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By Alton Parrish (Reporter)
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Shocking Solar System News And What Is This Red Winged Planet Just Found Out There

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The early years of our Solar System were a turbulent time, and questions remain about its development. Dr Tagir Abdylmyanov, Associate Professor from Kazan State Power Engineering University, has been researching shockwaves emitted from our very young Sun, and has discovered that these would have caused the planets in our Solar System to form at different times.

Solar emissions rippling outward from our new-born Sun would have produced rings of material destined to form the planets. 
Artist’s impression of a baby star still surrounded by a protoplanetary disc in which planets are forming. Using ESO’s very successful HARPS spectrograph, a team of astronomers has found that Sun-like stars which host planets have destroyed their lithium much more efficiently than planet-free stars. 

Credit: ESO/L. Calçada.
This finding does not only shed light on the low levels of this chemical element in the Sun, solving a long-standing mystery, but also provides astronomers with a very efficient way to pick out the stars most likely to host planets. It is not clear what causes the lithium to be destroyed. The general idea is that the planets or the presence of the protoplanetary disc disturb the interior of the star, bringing the lithium deeper down into the star than usual, into regions where the temperature is so hot that it is destroyed.

Abdylmyanov has modeled the movements of particles in fluids and gases in the gas cloud from which our Sun accreted. His work suggests our new-born Sun emitted a series of shockwaves that rippled out into the remaining material. This created a series of debris rings around the Sun that accreted over millions of years into planets. 

The research indicates that the first series of shockwaves during short but very rapid changes in solar activity would have created the proto-planetary rings for Uranus, Neptune, and dwarf planet Pluto. Jupiter, Saturn, and the asteroid belt would have come next during a series of less powerful shockwaves. Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars would have formed last, when the Sun was far calmer. This means that our own planet is one of the youngest in the Solar System. 

Solar shockwaves would have produced proto-planetary rings at different times, meaning the planets did not form simultaneously.  Astronomers have been able to study planet-forming discs around young Sun-like stars in unsurpassed detail, using ESO’s Very Large Telescope. The studied discs were known to have gaps in the dusty discs (represented by the brownish color in the image) but the astronomers found that gas is still present inside these gaps (represented by the white color in the image). This can either mean that the dust has clumped together to form planetary embryos, or that a planet has already formed and is in the process of clearing the gas in the disc.
Credit: ESO.

“The planets formed in intervals – not altogether, as was previously thought,” Abdylmyanov explains. “It is difficult to say exactly how much time would have separated these groups, but the proto-planetary rings for Uranus, Neptune and Pluto would have likely formed very close to the Sun’s birth. 3 million years later and we would see the debris ring destined to form Saturn. Half a million years after this we would see something similar but for Jupiter. The asteroid belt would have begun to form about a million years after that, and another half a million years on we would see the very early stages of Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.” 
This research could be an important step toward understanding not only our Solar System, but those forming around distant stars.  Disks around young stars (also known as circumstellar or protoplanetary disks) are thought to be made up of 99% gas and 1% dust. Even that small amount of dust is enough to make the disks opaque and dark at visible wavelengths. The dark disk is seen in this image because they are silhouetted against the bright backdrop of the hot gas of the Orion nebula.
Credit: Mark McCaughrean (Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy), C. Robert O’Dell (Rice University), and NASA/ESA.

Abdylmayanov hopes that this research will help us understand the development of planets around distant stars. “Studying the brightness of stars that are in the process of forming could give indications as to the intensity of stellar shockwaves. In this way we may be able to predict the location of planets around far-flung stars millions of years before they have formed.” 

Contacts and sources: 
Dr Tagir Abdylmyanov 


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    • watertiger

      Obama’s October surprise……….Nibiru!!!

      • Ozzie_Thinker

        According to Lloyd Pye’s calculations Nibiru is 2,200 years in an orbit away from us which crosses our path every 3,600+/- years. This means there is at least a millenia to go before Planet X will materialise assuming the calculations are correct. It is apparently a very much larger planet – maybe 50 times our size and we were formed when it colided with Tiamat. The other chunk is known as Venus. Debris created the asteroid belt, which also contains the remains of 2 destroyed Earth moons.

        There are problems with the “orbit” of Nibiru as it is not influenced by the sun. If it was extremely heavy, that could be explained but it clearly does not run by the same rules as the known planets in our solar system.

        • whitebear

          I like Mr Pye and his work with the Star Child Skull but this is of course very nearly 2200 years away from the Sumerian text that I’ve studied.

          I think maybe one of you are mistaken.

    • mmkkpro

      Looks like the winged planet described from sumarians,eqyptians,ancient kelts,many indian tribes not to mention soothsayers,reckon we will find out soon enough,i think this object exists and is partly causing earth changes thar are excellerating,all these earthquakes,sinkholes,strong storms,the ring of fire is very active,if this comes to pass and there are survivors,hopefully a positive awakening will take place but a lot of dark energy is at work,its a facinating time to be alive.

    • Anonymous


    • youngneill

      unbelievable , ! game on alton lol

    • Thomas

      Look guys, if you put all the pieces together today and watch 2012, you will see they are predicting a 23degree earth crust shift to the south west making Wisconsin the South Pole after the polar reversal.. This is why the USA has been gutted, Denver has been built, and why ELENIN last year was a dry run to get out of dodge. It all starts in a city near you October, 2012. Hope you prayed those Rosaries and confessed those sins.

    • Anonymous

      Totally misleading title for this article. I did not see anything in this article about a new redwinged planet in our solar system. Shame, shame. Are you a politician? lol

    • anonymoustache

      Should be RINGED
      not winged.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Things will get interesting Thursday November 1.

      The Earth is tipped to move 4,800 miles with Rio to head south and Saudi Arabia to head north
      So you work out where the rest will be
      Angola will be “prime real estate” where the Mediterranean is now
      (Is that the reason the Chinks have built huge empty cities?)

      Pine Gap is more or less the “swivel point”

      And, yes, Denver will be the new capital of what is left of America

      say the Hidden Texts of Nostradamus

    • Anonymous

      so where’s the red wings,knobs

    • Anonymous

      How does anyone know the earth with flip and the poles will reverse? Why and how is this going to happen?

    • Anonymous

      The poles could shift and the temperature rises on the North pole and melts all the ice and then floods coastal areas.

    • Anonymous

      @Anonymous How can Rio go South and Saudi Arabis go North?

    • Old Warrior

      Ha ha..:)

    • mmkkpro

      Just try to be prepared spirituality and in your daily life,since we are the usless eaters we arnt going to get any usful information besides what we gather ourselves,those of us with the self disepline to try to keep up with these changes will have a chance at least so mant dissmiss out of hand anything happening so id rather do what i can to protect my family,and if nothing happens so what at least i sleep a little better knowing ive done all i can spiritually and physically,,most of the things we need we need anyway,i hope it will be an awakening into a higher concessness,but its going to be a white nuckle ride getting there

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