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First Real Images of Planet X Super System : The Official Public Release of the Heavy Mass Object that has been a suppressed by NASA! Nibiru System = ISS ELC20049-DNY

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 without direct written authorization from Don Gillson ([email protected])

  without direct written authorization from Don Gillson ([email protected])

  without direct written authorization from Don Gillson ([email protected])

The Image above was shot by Max-Planck-Institut fur Radioastronomie (permission for educational and private non-commercial use granted without further request)

My name is Donny Gillson and I am a Researcher and Amatuer Astronomer who has been investigating the Planet Nibiru for over 5 years.  Around 8:45 PST on June 7th I released the first official Skyview Observatory Radio Images of the mythical Planet X my official Facebook page at

I used a technique on NASA’s Skyview Virtual Observatory via a 1420Mhz (Bonn) Radio Telescope by dialing up coordinates that I released on June 6th 2012 in a previous article and video released on BIN over the past week. 

In my recent article’s reported on BIN I have been in deep investigation on the exposure of a system called “ELC20049-DNY” a Top Secret International Space Station Star System that resides outside of the Milky Way.

In my articled entitled ELC20049 DNY : A Top Secret Nibiru System NASA ISS Classification Exposed; Along With, A Possible NEO Asteroid To Hit Earth According To Spaceweather.Com”

I give a deep analysis of the system by way of digital images, coordinates, and video tutorial. Furthermore, my investigation also spawn another article released this morning called “Large UFO Disc Spanning At Coordinates Of Large Mystery Green Asteroid Reported On 6/6/2012 Spans Entire Orion Region” which outlines a large unknown object based underneath the Orion Nebula.

Over the past few days I have released many videos at my website and I am confident that there are two opposing forces on each side of the galactic plain which are pulling on one another to and could possible merge together as soon as Aug 21st 2012. 

In a recent conversation with my NASA Insider I have learned that NASA had made a huge mistake in regards to the recent Venus Transit across the sun which verified my theory; in fact, what had made him laugh was that the huge mistake given in a briefing by NASA officials on Monday they stated that Venus would transit across the top of the sun and actually jumped out of its regular orbit and dropped 39,765 miles sound and crossed; which is shown in the diagram below. 

Also, according to my NASA Insider Subject ELC20049-DNY has shown a drastic changed in speed (Increase as a result shown by Telescope WISE and  infrared pictures shows more data that have remained classified; in fact NASA has recntly found found a New rouge planet in which was hiding behind ELC20049-DNY that struct them in amazement for which they new nothing of and that the name of this Planet (not moon) has not been stated as of now.

According to my Insider source will be a closed door meeting held July 9th; in addition, NASA will be having a press conference soon with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta for a soon disclosure on a specific subject, My source stateds that “I myself am not aware of, Even having a Cosmenot Stage 2 security access pass. New Cords will be given soon on this matter.” – NASA Whistleblower 

NASA has been keeping hush hush on a object called ELC20049; recently re-classified to ELC20049-DNY. You will not find this on within the ISS directory because of the extreme classification; however, I have been exposing the truth of this object on BIN over the past several days. 

The Video below is an in-depth analysis of how we came to this image with a new video coming very soon on where I will release all data and information to the general public. This information is not to be taken lightly and has been supressed by NASA and the United States Government for over 50 years. It was through my pain staking passion and pursuit for the truth that I am able to release this image to you today.

 without direct written authorization from Don Gillson ([email protected])

  without direct written authorization from Don Gillson ([email protected])

From my understand the system coming contains a Planet with 4 moons and a binary dwarf star, but what NASA fails to mention brown dwarf is still lit somewhat like the sun; however it is less in size which will still allows a second sun to be seen from Earth. NASA has known of it’s path and trajectory since July 19th 1981. Travelling 26,000 mhr in our Solar System. This information has not been confirmed but it has come from a reliable source and from what I have uncovered today with these images. I have come to the conclusion that the information provided is crediable.

The Insider states that we are in for a rocky next few months starting within the next couple weeks with extreme temperature changes and the possibility of intense earthquake, volcanic, and a coming Global Super Storm when the planet aligns with the secondary object at the end of August,

According to the Insider “This object is already in our solar system. The reason we cannot see is the trajectory of it’s path underneath the sun and high altitude and High Iron oxide it releases. which also has a major effect when given direct sunlight gives it a camoflauge. mostly same gas equation reasons why during day we see blue in the sky instead of darkness in the galaxy.”

He believes that “NASA is worried during it’s passing it’s fourth moon will be drawn in by Mar’s and earth gravational pull during the alighnment for a direct course hit on earth. The information i have given is in no way made up. the only thing i seek out of this is to have them brought out of hidding and stop lying and hurting people who have done no wrong but to help people know the truth.”

The Good News is that “the hit is not set in stone yet its on a 80/20 chance as of now but for the past 845,936 miles it’s been heading same path due the to EMENSE magnetic pull from our sun. the system is in between the orbits of Mar’s and Jupiter and the projected time of arrival would be Aug 21st 2012″

This Information is Exclusive information from 32 Degrees of Insanity and Donny Gillson 

 without direct written authorization from Don Gillson ([email protected])

The video posted below is a full information on the posted article just added on 6/8/2012 entitled :

NEW! 32º of Insanity 06.09.12 :   “ELC20049-DNY” Nibiru System : The End Game Truth

© 2012 Don Gillson Productions DON NOT USE  without direct written authorization from Don Gillson ([email protected])

Close up radio images of orbiting planets off the 1420Mhz (Bonn): Bonn 1420 MHz Survey

Make sure that you visit my website @ also join us for 32º of Insanity RADIO on every Mon and Wed starting at 9pm Pacific Standard time.Follow this link to be transported Freedomizer : and join us in our exciting CHAT room! 

All research and data is sole property of Don Gillson and © 2012 Don Gillson Productions and can not be used without prior written consent. I have spent years looking for this object that has been hidden by not only our Governments but that actually corporations that have known about this object for years and have surpessed it in the name of montery gain and scientific research.

As a member of this human race I am disgusted by the establishment and that is why I am exposing this information without bias or intent. Additionally, I had two attempted taking of my own life and delivering this information to you today is against my better judgment; however, I believe that everyone needs to know the truth about this Nibiru System. I can only present you the evidence you have to make the determation about how this will get through your own personal circles.

As I mentioned in my previous article/video series that the only reason why this information would not make it to every single astronomer website and television network would be because of the simple supression of the evidence presented by the establisment and the Elite. It has been almost impossible to get this information out; however, I trust that you reading this article will do the right thing and get this information into the rightful hands as I have done my best for humanity and science.

source :

Above is the secondary object pulling in the opposite direction causing a huge magnetic pull within our solar system my findings on this object outlined in the video posted below. © 2012 Don Gillson Productions

As I just stated to a subscriber about my current article “I provide everything you need including a video analysis of this region. I am growing tired of people not willing to do their homework and writing things off as fiction. This is happening. I have been stating this since 2001! If you are not going to listen and tell every person that you know about what is to happen. Then, my friends there is no help for you. Believe in what you willl but this has been happening since the dawn of time and you are but a pawn in the game of chess.”

© 2012 Don Gillson Productions  DO NOT USE without direct written authorization from Don Gillson ([email protected])

PRIVACY NOTICE: Warning – any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to my photos, and/or the comments made about my photos or any other “picture” art posted on my profile.

You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action against me with regard to this profile and the contents herein. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee , agent , student or any personnel under your direction or control.

The contents of this profile are private and legally privileged and confidential information, and the violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WITHOUT PREJUDICE

Some images, but not all provided and sourced by  Max-Planck-Institut fur Radioastronomie permission has been granted for educational and private non-commercial use and not further request is needed. Please refer to which image has been provided by that source.

Make sure that you visit my website @ also join us for 32º of Insanity RADIO on every Mon and Wed starting at 9pm Pacific Standard time.Follow this link to be transported Freedomizer : and join us in our exciting CHAT room! 

 without direct written authorization from Don Gillson ([email protected])

© 2012 Don Gillson Productions

 without direct written authorization from Don Gillson ([email protected])

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    • Anonymous

      Stupid. No credentials, experience, knowledge or anything. This is just a bunch of pictures that were taken by NASA and or other professionals and this mentally retarded douche is just making things up and or trying to say things are more then what they really are. This crap shouldn’t even be allowed on this site.

      • Anonymous

        your right btw that guys a total schizo he says he sees gods face in space and god is on his way here and he will be all thats the same thing iv been showing you blah blah blah on like 5-6 different objects rofl he was going into the right direction then he dropped his astronomy book and picked up the bible on accident and seemed not to notice it.also he is whining and crying for donations cause apparently ” doing this research is his job ” but yet he can afford to put his dogs in “doggie daycare” cause they bark to much rofl hes got his priorities pretty much wrong and i believe not that he is a disinfo agent but retarded rather

    • gino

      Theres a lot of ancient text, and cultures like egyptians, mayans, and sumerians that wrote of this very situation and the possibility of et scientist have shown proof just in gravityy of outer planets. Although incredible, this is very possible. Theres changes in sediment and extinctions relating to the orbit of this so calked nibiru system. It may be correlated with et. This is an amazing universe we must seek the truth because our government wont tell us if its true. Not until we uncover the truth first. Out solar system and planet are vulnerable just.look at the dinosaurs.

    • The Second Home of Lifechanyuan

      Dear brother,Ss thank you for your great work.I’m a chanyuan celestial of Lifechanyuan.I’m so sorry that I didn’t get your permission before.I’ve already deleted all your articles on our website .BTW,I’ve already sent a message in your FACEBOOK.Looking forward to your answer.Give my best blessings to you,my dear brother.Thank the Greatest creator.

    • gino

      Whats a celestial?

    • The Second Home of Lifechanyuan

      @gino,well,celestial means a member of Lifechanyuan.But the true meaning of “chanyuan celestial” is “Chanyuan Celestial is the “mature crop” that has obtained the visa of life. As the pioneer of the era of Lifechanyuan, the final destination for Chanyuan Celestial is Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World.”you can have a read about this:

    • Anonymous

      Donny, obviously with so many weird things happening in our planet right now we have to open our minds to look for possible causes. There are many theories, Cyclical polar shirt cause our sun cycle, alignment with the middle of the galaxy, Nibiru coming…etc etc. Since I’m just a regular person who feels that something is going on but without credentials on astronomy or similar, just logical observations of all weird facts happening…so whenever I see a theory is very necessary to explain it well, with solid evidence, besides insider info. In this case I see a lot of pictures mixed with some inside info but it ‘d be nice that you shows everything in your photos cause honestly I don’t understand what’s odd in them. If you explain them showing exactly are the objects clearly then it should be more acceptable.

      Please don’t get me wrong, I respect your opinion and your work, but understand what you say is big, a hard future big time, so explain them and besides try to link all your observation among them like Venus transit error by Nasa with some logic..cause I you show them as separated with no logic or explaining why and what does it mean.

      Good luck

    • Anonymous

      Please go back and watch all of his movies First of all Donnie has never said anything that was not fact. It is not a bunch of pictures and although I appreciate people keeping an open mind unless you push play on the above movies or visit his website and watch them you will not see that it is so much more than a group of pictures. He has spent years researching videos in depth…basically there is no disputing what he has found. He asks that you go back and do your own homework. I don’t think anyone knows why this is happening and he definitely doesn’t say something that is not fact…so this article he released is probably about all you will get…but I can say that Jesus Christ is Lord and you must be born of the water and in the spirit or you can not even see the kingdom of Heaven. Acts 2:38 is the key! And in my personal opinion (and my opinion only…because not one person around me wants to hear this) nibiru is a deception from the devil and the nephilim are fallen angels. I know many others think they are gods or other life this is not true there is only one Lord, one faith, and one baptism and this is definitely like the days of noah. They are the giants in the bible, the men of renown, and they are fallen angels aka demons. Every word in the bible is the truth. This does not scare me I am filled with the holy ghost and baptized in Jesus name and worship Jesus in the spirit and the truth….just like the apostles all did. I have a real relationship with Jesus my God and I ask if any of you when these things start to unfold become scared that you search and find an Apostolic Pentecostal church in your city or nearby. Always remember that if you truly seek the Lord you will find him. Thank you Donnie for unfolding the truth and for all of your hard work and persevering although people constantly attack you.

    • UrsuAdams

      blessings in Christ

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Okay, first of all – the Pentecostal church in my area takes things to the extreme by telling people who don’t believe in Jesus that they will burn in hell. So thanks for the suggestion to joint the Church, but no spank you. I am a proud Pagan, thanks. But more importantly – I will believe this to be true when other Astronomers release similar images. There are many credible Astronomers out there, so let more come forward with this information before putting all your eggs in one basket. Just sayin’…..

    • Anonymous

      Donny here u go

    • gino

      Yes indeed we need more facts and logic and evidence explaining the significance of photos, exact distance proved, size proved etc. i see pictures of objects like this theres billions in sky.

    • gino

      Whats pagan? Thought they were more like witches and didnt believe in Jesus we understand to be a Jesus

    • HfjNUlYZ

      WHAT? LOL What is a Pagan? That’s what Google is for, look it up. And yes, many Pagans ARE Witches, and that’s not a bad thing. Have no idea what you’re talking about Jesus for. Some Pagans DO believe Jesus existed, actually. But again, may I stress, that religion really shouldn’t play a part in these findings by Donny Gillson. All paths lead to the same place anyway. And when some giant planet comes crashing into Earth, I really don’t think what religion you follow is gonna make any difference. lol

    • Anonymous

      What we have to remember here is a few things. The basic one to remember is that our solar system is being heated up from a source that is outside our solar system. We know that as we can see the planets furthest out heating up the most and working back through the planets we can see each one heating up to a certain degree what. We can rule out our sun as the two closest to the sun Mercury and Venus are not showing signs of a temperature rise, if it was our sun then we would be seeing a much greater rise in the two closest planets. Something is also tugging at the orbits of the outer planets, something with a large enough gravitational pull to effect these planets, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune. Saturn and Jupiter are also feeling the effects from the mysterious celestial object.

    • gino

      Lmao yea hopefully no planet crashes into us but its gravity can. Do you know of the annunaki? Heard of zacharia sitchen? i feel annunaki may exist. As for jesus, no man has claimed or been shown to be the Jesus in bible but Jesus. And he may be our only chance before a planet crashes into us or comet. Cus we would be defenseless indeed.

    • Anonymous

      Well my firends true or false you have to respect the guy and his passion for research. Personally I feel something is going wrong around us, things have become chaotic, time for a change maybe.
      And for those attacking the writer go do soemthing valuable with your time instead of criticising for the sake of criticising.
      Great Job Donny.

    • UrsuAdams

      If anyone can show an object like that I will give you everything I have..If you have seen millions of them like this in the sky GINO then you prove your self. I have proved myself through hundreds of hours of research and articles written. If you lack the time to do your own homework this, i am afraid, is not my problem.

      • sandy101

        Sir UrsuAdams good day! Good for you you give what you have when someone sees millions in the sky. I am following this and I believe this is TRUE. I am from Philippines and we observe our Country lots of Earthquake activity. Sir will you lend me instead you give what you have. I will pay you every month around 400 dollars.

    • Isis

      I consider that this kind of information … will be the bases of a many I told you so in times to come …

    • John Baptist

      Actually Donny is correct. Read the book “Planet X – The Sign of the Son of Man” by Douglas Elwell. Read the Book of Noah (part of the books of Enoch) 65.1 where it says “And Noah had seen the earth had tilted and knew that destruction was near”. Planet X is also referred to as the Horrible Star in the book of 2 Esdras 15:40. 2 Esdras was in the original King James 1611 edition Bible. It is also Jeremiah the “destroyer of nations” in Jeremiah chapter 4 AND it is what the Lord God (YWHW)uses to bring judgment upon the earth (ref Isaiah 24) and Revelation (trumpet and bowl judgements). The Bible is accurate and fortells all these things. Amen times are bad here on earth. No kidding. That’s because we are moving into the Age of Aquarious (age of Lucifer) and all hell is about to break loose in the Great Tribulation. May you all seek repentance through the Blood of Jesus Christ. God Bless You time is short. – John

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