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By Arthur Trafford
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5 positive reasons for teenage and adult females to abort

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This title is a “Play on words” TO GET YOUR ATTENTION, and is not telling anyone to end a child’s life.  These are really “5″ excuses that females and/or the father of the child will give to justify their decision to abort.

Positive reasons to abort are (1) I am positive that I am too young to raise this child (2) I am positive that I do not love the father of this unborn child (3) I am Positive that I (or we) can not afford to have this child (4) I am positive that this child will destroy the future that I have planned for myself (5) and I am positive that if I am single and religious that I want to hide this pregnancy from all those who know me.

The only problem with the above 5 “Positive” statements is that they all have negative consequences that harm the child, both parents of the child, and the 2 families they are part of.

The “Pro-Baby” Movement

The majority of people on the planet believe “All” unborn babies have a right to experience “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. And I am sad to say that the majority of most societies refuse to acknowledge that people are suffering from post-abortion trauma and therefore need to experience forgiveness and healing of their memories and thereafter have the opportunity to live an abundant life.

Most mature and loving human beings will not have a “Critical spirit”, concerning my poems, simply because they are “Pro-Baby”. They will want to share my “Let the unborn live” message!!!

The thoughts that dance in the mind of humans, is conceived in their heart and hinges on the pivotal question that ushers in the undeserved “death penalty” for the unborn; or the joyous excitement, anticipating the soon coming birth of a child.

The question that answers the complex motive for a person’s actions after conception is “is the pregnancy and baby wanted or rejected by one or both parents (or families) of the child”?

The Thoughts of the Unborn POEM

Pain is so real and it’s easy to see

It all happens to you and me


I know we are born to die

But at such a young age I don’t understand why


I was so young and didn’t understand

God would allow a change that I had not planned


I had no control over when I would go

But this I know I love you so


I live in your heart I am happy to say

Always there no matter what you think or pray


I love you and want you to love me

That’s the way it should be


You weren’t perfect I know quite well

God gave us each other I am happy to tell


Our hearts are melted together and it’s easy to see why

Our love will never die


For you are special to me

And always will be


Thank God for giving to me

An opportunity for life you see


Mom and dad, please don’t be too sad

You can learn from your mistakes for which I am glad


And if another child should come your way

Do what is right is all I can say


You didn’t steal eternity from me

For I am a creation of God you see


No one is righteous before our dear Savior

Our thoughts are wrong including our behavior


I am crushed and heartbroken

No comfort in my soul has ever been spoken


All of us do wrong and compare ourselves with others

We are not more righteous* than hysterical pregnant mothers


And if most women-with-child were loved by the child’s father

they would smile and happily say “No abortion” why bother


You have hidden or damaged emotions buried in a sea of pain

Release them and you have everything to gain


Ask God and the person you mated with to forgive you

Forgive yourself and your life will start anew


*Romans 3:10,12


To be, or not to be…Born —POEM

God created me in a physical way

When my parents made love on that special day


Being secure in my mother’s womb

She had no plans of it becoming my tomb


It didn’t matter if I was healthy or planned

My loving mother took a stand


To give me life without the strife

Avoiding the doctor’s cold steel knife


She made the right choice

Later to smile at hearing my voice


As I look back to that day

I stop and take the time to pray


Thank you, God, for giving to me

A mother who decided to let me be

For others wouldn’t be so kind

To give me life when they are spiritually blind


There is a time for each to be born

Truly their mother will receive no scorn

From the loving God above

Who looks down on her act of love


I BELIEVE THAT TEENAGE AND ADULT MALES ARE THE PRIMARY CAUSE OF THE ABORTION DILEMMA AROUND THE WORLD. They will be judged with a very severe harsh judgment that most women will not receive. The man has more responsibility because he is the initiator of most relationships and the woman is the responder.

Females have an inborn nature or desire to give birth to their unborn child. However, when she becomes aware that the father of her child has no real desire to commit to the family he has started; she then is devastated to the point of hysteria. She doesn’t want to raise the child on her own (in near poverty); she doesn’t want to give it up for adoption (and worry about him or her); and she seeks an abortion because it appears to be a solution that will stop her present and ongoing pain of feeling used, unloved and rejected.

Most men sow their seeds and pray for a crop failure. A woman can love almost any man if she knows he will be responsible for his actions and have the commitment to love the unborn child and its mother.

There are an untold number of men and women who have shed tears over their response to an unwanted pregnancy. Maybe my message will give them hope that forgiveness is not only possible but also a promise from God. And they do not need to carry this burden any longer.

I have found that a personal relationship with The Promised Messiah EMMANUEL has cleansed and will continue to cleanse me from all of my sins, past, present, and future!!!

I told someone that I am doing my part in stopping abortion; I am not getting anyone pregnant. L.O.L.

The primary issue is not what happened in your past concerning abortion; but do you know and feel you are forgiven “Now”!!! Your forgiveness isn’t based on feelings, but as a human you have them.




Since you love the unborn, then share this letter with your family, friends, strangers, and especially Christian organizations around the world.

In the USA Nov. 2022 election, PLEASE VOTE from a “Pro-Baby” MINDSET!!!

If you like this message then SHARE IT WITH OTHERS, and give me a love offering of $ 1 DOLLAR, and go to PayPal.Me/ArthurRTrafford


Arthur Trafford

God bless you, your family, and the Unborn child!!!



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    • JKnTX

      Why weren’t they smarter to begin with and not have an unwanted pregnancy?

      • Mayhem

        But it’s not the woman’s fault, Jake-n-Texas, because Arthur believes…


        … except i’m almost certain it takes two to Tango.

    • st

      If someone will have sex with u without being man and wife…….they will have sex with anyone. :idea:

    • FAT AXL!!!

      “5 positive reasons for teenage and adult females to abort…”


      Let’s see how much of a rebel against God’s Word I can make myself in THIS article.

      “I am positive that I am too young to raise this child…”


      Since I’ve already broken the commandments against sexual immorality, I might as well break the commandment against murder as well.

      “I am positive that I do not love the father of this unborn child…”


      Since I was so wise in my decision to engage in sexual congress with someone I esteem so lightly, I will likewise esteem GOD lightly and turn my enmity against another of HIS children.

      “I am Positive that I (or we) can not afford to have this child…”


      I have zero trust in God’s ability to help me raise HIS GIFT TO ME, another member of His creation. I would rather spend my money on myself, so I will murder that other member of His creation.

      “I am positive that this child will destroy the future that I have planned for myself…”


      Because I am such a selfish whore and I don’t want ANYTHING to come between me and my glorious plans for my future (not even my own child), I will murder another member of God’s creation so that my precious plans for myself are not disrupted.

      “…and I am positive that if I am single and religious that I want to hide this pregnancy from all those who know me.”


      I know better than God and I know God is not capable of seeing this matter through to a conclusion that suits me. Because I know what’s best for me and God doesn’t, I will spit in my Creator’s FACE and murder one of HIS CHILDREN while I pretend to be religious as I hide TRUTH from other people. I am not only a murder but a liar and a thief of the charitable opinions of others.

      Keep it up, Arthur. You’re on a roll.

    • Arthur Trafford

      I started the essay listing 5 major reasons why someone is motivated into getting an abortion.

      What is funny is that TCB picked a part of the essay and “Automatically decided” to claim that they are also my beliefs (dishonest journalism). REPENT TCB L.O.L.

      I WAS NOT JUSTIFYING THEIR BEHAVIOR and I certainly wasn’t going to have a judgmental and hateful spirit that apparently reflects the spirit that TCB was born with.

      You turn everything into something negative. You didn’t find “Anything in the essay” that you felt was helpful to those individual who need Christian ENCOURAGEMENT. You imply that everything I said in this essay is wrong or promotes abortion. You didn’t even like either of the 2 poems I wrote, and evidently you didn’t think they were well written or that they communicate any Christian truths that female victims need to hear.

      I hope you are not a parent or teacher because if someone made all “A” and (1) B, you would torment them day and night for not being “Perfect”.

      You have no grace and mercy for these hurting victims (of mostly male lust). You are not more righteous than those who perform abortions and you certainly are not more righteous than females who feel alone and become desperate and make bad choices (too bad they are aren’t “Perfect” like TCB and JKnTX) L.O.L.

      And you also couldn’t see any value in the RED LETTER print.

      TCB, there are “90 words” in that list of 5 major reasons why individuals will “Be tempted” to get an abortion. There are 1,270 other words that you ignored talking about and (shame on your negativity, piety and discouragement dumped of females made in the Image of God) who need our prayers, encouragement and patience, that they will make the right choice “Next time” they are pregnant. AMEN, so be it.

      From now on I will observe who is sending a reply and not read those from TCB, JKnTX, st, and Maxwell and a few others. All of you can talk to each other, but I have no desire to argue or bully others.

      TCB is the only one who replied, so it looks like the others who replied to my other essays are not Pro-Life Christians (but I won’t judge them).


      • FAT AXL!!!

        “What is funny is that TCB picked a part of the essay and “Automatically decided” to claim that they are also my beliefs (dishonest journalism).”

        Yes, Arthur. That is funny. Absolutely hilarious, isn’t it.

        I read your headline and then in utter disgust I went in search of your five positive reasons, which I easily found and responded to. I had NO INTENTION of reading yet another exposition from a supporter of child sacrifice. I’ve read enough of them and they are all alike. So? I see now your intention was to argue against child sacrifice. But you did so in a covert and confusing manner.

        “I WAS NOT JUSTIFYING THEIR BEHAVIOR and I certainly wasn’t going to have a judgmental and hateful spirit that apparently reflects the spirit that TCB was born with.”

        That’s anger you see, Arthur – not hate. But my use of the word ‘whore’ was in fact judgmental, and I regret using it. It makes me angry when I see someone offering a ‘positive’ view of child sacrifice, which God hates.

        “You turn everything into something negative.”

        You did that yourself. Read your damn headline.

        “…those individual who need Christian ENCOURAGEMENT.”

        You didn’t come here looking for encouragement. You came here to TEACH. And now you have come here to confuse with your deceptive headline and the opening paragraphs of your article.

        “…or that they communicate any Christian truths that female victims need to hear.”

        Which female victims need to hear your distortions of Scripture, Arthur? Which ones, exactly?

        “You have no grace and mercy for these hurting victims…”


        You are a man who traffics in these emotional sentiments. I am a man who seeks for consistent and thoughtful understanding of the Word of God. It distresses me when I encounter someone like you, teaching about the Word, but teaching only what he feels God should have written instead of what the Spirit actually inspired. You don’t respond to criticism. You react. You emote.

        In retrospect I see that my response to the above article was misplaced. But you are as much to blame for that as I am when we consider the headline you authored and the opening you authored of an article which I did not feel compelled to examine very closely, having judged that it was more false witness coming from an enemy camp. You authored a deceptive article and I responded to it hastily. I will learn from my mistake. Will you learn from yours?

        “You are not more righteous than those who perform abortions…”

        Nor am I a murderer of children.

        “…are not more righteous than females who feel alone…”

        More feelings with you. Always feelings. And ARTHUR – I WASN’T RESPONDING to any ‘victimized’ females when I answered your article. I was responding to a MAN who was offering a positive argument FOR ABORTION.

        “…and become desperate and make bad choices…”

        More lies. Were ANY OF THE WOMEN you portrayed above poor victims of abuse? NO. They were ALL wicked and selfish rebels who contemplated child sacrifice because it was CONVENIENT FOR THEM to do so. It was about MONEY. Or it was about FUTURE PLANS. Or it was about IMAGE. So don’t you even waste breath now arguing that I mistreated victims of some terrible misfortune.

        “And you also couldn’t see any value in the RED LETTER print.”

        I have already read enough of your vanity.

        “From now on I will observe who is sending a reply and not read those from TCB…”

        Then from now on when I reply, I will do so not for you but rather as an answer to your anti-scriptural and confusing nonsense. I’ve lost interest in whether you reply or even read what I have to write.

    • Mayhem

      That’s a misuse of the word “positive”, Arthur, because there’s nothing positive about woman being “certain” bearing children is not for them. It is selfishness, self worship, religion of self.

      Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Psalm 127:3

    • Arthur Trafford


      Don’t be stupid and use convoluted logic, for I said “The primary cause” of an abortion is the fault of the man. Primary cause infers a secondary cause “The mother of the baby wanting an abortion”.

      “Only blaming” the mother of the child is ludicrous MY POEM SAYS,
      “And if most women-with-child were loved by the child’s father, they would smile and happily say “No abortion” why bother”.

      So, be faithful and committed to a woman and it is very unlikely she will abort the child of the man who “Loves her and the baby”.

      Mayhem, go back to school and learn that the 5 positive reasons in getting an abortion are a “Play on words” and forget the asinine legalistic assessment of my essay.

      And try to appreciate the essay and the poems for being a positive Christian message to help others deal with their pain, (it is a self-induced pain nonetheless). But God wants all of us to give unconditional love and forgiveness to all of these teenagers and adult females who made a bad choice in life (just like all the rest of us do).


      • Mayhem

        There’s no such thing as unconditional love except in your fetid imagination and it’s not for me to condemn folk but they’re going to have to answer for their choices all the same.

        Abortion has become a trivial matter of convenience and saying…

        “So, be faithful and committed to a woman and it is very unlikely she will abort the child of the man who “Loves her and the baby”

        … is a “no true scotsman fallacy”.

      • Damien

        So now that you, in your rage, have found out that Joseph was not the father of Jesus you are starting to fantasize about going back in time and guilt tripping that cheap slut of a hairdresser Mary into getting abortion? Or proxies for her until you finish building the time machine? :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


        • Nanar

          Cockblocked by God… Ouch ! :lol:

      • FAT AXL!!!

        “…5 positive reasons in getting an abortion are a “Play on words”…”

        That is a COP-OUT.

        You could have wrapped quotation marks around the word “positive” and given your readers some hint as to your true motives for writing what you did. You gave NO INDICATION of your intent until well after the headline and well into the article.

        You are as much to blame for the confusion as I am in not examining the evidence thoroughly enough.

    • The Clucker

      Had I not read the comments I would have assumed Mr. Trafford was a supporter of abortion also. People tend to be misled by misleading headlines.

    • Arthur Trafford

      I wanted the abortionist to believe my essay is going to say positive things about abortion in order to get them to read the article. I wasn’t targeting Bible thumpers who are mostly Pro-Life/Pro-Baby.

      If I had of titled the essay, “God’s judgment is on all females who abort”, I would have no hurting females who would bother to read the essay and poems. They have been hurting for hours, days, weeks, months, years and even decades; and they need healing, and not hatred from us. For I need to be “As shrewd as snakes and harmless as doves”.

      All humans are sinners in the hand of a loving God, so none of us can go into the stone-throwing business L.O.L.

      I get the impression that most of those who “Reply” to my writings are probably Pro-Choice because if they are “Religious” and conservative they didn’t even bother to say anything nice or positive about the essay or poems (how shameful).

      When someone says, “I will learn from my mistake” they are not apologizing for anything because they blame me for their “Bad intellectual judgment”. “I will learn from my mistake” is a very weak or non existent apology, simply because they follow up the insincere apology with the phrase “Will you learn from yours?”

      Which reveals their objective is to mix slander into their apology. Therefore their apology is useless or meaningless before humans and God, because they added a barb at the end of their “Supposed apology”, with the intent to verbally hurt me (a pretty evil thing to do) no matter what your religion is.

      Arthur Trafford

      • FAT AXL!!!

        “…“I will learn from my mistake” is a very weak or non existent apology…”

        First, if you have something to say to me, why not say it to me directly, rather than trying to talk around me or past me.

        Second, if I had intended to apologize to you for anything, I would have done so. Many times in my more than seven years of contributing to this website, I have apologized to folks for mistakes I have made. You are FAR TOO engrossed in the world of feeling and not enough in the world of thinking and consistent reasoning. That’s not an accusation, Arthur – it’s merely an observation I freely share with you.

        Third, does it really matter whether conservative Bible believers have little positive to say about your poems and other contributions. Look around you, man. You’re at a website where positive commentary of ANY kind is extremely rare.

        It is your insistence upon the importance of feelings that leads you to alter the Word of God, Arthur. But The Way of Christ is not a feeling-centered enterprise. Consider the model of man, as he was created and as he was meant to function by his Creator: feelings are to be subjected to right-ruling and right-thinking. The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; who can understand it? What do you imagine the meaning of that verse to be?

        You should worry less about being offended by others. That’s just bluntly-stated and matter-of-fact. Being led about by your feelings will earn you nothing but big trouble in all cases. Beasts are led about by their feelings, and that is a very important lesson contained in the Scriptures. We are to overcome our beast natures and subject them to His Spirit Nature.


        Because apologies are important to you, I will now apologize – lest I do anything to make my brother stumble. I apologize for rubbing you raw with my insistent and at times overly-direct approach to things related to the Word of God. I apologize for pressing you as hard as I have for answers to questions you clearly are not ready to answer. I apologize for vexing you and I apologize for answering your previous article before I had given it a fair hearing. The Bible calls what I did foolishness, because that’s what it is.

        It is other than my intention to tyrannize you with my understanding of Scripture, but it seems that might not be a bad description for what has happened between us. My motives are to engage other believers (and non-believers) and to induce a course of productive conversation between us in a public forum with witnesses. What you and I have had thus far is not productive dialogue. My hope is that may change in the comment sections of any subsequent material you post at this website.

    • Arthur Trafford

      I wouldn’t be surprised if most or all of the individuals who reply to my essays are senior citizens (and it is always the same individuals). They are very opinionated in these twilight years. They seem to not have jobs, so they have all the time in the world to pretty much post “Only” negative comments (and never anything positive). They apparently have never written any essays for others to read, and they only have time to criticize others.

      Since God has never established a Christian denomination (Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Mormon etc.) they still feel they need to verbally harass anyone who doesn’t agree with their Christian dogma.

      I am curious what are the names of their organized denominational churches that THEY say represents a righteous true church denomination?

      They can’t reveal what church’s they go to, because they want to promote their “Traditions of men” IN SECRET, and hide revealing the source of their beliefs. For all their judgmental behaviors or attitudes revealing their carnal mental departure from what a normal, loving, and caring human being would look like from God’s point of view.

      Arthur Trafford

      • FAT AXL!!!

        “I wouldn’t be surprised if most or all of the individuals who reply to my essays are senior citizens (and it is always the same individuals). They are very opinionated in these twilight years.”

        Does 44 make me a senior citizen? Mayhem, maybe. He’s got me by about a decade – old fart. But they say you’re only as old as you feel, and my carcass has very high mileage on it, so I feel older than dirt.

        “They seem to not have jobs…”

        I live on a small ranch in South Texas. I build furniture in my woodshop in my garage. I tend animals and grow crops. I therefore make my own schedule and I often check in on the BIN conversations while I pass my computer desk at all hours of the day and sometimes the night.

        “…pretty much post “Only” negative comments (and never anything positive).”

        You haven’t been around here long enough to make a fair assessment about that.

        “They apparently have never written any essays for others to read, and they only have time to criticize others.”

        Speaking only for myself, I don’t come here to teach. I come here to engage those who come here to teach. That is my M.O.

        “Since God has never established a Christian denomination (Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Mormon etc.) they still feel they need to verbally harass anyone who doesn’t agree with their Christian dogma.”

        It’s all about sticking to what is written in the Word of God or demonstrating with viable evidence that the Word has been changed. That’s the name of the game. When folks come in here and post material that is wildly at odds with what is written, they often find themselves with too much explaining to do and they leave in a hurry or they never even bother attempting to explain why it is they believe the way they do, contrary to what is written.

        “I am curious what are the names of their organized denominational churches that THEY say represents a righteous true church denomination?”

        There are none. There are NO denominations of Christianity which are entirely true to the Word of God. Corruptions and distortions of the traditions of men have crept into all of them to a greater or lesser degree. I would agree that Seventh Day Adventism does a reasonable job at sticking closer to the Word than other denominations, but many of the ideas of Ellen White are nothing if not contradictory to the Word.

        “They can’t reveal what church’s they go to…”

        I don’t go to a church because I would not be welcomed in any of them. If I found a church I thought would welcome me and it was a Bible-believing and Bible-teaching church, I would attend services there – even on Sunday if I had to.

        “…they want to promote their “Traditions of men” IN SECRET, and hide revealing the source of their beliefs.”

        Just who is being judgmental now, Arthur?

        We’re not like you in that we do not refuse to answer questions. We (Mayhem and I, Max, Clucker and a few others) answer all questions put to us. We welcome questions, especially questions about the Word of God.

        Rather than presume to know anything about any of us…

        …why don’t you first try asking?

      • The Clucker

        Arthur… I’ll be 30 next month.

        The reason you get people coming at you so much when you post certain topics is because there are a number of us on this site that have seen many, many “internet preachers” come and go who claim to believe in the Bible, yet put forth doctrines that do not match what is said in the Bible. I think you can figure out how that can become a hot button issue with believers.

        They usually end up leaving because they cannot defend their position, nor admit that they are Scripturally wrong. I think it’s an ego thing. I hope you are not one of them. It’s important to realize you have more to learn than you have to teach. It’s a part of life. The teacher is the Scriptures. That is why the preacher and the church needs to take a back seat to the true seeker.

        I’ll admit I have had help understanding Scripture along the way in my personal path (and still do) from folks like TCB, Mayhem, and Maxwell. It’s important to take the Word at face value, although it is true that sometimes a passage can be metaphorical, like “A tree shall be known by it’s fruits.” It’s obviously about trees and people if you read it in context.

        Proverbs 2:2 My son, if thou wilt receive my words, and hide my commandments with thee;

        2 So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding;

        3 Yea, if thou criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding;

        4 If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures;

        5 Then shalt thou understand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God.

        6 For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.

        7 He layeth up sound wisdom for the righteous: he is a buckler to them that walk uprightly.

        8 He keepeth the paths of judgment, and preserveth the way of his saints.

        9 Then shalt thou understand righteousness, and judgment, and equity; yea, every good path.

        10 When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul;

        • Mayhem

          Just as your questions and perspectives have taught me a few things too, Cluck-n-hammer, and there’s been many times i’ve needed to learn the scriptures in order to make a sound reply.

          Oh and TCB – that’s Mr Old-Fart to you, junior.

          Now where’s Truthseeker when i need to feel like i’m not the most decrepit codger here?

          • The Clucker

            You may be a bit up there in years, but you’re young in heart. That’s what matters.

            Don’t mind TCB. He spends his free time playing in cow sh*t.

            • Mayhem

              Perhaps or it could be the Diclofenac (NSAID) that keeps me going to work each day.

              At least i won’t have to worry about losing my dignity, in old age, because i’m more likely to stroke out due to the side effects.

              Silver linings?

            • FAT AXL!!!

              Cluckenheimersteinbergbloomenthal wrote:

              “Don’t mind TCB. He spends his free time playing in cow sh*t.”

              Is that a you-fa-mism for trolling the BINs? Or did you just seek to impugn my all-natural pasture fertilizer and boot polish.

              As to NSAID silver linings, Mayhem…

              …you’d probably be better off with opioids. That way you’ll feel just fine if the Boss calls you away early and you won’t have to worry about brain aneurysms. But you’ll still drool all over yourself, so I guess pick yer poison.

            • Arthur Trafford

              To the Clucker
              I forgot to say happy hatch day and being 30 years young L.O.L.

        • Arthur Trafford

          Hello, The Clucker:

          Thanks for the reply. I appreciate you kind and gentle demeanor. Thanks for the Proverb verses. And let me know you read this reply.

          I know God didn’t call me to preach, because I told Him so L.O.L.
          I am a retired window clerk with the U.S Postal Service. If the line was backed out the door, and the next person in front of me had a full beard and mustache, I would say; “I wouldn’t say the line is too long, but you were clean shaven when you got in line.

          About 5 years ago I sent an essay to someone I know and respect and the information was about how I thought Joseph and Mary had a normal sexual relationship after the virgin birth. This Christian Jewish lady emails me back and said “No virgin birth” (that’s all she said).

          When I came to find out that there are many virgin births talked about before Jesus was born and Greek Mythology has the same beliefs that the pagans believed, then I knew it was very unlikely that God would fulfill His Covenants with Abraham & Sarah and King David & Bathsheba by embracing pagan ideology and Theology. (I add Sarah and Bathsheba because they are ONE flesh with their husbands — plus Abraham and David can’t have babies L.O.L).

          Observing one red flag after another convinced me that the details about the life of Jesus have been altered, in the same way that texts in the Bible were probably added to, deleted, or changed.

          (1) Add thou not unto His words, lest He reprove thee, and thou be found a liar” Proverbs 30:6.

          (2) Deuteronomy 4:2 “You shall not add to the word which I command you, nor take anything from it”(also Deuteronomy 12:32).

          (3) If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this Book Revelation 22:18-19

          If humans can’t change God’s Word (thinking that God will prevent that from happening) then the ABOVE 3 WARNINGS are UNNECESSARY warnings.

          If I got the U.S. Supreme Court to pass a law stating that it is a federal crime for me to jump over the Grand Canyon. This would be an unnecessary law and a waste of time and money to pass a ridiculous, silly law. I do not have that kind of supernatural jumping ability. So me potentially jumping into the flight path of a helicopter or low flying plan is not a possible problem.

          God doesn’t give serious warnings of judgment to something that can’t happen; unless that course of action can happen and did occur (This is my presupposition, that I postulate as a reasonable FACT that happened in Christendom).

          Anytime someone says or writes something that goes against everything we have been taught, and it is obvious that we will be offended and defensive against their doctrinal belief. My beliefs changed 180 degrees 5 years ago but my faith didn’t disappear, only the perceived TRUTH remains.

          “If” my Jewish Christian friend and me are wrong, then we will in the future recanting our past beliefs, and confessing the TRUTH (just like everyone else who has ever lived)!!!


          • Mayhem

            “My beliefs changed 180 degrees 5 years ago…”

            That sounds about right, Arthur and guess who else is 180 degrees opposed to God?

            He’s pleased to meet you. Hope you guess his name.

          • Damien

            When I came to find out that there are many virgin births talked about before Jesus was born and Greek Mythology has the same beliefs that the pagans believed, then I knew it was very unlikely that God would fulfill His Covenants with Abraham & Sarah and King David & Banthsheba by embracing pagan ideology and Theology. (


            It is CHRISTIAN ideology and theology.

            Proving that you are just a cretin and in NO WAY a Christian.

            • BEEF SUPREME

              And also TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS poorer than he would be if he could prove any pagan virgin births existed prior to the Gospels being written.

              Just something else for him to ignore.

              And when the hell are you going to bring back Damien?

          • LifeIs

            “When I came to find out that there are many virgin births talked about before Jesus was born and Greek Mythology has the same beliefs…”

            You “found out” a made-up story. It is not true in any of the cases. Stop typing and do a little reading.

            Some god emerges, fully grown, from a rock, and that’s “virgin birth” in MODERN scholarship.

            Conflating THOSE stories with the Bible is an anti-Christian trick.

            Jesus was a human infant born to a virgin human female, a miracle.

    • Mayhem

      What’s the matter, Arthur, aren’t we quick enough off the mark for your ego’s liking? Did your article, trolling the pro-lifers, not go stratospheric as quickly as you’d hoped?

      For your information some of us do have jobs, whether that’s self employment or wage slavery, as is the case with me. I’m also from your future, first to see the sun that is, so there’s a bit of a time difference to be taken into account.

      Hold your horses, precious, and consider that it’s the substance and not the pace of our commentary that matters most.

      Now then; why are these women, who have living fetuses vacuumed out of their womb, special victims? Would you also call the drunk driver, because it’s convenient remember, a “hurting victim” if they wreck and suffer injury?

    • LifeIs

      Wait. If someone is forced by financial circumstances, into an abortion, they do not have “choice.” I’d like to see real choice.

      Those who cannot raise the child could consider adoption.

      Is it too much to ask, that one think ahead a little tiny bit and use birth control, or day-after birth control measures ?

      Why would one risk having a baby with a father that one does not trust to be a parent ?

      Hiding a pregnancy on grounds of religion makes no sense to me. Maybe it does to some. But, aren’t there people motivated to hide incest ? And should we let that happen?

      And teenagers forced into an abortion by their parents don’t REALLY have choice, either.

      • FAT AXL!!!

        Six months sixteen days, Ralph.

        Tic toc. Tic toc.

        You’ve been doing some impressive work lately. (When you’re not talking about Nibiru or Scripture, that is.) (That there is what the kids call a back-handed compliment.) (See just how nice and chummy we can all be around here Arthur? Compliment, insult. Compliment, insult. Insult, compliment, insult, insult. And you said it was all negative all the time. Ha.)

    • Arthur Trafford

      Biological sex versus one’s gender identity

      A man named Bruce made the statement “I think that it is important to differentiate between one’s biological sex and one’s gender identity. About 0.6% of adults have one biological sex and a different gender identity.

      And I said:
      Hello Bruce

      I have no understanding about the ½ of 1% that have a conflict with their biological sex and their perceived gender identity. But I do know that everyone has a tendency to ignore those heterosexuals who hurt him or her spiritually, emotionally and physically of whom they know and date.

      But it seems ALL GAYS and LESBIANS claim to be born gay or lesbian which is a dishonest and self-serving perspective. And completely ignore that 99 % of them have normal to extreme hatred and fear of the opposite gender. Which is to say, ALL heterosexuals and gay/lesbians need counseling in order to cope with their life struggles with other humans made in the image of God.

      In the decades to come many millions of grown children will proclaim that they love their two mothers or their two fathers dearly; but they really, really miss NOT EVER HAVING A MOTHER OR FATHER their whole life, how sad!!! More likely your university professor daughter would be deeply saddened if Bruce was never in her life in her past, present or her future.

      Bruce, you can’t even hint on your website that most gays and lesbian have the same temptation to embrace the same social disjunction all heterosexuals are tempted to respond in a negative way to others of the opposite gender. It is no accident that 50 % of male/female marriages in the US end in divorce, so most individuals make excuses as to why they are the way they are; and ignore whom and how they were destroyed spiritually and emotionally.

      As I have said, God doesn’t really care if someone is straight or gay/lesbian. Humans created in the image of God are VERY CREATIVE just like our Creator and when relationships DON’T WORK for varying reasons WE ALL adapt. For no one will spend years, decades or a lifetime living with someone who hates and hurts them. But God would want two men or two women to commit to each other for life (if they can’t be reconciled to a mate and show forgiveness and love for that mate).

      Plus my latest essays:

      No one is born heterosexual

      All humans are made in the Image of God; therefore the center core of my being is spiritual and not sexuality (for flesh and blood will not inherit the Kingdom of God). God is masculine and feminine, for the Bible says “And God said, Let us make man in our image”… The “US” isn’t referring to God and Jesus but refers to God being masculine and feminine JUST LIKE ALL HUMANS. Humans have to be male and female because they have to reproduce through sexual intercourse.

      God doesn’t have to force me to be attracted to the same or opposite gender, spiritually or physically. I have the created masculine nature of God and I am attracted to the feminine nature of God that is spiritually and physically different from my own nature. I am a spirit being and my sexual and emotional needs ARE USUALLY MET by two different individuals.

      If I marry, mate and have a child or children I will be fulfilling the command of God to be fruitful and multiply and have my own family tree with my wife. My emotional needs are usually more met by another male who will best know and understand me, for we are both made out of the same male fabric of humanity. That is why I went to the Boys Club when I was young. I couldn’t find a mate there but I did grow to understand how I am to love God, self, and others with an understanding that I am to love people and use things.

      And when I am hurting emotionally, another male will best understand me and help me better respond to others who hurt me spiritually, emotionally or physically. The truth is, any male or female can meet my sexual needs as long as there is a lubricant and pleasurable friction but my emotional needs are best met by the same gender person; that is why people join an all maleor female group (for encouragement, comfort, and safety).

      Male and females are mentally and emotionally wired differently. Females develop extreme hatred for males when they say, “If you love me you will let me” (and they find out at an early age they are being lied to). Males can develop an extreme fear of females if they are bullied at an early age since females develop emotionally and physically faster than boys do. One time I said to myself “If I don’t ask her out, she can’t turn me down (I had no males in my life to comfort or guide me into having more positive attitudes about how to interact with the females I meet.

      God reproduces by speaking Adam and Eve and all other species into existence and all reproduction is the responsibility of Adam, Eve and every following generation (including Joseph and Mary) creating the body of Jesus. An animal’s reproductive cycle is broken when the last female doesn’t mate with the LAST MALE ON EARTH. That is why species become extinct, for God is only responsible for THE FIRST TWO of all creatures.

      The family tree of Joseph became extinct if Joseph isn’t the father of Jesus. For the grandparents of Joseph ARE NOT related to Jesus if the physical DNA of Jesus isn’t related to Adam, Eve, Abraham, Sarah, King David, Bathsheba in Joseph’s family tree. Therefore Jesus isn’t a fulfillment of the Covenant that God had with King David and Bathsheba. So if Joseph’s sperm doesn’t get Mary pregnant, then Jesus would be half-human by any definition of what it means to be human.

      A virgin birth isn’t what kept Jesus perfect, for it is the Spirit of God living in this HUMAN TABERNACLE OF FLESH who kept Jesus perfect. God doesn’t need a mere mortal Mary to keep Jesus perfect. It is amazing how all religionist believe that our Creator God has the same limitations that human parents have. We mortals can’t keep our children perfect and after they sin, we are helpless to be able to CAST OUT their sin nature from them and make and keep them perfect in the future (a pagan and Greek mythology concept ADDED TO OUR BIBLE).

      My Bible says that Jesus “Is like us in every way”, but Christians have gone the extra mile and made Jesus just like the pagan gods who are ALL VIRGIN BORN, PREEXIST THEIR CONCEPTION and their bodies ARE DIETY and can’t get married. We don’t worship the flesh and blood of Jesus, but RATHER THE SPIRIT OF GOD residing inside of Jesus. This means that Jesus can legally do anything that all OTHER MALES ON EARTH CAN DO (date, get married, experience sexual pleasure and hopefully have children.

      In our future new heaven and earth “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female. Once the last child born by God is conceived, then His family is complete and there will be no more need for any sexual union of a man and his wife.

      God is pragmatic, sensible and realistic in how to best propagate or breed all the species through sexual reproduction. In a search engine, there is a list of 15 terms dealing with gender identity. I refer to them but I don’t list them, simply because I do not want to come across as making fun of any of the 13 other classifications. The GLBT acronym specifically addresses how many genders they say the human race has, for the “B” stands for bisexual (which means that there are only two genders in the human race).

      In this 21stCentury we are witnessing the disintegration of the family unit. Everyone does what is right in his or her own eyes. Back when 95 % of the earth’s population lived in rural communities, it did take a village to raise a child (but watch out for the village idiots) LOL. Couples had large families to bring in the crop for they couldn’t afford to hire all adults to do all the work around the farm or ranch. Plus, a child’s support group was grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, cousins, teachers, religious leaders and even strangers in the community. Now, 50% of single parents might be raising their child far away from their family or extended family.

      So, I think the 15 gender identities are simply the many variations of how humans play this cosmic chess game of life; trying to balance their faith in God (that most humans have), and like all humans NOT REALLY SURE how to cope with life, or how to love and forgive self and others. And I Arthur Trafford does not claim to have the moral high ground in spirituality or emotional health. We are all guessing at what is Truth!


      P.S. I am hoping someone will rent a freeway billboard and display
      And the truth can set all of us free from the half-truth and lies added to our Bible.

      I know most Christians embrace the traditions of men added to our Bible. 300 years after all of the Apostles are dead and 1,000 years before the Protestant Reformation. Everyone needs to ask themselves the question “Why is ancient pagan priest theology and Greek mythology philosophy in our New Testament”? For these teaching pre-exist the birth of Emmanuel (God with us, our Savior and redeemer of us all; everyone made in the image of God was redeemed 2,000 years ago.

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