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Operation SafeWay EXPOSED!

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Operation SafeWay the truth about the Giffords Event 
As presented on by Ed Chiarini


To bring everyone up to speed with this event I will begin by asking you to wipe your mind clean from everything you believe to be fact that pertains to the Jan 8th event that took place in the SafeWay parking lot at the corner of the Ina and Oracle intersection.

The following presentation is designed to show without question the events of the 8th day of January 2011 called “Operation Safeway” was a full scale drill, and not the scene of a multiple homicide including the assassination of a judge and the attempted assassination of a us representative.

In order to save time and avoid confusion from all the facts in the case you must break it down into a pass/fail question. Unless you can get past the following question there is no need to spend your time on the evidence that preceded that point. Unless you are proceeding with respect to gain information as to who is behind the scenes and responsible for the event.

The Giffords event can be broken down to one simple question. Was the event that day in the parking lot consistent with a ‘Real World” crime of a multiple homicide? Or was it a planed drill, similar to what is outlined by the Department of Homeland Security internal memo titled the “ExPlan” document (downloadable here)?

The evidence I will be focusing on will be photographic evidence that is readily available to the public and has been since shortly after the event took place. I am not including testimony of eyewitnesses due to 1. Its not necessary to prove the case, and 2. People lie and there is no way to be sue they are even part of the actual event since there is only a few cases where eye witnesses are even photographed at the seen.

The only other evidence that I would consider relevant but again not necessary to prove the case are the police radio broadcasts that I saved from the archives found at They can be tested for a 60cycl hum and proven authentic if needed to be used in court proceedings.


You must first read the ExPlan. (Download here)

This is critical as you need to understand the roles of the individuals you will see in the photographs. If you do not take the time to familiarize yourself with this document, you will not be able to fully grasp the entire event as it is presented. Not only does it document in detail all aspects of staging this drill, it also sheds light on other aspects of the event that you probably have questions about. One question in particular, is why do several eyewitness give conflicting accounts of the same event? Briefly to answer that question, is because they roll play the scene several times during the day, so that all the participating agencies get the opportunity to have their people run through the scenario and apply what it is they have been trained to do if the scenario were a real world event. This we will go into after the presentation.


Here are some key portions of text taken directly from the ExPlan Document that you need to understand when examining this event. REMEMBER this ExPlan is set for a school shooting but when we look at several ExPlan documents from the past they are assembled by just basically changing the type of event and pertinent pieces to that specific event. Keep this in mind and substitute mass shooting for school shooting and you will see the documents integrity is not changed.

From page 2
This ExPlan gives officials, observers, media personnel, and players from participating organizations
information they need to observe or participate in a school shooting/domestic terrorism response
exercise that focuses on participants emergency response plans, policies, and procedures as they
pertain to school shooting. The information in this document is current at the date of publication,
March 21, 2011, and is subject to change as dictated by the Exercise Planning Team.

From page 7
Target Capabilities & Universal Tasks

The National Preparedness Guidelines (The Guidelines) adopt a Capabilities-Based Planning process
supported by three planning tools: the National Planning Scenarios, Target Capabilities List (TCL), and
the Universal Task List (UTL). The Guidelines have steered the focus of homeland security toward a
capabilities-based planning approach which takes an all-hazards approach to planning and
preparation that builds capabilities that can be applied to a wide variety of incidents.
The Target Capabilities List describes the generalized all-hazards capabilities related to the four
emergency management & homeland security mission areas: Prevent, Protect, Respond, and Recover. It
defines and provides the basis for assessing preparedness.

From page 12
Terrorism – the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce
a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social
objectives. (28 Code of Federal Regulations, Section 0.85)

From page 14-15
Exercise Participants (An additional document I suggest is the Actors agreement downloadable here)
The term participant encompasses many groups of people, not just those playing in the exercise.
Groups of participants involved in the exercise are as follows:

  • Players. Players are agency personnel who have an active role in responding to the simulated
    emergency and perform their regular roles and responsibilities during the exercise. Players
    initiate actions that will respond to and mitigate the simulated emergency.
  • Controllers. Controllers set up and operate the exercise site, plan and manage exercise play,
    and act in the roles of response individuals and agencies that are not playing in the exercise.
    Controllers direct the pace of exercise play; they routinely include members of the Exercise
    Planning Team. They provide key data to players and may prompt or initiate certain player
    actions to ensure exercise continuity.
  • Simulators. Simulators are control staff personnel who role play nonparticipating
    organizations or individuals. They most often operate out of the SimCell, but they may
    occasionally have face-to-face contact with players. Simulators function semi-independently
    under the supervision of SimCell controllers, enacting roles (e.g., media reporters or next of
    kin) in accordance with instructions provided in the Master Scenario Events List (MSEL). All
    simulators are ultimately accountable to the Exercise Director and Senior Controller.
  • Evaluators. Evaluators evaluate and provide feedback on a designated functional area of the
    exercise. They are chosen on the basis of their expertise in the functional area(s) they have
    been assigned to review during the exercise and their familiarity with local emergency
    response procedures. Evaluators assess and document participant’s performance against
    established emergency plans and exercise evaluation criteria, in accordance with Homeland
    Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) standards. They typically are chosen from
    planning committee members or agencies or organizations that are participating in the
  • Actors. Actors simulate specific roles during exercise play. They typically are volunteers who
    have been recruited to play the role of victims or other bystanders.
  • Observers. Observers visit or view selected segments of the exercise. Observers do not play in
    the exercise, nor do they perform any control or evaluation functions. Observers view the
    exercise from a designated observation area and must remain within the observation area
    during the exercise. VIPs are also observers, but they frequently are grouped separately. A
    dedicated group of exercise controllers will be assigned to manage these groups.
  • Media Personnel. Some media personnel may be present as observers, pending approval
    by Emergency Management Agency and the Exercise Planning Team. Media interaction also
    may be simulated by the SimCell to enhance realism and meet related exercise objectives. A
    dedicated group of exercise controllers will be assigned to manage these groups.
  • Support Staff. The exercise support staff includes individuals who are assigned administrative
    and logistical support tasks during the exercise (e.g., registration, catering).

From page 18
If a real emergency occurs that affects the entire exercise, the exercise may be suspended or
terminated at the discretion of the Exercise Director and Senior Controller. Notification will
be made from the SimCell. 

Refreshments and Restroom Facilities
Refreshments and potable water will be provided for all exercise participants throughout the exercise.
Restroom facilities will be available at each venue.

Exercise Identification
Identification badges will be issued to the exercise staff. All exercise personnel and observers will be
identified by agency uniforms and/or identification badges distributed by the exercise staff. Table 2.1
describes these identification items.

From page 19
Exercise Start, Suspension, and Termination Instructions

The exercise is scheduled to run for 2 hours or until the Exercise Director determines that exercise
objectives have been met. From the SimCell, the Exercise Director will announce the start of the
exercise and exercise suspension or termination through the controller communications network.

Player Communications
Players will use routine, in-place agency communication systems. Additional communication assets
may be made available as the exercise progresses. The need to maintain capability for a real-world
response may preclude the use of certain communication channels or systems that usually would be
available for an actual emergency. In no instance will exercise communications interfere with realworld
emergency communications. Each venue will coordinate its own internal communication
networks and channels.

The primary means of communication among the SimCell, controllers, and venues will be the
Pottawattamie County 800MHz radio system. A list of key telephone and fax numbers and radio call
signs will be available in a Communications Directory before the exercise starts. In addition, the
communications plan is attached at Appendix D.

From page 20
Public Affairs

This exercise enables players to demonstrate increased readiness to deal with a school shooting. Any
public safety exercise may be a newsworthy event. Special attention must be given to the needs of
media representatives, allowing them to get as complete and accurate a story as possible; however,
their activities must not compromise exercise realism, safety, or objectives.
Only designated agencies will be responsible for disseminating public information before Operation
Closed Campus. The Emergency Management Agency will coordinate this function.


From page 22
During the Exercise

· Respond to exercise events and information as if the emergency were real, unless otherwise
directed by an exercise controller.

· Controllers will give you only information they are specifically directed to disseminate. You
are expected to obtain other necessary information through existing emergency information

· Do not engage in personal conversations with controllers, evaluators, observers, or media
personnel. If you are asked an exercise-related question, give a short, concise answer. If you
are busy and cannot immediately respond, indicate that, but report back with an answer as
soon as possible.

· If you do not understand the scope of the exercise, or if you are uncertain about an
organization’s or agency’s participation in an exercise, ask a controller.

· Parts of the scenario may seem implausible. Recognize that the exercise has objectives to
satisfy and may require incorporation of unrealistic aspects. Every effort has been made by
the exercise’s trusted agents to balance realism with safety and to create an effective learning
and evaluation environment.

· All exercise communications will begin and end with the statement This is an exercise.
This precaution is taken so that anyone who overhears the conversation will not mistake
exercise play for a real-world emergency.

· When you communicate with the SimCell, identify the organization, agency, office, or
individual with whom you wish to speak.

· Speak when you take an action. This procedure will ensure that evaluators are aware of
critical actions as they occur.

· Maintain a log of your activities. Many times, this log may include documentation of
activities that were missed by a controller or evaluator.

After the Exercise

· Participate in the Hot Wash at your facility with controllers and evaluators.

· Complete the Participant Feedback Form. This form allows you to comment candidly on
emergency response activities and exercise effectiveness. Provide the completed form to a
controller or evaluator.

· Provide any notes or materials generated from the exercise to your controller or evaluator for
review and inclusion in the AAR.



Qualified personnel who have legal authority to carry weapons (e.g., law enforcement, security, military) and
who have an assigned exercise role (e.g., responder, tactical team) with the potential for interaction with other
exercise participants (e.g., actor victims) will NOT carry a loaded weapon within the confines of the exercise
play area. They may continue to carry their weapon only after it has been properly cleared and rendered safe
(i.e., no ammunition in chamber, cylinder, breach, or magazines) and only after being marked or identified in a
conspicuous manner (e.g., bright tape visible around the stock or holster).


Photo 1 “ExPlan Controller”









This image was released by the AP.

It shows a scene out front of the SafeWay.
at or around the area said to have been where Rep Giffords was standing.

Items of interest:
All the individuals are wearing the appropriate gloves as you would expect Emergency responders would. All but one individual who is holding cards in his hands.

Notice no blood on anyone or what would be consistent with a point blank 9mm hollow point rounds damage to a human.

The EMT personnel carrying yellow 900mhtz communicators clipped on various points of clothing some on their pockets others on their belts.

A small cup of what appears to contain something red. Assembly the red liquid used on some of the actors to make the event more realistic. (this is discussed in the Actors Agreement in the section that warns them to wear old clothes because they may get cut by the EMT workers and or ruined by the fake blood used during the drill)

In this photo we see emergency personnel with gloves tending to an individual that is playing the role of a victim.  This due to no signs of injury that we would expect from a shooting of this type.  The individual without the gloves, is reading from cards he has in his hands.  We can see there are more than one card due to he is reading from one hand while in his other hand more cards are visible.  According to the ExPlan Document this person is identified as a Controller/Evaluator.

Controllers are exercise participants who plan and manage the exercise play, setup and operate exercise venues, and act in the roles of response individuals and agencies not actually playing in the exercise. Controllers provide key data to players and may prompt or initiate certain player actions to ensure exercise continuity. Controllers are the only participants who will provide
information or direction to the players.

The Yellow communication radios they players are wearing are specified in the ExPlan as the 900mhz cell communications that the controllers and other officials can communicate directions to their particular group.  Communicating in this fashion enables the chatter pertaining to the event to be on a controlled loop and keeps unnecessary chatter from interfering with the REAL WORLD communication they are still responsible to react to if an event should arise during their drill that they need to go take care of.

Since they are clipping them on various parts of their body shown they are not standard equipment they typically carry, and in one video we even see one of the individual drop the radio on the ground as he is making his way to the helicopter.

The Controller in this photo would be providing the EMT workers with necessary information so they can perform whatever task they have been trained to do.  For example, something a controller might say during an event may be similar to the following statement:  “This is Mary a 40 year old female that suddenly collapsed.  before she fell witnesses overheard her make a comment that her head was throbbing shortly after, within minutes she collapsed”    From that statement the EMT would then kick into high gear and perform as they would if this were a real event.  Taking note of the Actors Agreement document we see the comment warning the actors to wear old clothes and understand they may be cut by EMT workers as they perform they duties.  They are also made aware they may be transported to the emergency room just as if they were actually injured.  Individuals that are tasked as the criminal for the event will be handcuffed and transported to the station just as if they actually committed the crime they are acting out.  Transportation from the hospital or police station is also provided to them after the event is complete.

That photo in itself should be enough to prove the event that day was a drill. But I understand there are skeptic that need further persuasion so we will move on to the next image.


This photo that has been titled “Heroic Acts in Tucson” shows the heroic efforts of Daniel Hernandez, who is said to be one of Rep Giffords aids. 

For the full size version click here

This photo depicts the emergency workers while transporting an individual we are told by Daniel is that of Rep Giffords. In Daniels testimony on many occasions he states. This is from the Azcentral interview by Jaimee Rose and Mary Jo Pitzl - Jan. 9, 2011 12:01 AM

Read more:

When the shots began that morning, he saw many people lying on the ground, including a young girl. Some were bleeding. Hernandez said he moved from person to person checking pulses.

“First the neck, then the wrist,” he said. One man was already dead. Then he saw Giffords. She had fallen and was lying contorted on the sidewalk. She was bleeding.

Using his hand, Hernandez applied pressure to the entry wound on her foreheadHe pulled her into his lap, holding her upright against him so she wouldn’t choke on her own blood. Giffords was conscious, but quiet.

Ron Barber, Giffords’ district director, was next to her. Hernandez told a bystander how to apply pressure to one of Barber’s wounds.

Barber told Hernandez, “Make sure you stay with Gabby. Make sure you help Gabby.”

Hernandez used his hand to apply pressure until someone from inside Safeway brought him clean smocks from the meat department. He used them to apply pressure on the entrance wound, unaware there was an exit wound. He never let go of her.

He stayed with Giffords until paramedics arrived. They strapped her to a board and loaded her into an ambulance. Hernandez climbed in with her. On the ride to the hospital, he held her hand. She squeezed his back.

When they arrived at the hospital, Hernandez was soaked in blood. His family brought him clean clothes because the FBI took his for evidence.

Read more:


This statement was made to many news agencies which show they are not misquoting his recount of the event.

Unfortunately when we view the photo of Daniel and the person said to be Giffords who is like he states strapped to a board and put on a stretcher, we find one LARGE discrepancy that makes not only his story a lie but again is consistent with that of a drill. That being for a person who used his bare hands to apply pressure on a persons through shot head wound, and to do so after they pulled that person up on their lap so “they wouldn’t choke on the blood” the fact that not even a drop of blood is visible on his hands, clothing, the EMT workers, their gloves, Daniels pants ANYWARE except a few little traces on the injured persons face and the towel sitting on their head. NOTHING even close to what would be expected if this event were a realworld shooting.

This is not even addressing the many other technical issues like the EMT worker holding the IV at the wrong elevation, or the Oxygen tank strapped in between the victims legs, and the fact there is not even a effort to cover the person and their undergarments (this of course being a US Representative no doubt) These additional items can be discussed and debated but the underlying facts that this photo shows people taking part in a DRILL is the main focus of this presentation. All other additional information is moot at this point.


These two photographs should be sufficient in proving the official version of events not accurate and what actually occurred was a Drill.

BUT… I know there will be some who still cant believe they were lied to by our officials, so we will continue with the next piece of photographic evidence.


Lets call this one “couple grieving” since I have been unable to find any official name for the photograph. This image shows an older male and female couple. The male with his arm around the female in a condoling manner.

We see the two carrying water bottles consistent with water bottles we see other actors carrying during this event. Refreshments as stated in the ExPlan document are provided and we can assume these water bottles are part of the refreshments. That fact is merely a side note as we see these individuals are clearly within the police DO NOT CROSS tape, meaning they are within the crime scene perimeter This means they are officials, or part of the emergency, as witnesses, or persons being questioned immediately after the event, even though this would more that likely take place outside the crime scene tape. This is key because we are told the assassination of a federal judge and the attempted assassination of a us rep along with multiple others we said to have been killed within that crime scene. The preservation of a crime scene is key and with individual of such importance being part of the event there would be no detail overlooked or scrutinized. For witnesses to be walking around unescorted within the crime scene perimeter unescorted to the tape line would be unheard of and grounds for any first year defence attorney to scream mistrial. In addition to these people walking carelessly within the tape lines we see in the background a person holding two forms of communications (again consistent with the the communications guidelines outlined in the ExPlan) who is wearing a lanyard around her neck with a badge constant with that of an ExPlan colored identification badge that I go into in detail in another section.











As if this weren’t enough, its nothing in comparison to this next revealing bit of information. Examining closely the individual within this photograph we can see they are identified as no other than Sheriff Dupnicks Aux Volunteer Sheriff personnel, and are shown both in the same photo in the Annual Awards booklet produced and downloadable from the Sheriff’s own web site.

This shows without any doubt they are officials playing the roles of actors in this event and without connecting them to the Awards booklet they would have remained just another morning by standard. Since we know their identity and can see they are within the crime scene area we can conclude they are acting out their part in the drill.


Again, I understand this is all so hard for some to deal with. It is something I wish were not true but unfortunately it is and is backed up by unrefutable evidence. But just in case there remains a few skeptics we will continue with the next photo.


Where in the world is Mary, Tom?

This photo along with several others show an individual who we can identify as being Tom McMahon.


















Tom McMahon husband of Mary Reed, who you might remember as being a victim that was shot three times in the back as she proceeded to spread eagle protecting her daughter Emma McMahon, one of Representative Giffords’ summer pages. The same Emma who ran inside the SafeWay and called 911 but neglected to tell the 911 operator that her own mother, who just got done protecting her, laid on the ground shot 3 times. In addition forgets to find her father who in his one statements claims to have been only 10 -15 feet away just far enough away from being able to protect them. The same Emma who then tells the operator she will be hiding in the back of the store where its safe.

If that story wasn’t enough to seal the deal. lets look at the photograph. The tall person clearly visible in the photo is Tom McMahon. He along with many other civilian individuals stands inside the crime scene tape, while they enjoy their refreshing beverages provided by the event planners. Ask your self if your wife had just been shot three times and was rushed away to the emergency room don’t you think you would be right along side offering comfort to her? of course you would but here we see Tom without a care in the world. That because the actor playing Mary was taken to the hospital as stated in the “Actors Agreement” would be transported to the ER just as if it were a real world event. Leaving the other actors at the scene to continue playing their part until told the event was concluded.


By now there should be no question that the event that day was a controlled drill. When you understand this to be fact you can stop any waste of time debating weather or not Loughner did this or did that, because it does not matter. The event stops when it is understood that it was an event and no one was killed that day. Everything from that point is designed to keep you searching and distracted from the truth.

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