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By Arthur Trafford
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The Tribulation, but there is no future 7 years tribulation

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Recently I became aware that the falling away (apostasy of the church), the great tribulation, and the anti-Christ being revealed all began and happened in the past.

I have two major presuppositions about life: Satan tries to hide the truth from us, and if he can’t, then he wants us to misinterpret scriptures concerning the tribulation, the rapture, Israel, the anti-Christ, the church, and the second coming of Christ.

There is good evidence that the tribulation started right after the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 A.D, and the early church members believed the Roman Empire was “The Restrainer” of the anti-Christ. After Rome was destroyed, “The woman (Christian believers) who fled into the wilderness for 1260 days (42×30=1260 years of The Tribulation) in Revelation 12: is Christ’s Church who is smitten and persecuted by The Harlot Roman Catholic Church (drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus)”.

A ruler named Justinian gave a decree in 538 A.D. to unite all religions under one Pope of the Roman church in order to bring peace to Europe.

The prophecy of Daniel 7:25, the 3 1/2 years of Daniel 7:25 apply to the time of anti-Christ. 3 1/2 years is 42 months x 30= 1260 day-years. This tribulation time started in 538 A.D. and ended in 1798 A.D. 1260 years later when General Berthier under orders from Napoleon came to Rome and abolished the Pope’s political power; thus ending the Pope’s rule.

The deadly head wound of the anti-Christ (The Pope) is healed Rev 13:3 and early Christians like Martin Luther, John Calvin, and John Wesley all knew the anti-Christ was working inside the Christian church. The anti-Christ is brought back to life. He persecutes the church, especially during The Crusades.

A Jesuit priest Luis De Alcasar is commissioned to teach the anti-Christ died when the Roman emperor Nero died. The second Jesuit priest was commissioned to teach a future anti-Christ in order to reshape people’s opinion away from knowing the anti-Christ was alive and ruling them or persecuting the early Christian church. This futurist view of the anti-Christ is held by most Christians of today. They are being deceived, for there is no future 7-year tribulation.

The future 7-year tribulation view “Was created in order to counter the Protestant Reformation”. Satan, the anti-Christ, and the false prophet wanted to conceal their evil deeds as they infiltrated the young Christian church to propagate the doctrines of men and demons. The Roman Catholic Church was the catalyst to achieve the goals of the anti-Christ.

The 70 weeks of Daniel 9: prophesy equates to 490 continuous years; all started and ended in the past. There is no prophetic “Stop the clock” countdown and say the last 7 years of the prophecy are off in the future. Christians should all be waiting for Christ’s return, and not looking for a future Mr. Bad Man anti-Christ figure.

The Tribulation started in the past and will continue until Christ returns. Steve Wohlberg stated that between 50 and 100 million people died during the tribulation, mostly from 538 A.D. to 1798 A.D. That should qualify as a “Great” Tribulation in any sane person’s mind.

Judas and Hitler were viewed with respect and honor, and it wasn’t until their evil deeds revealed their evil intent that the naked truth exposed their sins before God and humanity.

The anti-Christ will continue to persecute the church until Christ’s return.  No one wants to believe that the anti-Christ has already taken over a main-line “Professing” Christian denomination. We have been lied to. Adam and Eve were perfect, but they still believed the lies of Satan!!! So why do you feel you are less vulnerable than our forefathers were?

In the New Testament, we are told not to classify people as Jew or Gentile, male or female. There is no future “End time” Temple built by human hands. Jesus is the cornerstone of the Spiritual temple that he started building 2000 years ago and every day since then, someone is added to His temple building because of their relationship and commitment to Jesus Christ.

After the last brick (a saved person) is put in place The Temple will be complete, and then Jesus Christ will return. But it won’t be a secret or silent return.

All true Protestant and Catholic Christians should repent and shun the lies and dogma taught by their spiritual leaders and be, in Christ, in fellowship with their heavenly Father as we face the future; in harmony with God’s Word, and in the knowledge of the truth!!!

Find a good Church, worship on the Sabbath, believe in all 10 Commandments, and avoid the “End Time Delusions” about the rapture, the anti-Christ, Israel, and the end of the world; that Mr. Steve Wohlberg talks about in his books.


Arthur Trafford

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    • Damien

      Why are you quoting scripture that you think was rewritten by your ‘anti-christ’?

      • Damien

        Gina’s preterism is something I can respect. A sober mystical future in which people just keep making the same stupid mistakes again and again. Yours not so much.

        • FAT AXL!!!

          Gina will at least support her ideas in dialogue.

          (Until she decides that she can’t stand you, that is. Then she clams right up and plays the Arthur Trafford game.)

          • Gina

            LOL. I don’t like confrontation.

    • FAT AXL!!!

      “This futurist view of the anti Christ is held by most Christians of today. They are being deceived, for there is no future 7 year tribulation.”

      Because nothing in Scripture says anything about a seven year period of tribulation.

      “In the New Testament we are told not to classify people as Jew or Gentile, male or female.”

      You are consistently carless with your language. We are told that IN CHRIST there is neither Jew nor Greek, neither slave nor free… etc. We are nowhere told in Scripture never to so classify the people of the world.

      “There is no future “End time” Temple built by human hands.”

      Google Temple Institute, Jerusalem. But even if there is a late-age temple built… the question is what prophecy was referring to in Daniel and 2 Thessalonians. The Apostle Paul has explained everything to us – he has told us what the temple is (and it appears you agree).

      “After the last brick (saved person) is put in place The Temple will be complete; and then Jesus Christ will return. But it won’t be a secret or silent return.”

      Again, you are being inconsistent in your argumentation. You believe that Christ will return, but you don’t believe the prophecies that state He will destroy THE anti-Christ as one of His first acts upon returning? If the Man of Lawlessness is not a yet-to-be-fulfilled prophetic element, then what will Christ do when He returns? Slay the pope?

      The Catholic Church is not the perfect fulfillment of anti-Christ prophecy, but this is not to say that the Church of Rome is not closely connected with those cautionary Scriptures. YHWH speaks once, yea twice, but men perceive it not. Prophecy has a first and then a perfect fulfillment in all cases. (Vis the first and second Adam.)

      “All true Protestant and Catholic Christians should repent and shun the lies and dogma taught by their spiritual leaders and be, in Christ, in fellowship with their heaven Father as we face the future; in harmony with God’s Word, and in the knowledge of the truth!!!”

      And what is the source of authority to which we may look in order to attain that truth? Is it the Scriptures or is it some other source? There is no higher authority than God’s Word. We look to the Scriptures for the solutions to all questions of truth.

      “Find a good Seventh Day Adventist Church…”

      Ah. Some clarity. You think Ellen White should be revered as a prophetess of God. You think one among the many denominations is the genuine article. You think that in a sea of lies, somewhere undefiled truth will be found. But undefiled truth isn’t in the sea of lies because truth is separate from falsehood. The day and the night are separated by evening and morning because light and darkness have no accord. Lies and truth are the same as darkness and light. ALL denominations should be rejected in favor of the plainly-worded verses of Scripture, as originally written.

      “…read why in the RED PRINT…”

      I wonder what happened to the red print?

      • maxwell

        …TCB…I was thinking the same thing…

    • Arthur Trafford

      I wouldn’t be surprised if most or all of the individuals who reply to my essays are senior citizens (and it is always the same individuals). They are very opinionated in these twilight years. They seem to not have jobs, so they have all the time in the world to pretty much post “Only” negative comments (and never anything positive). They apparently have never written any essays for others to read, and they only have time to criticize others.

      Since God has never established a Christian denomination (Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Mormon etc.) they still feel they need to verbally harass anyone who doesn’t agree with their Christian dogma.

      I am curious what are the names of their organized denominational churches that THEY say represents a righteous true church denomination?

      They can’t reveal what church’s they go to, because they want to promote their “Traditions of men” IN SECRET, and hide revealing the source of their beliefs. For all their judgmental behaviors or attitudes revealing their carnal mental departure from what a normal, loving, and caring human being would look like from God’s point of view.

      Arthur Trafford

      • Mayhem

        I have no church, Arthur, and only hope i might be found worthy to be counted in the body of Christ.

        What i hold to be true comes directly from Scripture and i have laboured, somewhat, to expunge everything that churches built by the hands of men have to say on the matter.

        You’ve not been here long enough to notice but there hasn’t been a modern day church raise it’s ugly head that i haven’t railed against at some length and with thinly veiled disgust.

        You’re not among church goers so let it go already!

    • Gina

      CLoser, but not quite. The Seventy “sevens” of Daniel 9:24 are 490 years, and can be identified by the cutting off of the Messiah. When was He cut off? The meaning of that phrase in the Hebrew mind was to die without issue, childless. There would be no one to continue the male line of that family.

      Christ, the Messiah, was cut off at his death on the cross in A.D. 30. (or 33, if you prefer.) That was the end of the first half of the 70th year. That first 3-1/2 years was fulfilled with Christ’s ministry on earth. Then came a testing, and transition period of 40 years during which gospel was spread throughout the “earth” – Israel – and the world. They had to hear the gospel news, and it had to graft in the gentile nations.

      The final 3-1/2 years was the 1260 “days”, or “42 months”, or “time, times, and a half” of the tribulation told to Daniel in c. 12, told to the disciples in Matt. 24:15, and promised as the days of vengeance in Luke 21. Those days of tribulation occurred in the first century A.D. and were the persecution of the saints by the Sanhedrin council under Nero, the beast.

      We can know that the 1260 days of Revelation were literal days because of the setting of the book of Revelation. Revelation repeatedly stated that time was close, at hand, He was coming quickly to those that heard the book. So, 12260 days could not be extrapolated to 1260 years.

      Daniel was told that the visions would be a long time away, and to seal up the book. John was told the time was at hand and not to seal up the book.

      Christ kept his promises to all those of the first century A.D. who had seen his first appearance, his manifestation on earth. They were the ones who witnessed His miracles, saw Him in the flesh, handled Him after His resurrection. They were the only ones, the only generation that could have a “second” appearance of Him. He came in judgment of that wicked generation which had rejected Him, crucified Him, and persecuted His church. He did everything He said He would do! IT IS DONE.

      Our job today is to live for Him, preach His word to those willing to hear, and walk in His light toward Heaven, our home. More fully explained at

    • Gina

      Oh, let’s see…. I am a Methodist because I believe God had a method and a plan. I am a Baptist because I believe baptism is required for salvation. I am a Presbyterian because I believe there is a Father in heaven. I am a Jehovah’s Witness in that I am a witness for Him. I am a Jew inwardly, in the spirit, of the seed of Abraham through Christ Jesus. I am Catholic in the sense that I believe in the universal church of Christ.

      Creeds of men…. No. Only the word of God, the holy scriptures. No other creed is necessary.

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