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Evolutionary Adam: Most Common Male Ancestor Walked Earth 209,000 Years Ago Say Scientists

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Our most common male ancestor walked the earth 209,000 years ago – earlier than scientists commonly thought – according to new research from the University of Sheffield.

The pioneering study, conducted by Dr Eran Elhaik from the University of Sheffield and Dr Dan Graur from the University of Houston, also debunked the discovery of the Y chromosome that supposedly predated humanity.

Michelangelo’s fresco Creation of Adam on Sistine Chapel ceiling

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In the new research, published in the European Journal of Human Genetics, Dr Elhaik and Dr Graur used conventional biological models to date our most common male ancestor ‘Adam’ in his rightful place in evolutionary history. The ground breaking results showed that this is 9,000 years earlier than scientists originally believed.

Their findings put ‘Adam’ within the time frame of his other half ‘Eve’, the genetic maternal ancestor of mankind. This contradicts a recent study1 which had claimed the human Y chromosome originated in a different species through interbreeding which dates ‘Adam’ to be twice as old.

Debunking unscientific theories is not new to Dr Elhaik. Earlier this year he debunked Hammer’s previous work on the unity of the Jewish genome and together with Dr Graur they refuted the proclamations made by the ENCODE project on junk DNA.

“We can say with some certainty that modern humans emerged in Africa a little over 200,000 years ago,” said Dr Elhaik.

“It is obvious that modern humans did not interbreed with hominins living over 500,000 years ago. It is also clear that there was no single ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ but rather groups of ‘Adams and ‘Eves’ living side by side and wandering together in our world.”

Dr Elhaik added: “We have shown that the University of Arizona study lacks any scientific merit.

“In fact, their hypothesis creates a sort of ‘space-time paradox ‘whereby the most ancient individual belonging to Homo sapiens species has not yet been born. If we take the numerical results from previous studies seriously we can conclude that the past may be altered by the mother of ‘Adam’ deciding not to conceive him in the future, thus, bringing a retroactive end to our species.

“Think of the movie Back to the Future, when Marty was worried that his parents would not meet and as a result he wouldn’t be born – it’s the same idea.

“The question to what extend did our humans forbearers interbreed with their closest relatives is one of the hottest questions in anthropology that remains open.”
To view the full research paper visit

1 The research regarding the Y chromosome can be found here:


Contacts and sources:

Amy Pullan
University of Sheffield


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    • Mirabolin

      Garbage! Neanderthals alone left Africa 700,000 years ago!

      • Dustdevil

        Homo Sapiens Sapiens has been PROVEN not to be direct descendants of Neanderthals, Mirabolin, why do you keep spouting this ‘evolutionary trash’? OH, that’s right, your handlers have destroyed their previous ‘theory sold as proof’ and didn’t give you a new leg to stand on, I forgot.

        • Mirabolin

          Rubbish! Give me a source for that! Modern Eurasians and some SSA have been repeatedly proven to be descended from around four forms of Hominid that others are not – Neanerderthals, Denisovan man and two other hominiids – all together this could reach over seven percent of peoples genes.

          The alternative to mixing with Neanderthals about 100,000 years ago is Eurasians ancestors living in Africa for most of the last MILLION years without mixing with southern Africans because they don’t seem to have neanderthal genes.

      • Intelharvest

        You might want to knock a few zeros off that time frame. When the Darwinian need for highly exaggerated and lengthy time lines is removed, all of a sudden the world isn’t as old as previously invented.

        • Mirabolin

          That time frame for the universe is not all Darwinian it is also involves physics. You know nuclear sun. Fukushima remaining radioactive forever. Ballistics aeronautics. Space travel. Quantum physics needed for TV etc etc

    • Evolution is a illogical ideology . The reason for this belief is to make man smarter then God and erase God from all of the earth . God is about giving you choice ?

    • DK

      Pointing out the obvious, Homo Sapiens by DNA have only existed for 200,000 years or so, all other Apes can be traced back millions of years and there is no evolutionary link between our species and the Apes. Our chromosomes are 46 pairs to all other Apes 48, we are an entirely different species which seems just to have popped up.

      • Mirabolin

        Common ancestor with apes. We also share a common ancestor with people with Down Syndrome and they have more chromosomes than most of us. First they come for primates then they come for the rest of us.

        • DK

          The missing link is still ‘missing’

        • Mirabolin


          And one will never be found as 4-6 millon years ago chimps common ancestor with us would have looked nothing like a chimp.


          You’re competing in a survival of the fittest contest with sociopaths here! Give it up!

    • Ryan

      When the bible tells us that cain was Banished to the land of NOD where he was cursed to roam until his death in the Wastelands/ Badlands for his sin of murder of his brother Abel with a ‘MARK on his FOREHEAD’, and it states that He met His wife , married , had a famiy, and built a Great city ……………….. Who do you think those people were that he met? They were the cavemen and woman , ,, Ie Neandertals. Man was created by God from the Earth (clay- The Ademic Race/ Salt of the EARTH- seedline of Adam are the lineage of Gods creation that we are inheritly linked to and -it’s coded in our Unique Dna ) and the cavemen that were already here weren’t human , but human-like.

      • Pix

        The bible does not claim any such thing. Cain goes to the land of Nod to find a wife, not because he’s been banished. Adam and Eve had already been banished from Eden before he was born.

        :wink: :lol:

      • Mirabolin

        ‘He’? You think Cain is God?! Ho ho! It’s all coming out now!

        And just what in space do you think all other lifeforms were created from? This reads like some of those crazy Afrocentrist arguments.

      • mariusb

        Now i heard it all, i just hope you did not breed on this planet, with that said,,,GO KILL YOURSELF!!! sheepfart

    • vic_ious

      Nonsense, people developed separately in europe, asia and africa and spread from there. They interbred with neanderthals and java man, etc.

    • Anonymous

      Keep on trying to figure it out. Some day you’ll get it right! (It’s not 200,000 years)

      • COCONUT

        And many of them didn’t evolve any further than what we’re seeing here – according to many idiotic comments.

    • isoptera

      There is no chance at all that humans could have acquired the enormous diversity they have in only 200,000 years or so from a single couple. Female mitochondria is only a small part of the human genome and evolves according to a different procedure from the rest of the genome. For an extensive discussion of this see .

    • deano

      AS DK below says, 200 000yrs old, & 46 chromosomes that have been “genetically spliced” from an early hominid to create Homosapienssapiens. Sumerian tablets describe how we were created as a “slave race” to mine for gold. The place> South Africa see “ADAMs CALENDER” for proof.
      A “Stonehenge” is there, pre-history mine shafts, & a rock built metroplilis with bldgs,roads & terraced areas all viewable on Google Earth.(possible pyramids in background photos)
      This also explains “Out of Africa” theory 65 000yrs ago, & female lineage to mitochondrial Eve,all from SE Africa. Even in Australian aborigines , this lineage can be traced, but were cut off from the rest of the world when the land bridge submerged, as well as Marsupial fauna.
      Neanderthals were a totally seperate breed & dissapeared in Europe(Iberian Peninsula>Spain) at around 20 000yrs ago.

      • Pix

        Perhaps you should post some evidence of those outrageous claims.

        • Merkin

          You would have to first accept the cuneiform translations and story telling from Zecharia Sitchin as “evidence” before evidence of such claims can be found

    • Pix

      There is nothing groundbreaking when it’s come from a computer simulation…. Crap in, crap out. :wink: :lol:

    • Anonymous

      Do they really know what happened 209,000 year ago? I don’t think so.

    • Anonymous

      This “Adam” was probably the first Preacher and went around screwing all the wives in the tribe. “Be fruitful and multiply”.

    • Neanderthal

      Yes we know it was called a Walkabout. wtf is new with that.

    • patriot156

      evilution doesn’t exist it’s all a dupe o;n society to enslave us to our fear!

    • FusedNail


    • Kent

      According to Vyatcheslav Krasheninnikov: Humans were created about 7500 years ago. Birds participate in time creation. It’s a sin to kill birds. Dinosaurs live under our level. They will get out through sinkholes and lakes. To kill them, go for their nerves. Demons grow human skin and put it on so as to look like us. Demons will invite people to be healed inside their UFOs; those who go will be like zombies after. Gov’t provides demons with diamonds and allows demons to abduct people. If you’re being abducted, scream: “JESUS!!!” Demons use diamonds and souls to power their UFO craft. The bigger the diamond, the more it lasts. Demons have 4 UFO bases: 1)Moon 2)Inside fake mountain Kailash in Tibet 3)In lake Baikal in Russia 4)In Atlantis which is underneath the Mariana Trench in Pacific Ocean. There are no aliens. Nobody lives on other planets. Airplanes that go down are hit by demons because they need the airspace to fight Jesus. Antichrist is pale with red eyes. Don’t go into a UFO to be healed by demons. 666 is given by isotope rays on wrist or forehead when people stretch hands to receive small plastic grey card (world passport). Police will chip and isotope ray people on highways. Food stores will isotope ray people too. Antichrist will also release prisoners to mark people. Reject 666 at all cost. If you’re about to be marked, scream: “Lord, have mercy!” three times. Go hide with Orthodox Christians to escape 666. God gives you a name during baptism. Devil gives you an anti-name during anti-baptism. Barcode is Druid black magic curse and a form of mark of the beast just like Social Security. People who took any number (which is an anti-name given during anti-baptism by the beast) on documents or in computer go to temporary hell; but those who receive green 666 (given with world passport with no name on it) on forehead or wrist go to permanent hell. How not to go to hell? Give back all these anti-name anti-baptism documents back to the beast by writing to appropriate authorities. If authorities refuse to cancel these anti-names, then write again (up to three times). If you wrote to the gov’t three times about it, but gov’t refused, then God will not send you to hell. Don’t take the microchip. If you already took it, get rid of it because microchipped people will be influenced by computers to take the world passport (grey plastic card with no name on it). Don’t go into a UFO to be healed by demons. Those who reject 666 will go to heaven. Also, their direct ancestors will be saved from hell.

    • Neanderthal

      I don’t believe it, show me the beef.

      • Neanderthal

        oppps make that Dino LOL

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