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Real Or Viral Hoax? Dragon Shot Dead In A House In West Malaysia

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Editor’s Note: This story has gone viral across the internet and refuses to go away. Real or viral hoax? Hype Malaysia shares inside info here.

Dragon – He’s Bleeding

Take a good look at the photos in this album. They were sent to me by someone in the area. This is what the person wrote (Please remember that English may be a second language for him/her). Here we go:



A dragon has been shot dead in a house in West Malaysia. An fruit orchard owner were asleep in the 2nd floor room of the home woke up when he heard the screams of rabbits and sound like an odd noise tiger. Orchard owner continue peek of stairs found a strange animal with two horns and a long mustache is suck a male rabbit. Because aid, he continued to take an auto rifle and fired eight shots cause the odd animal fell to the floor. After ensuring these animals really dead he was shocked to find it is a dragon with fluffy white rabbit fur. He told reporters that, “I do not think that the animal is a white dragon. Extremely surprised me” because according to Chinese belief when a dragon enters the house, it will bring ‘luck’ and horns can fetch millions of dollars. However, he does not plan to sell any part of the body of the animal and will preserve the dead animal for public viewing.



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    • komotion

      That’s the “dragon” from Never Ending Story. In fact the wound the dragon received in the movie is coincidentally in the same place…

      • srsly1


        • RationalReason806


      • HfjNUlYZ

        Aw, someone shot the Luck Dragon!

      • Live Free or Die

        This author needs to understand that posting known HOAXES is frowned upon here at Before It’s News… From the story linked above: The truth? It’s a hoax.

        • itsjustme

          I noticed that instead of saying, “…frowned upon at, Before it’s News”, you stated, “….frowned upon “HERE”, (emphasis), at Before it’s News”. You imply that you are affiliated with the organization whereas you are, most likely, not. From the picture, the craftsmanship appears exquisite. So you say that a group of people spent hours creating this “hoax” for a few temporary “kicks and giggles”? Well, maybe if it were a movie prop for an upcoming film where the producers okayed the expense of creating it. I don’t think they’d be too happy with the pranksters borrowing their prop. If it were for publicity purposes, I don’t think that they would have it relegated to the pages of, “Before it’s News.”

        • Sean

          And this coming from a Person who will not use their Real name or Photo, while Doing story after story of nothing but ..Fear Porn.

          We should be asking You just what Your motives are and I doubt Your Even an American ?

        • Sean

          Guess these are Made out of Concrete also and the Head in your Photo is way too big compared to the Dragon Shown Above in this Article.

          3 Dragons caught on Translucent or just in-between Dimensions

          The Truth? Your a Shill..But We Both Know That Now Don’t We !

        • mylittlebits

          Yes livefreeordie

          these friggen contributor posters, are off thier rocker

          Palazeee here we go again, orig poster give true facts and real raw video or linky
          you know the drilll linky or you are stinky

      • bg4m3r

        No, it isn’t Falcor did not have horns, and had a more dog-like face.
        Regardless, this is clearly a prop of some sort.

      • The truth will set you free
        • John

          i’ll bet my last dollar the poster knew that this was simply a sculpture and went ahead anyway
          with the story….just not complete…amazing that they let idiots like this post stories and they didn’t post mine…this truly is a dis-info site and I am glad I am unsubbing

        • The truth will set you free

          WOW, that is messed up, I get a down vote for sharing the truth.

      • GuitarLots

        I used to catch lizards in a cigar box in Miami when I a kid andbthis looks like a albino skink from hell that got Fukushimad out … Just kidding

    • Burn

      That’s hilarious,. By the way, what’s the dead guy on the floor in the bottom pic have to do with this article?

      • The Real Deal

        I had to take a second look, and you’re correct…that’s a dead guy on the floor. And really, a furry white dragon? lol…aww, how cute.

        • Wildfire

          Aww its adorable…..

        • The Real Deal


      • Anonymous


        • That_was_Random

          they removed the dead guy picture.

    • Anonymous

      That “Dragon” doesn’t look like it took 8 shots from an automatic rifle.

      • Anonymous


        • Drew B

          While I would have to agree that this is a hoax, the article stated that the home owner fired 8 shots not that he hit the “dragon” 8 times. I’ve killed many rabbits with my semi automatic Ruger 10/22 and not made any more of a mess than what is pictured. Not all semi automatics are big black scarey “assault weapons” that leave big holes.

      • Anonymous

        No exit wounds either.

    • Wildfire

      I want one…

    • Wildfire

      Falcore was awsome his feet were different like a dogs and had transparent scales…

    • Sean

      Very Sad he Killed the Dragon..Your going to see many More, among other things people have been told are just Folklore and Mthology.

      Humans Conscienceness Worldwide is being Raised, you will see what has been Hidden from Mankind, that really has always been right in front of You.

      Hope your Ready !

      • Tommy

        Don’t listen to the shills…

        • Sean

          You should look up “OOPARTS” ..also Hodges Libarary Centaur in glass case/photos/images

          Smithsonian has 2 Centaurs that they will not display.

          The Video above I posted is from China..2 Dragons playing ? or some Mating Ritual ? in Clouds.

          Japan : inside a Waterspout

      • The Real Deal

        They’re real?

        • Sean

          A Camera picks up what the eye cannot, but will very shortly..3rd Dragon is either in-between dimensions or in a 4th dimension.

      • Apollo is the A/C
      • JesusisLordandSaviour


        REPENT! don’t fall for new age lies

        • kimsue

          Yes, because the old age lies are any better.

        • Sean

          God is the Universe..J

          The Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and End

          ( the Positive and Negative Absolutes )

          Jesus Christ is the Bright Morning Star..”Venus”..When I come I will come in Clouds !

          And you can Bet, He is on His Way..with an Army this Time.

        • Neo

          @sean 1 John 1:5 “This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.”
          Dualism is not a biblical concept.

      • Drumhead

        I agree. All of the “old” myths and legends I personally believe are based on facts. This “new” age of science–which I think is great in many ways– lacks the honesty though to acknowledge that there really IS things that it cannot explain nor quantify. Conversely, I also believe that blue beam and other holographic technologies will also be used to deceive us. Though, looking into the myths and lore of Greece, China, India, and every other land–people would be amazed at how the alien/demon/alternate dimension theories explain these myths. When you have the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. telescope on sacred American Indian Lands where supposed spirits from the sky would go up and down. Islands wherein NO modern human is allowed ( Vortex’s, ancient sites, pyramids on Mars (, and an open mind–you start to make connections that bring you to the conclusion–that NOTHING is what it seems–OR what we’re being led to believe.

        • Sean

          Good Comment Drumhead,

          Without a Doubt people have been lied to from the Start.

          Here is a Theory I have about the “Hollow Earth”, that there is no Hollow Earth, that the Earth is Round and Flat and does not move at all..Michelson-Morley proved it does not move, Mappa Mundi shows it round and flat.

          Anyway, if you look at Google Earth they have a Big Black Dot which is said to be 1000 miles wide over the Magnetic North Pole, which is located in the Ocean Now since its moving and speeding up.

          What is the Magnetic North Pole a “Stargate” that can let people in or not, due to what admiral Byrd said, he was told..that they let him through.

          Admiral Byrd who along with Many, Many others told about what they seen, Dinosaurs, Giants, etc.

          If you ever seen the Movie “Men in Black” and remember the Quote: The Galaxy is on Orions Belt”

          Then if you watch this Video and think about it..Either the “Agartha” is with-in this 1000 mile dot on google earth at the Magnetic North Pole, floating in a 5th density or the “PINWHEEL GALAXY” is here on Earth in a 5th Density inside the Magnetic North Pole.

          I believe its the “Pinwheel Galaxy” right here on Earth in a 5th demension/density and the first Planet or land, maybe directed too or that you come upon going through this Stargate is called the Agartha..the Dinosaurs and Giants in the Agartha came from Earth when this Stargate was on Land..

    • alldumbsarentblonde

      “The Screams of Rabbits” ????? hmm never heard that before….. L0L

      • Sean

        I have a few ponds where i raise fish, i heard a screaming like a baby..loud..I looked around and and it was coming from a “Frog” whose body was half inside a Snakes Mouth in the Water.

        I threw the fish food right over the snake Knowing alot of the fish i have look just like Piranha, sure enough they statred biting the Snake who released the fish, i killed the snake when it got to shore.

        I never go even near when they kill pigs here..its a sound that no one should ever hear, heard only was enough for me for the rest of my Life, i eat pork now maybe once a month if that.

      • Sean

        Should have said ..who released the Frog..not fish

        • LAYNALAND

          what a disgusting avatar…that creature person from dune…ick…L. :shock:

      • Drew B

        Every animal has a scream or distress call, including rabbits. Hunting for predators you can use a rabbit squeal call, either electronic or mouth call.

    • earlcity

      I concur about falcor, The N e e v e r r E e n d i i n n g g S S t o o o r r y y ….

      Poor Bastian….

      One other dragon thing: it could be this is the baby dragon, beware of it’s parents!!!!

    • StargazersNation

      Never Ending Story Toy! Falcor!!

    • Anonymous

      When you see lots of Dragon Fly then be wary. Dragons are around! :wink:

    • Sunshine

      This is crap. Honey, you’ll never be taken seriously or get recommended with stories like this.

      • Anonymous


    • Dunbecon

      Highly suspicious. It is not easy for anyone in Malaysia to own guns. Should verify the person who posted this story.

    • Gilgit

      This whole site is high. And like the most untrustworthy ‘news’ website ever created.

      • WarAngel77711

        Hell’s yeah we is :wink: t


      Komotion is wrong. But this IS fake.

    • CandyArts


    • CandyArts

      Here is the truth:

      • Neo

        Losing credibility?? hahahahaha

    • Washington Jr


    • Crunchy Zombie

      You guys need to bone up on your celebrity Dragon personalities. That’s Haku from Spirited Away.

    • hardline

      Looks like an art gallery to me !! :idea:

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Eight shots were made but what if only say 4 actually hit the dragon creature…. and it could exist…. but noone will truely know …..

    • AmbrociousXP

      I wish a clear video was here…..hell I wish ANY video was here. Just pictures….that can’t hold water.

    • The truth will set you free
      • Champak

        Great thanks, glad you could clear that up with hard evidence.

        • The truth will set you free

          From the down votes that you and I received, I am beginning to realize that some people do not want the truth.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      World Of Warcraft, Pandaren players will feel this #Sad :cry:

    • Jarheadusmc

      In the annals of some of the Catholic monks in Europe are written stories of “Dragons”. From what I’ve heard was that some of the writers were considered to be very honest and objective, meaning they were telling the truth that the last known family of Dragons was seen in the late 1800′s in some of the German forests. Some monks mentioned that the last “dragon family” was recorded in Briton and seen by the monks themselves. Apparently the stories of dragons in the centuries past are real.

      • Neo

        These days they are called ‘dinosaurs’.

    • mylittlebits

      Ur correct livefree or die user, the op poster is off the rocker palazeee, bin :mrgreen:

    • Anonymous

      It would have been less annoying to see this artwork, under Lifestyle, etc.

    • John

      you have to be kidding…the article about the d4ragon goes on to say IT’S ONLY A SCULPTURE …you sir, are a liar

    • killabeezly13

      what are you talking about more then half the stories on here are B.S. And i think you know all about that. LForD.

    • WarAngel77711

      It is amazing how many cannot figure out how fake this is…back to being unaware of reality nor a danger to myself or others :cool:

    • worldordernews

      looks like a taxidermy fake, if you believe this is real i got an igloo i’d like to sell you in egypt, only 1,000,095.00

    • Jason Bourne

      soooooo….this thing was crawling around as it has no wings…and somehow they shot it in the belly….

      “A story like that’s gotta be true” – Cosmo Kramer

    • MSG Chicken

      LOL! Looks like a movie prop or a cake for a celebration.

      Please keep the laffs coming.

    • David Montaigne

      It’s sad commentary on US that this is getting hundreds of thousands of views per day here,

      when so many real stories of interest struggle to get hundreds per day

    • shilltroll

      This looks like some poor lizard they shot and covered with cotton wool and a few props, crying shame!

    • Anonymous

      Oh come on this is about as real as the frozen Big Foot from about 10 years ago. get a grip people.

    • Sean

      Over 500,000 Views and this is not the top story on BIN..whats going on with this MSM..BIN inc.

    • Freedom

      Such a cute fake. But rabbit fur?… really. Since Dragons are said to live in fiery lands, asbestos would have been a better choice in this “dragon’s” construction.

    • peaceful warrior

      the first thing I noticed was the lack of blood. For eight shots the is only blood from the stomach. Having white hair you would see blood all over. Lame ass hoax!

    • heather0317

      awwww really?!?! and i always wanted to ride that luck dragon and visit atrayu, fantasia, and rockbiter

    • CherMyOpinion


    • tahanlaoboy

      100% fake, the real dragon blood is green and whoever killed the dragon will be killed by the dragon’s family and the whole town will become the lake

    • The Blizzard

      I’d eat it. Cut it into dragon steaks. Grind a few pounds. I bet it’s pretty tasty.

    • thetruth

      if anyone actually believed followed direction of a before its news story theyd be dead in a pit on the side of a dead end road,raped and maamed.

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