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Arkansas Legislators and FBI Indictments

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Corruption at the Arkansas Capitol continues 
with our lawmakers and special interest private corporations! 
Arkansans held captive at the hands of criminal activity!

READERS – pay attention to your emails!


How many of our lawmakers are on the payroll of pay-to-play private companies that depend on state funds, taxpayer money?

The Arkansas Legislature is too corrupt to be making laws, 
especially regarding our U.S. Constitution and calling a convention! 
See below, and read this entire article for details…

SJR3, the resolution that calls for a convention, is again scheduled for a third reading and a vote on the Senate floor on Tuesday, January 29, 2019.

Legislators: don’t let the lobbyists control your mind or your votes. Say NO to SJR3 to save the U.S. Constitution. The States have no control over the delegates or the convention.

Readers, contact your legislators NOW and let them know to VOTE NO on SJR3. Click here for the email addresses of all 135 Arkansas legislators (Representatives and Senators) and ask them to vote NO on SJR 3 AND for the sponsor and co-sponsors to pull their support. Just do a copy and paste to your recipient box on your email. (You can either do “TO” or “CC” or “BCC” — your choice.)

Before we get into our article, what about our U.S. Constitution and the Article V convention? Seems like most of the Republican Senators in our Arkansas legislature don’t care, are deceived, or have been paid off in order to call an ALEC-type Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) or Article V convention along with the Convention Of States (COS),,, and Wolf PAC groups. And even the Koch Brothers have announced that they are supporting the Democratic Party in 2020! Sadly, these demented groups think that our Constitution must be placed in the dust bins of history according to this 2020 movement. *The radical leftist book they don’t want you to see:  The Constitution in 2020 
Note: Cass Sunstein (Soros’ puppet) helped edit the book. This is a must-read book for all legislators and anyone interested in what the enemy is doing. You must check out the facts for yourself. Used books are available from this site for a little over $5.00 and up.

Looks like the Arkansas RINO Republican Senators are forcing their will upon the public, even though we have been protesting this dangerous call for a convention. This move will turn around and bite them back… Just watch! Rather than looking at what the Constitution says, our misled legislators are listening to the made-up rules of the Convention of States. 

Here are the rules, plain and simple:

United States Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, clause 18 (last clause)

18: To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.

United States Constitution Article V (The part that pertains to the States is listed below)

  • on the Application of the Legislatures of two-thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments,

  •  or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress;

Necessary info: The April 11, 2014 Report R42589 

“The Article V Convention to Propose Constitutional Amendments Contemporary Issues for Congress” of the Congressional Research Service (CRS) shows that Congress claims exclusive authority over both methods of amending the Constitution, and that Congress claims the power to organize, set up, and control a convention.

Secure Arkansas believes the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the global elite, and this scheming Convention of States front group want a convention called by Congress so that our Constitution can be altered or destroyed. Why? Because many of the corporate members of ALEC and the Koch brothers are greedy global players wanting a North American Union (Canada, Mexico, and the United States) and regional government, i.e., new jurisdictions. (Regional government is when a city and county to merge and form one single government, folks!) 

Attention: We do NOT want a consolidation of governments or countries!!!  In Metropolitan areas, appointed people run the government instead of elected officials. Arkansas has a total of eight Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) in the state. 
They are:

1. Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway (MSA)
2. Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers (MSA) – extends into the State of Missouri
3. Fort Smith (MSA) – extends into the State of Oklahoma
4. Texarkana (MSA) – extends into the State of Texas
5. Jonesboro (MSA)
6. Pine Bluff (MSA)
7. Hot Springs (MSA)
8. West Memphis (MSA) –extends into the States of Tennessee and Mississippi 

Warning!  Taxes will be created under this type of government WITHOUT your input! 

Who are the corporations, legislators, and players that Secure Arkansas keeps mentioning? Funny, but some listed in this article are the ALEC legislators that always seem to have their hands in suspicious controversy involving MONEY… and the most recent version of legislation calling for an Article V convention appears to be part of that.

The general public needs more investigations at the Arkansas Legislature… Sadly, corruption at the Arkansas Capitol has reached new heights!

Over the past year, 2018, many of our Arkansas legislators have been indicted, and some are now serving prison sentences… and Secure Arkansas sees more indictments on the horizon.

Looks like the shadow government controls many of the legislators in Arkansas. The lobbyists skillfully manage most legislators to get them to perform legislatively by making laws for the company they represent. 

It really gets unscrupulous when ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council) is involved because they are a corporate lobbying firm and are legislatively driven. The ALEC Legislator State Chairs have to inform American Legislative Exchange Council of any public records or FOIA requests done on ALEC interests from the general public. Puppeteer ALEC does seem to have a legislator for every corporation that wishes to make laws in Arkansas.

Foul Play: Did you expect the legislators to govern themselves? Remember, they are privy to INSIDE INFORMATION and led mainly by ALEC and special interests! 

Senate Pro Tem, Jim Hendren (ALEC) (the governor’s nephew), said that the newly-formed Ethics Committee would do better, and they would try to check more into proper disclosures for the Arkansas legislators, but…

We are watching as the criminal activity continues! This gang at the Arkansas Capitol stands in defiance of the FBI and the taxpayers… and because they have gotten away with so much, they feel that they are untouchable! Could there be more going on than meets the eye? It really seems so; therefore, we must get busy and turn over every leaf to help gather evidence on the lawmakers/ lawbreakers.

“Houston, we have a problem!” concerning Representative Jeff Wardlaw who is currently Co-Chair of House Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee, BUT in the 2017 session he was the CHAIR of this Health Committee in the House! Yes, he could regulate laws made concerning his investments in healthcare. Looks like he can make laws and can buy, sell, and trade at taxpayer expense!

Here’s an update from the Democrate Gazette dated, Sunday, January 27, 2019regarding Rep. Jeff Wardlaw’s Mallard Medical Supply that has ties to the ruthless political dealer, Michael Morton, and his cohort, David Norsworthy. Norsworthy (under investigation) and convicted former Senator Jake Files (serving time) dealt with the state’s General Improvement Funds (GIF). Do you recall that Norsworthy did a wire transfer of $80,000 to former Senator Jake Files?

Has the FBI already talked with Rep. Wardlaw? Norsworthy, his ex-partner is still under investigation, and Morton needs an indictment handed to him for bribing the former convicted Judge Mike Maggio! What’s the hold-up? We’ve seen that selling medical supplies by state-financed Medicaid can lead to severe corruption.

Here are some telling snippets from the Democrate Gazette article:

Wardlaw’s business relationship with Norsworthy, and now Morton, also raise conflict-of-interest questions at a time when legislative leaders have called for stricter ethics and disclosure rules. Federal investigations into corruption at the Capitol have resulted in the indictments or convictions of several former lawmakers since early 2017.

Wardlaw from 2017-18 was chairman of the House Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee, the first gatekeeper for laws and rules facing the nursing home industry, Medicaid, durable medical equipment and other health care matters.

He is now co-chairman of the powerful Arkansas Legislative Council, which has ultimate approval of state rules and contracts under lawmakers’ review. He remains on the public health committee as a voting member.

 Master manipulator that really operates like a lobbyist, Michael S. Morton, is shown as the owner of at least 63 nursing homes in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Morton has given over $754,736 to 205 different politicians spanning 20 years (probably a whole lot more). Lots of money passes through his hands, and that’s only what can be found on record, so far. Secure Arkansas believes there’s more to find…

Governor Asa Hutchinson received a campaign contribution from nursing homeowner Michael Morton, too, but the governor returned the contribution. Why did this happen? The legislators needed to do the same thing!

What favors did Michael Morton expect to gain from the Arkansas legislators with the vast amount of money donated to their campaign chest? This same practice goes on with our legislators. Some of the legislators that chair committees have donated to members on the same committees of which they are Chair. Also, there have been donations from the Senate committees given to members of committees of the same name on the House side. Example: specifically, donations have been made from the Senate State Agencies Committee to the House State Agencies Committee.

The remainder of our article reveals campaign contributions and the legislators, people, and groups who sent and received them.

Michael Morton’s Contributions to Arkansas legislatures between 2008 and 2018:

  • Former Senator Gilbert Baker (ALEC) $4,000  (Accused of conspiring to bribe then Judge Mike Maggio (convicted) to lower a jury verdict in a nursing home negligence case, Baker enters plea, allowed to be free until trial)

  • Senator Bob Ballinger (ALEC) $2,700 (Associated with convicted former Senator Jon Woods and Ecclessia college taking state grant money.)

  • Senator Cecile Herndon Bledsoe (ALEC) $6,400 (Also, Senator Bledsoe has given $57,011 to 41 different politicians spanning 13 years.) 

  • Sentator Alan Clark (ALEC) $1,000

  • Senator Larry Teague $4,000

  • Former Senator Jack Crumbly $6,000

  • Former Senator Dennis Altes (ALEC) $10,700

  • Senator Missy Irvin (ALEC) $8,000

  • Former Senator Michael Lamoureux (ALEC) $4,000 (Former Senator and Former Chief of Staff to Governor Asa Hutchinson resigned and went to work for Bruce Hawkins, another former Arkansas Representative (ALEC), and DBH Management Consultants as chief legal counsel and principal partner of DBH) DBH lobbies and handles a lot of campaign money for his special interest clients! Click here for a revealing 2015 article on Lamoureux.

  • Senator Bill Sample (ALEC) $4,000

  • Former Senator John Burris (ALEC) $4,000

  • Former Senator Frank Glidewell $3,000

  • Former Senator Jim Medley $5,000

  • Former Senator Bill Pritchard $5,000

  • Former Senator Eddie Joe Williams (ALEC) $4,700

  • Former Rep. Charles Collins (ALEC) $2,700

  • Senator Breanne Davis (ALEC) $2,700 (newly elected, see below)

  • Senator James Sturch $ 2,700

  • Senator Jason Rapert (ALEC) $8,700

  • Representative Cindy Crawford $2,700

  • Former Senator Jake Files (ALEC) $2,000 (Former Senator Files was sentenced to prison for 18 months for scheming to divert state money into his pocket and his failing construction company}

  • Former Senator Jeremy Hutchinson (ALEC) $2,000 (Senator Hutchinson, nephew of Governor Asa Huchinson (ALEC), resigns and is indicted by federal grand jury)

Senator Cecile Herndon Bledsoe (ALEC Task Force Chair) - Big Campaign Contributor to legislators (Has she funneled money?) - Senator Bledsoe has given $57,011 to 41 different politicians spanning 13 years. It appears that some of the donations could have been directed as a bribe to committee members to either pass or fail a piece of legislation while she was Chair or co-Chair of some of the committees listed below.  

During the 92th General Assembly (2019) Senator Bledsoe is:

During the 91th General Assembly (2017) Senator Bledsoe was:

During the 90th General Assembly (2015) Senator Bledsoe was:

During the 89th General Assembly (2013) Senator Bledsoe was:

The following legislators have received $500 or more in campaign contributions from Senator Cecile Bledsoe over the years:

  • Senator Gilbert Baker (ALEC) $2,000 (Accused of conspiring to bribe then Judge Mike Maggio (convicted) to lower a jury verdict in a nursing home negligence case, Baker enters plea, allowed to be free until trial)

  • Senator Scott P. Flippo (ALEC) $2,000

  • Senator Jane Engllish (ALEC) $1,250

  • Former Senator Linda Collins Smith (ALEC) $1,750

  • Sentor Jonathan P. Dismang (ALEC) $1,000

  • Sentator Jeremy Hutchison (ALEC) $500 ( Senator J. Hutchinson, nephew of Arkansas Governor Asa Huchinson, is indicted by federal grand jury and resigns) 

  • Senator Jason Rapert (ALEC) $500

Senator Breanne Davis – See below her big campaign contributors. That’s a lot of money for a first term Senator! (Has Senator Davis been bought off to pass the legislation that ALEC-type corporations are looking for?)

  • Arkansas Health-Care Association total contributions $16,200 (Formed to pass an amendment to limit non-economic damages in a lawsuit for nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, and the like to $250,000, with attorney fees capped at a third of the damage award) (Hospitals & Nursing Homes) Read the Arkansas Health Care Association IRS 990 filing for 2016David Norsworthy is listed as President, and Michael Morton is listed as 1st Vice President. Both gentlemen are under investigation!)

  • Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce  $8,100  (Associated with ALEC)

  • DBH Management Consultants $7,100 (Lobbyists & Public Relations) (many ALEC clients)

  • A Secure America $6,400 (PAC’s operated by Republicans to promote their agenda)

  • Arkansas Realtors Association $6,000 (Finance, Insurance & Real Estate)

  • Steuart L Walton $5,400 (Grandson of Walmart founder Sam Walton, Founder and Chairman of RZC Investments, also on the Board of Walmart (ALEC Corporation) and Rapha Racing Limited) (Retail Sales)

  • Thomas L Walton $5,400 ( Grandson of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton, managing principle of Rope Swing of Bentonville AR, Home Region Program Committee Chair Walton Family Foundation, (ALEC) (Finance, Insurance & Real Estate) (Wal-Mart, too, is an ALEC Corporation)

  • ARAC Arkansas $5,400

  • Luke Duffield $3,700 (Residential Construction)

  • Arkansas Medical Society $3,400 (Health Professionals)

  • Centene Corp $2,700 (HMOS Health Services) ALEC Corporation

  • Stephens Group $2,700 (Securities, Commodities & Investment)

  • Michael S Morton $2,700 (Morton Nursing Homes)

  • Paralea Hursh $2,700 (Consultant, HealthCare/Medical

  • Stephens Energy $2,000 (Energy & Natural Resources)

  • James H. Bledsoe M.D. $500 (Senator Cecile Bledsoe’s husband)

  • Former Senator Michael Lamoureux  (ALEC)  and DBH Management Consultants as chief legal counsel and principal partner of DBH

Click here for the latest Registered Lobbyist Report for Arkansas for 2017. It lists all of the Registered Lobbyists along with their Clients.

Click here for the latest Registered PAC Report for Arkansas for 2017.

If you are interested in the prior years, click here for the Registered Lobbyist Report or the Registered PAC Report.

DBH Management Consultants (registered lobbyists) was founded by Bruce Hawkins, a former legislator and lobbyist. It appears that Bruce Hawkins has set up his organizations to get around the ethics laws. Multiple organizations are used only to get around the existing ethics laws for contribution limits. Corporations may not give direct political contributions. For corporations to donate to a legislator, they may give up to $5,000 to a PAC (Political Action Committee) for each election. A PAC can then give up to $2,700 to a candidate in each election. Since DBH has nine enities set up, they can give $2,700 x 9, or $24,300. To further complicate this, DBH Management Consultants is a client of “The Perimeter Group” and also “FHF Enterprises, LLC” which pushes their number of entities up to eleven.

This PAC abuse MUST be fixed! Corporate contributions to PACs must be ended, along with an individual limit on PAC contributions. DBH Management Consultants has given $640,962 to 332 different filers spanning 20 years.

The Entities of DBH are listed below as filed with Arkansas Secretary of State:

    • DBH Management Consultants 

    • D. Bruce Hawkins 2 PAC

    • DBH Management Consultants PAC

    • DBH Management Consultants 2

    • DBH Management Consultants 3

    • DBH Management Consultants 4

    • DBH Management Consultants 5

    • DBH Management Consultants 6

    • DBH Management Consultants 7

    • DBH Management Consultants is a client of “The Perimeter Group”

    • DBH Management Consultants is a client of “FHL Enerprises, LLC”

DBH contributions to Arkansas legislators between 2010 to 2018 of $2,000 or greater are listed below. To what did these legislators agree, to get these large sums of money?

  • Senator Jason Rapert (ALEC) $23,250

  • Former Sen. Linda Collins Smith (ALEC) $11,700

  • Senator Trent Garner (ALEC) $10,500 

  • Senator Jane English (ALEC) $9,500

  • Former Eddie Joe Williams (ALEC) $9,200

  • Senator Jimmy Hickey (ALEC) $9,200

  • Former Representative Tommy Thompson $8,500

  • Sentor Breanne Davis (ALEC) $7,200

  • Senator Missy Irvin (ALEC member and Arkansas State Chair for Arkansas)$6,750

  • Former Rep John Burris (ALEC) $6,000

  • Senator John Cooper (ALEC) $6,000

  • Former Senator David Sanders (ALEC) $5,750

  • Senator Ricky Hill $5,500

  • Representative Rick Beck $5,000

  • Senator Bob Ballinger (ALEC) $5,000

  • Representative Sarah Capp $5,000

  • Senator Ronald Caldwell (ALEC) $4,700

  • Representative Charlene Fite (ALEC) $4,500

  • Senator Bill Sample (ALEC) $4,000

  • Senator Terry Rice (ALEC) $4,000

Lastly, Representative Jeffrey R. Wardlaw – Big Campaign Contributors (Has Representative Wardlaw been bought off to pass the legislation that favors ALEC-type legislation? He also has ties to the health industry and Nursing Homeowner Michael Morton.

Representative Jeffrey R. Wardlaw campaign donations listed below are $2,000 and greater:

  • Arkansas Health Care Association $9,700 (Hospitals & Nursing Homes)

  • Balance Forward $5,698

  • Cranford Coalition $4,000 (Lawyers & Lobbyists) (Convicted criminal, Rusty Cranford, the former lobbyist and health company executive was involved in bribery and kickback schemes with various Arkansas legislators and others. Pleaded guilty to bribing many Arkansas elected officials in a multimillion-dollar scheme and embezzling millions.)

  • Exxon Mobil $2,500 (ALEC)

  • Arkansas Medical Society $2,500

  • Arkansas Pharmacists Association $2,000

  • Entergy Corp $2,000

  • Wal-Mart (ALEC) $2,000 

  • DBH Management Consultants $2,000 (See above) 

  • Advancing Arkansas $2,000

  • James L. Morgan $2,000

  • Davis Rachel AHC-HPAC $2,000

  • Norsworthy David AHC HPAC $2,000 (See above)

  • Kids Plus $2,000

In closing, there will be more to come. There are a lot of people who are making a living off of the government (OUR tax dollars). The criminal activity needs to be documented, exposed, and STOPPED!

Stay aware, stay involved, and stay vigilant.

Remember:  eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.


As always, you can find our email articles posted on our website:  The Search box is a handy tool.  For more information about a topic (such as FLUORIDE), just type it into the Search box on our website, and click Enter!

Securing the blessings of liberty,

Secure Arkansas
[email protected]


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