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Transhumanism, Synthetics & The Real ID

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 “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field; but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way. But when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop, then the tares also appeared.” – (Matthew 13:24- 26)

By Celestial

I’ve had these short dreams right now [early morning] so it’s best to release them since they relate to soon coming events. The Lord showed me what may well be humanity’s ‘last push’ against certain realities that are currently being relentlessly forced on the whole world; they are as follows:

I saw mass protests against the Real ID. It will be protested in China, Hong Kong and Japan. Also GREATLY IN EUROPE AND THE UK. I write in caps because the Lord didn’t show America or even make any mention of the U.S. response to this sweeping new form of identification that I now see will be global (I didn’t know it before, I thought it was American ID). Maybe America will just accept it with her usual online outrage, angry murmuring and endless social media updates to each other: “Have you seen??! It’s at this stage now! I hate them for doing this!”– followed by doing not much else. When I saw America’s response to this ID everyone was lined up in horribly long lines that took ages to process. See this prophecy: A New ID For America.

Yah showed me that other nations didn’t take the announcement of this ID quietly; they went crazy refusing the government’s demands to register and take this sweeping new ID that carried so much personal data. This ID will be part of the New World Order, the One World system; all data collected will feed back into a massive global ‘hub’ of information that spies on everybody. 

In the dream I heard the enraged singing that means Britons [English people, Welsh, Scots and everybody else attached to that commonwealth] are stirred up to no good end. It was the singing of their football matches, the kind that fills the stadium and wants to blow off the roof. UK people linked arms and went roaring down the street to protest the government daring to tell them to get the Real ID, daring to tell them to register their children for the Real ID so that everyone gets a number. I saw the crowds of people and marveled at their solidarity, how many came out to say “NO WAY”, and at how well they understood their rights were being violated by an overreaching government.

There was also the right and appropriate fury in France and Germany. People were genuinely offended at being told to line up for new identification that basically will track you like a paroled prisoner thought your life, using digital footprints and a designated ‘lifetime’ number to keep tabs on you. Real ID will build a online ‘profile’ on you and know every single detail of your private and financial life, anything that can be tracked through your use of mediadigital servicesonline tools [internet, email, social media, phones, computers etc], as well as propertymoneyhealth records or any other significant act of daily life– the Real ID will be one large data pool per person.

In response to this new government requirement, French people stood on cars and sang angrily, waving their flag, and the Lord said Humanity will fight the coming of the Real ID. 

The same with Australia. Australia was angry. I saw makeshift platforms with people using mics and bullhorns to explain what a Real ID is and how it violates your rights. I saw sunburned people standing around in the smaller towns, men mostly, holding their chins thoughtfully and listening. Some stood on crates to get a better view of the speaker but generally people weren’t happy hearing this. However the general mood there didn’t look like “Let’s go and protest!” The greater response seemed to be: Well they can just stuff it, can’t they. What are they gonna do, drag me to get one? [Shrug] I just won’t get one.

I saw demonstrations in places in Australia over the Real ID  but for the most part people seemed to think simple noncompliance would be enough to stop the demand for forcible registration dead in its tracks. They couldn’t be more wrong. It will be enforced across the world.

The Real ID contains everything about your life. It will be the most comprehensive form of human identification ever undertaken so far, the most ambitious global project to number all living that has ever been done. I thought it was an American ID at first, some new form of data capture that would force every living soul in the USA to sign up and sign away a gross amount of personal data to the state. But in this dream I saw the Real ID will be (or maybe already has been) implemented around the whole world; every country will have a Real ID and force the citizens to switch to it or they’ll be denied certain basic services like access to banking, getting a phone line, having access to government hospitals, services and other basic things that people have a right to access.

Different governments might call it different things but any highly digitizedcomprehensive form of ID that can be ‘loaded’ like a wallet– meaning that it can perform several functions at the outset and have even more functions added on through computers from the creators’ end- (i.e. government), is the Real ID. It will be able to handle financial transactionshealth informationreveal purchase and travel patterns (i.e. where you swipe your card to buy a plane ticket, where you travel and how long you plan to stay)- any ID that can do this EVEN IF AT INCEPTION DATE IT DOES NOT APPEAR TO DO IT, OR IS NOT ‘REVEALED’ TO DO THIS, is the Real ID.

Right now these functions are all kept separate: your bank handles money/ transactions/ purchases, your medical provider handles health info, your travel agent handles your travel plans and YOU are the common factor who keeps track of all this. Well, the Real ID will log all these things about you in one place; all that data will flow to some unseen computers and build a very accurate profile on people.

Users may not even told all the things the ID can do; in order to deceive it may only be said ‘England is switching to a new, “easier” form of ID’. ‘Americans are “required” to get this new ID; we won’t use the old one anymore so get the new one [by this set time] or you won’t be able to do [these set things.] It’s better for us in this digital age, in order to keep French citizens safe, to do away with these mismatched forms of identification and have one consistent type of “marker” across the board. 

Yet what has Yah already warned us about this? The Bible says when they say ‘peace and safety’, then sudden destruction is coming. Many of us think that only refers to politics, war and such- but we need to be very broad in our understanding of what the Bible teaches.

Peace and safety is God’s way of telling us that when nations keep trying to ‘soothe’ their people into more and more deadly applications of mass obedience, telling them to do this and that ‘for the greater good’, ‘for two more weeks’, ‘until we beat this current surge’, ‘until we can make a more steady plan’- THIS IS THE LANGUAGE OF PEACE BEING PUT FORWARD TO “ASSURE YOUR SAFETY”. BEWARE BECAUSE IT MEANS THEY’RE GOING TO DESTROY YOU USING PEACEFUL LANGUAGE TO FOOL AND CONTROL YOU.

You therefore as the wise man or woman watching where the world is going, it’s your job to stop eating that poisoned oatmeal and wake up to the long known fact that PLACATORY LANGUAGE IS THE MOST DEADLY FORM OF COERCION THERE IS. Anytime you hear people speaking softly, pleading ‘Please “let us all” just do this and this for the time being, until it’s a better time to go back to obeying the right and proper laws upon which our nation was built’- you’re already in a trap. By the time you know it you’re a frog in a boiling pot, you’re too weakened and boiled to escape.

Because people craved security from these leaders and believed lies about what promotes peace and safety from ‘global threats’- see where we are now? Does God need to literally come and point to our Bibles- ‘This verse is trying to warn you of this?’ No, He expects us to be studying and asking Him for understanding. He will not come and break it down into crumbs we can chew. It is our job to chew the word of God for ourselves, learning it, learning from others and waking up to the true reality of what has happened to the whole world and what’s going to keep happening.

I remember once in 2018 I went to the Post Office, there was a big flier in the middle of the room where no one could miss it: Starting this date you are required to have a Real ID for all domestic travel and for certain transactions at federal places such as a post office. That was the gist of it but apart from thinking- Oh wow, another change- I didn’t think much of it. I didn’t even link that flier to the prophecy I got a year later: I Will Bruise Their Bruise, but now I see they were related. 

The second dream I had this morning was about synthetics. That is what Yah called them, SYNTHETICS. It was a short dream: I saw a very beautiful girl with large, soulful eyes, perfect milky skin, brunette hair- from about the waist up, staring into the distance. She wore a demure floral dress over a nice body and she had a light shawl wrapped around her shoulders. This girl looked like the typical overly pretty Japanese animation girl, she looked human in every way… until God zoomed the camera on her face and then… He made her eyes BIG. I can’t explain it any other way- one minute I’m seeing this seriously beautiful young woman, then before I can even wonder ‘what is this dream about’ the camera rushes to her face and her eyes just popped up BIG.

Not huge or grotesque, not like a horror movie. It was more like the filter Asians have on all their phones now- to make their eyes subtly bigger. This girl’s eyes suddenly got ‘bigger’ and I leaned back in shock like- Oh Lord, that’s not one of us. Look at her eyes! The Lord said- That is a synthetic. They are not human, they are robots made in the likeness of human flesh and they are of the devil. 

I swear, if God does not reveal these truths as warning and safety measures to people in these last days they will court, fall in love with, mate with and marry these creatures. I’m not going to mince words either- MANY ALREADY HAVE. Met, loved, mated, married them and brought forth empty skins that cry and suck the breast yet have no soul. And why do they have none? Because God is the one who lends His breath to a body to form a soul within it! God will never breathe into an abomination, no matter how cute it is or whether it sits in your family looking like half of you and half of its father (or mother) – IT IS AN ABOMINATION AND WILL NEVER RECEIVE THE BREATH OF LIFE.

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. – (Genesis 2:7)

God made sure to explain the origins of everything in the Bible so nobody can claim ignorance. Souls can’t be formed or found in any place in the universe except God. He alone creates SOULS. Anything else He didn’t make is just an animated dead thing walking around, pretending, awaiting its day of destruction by fire.

So to those always concerned with the possible salvation of hybrids or whether hybrids know they’re hybrids, ask yourself how something with no soul can possibly be confused in knowing what it is. The soul is the consciousness in us that knows what we are; therefore they having none from birth KNOW that they are an it- an “it” that is forever cut off from and hated by God. It’s the humans around them, loving and raising them while married to or living with their non-soul-having mother or father, that’s who doesn’t know what they are. Everyone else in the house knows the truth except the human being and that is why God always says, “My people live in the midst of deceit.”

This world is full of hybrid creations that come from humans ignorantly mating with the undead: “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be again.” It’s not something that’s ‘going to happen’, it’s already happening to a shocking, terrifying degree. On the day we see it revealed may the Lord get His glory for telling us ahead of time what is going on in the greater world out there.

But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,

And knew not until the flood came and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. – (Matthew 24:37- 39)

This woman’s eyes were like doll’s eyes [doll eyes = large, WHITE, clear, unblemished, glassy-looking eyes] with the iris bigger than a human’s. She had perfect teeth- (remember she wasn’t moving, her image was stuck there like video)- God froze her to show me what she was. Perfect teeth, perfect skin, perfect hair- she looked like a new doll that’s never been in rain or snow or had to work hard or been sick or nothing. Half the people in the modern world look like this due to plastic surgery and botox so how can we possibly tell just by these markers who is who? It is only by the Spirit of God we can know, that’s the truth of it.

I thought, How will we ever be wise enough to spot this woman is not one of us WHEN SHE’S MOVING AROUND, LAUGHING AND CRYING WITH US, TALKING AND BEING LIKE US? If it’s hard to see now when she’s on “pause”, when I can examine her by the Spirit and see all the subtle ways she’s NOT like us, what are the chances of knowing she isn’t human when she’s animated and acting like us?! 

In a previous dream Yah shocked me by showing me people made in factories. People with wires in them, with no organs and therefore no need for food. Flesh on the outside and nothing inside- when they’re ‘born’ they have to stay where they’re made, learning how to act human before they’re allowed to go out and try to ‘blend in’.

“And they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.” – (Daniel 2:43)

They have no hair in the beginning and are like children- although adult-sized they know nothing until they start their learning process. There is a ‘consciousness’ loaded on them like software and they learn through it. You can read more about such people here– that’s what this girl was.

A synthetic is a lab-grown organism made from human tissue, human flesh by some process (I do not know what)- it grows to maturity and is connected to a glowing white tube that ‘feeds’ it until it is matured. Then it sits there in the factory until it is ‘woken up’- it’s given clothes and taught things. Some of them are pure robots with only wires in them but some are an advanced sort that are flesh and blood. These ones will eat, laugh, cry, have emotions, get jobs, get friends and mates, have children and do everything we do except they are NOT human. Therefore on eternal matters such as Heaven they cannot  know God, repent or go to Heaven. Such gifts are forever shut away from their kind, God has no intention of welcoming any of these abominations into His holy and perfect kingdom.

I went back to sleep and was sleeping til God said, People will greatly protest Transhumanism.

Then I dreamt of people in the streets (I don’t know what countries); these people were so, so angry. They carried banners with slogans like NOT HUMAN! and things like that. They were extremely angry about new laws allowing people to be grown in labsgrown from skin and tissue culture. This is CLONING – It is most likely the process most synthetics come from.

They were angry at laws stating that people could ‘digitize themselves’put themselves in the same body with machinesbecome part machinebecome ‘cyborgs’ by implanting new types of body-and-brain altering technology in themselves.

There was raging debate in those days like: “Why do you care what other people do to themselves; it’s not your body. A person should be allowed to have the procedure done if that’s what they want.” But a huge number didn’t feel that way, they didn’t agree- they did NOT want subverted, changed, digitized, enhanced people living among them, or synthetic people either.

There was a strong case in the dream that societies exist by mutual agreement, by breaking the agreement first in growing non-humans and integrating them into the population as people you are completely redefining what a person is without the full consent of ALL existing people.

There was also great anger and heartbreak at existing humans who went to merge themselves to technology to such a degree that they lost the humanity of their earlier position and became something ‘other’. People greatly altered themselves and there was a lot of anger about this also.

See this prophecy: Abomination Of Desolation; read especially the section called ‘The New You.’ It is the best and clearest message the Lord has ever given me on transhumanism. 

Strangely enough I saw many young protestors- a LOT of angry young people, youth, ages 18- 25 or that range- carrying placards and posters saying this should not be done because it is deceptive and doesn’t give other people the right to choose. These young people were angry at the transhumanist choices targeted at their generation; also their anger carried an undertone of ‘How will we know not to choose a tissue culture human instead of a real one for companionship and reproduction?’

I saw basically a global anger, a great debate, protests and disruption of society over the integration of other creatures that are not human. In other words society was in an uproar about that type of woman from my other dream- should she be counted as a person or not, should she have rights, should she be publicly accepted and allowed to mingle openly in the population and even mate with them? God said there will be backlash against transhumanism because it is the process of elevating ‘other’ (supposedly) higher life with humanity by integrating us with machineartificial intelligence, and other ungodly types of lifeforms. That was the end of my third dream.

None of this is new though it may appear to be- it is only new to those who have never heard of or understood the Genesis 6 account correlated with the Book of Enoch chapters7-16. If you read just those two accounts you’ll be 100% fully updated on everything taking place on earth today. You will know why God judged the world so harshly with a flood. You will know why He constantly ordered certain populations in the Bible to be wiped out entirely. You will know why this modern fascination with AI, hybridization, GMO technology, gene editing and manipulation, eugenics, eradicating old age, sickness and death- you will understand all the themes we see constantly popping up on TED talks and so called “global forums” – it will finally make sense to you. Satan is growing his crop in the midst of God’s crop, but God will burn every tare the serpent has raised up in these end of days.

Satan multiplied his seed on the earth in those days through mating with women and genetic manipulation; he continued that science project right though every age of human history to present day. The unclean have overrun this earth; they are the tares growing in the wheat whom God in His wisdom said: Do not pluck them up early and spoil my crop. Let them grow together til harvest time, at the harvest gather my wheat into my barn but the tares BURN WITH FIRE.

(Read Matthew 13:24-20)

Now that we know where the tares are going what remains is to earnestly seek the Lord for wisdom, protection and revelation knowledge which opens eyes and teaches us what the world around us is really like. GOD IS THE ONE TO ASK, not anyone else- if there is something to be known HE ALONE will open your eyes and counsel you on what, if anything, needs to be done. God bless you and thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice. Shalom.

Edit: I’m adding this small mention. A few days ago, Dec. 18th or 19th I had a brief dream. I was walking in New York, typical winter day where everyone’s bundled up against the cold. I walk outside all the time but in this dream God showed me what people looked like under their clothes. What I describe is not images ‘superimposed’ on top of people, I wasn’t seeing people with an image on top as if to say: Oh this person is “spiritually” like this or that.’ No, God showed me their real form, what I saw is what they WERE.

I saw through people’s clothes and many, many, MANY of them were not people. Too many! They had the smooth, white, scaly underbelly of a snake or lizardPlease hear what I’m saying, and try to imagine walking to the train or back to your house seeing this pass by you one by one by one mixed in with normal people. Even in a dream imagine that and how you’d take it, as your brain keeps seeing people like you only for the Lord to reveal that nothing about them is “like you”.

Right at the torso where a person should have a chest and stomach I saw a long, smooth stretch of white scales, going down into their pants or skirt. I saw others ‘walking’ by, balancing like a snake on its tail, no feet, no shoes, just a human head and arms in the coat and then from the chest down, smooth snake underbelly all the way down to a green or brown snake body, moving forward by ‘balancing’ on its tail.

I saw people with scales on their arms, some scaled on the entire body; in the dream as this never-ending procession of non-human people walked by me I finally made this face. Yes I couldn’t help it, I made  my ‘I can’t take this’ face and inside I cried out GOD HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR THERE TO BE SO MANY OF THEM! WHO’S REAL IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE? HOW CAN I LIVE LIKE THIS?!

That’s the dream I had over the weekend, I woke up thinking ‘We cannot accept this Lord, something must be done about these creatures or they will outnumber us. Help us to do something.’

People think these people are only in Hollywood, in special places among the rich and good looking people. I’m here to tell you they are on the street where you live- they run the grocery, they’re your kids friends or that wrinkly old grandma squeezing the tomatoes right next to you. They do not all look like movie stars or glamour models- THEY LOOK LIKE PEOPLE! All forms, all types, all backgrounds, EVERYWHERE. They’re your doctor, your friend, and yes, maybe even your pastor. In the deepest, far-off villages they live with us. Some areas definitely have higher concentrations of them than others but Satan has been busy for centuries- they are all over the world. Wherever people live they’re there and we need to understand that. They are here already and the only thing that remains is to push humanity to its breaking point by insisting we accept them, make them legal and love them as ourselves. This is the fulfillment of Daniel’s dire warning in Daniel 2:43:

They shall mingle themselves with the seed of men but won’t be able to cleave [blend seamlessly so as to become one] with them. As iron cannot perfectly blend with clay so they will not blend with the seed of men. If these revelations of Yah don’t inspire sobermindedness in how we live then it’s likely nothing will.

God be with each one who reads, studies the scriptures given, and understands. God bless you.

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