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By Michael Moore
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Nibiru Emerges From Behind the Sun - Extreme Events Impact the Earth

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It is interesting that the Pioneer case reveals that Nibiru has a much larger magnetic field or magnetic affect than the one that extends 8 AU from its centre. The hurricane/cyclone analogy will serve useful here to better understand what we’re seeing here. A hurricane or cyclone has four basic components: the eye, the inner eye wall, the outer eye wall and the peripheral rainbands.

We can see that the eye, a completely calm circular area around which the entire cyclone is centred, is very tiny compared with the rest of the storm’s structure.

Surrounding the eye is the red band of the inner wall, where the fastest and most violent winds circle and is therefore the most dangerous part of the maelstrom.

Beyond this you may have an outer eyewall, another larger area of circulation where the winds though strong are not as bad as in the inner eyewall.

Then at the outermost periphery stretch out the wide expanse of the spiralling rainbands.

In the clockwise-spinning cyclone, the fastest and strongest winds (gusts) are in the side that is moving in the same direction as the storm, because the forward velocity of the storm adds to the speed of the winds as they move in sync.

The winds in the opposite side are slower because they’re moving in the opposite direction of the storm.

For example, in the images above of cyclone Yasi, the strongest winds are in the right-hand side, because the storm is moving from upper-right to lower-left.

This is the same thing we are seeing with Nibiru, except instead of largely a play of water and wind we have here a turbulent circulation of immense electromagnetism and intense radiation with proportions only measurable on an astronomical scale.

We can describe the blue-green core shown in the infrared image as the eye, the black shell with the strongest magnetism as the inner eyewall, the purple cloud with medium magnetism as the outer eyewall and the rest that is not visible with weak magnetism as the peripheral rainbands.

The Sun is similar, with itself as the core or ‘eye’ around which its strongest magnetism contains its most intense radioactivity (the corona), an inner ‘eyewall’ that holds the inner solar system (Mercury to the asteroid belt) and an outer counterpart that extends from the asteroid belt to the orbit of Pluto at about 39 AU.

Its ‘rainbands’ stretch even farther where objects external to the solar system proper can still orbit the Sun, such as recently discovered ‘dwarf planets’ (essentially large asteroids) Haumea and Makemake, which orbit at 43 and 46 AU, respectively.

The weaker and more subtle magnetism of the Sun can reach even to other stars, creating the magnetic relationship between these stellar bodies.

We can now see why this Nibiru object has been disturbing the Earth and the rest of the solar system for a long time now.

It is because its outer ‘rainbands’ have been hitting us again and again in gradual ever stronger series of waves as it floods the Sun’s magnetic field (the solar system) with its own.

The two magnetic fields directly oppose each other and have reverse polarities, with Nibiru’s spinning in a clockwise fashion as opposed to the Sun’s counter-clockwise rotation.

The computer-generated image below gives us a good schematic visual of how Nibiru’s clockwise-rotating magnetic field should look like if we could see it in detail. Like a cyclone, Nibiru’s strongest magnetic ‘winds’ are on its right-hand side (from our perspective).

Unfortunately for us, Nibiru is approaching us from the left-hand side (of the Sun, from our perspective).

This means we will be encountering the strongest magnetic whirls from Nibiru, because we will be in the right-hand side of its core as it approaches us.

Another effect Nibiru would have is that it will slow down Earth’s counter-clockwise orbit round the Sun.

We will be hit by the strong right-hand side, which is also the ‘pushing’ side. Like it did to Pioneer 10, this side will try to push us in the opposite direction of our orbit.

The Sun’s opposing magnetism will largely prevent that, being stronger than Nibiru’s, so the overall effect of the magnetic push is to slow us down more and more as the object gets closer and closer.


Nibiru’s magnetic strength: Nibiru’s distance from Elenin (assuming it is one of its outermost satellites thought of as a comet) is 2442371253 / 2 = 1,221,185,627 km (Nibiru’s magnetic radius, or roughly Elenin’s farthest orbital point from Nibiru).

Jupiter’s farthest moon orbits at 29,540,000 km. Therefore, 1221185627 / 29540000 = 41.3. Thus Nibiru’s magnetic strength is 41.3 times Jupiter’s. On a side note: Jupiter’s detectable magnetic field strength (4.28 gauss or 428 microtesia) is officially 20.4 times that of Saturn (0.21 G or 21 uT).

However, Saturn’s magnetic field reaches as far as its farthest natural moon, Titan, at 1,221,830 km. Therefore 29540000 / 1221830 = 24, which means Jupiter’s magnetic strength is more accurately 24 (not 20.4) times that of Saturn (assuming Saturn’s magnetic strength is accurate).

Therefore Jupiter has 5.04G or 504uT. Since Nibiru is 41.3 times magnetically stronger than Jupiter then its detectable magnetic strength should be 208.15G or 20,815 uT.

This also gives Nibiru about 1000 times Saturn’s magnetic strength (24 x 41.3 = 991.2) – no wonder it could tilt the ringed planet so easily over the past seven months since December 2010 when its massive magnetic field overtook it.

The Sun’s magnetic field reaches as far out as 7,311,000,000 km (about Pluto’s farthest distance or aphelion).

Therefore dividing this by Nibiru’s magnetic field span: 7311000000 / 1221185627 = 5.99.

Thus the Sun’s magnetic strength is 5.99 times Nibiru’s, and should then be 5.99 x 208.15 = 1,247 G or 124,700 uT (or approx 125 millitesia/mT).

Therefore Nibiru has to come 5.99 times closer to the Earth than the Sun to have an equal hold on our planet as our star, and closer than that to exceed the Sun’s hold.

That distance Nibiru needs to reach is 149,598,000 km (1 AU) / 5.99 = 24,974,624 km.

However, according to Nasa, on 16 October 2011 Elenin will reach a perigee of 34,706,736 km (0.232 AU) from Earth.

Since Nibiru is travelling on Elenin’s orbital path at about the same speed and 8 AU behind it, we’ve estimated that it will reach perigee to Earth exactly one year after Elenin’s own perigee, on 16 October 2012.

Its distance to the Earth then will also be more or less the same as Elenin, 0.232 AU or 34,706,736 km, which is 1.39 times the distance it needs to reach to equal the Sun’s grip.

At that distance it will only be able to exert about 0.72 or 72% of the magnetic power of the Sun, relatively speaking, on the Earth.

This means it should potentially be able to tilt the Earth by an angle up to 72% away from its natural inclination during that time period (72% of 360 is 259.2).

In addition, bearing in mind Nibiru’s black magnetic shell has a radius of 13,726,245 km means on that date the Earth could come within 20,980,491 km of it – perilously close by astronomical standards!

See the timeline of Nibiru’s approach further below.

However, if we go by the recalculated 0.0004 AU or 59,839 km perigee according to a Nasa astrophysicist on Nasa’s now closed Buzz Room, and assume Nibiru comes as close as that, means it could approach 417 times closer than the required distance of magnetic equality and if it gets that close could therefore relatively attain 417 times the magnetic power of the Sun.

However, Nibiru has a solid radius of at least 80,000 km (see below) so if it ever comes that close would directly collide with and obliterate the Earth!

We can resolve this by suggesting that the 0.0004 AU perigee is that of the relatively minuscule Elenin, as stated by the scientist who calculated it, and the 0.232 AU perigee officially published by Nasa’s JPL is actually that of Nibiru in October 2012, not Elenin before it in October 2011.

Calculating the mean of the two extremely disparate perigees yields a distance very close to our distance of magnetic equality: 34706736 + 59839 / 2 = 17,383,288 km, which is only 1.4 times or 7,591,336 km closer than the distance of magnetic equality.

At this mean distance of approx 17 million km, Nibiru should achieve about 1.44 times or 144% of the Sun’s magnetic influence, with the power to completely flip the Earth through 518.4.

Nibiru’s speed (forward velocity): the object’s speed at Jupiter orbit is 25,890.05 mph (at 1,000,000 km a day or 41,667 km/h or 11.57km/s). Jupiter’s speed at its orbit is 29,236.76 mph.

Difference between Jupiter and Nibiru speed: 3,346.71 mph (A). Its speed at Saturn orbit is 18,123.53 mph (at 700,000 km a day or 29,167 km/h). Saturn’s speed at its orbit is 21,675.91 mph.

Difference between Saturn speed and Nibiru speed: 3,552.38 mph (B). Difference between Nibiru speed at Saturn orbit and Nibiru speed at Jupiter orbit: 7,766.52 mph (C). Difference between Jupiter speed and Saturn speed: 7,560.85 mph (D).

Difference between Jupiter vs Nibiru speed (A) and Saturn vs Nibiru speed (B) is equal to difference between Nibiru’s acceleration from Saturn to Jupiter orbit (C) and speed difference between Jupiter and Saturn (D):

A (3346.71) – B (3552.38) = 205.67 mph
C (7766.52) – D (7560.85) = 205.67 mph. Therefore A – B = C – D.

Therefore Nibiru’s acceleration from Saturn orbit to Jupiter orbit is equal to (hypothetical) Jupiter acceleration from Saturn orbit to Jupiter orbit.

This suggests: (1) that Nibiru has more mass than Jupiter and Saturn as it is slower than either of them at their orbits; and (2) the mass ratio between Jupiter and Saturn (3.34:1) is proportional to the mass ratio between Nibiru and Jupiter.

Nibiru’s spin speed (rotational velocity): Jupiter spin speed is 28,148.11 mph. Saturn spin speed is 22,058.68 mph. 28148.11/22058.68 = 1.28, thus Jupiter spins 1.28 times faster than Saturn.

Perhaps Nibiru spins at about 36,029.58 mph, which is 1.28 times faster than Jupiter if we assume the 3.34:1 mass ratio presupposed above holds.

Nibiru’s solid mass: Based on their relative speed differences, we hypothesise that the Nibiru-Jupiter mass ratio is similar to the Jupiter-Saturn mass ratio. Jupiter mass is 317.8 Earth masses or 1/1047 Sun mass. Saturn mass is 95.152 Earth masses.

Jupiter is 3.34 Saturn masses i.e. 317.8/95.152 = 3.34. Therefore Nibiru is hypothetically 3.34 (or 3 to 4) Jupiter masses = 11.1556 Saturn masses = 1061.452 Earth masses = 3.34/1047 or 1/313.473 or 0.00319 Sun mass.

This is close to scientists’ estimate of the mass of a possible planet detected near or within the solar system called Tyche: “Whitmire and Matese speculate that the hypothesized planet could be up to four times the mass of Jupiter.”

View this video, this video and this video of the Tyche super planet.

Saturn orbit and the red arrow in the second image points to its position.

Now you see it is clear that the asteroids are being attracted by and gathering around the magnetic connection between the Sun and Nibiru, as indicated by the red line of the arrow. See that they’re not concentrating towards Elenin, which is positioned more at 9.30-10.

The region where the asteroids are concentrated also marks the area that the magnetic and electric (or electromagnetic) connection between Nibiru and the Sun intersects the Earth’s orbit.

The zone of intersection roughly occupies a quarter of Earth’s orbit, from around the 12 o’clock position in both images to the 9 o’clock point.

This more or less corresponds to the first quarter of the year, from the beginning of January through to April 2011, with the mid-point around late February to early March. Notice the energies from Nibiru seemed to latch onto and concentrate on the Earth instead of the Sun during this period because our planet interrupted the connection.

This is shown in the first screenshot by the small cluster of asteroids gathered on the Earth’s orbit surrounding the Earth, which is itself right in the middle of that cluster.

The asteroids became attracted to the Earth because the magnetism was also being attracted.

But for small asteroids the risk is still significant as Michio Kaku so vividly explains in his video.

Unlike risks from earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, or hurricanes, this is a risk we can predict exactly to the minute and even the second, decades in advance, once we have the necessary observations.

Then we can either evacuate the impact zone or deflect the asteroid.

The urgent thing to do is to find the asteroids.

If we know about a potential impact a decade in advance, a tiny nudge, only centimeters per second, will cause it to miss Earth completely.

If it does a flyby in between, then it is even more sensitive.

Apophis, before they proved it would miss, had to fly through a “gravitational keyhole” less than a kilometer in diameter in 2029 to hit Earth next time around.

That means that a nudge of less than three microns per second would change its trajectory enough so that it would miss Earth next time around.

From 1 January, Earth entered the electromagnetic field lines between Sun and Nibiru.

It was at this time that massive deaths of electromagnetically sensitive animals started to occur and escalate worldwide and people began to notice sudden and erratic fluctuations in their compasses.

Then, on 11 January, the increased infusion of Nibiru’s reverse polarity magnetism caused Earth’s rotational axis to shift slightly, making the Sun rise two days early in Greenland.

We are all well aware of the series of natural calamities and social upheavals that occurred over the course of this period, culminating in the immense 9.0-magnitude earthquake that devastated Japan on 11 March.

This documentary video gives a very good chronology of those events.

This same thing happened last year, when the majority of the disasters occurred between January and March , starting with the Haiti quake, followed by Chile’s 8.8 and then the Iceland volcano.

This year, we’ve experienced a repeat of those events, only much more intense and greater in both magnitude and scope.

Earth emerged from the region of the Nibiru-Sun connection in April  but the effects lingered because it was still discharging the chaotic electromagnetism it had picked up during the transit.

By about June, it had managed to rid itself of most of the charge, hence the disasters have relatively subsided.

We are presently in a lull before the next wave, when Nibiru’s magnetosphere reaches us sometime in September/October.

As Nibiru emerges from behind the sun in its elongated, abnormal slingshot orbit, its effects here on Earth are being felt on many fronts. It’s a similar situation with climate change.

In the media, climate change stories often seem polarized between climate deniers who claim that nothing will happen, and others who exaggerate this hugely.

Many teenagers think that the world will explode or become too hot to live in, or in other ways become uninhabitable as a result.

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