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By Steven Christ
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Still wonder if earth is flat or round? Did you know there is a better option you're never told about?

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You’ll want to watch this video a few times to study the following description of it. 
In my animation here of a my concave earth model, I depict the way the universe would look if light were actually straight and not bending up toward the center, as a result, we can see the curved trajectories of the light. I have the sun being the object of reference as each 10 frames constitutes once day or… 3 days per second. In reality it’s the celestial sphere that’s the fastest moving object in the sky, orbiting at real sidereal time – 23 hrs 56 mins 4 secs. But since i locked the right ascension of the sun, the other moving objects orbit in reference to it’s position. Hence we see the moon orbiting in a false clockwise rotation, since it’s slower than the sun as it make one dirurnal orbit every 24 hrs and 50 minutes. I did not depict the oscillating analemma movement of the sun, since this side view angle wouldn’t reveal it too well. We see two transparent glass spheres here surrounding the celestial sphere. A larger glass sphere with ice is outside the picture frame closer to the ground. We have a sphere for the moon, and a sphere for the sun and planets, in which the 22 and 46 degrees halos that we see sometimes in the sky are atmospheric products of. 

The sun, behind its own glass sphere, emanates its light as it splays out and spreads, as it hits the glass, while the light continues outward, it makes an onion shape in front of the sun, and then bends around backward to hit the celestial sphere perpendicularly. The sunlight always returns to the central octahedron, while acting as a giant magnetic resonant absorptive antenna, which continues the circuit of light up the northern end, across the high arm of light on the northern side of the octahedron, and returning back to the back of the sun. Hence we have a closed circuit. This is a more reasonable explanation to the heliocentric model, as the sun’s magnetic field lines actually return TO the sun, instead of wandering aimlessly throughout a vast billion light year universe. 
It’s more reasonable and intuitive to understand the sun’s declination rate is consistent with a cylindrical oscillating orbit with natural spring-like acceleration and deceleration at the extremities.  Rather than a tilted spinning, wobbling earth orbiting a distant sun. 

Every reason they give you for a rotating earth is explained better and more reasonable in my model. The ether is present. It never vanished after the Michelson Morley experiment. Dayton Miller, a contemporary of M&M, spent decades proving the ether drift with more sophisticated equipment. Threatened by it and out of fear that relativity would end up in the patent clerk’s waste-bin, Einstein discredited Miller with irrelevant unreasonable objections. The ether explains everything from pendulum anomalies, to gyroscopes, to the so-called Coriolis effect to the reason we are held to the inside concave surface and to the Cavendish experiment which allegedly proved gravity. 

It’s more reasonable to conclude there is an equatorial bulge because of thermal expansion, as the sun orbits cylindrically in the tropic zone. 

The sun and moon are slghtly more than half spheres – up to 60% spheres. They were products of confinement dome expansions at the crux of creation in the middle of the octahedron where an opposing bowl primer field apparatus was set up. This explains libration, seeing up to 59% of the alleged sphere of the moon as it rocks back and forth due to centripetal force. During perigee, when the moon appears larger, it is faster, thus cocking the moon a few degrees in the direction of the east to west spin. During apogee, the moon appears smaller and cocks the other way, in opposition to the east to west spin. Yet a non-sphere moon makes more reasonable sense since this prevents it from rotating. The heliocentric answer has to have the moon rotate exactly once every lunar month, which they conveniently call tidal locking. Again this is counter intuitive and unreasonable. The bending light always directs your eye to the front of the sun and moon, and it hits the celestial sphere perpendicularly, 

The glass sphere that surround the moon exhibits a negativity in refraction due to a phase conjugation that happens at that level that actually reverses the apogee and perigee and causes the moon to look flatter. 

The moon gets eclipsed when it enters the anti-solar curved opposition void zone, where, passing through glass, the light gets dispersed as the less bending red light floods the darkness funnel. This is a better more reasonable explanation than the heliocentric answer of the earth’s shadow causing lunar eclipses resorting to earth’s atmosphere creating a reddening of the sunlight, since red light bends less than the other colors of the spectrum, one could logically conclude it would be violet light flooding the eclipsed moon and not red. 
There is an anomaly called opposition surge, where a planet or the moon will be flooded with a non-linear surge of light as it enters opposition. Again in my model, it is more reasonable to conclude the curved anti-solar light is converging at the opposition zone which causes an uneven amount of noticeable illumination at that specific anti-solar region, than it is to consider the heliocentric answer of the planets’ or moon’s surface shadows being hidden when direct sunlight is cast upon them – since any alleged rough terrain on planets would be negligible at vast distances. 

My model also accurately explains the gegenschein, the anti-solar light hitting the celestial sphere – a much more reasonable answer than interplanetary dust in the heliocentric model, since there is no observed gegenscheins ghosting any other planets. 

The sun and planets are behind the inner glass sphere and the apparent large disparity of angular sizes of the planets are compensated via refraction. Hence their apogee and perigee distances are not as wide as apparently observed. Non glass reflecting telescopes claim to extinguish chromatic aberration, however chromatic aberration is still detected with earth-based reflectors. 

It’s more reasonable to believe all the planets are aligning themselves, being influenced by a magnetic elliptic band that circumscribes the celestial sphere than it is to assign them weird prodigious elliptical orbits without any reason. Hence, planetary alignment is happening all the time, not just on special occasions. 

The sun and moon, having a more relative constant proximity range, maintain roughly the same angular diameter throughout any given day due to the refraction of the glass sky, actually equalizing them, as well as utilizing faster red horizontal light verses slower blue vertical light. Sometimes I think that the divine ruse was encoded too well, taking many factors into account, using the glass heavens and curved light to camouflage this reality. 

It’s more reasonable to conclude that the sun and moon are virtually, if not exactly, the same size, than to consider the extremely unlikely “happy coincidence” of them only appearing the same scale yet the sun being 400 times larger and farther away. 

It’s much more reasonable to conclude the stars, products of multi-bubble sonoluminescence bathed in the celestial sea, are very close to us, and very tiny, than to conclude they are “light years” away. It’s reasonable to conclude the stars are not similar to the sun as well. 

We can see the constellations on the celestial sphere as well as the path of the ecliptic, which magnetically attracts the sun, moon and planets to its vicinity. We can also see the milky way band cocked at about 60 degrees, which perfectly bifurcates the celestial sphere in two, as the opposing magnetic currents in each celestial hemisphere govern the north south direction of the sun, and as the concentrated viscosity near the band governs the varying velocity of the sun. We can understand that this band exhibits polarizing current by seeing the symmetrical bi-polar planetary nebulae that are lined across the band. Planets’ moons are orbiting their planet in an thinly curved oval, being behind glass, their apparent distances and extremities are highly exaggerated. 

We see a slight bulge in the glass in front of the sun, as it’s heat expands that area and then retracts back to normal while the sun keeps traversing. This reasonably explains better the star displacement anomaly that Einstein predicted and Eddington observed. 

It’s more reasonable to conclude the stellar lensing anomalies we see are products of real glass surrounding the celestial sphere, than to attribute them to a fictitious concept called gravitational lensing, which is actually inexplicable in their model anyway. 

It all boils down to the argument of determining if there is an intelligent creator and whether it’s reasonable to conclude he intentionally and intelligently encoded a mass deception upon humanity to camouflage the simplicity of his universe, so that, to the natural human mind, one would make conclusions based upon apparent observations, all the while evading and denying intuitive reason. 
Reasonably, it is logical to conclude there is no other working model to the earth and universe than the LSC Earth model. 

For questions on how the horizon works, why we don’t see the other side of earth, what’s on the outside of earth, how the ether works, space travel, satellites, the glass sky at 100 kms high, the megacryometeors mystery solved and a lot more, you are encouraged to watch my compilation video series. 

This is the true shape of the earth, folks. You are inside the globe of earth. I am confident when you take the time to thoroughly research my model, you will most surely agree. 

Thank you friends and foes for your support and challenges. 

Steven Christopher


I challenge you all to spend half a day watching these compilaltion videos on the correct shape of the earth. You’ll be very glad you did…..



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    • 2QIK4U

      Get back in your bubble Jebus.

    • Knarlydawg

      I challenge you to spend sometime examining this video. You are fighting a losing battle. The Russians aren’t f’ing around with faking their space walks…..there’s no air bubbles to expose under water simulations with CGI back ground etc. This video single handedly destroys all of your wasted efforts on this subject.

      Sorry to deep six and splash your high flying endeavors but it is what it is. Find another passion or career !! :lol: :lol: :lol:


        Why, I just don’t understand it. Those wily Russians made the Earth look perfectly spherical in that video.

        How did those insane Soviet snapperheads do such a thing?

        :lol: :lol: :lol:

        • Knarlydawg

          It’s quite simple…..the video is valid as proof of reality until which time it is rebutted and proved to be a fraud and it stands as valid proof of a spherical earth and that the earth is neither flat or bowl shaped. Those who have produced the video have presented it as depicting reality as they experienced it and until it can be proved otherwise… is what is……visual proof of the globe earth.

          And then there’s a little back up material……

          In case you’re inclined to investigate, and this stuff is from back in 8/16 so surely there’s even more, newer material, available now. :eek: :eek: :lol: :lol:

          • BEEF SUPREME

            Help me out here, Dawg…

            Cuz it sounds to me like you’re saying everyone with eyes, and a brain, and either a computer or a calculator (or even an old fashioned abacus) — hello, anyone with a boat a camera and a piece of sting…

            …why, anyone with a chair and a few minutes free time to sit down and do some actual (or even pseudo-actual) thinking…

            …is able to come to the same conclusion?

            :?: :?: :?:

            Here’s my conclusion — the only misbegotten meatmashers who ever thought the earth was FLAT, exist today in our present age of the degradation of our species and the near total state of depravity beneath which we labor.

            None of the ancients were this stupid.


            For by so doing, not only may they see the light, but they may also learn solutions to a few of the more OBVIOUS riddles.

            And speaking of riddles, here’s a nice pseudepigraphical quotation we’ve all heard before:

            “We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False.”

            In other words: The average man is so luminously stupid we’ll be able to convince his ignorant ass the most basic facts of reality are lies.

            • Knarlydawg

              Ditto to that……and let us continue to resist that quotation ever becoming absolute truth.

            • Knarlydawg

              In all fairness, I must give Steven Christ credit for some excellent quality videos and an excellent imagination.

            • Gus Fung

              “The Earth was flat if you went too far you would fall off
              Now the Earth is round
              If the shape change again everybody woulda start laugh
              The average man can’t prove of most of the things
              That he chooses to speak of
              And still won’t research and find out
              The root of the truth that you seek of”

              -Nas & Damian Marley

          • Steven Christ

            Just clicked on 2 of your links, seems you are thinking i think earth is flat. lol.
            sorry, my model is the only working model.

    • Stefan

      I feel almost sorry for those who believe the earth is flat :-( really :-(

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