anti gun liberals. They should be told to stick to teaching and stop the indoctrination.

    • kletus_ledbetter

      The Democrat and Republican congressmen are both afraid to initiate gun control legislation with the mid term elections coming up. I don’t look for anything to come of this pissing and moaning.

    • The Ferrett

      In short, THE problem with the world today is Judaism! Make no mistake; there is no . . good Jew, bad Jew, or whatever Jew.
      It is not a subset of Judaism, not Jewish Bolsheviks, not Zionism, not Frankfurters, not Cabalists, not Freemasons, not Neocons, not the Kosher Nostra, not the Anglo Zionist Empire not the Deep State and it is not the Khazarian Mafia.

      The white genocide agenda is under direct orders from the Kehilla (the modern day Sanhedrin / Pharisees that runs the world ) via the banking system and this is where reform must begin. When every corporation and most politicians tout gender dysphoria, illegal immigration, and miscegenation, you know they are all controlled by the Jewish central banks. The Fed must be nationalized and debt created from thin air renounced.

      To prevent this from happening, the Masonic Jewish (Satanist) bankers have weaponized immigration and miscegenation against the founding peoples of the West. They attack race, religion (God), nation and family (gender) to weaken us.

      Our “leaders” are bankster frontmen & globalist traitors, whose only loyalty is to the Hive – always the Hive. A resurgence of European racial conscious is their worst nightmare, followed by a widespread revival of a genuine and militant Christianity.

      However, the bankers would destroy the economy or even destroy the world if their credit monopoly was ever threatened.

      It is simply the scourge of Judaism in the guise of today’s modern day Anti-Christ Talmudic Pharisees, that even Christ called . . . . The Seed of Satan.

      • No time

        The best solution for everything that’s wrong with this world, is to stop having children. All Goverments are Satan’s He’ll on Earth. Your body is a prison, that’s why it’s made of cells, that’s why your carrying that cell phone. That’s why your Birth Certifacate, Death Certifacte and Grave Stone are written with CAPITAL LETTERS OR DOG LATIN THE LANGUAGE OF THE DEAD.

    • Mr T

      If we as a nation can not trow all these trators in jail for a very long time,with all the evidence on Hillary ,Obama ,comey McCabe ,and all the rest of the pedofile actors ,if we can not get it done ,well I might as well just go join the other side.!not

    • ElPolacko

      After listening to about 10 minutes of this staged “National Protest” against guns I’ve come to realize that these foolish children, that are screaming to have their God Given Rights removed, need a big dose of reality. It’s time to bring back the draft!!! Not just for boys…we need to draft both sexes.
      We have spoiled, pampered and catered to these little ingrates and let the Global Socialists into our public schools to lie, deceive and indoctrinate our future. We’ve given them violence porn in the form of video games, scorched their minds with cell phones and told them it’s OK to be gay while the rest of the world teaches their children to field strip an AK-47.

      It is time to counter the disease of Socialist indoctrination with a commitment by these foolish brats to 2 years of military service.

      They are fat, spoiled and lazy physically and mentally, they have nothing but contempt for our flag, our military and the Constitution and need some mandatory service to bring them back to reality.

      No more coddling….BRING BACK THE DRAFT!!!

    • jdpent01

      Under budget and on time is the border wall, WHAT? it was only funded 1.8 billion not 25 billion that was requested, yes, but Trump is now calling the Southern wall a National Security Problem and can use the HDS [Military] to build the wall he wants diverting 25 billion out of 600 billion the Mil got from the budget he signed, core of engineers. Military builders, do it all the time. Contractors will be under Mil control, so if this is the path for the wall Schumer and Pelosi are the big losers, he will do it without DACA ATTACHED SUPPORTING HIS BASE [BUILD THE WALL] HE IS COMMANDER IN Chief and can direct these events. Dem’s have little say in overriding Commander in Chief, its to keep the unwanted out i.e. Mexicans, drugs and OTMs. POTUS OFFERED DEM’S A DACA DEAL BUT THEY TURNED IT DOWN trying to keep it for another election spin against Republicans. Well its a signed deal budget 1.3 trillion with the bulk going to the Military. The budget says nothing about military not constructing a wall for National Defense. Dem’s we so sorry you did not take the DACA deal better luck next time. in two years try again.

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