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I'm #CONSERVATIVE (1st/foremost) #Republican (2nd) - stand by any #POTUS when deserving and criticize when I feel necessary (with ANY/ALL Politicians)!

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[New book from Joseph M. Lenard TERROR STRIKES: / /
Despite the main topic subject-matter: This is NOT a book about death, but one about LIFE (and Living) and of those (foreign (terror strikes) and domestic(Liberals supporting slaughter of unborn)) that would deprive others of that Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.
PLUS how Christianity is under assault by not just GIJIAS but THE US LEFT also]

[June 2019 update added at bottom]

I am neither a Blind #TrumpCult member (waffling all their positions to match their Idols) NOR one on the other extremists and/that suffering #TrumpDerrangementSyndrome (who can never admit Trump is right on anything, ever)….

As for me, it’s ALWAYS: #PrinciplesNotPersonalities…. And, NO, I am NOT fond of #Trump’s personal Life and piss-poor character and DO NOT DEFEND IT – this is about #POLICY!


There is a difference, we are ALL IGNORANT of many things.
Question is, is one willing to LEARN (any related FACTS/TRUTH on a topic) before spewing their FEELINGS?
People pretend they know, just want to peddle their FEELINGS and narratives devoid of REALITY!
People make (often very BAD) assumptions, again cuz they want to justify HOW THEY FEEL, spew their “opinion*” regardless how devoid of any and all common-sense!
#FactsDontCareAboutFeelings  — great Music video “People So Stupid”

* YES – EVERYONE ENTITLED TO “OPINION!” However, matters GREATLY whether one’s “Opinion” formed on gathered FACTS/REALITY (#Conservatives) vs well-intentioned, pipe-dream, false-narratives, LIES, always failing outcomes vs stated desires/intent, UNICORN FART FANTASY (#Liberals / #Leftists / #Fascicrats)! #FACTSmatter! #ResultsMatter! As the saying goes: You are entitled to your own Opinion but NOT your set of (made-up) #FACTS!



Conversely though, having said that….

If others have to get all defensive and have to posture that anyone that opposes Trump on any one (or a few) issue(s) what-so-ever is automatically and by default a “HATER,” it is likely because you clearly cannot put together coherent thoughts/points to attempt to counter mine and defend your position on the merits and Reasoned Thought of the topic at hand and have to retreat to DEFLECTION (and not worth any of our time)!!! (but, again, I do acknowledge their is also the other extreme and clearly some folks with #TDS that automatically feel the need to oppose just to be contrarian)

Again: #PrinciplesNotPersonalities…. Just as I have done with EVERY POTUS in my Lifetime… Supported and criticized at various time Reagan, HWBush, GWBush, and now Trump. Ccertainly far less Support (very little actually, virtually zero with Oblunder) and more Criticism for Carter, Clinton, Obama….

[A brief aside/update as of Fri 6/26/2020... What I just said about #PRINCIPLESNOTPERSONALITIES is no longer 100% true...
I AM NOW A #PROUD #HYPOCRITE! And, it is all the #Commiecrats' fault! Unlike #DUMBocrats who won't admit they are #HYPOCRITES and have no problem when someone on the Left does something they whine about if/when someone on the Right may have done the same thing, I am now a PROUD HYPOCRITE and happy to bathe myself in #HYPOCRISY! I want as many #ExecutiveOrders from #Trump (even if they are #UNCONSTITUTIONAL like many of #Obama's - as long as they undo #COMMIECRAT POLICY of the last 5,6,7+ Decades! We must exercise what POWER/CONTROL we have, whenever we have it, for as long as we have it, to undo #Commiecratism in #USA! And, yes, again, while I used to be 100% CONSISTENTLY #PRINCIPLED and stood against ABUSE OF POWER and GOVT OVER-REACH and IMMORAL/BAD BEHAVIOR --- NO LONGER (you set the example #Commiecrats, of having no standards at all, and now I'm willing to follow it) -- as long as it furthers #CONSERVATIVE #VALUES / #PRINCIPLES overall and strategically for/in the long-term! Also, I will be more than happy to point out Commiecrat failures to hold up TO ANY STANDARDS AT ALL and give a Pass to the occasional Republicans that fall short of our HIGH STANDARDS!

also, 2020 update related -- we never thought in those terms at the time, but clearly there was some REAGANCULTism going on at that time too -- TONS called themselves REAGAN DEMOCRATS but failed to give Reagan the GOP VOTES down ticket he needed to REALLY GET THINGS DONE! Image had they given Reagan a #GOP #USHouse and #USSenate together for JUST EVEN TWO YEARS?!?!?  More on that and more in: ]

If you posture that anyone that opposes Trump on any one (or a few) issue(s) what-so-ever is automatically and by default a HATER, NO DON’T AGREE (You’re likely a CULTIST)!!! But, yes, again, I already acknowledged there are indeed just some #TDS / #TrumpHater folks too! If you can get passed your RAGE to read what I’m saying rather than what you only want to see!

Things I SUPPORT Trump on: *

Things I OPPOSE Trump on: *

* these are older posts, so by no means completely comprehensive as new issues arise. And, if you look, you will clearly see there are far more things that I agree with Trump on and will/have give him praise for, but any one time you disagree they can’t hold their position, as I previously said, with reasoned-thought, but have to deflect/distract with the HATER label.

If you base your POLICY stance (not Personality traits issues) on solid principles, and don’t waffle back and forth just cuz it’s Trump peddling any particular policy/position, we’ll get along just fine [see again the 6/26 update above, frankly if the Left is going to excuse Clinton's ADULTERY then you can not expect me to give a damn about Trumps]!!!

#Trump’s (many) positive things (happy 2 applaud him 4) as #POTUS does NOT negate/excuse (or mean I won’t criticize) MAJOR CHARACTER FLAWS (piss-poor role-model): Serial Adulterer, endless 6th grader level outbursts (especially via Twitter), biz partners/sub-contractors defrauded, TrumpU fraud, etc… #MixedBag


The following lists are FAR FROM COMPREHENSIVE and just meant to give a taste. You can see many of my Articles (sorry, several are more critical than supportive, I tend to vocalize my support via Facebook and Twitter posts rather than Articles as I think criticism often requires more of a need of fuller explinations than fit via FB/Twitter): /contributor/pages/392/034/stories.html . I am also Chair of the Writing-Committee for #RattleWithUs #TEAParty and therefore author of many of the items at our #B4IN #RWU feed at: /contributor/pages/68/448/stories.html (which tend to be more items that relate to #Michigan).


AGAIN, YES, THERE ARE SEVERAL THINGS I OPPOSE TRUMP ON (again, #PRINCIPLED OBJECTIONS, not out of #TDS, which I cover in other Posts), but anyone that is going to claim like some morons he’s “no different” then Clinton (like I see all over FB) you are clearly a COMPLETE MORON…

What is he doing differently than Clinton?
* Gorsuch, not Garland.
* DeRegulation (though nowhere near enough yet) versus Clinton who would be piling on endless more Regulation.
* Partial Repeal of Dodd/Frank (not far enough), Clinton would have Vetoed any such Legislation.
* We would have had Repeal of ObamaCare (that was McLame’s failing, not Trump’s)
* Tax Cuts that Clinton never would have signed into Law
* Millions more in the US Economy (due to Tax Cuts) versus having Govt tie up that Money resulting in a greatly increased Growth per  GDP
* Opened ANWAR (as part of TaxCutsAndJobsAct)(Energy Independence)
* PRO COAL, unlike Clinton that promised to KILL THE COAL INDUSTRY
* Pulled US out of Paris Climate Accords
* KeystoneXL and Dakota Access pipelines approved (Clinton would have continued to Block those
* Nullified Obama’s horrible Iran Deal
* Nullified Obama’s horrible Cuba Deal
* Additional Enforcement at the Border (though I oppose his willingness to sell-out on Amnesty) versus Clinton that would have clearly tied the Hands of Border-Patrol and continued Obama CatchAndRelease!
* Taking the Fight to ISIS, as opposed to Clinton continuing Oblunder’s “strategic patience” allowing them to take more and more Territory

… far from perfect, but far from a Clinton Presidency!!!
Exactly what in that list do you have an Issue with?!?!

In another Post, I cover some of the things I OPPOSE Trump on – see:


In another Post I listed much of what Trump deserves (at least some) Credit for (see: Here, let me spell out what I OPPOSE Trump on:

* FIRE SESSIONS. At the time I thought Sessions was a good pick – I (and Trump) was WRONG. What happened to #DrainTheSwamp?  Sessions has turned out to be yet another Swamp creature and is protecting the Swamp not draining it.
* Tariffs (failing to learn from History, forget #SmootHwley, buteven as recently as GWBushs FAILED Steel Tariffs. more, see:
* Gas Tax increase (He has recently said he would support)
* Expansion of Clinton’s UnConstitutional (Fed Govt has no Business meddling in Business Pay/Benefits systems) #FamilyLeaveAct that he called for in the #SOTU cuz it’s one of his Daughters Pet causes)
* AMNESTY (#DACA or otherwise)…. #NoAmnesty, PERIOD!!! If you give Amnesty, more and more will continue to flood the US knowing full well you’re likely to do it again in the future for them too.
* He hasn’t done enough to attempt to defund Planned Parenthood
* He signed, rather than Vetoed, that last $1T Deficit OmniBus Bill he had previously promised to Veto
* His support for the recent #SCOTUS Ruling mandating Internet Sellers to collect Sales Taxes (out of spite for Bezos)

…. I’m sure there may be some more items that I’m just not able to think of right at this moment. But, to be FAIR (and honest) this list is far shorter than my list of things I think he deserves credit for!


Lastly, and a March 2019 update: You’ll get a HOOT out of this….  #POLITICO labels me as one of the #RussianOperatives working for Trump —> /v3/republican/2019/2444940.html

Politico doesn’t care about any of the tweets where I have been critical (though, not very often) of President Trump (and other Republicans when I think they deserve to be called out), that doesn’t fit their agenda, but they know regardless I am an enemy and will ALWAYS oppose #Liberalism / #Socialism regardless of who peddles it – therefore they must (Alinsky) target me (and, not just me, you too).

[JUNE 2019 UPDATE....

#SAD: Get it from ALL SIDES!
Say something (deservedly, IMO) NICE about #Trump, get nailed from #TrumpDerrangementSyndrome folks!
Give ANY criticism (again, IMO, only when deserving) and get nailed by other extreme: #TrumpCult.
MY PRINCIPLES REQUIRE THAT I DO BOTH: Praise (when worthy) criticize (when necessary) - just as I have done with EVERY POLITICIAN SINCE I BECAME POLITICALLY ACTIVE IN 1978! It's called holding EVERYONE ACCOUNTABLE!
A RESPONSE TO SOMEONE HAVING ISSUES WITH #TRUMPCULT TERM ON A FACEBOOK THREAD (Post here: this is from LONG LIST of sub-thread/responses/replies to what Matt Wells said if you're interested in how the whole thing started and eventually ended):

I have NO PROBLEM with the terms (that's why they remain on this MY TL, you can of course Police and remove them from yours cuz you feel so strongly).... JUST AS WE HONESTLY CALLED OUT THE OBAMA-ZOMBIES (CULTISTS*) for 8 years of #Obunder! I am honored to call Matt Wells my Friend and his opinion, EVEN AS HARSH AS IT MAY HAVE BEEN, is welcome here (as was/is yours - unless this is going to keep being a one-sided attack on Matt (and I'd rather NOT be put in a position to PICK one or the other of you - AS I THINK YOU HAVE BOTH MADE VALID POINTS (especially in the extended discussion))!

HOW ABOUT WE STOP ALL THE BS (and I'm referring to EVERYONE HERE) AND FOCUS ON THE ACTUAL TOPIC (#DEPORTATIONS, AND HIS LACK OF INCREASING THEM (even before this flip-flop, or "delay" if we're gonna continue with that supposition (regardless, it is a BACK-PEDDLE)) OF MY POST!!!!

* and, frankly, hind-sight always 20-20, looking back, though we never thought in those terms before ObamaZombies, REAGAN clearly had some Celebrity Cult following aspects. If all those "REAGAN-DEMOCRATS" as they were called really agreed with Reagan/us on all the Policies they would have given him control of #USHouse and #USSenate (he WON LANDSLIDES, but didn't have the coat-tails to the other body we needed, both years he was on ballot and mid-terms, again, proof, in my mind, that many were Cultists and Voted for Ronnie but Democrats down-ticket :( ) and get the whole agenda done rather than having to water it down to get Democrats to pass it. But those were different times and we could get a little cooperation out of Democrats, we never again will. Though, #Trump did seem to have a bit of coat-tails in #MidTerms2018 (by evidence that we didn't lose anywhere near the normal/average number of seats a seated POTUS usualy loses in a mid-term election (and, even then, Dems got 3 by PA GerryMandering Districts (rather, Liberal Activist Judges created in PA) and 5 in CA (the ReaganCountry (Orange County) seats by #BallotHarvesting #VoterFraud (which we will see them impliment many more locations across US in 2020 and on)) will remain to be seen whether he'll have coat-tails in 2020 (so we can retake the #USHouse over all the #VoterFraud we know Dems will engage in in 2020)!



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————- MON SEP 27 2021 UPDATE….

If your response to the known #VoterFraud in 2020 is to SIT OUT 2022, THEN YOU ARE A #MORON! We must turn-out in such overwhelming numbers, that they cannot even STEAL THE NEXT ELECTION trying to Cheat. But why would they Cheat, if #MORONS won’t #GOTV, they can Win w/o #Fraud. #SpecialKindOfSTUPID


Let’s just pretend that 160M people did vote in last Election, there are 330Mish #USCitizens in USA (but, yes, of course, not all are of age to Vote)… It is reported that between 50-60% OF ALL CHRISTIANS are STILL NOT VOTING (most of which are Conservatives, likely Constitutionalists, except for the FAKE CHRISTIANS like Biden, Pelosi, et al (see related:! There are PLENTY of Folks that HAVE NOT GOT OFF THEIR ASSES YET and are still part of the Problem.

As the Canadian Rock group RUSH tune says: If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice —- or, let me add: allowed one to be FORCED UPON YOU!


YOU, if YOU are already involved, MUST BECOME EVEN MORE INVOLVED.
Applications/Forms at:  



TUE APR 26th 2022 UPDATE:

Hey #Patriots:
Want a SNEAK PEEK at Patrick Colbeck’s next book*??
My book (#TerrorStrikes) is first on the Page** and his follows down-page!!

* hint: it has to do with the 2020 Election!
** more on McHenry Press & #TerrorStrikes making History: [](  


Joseph M. Lenard (a/k/a: JLenardDetroit)
Born 1962. Lifelong resident Wyandotte Michigan.
Former information technology professional.
Political issues blogger/vlogger/speaker/writer.



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