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Bloodlines Of The Nephilim – A Biblical Study

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“And there we saw the giants…. and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers.” — Numbers 13:33.

In our original article on the Nephilim, we detailed the Biblical origin of the half-angelic, half-human hybrid giants, known as Nephilim, who were the product of illicit relations between evil fallen angels and human women in the time before the Flood and Noah’s Ark. The flood wiped out the giants but shortly after the flood they returned and spread all throughout the Promised Land. As this article will show, not only did the giants return after the flood, they were major enemies of God and His chosen nation, Israel for centuries. This article will show that for a time Nephilim were all over the ancient Middle East wreaking havoc, attacking God’s people and creating spiritual practices to lure humanity in worshiping Satan and his angels.

Genesis 6: The Origin of the Nephilim

And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,  That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.  There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. — Genesis 6:1-5.

This brief passage tells a very important origin story. A group of the “sons of God”, the Biblical name for angels, in rebellion against The Lord, came to Earth and took human women as wives to have illicit relations. And their children, half-human, half-angelic hybrids, were the Nephilim giants. The idea of angels sleeping with women and having kids is not something that all Christians agree upon, know about or even comfortable with. However, the truth of Christianity is based upon one source: God’s Word as revealed in the Holy Bible. And from a study of Scripture it becomes clear that this event did indeed happen.

Were the “Sons of God” Angels?

This question is often raised initially as an objection to the idea that Nephilim giants ever even existed. the Hebrew words for the “sons of God” is B’nai Ha Elohim, which would means these are Heavenly beings, giving credence to them being offspring of fallen angels (the term Elohim is literally the plural of ‘god’). And then we see the children of these sons of God and daughters of men were “mighty men” and of “renown.” They were also “giants.” Something in their genetics made them super-sized people. And it was their fallen angelic parentage.

But again, we must keep searching the Bible to make certain of meaning. The Bible is self-confirming and one passage of Scripture can always be confirmed by another. We see the term “sons of God” next used in the book of Job. Job chapter 1 reads:  “Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them.   And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.” (Job 1:6-7)

The scene being described, where God is literally meeting with the sons of Go, took place in Heaven. This is a Divine Council that God holds where He chooses to meet with both good and evil angels to discuss affairs of the world (for more examples of these assemblies see 1 Kings 22 and Psalm 82).

Another Divine Council is called in Job Chapter 2. Verse 1 states: “Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them to present himself before the LORD.”

So again from the clear reading of the text, the “sons of God” are not human men but are in fact angels, who are meeting in Heaven with The Lord. And the Hebrew term is b’nai ha Elohim. The third reference to the sons of God in the Old Testament is again in Job, but this time in chapter 38. God who in this is posing questions to Job about the creation of the universe (to show Job how little understanding and knowledge he has compared to The Lord) says:

Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding.  Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it?  Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof;  When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy? — Job 38:4-7

So again, not only were the sons of God again with God, they existed even before the Earth itself was created. Every use of the term b’nai ha elohim in the Old Testament is a reference to angelic beings. In the Septuagint, the oldest form of the Old Testament today (and the version most quoted by Jesus and His disciples in the New Testament) the term ‘sons of God’ is not even used in these passages in Job, it just reads “the angels of God.” Thus it can be concluded with certainty that the sons of God in Genesis 6 were in fact, angels.

Did Angels Have Sexual Relations With Human Women?

Job, the oldest book of the Bible, was written by the patriarch Job who lived close to the time of the flood, thus the references to angels reflect this. There is passage not often cited in scripture that states directly that certain angels were indeed involved in illicit relations with human women. It occurs when Eliphas, one of Job’s friends who is consoling him over the loss of his family in a Satanically empowered hurricane, shares a Divine vision he had:

Now a thing was secretly brought to me, and mine ear received a little thereof.  In thoughts from the visions of the night, when deep sleep falleth on men,  Fear came upon me, and trembling, which made all my bones to shake.  Then a spirit passed before my face; the hair of my flesh stood up:  It stood still, but I could not discern the form thereof: an image was before mine eyes, there was silence, and I heard a voice, saying,  Shall mortal man be more just than God? shall a man be more pure than his maker?  Behold, he put no trust in his servants; and his angels he charged with folly: – Job 4:13-18.

The word “folly” in the Old Testament is used to describe sexual sin. Once again, we use Scripture to interpret Scripture. Here are several examples:

And Dinah the daughter of Leah, which she bare unto Jacob, went out to see the daughters of the land. And when Shechem the son of Hamor the Hivite, prince of the country, saw her, he took her, and lay with her, and defiled her… And the sons of Jacob came out of the field when they heard it: and the men were grieved, and they were very wroth, because he had wrought folly in Israel in lying with Jacob’s daughter: which thing ought not to be done. – Genesis 34:1-2, 7.

Then they shall bring out the damsel to the door of her father’s house, and the men of her city shall stone her with stones that she die: because she hath wrought folly in Israel, to play the whore in her father’s house: so shalt thou put evil away from among you. – Deuteronomy 22:21.

And it came to pass after this, that Absalom the son of David had a fair sister, whose name was Tamar; and Amnon the son of David loved her.  And Amnon was so vexed, that he fell sick for his sister Tamar; for she was a virgin; and Amnon thought it hard for him to do anything to her… And when she had brought them unto him to eat, he took hold of her, and said unto her, Come lie with me, my sister.  And she answered him, Nay, my brother, do not force me; for no such thing ought to be done in Israel: do not thou this folly. – 2 Samuel 13:1-2. 11-12.

So here we see that certain untrustworthy angels were charged with the sin of “folly” for sinful sexual acts. In the Septuagint the verse from Job says: “he perceives perverseness in his angels” giving even more confirmation that there were sinful sexual acts committed by angels.

The books of 2 Peter and Jude detail the punishment of the angels who committed these sins:

And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.  Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.  Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities. – Jude 1:6-8.

Here we see a reference to angels who left their “habitation” and are reserved in chains until Judgment Day. This was the punishment for those angels who left their habitation of he spirit world to “go after strange flesh”, namely human women. Also note there is a reference to Sodom and Gomorrah, cities so steeped in sexual corruption that when two Godly angels cam to visit the home of Lot to usher he and his family out of the city, the men and boys came to Lot’s home demanding that the angels be brought out so that they could “know them.”

Nephilim Giant Offspring

By the measurements in Scripture, the original Nephilim offspring were quite larger than the average human.

The offspring from this illicit union between angels and human women were giants who “became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” (Genesis 6) The fact that they were giants, is also proof in and of itself that their parentage was superhuman. But these giants were evil. Having been born of corrupted, Satanic angels they dominated the Earth and filled it with violence. It is also interesting to note that the Bible calls them “men of renown.” The Hebrew word here, shem, refers to being famous and legendary. It is as if the Bible is indicating that when the reader hears of legends of “demigods”, titans or legendary heroes who were part god, that this is who those “myths” were referring to. These were ‘men’ of superhuman ability and strength. In addition to causing violence and sin in the world, the Nephilim were also corrupting the human bloodline.

Why Would Satan Do This?

As it will be in the end times, much of the conflict centers around human DNA.

After the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden God pronounced a judgment on Satan:

And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life:  And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. – Genesis 3:14-15.

This pronouncement was historic. God proclaimed that the means by which Satan would ultimately punished and destroyed would be through the seed of the woman. (It must be remembered at this point that our enemy, Satan is a far older, and vastly more powerful and evil being, so this prophecy was a serious pronouncement). A human woman would give birth to a male child who would one day destroy the Devil. This was the first prophecy of the coming Messiah, Jesus Chris. Satan was put on notice. From then on he set out to corrupt or destroy an God-fearing child as that could potentially be the prophesied Redeemer. To no surprise the first Godly child born, Abel, was killed by his wicked brother Cain. Cain was banished and Adam and Eve bore another son Seth. At his birth Eve declared: “For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.” – (Genesis 4:25).

As more God-fearing sons began to populate the Earth, Satan instituted his Nephilim plan into action. By corrupting the seed of the woman, Satan could prevent the birth of the Messiah, who of course, had to be human and not part fallen angel. Satan wants the Word of God to fail but he knew that in addition to the woman, God prophesied that Satan too would have a “seed” (v. 15). Thus the Nephilim were an attempt to thwart God’s plan of salvation for humanity. At every step, the Nephilim giants, via their evil angelic parentage, sought to undermine or undo what God had set out for humanity to be reconciled to Him. In their dominance of the Earth, they reproduced so rapidly, God proclaimed that all flesh on the Earth had become corrupted. They dominated the Earth with war, bloodshed and their pagan religion (which will be covered in Part 2 of this series).

The Nephilim giants spread violence and sin that: “God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” Humanity was on the verge of being wiped out with no hope of being saved from sin if every person born became part fallen angel. Thus God judged the Earth with the flood.

The Purpose of the Flood in Noah’s Day

Rather than being an act of cruelty, the Flood was God’s way of saving the last of humanity from complete destruction.

Many pastors, Bible scholars and Bible skeptics alike view the flood as God’s way of dealing with humanity after humanity just sinning too much. However, with all due respect, this is a very simplistic way of looking at the flood. After all, today’s society is just as corrupt and depraved, if not far worse than any era before (more people have been killed in war in the past century than in the prior 900 years). So why would such a global judgment only happen in Noah’s day? The answer is that there were far more complex issues going on in the days of Noah then just humans sinning.
The flood served 3 chief purposes: 1) To destroy the Nephilim giants. 2) To punish the angels who committed the illicit relations with women and make an example of them so that no other angels would ever attempt this again and 3) to save humanity from certain destruction.

Much more than the “over-reaction by an angry God” as skeptics like to paint it, the flood was God’s way of preserving the human race and its bloodline, before it became completely corrupted by the Nephilim giants. This is an important point: many people today point to the flood as “proof” that God is cruel and angry with humanity all the time, and willing to just kill millions of people in genocide on a whim. However the Biblical truth was that God sent the flood to preserve humanity and to make sure we could still receive the promised Redeemer who could save our souls. Without Jesus Christ, there is no hope. There is no future. There is no forgiveness. Meaning every person would spend eternity in hell. The flood was God’s way to keep that hope for all people.

But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD. These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.

Noah was chosen to carry on and re-start humanity after the flood because he was a believer in God. Additionally he was “perfect in his generations” which meant that his genetic bloodline and ancestry was 100% human. Noah had not been a part of the Nephilim hybridization that was plaguing humanity. The Hebrew word for “perfect” in that verse is tamiym, which means “complete, whole” with reference to health and physical condition. This is the same word used to describe the condition of animal sacrifices to the Lord:

And whosoever offereth a sacrifice of peace offerings unto the LORD to accomplish his vow, or a freewill offering in beeves or sheep, it shall be perfect to be accepted; there shall be no blemish therein. – Leviticus 22:21.

Thus Noah, his three sons and their wives were able to survive the flood and re-start humanity. But unfortunately, the Nephilim giants returned.

Nephilim Giants After The Flood

Noah and his family survived the flood. But the Nephilim gene came with them.

“ There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that…” — Genesis 6:4

The verse above makes it clear that Nephilim giants returned after the flood. Now nowhere in scripture is it again written that angels ever cohabited and/or had relations with human women after the flood. Genesis 6 was the only instance of this. So how did the Nephilim return? How could this have happened? The Bible holds the answer:

And Noah was six hundred years old when the flood of waters was upon the earth.  And Noah went in, and his sons, and his wife, and his sons’ wives with him, into the ark, because of the waters of the flood. –Genesis 7:6-7.

While Noah and his sons were 100% human, we are not told the same about the wives of his 3 sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth. What is clear is that one or more of these women were carrying the Nephilim gene. This is the source of the post-flood Nephilim. Nowhere in the Bible is it ever stated that angels once again cohabited with human women.

The first time Nephilim giants are mentioned by name after the flood is in Numbers 13 after the Exodus in which Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt to go to God’s designated Promised Land. Moses sent 12 spies to scout out the land in advance. 2 of the spies, Caleb and Joshua spoke of the land in glowing terms and urged the Israelites to enter and rightfully claim the land God had promised them. But the other 10 spies had a different opinion:

And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.  But the men that went up with him said, We be not able to go up against the people; for they are stronger than we. 32 And they brought up an evil report of the land which they had searched unto the children of Israel, saying, The land, through which we have gone to search it, is a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof; and all the people that we saw in it are men of a great stature.  And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight. – Numbers 13:31-33.

We will discuss this extremely important passage in much more detail below but a few things should be noted. First off the giants living there were descendants of specific person named Anak. And they were so large that the Israelites spies were like insects to them. Additionally, these giants had special agricultural knowledge that they knew how to grow grapes so large that it took two Israelite men using poles to carry a cluster! So how did the giants return and how was it that they knew to be in the exact place that God was going to send His chosen people to, namely the land of Canaan? The answer starts with the lineage after the flood.

The Bloodlines of the Nephilim

The Bible provides a specific geneology and bloodline of the Nephilim giants after the flood that can be traced back to Noah’s own sons. What seems to be consistent with the presence of the Nephilim gene was an affinity for evil, due to their fallen angelic parentage. And among Noah’s sons, Ham was by far the most wicked.


“And the sons of Noah, that went forth of the ark, were Shem, and Ham, and Japheth: and Ham is the father of Canaan.” – Genesis 9:18.

From the first time Ham is introduced, he is described as “the father of Canaan.” Notice none of his brothers get any similar distinction. Whenever special descriptions are included in a genealogy in Scripture it is the Bible’s way of saying something significant happened with this particular event. And the student of the Bible should search the Scriptures to find out what that event could be. In this case, it is clear that Canaan carried the Nephilim gene. This could only happen through his mother, Ham’s wife, having the Nephilim gene herself, since we know Noah in all his generations was 100% human. If Ham were wicked and not a follower of God, the odds of him taking a wife who was a part of the Nephilim hybrid pagan culture was much higher (B&E: also note that throughout Scripture, men who fell into sin often ended up marrying wives who worshiped false gods; for example, Solomon or King Ahab). And from what the Bible details, Ham was no follower of God. In fact, he was involved in an inappropriate incident with Noah that led to a curse:

And Noah began to be an husbandman, and he planted a vineyard: And he drank of the wine, and was drunken; and he was uncovered within his tent. And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brethren without. And Shem and Japheth took a garment, and laid it upon both their shoulders, and went backward, and covered the nakedness of their father; and their faces were backward, and they saw not their father’s nakedness. And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him. And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren. And he said, Blessed be the LORD God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant. — Genesis 9:20-26.

The details of this incident are somewhat vague but going by Scripture alone, it can be concluded that Ham, out of evil intent, looked at his father’s nakedness and then made it public. The Hebrew term for “without”, chwuts, means “outside, in the street.” But the evil of this sexually immoral act is again repeated by the Lord as a general principle for all to follow:

Woe unto him that giveth his neighbour drink, that puttest thy bottle to him, and makest him drunken also, that thou mayest look on their nakedness!  Thou art filled with shame for glory: drink thou also, and let thy foreskin be uncovered: the cup of the LORD’s right hand shall be turned unto thee, and shameful spewing shall be on thy glory. –Habukkuk 2:15-16.

Shem and Japeth, righteous children of Noah, show a contrast as they seek to respect their father’s dignity by not looking upon, him and carefully covering him. Ham’s sin was so severe that it resulted in his youngest son Canaan becoming the second person in the Bible record to be cursed (the first being Cain, the wicked son of Adam and Eve).

That Ham was wicked (there is no record of him ever repenting for this sin) would make it more likely that he would marry a woman from a pagan family who would be carrying the Nephilim gene. What is interesting is that Cannan of Ham’s three sons, was the one cursed. Why? Why is Ham distinguished as “the father of Canaan”? Is it possible that Canaan was already showing the appearance of being part Nephilim? This is not stated in scripture, but we will see a similar distinction made for another infamous hybrid being below. What we can know with certainty that it is from the line of Ham that we find the resurgence of the Nephilim giants.

By comparing Scripture with Scripture, the lineage of the post-flood giants can be traced specifically to three of Ham’s sons, Cush, Mizraim and Canaan. The Bible is full of lineages and the Bible student should take note that they hold significance in bettering our understanding of Scripture. The first grandson of Ham who receives special designation in Genesis 10 is King Nimrod.


Nimrod led the tower of Babel rebellion. Was he a Nephilim giant?

And the sons of Ham; Cush, and Mizraim, and Phut, and Canaan. And the sons of Cush; Seba, and Havilah, and Sabtah, and Raamah, and Sabtechah: and the sons of Raamah; Sheba, and Dedan. And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth.  He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD. And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar.  Out of that land went forth Asshur, and builded Nineveh, and the city Rehoboth, and Calah,  And Resen between Nineveh and Calah: the same is a great city. – Genesis 10:6-12.

Just as Canaan received a special distinction in his genealogy, Nimrod gets several extra verses! Clearly this is someone of special significance. Nimrod was the first murderer and conqueror in the post-flood world. He was the founder of the city of Babylon which became a center of pagan, satanic idolatry, much of it with various versions of Nimrod himself being worshiped as a god. His name, which means “to rebel” or “let us rebel” indicates his disposition. He was an enemy of God and at the time was Satan’s main servant on Earth. He is credited for leading the effort to build the tower of Babel, a religious temple used to access the angelic realm through pagan ritual. The Tower of Babel was also the first attempt at a global government, led by Nimrod and an attempt for man to reach the spiritual realm and “godhood” without The Lord (to which God swiftly responded by destroying the tower, confusing the languages of all the people of the world and scattering them all over the Earth). Was this grandson of Ham possibly a Nephilim?

It is interesting to note is that the verse 9 states that Nimrod “began to be a mighty one in the earth.” The term for “mighty one”, gibborim, is the same Hebrew phrase used to describe the Nephilim giants in Chapter 6 of Genesis who were “mighty men”. It is also the same term used to describe the giant Goliath in 1 Samuel 17:51. Was Nimrod a Nephilim? In mythology, Nimrod is known by many names, among them Gilgamesh and Osiris, who were worshiped as gods. In Sumerian texts he is described as “2/3 god, 1/3 man.” The Hebrew word for “began” in the verse is chalal, which means, “to profane, desecrate or pollute oneself, begin, ritually or sexually”.

Matthew Henry’s Bible commentary on this passage states:

That which is observable and improvable in these verses is the account here given of Nimrod, v. 8-10. He is here represented as a great man in his day: He began to be a mighty one in the earth, that is, whereas those that went before him were content to stand upon the same level with their neighbours, and though every man bore rule in his own house yet no man pretended any further, Nimrod’s aspiring mind could not rest here; he was resolved to tower above his neighbours, not only to be eminent among them, but to lord it over them. The same spirit that actuated the giants before the flood (who became mighty men, and men of renown, ch. 6:4), now revived in him, so soon was that tremendous judgment which the pride and tyranny of those mighty men brought upon the world forgotten. (source)

The final piece of evidence to consider is that in the Septuagint, the oldest version of the Old Testament, the same verse from Genesis reads:

And [Cush] begot [Nimrod]: he began to be a giant upon the earth. He was a giant hunter before the Lord God; therefore they say, As [Nimrod] the giant hunter before the Lord. – Genesis 10:8,9 (LXX)

So from just the text of scripture it appears that through some form of defilement and/or occult ritual, Nimrod. the grandson of Ham, was transformed into a giant. This would not be the only time a human king was transformed into a different creature. Please note that in Daniel 4, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, was literally transformed into a “beast” and lived as an animal for seven years. And this was at the pronouncement of “watchers” and “holy ones” (the same type of angels that are named as being involved in the Genesis 6 illicit relations in extra-biblical texts like the Book of Enoch). (B&E: There is much more to write on Nimrod and his role in Bible scripture that will be covered in a forthcoming article. In the meantime, we strongly encourage the reader to research and explore this figure).

Casluhim and Capthor

And Mizraim begat Ludim, and Anamim, and Lehabim, and Naphtuhim,  And Pathrusim, and Casluhim, (out of whom came Philistim,) and Caphtorim. – Genesis 10:13-14.

Ham’s son Mizaraim also contributed to the Nephilim lineage. In verse 14 we have the first mention of the Phillistines (whose forefather was Phillistim), the nation of the giant Goliath. Calshuhim was the father of Phillistim and his family later resided in Capthor in the Promised Land. So we see the direct origins of the Philistines, one of the most heated enemies of the Israelites, who also carried the Nephilim gene.
In fact, as will be shown, the Philistine nation was the final “hideout” for the remnant of the Nephilim giants. And they can be traced back to Casluhim, the son of Mizraim and grandson of the evil Ham.


The name of Canaan should be the most familiar as it was the land that bore his name that was the Promised Land that The Lord reserved for the Israelites after they escaped out of Egypt thanks to God miracles and the leadership of Moses. The fact that they were in the Promised Land the Israelites were supposed to inhabit was no coincidence! The Philistines were worshipers of demons, fallen angels and Satan. And the Nephilim giants among them were working to attack God’s chosen people. Canaan’s line contains many of the enemies of God:

And Mizraim begat Ludim,  And Canaan begat Sidon his first born, and Heth,  And the Jebusite, and the Amorite, and the Girgasite, — Genesis 10:14-16.

The Jebusites, the Amorites and Gegusites, all cousins of Nimrod, are mentioned time and time again with reference to the Israelites capturing the Promised Land. These families were usurpers in the Promised Land and carried lots of the Nephilim gene. This is once again why God had to deal mercilessly with these nations. It cannot be stressed enough that the Nephilim threatened not only the existence of the human race itself but the ability of an all-human Messiah to eventually be born as well. Note God’s instructions to Moses on how to battle against these children of the cursed Canaan:

When the LORD thy God shall bring thee into the land whither thou goest to possess it, and hath cast out many nations before thee, the Hittites, and the Girgashites, and the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites, seven nations greater and mightier than thou; And when the LORD thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor shew mercy unto them:  Neither shalt thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son. — Deuteronomy 7:1-3.

Notice that God describes these nations as “greater and mightier than thou” to the Israelites. The physical and military advantage was clearly on the side of the enemies of God – the nations that were home to the Nephilim giants. But what gave the Israelites the ultimate edge was that The Lord Himself was going to supernaturally intervene early on in the conflict to deliver the enemies of Israel so they could be defeated. This point is not discussed enough: God fought against and defeated the early post-flood Nephilim.  This shows the severity of the matter. The Lord was no longer allowing these superhuman, powerful hybrids to dominate humanity. Thus He not only says to wipe out these nations, but makes a specific point of prohibiting any marriage between them. God was bringing the spread of the Nephilim genes to an end.

Lord willing, at this point it is clear that giants did indeed exist in the Bible and in large number. Satan, who has constantly sought to stop God’s plans and destroy the souls of humanity, used a select group of angels to interbreed with human women and try to corrupt human DNA. By altering humanity from being no longer fully human, Satan could ensure that a pure human Messiah would never be born. To counter Satan’s offensive, God sent the global flood judgment to punish those angels who committed folly, destroy the Nephilim and save the existence of the human race. The flood ensured the Messianic bloodline was preserved so that we could have a chance to go to Heaven. It was as an act of love of mercy on God’s part to save a people that had rejected him to follow Satan’s minions and their God-given powers.

The bloodline of the Nephilim after the flood can be clearly traced to Ham, Noah’s evil son who brought a curse upon his own child, Canaan.  But this is just the beginning. In Part 2, “Nephilim Giants – Enemies of God in the Bible” we will continue to examine the post-flood Nephilim lineage from the perspective of the righteous men of God who fought against them throughout the Old Testament in the continuing chess match between God and Satan and the Sons of God against the seed of the Serpent. The article will also look that as the number of Nephilim giants on the Earth decreased, they soon became smaller in size. And we will reveal a modern occult mystery so secret even Wikipedia states it do not have the answer for it! These and other revelations will be detailed, all of this from the pages of Holy Scripture.


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    • prisonerno6


    • Anonymous

      Good Job on this! Keep in mind that the flood did not kill the nephilim. This is the secret that was gave to king neb. The chaff to the Wheat. They where carried away and became a great mountian that filled the earth. This is why Daniel was Sealed until the end. Who wanted to know what is after you. They mingle there seed here but they do not cleave. They are death. A Curse that is behind the veil. So repent and know
      your Lord God. Your faith will move this mountian. Jesus Saves

    • Anonymous






      DNA TESTS FOR ALL WESTERN LEADERS………………………………IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        I agree and take it one step further —remove this “seed” off planet
        for all the meddling and interactions and all that was done to the human
        race—this needs to be eliminated—so we can get on with our development
        and reach our potential unfettered by this enslavement as cattle

      • Anonymous

        I agree and take it one step further —remove this “seed” off planet not just the caucasian either
        I think this has a bigger wide spread infection then just being limited to one race-
        for all the meddling and interactions and all that was done to the human
        race—this needs to be eliminated—so we can get on with our development
        and reach our potential unfettered by this enslavement as cattle

      • Anonymous

        Agree with you.

        I think this is why they take babies’ blood in the hospitals, and give them Hepatitis horror shots without our knowledge or consent after birth, to test the DNA with the heel blood, (well, they can, so why not at least have it on file?) and the Hep which is not necessary unless the baby will use used iv needles or have sex with someone who has hepatitis, so the reason is null and void – is to weaken all babies with certain genetic traits especially. Just as the vaccines are doing. They want to eliminate the good, if they cannot use it to their advantage and strengthening, because the good are a threat to them. And yet, up to now, the masses of the good people have been a storehouse of power for them, but that is ending, soon they will only have themselves to sacrifice and gain power from! (hehe sick laughter….) but got to laugh sometime

    • Anonymous

      I see it as (aliens) Aka Demons, Take people and mingle with there seed. Like the government would ever come out and tell you.. They are not from some other planet. Just hidden out of our sight until the Veil is lifted and judgment Day. Jesus Still Saves

    • nimbunje

      “who laid the corner stone ? God asks Job ? Is he talking about the placement of the moon ? What a good place for heaven , you know -up there right in front of your face,appearing most nights .

    • Anonymous

      He’s right about the Moon! That’s where we came from. Parked it right there in orbit with a perfectly matched orbit and rotation at a distance from Earth that causes it to perfectly block the Sun but allow the corona to surround it like a halo. Think that could have occurred accidentally? Without our “Moon” you Earthlings would starve and die from asphyxiation! Our tides turnover your oceans to keep them alive.
      Now you again plan to war against us! Beware! We do not suffer fools well! That thing you elected last time as your leader was an abomination! Do not make that mistake ever again! The next lesson will be FIRE!!!

      • Anonymous

        Why do we have Glio Blastoma Multiforma? Did god give that to man? Where did you get all your knowledge Anon? All religions have taught that you find paradise after you die…if you tithe. Are you having a good time?

    • HereAmI

      This is a remarkable piece of work, it rings as true as a bell. The only caveats I have are that the author believes in an eternal hell into which people will be cast. But the dead know nothing. Their carcasses only, are preserved for the spirit-born inhabitants of the New Earth to gaze upon as a reminder of past follies. ( Isaiah ch 66 v 26 ). God punished His own Son for all our sins; so He has no legal justification for punishing a sinner a second time. John 3 v 16 tells us that some people will perish, and they will not therefore have an everlasting life in hell, they will be simply dead for all eternity. The writer also thinks that people will have a chance to go to heaven, whereas we are clearly told that man will reign on the earth with Christ. “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” Christ’s gospel was all about this Kingdom; He encourages us all to overcome in this life that we may reign with Him in the world to come, which draws on apace.

    • Anonymous

      This is one of those mysteries of the Bible that will be revealed in the last days. In light of this analysis, many things that are happening now, that portend the end times, are making sense. All those mythological “gods” of Greece and Rome and other cultures of past also begin to fall into place in the grand view of history. It also helps to explain why other pagan religions have the same “virgin woman/god consumated birth of (false) saviors” stories. Angelic beings coming unto human women would be considered “divine” by those passing on the stories. Little do they realize the angelic beings were not of God. And the offspring were demidemons not demigods.

    • Anonymous using this topic to include the last elected president, like that has anything to do with it. Besides, it’s a known fact that George W is the anti-Christ. :twisted:

    • Anonymous

      George Bush is a descendant of these jokers, got that blue-blood gene, that want to wipe humanity from the planet..

    • Anonymous

      BIBI, OF Israel is a descendant of the Nephilim, that is why they desire war, they want to Terra-form the earth by causing a nuclear war worldwide, which they will accomplish if they invade Iran! these jokers cleave to human flesh but are not human at all! They are impostors like their father Satan!

    • Anonymous

      So Malcolm X, was right the White Man really is the Devil! :) I knew, but then my great white grandfather seeded my great grandmother via some force sexual event,perpetrated in the 1900′s. so that devil seed has infected me. Now I know why slaves were imported to America, the White Man needed to spread the seed of Satan to produce more Rihannas and Madonnas.. super sluts, that use their butts as a man trap!

    • Anonymous

      Planet X, hidden in the illusion of time, once the switch is turned on it appears we human are wiped off the planet, by Satan Super Science, then he Satan turn that time machine back on and re populate the world with another batch of Humans, and play the BS, game all over again! We are Satan living chessboard, time to get a hold of the switch and shove it up Satan and and loop him over and over again until he cries uncle.

    • One Who Knows

      Most of us humans on earth are are a genetic experiment, our DNA is not from this earth. Our Bloodlines are of The Nephilim with specific genetic restrictions in our size and brain usage and capacity.

      • Anonymous

        the nephilim died out without much offspring. they were and are cannibalistic eating their own and us smaller people. agree regarding the dna. remember this though: we shall overcome. we will change because this is nature. we will develop our dna ourselves because we are part of that that did.

    • betty189

      very awesome article,well done,explains so much for me that i never would have found myself,ty very much :)

    • Anonymous

      Interesting article. A question:
      Under the topic “Casluhim and Capthor”, is the word in this sentence suppose to be heated? Or ‘hated’??

      * So we see the direct origins of the Philistines, one of the most – heated- enemies of the Israelites, who also carried the Nephilim gene.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, thank you for posting this historical (and biblical of course, since hisory, correct, always corroborates the bible, and the bible when correct, always corroborates history) information that the priests of the religion (Satanism) have rather kept hidden from the congregations. (because it reflects the truth, and their beliefs and actions are those exact doctrines of this Old Relgion).

      It seems that now in the end of days, we are seeing the prophecy being fulfilled, ‘All secrets shall be revealed’.

    • Anonymous

      Why does the moon look just the same size with the sun?
      The moon is 2,172 miles in diameter and the sun is 870,000 miles in diameter, which means the sun is just four hundred times as large as the moon as if it were measured.

      Moreover the distance from the earth to the sun is 9,350 miles and the distance from the earth to the moon is 240,250 miles.

      Strange to say, the distance from the earth to the sun is four hundred times as long as that from the earth to the moon.

      That’s why the moon and the sun becomes the same size in case of the lunar eclipse. Isn’t it too strange?

      The moon is rotating three hundred eighty-four thousand and four hundred kilometers away from the earth.
      But the mass is abnormally big.
      It is one eighty-first of the earth.
      Why is it abnormal?
      The size of the moon is the fifth of the satellites in the solar system.
      Do you understand why it is abnormal?
      The ratio is too big.
      The biggest satellite is Ganimede(the spelling may not correct) of Jupiter.
      The second one is Titan of Saturn.
      The third is Calist(the spelling may not correct) of the Jupiter.
      The fourth is Io(the spelling may not correct).
      Even the biggest Ganimede is one thirteen thousandth of the mother planet.
      Titan is one four thousandth of mother planet.
      Calist is one seventeen thousandth
      Io is one twenty-two thousandth.
      The moon is only one eighty-first.
      Strange! Too strange!

      (It is not strange to me, though.) The revolution cycle of the moon is twenty-seven days, seven hours forty-three minutes and eleven seconds, which corresponds with the rotation cycle without even a second difference. That’s why the moon is always showing the surface to the earth.

      The stone which all the Apollo project brought back to the earth is three hundred and eighty-two kilograms. These stones were delivered to one hundred and forty research institutes. They were checked by age determination called Calium-Algon method that is very reliable, which showed many of them is older than four billion and six hundred million years old. Moreover some of them is over seven billion years old. Strange to say, two of them were twenty billion years old.

      The earth was born four billion six hundred million years ago. The universe was born fifteen billion years ago according to the Freedman(the spelling may not correct) model.

      Why are the two stones older than the universe? Can you keep looking away from this result?

      The stones on the surface of the moon is heavier than the ones on the earth by scores of percentage. The density of the moon rock was found to be 3.2-3.4. We know density of the earth rock is 2.7-2.8. Roughly said, the specific gravity of the moon is heavier than that of the earth. But the mass calculated from the size of the moon is only sixty percent of that of the earth.

      Can you understand the importance of this fact? The density of the moon’s surface is higher. The mass of the earth, however, is heavier than that of the moon in all. We know the center of the earth is not especially heavy. Is it impossible? No, there is only one solution. The moon is hollow.

      Of course it is impossible the satellite becomes hollow naturally. There is the observation data of the artificial earthquake done by Apollo 14. The shock to the moon which is equal to eleven tons of TNT was measured.

      Seismic wave travel two kilometers at most and the period of traveling is only several seconds in case of the earth.

      The seismic wave was observed as long as three hours and twenty minutes in the place one hundred and seventy-three kilometers away in case of the moon. The view by NASA then was the moon is just like a gong.

      You can conclude here that the moon is hollow ,however strange considered from the common sense of ours

    • Anonymous

      This is the quatrain about the people who follows the pleasure of the flesh.
      (Seen from Nostradamus, the modern people are nothing but the group of the epicureans.)

      Especially in the US and Japan it is noticeable.

      The US, the nation with many races and of mixed parentage is suffering from being trapped into the pleasure of the flesh for joy.

      Both the people of the US and Japan are in the venom of it.

      The US expressed with Venus and ggoddess of freedomh is in the state that the business is brisk and vigorous.

      Japan is in the dull business for a long time.

      In that time Sun explains the truth and the fact.

      For example Sun explains the contents of “the Giant Deluge of Noah” and Armageddon.

      The explanation by Sun hurts the self-respect of the US people severely, and make them depressing.

      (This decipherment was released in the web site in August, 1997)

      Chapter 9, article 84
      {The original}

      Roy espose parfaira I’Hecatombe,
      Apres avoir trouve son origine,
      torrent ouvrir de marbre & plomb la tombe,
      D’un grand Romain d’enseigne Medusine.

      {The replacement of the original}

      Roy espoir parfaire I’Hecatombe,
      Apres avoir trouve son origine,
      torrent ouvrir de marbre & plomb la tombe,
      D’un grand Romain d’enseigne Meduse.

      {Literal translation of the original}

      The king of hope completes the big slaughtering.
      After that he found his identity.
      The true current of the death by the pedestal and the weight starts.
      The proof of Medusa to the great Romans.

      {The free translation of the literal translation}

      The king of hope(Sun) finishes the big slaughtering (the manuscriptwhich tells about the principle of ‘the Giant Deluge of Noah’ and ‘the attack to the cities from space’.
      After that he found his identity.(The matter that he might be Sun and the existence of his kinsmen).
      The true current of the death (the program of human slaughtering) starts by dint of the pedestal (the mantle layer which combine sea water and the continent)
      and the weight (the inner core made of iron).
      The great Romans (the strongest nation in that age means the US now) see the proof of Medusa
      (It is compared to the sisters Media who make people the stone only by sight)
      Human beings shrink only by hearing three sisters who are the cause of ‘the Giant Deluge of Noah’.

      The Sun, the King of Hope, finishes writing the manuscript about the principle of “the Giant Deluge of Noah” and the attack by UFOs, which explains the incidents of Armageddon, big slaughtering.

      After that Sun found the fact that he, himself may be Sun and the meaning of his lineage.
      The slaughtering program against humans by the mantle layers which are the pedestal for the seawater and continent begins to start.

      The great and the strongest nation, US people experiences the terror of Medusa who turns the people that see the figure of her into stone.
      Humans are frozen just when they heard about three sisters who are the cause of the Giant Deluge of Noah.
      ( Three sisters mean the mantle layers which are divided into three parts)
      (This decipherment was released in the web site in August, 1977)

      Chapter 2 article 54

      Par gent estrage,& de Romains loingtaine,
      Leur grand cite apres eau fort troublee;
      Fille sans main trop different domaine,
      Prins,chef terreure n’auoit este riblee.

      {Replacelment of the Original}

      Par gent est(etre)_rage,& de Romains loin_taine,
      Leur grand cite apres eau fort troublee;
      Fille sans main trop different domaine,
      Prins,chef terreure n’auoit(autio=auto) ester rible.

      {Literal translation of the Original}

      The people felt acute pain. Among the Ancient Romans far away.
      There is horrible public unrest in the city behind the sea.
      The daughters have no handwriting.In the too different region.
      Princes, the chief who gives the horrible terror makes it possible to show himself for himself.

      {The free translation of the literal translation}

      Acute pain was felt among the people of Ancient Romans far away
      (The strongest nation in that age=the US).
      There is horrible public unrest in the city behind the sea(the city near the coast).
      Daughters(three daughters=three mantle layers) have no handwriting.
      It is in too different region (the boundary between the mantle layers, 400km underground)
      Princes(three brothers mean three mantle layers), the thing which give horrible terror (the cause of the sliding rotation of the pole of the earth) makes it possible to show themselves for themselves.

      The people of the strongest nation which is far away from the region where Sun lives are shocked severely.
      The contents of the web site about “the Giant Deluge of Noah” made the people who live along the coast astonished and shaken too much.
      Because they have never known the observation result which shows the existence of three sisters which expresses the three mantle layers.
      Because the boundary between the mantle layers, 250 miles under the ground has been too different area.
      The prince of three brothers(three mantle layers) and Sun gives an enormous terror. To give the recognition of the sliding rotation of the poles of the earth, Sun makes himself possible to turn up for himself.
      (This decipherment was released in the web site in August, 1977)

      Chapter 10 article 20
      {The original}

      Tous les amys qu’auront tenu party,
      Pour rude en lettres mis mort & saccage
      Biens publiez par fixe,grand neanty,
      Onc Romain pepule ne fut tant outrage.

      {The replacement of the original}

      Tout les ami qu’auront tenu parti,
      Pour rude en lettres mis mort & saccage
      Biens publier par fixe,grand neant,
      Onc Romain pepule ne fut tant outrage.

      {Literal translation of the original}

      The friend of all the people have few ways.
      Publish well with the letter which has the
      intorelable contents of the perish and devastation.
      The letter fixes the great nothingness.
      Romans have never been insulted violently.

      The essences of Sun who intruded among the humans in ancient times and friends of all the humans fails to convey all the contents to all the humans by way of publications like magazines and newspapers and so on.
      As the contents is too far away from the common sense, no one thinks it seriously.
      So the essences of Sun has few ways to convey.
      Because it is the letter whose contents tells the principle of “the Giant Deluge of Noah” and “Armageddon” and are intolerable to people.
      That’s why it tells about perish and devastation of the world.
      As all the human hopes are rejected and people know that there is no future for humans,nihilism occupies the hearts of people.

      Sun fixes the nihilism smartly in the web site of Internet so that it cannot be broken.
      The essences of Sun released it smartly as the last resort.

      American people whose country is the strongest in the world in that age has never been insulted severely before.
      It will happen when American people have understood that humans are treated as if they were like colitis germ in the laboratory dish.
      When they understand the contents, humans realize they have to follow the sorrowful destiny.
      (This decipherment was released in the web site in August, 1977)

      Chapter 5, article 24
      {The original}

      Le Kegne & Roy soubs Venus esleve,
      Saturne aura sur jupiter empire,
      Be loy & regne par le Soleil leve,
      Par Saturnius endurera le pire.

      {The replacement of the original}

      Le Kegnesien & Roy soubassements Venus eleve,
      Saturne aura sur jupiter empirement,
      Beant loy & regne par le Soleil leve,
      Par Saturnius endurer le pire.

      {Literal translation of the original}

      It is based on the Keins theory and the king of Venus. Saturn faces the influence of JupiterB
      The big and wide law and rule depend on the sound of the gavel of Sun.
      endure the worst events by Satan.
      {The free translation of literal translation}

      Keins theory(the economy of liberal capitalism) and Venus (The goddess means the US represented by the Statue of Liberty) is based on the king((be led and managed by the president).
      Saturn faces the influence of Jupiter(the pole of the earth comes to rotate owing to the influence of the meeting of the planets)
      A big law and rule(the countermeasure which leads to the new world) depend on the sound of gavel of Sun(depend on the advice of Sun).
      Endure the worst events(the principle of ‘the Giant Deluge of Noah’ and Armageddon by Satan(Fallen Angel Satan).

      Economy of liberalism and capitalism by Keins theory and the US which is represented by the goddess of freedom and led by the President.
      The big and wide law and rule is opened by the sound of gavel which is the messages to human society by “the essences of Sun”.
      People put up with the worst principle of the Giant Deluge of Noah and Armageddon.
      (This decipherment was released in the web site in August, 1977)

      Chapter 2, article 30
      {The original}

      Un qui les dieux d’Annibal infernaux
      Fera renaistre,effrayeur des humains,
      Oncq plus d’horreur,ne plus dire journaux,
      Qu’advint viendra par Babel aux Romains.

      {The replacement of the original}

      Un qui les dieu d’Annibal infernaux
      Fera renaitre,effraye des humain,
      Onc plus d’horreur,ne plus dire journaux,
      Qu’adveinr vien par Babel aux Romains.

      {Literal translation of the original}

      Atrocious God of Hannibal do
      show himself again, people are terried.
      The greatest atrocious act, the press doesn’t convey more.
      Ancient Rome has the thing which is caused by the Tower of Babel.

      {The free translation of literal translation}

      Atrocious God of Hannibal(one of the god of war and he is compared to Fallen Angel Satan and the moon beings,his follower) do (the attack to the cities which is to be given soon)
      They show themselves again(they come to slaughter human beings as the pleasure like the genocide of the civilization of Ikarus, Mu, Atlantis and so on before ‘the Giant Deluge of Noah’)

      People are terrified.
      (Human beings means you,who are reading this site.)
      The big atrocious act which has never given before.
      The press doesn’t convey
      (Sun gave warning to the pressmen but it was not accepted)
      The thing which is caused by the Tower of Babel
      (it is compared to the legend which tells human being were perished as they incurred the anger of the God and the attack from space is compared to it.)
      is had by ancient Rome
      (it means the US, who represents all the human beings)

      Atrocious God of Hannibal, the Fallen Angel Satan and his men, the moon beings attack the earth soon.
      Again they come to kill all the humans off for their pleasure before the Giant Deluge of Noahhlike the civilized people of Icarus, Mou and Atlantis.
      People who see the web site and realize the truth are terrified.

      The most cruel act that have ever done is the slaughtering for pleasure.
      For example American people killed buffaloes for pleasure without any reason.
      Though they killed buffaloes because they wanted just to kill, this time humans are in the situation of buffaloes.

      Sun wanted to convey it to the pressmen beforehand in vain.
      The matters that happens by the Tower of Babelh conveys the human perish by the attack, which is told in the form of legend telling about humans who were destroyed because they made god angry.
      So American civilization is destroyed by the anger of God.
      (This decipherment was released in the web site in August, 1977)

      Chapter 10, article 65
      {The original}

      O vaste Rome ta ruyne s’approche,
      Non de tes murs,de ton sang & substance;
      L’aspre par lettres fera si horrible coche,
      Fer poinctu mis a tous jusques au manche.

      {The replacement of the original}

      O vaste Rome ta ruine s’approche,
      Non de tes murs,de ton sang & substance;
      L’apre par lettres fera si horrible coche,
      Fer poinctu mis a tous jusques au manche.

      {Literal translation of the original}

      Oh, vast Rome! The destruction draws near.
      You have no barrier and your pedigree have no spiritual help.
      The sword made up of the letter means you are in the terrible wagon.
      The points of the swords were put before all the air holes.

      {The free translation of the literal translation}

      Oh,vast Rome!
      (The strongest nation in that age means the US today) The destruction draws near you.
      You have no barrier(Humans understand their standpoints when they make out the meaning and the contents of the attack from space called Armageddon and ‘the Giant Deluge of Noah’, by which humand understand modern humans can’t cope with the scale of it.)
      Your pedigree have no spiritual help
      (People find all the gods stated by all the religions
      were coined by the moon beings who are the followers of Fallen Angel Satan. So they have no gods on which they depend.
      And their feelings come to be hurt severely.)
      The sword made up of the letter (The information which tell these truth is the same
      with the condition as if the points of the swords are put near your throats)
      tell people are in the terrible wagon
      (The earth is compared to the wagon. Humans can’t get out of this wagon even if they want to get out of this terrible wagon)
      The points of the swords (the future in which the death comes surely) are put in every air hole
      (There is no means of escape for the people)

      Oh, you the US, the strongest and vast country in that age!
      The destruction is drawing near to you, the US.
      If you understand the attack from the space called Armageddon and the meaning and the contents ofgthe Giant Deluge of Noahh, you will also understand what is the situation of humans.
      In that case, you will realize that modern humans cannot cope with it.
      Humans cannot defend themselves by the scientific power of humans.
      As God disappears from the hearts of your family and lineage, there is no help for hearts.
      Humans realize all the gods of every religion were made up by the moon beings and they are disciples of Fallen Angel Satan.
      Gods whom humans have depended on disappear and humans’ hearts are broken severely.

      Atrociousness of the letters which tell those truth is just the same with the sword which is pointed to the throat.
      And it is the same with the terrible earth wagon in which humans get on. (The earth is compared to the wagon).
      You humans cannot escape from this terrible wagon even if you want to escape.
      The point of the sword for the future death which is the surest is put before every escape.
      (Every escape is blocked)
      The ways to escape to the space are all blocked out.
      (This decipherment was released in the web site in August, 1977)

    • Anonymous

      The estimation of the propagation of the boundary’s tearing off between the mantle layers
      The breakage of the boundary between the mantle layers

      1 The biggest peculiarity of “the Giant Deluge of Noah” is the tremendous sound at the time of the breakage of the boundary layer and the vibration.

      The sound in case of the tearing off caused by the normal earthquakes is heard as the rumbling of the earth because it usually starts within 6 miles under the surface of the earth which is comparably shallow place and the period of it is very short. However, the sound of the tearing off of the normal one is hardly heard.

      A At first the part where the distortion is centered, 250 miles under the ground is torn off. The places of it exist in the region whose latitude 45N and 45S theoretically.

      When a part is torn off, it spreads all around. The expansion of this tearing off continues until it expands to whole the earth.

      B We cannot know the velocity of propagation of this tearing off clearly.

      I estimate the velocity of propagation is about 2 miles per second(7,200 miles per hour) according to the legends or the propagation velocity of the breakage of the faults of the normal surface of the earth. Therefore it takes about two hours when it spreads to whole the earth.

      C This breakage of the boundary releases the power of the distortion in the boundary layer, which serves to lift up the upper two mantle layers owing to the rotation of the pole as if it were like the magnetic head of the hard disk in the computer. When extremely said, the upper parts of the mantle layers which are 250 miles thick are lifted up just a little. So the power to lift up is released to the surface of the ground in the shape of huge vibration. People feel as if they were lifted up suddenly. Then the rotation of the pole starts at once. The surface of the ground show tragic scenes by cracks, sinking, upheaval, eruptions and so on.

      Rumbling and Vibration

      When this tearing off happens, the humans on the surface of the earth undergo the biggest rumbling of the earth that they have ever heard and feel the big vibration
      Though those who ignore and try not to listen to me will be upset terribly, they can’t be helped. They had better give up and enjoy seeing the sights of the spectacle show which cannot be watched often. They will be welcomed in gthe world of the spiritshafter they will have left this world. In the world of the spirits they can tell other spirits very interesting stories.

      “The complete prophecies of Nostradamus” tells concretely about the sound of tearing off. As people don’t recognize that Nostradamus is trying to explain about “the Giant Deluge of Noah”, they can’t make out the contents written in it.

      When you look for it in “The complete prophecies of Nostradamus” you had better find the word, ogmyon or ogmion which expresses the sound of this tearing off.

      New Humans Leave the Earth

      Those who are to be new humans are not on the surface of the earth at the time of “the Giant Deluge of Noah”.
      Because they will already have left our solar system. Therefore please make out those who suffer from the miserable fate will be your friends and relatives. Of course you will be given some conversion of your bodies. For example you will come to live a little longer(forty million to one hundred million years old.) Because the longevity of modern humans is too short to enjoy space travel. Therefore you don’t have to be feared then. Though you can decline, you cannot stop over.

      I can’t go with you, though. According to the estimation of the quatrain,the moon beings will come to meet me, and I will have to go. I will not be in this world because I will have to die with agony and fear in the moon. I hope you will make up a new world.

      The Beginning of the Rotation

      When the mantle layer begins to rotate, the sea water cannot catch up with the rotation of the earth and it goes on the land. Though the height of the tidal waves then change place to place, it is from 1.25 to 12.5 miles and whose average height is estimated to be 2 miles. The sea which you have loved and called “the mother of life” or “the beloved child” become the horrible destroyer which destroys and perishes all the humans.
      The sudden change of the seawater is describled as thyrens, chyren, selyn and selin in “The complete prophecies of Nostradamus”. Please refer to them.

      The bars which are preventing from rotating of the pole is removed by the power from the moon and sun.

      The estimation of the rotational speed of the mantle layer at the first stage
      The result which is calculated is smaller than we expect even if we postulate the biggest case. But after the rotation has begun, the speed gets considerably faster after three hours when calculated by the hour. The land moves more than 2 miles after three hours. Though it depends upon the place, the land moves to the place which used to be the sea that is 3.75 miles deep.

      As the seawater cannot follow the movement of the land, all the seawater of 3.75 miles deep go on the land, which means tidal waves of 3.75 miles high hit us.

    • Anonymous

      Though the war is going in the allied forces’ perfect favor, there remains a big problem.

      It is about the Fallen Angel Satan. Though the forces of the moon beings are about to be under control of the allied forces, Fallen Angel Satan will escape by stopping the obsession the moon beings.

      Angels can’t prevent Satan from escaping, because the evolution level of Angels’ is too low compared to Fallen Angel Satan.

      Even Great Angels find it difficult to pursuit Fallen Angel Satan if he will have escaped to other location of different time and space.

      Therefore they have to capture Fallen Angel Satan by any means. So they decided to put a tag on Fallen Angel Satan. Then they can find the location wherever he may run away.

      However, it is too dangerous an act to lock on Fallen Angel Satan.

      As Angels can’t fulfil this mission because they are not worthy of this role.

      As there seems to exist other purposes, immortal Great Angel was appointed to fulfil this mission and came to the world on the earth where the pain of the death prevails.

      Though what purpose is contained is not known, his memory is frozen and it is programed so that he can’t be wakened up until the fixed time.

      They capture Fallen Angel Satan while he is tasting the blood of those who have been loved by him(those who have been chosen to the ruling class or have been given favorable treatment in The Earth Theater which he made).

      Those tasty blood for Satan is produced by anger, agony, terror, sadness which lead those who were loved by Satan to the death. This battle cannot be made out what is going on by humans.

    • Anonymous

      The Creation and Evolution Game
      In the mean time, they moved to the solar system where you humans live now, seeking the young sun. Fallen Angel Satan started the play of bad taste to kill time. It was the Creation and Evolution Game.
      There are ones among yourselves who are foolish enough to yearn for the ability of the persons of much higher level, even though it is impossible. As Satan cannot play the true Creation and Evolution Game, it began to start one which is alike the real Creation and Evolution Game.

      So Satan prepared the circumstances on the earth so that lives could grow, and synthesized the lives as the performers of the play.

      It made Satan possible to act as the God. Though it is the fake Creation and Evolution, Satan liked it very much. You, humans started to perform as extras for the first time.

      As it is the game, it has the end. So the lives of extras which Satan made have to be discarded. It is very troublesome to kill the lives which try to run away one by one.

      In the mean time Satan thought of the way to save energy. It is the way to kill all of them all at once with water. The idea of the Giant Deluge of Noah hit Satan.
      The earth-type planet in the universe has the pole-changes as the poles rotate round and round according to the conditions. It is not the rare phenomenon but a matter of common knowledge to the lives in the universe. If you, humans know this phenomenon, you will come to notice the principle of the Giant Deluge of Noah.
      So the Fallen Angel Satan kept it secret. If humans can go out of the earth, you will be able to realize it. But Satan has no mind to let you go out of the earth.

      We humans are going to make artificial satellite with cooperation of all the nations. Humans have to be discarded because they went to the moon(the sanctuary for the God) more than thirty years ago without permission, and this time humans are doing the rude action near the sanctuary for the God. Can you understand the meaning of this explanation?

      At first they seem to have been playing by making the moon rotate around Mars. But soon they wanted to play in a larger scale on the earth. As the earth is larger than Mars, they made rotating axis of the earth incline a little. They made the small asteroid crash into the earth, by which they could change the angle of inclination of the earth to 23.5 degrees about four billion years ago.

      Though it took about 4 hundred million years for the earth to get stable, the result seems to have been well. They calculated the rotating orbit of the moon(moon-type space-fighter-crafts carrier)and put it into the orbit of the earth, which enabled them to rotate the poles of the earth periodically and make the deluge occur periodically.

      It is the completion of the Earth Theater ,which draws down the curtain periodically by the Giant Deluge of Noah.

      Satan gathered seawater from other planets and the system of cleaning the earth was completed very well. The Earth Theater for the Creation and Evolution Game was completed in ancient times.

      They prepared the environment where lives like humans could live, multiply and be killed off completely, which they repeated and repeated without getting tired of it.

      In the meantime, they came to enjoy seeing the creatures running away desperately very much. At last they found it more interesting to see the lives like humans which have been progressed to some extent running away desperately.

      It is the birth of “terrible devil incarnates” “King of Terror” to the lives on the earth. It became impossible for them to stop the play as Satan and the moon beings came to like it too much.

      As it is the Creation and Evolution Game, the period between the Creation and the Extermination must be joyful. It is not interesting as a show if humans don’t wage big scale wars and kill with one another.

      For humans, also, the battle scenes on TV dramas are more interesting if destruction and slaughter are played in a big scale. So the Fallen Angel Satan sent many moon beings to meddle the human world and make humans form nations and religions, by which Satan wanted humans to wage wars and slaughter one another.

      That’s why however earnestly we may hope peace, we cannot attain peace. They don’t allow us to live in peace and progress peacefully, as peaceful lives are not interesting at all to them.

      For example Christianity itself was made by the Christ who was one of the moon beings as the tool for killing one another by the order of Satan.

      And humans are expected to multiply by means of appropriate progress. The finale will not be magnificent if several billion people don’t run away desperately and come to bloodshed. You, people on the earth are to join the scene of the finale of magnificent slaughtering by the Giant Deluge of Noah. Though I can’t tell now it is happy or unhappy, you are in the destiny to be cleaned off.

      Here I call the being “Fallen Angel Satan=The devil incarnates =devil=Satan”. I think you won’t be against my suggestion. There was a foolish parent who tried to name his son Satan. In America there was a foolish man who named the car Satan. There is a proverb a fool cannot be cured until he is dead. If one wants to praise Satan and want to be killed, please have his own way. It’s too absurd!

    • Anonymous

      excellent job! … feed me more!

    • killuminati420

      Why do people always have to bring god and jesus into this?The sumerians were around thousands of years before the bible was written.All the bible did was muddy up the story.Also its just contradicting if you believe the sumerians how can you believe in jesus and the christian god.”Aliens created us and god is living creature…..but jesus will save me”

    • Anonymous

      he period of the rotational acceleration means the period in which the North Pole and the South Pole come to the point of the today’s equator.
      It’s just the process in which the thin peel of the surface of the earth move sidelong.

      Most of the power which make the rotation of the pole accelerate is exerted by the power from the moon.

      Therefore we should check the relation between the moon’s position in the circling orbit and the inclination of the rotational axis of the earth.

      When the bars in the boundary between mantle layers are removed, the sliding resistance will disappear and it serves as the pushing power of the rotational movement for the mantle just like the seawater.

      The only difference between the seawater and the mantle is that as the seawater is more mobile than the mantle, it follows soon to the power of the moon. As the mantle is less mobile, it goes ahead without returning.

      The rotation of the earth repeats the acceleration and the slowing down owing to the relation between the position of the moon and the rotation of the earth.

      When seen from outside of the earth, it looks as if it is showing the swaying movement by the combination of the inertia moment and rotational power.

      Strong distortion produced by these powers of the acceleration, the slowing down and inertia moment bring about upheaval, sinking and crack to the surface of the land .

      As a result of them, they trigger atmospheric disturbance like eruptions, earthquakes, typhoons and tornados which makes the sky dark.

      It is natural it keeps raining and we will have poor visibility. The abnormality of the surface of the land become unseen under the giant tidal waves, though.

      The rotation of the pole means the different rotation between the upper two parts of the mantle layer and the lower part of the mantle layer.

      The lower part of the layer keep rotating as usual.

      The upper two parts have the rotation of the pole. When they are rotating together with the same speed with the lower part there is no difference between the upper and the lower part.

      But the sliding speed which is produced by the rotation of the pole at first will exceed the the speed of the sound because the rotational power of the lower part become larger by the difference of the rotation when the rotation keep going.

      Therefore the rotational acceleration increases at first but as the poles draw near the equator, acceleration decreases. So it becomes very slow.

      The period of the rotational acceleration cannot be calculated because there is no basic data of the frictional resistance.

      So let me refer to the contents written in the legends. I think you know well about this period of the rotational acceleration and the slowing down. The believers of Christianity are sure to be taught at school. It is about forty days. The average speed is about 2.5 miles per hour. Weren’t you taught by the clergies?

    • Anonymous

      I’ll add an explanation for those who insist they were not taught by clergies. In the legend of “the Giant Deluge of Noah” there is a description that “There were flood forty days and there were one hundred and fifty days”.
      This forty days means the period of the acceleration.

      And one hundred and fifty days means the period of the slowing down.

      When the pole of the earth begins to rotate, the seawater cannot follow the rotational acceleration of the pole and go on the land.

      And when the speed of the seawater becomes the same with the one of the rotation of the pole(when the acceleration stops),the seawater begins to retreat.

      But the rotation of the pole begins to slow down by passing the equator, the seawater cannot follow the slowing down, and keep rotating without stopping.

      It’s just like the discus throw of the seawater. This means the seawater goes on the land whose direction is reverse to the before one. Even if the rotation stops, the seawater rotates and rotates around the earth.

      “The complete prophecies of Nostradamus” tells it rotates three times. Therefore big flood occurs twice, forty days and one hundred and fifty days.

      It also means there is the acceleration and the slowing down in the period of the rotation. Didn’t you really learn it at school? Didn’t both the teachers and clergies explain such important matters which were done by “The devil incarnates, the Fallen Angel Satan and its disciples”?

      The disturbance of the atmosphere is severe during the period of the rotational acceleration.
      The sky is dark and clouds cover the sky low. Stars hardly can be seen. As the legends tells the direction in which the sun rises moves gradually.Therefore lucky persons will be able to observe this phenomenon.

      Of course the position of the stars change little by little. If some of you survive unyieldingly and can see neither stars nor the sun, please look at the magnet.

      Though there is some fluctuation in the intensity of the magnetic field, as the direction of the magnetic pole does not change, we can calculate the rotational angle then according to the change of the direction of the magnet.

      Then you can estimate which part of the process of the rotation you are in, which makes you easy to make up the plan after that.

      Please survive by any means and snub the devil incarnates who has made complete homicidal system.

      It is the victory against the system for the extermination if you can survive. Though it is very hard, I hope you will do your best.

    • Anonymous

      The biggest peculiarity of “the Giant Deluge of Noah” is that tidal waves retreat once during the period without the acceleration of the Pole’s rotation.
      It’s the simple rotational phenomenon of the seawater. The seawater has rotational acceleration at first and it slows down later.

      Even though the seawater tries to follow the rotation of the land, it cannot follow completely during the period of the rotational acceleration and it looks as if it goes back conversely to the ground’s rotation.

      After that the seawater tries to catch up with the rotation of the land. The speed of the land and the one of the seawater becomes the same after a little later than the time of the highest speed of the earth’s rotation.

      The seawater begins to retreat then. This retreat of the seawater is its peculiarity. Though the slowing down of the earth’s rotation is considerably slow, its speed decreases clearly. As most of you don’t exist any more, there may be no relation to you, though.

      Those who are surviving unyieldingly are required never to think this is the end of the flood.

      If you think it’s the end of the food, you will have to die, even though you may have survived with all your might.

      The tidal waves will hit you again from the reverse direction. Please take care because this time tidal waves will not lose its power even if it does not take much time.

      I hope those who have survived will do your best. The ground, however, begins to slow down then. Then conversely the seawater cannot follow the slowing down of the land, it keep rotating in the same speed to keep up the accelerated speed.

      Though the land stops rotation after it will have rotated 180 degrees, the seawater keep rotating without stopping.

      When seen from the land, tidal waves hit from the opposite direction. The tidal waves will hit from the opposite direction after the seawater will have retreated. This is the very peculiarity.

      The earth will have laid down then as if it were like Pluto. The direction of the magnet is vertical to the one which used to be. If the sun happens to be seen then, you will fall into the illusion as if the sun were circling along the horizon.

      Though those who will have survived may not notice, the mantle layer of 250 miles under the ground is sliding over the speed of the sound.

      The part of the earth which is under the sliding mantle layer is rotating with the same speed as the Pole’s rotation.

      Though those who will have escaped to the sea may not have the big influence, those who will have evacuated to the ridges of the high mountains should take care of the changes of the ridges which have already become islands.a
      The reason of the slowing down of “the Pole’s Rotation” is that the rotational direction of the mantle layer become reverse relatively in the point 250 miles under the ground, which brings about the slowing down.
      As the rotational direction of the inner part of the earth has no change, the belt conveyer of the surface of the earth seems to have the reverse rotation relatively after the middle point.

      The disparity of sliding speed of the sliding boundary will increase. As the inertia moment of the inner part is far greater than the inertia power of the belt conveyer, the belt conveyer which has the rotation of the pole is to be slowed down.

      The power of the rotation of the belt conveyer is to disappear. The rotation of the earth’s pole is kept running as before.

      When it is fine for a while, we can observe the rare phenomenon which shows both the sun and the stars don’t move to the rotational direction.

      In that case, only rotational element is left, if we observe the movement of the stars and the sun, we can observe the speed of the rotation of the earth’s pole.

      If you can afford to observe carefully, please leave the record to the later people. Of course the problem of the precision is left, we can observe by the movement of direction of the magnetic field.

      After a while, the belt conveyer begins to be accelerated to the direction of the inner rotation. And the phenomenon of the hammer throw of the seawater becomes the highest from that time on.

      It is the most dangerous period. Please tide over with all your might.

      John Moore, is partially correct… Same goes for Major Ed Dames. It seems those elites under-ground in their bunkers will be crushed and buried never to emerge again. :) Nephilim offspring’s are fed to Satan delight :) Yummy…

    • Anonymous

      Ham’s sin was having sex with his mother

      “The nakedness of your father” is defined as “the nakedness of your mother” in Leviticus 18:7-8. Leviticus 18:14, 16; 20:11, 30, 21 all describe a woman’s nakedness as that of her husband.

    • Anonymous

      and upon this earth for its deception i shall implant men whomn are undeserving of this panet but whoms offspring shall reap the benifits until which time i decide to try again, dont feel basd as i am like ypou AND am not perfect but shall create the perfect breed fotr this planet or fail

    • Anonymous

      If Enoch 1 is accurate, the nephilim were 3000 cubits tall. That’s 4500 feet! :shock: LOL So your picture doesn’t show that the men were like grasshoppers next to them. I find it hard to picture someone that big. Also hard to believe. Talk about birthing pangs of those babies! I don’t know if Enoch is correct, but if so, that easily explains how the pyramids were built. These guys must have caused earthquakes with every step. LOL were they really that tall? Hmmm Most of the wars in the Bible were to destroy these giants.

    • Anonymous

      On the note of UFO aka demons, you have see what kind of people are being taken. You will never see a God fearing, prayer warrior Christian taken. Report have been recorded that when a believer in Christ tried to be taken, they called out to God and rebuked these demons in Jesus name and they left them. Remember brothers and sister, Christ defeated Satan at the cross and now we have that power. So if you ever encounter a 15 foot demon and want him to run like a little girl, just say the name of Jesus!!! :lol:

    • Anonymous

      Though the moon beings are immortal,when they played the roles of rulers and leaders, they had to show that they would die in the end.

      Whereabouts of corpse, however, got necessarily unknown. Don’t you know the persons whose scenes of death are strange and mysterious? Genghis Khan is one of them. When he died, his body was carried far away to the north. Those who met the carrying troupe of the corpse of Genghis Khan were all killed. His corpse was buried in the grassy plain without any grave or cemetery. The buried place was stamped by the hooves of horses so that no trace might remain. So no one in the world know where his corpse is even now.

      You humans have to die actually, but they the moon beings don’t. They only deceived the ignorant humans in that period who had no scientific knowledge. It was natural for them not to have died. They only played the role of dead persons.

      After cleaning off the previous human kind by the Giant Deluge of Noah, the moon beings make it a rule to recuperate the earth during the glacial period.

      A small number of survived humans will die out in that period. Even if a few humans survived from giant tidal waves, the culture of them will naturally retreat to one in Stone Age. The survived humans will come to have no relation with the next game, even if they are paid no attention to.

      The next game will be started from the Stone Age anyway. Fallen Angel Satan composed the human kind in accordance to the scenario of the Creation and Evolution Game. And Fallen Angel Satan transplants them on the earth and make them breed again. As the human kind in that period don’t know the farming techniques they live on hunting and picking the berries.

      As the population don’t increase in this state, the moon beings start education to human kind. They deceive the humans, calling themselves gods and teach farming techniques and so on to the people of Primitive Age.

      Ignorant humans settle down and start farming according to their manuals, and the population begins to increase gradually. The organizations come to be formed necessarily and both rulers and the public are born.

      The organizations grow up from villages to towns, and to cities. Humans began to increase rapidly. The ways of fighting with one another get more magnificent little by little.

      The population density has grown gradually, and the numbers of people who try to follow the scientific studies increases. Soon the degree of scientific evolution got accelerated. Naturally the moon beings leak the scientific informations without being known to human kind. The informations leaked then are controlled according to the progress of the Game.

      The moon beings watch out to keep the humans ignorant about their position.

      Even the dupe humans, however, have come to notice the unusual phenomenons about the moon when they got progressed scientifically and have been able to reach the moon for probe.

      Sorry to say you humans are still ignorant and dupe.

      Even if some people notice it, the rulers of humans don’t leak the informations to people. You are in this situation.

      I can’t tell whether rulers on the earth chosen by them know the horrible secret intention of the moon beings or not, though. They controlled humans behind the curtains and made humans fight with one another.

      They even became rulers themselves and ordered to slaughter others. They demanded to wage wars with airplanes, tanks, small scale nuclear weapons, missiles and so on. So humans had to suffer from the blood festivals like World War I, World War and so on.

      However earnestly people ask for peace and even if humans made the United Unions or the United Nations, they don’t allow humans to stop wars. Because the stoppage of the wars makes their investment useless.

      The Creator wants us to fight with one another to meet his demand. We have to increase production of food to make the population multiply.

      The more dead bodies, the more interesting the finale will be to them. Though the numbers of you, humans is a little less than expected by Fallen Angel Satan, humans have made the earth theater almost full.

      As humans have progressed scientifically now, some of us have come to realize that there is something strange around us.

      To evade the attention of humans, they have tricked us by the magnificent staged comet show of Jupiter, wars and performances of crisis of terrorism. Aren’t you,humans tricked ?

      And in the end they will end the drama with the Attack by UFOs and the Giant Deluge of Noah.

      Though the humans, the performers of the theater, will be made again and the scenario will be changed a little, the general contents of the game will be the same.

      After humans had been given fossil fuel, the game became the one which was loved by them.

    • Anonymous

      The stage of the game in the Earth Theater lasts about twelve thousand years. The title of the drama is The Creation and Evolution Game. The performers are you, humans. There are many roles. The clan of emperor, the statesman, the manager, the working man, the sacrifice of the traffic accident, the housewife, the child, the actor, the singer, the soldier, the priest, the gangster and so on. There is no counting.

      And the killers, the killed, the men who plan to kill, the nations which make the facilities for killing and the nations which keep using such weapons make them glad.
      The man who prepares for killing others try to justify himself by insisting that it is done for the purpose of defending himself. Crowd, crowd and crowd of killers who have been prepared by them!!

      The climax of the drama is war, war and war!!!
      As far as we can see,corpse, corpse and corpse!!!
      Those who deplore, he who deplore, one who deplore!!!

      Though humans have momentary peace of mind, they are usually filled with uneasiness and fear. The earth is under control of the A
      The stage of the game in the Earth Theater lasts about twelve thousand years. The title of the drama is The Creation and Evolution Game. The performers are you, humans. There are many roles. The clan of emperor, the statesman, the manager, the working man, the sacrifice of the traffic accident, the housewife, the child, the actor, the singer, the soldier, the priest, the gangster and so on. There is no counting.

      And the killers, the killed, the men who plan to kill, the nations which make the facilities for killing and the nations which keep using such weapons make them glad.
      The man who prepares for killing others try to justify himself by insisting that it is done for the purpose of defending himself. Crowd, crowd and crowd of killers who have been prepared by them!!

      The climax of the drama is war, war and war!!!
      As far as we can see,corpse, corpse and corpse!!!
      Those who deplore, he who deplore, one who deplore!!!

      Though humans have momentary peace of mind, they are usually filled with uneasiness and fear. The earth is under control of the A
      The stage of the game in the Earth Theater lasts about twelve thousand years. The title of the drama is The Creation and Evolution Game. The performers are you, humans. There are many roles. The clan of emperor, the statesman, the manager, the working man, the sacrifice of the traffic accident, the housewife, the child, the actor, the singer, the soldier, the priest, the gangster and so on. There is no counting.

      And the killers, the killed, the men who plan to kill, the nations which make the facilities for killing and the nations which keep using such weapons make them glad.
      The man who prepares for killing others try to justify himself by insisting that it is done for the purpose of defending himself. Crowd, crowd and crowd of killers who have been prepared by them!!

      The climax of the drama is war, war and war!!!
      As far as we can see,corpse, corpse and corpse!!!
      Those who deplore, he who deplore, one who deplore!!!

      Though humans have momentary peace of mind, they are usually filled with uneasiness and fear. The earth is under control of the moon beings.

      The murders done for hobby by individuals are small in scale and the things done by little demons are small at most. So the organizations are needed. They made humans work out two tools for murder.

      They worked out the discrimination by means of different races and languages. Those discrimination grew up the mind of doubt which brought about the hatred.

      The religions are the most effective tools. Not only do they contribute to control the progress of science but also they contribute to bring about the murders with one another.

      Religions can instruct people to treat pagans as beasts and to slaughter them. Those who regard killing as a bad act can make their mind numbed and can start killing with one another in a large scale.

      However earnestly kind-hearted sheep may desire the peace, the devil incarnates make humans think it is necessary to kill others for God.

      Humans were led to make many religions and nations, which brought about the mind of doubts among them.

      Humans on the earth don’t even know that they are manipulated. The earth became the cursed planet full of corpse which is the same with the urn. The devil incarnates laugh heartily and ridicule. It is a lot of fun for them. It is impossible to stop such an interesting play.

      They repeat and repeat!!!
      People doubt, distrust and doubt!!!
      Horror, terror and horror!!!
      Despair, disappointment and despair!!!
      Anger, rage and anger!!!
      Grief, sorrow and grief!!!
      And they become corpse, corpse and corpse!!!
      The moon beings ridicule silly and stupid humans.

      The killings with one another with bows, spears and swords are small in scale. Though the slaughtering by “the Giant Deluge of Noah” is big in scale, it is lacking in variety, which bored them soon.

      They made humans have scientific weapons and make humans kill with one another magnificently. This time it was a great success, because Satan and the moon beings could enjoy a lot.

      Mass slaughtering with nuclear bombs, gas weapons and so on is the great joy to them. The more the sacrifices, the more delightful to them.

      They need to multiply human population to enjoy killing among humans more. So they need to make humans have scientific technique more by competing with one another.

      The progress of science brought about bigger scale slaughter. They have enjoyed and enjoyed. Now it has got, however, risky for them to keep humans whom they have bred for long. Because humans have reached the point, too advanced in science and technology.

      Humans might detect the existence of the moon beings in the moon. Oh, this is the serious problem. Now they have to erase humans as soon as possible. Let’s enjoy a little before erasing, though. This last time they will become the killers themselves and hunt the monkeys on the earth which have gained a little scientific technology. Hunting is a lot of fun. They are to kill the monkeys which will try to run away in flurries. They are the monkeys which the moon beings have bred for a long time. They have to be good sacrifices which contribute to make moon beings enjoy a lot.

      It is the important duty to satisfy the dry mind of the devil incarnates. The believers have to be delighted to offer their lives to gods whom they believe in. Don’t doubt the gods.

      They think humans don’t have to keep the peaceful mind. After horror, fear and agony, they have to offer their lives to the holy gods, because minus energy which is produced when humans are killed serves a lot for Satan.Satan’s feast is the minus energy of dying lives, especially humans’.

      To make the dying humans keep in the state more shocked,the words of the god will be given to the silly monkeys at the time of UFOs’ attack. However it may not be realized even when they are dying. The moon beingsiSatan) will tell that humans don’t have to live any more because they profaned many laws given by the God.

    • Anonymous

      The contents which are told in this web site may be shocking to you. It can’t be understood if you don’t change your way of thinking.

      There are a lot of things which must be looked into and confirmed by yourselves.

      The main events which will soon happen to the earth are as follows.

      The Giant Deluge of Noah will occur after the UFOs attack and almost all the humans will die out.

      I call the civilization of modern humans “American civilization” which represents the modern civilization.

      This American civilization is to be destroyed in a day like Muo and Atlantis civilization. The sorrowful story of modern humans will be told in the future as only the myth or legend which tells unreal stories.

      Soon there will be a war against aliensDThe air and naval forces of the USA, NATO, Russia and so on will fight desperately only to be destroyed all in about six days.

      All the cities will be destroyed too, by which we won’t be able to live in cities. Humans will have to suffer from terrible hunger and some have to eat man in some places.

      It seems that my mission is to explain the situation of humans. Nostradamus wrote the plan by the order of the being whom he calls ” God”.

      The purpose of it is to tell the future action and the purpose of the man whom he calls Sun and to navigate him. The complete prophecies of Nostradamus” is the documents which has the character like Internet.

    • Pineal Ark

      I have found the word chains in Jude 1:6 to be defined as LIGAMENTS in strong’s concordance,
      and the word darkness defined as cloud or storm cloud as in the cloud shaped brain under which
      we live. these clouds we call brains are filled with much darkness. It is our prison like bodies that
      hold us down to earth until judgement. :evil:

    • Pineal Ark

      I propose to you that the greatest achievement of satan was to convince the world that he DID exist. The conversation between satan and Eve took place in her mind where all the debating we do (before we choose
      to do that which is evil) takes place. Satan means my enemy right, well the corrupt mind is the enemy of the almighty, whether it be spirit (angel) or flesh (man) its still satan. Notice the similarity between satans
      punishment and adam’s, TO EAT OF THE GROUND. satan and man…. one and the same. The spine in our back is the trunk of the forbidden tree and our own mind (seated in the brain) is the tree top.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting fiction.

    • setusfreeOLord2011

      This is very interesting. Do you suppose that the said “elite” are the products of the Nephilim race? They are the “powers” over us, they are involved in Satanic Worship, and the Bible does state that Satan will use man to usher in the end-times. Do you think there is any connection?

    • Anonymous

      According to the tradition of Hopi, our world is the fourth one counted from the beginning. Every world was perished owing to the vicious spirits which grew in the human hearts.

      The ancestors of Hopi living in the Third World escaped the Giant Deluge which perished the Third World, drifted and reached the west coast of the Central America. They came to live as the natives of the Fourth world.Their guardians, Big Spirit Maasauu handed them the stone board on which all the manuals for their life and prophecies were inscribed. The prophecy about the Fourth World is as follows.

      Soon the Fourth World will be perished because vicious spirits prevails. The day is called The Great Day of Purification and preceding the Day many signs are seen. Some of them are listed below.

      1)White people occupy the continent and hit the natives with thunder rod.
      (This prophecy came true. We can easily understand the thunder rod is the gun.)

      2) The horse wagon which is pulled by other things than horses is to be invented by white people.Iron snakes are to cross the plain.
      (It came true. We can easily make out iron snake is railroad.)

      3) Big Web is to cover the ground. People are to begin to talk through web.
      (It has come true. The electric wires and Internet web began to cover the ground like web and people communicate through web.)

      4) Stone rivers are to cross with each other on the ground.
      (It has come true. Highways with Intersections were constructed all over the US)

      5) The sea is to change colors to black and many lives die.
      (It has come true. The accident of oil tankers made the sea black.)

      6) The roads are to be made in the sky
      (It became true when air route were made)

      7)The gourds filled with ash which have tremendous powerCmake the rivers boil, bring about incurable disease, burn down the ground and don’t make the life grow for a long time are to be made.
      (It became true when the atomic bombs were dropped in Japan)

      8 Youths with long hair are to learn the way of living of the natives.
      (It became true, when Hippies appear in 1970s and learned the way of living of the natives)

      9 The clothes of men are to be robbed by women
      (It came true. Women began to wear jeans and began to be like men)

      10) Young people are to come to give up marriage.
      (It became true. In these days many youths give up marriage)

      11) Two brothers are to place the ladder against the moon.

      (We can easily understand “two brothers” means the US and Russia(Soviet).

      Though Russia is thought that it has never sent men to the moon, some information tells us it also tried to send men to the moon, but they were killed by someone,which was kept secret because the news of the failure hurt the dignity of Russia.

      As Russia was superior to the US in the field of the space technology in those days, it was natural for Russia to have tried to send men to the Moon.

      As astronauts were killed by someone and driven away, Russia must have thought those of the US would be killed, too. So even if the US was making great effort to reach the moon, Russia was cool.The cool attitude of Russia was felt abnormal for the people in the world because the side of the the superior in the space technology doesn’t try to reach the moon.

      As many of the researchers of UFOs think,the US was warned not to go to the moon by Apollo 13. The four parts of the rocket were broken at the same time in case of Apollo 13.Is it possible four parts are broken at the same time? When you are driving a new car,you can’t suppose only one part is broken. If one of the parts is broken, you will claim to the maker of the car,saying gOh, this is a brand new carIGive money back!h

      If two parts are broken at the same time, for example, the battery and the steering wheel,you will say “Oh,incredible! This car is cursed. I don’t drive it any more.”If four parts without any relation are broken at the same time, you will surely realize that someone must have done it.Of course NASA realized the intention of menace to stop going to the moon by the moon beings but NASA continued the project until Apollo 17. Why? They were menaced to stop going but menaced to continue a little longer. Because if they had stopped just after the accident of Apollo 13, many of the humans would have made out the mystery of the accident. Four parts of the new rocket which were given the thorough check again and again before launching can’t break at the same time would impress the humans, by which humans may suspect the existence of the moon beings. NASA was also menaced to keep the project a little more. As you know after Apollo 17, they never try to send men to the moon.

      12) You are to hear about the house in the heaven. It is to be put in the heaven by the white people.When the thing like a blue star is seen, the ritual of our race is soon to come to the end.

      When white people is to put the house in the heaven,it is to be the last omen which humans can expect to see. After that the time of the big change of the Mother Earth is to draw near.

      The house in the heaven is to be the last thing permitted to be able to create by humans. As humans touched the moon and stars, hunger, plague, war are to become conspicuous on the planet and the balance between societies and nature is to be broken.
      (This prophecy is concrete enough to be easily understood)

      13 The blue thing is to appear in the sky for the people.
      (The sacred song of Hopi also sings about “this blue thing like a star”. You can see “the blue thing” in the picture which is opened to public by NASA even now.
      The URL of it is introduced in Chapter 2)

      14 On the Great Day of Purification , when the two gods of war who sit on the head and the tail of the water snakes which live in both the poles loosen the power, the snakes will move and make the land move.

      (The Great Day of Purification means the day of “the Giant Deluge of Noah” which will be explained in the following chapters of this HP(Especially in and after Chapter 30).The big deluge is compared to the water snake which will gulp everything.

      This prophecy becomes easy to understand when it is rewritten as follows.

      Two water snakes whose tails exist in both the poles live on the earth. When the two gods of warf loosen their power, both the ground and the snake move.h

      On the Great Purifying Day the seawater on the earth becomes the Giant Deluge called “the Giant Deluge of Noah”. That is produced by the Pole- Change of the earth. The tip of the center axis of the rotation of the earth is in the Galapagos Islandswhich are near the American Continent. The other one of the center axis is in the middle of Indian Ocean.
      When “the Pole-Change” starts, the surface of the earth slide and rotate, which means the seawater moves to the opposite direction of the movement of the surface of the land. Then the seawater covering the earth becomes the Ultra Giant Deluge whose hight is 1.9 miles in average.(Why will the surface of the land moves is explained minutely in later chapter)

      In case of the “the Giant Deluge of Noah”, however, the height of the Deluge near the tips of the Rotational axes is less than other parts because the water become a maelstrom around there, which means they don’t make Giant Deluge.

      On the other hand, in the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean the sea water becomes the long waterways which go around half the circumference of the earth.
      (about 1250 miles waterway in the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean).

      When the sliding rotation of the earth occur, those waterways becomes two water currents whose head and tail stay in both the poles. In this case, head is the top of the water current, and the tail is the last of the water current.

      These water currents become the Giant Deluges and look as if they are like snakes which gulp everything.

      These two water snakes are the water currents. One of those heads is in the south pole and tail in the north pole. The head of the other is in the north pole and the tail in the south pole. Its length of the water current is 12500 miles, its thickness is 3.75 mile and its width is 2.5 to 3000 miles.

      It’s like a flat and short abnormal snake. You can’t make out this prophecy if you don’t notice that two water snakes live on the earth.

      Two gods of war mean the two mantles and the boundary layer which prevent the sliding rotational movement of the surface layer of the earth. Please look at other chapters which tell about “the Giant Deluge of Noah”)

      As this sliding rotational movement is the fundamental reason which produces the giant deluge, the two mantles and the boundary layer are compared to the gods of war.

      When this power, that is the resistance which prevent the outer two layers from sliding, is loosened, the ground begins to move, whose movement makes the water snake move.

      Please refer to Chapter 30 -37 about “the Giant Deluge of Noah”.)

      They Come From the Moon

      The image is enlarged when clicked

      Perhaps you can’t believe aliens live in the moon,even though the believers of UFOs can believe they have bases on the moon.

      Let me explain this at first.

      The human kind is going to advance to the outer space. It is already over thirty years since Apollo Eleven arrived at the moon.

      NASA found that there are a lot of precious minerals like titanium,zirconium,illinium and so on on the moon.

      At that time they were planning to explore far planets after building the base on the moon, because the launching of the rockets for space exploration get much easier than the ones from the earth, because the moon has less gravity.

      It is much easier to go to the moon now than thirty years ago, as the rocket science has already advanced remarkably.

      But both the US and Russia never try to send astronauts to the moon now.

      NASA found strange phenomenons about the moon when they went to the moon thirty-three years ago.

      The surface of the moon, just under the thin sand layer, is terribly hard. Astronauts tried to bore holes with a drill in vain. Far from it, the drill got too difficult to draw out after a little boring.

      NASA was much surprised and detected the seismic shock waves with a seismometer. They expected the seismic shock waves would fade out soon because of the hard structure of the moon surface. The seismic shock waves fade out in dozens of seconds in case of the earth which has comparatively soft structure.

      Strange to say, the moon has sympathetic vibrations like a hanging temple bell. They lasted as long as more than two hours.

      We knew the weight of the moon is light according to the calculation. So we had thought the material which makes up the moon is light like pumice. The surface is heavy and too hard, though.

      To solve these two contradictions we cannot help estimating that the center of the moon is as light as gas or hollow. Why did the moon become hollow? When the moon was separated from the earth and began to rotate around the earth, it might have become hollow. So NASA measured the age of the moon. As the earth had been found four billion six hundred thousand years old, the moon was expected to be as old as the earth.

      The measurement was surprising. It showed that the moon is older than seven billion years old, though.

      The scientists couldn’t help supposing that the moon was made in the age much older than that of the earth and came flying to the earth and began to rotate around the earth.

      But it is impossible for the natural object. The object which comes flying through the space takes the straight course because it is under the law of inertia. As a matter of course, the moon must have come taking the straight course. Such an object is to either pass by the earth or crash into the earth. It is impossible to become the satellite which rotates around the earth.

      But we cannot use the word impossible. The moon is really rotating around the earth. Of course it is possible if it slows down suddenly. It is the method of the slowing down by the artificial satellites which intend to go into the orbit.

      As the moon is the satellite of the earth now, it must have done the same movement as the other artificial satellites. In that case, we cannot imagine the other thing except the artificial object which is mounted the engine because it must have slowed down.

      It is impossible for the human kind to imagine that the giant thing like the moon is a spaceship, though. We generally think that the earth is a special planet which has given birth to the life which is unusual in space. And we are apt to think that the same kind of planet were to exist in space it is impossible to fly over immense distance.

      We human kind, however, has developed clone technique in only several thousand years of civilization history. If we develop this teqnique,we may be able to make our life immortal. The same kind of planet lying far away from the earth might have developed the far advanced civilization and might have gained the technique which made their life immortal.

      In that case, it is probable the science has developed without limit. Then it must be possible for them to have made the giant space ship as large as the moon

      Infrared Photos Show the Moon Has Activities of Life

      The number of the people who think that the moon is full of mysteries has been increasing gradually in these days.

      Even though we may look at the moon through normal telescope, it shows no sign of life. But do you know the infrared photos show almost all the surface of the moon give off heat? It means some kind of activity is under way in the moon.

      The image is enlarged when clicked

      However many a proof may be given to us, it is impossible for us to imagine that the moon is the spaceship, though.

      The reason why we cannot help laughing away the theory that the moon is the spaceship is if the moon were the space ship and the space people lived in it, another problem would appear.If there lived aliens in the moon, we think they would be sure to contact us.

      They Keep Their Existence Secret

      Of course if such a man who claims that he came from the moon turns up, we can change our thought. Such a person, however, has never turned up.

      Suppose they have to make the fact that the space people live in the moon secret. If they have to keep it secret, what’s the reason for it?

      As the science of them is too advanced, do we look savage to them? They may think that they have to leave the savage animal untouched.

      We became, however, as scientific as to be able to reach the moon. Even though we may look savage to them, it is unnatural for them not to have greeted us. Why didn’t they greet us?

      We wouldn’t like to imagine that they hate us. Or do they have any reasons to avoid us? It is impossible for us to guess these reasons.

      Do they avoid us because they are narrow-minded?

      They cannot be our enemy. If they were our enemy, we should have the same level of science compared to them. If they are far advanced scientifically, they won’t regard us enemy.

    • Anonymous

      There are two types aliens in the universe. One likes peaceful life and the other likes wars.

      The warlike aliens are about to attack humans soon,whose information was given by peaceful aliens to the earth.

      You can see the spaceships controlled by aliens in the following page.

      Please check the following page and find there really exixt artificial objects in our solar system.


      According to the given information, peaceful aliens made up space-alliance to protect against warlike aliens.

      They are now fighting with each other in our very solar system. We can see the battle scenes in the NASA SOHO pictures.

      This war in the heavens is predicted in the Bible as the war in the heavensand Nostradamus predicted this attack,too.

      This site shows a lot of urls by which you can see the battle scenes. The lives without bodies control the lives who have bodies and also control the society of the lower lives like humans.

      B) A highly evolved ghost-like life turned up in the universe in which we, modern humans live and came to control the evolved immortal lives who have bodies. This ghost-like being is the God(Satan). As this God has the knowledge of super science he began to challenge the other lives who have bodies, slaughter and perish them.

      It is the deed of killing time by the life who has gained the super science through the immortal life. However, it is too much troublesome for other immortal good lives.

      The battles which you see around the sun this time is the war between the immortal life who has abandoned himself to kill time by slaughtering other lives and the immortal lives who are defending

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