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Planet X Researcher Ursu Adams 32º Of Insanity's YouTube Channel has been Terminated! Outrage and Urgent Alert From DutchSinse and URSUADAMS!

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Original Story Upload by Live Free or Die (Reporter) on August 24th 2012 Entitled :

Urgent Alert From DutchSinse! YouTube Shuts Down Ursu Adams 32º Of Insanity’s YouTube Channel! Let’s Get It Back!

YouTube is up to it’s old games, deciding to censor the YouTube channel of Ursu Adams. DutchSinse and the writers at issue a challenge to all of our subscribers and readers, let’s put the heat on YouTube and help them to realize that we will not stand for censorship. Please contact YouTube and request that Ursu Adams hard work be restored. 

See for yourself

Video Response from Donny Gillson about his channel :

If you would please write youtube on my behalf to re-instate our channel for wrongful flagging and please spread this information to everyone you know. When you write your letter to youtube make sure you use the account or the account [email protected] If you need to know where to send your email to please use this address [email protected], [email protected], or

Thank you all for your help. I just want my material I have spent years creating back. I had none of it backed up. So if you enjoyed what we did please email YOUTUBE in support of getting our channel back! We will not allow the truth about Planet X and our information to be supressed.

My Open Letter to YOUTUBE :



901 Cherry Avenue

San Bruno, CA 94066

August 25, 2012

RE: Mistaken Termination of Youtube Channel

Dear YouTube;

Please find attached to this letter a list of material removed by you pursuant to 17 U.S.C. Section 512.  I have a good faith belief that this material was removed or disabled in error as a result of mistake or misidentification of the material.  I declare that this is true and accurate under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America.

My name is Don Gillson and I am the owner of of the channel hosted on Youtube entitled . I recently received a statement saying that I was in violation of extreme Terms of Service of youtube due to wrongful copyright DMCA flagging. This is untrue and I demand my channel to be reinstated at once. I have filed several complaints against users that have used my material that I rightfully owned and have won all of my copyright claims; infact, the users would come back and file false DMCA attacks on my videos to try and have my channel shut down on many occassions. 

Up until now you have agreed with my fight and have restored videos that have been filed copyright and protected under the fair use practices. I have never filed an unlawful copyright against another channel that I did not feel was using my material without my permission. I have been a YOUTUBE partner for over 5 years and also have over 10K+ subscribers and over 3 million + views to my network.There is an outrage right now from my subscribers that my channel has been attacked and that youtubeis actually censoring my work.

Here is the before its news article on BEFOREITSNEWS.COM


I have enjoyed my time on Youtube and would like to come back. All of the work that I have done over the years are on my channel. This includes over 300 videos..most of which were set to private because of the attacks on my channel. Recently, your department reinstated my videos by stating that I was in the right and no penalty would take place on my channel. I am outraged on what has happened and I am hoping that you will look deeply into this matter. I have done nothing but try to protect my material and have been stalked, spoke terribly about, and my material has been used and abused.

You can clearly see if you even write into the search engine my name Donny Gillson, UrsuAdams, or 32 Degrees of Insanity  there are several channels that are specific to harrassing me and putting out false information about me.I have reported this as severe violations of youtube and you have taken down several videos that clearly were made to harrass me but have never removed their channels? I am asking why am I being singled out here.

I am sure by now several emails have come in about my channel for review through the email support by my loyal listeners by writing to [email protected], [email protected], and I am also a broadcaster on the Freedomizer Radio Network and I will make sure that the masses hear about how I have been falsely targeted and my channel has been taken down by YOUTUBE without notice or bias.

I have done nothing that is against community guidlines or terms of service and what has happened is that YOUTUBE has mistakenly taken down my channel and I request for it to be reinstated as soon as possible.

For the purposes of this matter, I consent to the jurisdiction of the Federal District Court for the judicial district in which I reside. I also consent to service of process by the person providing notification under  Section 512(c)(1)(C) or that person’s agent. However, by this letter, I do not waive any other rights, including the ability to pursue an  action for the removal or disabling of access to this material, if wrongful.

Having complied with the requirements of Section 512(g)(3), I remind you that you must now replace the blocked or removed material/channel and cease disabling access to it within fourteen business days of your receipt of this notice.  Please notify me when this has been done.

I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.  If you have any questions about  this notice, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Electronically signed 

Donny Gillson

Skype me : brklyknight

The Video below is eerie to re-listen to as I reached out when they tried to shut my channel down back in April of 2012. Relisten to the message I was speaking of then. THIS IS WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ALL researchers that investigate these subjects. I also guarentee that the comment section of this will be filled with lies about me and you will notice the SHILLS will come out like wild fire!!

I find it odd days after we show this at Neumayer Station my channel is attacked and shut down!! INTERESTING INDEED!

Below is a reminder to all of you SHILLS that shut down my channel. You have not only validated all the work I have done but you also know which side you are working for. May God have mercy on your soul. I dedicate the below article to all the SHILLS that have tried to stop the me from spreading the truth about Planet X and the incoming Binary Star! YOU HAVE BEEN EXPOSED!

Confessions of an Ex-Internet Shill : Presented by “The Message” and Donny Gillson

I am writing here to come out of the closet as a paid shill. For a little over six months, I was paid to spread disinformation and argue political points on the Internet..

.I quit this job in the latter part of 2011, because I became disgusted with it, and with myself. I realized I couldn’t look myself in the mirror anymore. If this confession triggers some kind of retribution against me, so be it. Part of being a real man in this world is having real values that you stand up for, no matter what the consequences.

My story begins in early 2011. I had been out of work for almost a year after losing my last job in tech support. Increasingly desperate and despondent, I jumped at the chance when a former co-worker called me up and said she had a possible lead for me. “It is an unusual job, and one that requires secrecy. But the pay is good. And I know you are a good writer, so its something you are suited for.” (Writing has always been a hobby for me). She gave me only a phone-number and an address, in one of the seedier parts of San Francisco, where I live. intrigued, I asked her for the company’s URL and some more info. She laughed. “They don’t have a website. Or even a name. You’ll see. Just tell them I referred you.” Yes, it sounded suspicious, but long-term joblessness breeds desperation, and desperation has a funny way of overlooking the suspicious when it comes to putting food on the table.

The next day, I arrived at the address – the third floor in a crumbling building. The appearance of the place did not inspire confidence. After walking down a long, filthy linoleum-covered corridor lit by dimly-flickering halogen, I came to the entrance of the office itself: a crudely battered metal door with a sign that said “United Amalgamated Industries, Inc.” I later learned that this “company” changed its name almost monthly, always using bland names like that which gave no strong impression of what the company actually does. Not too hopeful, I went inside. The interior was equally shabby. There were a few long tables with folding chairs, at which about a dozen people were tapping away on old, beat-up computers. There were no decorations or ornaments of any type: not even the standard-issue office fica trees or plastic ferns. What a dump. Well, beggars can’t be choosers.

The manager, a balding man in his late forties, rose from the only stand-alone desk in the room and came forward with an easy smile. “You must be Chris. Yvette [my ex-co-worker] told me you’d be coming.” [Not our real names]. “Welcome. Let me tell you a little about what we do.” No interview, nothing. I later learned they took people based solely on referral, and that the people making the referrals, like my ex-colleague Yvette, were trained to pick out candidates based on several factors including ability to keep one’s mouth shut, basic writing skills, and desperation for work.

We sat down at his desk and he began by asking me a few questions about myself and my background, including my political views (which were basically non-existent). Then he began to explain the job. “We work on influencing people’s opinions here,” is how he described it. The company’s clients paid them to post on Internet message boards and popular chartrooms, as well as in gaming forums and social networks like Facebook and MySpace. Who were these clients? “Oh, various people,” he said vaguely. “Sometimes private companies, sometimes political groups.” Satisfied that my political views were not strong, he said I would be assigned to political work. “The best people for this type of job are people like you, without strong views,” he said with a laugh. “It might seem counterintuitive, but actually we’ve found that to be the case.” Well, OK. Fine. As long as it comes with a steady paycheck, I’d believe whatever they wanted me to believe, as the guy in Ghostbusters said.

After discussing pay (which was much better than I’d hoped) and a few other details, he then went over the need for absolute privacy and secrecy. “You can’t tell anyone what we do here. Not your wife, not your dog.” (I have neither, as it happens.) “We’ll give you a cover story and even a phone number and a fake website you can use. You will have to tell people you are a consultant. Since your background is in tech support, that will be your cover job. Is this going to be a problem for you?” I assured him it would not. “Well, OK. Shall we get started?”

“Right now?” I asked, a bit taken aback.

“No time like the present!” he said with a hearty laugh.

The rest of the day was taken up with training. Another staff member, a no-nonsense woman in her thirties, was to be my trainer, and training would only last two days. “You seem like a bright guy, you’ll get the hang of it pretty fast, I think,” she said. And indeed, the job was easier than I’d imagined. My task was simple: I would be assigned to four different websites, with the goal of entering certain discussions and promoting a certain view. I learned later that some of the personnel were assigned to internet message boards (like me), while others worked on Facebook or chatrooms. It seems these three types of media each have different strategy for shilling, and each shill concentrates on one of the three in particular.

My task? “To support Israel and counter anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic posters.” Fine with me. I had no opinions one way or another about Israel, and who likes anti-Semites and Nazis? Not me, anyway. But I didn’t know too much about the topic. “That’s OK,” she said. “You’ll pick it up as you go along. For the most part, at first, you will be doing what we call “meme-patrol.” This is pretty easy. Later if you show promise, we’ll train you for more complex arguments, where more in-depth knowledge is necessary.”

She handed me two binders with sheets enclosed in limp plastic. The first was labeled simply “Israel” in magic-marker on the cover, and it had two sections .The first section contained basic background info on the topic. I would have to read and memorize some of this, as time went on. It had internet links for further reading, essays and talking points, and excerpts from some history books. The second, and larger, section was called “Strat” (short for “strategy”) with long lists of “dialogue pairs.” These were specific responses to specific postings. If a poster wrote something close to “X,” we were supposed to respond with something close to “Y.” “You have to mix it up a bit, though,” said my trainer. “Otherwise it gets too obvious. Learn to use a thesaurus.” This section also contained a number of hints for de-railing conversations that went too far away from what we were attempting. These strategies included various forms of personal attacks, complaining to the forum moderators, smearing the characters of our opponents, using images and icons effectively, and even dragging the tone of the conversation down with sexual innuendo, links to pornography, or other such things. “Sometimes we have to fight dirty,” or trainer told us. “Our opponents don’t hesitate to, so we can’t either.”

The second binder was smaller, and it contained information specific to the web sites I would be assigned to. The sites I would work were: Godlike Productions, Lunatic Outpost, CNN news, Yahoo News, and a handful of smaller sites that rotated depending on need. As stated, I was NOT assigned to work ATS (although others in my group were), which is part of the reason I am posting this here, rather than elsewhere. I wanted to post this on Godlike Productions at first, but they have banned me from even viewing that site for some reason (perhaps they are onto me?). But if somebody connected with this site can get the message to them, I think they should know about it, because that was the site I spent a good 70% of my time working on.

The site-specific info in the second binder included a brief history each site, including recent flame-wars, as well as info on what to avoid on each site so as not to get banned. It also had quite detailed info on the moderators and the most popular regged posters on each site: location (if known), personality type, topics of interest, background sketch, and even some notes on how to “push the psychological buttons” of different posters. Although I didn’t work for ATS, I did see they had a lot of info on your so-called “WATS” posters here (the ones with gold borders around their edges). “Focus on the popular posters,” my trainer told me. “These are the influential ones. Each of these is worth 50 to 100 of the lesser known names.” Each popular poster was classified as “hostile,” “friendly,” or “indifferent” to my goal. We were supposed to cultivate friendship with the friendly posters as well as the mods (basically, by brownnosing and sucking up), and there were even notes on strategies for dealing with specific hostile posters. The info was pretty detailed, but not perfect in every case. “If you can convert one of the hostile posters from the enemy side to our side, you get a nice bonus. But this doesn’t happen too often, sadly. So mostly you’ll be attacking them and trying to smear them.”

At first, like I said, my job was “meme-patrol.” This was pretty simple and repetitive; it involved countering memes and introducing new memes, and didn’t demand much in-depth knowledge of the subject. Mostly just repetitive posting based on the dialogue pairs in the “Strat” section of the first binder. A lot of my job was de-railing and spamming threads that didn’t go our way, or making accusations of racism and anti-Semitism. Sometimes I had to simply lie and claim a poster said something or did something “in another thread” they really hadn’t said or done I felt bad about this…but in the end I felt worse about the possibility of losing the first job I’d been able to get since losing my “real” job.

The funny thing was, although I started the job with no strong opinions or political views, after a few weeks of this I became very emotionally wedded to the pro-Israel ideas I was pushing. There must be some psychological factor at work…a good salesman learns to honestly love the products he’s selling, I guess. It wasn’t long before my responses became fiery and passionate, and I began to learn more about the topic on my own. “This is a good sign,” my trainer told me. “It means you are ready for the next step: complex debate.”

The “complex debate” part of the job involved a fair amount of additional training, including memorizing more specific information about the specific posters (friendly and hostile) I’d be sparring with. Here, too, there were scripts and suggested lines of argument, but we were given more freedom. There were a lot of details to this more advanced stage of the job – everything from how to select the right avatar to how to use “demotivationals” (humorous images with black borders that one finds floating around the web). Even the proper use of images of cats was discussed. Sometimes we used faked or photo-shopped images or doctored news reports (something else that bothered me).

I was also given the job of tying to find new recruits, people “like me” who had the personality type, ability to keep a secret, basic writing/thinking skills, and desperation necessary to sign on a shill. I was less successful at this part of the job, though, and I couldn’t find another in the time I was there.

After a while of doing this, I started to feel bad. Not because of the views I was pushing (as I said, I was first apolitical, then pro-Israel), but because of the dishonesty involved. If my arguments were so correct, I wondered, why did we have to do this in the first place? Shouldn’t truth propagate itself naturally, rather than through, well…propaganda? And who was behind this whole operation, anyway? Who was signing my paychecks? The stress of lying to my parents and friends about being a “consultant” was also getting to me. Finally, I said enough was enough. I quit in September 2011. Since then I’ve been working a series of unglamorous temp office jobs for lower pay. But at least I’m not making my living lying and heckling people who come online to express their views and exercise freedom of speech.

A few days ago I happened to be in the same neighborhood and on a whim thought I’d check out the old office. It turns out the operation is gone, having moved on. This, too, I understood, is part of their strategy: Don’t stay in the same place for too long, don’t keep the same name too long, move on after half a year or so. Keeping a low profile, finding new employees through word of mouth: All this is part of the shill way of life. But it is a deceptive way of life, and no matter how noble the goals (I remain pro-Israel, by the way), these sleazy means cannot be justified by the end.

This is my confession. … Shills exist. They are real. They walk among you…



Once again, if you have enjoyed my work over the years I emplore you to write Youtube  on my behalf to re-instate our channel for wrongful flagging and please spread this information to everyone you know. When you write your letter to youtube make sure you use the account or the account [email protected] If you need to know where to send your email to please use this address [email protected], [email protected], and

Thank you all for your help. I just want my material I have spent years creating back. I had none of it backed up. So if you enjoyed what we did please email YOUTUBE in support of getting our channel back! We will not allow the truth about Planet X and our information to be supressed.


Donny Gillson

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    • Troll King


    • Troll King

      I think we ought to pose that question to dutch!

    • Live Free or Die

      Personally, here’s my piece on all of this. For more than 50 years now, the criminal cabal better known as the shadow United States govt has been spewing garbage and disinformation out through their propaganda machine, better known at the mainstream media. Truly, the ultimate hoax upon all of us. The masses, possibly including you and others commenting on this story, have fallen for it. Who has done more harm to humanity and the world? Ursu Adams or the criminal cabal that goes around the Earth slaughtering children and babies with drones and war? Along with the 1st Amendment comes those who might pull off hoaxes. Whether or not you agree with Donny really doesn’t matter, the fact of the matter is Youtube (ie Big Brother) is engaging in censorship, once again. I absolutely love how everyone commenting on this story, except for Lala, has chosen to comment anonymously. Have you no courage to put a user name behind your comments? You say that he doesn’t deserve to be walking this Earth? Are you insane buddy? Are you God? My guess is you have probably fallen for the hoax pulled on you by the govt criminal cabal; when was the last time you wrote a nasty comment to them? My bet is if you did, you’d hide behind the mask of ‘anonymous’. I’ll back your right to free speech just as I’ll back the right to free speech of EVERYONE, including Donny. Still waiting for the criminal cabal to get their karma. My bet is, it’ll be a b*tch!

      • Areyoukiddingme?

        ” Whether or not you agree with Donny really doesn’t matter”

        This statement is very true. And I see you mention the 1st Amendment. But doesn’t that first amendment apply to EVERYONE? Donny Gillson has harassed, bullied, threatened and pulled down channels of people who were merely expressing THEIR First Amendment rights. So, why does it apply to only him?

        I will proudly defend the right of any person in this country to say what they will, but I will not have MY right to do the same taken away by someone like Donny Gillson. I have set on the sidelines and watched a lot of good videos and channels get shut down because he doesn’t like what those people have to say. I have seen emails and messages from him harassing and threatening people. I have HEARD him on his radio show brag about taking down people’s channels, and I have HEARD him ask his followers on his radio shows and videos to target peoples channels. All in an effort to silence other’s rights to free speech. So, please explain to me why Donny Gillson has the right to free speech and no one else does?

        • Areyoukiddingme?

          You said that I’m LadyHarleyRider, but in fact, Gillson had my channel shut down early in the year, January I believe.

          • Anonymous

            Oh yea..please give out your name and youtube channel please. I would like to verify that information. Another last ditch effort to try to bring Gillson down. I would also like to see the proof of the take down that it was in fact Gillson and not another third party. See, it is very easy to say something like this but to actually provide physical proof about a legit take down by one single person is just B.S. and you know it.. So, keep talking but you know it was not Gillson that brought down your channel it was the same reasons why you shills brought down Gillson’s channel. It is all so kindergardenish it amazes me.

            • TheTruthResearcher

              @ Anonymous re ‘Oh Yeah’… Gillson admitted it live on air that he had LHRs channel shut down and then bragged about it in in subsequent internet posts. Do you’re homework and get your information straight before you start accusing others of not providing proof.

              Also check this video – it was his earliest admission:

      • Live Free or Die

        Areyoukiddingme? You are obviously right, the 1st Amendment does not only apply to Donny, and yes, maybe this is karma for what he has done in the past to get others’ banned. Either way, there is no court of justice to determine that with youtube. There needs to be a process so that Donny or Dutchsinse or CBS or anyone else can’t just get banned or get you banned on a complaint alone. Some kind of process will protect you and me and everyone else from an Ursu Adams or a Fox news who just want to prevent someone else from getting information out or from preventing negative comments. The way it is now and has been for far too long is ripe for abuse and if Donny is getting his comeuppance, then let there be a process to determine that, not just some willy nilly complaint from an anonymous soul. With the system the way it is now, far too many excellent youtube channels are getting shut down due to some jealous person filing a complaint against them; there is no system. There needs to be one. I have seen far too many good channels shut down, too, w/o there being a process to determine if that channel should actually be shut down. Censorship is censorship whether it is Donny doing it or Joe Schmoe or big sis…

        • Areyoukiddingme?

          You are right. Censorship IS censorship. And when it comes to Gillson he is the king of censorship. I have a feeling that he got his channel shut down because of all of the copyright claims he’s filed and that have been overturned. I know of one guy who had 10 copyrights files by Donny and each one had been over turned. He asked his followers to attack this LadyHarleyRider’s channel and had it taken down for no good reason. He’s done the same to others. And I know this for a fact. He has gloated over it on his radio show, I have proof of this. And now he’s saying that she shut down her channel on purpose. I actually have proof of what I’m saying.

          The problem with him is that if you disagree with him, he attacks, and from what I’ve seen especially if it’s directected toward women. I have seen messages he has sent to women calling them absolutely filthy names that I would never say. As a man I have more respect for women than to call women those types of things. Apparently if you cross Donny by simply disagreeing with him, the attach is on. Or as he said in one of his videos that I watched he said “You better stop while your ahead… The War is on on Freedomizer Radio”. That sounds pretty threatening to me.

          • Areyoukiddingme?

            Sorry for the typos, it’s very very late here. That should have read the Attack is on.

          • Anonymous

            It sounds like good radio drama to me lol

        • Anonymous

          Wow, you claim everyone deserves FREEDOM OF SPEECH and against CENSORSHIP, yet there have been numerous comments that have been deleted and removed? How does that work? Are you Donny Gillson in disguise?

    • Anonymous

      100′s of channels?? I would like to see that LIST of people from my understanding there are three specific channels in question. Please print list of all copyrighted DMCA please for everyone to see. I would like to see the list of all the channels Gillson has shut down and I will have no problem submitting that information to the right people; however, I do not see a list so 100′s? I believe is a bit inflated don’t you?? LOL!

      • Lala

        Let me correct myself, 100′s of videos (not channels) over the past year. Some of the flagging attempts have been successful and others haven’t. It’s all based on statistics of channel views, how long the video has been up as well as subs. It’s all computer automated. Most of the people making video responses (Yes video responses because he blocks AND CENSORS anyone with a good question or disagrees) do not have many if any subs nor are their channels well known. They are lucky to get 300 views on one video. If a video goes up he doesn’t like or disagrees with and it has only 20 views and it is flagged say 10 times (50% of views) for whatever reason then the video will automatically be taken down. If this happens to the user more than 3 times in a certain period of time then the account will be terminated. He persistently looks on the web for NEW videos about him. He is completely obsessed with silencing others and his tween minion followers do whatever he tells them. That is how flagging works.

        Now as for one reason Donny’s channel was taken down is because of the copyright law. Has nothing to do with flagging. He had at least 25 false copyright claims against several YouTube users. They all countered the claims and WON. Filing false copyright claims is a federal crime under the Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act section under 512(f) and YouTube MUST abide by the law and the users of YouTube must abide by it as well. It specifically states this on YouTube’s policies on copyright infringement page. This entire debacle has nothing to do with the freedom of speech. His channel was shut down due to his lack of legal knowledge and not someone complaining about his channel. If it were that easy people’s channels would be disappearing by the thousands on YouTube DAILY! Point being it wasn’t a small group of (government paid shills) as he would say. Although I’m sure he would like to think he is that important.

        There are also more than likely several reasons why his channel was shut down. In conjunction with the above reason, his perpetual use of other peoples images and content claiming it as his own. I wouldn’t be surprised if certain individuals, Neumayer, SOHO, NASA.. or any of the other images he steals and puts his name on have put out their own copyright claims against him. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a serious federal investigation going on right now. However, I do not wish that upon him.

        With all that being said, in my own opinion, it wasn’t a group of shills working for the government. Donny is completely delusional to actually believe the government has time for him. His research is complete nonsense and childish. NOTHING he puts out was backed up with any REAL FACTS! For Donny to actually believe it’s some government operation makes him look even more ridiculous. To even insinuate the gov is involved is quite frankly the most outlandish thing I have ever heard and completely laughable. He is a hypocrite and deserved every bit of what happened to him. Had he never censored his channel and copied other people’s material I’m willing to bet money NONE of this would have ever happened. With that being said, he did this to himself and he is the reason his channel was terminated.

        Donny Gillson just wants to be famous and has an over inflated ego who is NEVER wrong. Sorry to say Donny but 10k subs is nothing in the world of YouTube. Especially when you use automated software to gain subs. Half of them don’t even watch your show and the other half are watching how ridiculous you are. I would say maybe 500 of those subs are “with you” (if that) and just as delusional as you. More than likely they are very young and easily persuaded with false information because they have no education about science (just like you). I’ve only seen a couple of his videos and none of them have anything to do with scientific facts. It was quite entertaining to see a grown man actually making this stuff up though. Cheers!

        • Anonymous

          See this is exactly what I call disinformation. Which is Ms. Lala hundreds of people or hundreds of copyrights? See if you read this entire article you will see that you fall under that same aspects of what a shill is. Now, you may not be paid; however, by the looks you have some sort of agenda. See, Gillson is not the only one that has ever used any pictures of Neumeyer Station for many channels seems to be covering that area. Also, if I remember correctly the MSNBC, Yahoo, and photo of the weather balloon had the authors name splashed all over it. The maker which is not Neumeyer Station it is actually The Alfred Wegner Institute that owns the material and according to their own website the photos in antartica are public domain.

          Also, the photos used by NASA are also considered public domain. So, I would double check your facts on these claims that Gillson has stolen any image. Also i believe that Gillson places just his name on them. I have never seen anything that shows he has copyrighted these images. I believe this is some sort of weak effort to discredit Gillson. I would also like to know more about these so called copyright claims.

          Do you have actual proof of this? Have you seen any of this yourself and could I see documented proof on this? You ask Gillson for proof of things. I believe it is only fair for you to provide proof of all of these claims. I seem to remember that these so called sites that have been taken down also used images from Neumayer Station, NASA, SOHO, and other sites to try and discredit Gillson’s claims.

          I am wondering if that is not the reason those sites where taken down and that Gillson really had nothing to do with it and these shills are just strategically placing blame on Gillson. See, what i am trying to get across here is you have no proof, you have no solid evidence against Gillson. Like you he has a right to speak his mind. If you do not like what he states then simply do not listen.

          I am not defending Gillson; however, I do believe from this HUGE letter written below seems to be carefully worded to make Mr. Gillson out to be the bad guy here and also a direct attack on him without any proper evidence. People tell Gillson to prove his theories well I challenge you to prove yours because it seems as though you are just all blowing hot air. I wish all you well; however, I really think you all should get a life and move on because there really does seem to be an agenda here and from the outside looking in; it is quite funny and a bit disturbing..

        • Anonymous

          So, you stating that Gillson actually has the time to flag all of these video’s strategically according to your logic here? Actually, I find it interesting how Gillson who has been able to put up on a regular basis 3-4 videos a week at a length of one to two hours. Collect all the data he presents, edit the videos, upload them, write content, do his radio shows (which I believe are 2 or 3 times a week at 3-4 hours a week.).

          Let me see here. As, I producer of many videos myself that would mean each video gillson produces would have to take at least 10 to 20 hours to produce depending on the processing time. I would say that Gillson might spend 40 hours a week producing his videos and another 9 to 12 hours a week producing his radio show. That would be at a minimium Gillson is spending 50+ hours on his work. Not to mention I believe he also spends a lot of time working and communicating with his Facebook page which also has over 2000 Subscribers to it as well. I believe that is quite an impressive number; in fact, according to your logic 10K Subs on his channel is nothing in the Youtube realm. But, when you ever look at comments that are negative either the user is a closed channel or has just 3 or 4 subs and very limited video viewed.

          So, I ask you how does this logic that you are presenting about how Gillson flags videos work out? I just do not see the time Gillson would put in to do such a thing. It simply just does not add up. Hell, I maybe off base here but your math is illogical and more down the lines of you understanding how it works and that the effort would be more put on the shills then Gillson. People are going to believe what they wish; however, from the looks of it; eventhough, I may not agree with 100 percent of what Gillson puts out there. He seems to me to be a stand up guy and defending himself from a targeted effort by an organized group of people. It also makes me wonder why Gillson has shown in his videos before targeted email threats as well towards him and his family.

          Now, either Gillson is lieing about this and what we have witnessed in his videos are just some sort of way to organize drama and efforts to close down channels and block, as you say, others freedom of speech. The last time I checked Youtube channels are able to be controlled by the user. This is why there is controls over comments, and other aspects of the channel. As, I see it you people have a little rock up your butt and also crying like little children. As I have said before this is quite interesting to see this all play out because the wording of all of these so called attacks on Gillson seem so scripted to me. If you read this article you can see that the Confessions of a Shill is text book of what you little children are doing.

          As I say, move on and find a new person to attack, how about all the other NIBTARDS that are doing the same thing Gillson is doing or better yet the people that are debunking them using the same images, same programs, and other aspects that seem to be copyrighted as well. If what you are stating is true then all of the Nibiru videos on YOUTUBE should be removed. Also, may I add that there are channels on YOUTUBE that are carrying full length movies, music videos, and other copyrighted material. NONE of these are being attacked by an organized effort. So, I ask why is this? Because there is no reason to because it is not on the shill’s list because it is not about a possible hidden agenda by the government.

        • Anonymous

          You are still giving Gillson way to much credit. You think that he has the power to control his subs to flag videos?? Now, that would make Gillson very powerful; however, with that logic does it not look the same in reverse? If Gillson has made an organized effort to shut others down. To me, if logic is correct here, it would look as though there was an organized effort to shut Gillson’s channel down as well.

          Since the only way to shut down a channel is by flagging videos. Since Gillson I know had hundreds of videos it would be easily done by an organized effort. I am just pointing out your logic here and how you state flagging is done. Seems to me you know more about it then you should..Why is that??

          Well, because I would not doubt you are a part of the organized effort and are here making sure that people understand how it is done and blaming Gillson for it when the shills aka trolls are doing the same thing. To me it sounds like there is a HUGE agenda to silence just one man? Why is that??

          • Anonymous

            I will also add once last thing…You state that Gillson uses his minions to take down channels but then you state you do not understand why none of his supporters are here to stand up for him? I don’t understand that one either?? How can he have so much power to shut down channels, with his so called minions he sends out to flag videos but no one seems to be on here defending him. With your logic you would think they would be all over these articles to defend him as well to show their support??

            See, I only see what I believe are organized shills posting here. I am voicing my opinion as a neutral observer. However, I just need to understand these statements you claim Gillson does when..As I look at it…there is no one here other than you, a couple other naysayers and myself…Seems like those minions are out to lunch right now or something..NO WAIT! Gillson has told them to back off to make it look like he is making all of this up. COME ON REALLY??

            See, your whole thought process lacks evidence and is complete heresay. There is no evidence and all you want to do is harrass this man and bring him down. Let it be an move on children you put way to much effort into this. I see your comments all over youtube. I hardly ever see Gillson make a comment on any video on youtube; however, when videos that are placed up in defense of Gillson people flock to it and make sure they call him some sort of mental case, sociopath, or other demeaning remarks. I mean really?? WHO CARES?? I even saw that a comment stated he should not even be walking this earth?? So, the way I look at that is a threat of possible taking him out. What next? Are you all planning his murder now? We shall see.

            • Areyoukiddingme?

              Ok, here’s some proof I found on a website. These are Gillson’s OWN Words, taken from one of his videos and his radio show:

              “Well, well, well, it seems like we have a little, little of a person called LadyHarleyRider1213 that wishes to take down one of my videos when we talked about, ah, basically her trying to debunk our, our stuff, the stuff we made, that, that we put together and she took down my, ah, twelve, my, my, ah, which video was it here? I’m sorry, my 6/17 Nibiru, ELC20049-DNY, ah, for a little bit of a, ah, where I ah showed her 32 degrees of Manipulation. No problem, she can, she can do it, now what they’re trying to do is they’re trying, they’re trying to not get the truth out, guys. They’re trying NOT to get the truth out but you know what? “WE own the night, and we WILL take care of it”.

              Pay particular attention to the WE WILL TAKE CARE OF IT. And then there’s this:

              “I tell you, talk about hypocrites? Everybody calls me a hypocrite? ah, but that they wanna file a copyright claim on my own research which I find hilarious because this just shows everybody to the world how much of idiots these people are because they do not want the truth to come out. LadyHarleyRider1213 I’m gonna get your number, I’m, they didn’t even give me your address or your name, or anything, who you are, so that proves to me that you’re hiding. But I WILL find out who you are and I WILL get out all your information on my own radio show, SO, YOU BETTER STOP WHILE YOU’RE AHEAD, and that’s not a threat its a promise and that’s, that’s, that’s a, virtually, if you wanna start filing copyright claims against me, because of my own research and you’re calling me 32° of Manipulation? Well, you know what? The War is on on Freedomizer”.

              “I tell ya, I am so sick and tired of this stuff. You either start working with me or the war is on LadyHarleyRider, why don’t you, LadyHarleyRider1213, why doesn’t everybody just kind of go over and give her a little bit of a little message stating if she wants to start blocking the truth or she needs to wake up and smell the coffee”.

              Now, keep in mind that this LadyHarleyRider had filed a legitimate copyright claim, the channel in question was taken down on 7/2/12. That night on his radio show Gillson said:

              This quote is from his 7/2/2012 show at 5:50 minutes into the show:

              “… as you know I’ve been dealing with some uh… uh… some… you know… some copyright type of stuff uh… on my uh, YouTube channel, and I tell you the power of all of you guys, I have to say Thank You. All I have to say is Thank You. You did what you needed to do. You got it done. Uh… and uh… I ASKED YOU TO DO IT, AND YOU DID IT, and uh, I can’t believe how blessed I am of people that I have that are uh… behind the scenes, uh, in front of the scenes, and people that are… and of course Freedomizer Radio.”

              Considence? I don’t think so, I think that he did indeed ask his listeners to target and falsely flag that channel for the sole purpose of taking it down and silencing this person.

            • Areyoukiddingme?

              I was doubtful at first, but I watched the video and listened to the radio show in the archives for myself. Those are his exact words.

            • Anonymous

              One of the BIGGEST reasons he went around filing these false copyright claims. I say false because Donny never OWNED actual copyrights. He thought just because he put the © symbol in his Youtube profile description and just saying his stuff is copyrighted doesn’t make it so. He would do the same with his pictures and trying to put his name with a year on it, but again that doesn’t grant him actual copyright privileges. He doesn’t understand that he has to go and pay a fee and fill out paperwork and submit it for approval to get an actual valid copyright. The “music” he says he has or owns the copyright to is false as well. I have contacted the actual lady that does the song/music he used in his videos and she stated that “yes she did give him permission to use in his videos” but that was it, also the music that he uses is no longer copyrighted and is now public domain. So if he was trying to use that as a basis for his copyright claims then they weren’t valid because for one he never owned the actual copyrights, was just allowed to use it, as well as now it being public domain or free to use/get.

              OK, now back to the REASON he would go around and file all these false copyright claims was just so he could try and get the persons personal information, like their full name, address, phone, etc so he could threaten them to release their information on his radio show and or release their information on his Facebook page. There is a video that SHOWS his threats to a lady on Youtube telling her how he would release her information on his radio show because he has free reign and couldn’t do it on Youtube because it was against their TOS.

              Which is another funny story. He goes and threatens and in some cases has released people’s private personal information on his Facebook and then someone went and did the same exact thing to him and released his full name, address information online and Donny goes and blows a gasket freaking out because of it and says how it’s not right and how wrong it is and the whole crybaby tantrums that he does because it happened to him. Though, he must of completely forgot how he was perfectly fine and had no issues with doing the same exact thing to others? How can someone actually live like that, where they have no problem doing things onto others, but then when it comes back and happens to him then he completely freaks out and cries how wrong it is and was? It just baffles me?

              However he has admitted on several occasions how he is bi-polar, which is clearly evident as he has completely freaked out while he has been on his radio show hollering and screaming at people in a fit of rage.

              Yes this man needs help and medications probably, but more importantly he needs to remain off of Youtube and I believe once your account has been terminated due to TOS violations like is the case here in Donny’s situation as he clearly pointed out in his letter to Youtube and not due to people flagging or attacking his channel like he’s trying to make people into believing, then you are no longer eligible for any other Youtube accounts. It’ll just be a matter of time before ALL his other accounts are reported and follow the same fate as his original account.

              Donny Gillson has to many personal and real life problems and issues to be worrying about a Youtube account.

            • Anonymous

              I find this funny that the whole sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me is being played out here. So, what if Gillson has called a person a C–nt. I believe I have seen threads by this so called celticprincess person calling Gillson a fat ass cry baby, a sociopath, a wife beater, and many other names as well. As I have mentioned in all my previous arguments. Why is it that people can say horrible things about Gillson and I mean HORRIBLE things..but when he lashes out that he is considered some sort of evil deity? This makes no sense to me whatever.

              I ask the reader and listener to really know there are two sides to the stories. Now, I do not think Gillson should have used that word, but, here is the point you guys do cling to his every word. You are stating below that he brags about it on his radio show??? So what did Gillson do some huge segment on calling some person a C-nt and you were just happened to be there to listen to his show?? Why listen to his words if you are so offended by them? Why give him the time of day. You know that each person that he has listening to his show ups his ratings within Blog talk Radio??? His radio show is a Featured program on Blog talk and that is not an easy feat to get. You know why he gets this is because you fuel the fire. You promote his antics. You are the ones putting your feat in your mouth.

              It is so funny to watch this go down. If Gillson did in fact state this on his radio show then that means either you were paying very close attention to the show or you were there trolling his radio show to find something specific you can use against him on some sort of Youtube channel and or bashing on articles such as this. You are just as pathetic as you are making Gillson out to be? This is why I am convinced as a person that has done the same thing you have to others. That this is an organized effort to bring down Mr. Gillson it is so obvious. You would not continue to spend your time to expose a man that poses no threat to the community or humanity as a whole if there was no inside agenda here.

            • Anonymous

              None of his “supporters” are here because he has none. Donny gloats about his subscriber numbers, but what he doesn’t tell you is that he went and PAID FOR HIS SUBSCRIBERS. He used sites and services like where you pay a fee to get some many subscribers. He also used that to have praising, ass kissing comments to be left on his channels because even though he bought subscribers they weren’t actually watching his videos or leaving comments. That is one of the biggest reasons he is trying so hard to get his account back up because he spent a lot of money trying to up his numbers.

              You don’t see thousands upon thousands of his “supporters” listening to his radio show. He averages less than 40 people in his chat room when he’s on the air. That always ends up dropping to around 20-30 people after the first 30-60 minutes.

              Donny Gillson will sometimes allow ratings on his videos, but once there are more thumbs down than up ratings he goes and disables them. He also used to allow comments under his videos and would just censor, remove, block, and ban people that weren’t praising and kissing his ass. Eventually there started to be very few people actually agreeing and praising him and his ego and more people commenting on his insane theories, false predictions, his strange imagination, and or more “negative” comments then he just did away with those as well and disabled comments entirely.

              Donny also goes and stalks other peoples channels that he calls trolls or his “usual suspects” to see what is being said about him and what videos are debunking and exposing him for the fraud and fake that he is. He will also spam hateful comments on their channels and on their video comments (he’ll REALLY go after females more aggressively and call them extremely foul and hurtful names that no female should be called) and will try and cover his tracks so others can’t see that hate he leaves on peoples comments and channels, but 99% of the time they have gotten screen shots of the messages/comments he has left to be able to show everyone even though he will go and manually delete his comments.

              A lot of you guys and gals have absolutely NO IDEA how the true Donny Gillson is. He basically is just putting on an image when he goes into his crybaby mode crying how he is always being attacked for no reason and how he never does anything to anyone, but is completely the opposite in real life and behind the scenes. He goes and says things out of the bible like not to be judging others and the only people they should be judging are themselves, yet he will go and call people that he has never met or even know disinfo agents, psyop cia agents, fear mongers, etc.

              For example a person named Alfred Webre goes and tells Donny that Zecharia Sitchin guy who wrote about Planet X was a complete disinfo agent and the whole Planet X was a complete lie and hoax started by Zecharia and how he worked for the CIA and all kinds of misinformation and just completely slandering this persons image who has died by the way and not here to speak up for himself, but Donny goes along with it just because Alfred said so. No proof, no anything. So how can he tell people not to judge others, but it’s perfectly fine for him to go ahead and judge a guy that is no longer living and try and discredit this person that he’s never even met, just because Alfred said so?

              There has been more than a few people coming here saying the same things about this insane, evil, twisted, demented man and or having the same kind of stories about him, yet people think it’s just people making things up about him? Get a clue. Its clearly obvious that this guy needs help and doesn’t need to be on here begging people to try and get his YouTube account back up so he can go back to his horrible ways and spreading more fear mongering disinformation.

              Donny Gillson needs to just pack it up and head on out because no one really cares about him like he thinks or wants to think they do.

              If you want more proof, examples, information about this UrsuAdams character also known as Donny Gillson? Then go do searches on YouTube and even on google and you will surely find even more information and similar stories, examples, and your proof you are looking for.

              Things wouldn’t be so bad for him if he actually practiced what he preaches and does the things he goes and tries to tell others to do and or act.

            • Areyoukiddingme?

              “Mr. Alfred Weber who is a respected Judge and Author of the great country of Canada”

              You mean this Alfred L. Webre? He is NOT a Judge, neither in the US (where he is still legally a citizen) nor Canada.

              Webre entered Yale University in 1960 and graduated in 1964 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Administration Honors. Webre’s interest in law brought him to continue his education and to graduate from Yale Law School, where Webre had national scholarship, with a Juris Doctor in International law in 1967. While studying at Yale Law School, he was also an Assistant in Instruction at the Economics Department of the U.S. Federal Taxation at Yale University (1965–1967). In 1967-1968, Webre traveled to Montevideo, Uruguay and became a Fulbright Scholar in Economic Integration. In 1993, he entered the University of Texas at Brownsville and graduated with a Master of Education in Counseling in 1997.

              Law, Science, Economics, and Eduction, these in no way indicate that he is a Judge. Oh, wait there is this:

              He is listed as a “Judge” on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC), also known as the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, which is a Malaysian organisation established in 2007 by Mahathir Mohamad to investigate war crimes. The former United Nations Special Rappporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers, Param Cumaraswamy, has suggested the tribunal is a private enterprise with no legal basis and questions its legitimacy. The tribunal does not have a UN mandate or recognition, no power to order arrests or impose sentences, and it is unclear that its verdicts have any but symbolic significance.

              Note they have NO UN Mandate or Recoginition, NO POWER to order arrests or impose sentences…So, basically a Kangaroo Court. Right?

            • Anonymous

              See, this is exactly what i am getting at. Now, you have shifted the energy to discredit Mr. Webre. Gee, I wonder why that would be? I have asked specific questions in my following post about Mr. Gillson and none of those were attended to. The reason why I bet is because you can not counter debate the question with an honest answer. This is because none of your logic makes sense. I never stated that Webre was a Canadian. The only thing I stated was that he lived in the great country of Canada. This is just a prime example of how you and others twist the wording around and when it does not suit your agenda; you will take something else and shift the conversation to a different tactic. The reason why i understand this is because I used to do exactly what you have done to others throughout the years.

              Mr. Webre so be it if it is considered a kangaroo court he at least is exposing the evil cabal that has thrown the United States of America into a downward spiral; in fact, Webre is a judge on the 9/11 Tribunal that just took place in Vancouver, British Columbia and come this next Labor Day the gaval will be dropped and indictments will be made. This is exactly why Mr. Gillson is being attacked is because of his relationship with Mr. Webre and their quest to expose the CIA operatives within the US Government. I do believe that I would also consider Webre a supporter of Gillson’s; along with, a great other many people he has brought to his network. Not limited to the Great grand daughter of a former United States President.

              Your argument in regards to support is actual a void issue and has not support. I may not support Gillson in what he sometimes says with his wackey pseudo-science; however, many great men were considered wack jobs and heckled just as much if not more than what Gillson has received. I also would challenge any of you to actually have the balls to come out with your full name, facial profile, and try to expose this evil cabal and terrible things that have happened for centuries around this world instead of focusing your energies on Gillson.

              Gillson maybe a nut job, I have no idea since I do not know him personally, but he has every right to speak out against the suppression that each human has experienced including you and your family. I actually applaud Gillson for having the balls to put his name out there and do what he does. It does take a lot of balls to do it and put up with the abuse that he has received as well and keeps on trucking on. As, I mentioned earlier I have ask specific question to your so called evidence and which you can clearly see by looking at other channels that target Gillson….It is the same exact M.O. everywhere. Attack him as a psychopath, ego maniac, non-supported, women abusing asshole. Again, I ask you why do you care? If he poses no threat to anyone including not having any so called supporters or people who do not listen to his radio show. Why is it you would even waste your life on any of this??

              Well, this is a real easy answer and as a person that has been where you are it is simple. He poses a threat to the lies and the deception that have gone on with this World Government for way to long. It is a last ditch effort to try and bring a man down that should pose no threat to you if what you are stating is true and fact. I would ask any reader who has read all of these post to ask yourself. What truly is going on here? Why will posters not answer specific question and actually switch energies from one subject to another?

              In my humble opinion there is something deeper going on here. This is probably one of the most interesting threads I have participated in for the simple reason as you can clearly see the M.O. of each comment the posters try to show against Gillson. You can even see that I have some sort of agenda by my careful wording and bringing out the M.O. of the opposition. See, reader this is how it works. Pay attention Gillson is not the problem here. He, is just a voice of many, but, you still have to ask why Gillson is so targeted and as a person that has been on the other side of the coin it really gets me wondering.

              The posters can not attack the information that Gillson, Webre, Moore, or any of these so called doomsdayers, positive timeliners, or what every you wish to call them. There is something deeper going on here or they would not continue coming back. I also noticed that the person called “areyoukiddingme” seemed to be putting in her two cents on this subject on both articles released about Mr. Gillson. This shill would have to be this so called LadyHarleyRider because she made a comment that; in fact, it was her channel that was shut down. I do not see that comment anymore on here; however, I did screen shot it and now she is playing it off like she knows nothing.

              I also am concerned about how his radio show has been transcripted and to me that seems as though a lot of effort is going on to listen to precise information that Gillson speaks about on his talk show. I believe Gillson says that the stalkers listen to his every word. Well, these posters seem to state that what Gillson puts out is NEVER FACT; however, I would believe that to be a pretty factual statement that they hang to his everyword if they know specific time stamps, transcript his speaking, and dates of which these radio shows were produced.

              This is why I say there is something deeper and darker going on her. I believe Gillson mix of theology and scattered astronomy is entertaining to say the least. But, he has really cause no harm to anyone group or to any one person. I know, I know your going to come back and say what about the young girl that committed suicide after what Gillson stated. Well, if that was true don’t you think there would be some sort of investigation going on my not only the local police but the FBI as well? See, there is no evidence to this claim it is just a fabricated story to make a last ditch effort to make Gillson look as though he is causing major problems throughout the young people community. The major problem with your theories here are you specifically have stated that Gillson has no supporters and has no one listening to his radio show. I ask how could a child be influenced by Gillson if in fact you guys state that Gillson poses no threat and the only reason why we are attacking him is because of false DMCA’s.

              This is very interesting that people would try to expose him as a person that has conspired to assist in a suicide of young woman, has had major mental health issues, and has not evidence or scientific claims to back his so called theories. This is where you guys run into a problem with your argument on this subject. What would any of that do with just false flagging a video for copyright. I believe, as I mentioned before, that the trolls channels have partaked in the same type of Infringment by using specific photos from Neumayer Station, SOHO, Stereo, and other websites to promote your theories against Gillson’s claims. This is obvious if you even look at the screen shots and thumb nails of any video which tries to debunk Gillson’s claims. If I am not mistaking if you type in LadyHarleyRider into youtube you will see that the same fate fell upon her channel. This could not happen because of flagging by Gillson’s minions it was Youtube showing that she was using copyrighted material from specific websites that she does not own the copyright too. It has nothing to do with a Gillson campaign to bring down her channel it is because of the same actions that you state brought down Gillson’s channel.

              I see more and more comments harshly speaking about Mr. Gillson than any abuse that you state that he has attacked others in some organized effort. I also see a pattern with all of the video campaigns against Gillson and other Nibiru end of the world Youtubers and Talk show hosts. I again ask you and emplore you to take your energy and place it somewhere else. Attack the evil cabal stand up for the lies and deceit you live under everyday. If you do not then you are blinded and working for them not against them and to me this would be very troubling to know that you have chosen the wrong side of the coin. May god have mercy on your soul. God Bless.

            • Areyoukiddingme?

              Actually I only responded to your claims that Webre was a “Judge”. As to Moore. I don’t believe a word he says either, but at least he doesn’t censure people. He allows people to say what’s on their minds and speak their piece.

              As to Gillson and you’re statement “I see more and more comments harshly speaking about Mr. Gillson than any abuse that you state that he has attacked others in some organized effort”… I honestly don’t think this is an “organized effort”… More like a lot of people who Gillson has abused who are speaking thier minds. There’s a big difference.

              “If I am not mistaking if you type in LadyHarleyRider into youtube you will see that the same fate fell upon her channel. This could not happen because of flagging by Gillson’s minions it was Youtube showing that she was using copyrighted material from specific websites that she does not own the copyright too”

              As to the above statement, I KNOW the person in question. I’ve seen her work, I know where she got her work, and she did NOT use any of Gillson’s stuff. She simply did what he said over and over in his videos… She took the coordinates that he gave and checked them out for herself, and the made videos showing her findings. He has said multiple videos “I’ve given you the coordinates guys, check them out for your selves”. It is not, in any way, shape or form, a copyright violation to write down notes/coordinates and then check them out. Gillson has recently gone so far as to claim she shut her own channel down just to make him look bad (listen to his broadcast on 8/25/12 on Truth Frequencey Radio). I will tell you I have SEEN THE LETTER FROM YOUTUBE informing her that her channel was shut down. All it takes is for people to falsely flag a number of videos as inappropriate and depending on the number of views on the videos (in this case less than 500 views) it doesn’t take more than 10 to 20 people to get a video shut down. YouTube runs on an automated system. There is no one to review whehter the flagged information was actually inappropriate or not. The letter from YouTube states “inappropriate” content, which was also not the case. Refuting claims of mystical planets or systems with black holes attached to them is not inappropriate.

              Like I’ve said, I’ve heard the proof. If you don’t want to check it out that’s up to you, but the proof, as they say, is out there. This is the way that Gillson operates.

            • Anonymous

              So big deal what I saw earlier about him…which looks like it has been taken off by the powers that be at Before Its News was way worse that what Ii am seeing here. He has every right to defend his theories and defend his network. I see a hint of jeolousy towards Gillson.

              I also believe he was quoting a particular movie with “We own the Night and we will take care of it” I am not sure where that is a quote from but I do believe it is a quote from a TV show or Movie. Again, I believe people just take Gillson’s word’s twist them to their own agenda. I have also noticed people are running down the statement he said he was “GOD” or something to that aspect. You can clearly hear him laughing his ass of after he made the statement which I have noticed has also been taken out of context to destroy this man’s character and get him removed off radio and youtube.

              To me as an outsider looking in you guys really need to find something better to do with your time. Even responding back to my post shows that you are checking back to see if any one has commented to your accusations. I believe that actually goes along with the MO of a shill.

              Just stating what I find because I will admit I am also a paid shill to defend the other side of the coin. Which is neather you or Gillson’s stupid agendas. We have much more to work on then persecuting Gillson for some little words being spoken. What are we all in highschool here?? I am mean really..Sticks and stones…LOL!

            • Areyoukiddingme?

              Actually those are his words in one of his videos. I have a copy of it. I also downloaded the radio show so I have that too, even though the last time I looked he had taken it out of the archives. But it may be back up, although, like most of his videos, the incriminating statements may have been edited out. But, I have the originals.

      • Lala

        Speaking of censorship I find it very peculiar that my comments as well as others who have made valid NON confrontational statements HAVE BEEN REMOVED! WOW! This is site is a joke!

    • Anonymous

      You are a bunch of children lol wow

    • Anonymous

      It is impossible for a writer of any news channel to remove their comments on Before Its News. i am sure things have been flagged as spam and the site took the information down because it got so many hits of SPAM by trolls/shills.

    • TheTruthResearcher

      I’m also surprised to note that you state that BIN is supporting you. I gather then that they are willing to become complicate in the facilitation of your criminal activities. I suggest you tell them the truth – the whole truth. Not you’re twisted manipulated versions that you make up as you go.

      Have a nice day. :cool:

    • TheTruthResearcher

      @Lala Excellent commentary. I totally agree with all you say.

    • TheTruthResearcher

      LOL… Removing my comments – typical. Not to worry. I have them elsewhere. The fact is that when you engage in criminal activity as you have been doing, your backside gets bitten.

    • tibisound

      a day before 2012 2012
      a day after air 0911’01 and water 0311’11 is fire 1222’12 no?

    • TheTruthResearcher

      Donny, why aren’t you telling folk the truth as to why you were shut down. Let me repost the emails you took down so folk can see the truth for themselves.

    • TheTruthResearcher

      Donny, why aren’t you telling folk the truth as to why you were shut down. Let me repost the emails you took down so folk can see the truth for themselves.

      15 Aug

      to YouTube
      Dear YouTube

      Thank you for your communication.

      Please note that in accordance with Scottish Law, I have filed a Summary Cause action against Donald Ernest Gillson at Livingston Sheriff Court.

      Please also note that the address provided by Donald Gillson is criminally fraudulent. He has not resided at this address for quite some time.

      Kindest regards,
      Kevin Stewart.

      And another….

      15 Aug

      to YouTube

      Thank you for your communication.

      As you will no doubt be aware, under the provision of the DMCA, it is a criminal offense to knowingly submit fraudulent information.

      I also believe that YouTube would not condone or facilitate such acts of fraud and deception since it states that it WILL terminate accounts of users who do so.

      Therefore please take time to look at the various addresses on each counter claim that Mr. Gillson has cited.

      I know his full address and it is NOT:

      Donald Gillson 281 5th Street East SAINT PAUL, Minnesota 55101

      Nor is it..

      Donald Gillson 5020 Cocoa Ave Reno, Nevada 89506

      Please act immediately.

      Furthermore I am have now submitted Summary Cause claims in my local Sheriff Court.

      Kevin Stewart.
      Dave Wilson

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