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By Deborah Dupre (Reporter)
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Update: Beware Of Court Case 'Win.' Secretly Microwave-Assaulted Targeted Individuals

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UPDATE: Sun Aug. 31 6:00 a.m. EST


The Targeted Individual “win” discussed in this article is actually only a win in terms of success in avoiding dismissal of the case.


The way those involved in this case publicized it indicated to some people they are possibly involved in manipulating false hope generated by this case.


The author extends sincere apologies to all TIs if this article has been the source of fostering such false hope.


The court will hear defendant’s evidence on September 4 before deciding whether or not to grant a restraining order.  No such decision has yet been made.  A restraining order might be granted, but this will not benefit TI’s, according to legal expert “Bob S.”


“Winning a restraining order in court can’t be of any benefit in stopping electronic harassment produced by criminals in federal agencies,” Bob S. sais in an email to Dupré Saturday. “If they put electronic transmitters in open sight and permit a TI to get a restraining order against a local perp, they can then remove the visible transmitters and continue the attacks from sources that can’t be located.”


Cointelpro tactics on steroids is what TIs are enduring.


“This and other cases like it, which may follow, will benefit the federal criminals by covering up their responsibility and making it appear that electronic attacks are a local problem created by local bad guys for which local solutions are available,” Bob S says.


This is an ongoing story. Stay tuned.


Secret Cell Tower Electromagnetic Assault Weapon Victim “Wins” Landmark Court Case


After a landmark court case, a California Targeted Individual victim of a secret cell tower radio frequency directed energy weapon, claimed winning her case in court against her perpetrator and since then, she has been inundated with other targets pleading for help.


The “win” stirred strong emotions and hope of hundreds of innocent targeted individuals, all claiming they are being attacked by secret microwave weapons used for mind control and to torture them.


Kathleen Watterson, a Targeted Individual (TI) and Levi McCann, the expert witness in her case, both in California, are now conducting triage, as hundreds of desperate innocent victims contact Watterson for help.


“We have had over a thousand emails and are ferreting out the most WINNABLE cases. This is only the beginning,” Watterson wrote to Deborah Dupré in an email Thursday. “We’re going through all of them, working to see which ones have the best chance for winning in court.


Watterson and McCann “happened to meet at their nearby Walmart” in southern California. The rest became history. As it turned out, McCann is amazingly qualified with legal expertise and electronics. It was everything Watterson needed to win her case in court.


McCann demonstrated that standard satellite dishes within a 5-mile radius of Watterson’s home all pointed toward the equator where most satellites orbit the earth. That is, all but one, the defendant’s satellite dishes – that were pointed at Watterson’s house.


McCann revealed that other neighborhood satellite dishes were geared toward receiving signals for TV, the Internet, etc. – except for Watterson’s satellite dishes that, according to meter readings from an RF spectrum analyzer and a tri-field meter, were transmitting microwave signals at her house.


The evidence presented, plus expert knowledge and responses by McCann were overwhelmingly convincing. The judge believed his testimony.  There remains one more court appearance in September.


Watterson received a conditional restraining order for electromagnetic frequency harassment with penalties of up to 2 years in prison and up to $5000 in fines for violation of the court order. 


The U.S. government has never publicly acknowledged existence of this domestic offensive weapon grid, that “hides in plain sight” on cell towers in every neighborhood and along every highway in America, veteran journalist Vic Livingston has said.


“Not a single member of the Washington DC press corps has asked the White House about the nationwide system of extrajudicial punishment that ranges from community-based “gangstalking” to financial sabotage and covert electromagnetic weapon assault, impairment, torture and subjugation/”behavior (mind) control”.


Norah O’Donell was the last reporter to ask a high government official about electromagnetic weaponry, according to Livingston.  She put the question to then-defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld at a Pentagon briefing.


“His answer appeared to confirm reports that such weaponry has been deployed and used in warfare (at that time, in Iraq). No reporter that I know of has followed up,” Livingston told Dupré. “I firmly believe that the White House cannot deny the existence of a nationwide program of extrajudicial punishment and electromagnetic weapon torture.”


Words by John Lennon, one of the most famous TIs, come to mind:


“Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.”



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    • Deborah Dupre

      “Oddly” enough, the Twitter and Facebook share buttons have “some how” been deleted from this article’s page on Before It’s news.

    • paul brown

      And a number of others.

    • Anonymous

      I would like to know more about this, who were the defendants? Who owned the satellite dish that was targeting her house? to what ends was this done? This all seems a little sketchy to me.

      • Deborah Dupre

        More to follow. Thanks for your interest!

        • EMFHARM

          I would like to know a lot more about this, because I’m with the Occupy Movement and do a weekly conference (show), on the dangers of the wireless technologies, and we’ve looked at these cell towers that give off frequencies that can target people. As of yet, we havent gotten any verifications on law suits that have been started or won. We’ve been in touch with thousands of potential victims (including myself), and most are evasive. Our group, are a group of activists, working to uncover all the real events that can bring this out. I’ve heard of a mayors assistant in California, that is working with the poice dept. to develop a task force that will uncover Organized Stalkers and then arrest them. I have tried to contact you about these issues, have spoken to Derrick Robinson, (to get your information), but as of yet, no one is contacting our group… sandyows at a o l.

    • mfritz0

      “Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.”
      Is that why he was assassinated?

      • Deborah Dupre

        It’s always been my belief that this is indeed why he was assassinated. He was teaching peace, harmony, human rights… in direct opposition to what TPTB are shoving down on us. Thank you.

      • Mother mary

        I think he was coming out of his Tavistock programming and becoming very dangerous.

    • D16Dement

      Terrible article! You do not explain why she was targeted or by whom.

    • Lone Ranger

      If this went to court why isn’t there more info on who directed the microwaves at this person and why…? This is a serious crime I would think…
      Too much info acking to believe any of this…. sorry.

    • Adrian John Wells

      Interesting claim in regards to winning such a feat.
      I live in Australia,
      Been a Targeted Individual my hole life.
      Going back Family Generations,
      I finally had enough chose to go too Hospital.
      All of which is done too me is people I have met
      Throughout the years.
      These people are all & nothing but people
      Running on Networks which left my life a Mystery
      Of Coincidence for many Years.
      Allowing myself to be put to sleep in Hospital with a gut feeling
      Of Death.
      To a Complete Environment Target of Space.
      My claims cannot be denyed.
      From my Sister partners a little too powerful.
      In regards too Technology.
      British Special Services
      Federal police Force Targeting me
      For only information of money left to me.
      The hole chain so yeah.
      I know I am not paranoid.
      Just experienced some wild Technology.
      The most Beautiful Experience was something that communicates
      With a Function of Bell sounds to my Head.
      It was Amazing but I had to shave my head Bald
      And go swimming to get some Tropical bugs dead in my head.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Australia is among the worst places in terms of targeting innocent people. Truly sorry to read your account that might sound incredible to many, but that I know is probable.

    • Adrian John Wells

      Ok a website that needs to review your comments before
      No use in me thinking

    • GrandDaddy

      I copied the URLs for both articles to fb – so far so good. Thank you Deborah!

      • Deborah Dupre

        You are very welcome. Thank you!

      • Deborah Dupre

        Thank YOU!

    • Equalizer

      Great to finally see a hint of succss in the arena of the most powerful weapon ever built. Psycoenergetics or psycotronics, is for use on the mind and emotion. Once a person has a calcified pineal gland, they can no longer connect to their spiritual nature because the receiver is no longer functioning. In morgellons, e have seen the self assembling nano bot aray which pas the blood brain barier. It gets the signal continously from frequencies, and signals back at various stages of development until completed. It uses the body’s own minerals to build, with a st of instructions already programmed into it, as to everything it need for self assembly.

      Unable to connect to the spiritual dimensuions because the pineal gland is calcified, you bnow have a zombie ready to take whatever commands you want them to follow. How else can you get battled hardened soldiers to just “give up” their positions and surrender to the American soldiers in the gulf war ? Always….just like a soldiers personal weapon, the rule every soldier learns is… test after assembly.

    • Jeff

      A lot of ignorant comments here. It’s the government stupid. A continuation of MK ULTRA and COINTELPRO just like the whistlblowers have said; Dr. Fred Bell- NASA and dead, Ted Gunderson – FBI, Dr. Robert Duncan – CIA, Bob Levin- FBI, Russell Tice – NSA, Mark Phillips- CIA, Mike German- FBI, John Hutchison – DoD, Geral Sosbee – FBI

      • Deborah Dupre

        Yes – only now there are so many private contractors paid to do the dirty work, it’s COINTELPRO on steroids and absolutely anyone can be severely targeted.

    • Laurence

      Suppose one werewolf works 8 hours/day, then it takes 3 werewolves to monitor me 24 hours/day. 3 werewolves attacking 1 person is not fair!

    • Jackwad

      Mentally Ill Howard Raymond Still Tortures Leno’s Veterans In Anaheim, CA , these are the ones that fight and died for these Satan criminals freedom. 1776 Criminals selling our rights like this were hung for treason.

      I am not going sit back and to let this Satan Group Micro take over Jesus Christ’s USA. They micro elementary children and can view torture and sell their videos. Howard told he was micro torturing viewing some of Jay Leno’s old torture victims in Anaheim, CA. Two Navy Seals and that used a wifi scanner to get Howard IP address but didn’t turn him yet. They target torture Vets, Christians, Obama haters. Jay Leno Lost His NBC Job for Torturing Vets and accidentally wified he and his lover to CA. area. Raymond tortures me and family 4 years and here 3 years silent selling me at an listed porn site.

      Unbelievable Unless You Have One With Voice. An Advanced Alien Technology Darpa Online Right Retina Eye Program Micro From Your Computer Invisible Alien Tech. Too unbelievable, an invisible online from computer right retina eye optic nerve micro (program-able). They use Jay Leno Cell Service Anaheim , YKCWB.Com, Wild Blue, Exede, and cell server ATT with Gov. illegal connections or can micro you with any server. Raymond said his Covert US Darpa Agents use Obama’s main micro distributor Jay Leno’s Cell Service. Microed you from a porn or Gov. site micro eye program implanted in your right eye retina forms an invisible cam and cell connection using YKCWB.Com Wild Blue, Exede any online server and ATT or any cell phone server, Agents can view you at any angle, record, harass, microwave torture or sell you at a porn site. Phone micro cell wifi talk to you from an eye micro to your ear live 24 hrs. a day, they are usually silent, no sound you won’t know you are microed. Mind Scan recordings transfer 2 gigs/min. from eye micro collected and sent to Obama for electronic mind control programs for civilians.

      Wifi Torture Gods. Howard Raymond Son Of Late King Of Porn Paul Raymond

      USA Land Of The Free Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death Satan SOB

    • since2013

      This is going on here in Denmark too.

      Part of the police, the military, members of parliament, the media and entire families in what i like to call the hunt/honor/shame/predator-segment of the population participate in it.

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