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The Truth About the Lost Book Of Enki

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Are we prepared to learn more about our origin? Many of us whether we are ready and this post I write in order to disseminate the contents of the works of Zecharia Sitchin and some of the Sumerian tablets speaking of our origin, and were found in Nineveh in the nineteenth century and translated by Zecharia Sitchin in a series of books.

One of them in particular, does not contain one iota of the author (Sitchin), it is the literal translation of the content of fourteen tablets were a set of graduates by Sitchin as “books The Lost Book of Enki “Zecharia Sitchin.

In this Video David Vose reveals what the Sumerian Tablets say. “If the Gods that came down to Earth were only Astronauts does this mean Jesus was also? Who were the Anunnaki and who is God. Is the story of the Anunnaki history? Is it real? Have you read it? This book written thousands of years ago, even predating the Holy Bible, seems to tell a take that we might find in a star trek novel. many Christians are hiding from this book, others are dismissing it without even reading it.”

“Some already KNOW what it is, because they would rather stay blind. The truth is the only thing that can set us free. I know many will be sceptical. I tell you, if you have not yet read the Lost book of Enki, you are about to change your life!”

The earliest record of the Sumerian creation and flood is found on a single fragmentary tablet excavated in Nippur, sometimes called the Eridu Genesis. It is written in the Sumerian language and dated to around 1600 BC during the first Babylonian dynasty, where the language of writing and administration was still Sumerian. Other Sumerian creation myths from around this date are called the Barton Cylinder, the Debate between sheep and grain and the Debate between Winter and Summer, also found at Nippur.

Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin was not a ufologist as Wikipedia says, was educated in Palestine where he acquired knowledge of modern and classical Hebrew, Semitic and European languages, the Old Testament and the history and archeology of the Middle East.

It is one of the few versed scholars in ancient languages, with knowledge, spoken and written, the Sumerian, allowing you to translate the content of texts than 6000 years old and reach the conclusion that the known passages in Genesis of the Old Testament like many other known moments of the Hebrew Bible, which have been assimilated into our culture as myths or parables, passages are actually collected from the Sumerian texts, its original source.

These texts, 6000 years old in many cases, collected chronicles of events and previous events featuring very intelligent beings, considered by the Sumerians as superior or gods, coming from another planet.

Sumerian tablet that picks up the history of the Anunnaki on Earth.

In the mid-nineteenth century archaeologists they discovered the ancient Assyrian capital of Nineveh (until then known only to the Old Testament) and found in the ruins of the palace of Ashurbanipal library with the remains of about 25,000 inscribed clay tablets.

Top biblical representation of Nineveh

Historians now know that the Sumerian civilization flourished in what is now Iraq almost a millennium before the beginning of the Pharaonic era in Egypt, and both were later followed by the civilization of the Indus Valley (Indian subcontinent). Also we know who were the Sumerians the first to capture in writing the annals and tales of gods and men, of whom all other peoples, including the Hebrews, obtained the stories of the Creation, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, the Flood, the Tower of Babel, etc.

Top map with two of the regions were created  the first two civilizations, Sumer and Egypt.

Connoisseurs of Greek and Mesopotamian culture have shaped history, now known as myths, of gods and men, as reflected in written by Hittites, Canaanites, Greeks, Persians and Indo-European.

All these sources attest to drink from even older sources, some of them discovered, other losses.

Extensive comparative-called “myths” collected by cultures and civilizations like the Greek and the facts and embodied as historic in the Sumerian tablets can be found in the book ” The War of Gods and Men “by Zecharia Sitchin.

New findings in paleontology, anthropology, geology, astrophysics and astronomy have done nothing but to agree with those who saw for the first time in the collected knowledge in Sumerian tablets that many of these modern discoveries were already known and had been collected on tablets thousands of years to the Sumerians, who clearly were the repositories of knowledge of an advanced civilization that came from another planet.

These beings had a direct influence on the events on Earth from its very arrival and his own planet, Nibiru , even before they inhabited, and had a critical target in the formation of the Earth. Many of these findings and verification of knowledge of the Sumerian tablets can be found in the book ” The Genesis Revised “by Zecharia Sitchin. We are talking about tens of thousands of clay tablets discovered in ancient ruins in the Middle East. Some speak of everyday affairs, labor or commercial aspects, others form the Royal Annals; others are sacred literature or canonical texts written in Sumerian then translated into Akkadian (the first Semitic language) and then into other languages.

In some of these books are references to even older, they lost books that date back six thousand years ago.

Up a table of purely administrative content with a seal of a male figure and hunting dogs.

Some tablets describing the creation of the current Earth from a primitive planet called by the inhabitants of Nibiru “Tiamat” (life-giving) to be split in two following the cataclysmic collision with Nibiru, a planet come from far away, that for some unknown reason, I was attracted by the gravitational force of the sun and collided with Tiamat splitting it in two.

One of the satellites of Tiamat, Kingu , gave birth to the moon and the other part of the planet was extended into what is now known as the asteroid belt, and the Sumerians called “the hammered bracelet”.

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Top representatives of the collision between the early Earth, “Tiamat” and Nibiru and how after the collision the New Earth (“Ki”) went on to have another orbit

One of the findings and are now preserved in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford clay prisms are the top ten antediluvian kings, period 432,000 years of reign (43.2 thousand years of reign for every king of average, which It gives us a clear idea that we are talking about beings with astonishing longevity from our human perspective).

Prism Weld-Blundell, Oxford

The text of the list written in cuneiform on a clay small prism (WB Prisma, 1923,444, now treasured in Oxford) and known as the Sumerian King List name belongs to the Weld-Blundell collection and has been translated by Thorkild Jacobsen .

City / King
Eridu / A-lulim
Eridu / Alalgar
Bad-tibira / En-men-lu-Anna
Bad-tibira / En-men-gal-Anna
Bad-tibira / Dumu-zi
Larak / SIPA-In-zi-Anna
Sippar / En-men-dur-Anna
Shuruppak / Ubar-Tutu

They are known more than a dozen copies of Sumerian King Lists , found in Babylon, Susa, and Assyria the Royal Library of Nineveh, the seventh century. C. All are believed to come from an original that was probably written during the Third Dynasty of Ur or earlier.

The best preserved specimen of the Sumerian King List is called Prism Weld-Blundell. The list begins:

“After descending the Kingdom of Heaven, Eridu (where according to the Bible was the Garden of Eden) it became the seat of the kingdom.”

The Sumerian King List , like the Bible speaks about the Flood:

“After the waters covered the earth and the Royals back down from Heaven, Kingship settled in Kis”.

Both tablets Nippur as the Prism Weld give the names and reigns as follows:

KING / she reigned in / DURATION

Alulim / Eridu /28.000 years
Alalmar / Eridu /36.000 years
Emenluanna / Badgurgurru /43.000 years
Kichunna / Larsa /43.000 years
Enmengalanna / Badgurgurru /28.000 years
Dumuzi / Badgurgurru /36.000 years
Sibzianna / Larak /28.000 years
Emenduranna / Sippar /21.000 years
Uburrato / Shuruppak /18.000 years
Zinsuddu / Utnapishtim /18.000 years

The first city was founded Eridu.

His initial sanctuary there, a marvel of architecture in those early days, would rise and grow over time into a magnificent temple-abode, the E.EN.GUR.RA (“House of the Lord’s Triumphant Return Cuyo”) adorned with gold, silver and precious metals of the Underworld, and protected by the “Bull of Heaven”.

Top E.EN.GUR.RA representation of dwelling

in the holy city of Eridu.

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Top current position of ancient Eridu in modern Iraq.

These texts suggest that an eyewitness of all the events, and who dictated to a scribe the most important of them, was of extraordinary importance EA (Sumerian, He whose home is water ).

One such book, written in fourteen tablets, (the latter with the translator’s note) explain the arrival on Earth of beings from Nibiru few hundred thousand years ago in order to find gold needed to restore the atmosphere damaged at the time of Nibiru, their home planet, which completes a Shar (a return to our Sun) every 3600 years and which is coming, sometimes dangerously, in our Solar System to complete each orbit, causing situations dangerous and geological and climatic events , both on Earth and Nibiru.

Top representation of EA also called Enki, which had a critical importance in the “Mission Earth” of the Anunnaki Of course, the arrivals belong to the royal house of Nibiru, are noble, whose rules of succession and inheritance, and disputes over the mandate and place in the hierarchy, causing along the hundreds of thousands of years, which tells said Book, bitter and violent conflict where there are murders, banishments, punishments, some differences of opinion and conflicts with the Earth including nuclear weapons. These beings from Nibiru, privileged who had the opportunity to conquer a seemingly uninhabited planet up then by intelligent life, but at the same time, apparently victims of a forced exile motivated by the fact continue to provide the gold needed for the survival of the atmosphere of your beloved planet of origin, they are not represented as “bad” or ” good. “

They are capable of extraordinary rendition, of incredible feats, the culmination of which is the creation of intelligent beings, conceived as “helpers” in the hard task of extracting the longed gold, at the risk of skipping some existing rules and laws in the universe and becoming that way in “creators”, but also connoisseurs of envy, greed, ambition, dissatisfaction, revenge, hatred and other feelings regarded by us as “human” and which cause divisions between two clans for hundreds of thousands of years, led by Enki and led by Enlil , his brother. Three brothers,

  • Ea (then called Enki)

  • Enlil (lord of Mandate, whom the Mission of the Earth is assigned)

  • Ninki,

are the main protagonists of this story, the three sons of Anu , ruler of Nibiru. The story just narrated summarizes the history of hundreds of thousands of years since the arrival of the Anunnaki to Earth until the rise of Marduk, the firstborn of Enki , to power in Egypt.

They were the first ” Anunnaki “who “from heaven to earth came”.

Their mission and their descendants on Earth began to unravel seriously when they decided to create the “Primitive Worker”, but not before circumvent many ethical, political and technical obstacles. The important thing about the origin of humanity is that it is an absolutely unique event . Apparently, judging by the chronicle of Enki, he had never heard talk about the fact of creating a being from nothing and that “all beings are descended from a seed evolved over eons.”

But the need to forge a Primitive Worker, motivated go-ahead was given to the idea of Ea (or Enki ) based on putting the signal of an existing Anunnaki on Earth seed, hominids walked upright on two legs makes 300,000 . years, and living among the animals of the steppes Enki convinced his brother Enlil, who ran the “Mission Earth” to carry out such an idea with an important argument: it was not to create slaves, as the Slavery had been abolished in their own planet thousands of years ago, but to create “a helper”. It was not to create a being from nothing, something in the hands only of the Creator of All, but to favor the evolution of the brand making Anunnaki beings themselves hominids on Earth.

Enki the idea was not to create a new creature, but “do more in his image and likeness to an existing” with a drop of the existence of the Annunaki. It was not an easy decision

They wondered if it was fate or destiny to carry out such a plan and the Creator God of All would approve a plan to save from destruction Nibiru or not. But eventually I got hands to work and thus Enki, Ninki, sister and Ningishzidda, Enki’s son, started the project. It was to mix a strand of the essence of being existing on Earth with the other strand of DNA Anunnaki. These accounts are 6000 years old and clearly speak of a process of genetic manipulation in the first test tube baby was planned history, using an egg from a hominid mother and fertilizing the egg with genetic material (measured in exact proportions in order to confer the image, but not all the capabilities and life cycle), then insert it into a Anunnaki matrix. According as narrated in the Lost Book of Enki , placed an egg of bipedal female in a container (test tube) Clay (Earth, after several failed tests using crystal material) and mixed with “tiny objects” with formulas containing the Anunnaki seed (in a clear reference to DNA) and then, once fertilized the egg of bipedal female placed him in a Anunnaki matrix, specifically in the matrix Ninki, the sister of Enki, after which there were design and she gave birth to a healthy male, hairless body, with perfect senses and ability to speak, which they called Adamu (the Adam of the Old Testament). Subsequently Ninki met with seven healing Anunnaki of the city and asked them to accept the task of being “matrix” for other fertilized eggs in the same way.

But this time, they put eggs biped females and fertilized with the essence (genetic material) of Adamu, pronouncing a sentence of enchantment linking thus the essence of Heaven and Earth by blood kinship. He inserted the eggs in Matrices Anunnaki and the Anunnaki gave birth to seven primitive more workers. Seeing that the task of creating an army in this way was too difficult, they decided to create a female counterpart, which call “Tiamat” (with namesake of the early Earth before the cataclysm) and this time changed the Anunnaki essences to fit this to create a female. Tiamat matrix this time was the wife of Enki, Ninti, who was delighted with this task. In this way, created more females later so that they can reproduce naturally with the men already created; however they noted that there was procreation primitive men and women.

Neither he had any offspring; they returned to review the “essences” and saw Anunnaki used essences were arranged as 22 branches in the tree of life, but (the strands and genetic components used for the process) did not include the ability to procreate.

It can be inferred, so that follows, which was producing a rejection preventing procreation. However, the pressure to create “primitive workers” to extract gold from Africa was growing.

What would you do at this point after so much work that Enlil employee and reluctantly approved the operation ?. Ningishzidda, the son of Enki, an expert in these matters, had the solution; as described in “The Lost Book of Enki” slept Enki, Ninki, Adamu and Tiamat and extracted from the rib of Enki and Ninki their vital essence and the rib of Adamu inserted the Enki and that of Tiamat of Ninki, adding the Tree of Life two branches with procreative forces.

No doubt all this is related to the story of the rib of Adam and Eve Genesis and known by many understood as “myth” or “legend”.

Seems to be describing some kind of implant that allowed the immune rejection that kept the original seed was surpassed by the insertion of genetic material from two production being two beings incapable of procreation. As in the Old Testament text Sumerian reflects the idea that from that moment, when Adamu and Tiamat were “found” and became aware of their nakedness and her femininity and masculinity something changed completely. All this horrified Enlil he thought had been given to these beings created, the last portions of the “vital essence” Anunnaki and perhaps had even given them their life cycles (in thousands of years of life) and the ability to self-healing and self-regeneration.

It was then that the brother of Enki, Enlil, insecure human project from the beginning, decreed that Adamu and Tamat they left the Edin, where they were previously removed from the hard work, because the original aim was to remain as “molds” perfect of human creation, dedicated only to procreation.

It was Enlil who decided that they were exiles where they were needed, the Abzu (East Africa) fully dedicated to work to extract gold, like all other humans created.

Thus were expelled from Edin . The allusions to an evil “serpent” make a clear reference to the symbol that represented Enki himself, who knows the secrets of genetic engineering and director of this whole project of creation of the Primitive Worker .

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And so mankind began to proliferate; Adamu and Tiamat have three children, and the story of the events that followed are largely collected with varying degrees of fidelity in the Old Testament, however, were not the only ones to procreate. Enki had always been known for its love dowries and . incontinence sexual appetites One of the tablets describes how Enki in the Edin two females and two very attractive breed of him giving birth one each of them:

  • Adapa

  • Titi

Adapa, highly intelligent, becomes the first civilized man. Adapa and his sister Titi turn are matched giving birth to Kain and Abael (in clear reference to Cain and Abel). In the Old Testament we find many cases where the man has a wife to her sister (the If Abraham and Sarah). This is closely related to the inheritance law of the Anunnaki, so called, of the seed, which becomes legitimate heirs to the children of the sister, rather than the firstborn, if it has been conceived by a woman of another social class.

This Anunnaki law marked the fate of the entire Mission Earth many times.

Above, the yellow area is the origin of human civilization and where the Anunnaki created Eridu and Edin.

Enki she had another child with another land, which they call Ziusudra (Noah).

After the Great Flood produced, as described by one of the tablets, because of the proximity of Nibiru and instabilities created in the atmosphere of Earth, Enlil decrees the end of the mission on Earth (in the way that had taken out so far) and refuses to save mankind; I had never seen with good eyes the project of human creation and seizes the moment to force all by oath that no man is saved from disaster.

However, Enki, his brother and intellectual creator of “primitive worker” has a vision or dream that says you should save Ziusudra, his son, giving clear instructions on how to build a sealed barge with fish, where are placed some Small pets (the essences of other mammals and plants had already been taken and preserved by Enki to prevent the end of life on Earth and to rebuild life after the Flood).

Thus, Ziusudra and some descendants of Kain elsewhere in the world, who had been banished from Edin after the murder of Abael by her brother, saved the Flood. Have been able to find any proof of these events described in the Sumerian tablets? Surprisingly itself and also not one or two but multiple tests.

Here are just a few:

  1. The discoveries of stellar objects like satellites or planets in our solar system that occurred in the late twentieth century and mentioned in tablets of thousands of years old (see references ” Genesis Revised “) showing that the Sumerian knowledge of our Solar System It was far superior to ours.

  2. The physical nature and appearance of some of the planets in our solar system, and its composition, as in the case of Uranus, Neptune or Jupiter already mentioned in the Sumerian tablets (see references “Genesis Revised”).

  3. Amazing facts as the discovery of mitochondrial DNA have shown that all come from a single “Eva” primitive.

  4. The genetic laboratory where Ninki Enki and his sister worked on the design of a primitive worker who could reproduce stood in the Abzu (Africa suboriental) was the territory that Anu, father of Enki and Enlil granted for Enki sent on Earth, after giving and Enlil the honor of being “The Lord of the Mandate” and rule in Eridu, the city where the first Eden was located.

    The Abzu is the territory of East Africa which corresponds to Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. The latest scientific findings place the first Homo sapiens sapiens in Africa, in the region of Ethiopia, about 200,000 years ago.

Does it contradict all this fully knowledgeable of the Old Testament who defend the historical origin of the events narrated ?.

Not quite.

Actually, the first interested in the content and information of the Sumerian tablets should be their own advocates of the Bible (especially the Old Testament) and the idea that it reflects historical facts, especially in its Hebrew version, less manipulated by subsequent linguistic and religious interpretations.

The same Sitchin says that “one day” in the Bible is equivalent to 1000 years and apart from this particular fact, related to the Sumerian account, and to consider the facts mentioned in the Old Testament are literal and reflect events already covered by chronic and Sumerian tablets. One example of misinterpretation which has given rise to many problems is that the Hebrew Bible contains the word “God” or “Gods” (it is a word plural ), which is not respected in subsequent Christian versions and that completely changes the original sense. You want all this to say that God or Creator of all there ?. In all, means what it means that we are not the result of hominid evolution , but a higher intelligence , superior to ours , not that of God the Creator of the Universe. That was clear, and this is reflected in the tablets themselves, to the protagonists of this story themselves, the Anunnaki, which often wonder whether their actions will please “God Creator of All”. Of course, contradicting fully the content of the Sumerian tablets is the nature of “authorship” of the work on Earth or nature of the “author” or “authors”, as interpreted by the religious traditions, that is all that has been introduced in the religious mind to blow dogma of faith. One of the thoughts that were around to read this to me is that, given this account, our initial origins, therefore, are more Anunnaki than land.

Considering that few survived the Flood and only Ziusudra and their offspring (Noah, son of Enki with a ground which in turn had created Anunnaki and bipedal hominid) between very few and far could do, comes to meaning that the genetic father of all humanity is Enki , an Anunnaki of intelligence and extraordinary ability to be (I recommend reading the books to realize how far came / come these capabilities especially Enki and generally in the Anunnaki race) and our component “bipedal mammal” is less from the viewpoint of the genetic makeup.

Half of our genetics, according to all this is hundred percent Anunnaki and the other half is Anunnaki in a percentage higher than fifty percent.

However, it is true that we are not a pale reflection of what were the first humans created that, if they had not inherited the Anunnaki good longevity, living, as we witness the Old Testament hundreds of years. Abraham lived more than 900 years, their children a little less and each generation the number of years until our days has been lower.

How ironic that often say more and more years we live , thanks to the advances of science !.

The twelfth tablet talks about the appointment, by the leaders of Earth Mission, in three regions of civilization for humanity.

  • The first region and land space facilities were Enlil. The first civilization of man begins in the First Region, Sumeria .

  • A Innana, favorite granddaughter of Anu, is given the third region, the Indus Valley.

  • Marduk seized the Second Region, the Ancient Egypt , deposes Ningishzidda (Thoth ) and declares himself Ra, or supreme god, starting a new religion, and starts the reigns of the Pharaohs.

Is it then that the reign of lies begins on Earth in order to enclose the human created on a false conception of reality? We know the mysteries treasured secret societies of Freemasonry has its roots in Ancient Egypt and the time of the Pharaohs and is easy to imagine that the key to the mystery is in what they know and others know, our origin and the reality that however the protagonists shout at us all from the Sumerian tablets embodied in the past.

Up representation at the height of his glory of Marduk / Ra

The Lost Book of Enki ends on the last pages of this chronicle:

“Babili where Marduk supremacy declared, escaped from the Evil Wind. All lands south of Babili were devoured by the evil wind; also it reached the heart of the second region. (..) Enki Enlil made him consider the issuance of Babili as a divine omen.

“The issuance of Babili confirms that Marduk has been earmarked for the supremacy” and told Enki to Enlil.

Babili is of course Babylon, and the tablet marks the end of the chronicle that begins with the age of the supremacy of Marduk, which was not originally designated heir to Earth in Babylon and on Earth, but Ninurta, son of Enlil, but fate (fate or destiny? the protagonists were wondering) I would finally be the heir to the mission. The Evil Wind is the Sumerian translation of the also called “Weapons of Terror” that were used thousands of years ago, as a result of disputes between two parties and the multiple ambitions of each other, nuclear weapons, no more, no less. The Sumerian tablets that tell of the Anunnaki gods are not the only ones to mention the use of nuclear weapons in antiquity . A large layer of radioactive ash was found in Rajasthan, India in 1992, covering an area of about eight square kilometers, 16 kilometers west of Jodhpur. The radiation is so intense that still pollutes the area. TheMahabharata accurately describes an event of this type:

“A single projectile charged with all the power of the Universe … An incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as 10,000 suns rose in all its splendor … was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death which reduced to ashes an entire race. “

Marduk and his city Babili, not affected by this nuclear disaster which led to his appointment as heir to the Mission on Earth .

Most likely Lot’s wife was not converted into salt by the punishment of “God” by disobeying his order, but was turned to dust as a result of a nuclear explosion. The Book of Enki reflects rather the “gods” lamented bitterly of what had happened to the Earth civilized cities by nuclear explosions that never had to have happened.

In fact, they were the result of a conscious decision or meditated, but there was a miscalculation with weapons that should never have been found on Earth and they were here because of the very origin of the Mission on Earth.

For hundreds of thousands of years were hidden were not used to that, and as you can imagine, who did finally was not fully aware of the effects that this would entail. When we see some world leaders associated with high degrees of Freemasonry and secret societies , pray before the Old Testament wonder what really crosses their minds.

  • Are they oblivious to all this that tell the Sumerian tablets?

  • Is it only hypocrisy or are raising prayers in honor of intelligent beings that have marked our past and present to a difficult point to take, but they are not the Creator God of All , and whose history includes part of the Old Testament whose key reading are those who know the mysteries?

  • Are these, some of the secrets that reveal certain levels and rituals of Freemasonry?

Some personal reflections:

  • If the dating and the Sumerian origin of the Sumerian tablets is incontestable

  • If any scientific authority versed in ancient languages ​​has ever contradicted a comma translations of Sitchin

  • If it has never denied the ancient origin of the Sumerian tablets, which are today exposed in some prestigious museums in the world

  • Since many facts that tell the tablets have been subsequently verified and found correct by our scientific knowledge

    Are we not obliged to consider this vision of our origin and the past of the Earth?

The difficulty fully assume them is certainly immense, particularly the fact that we could be taking the product of genetic manipulation by more intelligent beings, and designed the “image and likeness” of higher beings in intelligence, technological development and civilization and deep knowledge of genetics and nature. If we consider the capacity we have to change our own genetics with our thought or computer field around us, and that, therefore, a selective printing occurs our genes from our own beliefs, I dare to conclude that humanity is “luring” or “expressing” its hominid party to the detriment of other less animal and more interesting in terms of the potential for creation and innate creativity, and yet They are present in our genes since the beginning of mankind, since nothing is created nor destroyed, only transformed, so that immeasurable potential is there .

Is not this also the objective of Matrix ?. On the other hand, is it all that more difficult to assume that we are the product of an evolution of beings hominids with those who still share space on Earth, unable to speak or digital dexterity, by sympathetic and “monkeys” that seem ?. It all depends on the beholder.



But we’re in the exact moment that we consider worth all this for our good and that knowledge has been revealed and is within reach. We can not continue to ignore it. Even if we assume all this, it seems clear that even this truly reflects Whole Truth , but these historical facts are part of a dimension other Truth even higher.


As says B. Marciniak in ” Bringers of the Dawn “:

“The original planners of the Earth belonged to the Family of Light (which is information) and decided that the Earth was a cosmic library. Civilizations born on Earth 500,000 years ago and lie low the ice of Antarctica .


Certain creator gods (in clear reference to the Anunnaki ) came to seize this living library 300,000 years ago, there was a struggle and won.


These new owners did not want mankind to have access to information. Humanity is an experiment .


It was designed as almost everything that exists in creation . The Creator himself brought forth energy, who endowed with the same gifts he possessed. These energies, which we call ‘gods’, began testing their gifts.


These new owners were knowledgeable about genetic engineering, and they knew that consciousness exists in all things, so they adjusted the electromagnetic energies of consciousness to vibrate at a certain frequency. The new owners were nourished fear and chaos.


They restructured the DNA for that man work within a limited scale; the original human being was twelve filaments contribution twelve civilizations, these new owners reduced it to two.


It was surrounded by a fence planet from which the frequency of humans to be modified is controlled. This fence prevented the Light came as before.


And when they could pass the barrier was no answer on Earth, as humans were disconnected. The greatest tyranny in a society is not control by martial law, but the psychological manipulation of consciousness , so that those living within that reality and realize they are prisoners .


Or they know that there is another thing off them.


You have been controlled like sheep in the fold for those who feel your masters, from the government and the establishment of those in space. “

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David Vose

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    • 0773H

      Very good work. I spent a long time studying Stichin’s work. The book the Twelfth planet, tells a story of the battle of our solar system, some 450,000 years ago. The same story can be heard, with the same names, in the Terra papers, which was told to the Indian nations by what they called star visitors, around the same time, the Sumerian writings were found. Although the Sumerian writings were not translated at that time, give good evidence, that one was not copied off the other. It is also the same story, told by the Pleiadians in a 1970, channeled message.

      • John Ale

        Thank you

        • Scanner Darko

          It speaks

          • Donovan

            @ Scanner Darko,
            I thought this site endorses freedom of speech, but mysteriously my comments had been taken off the comment section. Truth hurts to those that can’t take constructive criticism. Thank you Scanner Darko for letting me speak.

            • Scanner Darko

              You’re welcome

    • The Clucker

      Z. Sich. was as much as an ancient languages scholar as I am a pilot. And no. I’m not a pilot.

      • Syco

        True, chickens are not great flyers

        • dennis48309

          Are you sure? Chicken and cow dropped the nukes on Japan, they used dolphin and whale as scapegoat.


      Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior before it’s too late. We are marching towards the end and the end will not be pretty.

      Romans 10
      8 But what does it say? “The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart” (that is, the word of faith that we proclaim)
      9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.
      10 For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved.
      11 For the Scripture says, “Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame.”
      12 For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; for the same Lord is Lord of all, bestowing his riches on all who call on him.
      13 For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

      • Truthseeker


        You missed a few scriptures – words of Jesus Christ:

        “Why call you Me LORD LORD and “DO NOT” the things I say”

        21 “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

        22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

        23 And then will I profess unto them, —- I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

        If you “believe” Christ, if you trust Christ then why do so many reject what He tells them to do? Did HE not tell the lawyer to keep the Commandments?

        Believing is nothing without ACTION, actions ‘proving’ you believe.

        Just mouthing the words; I “believe on Christ” will get you nothing if you do not then take the actions showing God you are doing HIS WILL.

        Many of the so called 4000 flavors of christianity are going to be shocked, ‘In that DAY’ Christ will say to them “I never knew you — depart from ME you who love iniquity (sin)

        “Sin is the transgression of the LAW” 1 John 3:4

      • The Watcher



      BS…. you lost me at God was a demon

    • iamamerican

      BS. Kitchen was a 33 degree mason and some of this is disinformation and not necessarily from Sitchen but from EA or Enki. Enki was the one who told the scribes what to write so this story is his truth but not the real truth..
      Remember everything we’ve been told is a lie. Ennis brother is not the bad guy, this is a story of two brothers who are at odds with each other and we are only getting g half of the story, Ennis side. Wouldn’t you like to hear the other side?

      • OzzieEd

        Well said. I would love to hear the other side. Just some truth so that when you hear it you go…Ahah! Interesting post apart from the hopelessly confusing grammar. Not you Iamamerican, paranormal spellers

    • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

      Eat more GMO :mad:

    • my2pesos

      I Am ‘n’ Waiting ~ I Am Giant Win

      I Am That I Am ~ I Am that Aim

    • kyrie

      Joy of Satan talks about Enki. Maybe they are right. At least another view on it. The christian leaders/shephards/wolves will hide this knowledge. Like the pharisees “They hide the keys of knowledge, they refuse to enter, they hinder others from entering,”

      • maxxy

        …If you still think you need permission or “leave”, to enter into study, then you are not seeking true knowledge. That’s sounds like “esoterics”. What ever it is you think you need, is there for you when you’re ready…
        …Maybe you’re looking for “power” instead of knowledge…..In fact your posts, all, stink of sulphur. You’ll probably take that as a compliment. :cool:

    • Stevicus

      This BS is designed to convince you that you are nothing more than something genetically manipulated to be a slave on an insignificant “planet” in a universe thats teeming with intelligent life thats better than you. If you take on board what Zackoflier Stitchin is selling, you deserve everything that will flow from it. I mean : “mining gold to fix a broken atmosphere”, come on, even a monkey would laugh at such an absurdity …

      • maxxy

        stekivas….Got to say that this universe is an insignificant blip among vast reaches of universes, which are actually molecules, of carbon, some of which, decorate the hem of my beloved’s gown.

    • Klemens

      There is no Wikipedia entry for The Devil and the Jews (Yale University Press, 1943) or its author Rabbi Joshua Trachtenberg (1904-1959.) There are no reviews on the Internet.

      Our Illuminati Jewish masters have consigned this knowledge to the memory hole. Why?

      When Europe was a Christian theocracy, say from 1050 -1650, Judaism was regarded as a satanic cult, and Jews were considered agents of the devil.
      - See more at:

    • Donovan

      Pretty weeny of you to pull my comment. I will stomp on your enki like a bug. The sumerians got their stories from the Holy Bible and watered them down to the fairy tales the deceived to believe is true. The deceiver stichen deceived all those who believe this nonsense.

    • Americas Prophet

      It is my duty to tell you the TRUTH. This is TWISTED INFO. Some of this happened in the First Earth Age but not much. The Flood spoken of here is not Noah’s Flood. The GOD of the OLD BOOKS and NEW BOOKS are the same. AP

    • Pix

      It’s by no means the only creation myth. There are many of them with widely differing stories.

    • doggy do

      enki dinki doo! :lol:

    • Everette

      Looks as if the nephilim are returning. The book of Enoch the 7th from Adam wrote of beings born to human woman that were defiled by the watchers . These beings were supposed to be watching the humans for God . Yet they became intrigued with the beauty of woman and chose some to breed with . They produced what seem like gods to the average human . The watchers cought up into sex began even defiling animals , fish and whatever could breed . God became angry and saw that earth was defiled with strange DNA and decided to destroy everything but Noah and his family . Many drawings on caves and whatever building or walls left prove that strange beings were worshipped by humans . The old testament says that the gods have fled . Many digging into the earth and some even leaving earth before the flood . They knew God was angry ! The book of Job brings out that these gods have to report to God as to what they have been doing . It is believed that holloween or all saints day was the day God rested from creating everything . This seems also the day all beings spiritual must report before God . Even Satan has to report as brought out by the book of Job . After the flood the watchers began defiling again . This time God gives Israel charge to destroy all life in cities that these beings live in . This accounts for the destruction of many cities were in fact it is reported that great giants lived in the land . Jesus said as it was in the days of Noah it is going to be again . These bings will be returning very soon . The Vatican is now watching for them with their telescope named Luficer in Arizonia . These are some of their descendants . Jesus called them vipers and said they were of their father the devil . Prophecy also states that they who have lead Kings and nations astray will be destroyed in the end . Today they are in the final act as the bible states . They the anti- Christ will inform the world who the beast is . And it may very well be one of these beings they are waiting for , but not our Creator ! From what I read there is really nothing to actually read the writings Found . They could only take what they had which did not match but guessed at what they thought it was . This could actually be Someone in Enoch’s day that was telling of these beings having sex with women . Or it could be after the flood . Stich did not for a certainty know what the writing actually said . He did a comparison with later writings hoping to link them . Besides is his blood type negative ? If so he is a descendant of these beings and would gladly lead humans away from God . The stage is being set . The anti Christ is setting the stage . Soon their beast or new world order leader will show his or her face . Look for a head wound , it will come forth from hell or the past ( like a clone ) . It will not have effection for woman . It will deceive Israel ( America and Europe ) and Judea . It will bring forth war upon these . It will work with the UN and NWO ( Vatican ) to destroy Israel and Judea . It will change times and laws . It will defile the morals of Israel and Judea . In defiling them it knows that God steps back and Satan gets to claim them . This will bring destruction to the land and beings .Why because Satan is here to kill steal and destroy . Don’t let satan deceive you . Everything the bible is saying is now beginning to happen . Watch and see the beast is to be reveled soon . It may already be working and just waiting for the right time to let the world know who it is . This thing does not have a soul , but will look human .

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, but the translation is really terrible and hard to read!

    • lyndelle11

      i am well studied in the lost book of enki, one of the first major mistakes i saw is that anu had three children, they were enki and enlil, brothers and ninmah their sister, ninki was enki’s wife, not a third brother….anyone who has read this story should well know this fact, so if something so easy as that was wrong, makes me wonder what else is incorrect besides grammar, but i do appreciate the effort and interest, THE LOST BOOK OF ENKI is my most read and most favorite book i have ever read including “the bible” and im christian, it is all the missing pieces that science and religion say they dont know and dont question god, you will find all the missing pieces to the puzzle, all the missing links are there and since the kjv genesis account came from these original tablets makes me wonder why they left all the most important links out of kjv, “you take the tithes, we’ll take the taxes. together we will control the masses” so then there isnt separation of church and state when they are holding hands under the table and both agreeing to keep things secret, things that are so simply explained in the LBE

    • weirdvideos

      There are TWO major books that you ALL need to read that will help you understand where Z. Sitchen is coming from or wavering away from, and that will also help you understand the ancient past – no other sources will give you these mystical majic, hidden KEYS in unlocking the past, especially the prehistoric past
      AMAZON: search for
      “Kingship At It’s SOurce” John D. Pilkey
      “The Origin of Nations” J.D. Pilkey
      “Books by Ross S. Marshall”
      “Noah’s Ark and the Genesis 10 Patriarchs” R.S. Marshall
      see web site for following the LINKS as you read.
      The Book paperback is available on Amazon.
      Comments – just drop me an email.
      GO HERE to see the Contents on Line
      The historical record of mankind in the third millennium before Christ bears the stamp of Noah’s family and of the events and structures outlined in Genesis 9-11. The purpose of monogenetic study is to consolidate the Biblical explanation of human origins by generating a historical science based on the family of Noah. The goal is to create a coherent Christian synthesis of the disjointed data of antiquarian study. This goal was pursued by a variety of authors between 1650 and 1820: Samuel Bochart, Paul Pezron, William Stukeley, Jacob Bryant, Sir William Jones, George Faber, and others. My logic resembles theirs. The difference between my work and theirs lies in the data furnished by archaeology since the discovery of the Sumerians around 1880. The challenge of my work is to combine their logic with the essential information unavailable to them. An obvious question is why this work has not been done by others. There are several answers. The most basic is that Biblical monogenesis has been unpopular in historical science since the 1880′s, largely through the influence of Darwinism. Another reason concerns the issue of eccentricity. Bryant, Pezron, and others were often perceived as eccentric. Biblical monogenesis tends to breed eccentricity because of its extraordinarily daring implications. For example, a self-evident feature of any monogenetic scheme is the role of incest, inasmuch as all males and females are members of the same universal family; but incest is just one of a series of bizarre logical consequences of Biblical monogenesis. The most important of these concerns the degree and type of political authority to be found in Noah’s postdiluvian family. The political factor distinguishes my viewpoint, first from the Darwinian anthropologists, but ultimately from the whole tenor of empirical scholarship in the modern democratic era. To the conservatives, Noah is the passive recipient of divine instruction and of a salvation experience but is not an agent of charismatic political power. In other words, Noah has ben conceived as a pious but hapless old man in a bathrobe. Whether or not it compromises with Darwinism, the gradualist approach to antiquity strikes me as unworthy of a Bible which stresses dispensational revolutions and displays of power. Noah survived the Flood in order to build a world; and worlds are not built without the intervention of great political and creative power. Noah’s family were the human building blocks of the nations and were the most powerful ruling house in the history of mankind, prototypes of the Emperors of Agade and the Pharaohs of Egypt. In fact, this understates the case. Noah’s family was a kind of solar nucleus to all the primary linguistic stocks of mankind. These stocks are to Noah what the twelve tribes of Israel were to Jacob, except that Noah’s postdiluvian longevity of 350 years enabled him to witness their growth from individual families to large tribes or nations, each capable of generating its own independent civilization. The Sumerian Kinglist refers to the descent of “Namlugal” or “kingship” out of Heaven at the outset of the postdiluvian era. This document attests to the historical reality of the dispensation of human government. By defining the earliest origin of “kingship,” one also defines the principle of charismatic despotism which will one day characterize the millennial reign of Jesus Christ, the “monos-despotes” of the Book of Jude. This phrase “monos-despotes” is especially significant for the apocalyptic link between Christ and the Noahic world. Aside from naming a divine despotism, it also highlights the monistic character of basic Christianity: the belief that all truth is summed in one person. Monism is the key attitude distinguishing Jacob Bryant or myself (Dr. John Pilkey) from the empirical scholars who have dominated historical science since the mid-nineteeth century. Now eccentric ideas are a dime a dozen. By “eccentric ideas” I mean facile speculative work lacking the refinement of approved methods of verification. Interpretive monism always means facility, the quick easy answer based on favorite doctrines. Empiricism implies solid scientific labor, even if that labor is “ever learning and never coming to a knowledge of the truth.” We all admire hard work and tend to despise mere opinion. But respect for observational labor should not cloud the issue of when and how interppretations should be rendered The descent of the nations from Noah is an interpretive crux intimately related to the evangelical Gospel. A creedal focal point of evangelicalism is the propostion of John 3:16 that “God so loved the world.” The word “world” in this verse has an equivocal value relative to the “love of the world” which is enmity with God ( 1 John 2:15). These two radically different uses of the word “world” depend precisely on the issue raised by monogenetic study. The evil “world” of 1 John is the Gentile scheme of things in its status quo, abstracted from Noah and from any knowledge of Noah. The “world” of John 3:16 is the whole body of mankind, descendents of the survivors of the Flood, persons who owe their very existence to the fact that Noah “found grace in the eyes of the Lord.” To trace the nations concretely from Noah is to consolidate the usage of John 3:16 and to picture mankind as former recipients of salvation fit for the evangelical mystery of regeneration. Without completing this task we leave the “world” in the anonymous, profane condition through which Satan controls the lives of lost souls. In the field of history, we concede the battle to the enemy. In the final analysis, the Genesis-10 study is an attempt to advance the cause of holiness at the expense of profanity by countering the view that the world of mankind is the anonymous result of natural causes. The goal of monogenetic study is to consolidate, in scientific terms, the Biblical view that this world owes its existence to the sacred history of Noah. My sense of authority to interpret what archaeologists observe is the immediate result of my sense of the authority of the Gospel to save souls. I would describe my work and any other persons’ work in this area, not as a strategy to win souls, but as a neglected dimension of evangelical Christian testimony. It is no coincidence that Bryant’s work, as eccentric (or unsuccessful ) as it may appear, was highly prized by the definitive evangelical John Wesley.

      John D. Pilkey

    • weirdvideos

      “NOAH’S ARK and THE GENESIS-10 PATRIARCHS” 400+ pages


      What Is Genesis-10 Study?
      Purpose of Genesis-10
      Modern Revival
      Polygenesis v. Monogenesis
      Genesis-10 Revolution
      Table of Nations
      Multiple Names
      Extra-Biblical Materials
      Early Mythographers
      The Historicists
      The Enlightenment
      The Romanticists
      The Golden Age
      Monogenesis of Genesis-10 Mankind
      Importance of Genealogies
      Extra-Biblical Genealogies
      The Mono-Mythological Tradition
      Chronology Revealed
      In Search of Histories
      Genesis Chapter-10
      Sacred And Profane Names
      The Table of Genesis-10
      Multiple Names
      Common Motifs
      Compounded Cosmogonies
      Number Symbolism
      Elemental Symbolism
      Genealogical Elements
      The Pantheons
      The Comparative Chart

      CHAPTER-1 ‘’NOAH’’
      GENERATION-1: The Primordial Water God of Creation
      Indra (4)-East Indian-A
      MahaVisnu (42)-East Indian-B
      Alulim and Ninazu (41)-Sumerian-A and B
      Utnapishtim, Ziusudra and Atra-Hasis-Babylonian,
      Sumerian, and Akkadian (41a)
      Apsu (2)-Babylonian
      Deucalion (3)-Grecian
      Dagon (5)-N.W.Semitic/Ugaritic
      Nu (43)-Egyptian
      Ra, the Sun God – Egyptian
      Khepera, the Beetle God – Egyptian
      Comparisons and Conclusions

      CHAPTER-2 ‘’HAM’’
      GENERATION-2: The heaven God (Hamitic Line)
      Anu-I (6)-Sumerian
      Anshar (7)-Babylonian
      Ouranus (Uranus)(8)-Grecian
      Kama/Sunda (9)-E. Indian Puranic
      Cupid (9a)-Grecian
      Anus (10)-Hittite/Hurrian

      CHAPTER-3 ‘’CANAAN’’
      GENERATION-3: The Air God-Son of the Heaven God
      Enlil (11)-Sumerian
      Anu-II (12)-Babylonian
      Cronus (13)-Grecian
      Pulastya (14)-Hindu-A
      Marici (15)-Hindu-B
      Kothar (Syrian Ugaritic)
      Comparisons and Conclusions

      CHAPTER-4 ‘’SIDON’’
      GENERATION -4 The Aquatic God of the Sea-The Son of the Air God
      Enki (16)-Sumerian
      Nudimmud/Ea (17)-Babylonian
      Poseidon (18)-Grecian
      Vishrava/Kasyapa (19)-Hindu
      Kothar (20)-W. Semitic
      Comparisons and Conclusions


      CHAPTER- 6 ‘’SALAH’’ ( SHELAH)
      GENERATION-5: The New Sun God and the New Alliance
      Lugalbanda (21)-Sumerian
      Marduk/Bel (22)-Babylonian
      Belus (23)-Grecian
      Ravana (24a)-Hindu Ramayana Epic
      Karna (24b)-Hindu Mahabharata Epic
      Surya 24c)-Hindu Puranic Histories
      Bull-El (25)-W. Semitic/Ugaritic
      Comparisons and Conclusions

      Elam-father of the Elamites
      Asshur-Father of the Assyrians
      Heber(Eber)-Father of the Hebrews
      Hazarmaveth (Mot) -Father of the Southern Arabians

      Sani (Shani)

      CHAPTER – 9 ‘’UZAL’’
      The Pivotal Matriarch of the New Lineage-The Great Goddess
      Inanna (26a)- Sumerian
      Ishtar (26b)- Sumerian
      Damgalnuna, consort of Enlil (26c) – Sumerian
      Mesopotamian. Also: Ninhursag, Damkina, Ninmah and
      Belit-ili ‘Lady of the Gods’ in Akkadian
      Damkina, consort of Enki/Ea; Mother of
      Aphrodite (28)-Grecian
      Venus (28b)-Roman
      Kailasi (29a)-Hindu/Ramayana Epic
      Aditi (29b)-Hindu/Vedic Scriptures
      Shapsh (30)-W. Semitic
      Comparisons and Conclusions

      CHAPTER – 10 ‘’SHEM’’
      GENERATION-2: The Storm God (The Shemite Line)
      Ishkur (36)-Sumerian
      Mummu (37)-Babylonian
      Brahma (39)-Puranic
      Baal/Hadad (40)-W. Semitic
      Comparisons and Conclusions
      CHAPTER – 11
      The Sons of Brahma (Shem)

      CHAPTER – 12 ‘’ARPHAXAD’’
      GENERATION-3: The Moon God-
      The Son of the Storm God
      Nanna (31)-Sumerian
      Sin (32)-Babylonian
      Daksha/Sukesi (34)-Hindu Puranic and Ramayana
      Yerikh (35)-W. Semiti
      Comparisons and Conclusions


    • Nibirian

      These tablets give us insights about the creation of the Human race, recently i saw an article which explain all this very well :

    • Bangelr

      These texts were actually written well before the torah, quran or holy bible. It seems the same story being told over and over. These annukanis were no more gods than the scientists that cloned dolly were. Marduk telling the humans he was a god is no more different than David Koresh claiming to be the second coming of christ. They were astronauts. Thats all. We have those today. Scientist on a mission to fix an ailing hole in their atmosphere. We have BOTH of those too. If a stranger came up and told me ” i came from the heavens” i would think they are 1 of 3 things…an alien, angel, or astronaut.most of the worlds answers would fit one of those three. These uh…anuks can we call em??…they received visions from god “the creator of all”, they had to answer to god and it was god, that just like in the bible, got upset when angels laid with the daughters of man. They were not gods…they obviously had weaknesses…angels arent gods and oddly they had the same weakness. Im beginning to think that alien, astronaut, and angel may be an enterchangeable term used throughout. the history of civilization for the same group of beings. :shock: well whatever their plan, gods was greater…they were made to save us and we inherited the earth just like the bible said.

    • maxxy

      ….The Lord’s truth is in every molecule in the entire universe….His fingerprints on every grain of matter. His breath in every living thing.
      ….The devil’s claim to this realm, is spurious. He lost his rights to self expression when he chose to rebel against the living God. The time has come for this iniquity to be righted.
      ….Don’t be anywhere near any Satanist individuals….from here on out. They are all truly insane, and dangerous. If you feel a need to try to plant a seed in one of these, do it and disappear, quickly.
      ….Judgment day is “payday” for the faithful. Smile. :cool:

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