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Corona Virus, Is This the Ruling Elite’s Last Stand?

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By Ash Bunsee

In their thousand years insidious raging battle with the children of the Great Creator (us). Has nature in a move of inconceivable genius caused for the ruling elites to do battle with themselves?

Were they blinded to reason and believing all along that they were leading us on a road to our final demise when they were in fact leading themselves to destruction all along?

Have they caused themselves great harm by being unwittingly drunk with conceit and arrogance to cause by their mistimed actions for their own Luciferic system to be made broken?

 Have they now been forced by our Great Creator and our sole master tactician into an abyss? 

Is this their last hurrah before their long demise?

Is this corona virus smokescreen their final blunder elitist attempt to regain control in order to ensure the continuation of their Luciferic system and survival by undertaking a risky reset?

You be the judge of this once in a lifetime situation in planet Marshal Law!

From what is recorded in history (if we can believe history) it tells us this moment is unique. As I write this peace retired members of the army are being called back into service in the United States of America.

It is because of what’s happening now more than ever that I think that we are now at a crossroads, it’s now critical to open the window into our souls so that we can decide what kind of a future we want for ourselves and how to meaningfully save ourselves in these uncharted unraveling chain of dystopian events.

I am sure that the reasonable ones amongst us crave a sustainable form of living that permeates into a clean just world.

Let’s digress for a moment…this has been my real experience and one of the reasons for me writing this article!

It was in the summer 2018 I had just completed writing my three part metafiction when all of the sudden my original manuscript was snatched away poof into thin air, just like that!!!

It was to be within days that I received a call from a whistleblower (also an ex stalker of mine) unbeknown to me at the time worked for the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University who advised me that her employers the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University had stolen my manuscript via a Cyber Attack

I immediately wrote to the institute requesting the return of my one and only copy of the manuscript, which represented a lifetimes work.

This institute wrote back informing me that they were going to carry out an investigation into this theft and also listed the various steps that the investigation would take.

That investigation headed by the institutions Peter Dobeck (whose resume states that he is an advisor to the Prime Minister) proved to be a shameless fake and that was that…none of the listed steps were followed, no manuscript returned and despites a flurry of correspondences from me requesting its return the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University showed their true colors.

Soon thereafter I was threatened and then an attempt was made on my life… not long after with one or two more flimsy excuses they went dark on me.

I am quite sure by now most people know why powerful institutes engage in theft.

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University was founded by Freemason Francis Ormond in 1887.

Institutions sometimes engage in “theft” of information simply because goes against their set narratives and secret agendas. So they suppress information that goes against their narratives and directives but more about this later.

Let’s jump back into the story of the virus…And now suddenly boom like a bat out of hell (excuse the pun) whether real or not the world has been hit with the Corona virus labeled as Covid -19 pandemic.

This pandemic was not the cause but the trigger that has served to expose our financial fragility.

The fragility was always present in the system but the Illuminati controlled government and deep state is fashioned on a dynamic kabala like entity that is like an Ouroboros where the government head eats the deep state tail or vice versa. “This entity is fashioned and is in keeping with their mantra of “survival of the fittest”

It is the powerful and secret mystery school under the control of Lucifer who decides which one of these entities needs to survive in order to save the Illuminati system and keep it in control over us.

 It’s a cruel arrangement as one faction will not hesitate to annihilate the other totally if the Luciferian system comes under threat where the one believes under instructions from their hidden grand master that it can remove the threat and right the system.

This is agent provocateur’s Trumps mandate who is a Freemason and Jesuit. (Trump likes Reagan and Nixon before him was always a President in waiting for when the need arose and it did).

Trump is piggy backing on the good standing of the Kennedy’s in order to rescue the Luciferian system that is in distress. I opine that in time we will see Trump do much to unravel the mysterious Kennedy assassination and old spooks may be brought to book and thus the misplaced adoration by the people for Trump will move mountains.  

To the uninitiated this would appear as if the ‘’patriots are in charge’ and he is a President of the people for the people.   

We have seen this power struggle play out when the Bush faction wiped out the Kennedy faction. So you see (government and deep state are two different sides of the same competing coin so I will just refer to them as ‘THE COIN”)

THE COIN’s control of the fake narrative is now under threat.

In the past ‘THE COIN” had the ammunition to hide their Achilles heels. They achieved this by using the Federal Reserve to print unlimited amounts of money in order to artificially prop up its dysfunctional system by using questionable methods and algo rhythms to artificially lift the stock exchange indices.

Meanwhile the multi trillion dollar problems is that the financial system has become so complex, so intertwined, so chaotic, so fraudulent, so gigantic that there is no one on this planet who understands it anymore.

There is no one that understands how the system really functions  let alone to fix it.

No one knows who owes who what or what the counterpart risks are in the system. No one understands the true gravity of the under currents of the “system economic” not even the Federal Reserve! The tsunami that the Fed has created by printing currency out of thin air has turned its tide and its sweeping force is directed towards the Federal Reserve in a solid wave that will blow the Federal Reserve into smithereens.  

Its all the Feds fault. Did they really think that they could create currency out of thin air without dire consequences?  The Federal Reserve has created a monster that it cannot control. The Federal Reserve has printed painted itself into a corner and has become trapped by the monster that it has created. Is it  because of this that they are forced to unleash another monster…the corona virus? In order to create an eyes wide shut moment.

Monsters like Frankenstein always kills its creator…always… This is a fundamental Law of nature!!!

 THE COIN sure does believe that it is immune to the powerful Laws of nature.

It is this monster that has now threatens THE COIN’s very survival.

The only nuclear option available is to reset the entire system!!! But would a reset work?

I very much doubt it!

A virus cannot repair a broken system and neither can excessive money printing cure a virus!

With a reset there are unintended consequences!  One of which is that THE COIN risks plunging the entire system back into the 1600’s and losing total control.

This will cause for the world as we know it to be to ceases to exist. Society as we know it will fragments into small tribes. The virus would have run its course bit the evil decisions and agendas of THE COIN will haunt us for hundreds of years. There will be much pain and suffering in this transition if the COIN fails in its reset efforts. Are you ready for the imminent catastrophe that we are about to see?        

As far as the actions of the Feds go, it goes without saying that you cannot control something that you do not first understand. And the Federal Reserve knows this, this is the reason why they have brought out the bazookas to unleash any amount of currency. It’s a do or die moment.

What we are experiencing today is a frantic effort to reset a collapsed system under the smokescreen of Marshal Law disguised as a pandemic lockdown.  

In the run up to the collapse, THE COIN’S European Mario Draghi talking heads in collaboration with its American counterpart pumped the system with fiat toxic money fiat currency in order to maintain this pollution generating, unsustainable system but failed to stop its demise. Yes their actions did buy time.  

In time the guards of the fiat producing mill central bank were changed, enter Christine Legarde and agent orange… it is again rinse and repeat. This so because they have no other option and they know of no other way but to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result which is a form of mental illness.

They are still trying to talk up the markets stock exchange by pumping billions of Euros/dollars into this illusion and the MAGA narrative has been prostituted just so that this illusion can keep you mesmerized and save the system. And also just so that this illusion can keep you running on the hamster wheel… just like the man says “you are always moving but going nowhere”

THE COIN needs to keep you occupied and distracted for the same reasons that we sometimes give children toys.

THE COIN has created toys but for big kids too who still has some child in them, to whit, the mind numbing IPhone, fakebook facebook, twitter twatter, the four wheel drive sport utility vehicle made for all terrain rugged bush bashing that many mums purchase to drive exclusively to the outbacks shopping mall. The only time it may leave the road tarmac and go off road is when its hits a kerb ‘ouch’. And not forgetting the big boy toys…the Rolex watch and other signature overpriced time mechanisms. To boot expensive time pieces may have always been obsolete because there’s a movement afoot that is gathering steam that claims that time is but an illusion? And it is too!

And with all of this comes more debt, bling, fancy clothes and all the other crap accoutrements that the fashionistas within the secret society tells us when to buy, how and what to wear! “Worry not your little head son no freedom here the nanny fashion industry is alive and well dictating to us when and how to wear what’ are you not amused my son?

I have deprogrammed into a cleaner, wiser, and happier person lest I followed like a locust in my consumerist dirty ways devouring everything in sight. These are evil/sinful ways, if I continued I would be just like the Jones’s living in Hell on Earth!!!

Well, you may want to put these concepts in your pipe and smoke it.

In any case its toys like these that THE COIN use’s as tools to occupy the mind and baffle the brain. This is entrapment via useless items of luxury, they (the THE COIN’S illusion) got you as their debt slave as they slowly drag you into their dirty matrix of the hidden agendas by shuffling us around in a similar manner that a washing machine agitates shuffles clothes in a wash cycle. We are spun around like clothing and bombarded constantly with new fake ideas and other fake information thus keeping us confused confussed. And like a pawn on a chessboard the elitist few within THE COIN moves us strategically from one created check crises to the next in order to obtain their evil psychotic desired outcomes. Rinse and repeat!

This is a show for mindless twits dog and pony show made easy on us through punctuated stress release valves of beer and circuses… we are held in a constant state of disorientation misorintation, “hello Justin Fever and is that lady Gurgle with you?”

Many of these crises are badly staged because they couldn’t care less false flag staged events come complete with well paid crises actors. These actors who are secret society members who have sold their soul to Lucifer in a Faustian deal by swearing to a lifetime oath of secrecy. So don’t be expecting anyone there to blow the whistle on the scams anytime soon.

Do you remember the crises actors who gave convincing speeches about the Saddam or was it the Kuwaiti administration throwing babies from incubators? THE COIN created this lie because they needed to start a war with Iraq. Do you remember when President Assad of Syria who was falsely labeled by THE COIN and their mass media to have gassed  his own people? Rinse and repeat!

THE COIN needed to create this lie because they needed to start a war with Syria.

I won’t go into what they did in Libya or Burma or Iran or Vietnam or Congo or Afghanistan or Liberia or Guatemala or Venezuela or Panama or Philippines or Japan or Egypt or East Timor or Indonesia or Ukraine. The reason why I won’t go into details is because… you know!

But if you don’t…well just read what they did to Iraq and Syria again and then you will know! Rinse and repeat.

So did you recently read about Iran shooting and killing its own citizens? Why those damn oily sand savages!!! Rinse and repeat!

Are they now doing this to the entire world ala this pandemic scare and Marshal Law? Its all the same thing just different situations.

I opine that a person really has to be asleep to even consider these outrages lies spun by THE COIN let alone believe it. All of the Middle Eastern protagonists and the so called victims were secret society crises actors that were used in both of these stunts. (Iraq baby throwing and Syrian gassing)

The Hollywood CIA, NASA (FYI- NASA owns and operates the largest in-house movie production soundstage on the planet) and to think that they are not well known for making movies, then I wonder why this is so?

The other secret agencies of THE COIN are also staffed with similar secret society types representing every race, color and creed, so maybe now you know why THE COIN can run scams like the fake NASA, fake globe Earth (the earth is flat and did you know that the entire continent of China and the United States of America will fit into the Sahara Dessert and then some?) fake geographic mapping systems, fake satellite systems, fake religious systems, fake monetary systems, fake mass media pumping out fake news, they propagate fake history, they create fake education systems, and the fake moon landings not forgetting the fake space shuttle trips which are all manned by mainly complicit lower rung secret society members (no whiste blowers here!!!) with the high ranking Freemason masters and Jesuit commanders overseeing the fake projects with sometimes not so meticulous meticulous oversight.

I come across this a lot on the internet for example, whereby  ex CIA personal and spies pretend to act out as truthers. And some of them amazingly even have their own shows!

My difficulty with this situation is this… how can any ex CIA spy/operative man or woman have any hope in hell of being totally honest and say that they have now become dedicated to the course of truth when they remain permanently compromised to the Luciferian alphabet soup agencies? (CIA main culprit) as a result of their irreversible  Faustian deal? How so?

These persons cannot never be agents for truth because these people are held under control throughout their lifetimes by the agency’s policy of all employees swearing to a lifetime “oath of secrecy”

What happen to them if they break this oath?

Sudden assassination is a guarantee and they know this outcome better than most!

Who murdered Vince Foster and Seth Rich? The CIA has a hit list. Just look up the “murder Patrice Lumumba of Congo’ or this “The Hit List of the C.I.A. – Are You Next? …youtube”

The acid test is this and its simple, if they, these supposedly ex CIA spies/agents who claim to speak out against the evil system and are still alive well then we can safely say…ahem…you know!

This is why despite all the BS hype and rhetoric, I think that Julian “the Zionist” Assange and Edward “Greenberg” Snowden are no heroes but are deep cover operatives of THE COIN. They have chosen to nobly sacrifice their lives for the people THE COIN.

I am pretty sure that they get supplied with virgins and expensive French champagne in the quite enjoying total freedom away from preying eyes! Who’s to say when they are surrounded by there protectors enemies who are crises actors? Oh Vey!

Now, you maybe a wondering what has all of this got to do with the virus?  The answer is everything! Had not been for the evil criminal actions and crimes against humanity committed by the THE COIN and its agents then there would not have been the need to herald in Marshal Law via the back door and use the virus as a smokescreen. Now let’s jump back to the virus again… This has been labeled as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) who (no pun intended) are also crawling with excessively rewarded secret society members. Is 5G the trigger for Covid 19? The WHO remains silent on this integral biowepeon communication device

THE WHO is an integral part of the Luciferian United Nations, Illuminati, New World Order, and One World conspiratorial Government structure.

You read that correctly, “yes governments are conspiratorial structures”

And because of this, it is the cause and reason for the tail to wag the dog.

THE COIN has to be conspiratorial in order to function in its current state of war for peace with promises and lies.

THE COIN cannot function without fraud, without propaganda, without waste, without blackmail, without spin, without wholesale murder, without extortion, without theft, without corruption, without violence, without secrecy, without secret societies, without fake money, without spies and counter spies, without suppressing the truth, without a fake education system, without big PHARMACY, without narcotics, without controlling the drinking water system, without processed foods that keeps one unhealthy (The COIN is in itself a secret society on many levels) and it really cannot function without secret oaths, This is the reason why quite simply put big governments THE COIN has to be  founded on a secret system conspiracy!

I hear you ask what the basis of its secret system conspiracy is. The power base of the system conspiracy is to turn lies into the new truth and truth into lies and ridicule any of its proponents in any which way.

This is done in order to maintain this status quo.

Right now are truthers against the virus being ridiculed?

And further about the dastardly deeds of THE COIN. There must be a stream of fiat created fake money for bribery and corruption, a fake education system, a fake mass media, a lot of spying and wholesale murder to kill of the truthers check out the “holistic list of the doctors that were murdered in your search engine” Yes, the evil incarnate like Henry Kissinger, Rothschild and the Bushes live so long because of adrenochrome and the fact that they would not let our brightest and best live out their lives, they kill them!  

This whole dark and devious evil otherwise unpalatable package is labeled simply under the brand of “national security” making it easy to sell to the masses and it also sounds not only palatable but also very importantly essential.

As a matter of fact the government THE COIN in most of its legal and other proceedings make solid use of conspiracy theories against us, “the people” but the only difference is that they call it “circumstantial evidence’ And this is that brand. The concept of branding of ideas, systems and products is critical for mind control. Is this the reason how THE COIN has millions of people believing and living in fear of the pandemic?


As of 28 March 2020 at 12:34 hrs GMT +3: United States total of 104,837 coronavirus ill patients and around 1,500+ coronavirus deaths still come nowhere close to their nation’s 29 million flu infected patients and 16,000 flu deaths from a month and a half ago.

So the next time that you speak about the governments THE COIN’s dark mechanisms and hidden agendas which are quite visible and glaring to those people who posses’ eyes to see with an enquiring open mind.

This off course would be a beautiful mind that functions normally at optimum levels.

 And when someone calls your smart yet negative observations about THE COIN (THE COIN is all about negative energy) and its evil agenda including its evil tentacles that holds the world in this evil house arrest lockdown a “conspiracy theory” When you are faced with this situation from moronic debunkers, then my advice to you is to clam up immediately and say no more to that person and just know that you are dealing with a total moron! Who is a propagandized “deactivated useless consumer of the lowest order”

In a fair and just world these people would be shot at sight and put out off their misery.

Now let’s face it, normal smart people will not use the word conspiracy theory as an answer or rebuttal in order to debunk any information that they may not agree with, even at first “like this article” it may sound complex, even bombastic to some or farfetched. Smart people already know that truth is stranger than fiction.

And no matter what anyone says, no matter how ridiculous and outlandish it may sound, a smart person knows that all bits of information needs to be carefully considered in an orderly fashion because as you know that part of being intelligent is to be a good listener, why? Because you do not want to miss “It”… “It” is that bit of information that just may be the key to open other new avenues of truths or “It” may be the truth that you were searching for all your life, so never interrupt the messenger in mid sentence lest they may reconsider and have a change of mind.

The term “conspiracy theory” was coined by the destructive and evil Luciferian CIA in 1967 for the exclusive use of morons to disqualify those who question the official lie narrative.  So the question is, “does this pandemic and lockdown fall with the realm of conspiracy theory?”

Morons is another secret society term “”Moron” was coined in 1910 by prominent secret society member, eugenicist psychologist Henry H. Goddard from the Ancient Greek word (moros), which meant “dull” and used to describe a person with a mental age in adulthood of between 7 and 10 on the Binet scale.

We live in an age of information (info) wars. This is a war between our normal intelligent class who have eyes to see, an ear to hear and a mouth to speak…well within the moron class  of people none of these things that we take for granted seem to function as it should. Now we know that the CIA has intelligently coined this term “conspiracy theory to arm their world of moron warriors with the ultimate fact and truth repeller so that any ole idiot of theirs can be armed and given the use of the ultimate weapon to debrief, vaporize, deny, debunk, destroy, the facts and the truth with this ultimate tool. All the while this imbecile will cling to the moral high ground by feigning self intelligence of sorts.

  1. unlevelling of the playing field is made doable courtesy of the CIA. Alas I digress, at this point but more about the other CIA coined phrase “moron” later in its relation to the sheeple sleeple.
  2. is not so much the virus which may have been spread through vapers, chemtrails AND NOT BY BATS but the manner in which THE COIN reacts to the situation… mass house arrests, lockdown for one.

What you are witnessing is clearly Phase One of THE COIN’S franchise which is its response that is clearly based on overkill but no doubt with design and purpose to deceive. This is clearly a repressive and dystopian rollout by THE COIN. Is this another false flag 911 moments?

It may be so as THE COIN has called out the National Guards, the military and now the infamous FEMA, the FEMA which was made famous in the television sci-fi alien based X Files.

THE COIN is clearly using the virus as a smokescreen in a massive sci-fi like X File-is like panic campaign.

This is being done complete with the novel branded icons of the “hand sanitizer and face mask” “Hazmat suits” and maybe toilet paper!

Questioning minds are contending that THE COIN’S is creating a panic attack that is worse than the actual virus.

And Dr. Anthony Fauci admitting the truth in his research article published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine wherein he conceded that the coronavirus mortality rate may be much closer to a very bad flu.

It is clear that this has been planned a long, long time ago in the event of an imminent FINANCIAL COLLAPSE OF THE SYSTEM. This was more than likely planned way back when Dean Koontz wrote the novel Wuhan 400 and koontz was privy to this fact. Nothing in the shadowy world is coincidental. This world is crawling with millionaire, billionaire spies, operatives of THE COIN of every sort including authors and journalist of some of the most prestigious publication on the planet. They will resort to any Orwellian measure to save their system after all it’s the only one that they have!

Do you still remember all those secret meetings at Davos” Bilderberg meetings” “G7”? Well now we know that they were planning, planning, planning and not just discussing climate change with Greta Thunberg!

THE COIN are using the threat of infection to achieve other unrelated dark outcomes to suite their wet dreams of a New World Order because their CAPITALISM SYSTEM HAS COLLAPSED and they are attempting a Novell reset in uncharted waters through their wet dream of a One World Government, one world army, one world police force, one world currency, one world human facial, DNA and RFID human tracking system. And the destruction of the male-female (no more procreation equals to depopulation) under a one world Satanic Luciferic religion.

The above is what the deep state side of THE COIN is working towards and Trumps wants a reset of the system because it has imploded. Trump is in crises and wants to rebuild the broken system from the ground up by installing old world values and winning the trust of the people in order to archive this as in time he will be able to pass on a system that functions to the next President so that he can easily turn it into a firm Orwellian dystopia for good without the grave risks that is now inherent.

Trump is a agent provocateur because he must play both sides of THE COIN and this is but one of his reasons for wavering in mind, will and feeling as this is a hallmark of any double agent. 

The deep state will hear nothing of this and firmly wants to install the New World Order now but Trump is firm that now is not the right time and herein lies the heart of the problem between government and deep state.      

THE COIN are a one trick pony so as per usual they are using the same chapter from their ancient handbook that dictates that there must be agitation first and then integration” Rinse and repeat!

“Agitation and integration is one of their most important if not only form of controlling civilization, so always keep this at the back of your mind.

This means that in order for them to achieve the GREAT RESET and their goal of a One world Government, one that is controlled through Artificial Intelligence (AI)…but they still need our help to achieve this transition to the final control stage where they can kill us all off with AI robots.

THE COIN will use brutal force to obtain our co-operation by forcing us to consent to repressive new Laws just like what it is forcing us to do now with this pandemic thing.

Now in order to achieve intergration they must first subject the population to great fear (the agitation) like maybe a deadly pandemic, once the fear becomes rampant then they will use that fear factor to make us more obedient slaves by making  lethal mind distorting vaccines mandatory (more agitation) and this will be then be followed by severe repression.

All of this will be achieved by making us suffer such difficult agitations, such evil strife by blocking ones access to food and money.

There will be terrible upheavals like wiping out the poor and some of the middle class through hunger and vaccines that are based on this pandemic. For those paying attention see how THE COIN is currently systematically removing rogue bankers, bureaucrats, and politicians from the system.

This is to prove to you look we are still in charge!

These thieves who are made to fall from grace have served THE COIN and now there is no need for them because the COIN needs to show the world that is has control of everything.

These disgraced and ousted criminals like Dominique Strauss Kahn, Vijay Malaya. And Anil Ambani the latter who once supped with Hollywood kingmaker Steven (close encounters) Spielberg, forgot the one rule on their crooked way up the ladder…”when you sup with the Devil make sure that you have a long spoon” or you may become the sacrificial lamb. They are made sacrificed for the reset and virus.

These actions of the mass house arrests mass lockdown will shake us to our core with great fear and much misery but they expect us to suffer all of this in silence. Any form of rebellion will be brutally crushed and the rule by THE COIN government will be through an iron hand…they have done this before…do you still remembers the murderers that THE COIN has installed in repressive times of a bygone era to rule over us that indirectly or directly led to the murder of millions of our men women and children?

Allow me to refresh your minds, Idi Amin in Uganda, the lunatic Pol Pot in Cambodia, the psychopaths Lennin/Stalin led the Bolsheviks who murdered millions of the working class in Russia and then who helped to cruelly give birth to absolute capitalism through fascism under the disguise of communism in Russia, the perverted Ghandi in India who permanently created a thorn in the side of India with his assistance in the creation of the bogeyman nuclear armed Pakistan ( hhmmmm nuclear armed maybe, maybe not) and not forgetting the brutal murderous dictators of Africa, South America, the Middle East, Asia and other far flung corners of the earth like the (the Duvalier’s in Haiti) Make no mistake that these monsters will be coming to a theatre near you.

THE COIN intends to turn our daily lives upside down (as if it is not already for many of us) into a living cesspool of hell and they have the tools.

And at the end THE COIN’S UN peace troops and swank negotiators evil pale riders will ride into town and demand offer to us that is to say what’s left of the suffering strife torn depopulated people a one sided seemingly fair deal according to them… something not too dissimilar to the recent Kushner/Trump apartheid fair deal made to the disposed people of Palestine.

They will thrust upon us through the barrel of a gun offer THE COIN’S preplanned solution (the integration part) which of course will be to strip away more freedom, more civil liberties with more draconian laws to be enacted to keep us imprisoned, unhealthy and impoverished.

This is an age old elitist game of THE COIN. To whit think how much society had been made to change for the worst after the infusion of the (agitation) Roman Empire into what is now the evil Luciferian Vatican replete with a pope who is the devil incarnate (integration).

What about after World War 1 (agitation) that created a seat for the Devils banker, the Rothschild’s on the worldly economic throne. (Integration)

World War 11 (agitation) entrenched the Zionism and the Semitic brand that is still shaping our society through Kabala politics (integration).

The 1929 depression (agitation) that gave further rise to the unworkable Keynes illusion of the roaring forties going forward into a gigantic Rothschild infused bubble economy (integration) that started blowing up way back in 1929.

In 1971 Nixon cemented Rothschild’s old con by closing the gold window and expanded THE COIN’S rule over the world’s throne by a fiat global reserve currency printed out of this air. This fiat is used to course wars, control and direct the course of all societies through the power of worthless bits of paper.

(The naked emperor has ruled us for a long time now!)

911 (agitation) and its draconian Patriot Acts which are hundreds of complex Acts (can anyone say TSA?) it was just waiting for a calamity and what do you know along came 911! And wala! The Patriotic Acts were eagerly applied and enforced (integration)

  1. Emanuel one of THE COIN ‘S dark sons said it best “never let a good crises go to waste” (especially when that crises is a devil construed man made false flag like Pearl Harbor and the Bay of Tonkin false flag attacks.

Well here we are in 2020. The world as we know it is again changing like we have never seen, through much agitation right in front of our very eyes.

They are pulling off one of the largest false flag capers of of all time. It’s all fake…Is this also another USS Liberty 911 moment?”

They are imposing pandemic economic martial Law disguised as pandemic protection! It s evident that “THE COIN” is using this virus with the lack of evidence for this hysteria as a smoke screen to herald in economic pandemic martial Law. This is genius on their part… Why?

THE COIN as per usual desperately needs this Martial Law so that they can start doing bad things to us under this pandemic smokescreen. They impose economic Martial Law because CAPITALISM HAS COLLAPSED…

So they place boots on ground trying to reset the failed order with a new World Order and we welcome it believing that they are protecting us from a pandemic. It’s all fake… look up this “‘It’s all fake!’: “Chinese official heckled by residents on visit to Wuhan on YouTube”

There are still a lot of people who do not know that the Federal Reserve is a private corporation that was founded in 1913 in Jekyll island as the Central Bank of Central Banks.

It was founded by the secret society members of the Zionist Cult. It is still owned and run by a small group of private Jewish families. Their ancestors were the same people behind the formation of the state of Israel.

Have you noticed that the Federal Reserve Corporation under the guise of Quantitative Easing and mass bailouts it is buying up every asset class with currency created out of thin air via a digital keyboard. In other words the Federal Reserve is able to take over and buy up everyone’s labor that is stored in hard assets with this fake currency that it simply creates out of thin air.

This action will make the Federal Reserve Corporation the largest corporation on this planet that owns all the assets including all our homes (including all the hookers) and all of us will end up as its slaves working for fake digital currency.I opine that this move by the Feds is a big mistake that will backfire when that coming massive tidal wave false debt and false currency hits it.

The good news is that you do not have to drink the “Kool Aid” anymore.

You can escape from their integration, because there in now Divine intervention.

This is Divine intervention like never before… but more about this later.

THE COIN and its alphabet soup and secret society affiliates (CIA, NSA, FBI, TSA, WHO,) who are the real king makers and benefactors to whit of the likes of Zionist John Pierpont Morgan, the Zionist Warburg banking families, the Zionist Goldman family, Howard Hughes, the Zionist Warren Buffet, the Freemason Donald J Trump, and the Zionist Bill Gates to name but a few of the very long list of usual suspects.

It was to be after much intensive planning behind closed doors by THE COIN just to name a few of these sessions “Davos” Bilderberg meetings” “G7” including countless of other Freemason and secret society meetings have fomented hidden agendas that now come together and are being enacted in military style precision and co-operation, complete with the orange traitor as its commander in chief.

They knew that their system would implode. THE COIN’S aim is to change the urbanized world as we know it to be by bringing it to its knees by causing it to buckle down at a roadblock. And once they break us then they will impose their new system upon us. So what would it be Lucifers New World Order or a  good ole fashion financial reset for now courtesy of Trimp? It all depends on which side of THE COIN wins out.   

But unbeknown to THE COIN is that their secretly planned roadblock has been made situate at a crossroads!

Yes a crossroad that has the potential to make a world of difference! This is a game changer. Like the proverbial perfect murder that most times goes wrong and the mastermind is apprehended. There is a simple fact that no man no matter the intensity of their evil genius can create the perfect caper system!

All devil manmade systems will fail by destroying itself from within.

Thus I opine that the THE COIN’S evil conspiring minds have failed to comprehend within them and their kind over a thousand years of planning and counter planning.

  1. simple fact that I speak of is the choice that we are now given at this metaphorical crossroads. Now let us picture this crossroad in our minds so that we are all on the same page.

On the one side of the crossroads we look into the abyss of hell. On the opposite side we see a long and winding road of fresh aired greenery that leads into a heavenly land of peace and pure bliss, ah ha, can you see now? OK, so we are still on the same page! “Good so let us proceed”

Now careful here for this is the Divine intervention that miraculously gives us a choice based on as a result of this very pandemic  a once in a lifetime chance to escape and survive! But wait there is more…

There is just one problem in entering Haven on Earth? There is a barrier to entry! This means that not just anyone can enter into the serenely existing Haven!

Conversely as for hell well the elitist devils have grotesque women at its entrance!

This woman who has shape shifted into illusionary fake beautiful women whose Parisian perfume wafts through the air conjuring up images and situations of purely earthly romantic moments! And easy soft living.

These fake sex goddesses have exotic red wine freely available for the taking and on offer a pool of exotic cars, fake Rolex watches, fake Ferragamo style leather goods, haute courte garments, fine fabric, processed food of every sort and other fine looking condiments to marinate your flesh in their world of luxury sin.

And all of these fine grotesque things produced with much suffering, painful death to humans and animals in the tucked away abattoirs and well hidden Apple/Nike sweatshops of the world. All this effort and labor solely to entice you to enter their temple of doom disguised as paradise.

It is clear that they need you because without you they are nothing, their fake money really becomes useless, no children to rape, devour, no women to sell, nothing to create class distinctions with, no lab rats, no one to build their super yaughts, no private jets, no goyim,no consumers for all their Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Gucci, Prada,  junk.

It can all be summed up in one sentence. WE ARE THE ELITES SLAVES AND STOCK IN TRADE!!    

Now let’s jump back to the requirements to enter the disease free Haven. To enter Haven there are no bevy of women, check, no army of guards check, but just a lone single sentry that prevents your entrance! WTF!

Dammit who is that horrible sightless sentry that prevents me from entering Haven and claiming my rightful place of living freely and blissfully… holds on…THAT SENTRY IS YOU!

If you close your mind Haven becomes hidden in plain sight and you will not notice Haven. And you will pass it by, by making a grave mistake by taking the wrong turning.

A turning that will lead you straight into the lair of the elitist hell because as you enter you will hear in the background the soft strains of Hotel California being played by Joe Walsh himself covertly singing about child sacrifice in a hidden chamber by the elitist in a luxury hotel and like the CIA personal as covered above, once you enter the CIA hotel alive you leave dead!

I very much doubt if we will be given a second chance for redemption. As stated this reprieve is solely as the result of this pandemic lockdown. This is the big one folks… you must choose wisely at this crossroads!

Since the advent of the virus and the rolling mass house arrests lockdown across the planet. The shutdown of global dirty industries is turning the world into a better place. This is because the pollution is clearing up, the rivers and oceans are becoming purer as there are no dirty industries to pollute our rivers, streams, water tables and oceans with toxic waste.

The air is becoming pure again! Why am I mentioning this here?

This is because it resonates with what I have stated above. This is the first time for many of us to know what’s it like to breath pure air. It is this pure air that will assist us in sending us to a new level of self consciousness this will permanently change the way we think for the better.

We have been given a choice to change our nasty evil ways for the better by moving away from the elitist urbanized illusion of a conspicuous consumption lifestyle living where we produce nothing good but useless baubles and pollution (making us consumers much worse that a swarm of locusts) whose poster child is the elitist playground of wasteful consumption.  

(Do you remember the old elitist 80’s statement of the ultimate show off of wasteful conspicuous consumption of filling a bath tub with expensive Dom Perignon champagne and bathing in it?

The vast majority of them are nothing despite their fiat billions but cheap ‘show offs” Well now they have advanced to high polluting super yaughts and private jets because… ‘A nothing needs baubles/idols to convince the world that it is something”)

London, New York and Paris, looks how these cities amongst many pollute the world!

Never in our history has mankind been forced into a situation of involuntary lockdowns, as I write this article I suspect at some stage soon to become mandatory mass house arrests lockdown as what we are now starting to experience. In other words, we are being forced away from the branded elitist consumerist lifestyle as an unintended consequence of THE COIN’S preplanned actions.

I opine that mass lockdown is both a stupid but an essential move by THE COIN as part of their “flawed well planned strategy” but then again THE COIN does not have a choice when perpetuating their pandemic illusion in order to cause their desired agitation.

They must first turn us, their consumerist slaves into self imprisonment (self quarantine) this is a big gamble on their part! Why? Because THE COIN are sailing in uncharted waters by this move and this action may open many of our minds to the tipping point where many may decide to change our ways and escape THE COIN’S beast system by adopting a minimalist style of living and frugal living practices in effect decoupling from the beast system.  

This in effect may cause a substantial amount of the population to escape from THE COIN’S fiendish grip with the exception of the sleeple.It is largely as a result of this pandemic shutdown that the people may move away from conspicuous consumption which will cause another tsunami of THE COINS economic dominoes to cascade into the abyss.    

One of our problems is that it is the sleeple who will carry the hysteria of the pandemic forward which will no doubt be made worse in phase 2 by dangerous vaccines that are made mandatory and the sleeple  many of whom are cowards will no doubt rush for these vaccines.  The sleeple are a group and a class of people on this planet who are commonly referred to as the sheeple in the alternate media. (I respect the innocence of the sheep too much so I will refrain from embarrassing the sheep by calling the sleeple sheeple)

There are those within the alternate media who nobly strive to awaken these mesmerized people from their deep elite induced slumber.

I understand that one can cure a dreaded disease like cancer or radiation sickness but these sleeple can never be cured from their deep MK Ultra like programming and made awoke.

This is one of the facts that keep the elites secure in their unjust evil action against us because they are certain that the sleeple will always stand by their side and act as a bulwark against any threat from us.

These are the reasons why this may be the case because within the sleeple population there are many who are not really people in the true sense of the word!!!

They are products (no different from the products disguised as food that are sold to us in the supermarkets) the sleeple who have been produced for hundreds of years that are purpose bred by the millionaire and billionaire elites controlled secret society sponsored eugenics programmed.

These products people are Manchurian candidates and are kept programmed  through constant propaganda and programming by institutes like the Tavistock institute, mass media, Facebook, the CIA, fake gurus, fake preachers, fake cults, fake religion, fake messiahs, and a defective multi tiered education system masquerading as quality education.

These sleeple are collectively the products of an imbecile moronic bloodline of farmed and interbred families, many of whom are also low rung members of secret societies like the Freemasons, the Jesuits, the Zionists and the Illuminati.

Their numbers are substantial in our global population.

It is many of these sleeple whom are wealthy lower rung elites in their own rights, but useful idiots for the intellectual ruling class elites none the less. Note as mentioned above that within this sleeple population there are different race and class differences. On the lower rungs of the sheeple population are most idiotic moron imbeciles.

These are the sleeple that resist against reason and common sense. They will drag down the most intelligent reasoning with stupid and dumb rebuttals. They will even counter sane reasoning by quoting dates and times that are hundreds if not thousands of years ago with conviction and certainty as if they were there to witness it firsthand.

And finally just when you think that they cannot become any stupider they will hit you with the classic time worn CIA invented cliché… by stating with a straight face that this or that sounds like a conspiracy theory!!!” Yes, that very cliché, yes that same one “conspiracy theory”

I have recently taken the discussion to stay far away from these sleeple in order to preserve my sanity and not waste my time with these products of an ancient eugenics mind controlled class of products people.

One of the biggest lie that is perpetrated by THE COIN is that all people are the same and equal. Please don’t take my word for it but do your own research into the sad and dangerous world of eugenics featuring some of the most evil people and organizations on this planet like the Bush family, Dr Josef Mengala, the CIA’S MK Ultra mind control, the Monarch Project. In Project Paperclip some of the greatest eugenists  were absorbed into the American system to help farm morons

By and large it is these sleeple who are no more and no less a useless consumer class who lack real motivation, real intellect and discipline.

The single most amazing thing is that if you ask them, these sleeple actually will tell you that they are the most intelligent and superior beings of all the species on this flat earth. (Sic)

They are known for doing stupid things like quing in the searing heat or blizzards storms for hours just so that they can vote for one of the two political parties which are really the same repressive lying one party system. Hundreds of years later they have still not cottoned on to the fact that the multi party system is fake.

The sleeple are the largest consumers of junk food although I know of many of the intelligentsia amongst us who are also guilty of this bad eating habit, which must be as a result of the large food corporations criminal practices of subliminal advertising.

Many of the sleeple are joyful collectors of other non essential plastic rubbish mainly produced in places like China.

This ridiculous notion is but one of the fundamental reasons why the elitist COIN has made many rules not so much to protect all of the people as it is generally made out to be by the Constitution. It is there to protect these sleeple from destroying everything if left to their own devices including themselves.

The sleeple will quickly turn the world upside down believing that it is the right thing to do. Are we not witnessing the world hurtling into a state of upside down madness in this point in time?

Eventually their masters the super elites COIN will see it necessary to wipe out the entire sleeple population and then they will plot and plan to deal with their real enemies who are us who are the fighting intelligent ones.

How do I know that you are one of the smart intelligent ones? That’s because if you are in a site of this nature and reading an alternate article like this then that tells me that you are searching for answers to very serious questions in order to improve your life and possibly that of mankind too.

  1. sleeple well…they mainly read comic books, play video games and spend a lot of time and money reading and keeping up to date with celebrity gossip mimicking celebrity lifestyles whilst sipping on beer although there are some exceptions to the rule.

It is actually the vast majority of these sleeple who are more than likely to take the wrong turn at the crossroads and fall into the abyss of hell believing until the very end that is the right thing to do!

This is a shame and I do hope that many can save themselves by immediately coming to their true senses.

Our Great Creator has given us all sanity but unfortunately the sleeple class many of whom are deeply religious who are prepared to die or kill for their ultimate mind control tool which is religion.

They have turned their backs on humanity in search of deeper meaning into their fake religion and fake God and for this they will get their come uppence which is a consequence as a result of a simple unexercised programmed mind.

The truly humane ones amongst us will observe this carnage of the sleeple including some of us as collateral damage play out with a heavy heart.

Why not use this opportunity to empower yourself by using the taste buds of your mind to explore and mentally, taste some of the perfect worlds of nature that are hidden in plain sight.

“Like the man said we can do better, and we should do better”

Like I said…I think that we are now at the crossroads in time where we need to decide what kind of a future we want for ourselves.

The world is hurtling into a state of designed madness. Conspiracy theories are not the answer for liberation but part of the problem.

If in your search for the truth conspiracy theories will act as an albatross around ones neck because the CIA and other mind control agencies like the Tavistock institute have made sure that conspiracy theories are what one may call one of the true Never Ending Stories.

  1. have decided to no longer waste my time with information that falls into the realm of conspiracy theories because it is just a waste of my time and energies period.

And forget about changing the greater world because once we change ourselves first for the better then we would have simultaneously changed the world of lies too.

Finally the biggest question about this whole business about the virus and mass rolling lockdowns is this act of genius on the part of the ruling elite or is it an act of final desperation?

Is this an act of total desperation by the ruling elites whose system is has collapsed plunging us into a mad max living hell or is it taking us into the ruling elites well planed dystopian New World Order? I opine that this is the ruling elites last hurrah and if this is the case the total collapse of the system could take years but on the other hand if the system started collapsing say in 1929 then this is it, the pandemic will not shield this truth for long.  

I believe that the time has come for self introspection by opening you window to your soul.

“What better way to spend the weeks/months of lockdown than reading about the better future we need and deserve?

If you enjoyed  reading this article you may want to read my book title “My Struggle’ which normally sells for $9.99 but during the entire lockdown I am making this book available to you free of charge. Kindly insert into search engine   Ash Bunsee/ My Struggle/ smashwords or click on this link

Anyone may republish or use this article without seeking permission.

If you found this article useful kindly share.  

If you would like to read more of my other articles please send me a test email to [email protected]

Review: for My Struggle

Exciting, awe inspiring, gripping, addictive, and believable are some of the words that come to mind when reading this book.

My Struggle is an astonishing three part Illuminati expose. “Although branded as a work of fiction, its classification does not lay easy into a specific litery genre because of the vast array of subjects that it covers. The book’s frame narrative fascinatingly leads one into corridors of several mind boggling mini stories that magically adds up to a well rounded whole saga of epic proportions!

Then burning question is, is “My Struggle” which is based on an amazing encyclopedia range of topics… “Is it   non – fiction disguised tongue in cheek as a work of fiction?” You be the judge!

I like the captivating way the author smoothly folds everyday pragmatic life issues into surreal and fascinating subjects like ufology, Egyptology, philosophy, economic, politics,    science, secret societies, mystery schools, Luciferism, and a bit of history.

Reading My Struggle has answered my longstanding curiosity about conspiracy theories, mystery schools, secret societies and the deep dark secrets about the Illuminati.

In fact if I may boldly state that by reading My Struggle the information gleaned from it has reversed my eyes wide shut syndrome thus curing me from my conspiracy theory addiction

Aside from the above listed range of dazzling topics, My Struggle ties in evocatively with dozens of other different diverse dark subjects… from predatory global corporations to celebrities to dark arts, to shamanism to Buddhism to Area 51 to Artificial Intelligence to rule by secrecy to paranormal activities and to eastern arcane disciplines. Now does My Struggle deal with complex subject matters?  “A resounding yes,” Does it make for a boring read?  no never!  

Whilst I was riveted to this delicious otherworldly read, I was struck by an epiphany!

 I realized that it was the book that I wanted to read for a large part of my young adult life! “Moments of  déjà vu…”  here it is firmly within my grip!

At the books core is a fascinating and powerfully told story about the illusive and complex destructive secret society that is loosely known to us as the Illuminati.

The author has skillfully taken complete control of this dauntingly complex subject and masterfully reduces it by using multiple and varied methodologies to an “object de art” of simple reading in easy words… but alas! most importantly that writer keeps the dynamism of the subject matter intact to a frame of simple, concise and easy yet intriguing reading…all this whilst exploring a backdrop of enchanting natural mysteries and fascinating worldly wonders! 

This is a story that has completely held me spellbound and wonderfully fried my mind in the process, oh yeah!

The dynamic well thought out tempo and the author’s unique style held me awe struck and mesmerized over the four days that I allowed for this book to unravel my mind.

I must confess that the deep meaning and excitement of my reading experience still lingers on long after the deed has been done. In this here book I got more than my monies worth… for sure!        

I was only able to grasp the true brilliantly hidden meaning embedded in the prologue only when I completed reading the entire book.


This spine tingling dynamite is a must read for those who will allow for their minds to enter into the secret world that is hidden in plain sight of the Illuminati global control.


The Illuminati plagues us all and the story also tellingly perfectly fits into those, whose minds are in search of answers… answers to fantastic mind boggling questions about  this world… otherwise in the absence of this story, I opine that many of these answers that I speak of may not be easily found elsewhere if ever!


Was the original manuscript of this book really stolen by a venerable global technological institute as asserted?


Read this book now and allow for a powerful metamorphosis of your mind to the upside!

If you thought that you walk a lonely road, “well now is your chance for you to discover where that mysterious road leads to!


This book is more a library than a simple book but hugely enjoyable none the less!


Be sure that I will definitely reread this baby!


Kudos to this author.

This is a message that I am now forced to attach to all my Emails


Did You Know!

In 2018 a 239 000 word manuscript that I Ash Bunsee, authored and intended to publish as a three part book was stolen from my computer via a brazen Cyber Attack.

The contents of this stolen book amongst other things was critical of technology and exposed in a metafiction Artificial Intelligence as an elaborate imposter and a fake religion when comparing it to ancient esoteric knowledge… much of this knowledge still exists… in a hidden world.

I received a call from an employee (and an ex stalker of mine) of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University advising me that the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University was behind the Cyber Attack and theft.

Based on this tip off by this whistleblower I contacted the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University and a Mr. Richard Dobeck who is apparently an advisor to the Prime Minister of Australia and a senior staff member of the above mentioned institute who was appointed to carry out an investigation into this theft.

This investigation turned out to be a fake and cover up. I wrote back informing them so, of which they failed to respond accordingly.

Soon after I received a death threat and thereafter I was poisoned.

I wrote and couried several critical letters to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University but they had gone dark on me. I wrote to the office of the Prime Minister who failed to respond.

Soon thereafter I started to experience numerous censorship (shadow banning) spying and other problems. My email is being hacked; some of my emails are being blocked, altered or made to completely disappear into thin air. My passwords have been changed without my knowledge. In many instances there are alien Trojans that are sent to my computer that wreaks havoc.

The Cell phone

My cell phone is hacked. They are unlawfully listening into my calls. I receive calls from strange numbers that cut off when answered egg 007, 00000000 or 123!  Plus my calls are constantly interrupted by weird sounds or it is completely cut off. In the midst of conversation.


My phone and other devices are being used as bugs to spy on me. I even tried using sim cards that were registered on other peoples name but it makes no difference as these are easily traced in a few days and the spying and intimidation just goes on. 


My call volume or phone settings are also being remotely altered to do strange and disruptive things. Sometimes my caller’s voice is made to sound metallic so that it can cause damage to ones heating.


There are times when my phone often informs me that it cannot recognize my sim.



Many of my incoming calls especially if it is business related goes directly to my inbox although my phone is switched on or sometimes it tells the caller that my number no longer exists.


Some of the numbers in my directory after a while just become blocked for no reason which hampers my business efforts.


Some of my sms’s appear as blank screens when opened.




On my wattsapp, my conversations are interrupted and items such as profiles are added and removed at their will without my consent… This is how I realized that wattsapp is not encrypted from end to end as I am told by wattsapp.



The Router

My router itself has become compromised where all information that flows through it can be intercepted.

MS Word

My word documents are constantly tampered with and sometimes remotely altered whilst in my computer.


My computer screen is remotely made very bright whilst I am using it.


Antivirus and VPN’s cannot help against this hacking and intrusion. Two of my laptops have been hacked and made to overheat so much so that I had to scrap them. My brand new printer was hacked and made disabled.


EBook Store


My eBook store algorithms have been hacked and tampered with and the SEO links have been altered in order to isolate my other books that I have written.


My published guest posts are being marginalized. They have hacked my Amazon account. Virtually all my online commercial internet activity is being sabotaged.


My statements from my eBook retailers that are made to be disappeared.  Even if I advertise on Gumtree or any of the other platforms many of my ads are hacked prices are changed up or down and the search engine criteria are altered.


The purpose of this notice is to inform you that if you receive any weird calls or emails it would not be from me… more than likely it would be from my dangerous deranged detractors.

The amazing thing is that as a South African, Shockingly South Africa does not have the Law investigation/enforcement ability to deal with crimes of this magnitude.    

Telkom who is my service provider is helpless.

Surely Telkom in its helpless state must realize that what is happening to my phone if applied on a large scale across the board will collapse their entire business model taking all of Telkom with it. Read this and share with your family and friends share this on social media.

Be warned that if you receive any strange calls, messages and correspondences it will not be from me but from these detractors who are imposters who are piggy backing on amongst other things on my cell phone numbers, whattsapp, email addresses and IP addresses.  My IP address has been compromised.   

Ashwin (Ash) Bunsee (Mr) 


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