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Flat Earth: Gravity is a Hoax

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It’s about time we had a One-Stop-Shop article where we can send any ballers that wave around their funny gravity flag.    So if you are a baller who has been sent this link as you mentioned the word Gravity, hello, this article is for you :-)

This article is structured into four simple parts.  1. The Mainstream version of Gravity,  2. Errors in Gravity,  3. Density on our Flat Earth.   4. Conclusions.

1.  The Mainstream version of Gravity
The NASA website states:

“Because of gravity, if you drop something, it falls down, instead of up. Well, everybody knows that! But, what does this really mean? What is gravity?
Spiral galaxy Gravity has played a big part in making the universe the way it is. Gravity is what makes pieces of matter clump together into planets, moons, and stars. Gravity is what makes the planets orbit the stars–like Earth orbits our star, the Sun. Gravity is what makes the stars clump together in huge, swirling galaxies.”

The Universe Today website states:

“Gravity is one the four fundamental forces of the universe and is considered a noncontact force. It is what holds the planets in orbit as well as the very universe itself. It is what keeps us from floating off into space and plays a crucial role in almost every nature process from the ocean tides to the body’s circulatory system.  Gravity comes from mass. The more mass an object has, the more gravity it will exert on objects around it.”

In 1687, the Occultist and Magus, Sir Isaac Newton, published Principia, which hypothesises gravitation, and included all the efforts of Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler and Galileo before him.

By the late 1800′s, others had found error in Newton’s theory (most known is the errors with the movement of Mercury).

By 1915, Einstein believed he had fixed the errors in Newtons’ work, with his Theory of Relativity. He theorised that gravity is what happens when space and time (the same thing)  is curved or warped around a mass, such as a star or a planet. Thus, a star or planet would cause kind of a dip in space so that any other object that came too near would tend to fall into the dip. Einstein basically explained how gravity is more than just a force: it is a curvature in the space-time continuum.    Einstein was pretty cool though, with quotes like, “Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war.”

The Theory of Relativity is still taught today.  It teaches that in our own Solar System, not only does the Sun exert gravity on all the planets, keeping them in their orbits, but each planet exerts a force of gravity on the Sun, as well as all the other planets, too, all to varying degrees based on the mass and distance between the bodies. And it goes beyond just our Solar System, as actually, every object that has mass in the Universe attracts every other object that has mass — again, all to varying degrees based on mass and distance.

But this theory of Gravity is not complete, the maths is super complex, and no man on earth truly understands it.

From Universe Today:

Gravity still remains one of the biggest mysteries of physics and the biggest obstacle to a universal theory that describes the functions of every interaction in the universe accurately. If we could fully understand the mechanics behind it, new opportunities in aeronautics and other fields would appear.”

They even wrote this (see red underline below, use Ctrl+ to zoom with most browsers).

Schools and NASA teach that the 1000 mph spinning of the Ball Earth at the equator, and the 0 mph spinning of the ball earth at the north pole, both have almost nothing to do with gravity.  The official line is that earth spins because it has always spun, and there’s no friction to slow it down.  Basically, humans are taught that it is not the spin that keeps things stuck to the Earth.

The video below is the summarised theory of Gravity that’s thrown into children and questioning adults.



2. Errors in GravitySo now we know about the mainstream belief of the theory of Gravity, we can simply start to tear it apart…..where to begin (rubs hands together).

Remember, ‘Gravity’ is a man made label for an imaginary magical force loaded with errors.

A) Do know that there are many mainstream baller-science-dudes who are questioning the existence of gravity.


B) With the rotation speed of the Earth (in ball terms) being much faster at the equator than further north or south, surely this affects the magical force of gravity?

Universe Today says there is only a super slight differential in  gravity due to the rotation of the earth:“You might be surprised to know that the force of gravity on Earth actually changes depending on where you’re standing on it. The first reason is because the earth is rotating. This rotation is  trying to spin you off into space, but don’t worry, this force isn’t much.  The gravity of Earth at the equator is 9.789 m/s2, while the force of gravity at the poles is 9.832 m/s2. In other words, you weigh more at the poles than you do at the equator because of this centripetal force.”

I personally love the quote, “This rotation is trying to spin you off into space, but don’t worry, this force isn’t much.”    Lets see a wet tennis ball spinning:

Now multiply that by a million or so, and that is the force Universe Today says “is not much.”
So, if I’m standing on the equator at the widest point of the alleged globe, spinning at 1000 mph, my weight will be 175lbs, if I then fly to either north or South poles (not actually allowed but lets wave that for now) at the narrowest point of the alleged Globe,the rotation of the earth would be reduced to around 150 mph, The gravitational pull if existent would have to be so great that my weight would be around 7000lbs and I would be squashed like a bug.
Mainstream science ignores the rotation speeds of the earth at different places and states it has next to no affect on the magical force of gravity. This is a massive alarm bell.


C) The Solar System is travelling at an average speed of 828,000 km/h (230 km/s) or 514,000 mph (143 mi/s) within its trajectory around the galactic centre, which is about one 1300th of the speed of light (err no new constellations anyone?). But this apparently has no affect on the magical force of gravity either.    This again, is a massive alarm bell.

D)  The Moon does not fall into the Earth.
E)   The Earth does not fall into the Sun.
F)    Satellites do not fall into the Earth.
G)  So, mainstream science says Gravity is so strong that upside-down water at the surface of the ocean (near air) is being pulled to the centre of the earth?
But this force is also not that strong, in that this water can move in any direction with currents and tides, and be easily scooped, splashed, and thrown by a human hand.
Also mainstream science tells us gravity is so strong that water bends, like below, but we all know water is always flat and finds the nearest horizontal.   Note here that mainstream science states the earth’s spin, and speed of the solar system through space both have no affect on the oceans, and the super magical force called gravity pulls water molecules to the centre of the earth.  

H)  So, if gravity is a force that causes all matter to be attracted to all other matter, why are atoms mostly empty space inside?   An atom is like having a 5p coin in the centre of an empty football stadium  - this is the scale.

I)  Science claims our World is surrounded by a giant vacuum of space and that we are moving through space at a speed of  514,000 mph  miles per hour, yet the feeble pull of Gravity on Air holds it to our World. Turn on a vacuum and it sucks the air right into it. Why does Space not pull our air into it?
J)  Why is gravity so strong to hold people, buildings and the oceans stuck to a spinning ball-Earth, but weak enough to allow balloons, birds, bugs, flowers, and smoke to easily rise against its awesome force?

K)  Some Quotes from literature.

“Most people in England have either read, or heard, that Sir Isaac Newton’s theory of gravitation was originated by his seeing an apple fall to the earth from a tree in his garden. Persons gifted with ordinary common-sense would say that the apple fell down to the earth because, bulk for bulk, it was heavier than the surrounding air; but if, instead of the apple, a fluffy feather had been detached from the tree, a breeze would probably have sent the feather floating away, and the feather would not reach the earth until the surrounding air became so still that, by virtue of its own density, the feather would fall to the ground.” -Lady Blount, “Clarion’s Science Versus God’s Truth” (40)

Wilbur Voliva, a famous flat-Earther in the early 20th century, gave lectures all over America against Newtonian astronomy. He would begin by walking on stage with a book, a balloon, a feather and a brick, and ask the audience: “How is it that a law of gravitation can pull up a toy balloon and cannot put up a brick? I throw up this book. Why doesn’t it go on up? That book went up as far as the force behind it forced it and it fell because it was heavier than the air and that is the only reason. I cut the string of a toy balloon. It rises, gets to a certain height and then it begins to settle. I take this brick and a feather. I blow the feather. Yonder it goes. Finally, it begins to settle and comes down. This brick goes up as far as the force forces it and then it comes down because it is heavier than the air. That is all.”

“Any object which is heavier than the air, and which is unsupported, has a natural tendency to fall by its own weight. Newton’s famous apple at Woolsthorpe, or any other apple when ripe, loses hold of its stalk, and, being heavier than the air, drops as a matter of necessity, to the ground, totally irrespective of any attraction of the Earth. For, if such attraction existed, why does not the Earth attract the rising smoke which is not nearly so heavy as the apple? The answer is simple – because the smoke is lighter than the air, and, therefore, does not fall but ascends. Gravitation is only a subterfuge, employed by Newton in his attempt to prove that the Earth revolves round the Sun, and the quicker it is relegated to the tomb of all the Capulets, the better will it be for all classes of society.” -David Wardlaw Scott, “Terra Firma” (8)

“The ‘law of gravitation’ is said by the advocates of the Newtonian system of astronomy, to be the greatest discovery of science, and the foundation of the whole of modern astronomy. If, therefore, it can be shown that gravitation is a pure assumption, and an imagination of the mind only, that it has no existence outside of the brains of its expounders and advocates, the whole of the hypotheses of this modern so-called science fall to the ground as flat as the surface of the ocean, and this ‘most exact of all sciences,’ this wonderful ‘feat of the intellect’ becomes at once the most ridiculous superstition and the most gigantic imposture to which ignorance and credulity could ever be exposed.” -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (36)

“That the sun’s path is an exact circle for only about four periods in a year, and then of only a few hours – at the equinoxes and solstices – completely disproves the ‘might have been’ of circular gravitation, and by consequence, of all gravitation … If the sun were of sufficient power to retain the earth in its orbit when nearest the sun, when the earth arrived at that part of its elliptical path farthest from the sun, the attractive force (unless very greatly increased) would be utterly incapable of preventing the earth rushing away into space ‘in a right line forever,’ as astronomers say. On the other hand, it is equally clear that if the sun’s attraction were just sufficient to keep the earth in its proper path when farthest from the sun, and thus to prevent it rushing off into space; the same power of attraction when the earth was nearest the sun would be so much greater, that (unless the attraction were very greatly diminished) nothing would prevent the earth rushing towards and being absorbed by the sun, there being no counterbalancing focus to prevent such a catastrophe! As astronomy makes no reference to the increase and diminution of the attractive force of the sun, called gravitation, for the above necessary purposes, we are again forced to the conclusion that the great ‘discovery’ of which astronomers are so proud is absolutely non-existent.” -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (44-45)

“We are asked by the Newtonian to believe that the action of gravitation, which we can easily overcome by the slightest exercise of volition in raising an hand or a foot, is so overwhelmingly violent when we lose our balance and fall a distance of a few feet, that this force, which is imperceptible under usual conditions, may, under extraordinary circumstances, cause the fracture of every limb we possess? Common-sense must reject this interpretation. Gravitation does not furnish a satisfactory explanation of the phenomena here described, whereas the definition of weight already given does, for a body seeking in the readiest manner its level of stability would produce precisely the result experienced. If the influence which kept us securely attached to this earth were identical with that which is powerful enough to disturb a distant planet in its orbit, we should be more immediately conscious of its masterful presence and potency; whereas this influence is so impotent in the very spot where it is supposed to be most dominant that we find an insurmountable difficulty in accepting the idea of its existence.” -N. Crossland, “New Principia”
L)  Many others are starting to see massive errors in the worship of Gravity, and let us remember, Newton was an occultist first, and a scientist second.
Even the BBC finger puppet, Brian Cox, idolised by many for being the ultimate word on space and science, is starting to get ridiculed.

….because gravity just does not exist.  If it does – bring me some, show it to me.


3. Density on our Flat Earth

“Gravity is simply density and buoyancy. 
People argue that things with different densities fall at the same rate through air. However, that is because both items have reached critical density in relation to its medium: air.
If you were to change the medium from air to say, water or liquid mercury, the critical density to achieve the same rate of falling would increase significantly.
Critical density is directly proportional to the medium density. Thus the denser the medium… The denser the objects would have to be in order to achieve the same rate of falling.
A basketball and a rock might fall at the same speed in air. However… Drop them in a thicker medium like water… And they will not fall at the same rate. That is because critical density has not been achieved by both the rock and the basketball, in water as its medium.
In a vacuum… Critical density is zero and is the reason why objects of any density fall at exactly the same rate. Any medium denser than a vacuum has a greater critical density than zero… Thus the reason why objects that haven’t attained critical density fall slower in certain mediums.
Critical density variation is “gravity.”
Darrell Dragoo

Gravity cannot explain this phenomena in the photo below, but density can.

“So, an object is dropped from a high altitude, this would not and does not, slow down as it gets closer to Earth.    The object is free-falling and accelerating as it falls due to the laws of density, not because some magical force is “pulling” it down.    There is more oxygen closer to Earth than say twenty miles up, so how does one propose “gravity” explains this and density does not?   Oxygen is a denser gas than nitrogen and the other majority elements in our atmosphere.  Where is the “pulling force” pulling the oxygen down?”
“The rate at which objects rise or fall depends on the resistance (or lack thereof) in the medium surrounding.” ~ E. Dubay

The submarine can use compressed air to ascend in water.
The hot-air-balloon can use hot air to ascend in the atmosflat.
The airplane can use pressure difference across its flying surfaces to gain lift.
There is no pulling. Only falling and rising. No force pulls down.

The theory of gravity was debunked by General Relativity. The theory of general relativity was debunked by Flat Earth.

“The globe earth does not exist, gravity does not exist, dinosaurs never existed, aliens do not exist, the Easter bunny does not exist, the tooth fairy does not exist and santa claus does not exist, neither do dragons. It would be cool if they all did, but they don’t.”  Paul Michael Bales


4. Conclusions
The same people who believe in the “no evidence theory of Gravity” also are those that believe…….

…..this is a real flying spaceship telescope….

….that other Earth’s exist….

……that all these images are real photos from space….

….that curvature maths must be ignored whenever presented…..

….that metal morphs…..

…but the Borg Mind is strong on Earth, the programming is deep.


Wakyi Wakyi | Trinity of Wisdom | The Reemergence of Man | Authors blog; freedom, authenticity, evolution, consciousness, mysticism, symbolism, nwo

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    • The Clucker

      Flat Earth Theory = Pseudoscience


        Flat Earth=fundie-christo-CREEP-ism! :wink: at work! :lol: :lol:
        HEY, go jump off a bridge and prove to me there is NO such thing as gravity!

        • Anonymous

          Still disrupting class with insults, much like you did in the 7th grade? That is what happens when Fool School teaches you to memorize rather than be able to think for yourself. Sadly Beef, it was a life sentence for you.

        • The Thinning Veil Report

          beef and all your other screen names,

          jumping off a cliff does not prove ‘gravity’.
          it proves you are heavier than the air surrounding you.

          give it a try and see, will you please?
          thanks and have a great day, sleepyhead.

          • The Thinning Veil Report


            your post has disappeared as of this time stamp though it shows 11 people are reading it.

            this happens with flat earth vids on this site.
            and certain other topics.

    • Arte Vespule

      That’s just retarded. Get back in Mommies basement, and stay off the computer….

    • carsonking

      Mention the queen eats babies and you’ll get raised eyebrows in here, say 911 was done with a nuke, you get pretty much the same. Say the earth is flat ‘you need locking up’, this is the most proving evidence and the sarcasm that debunkers use when what they are usually trying to prove, actually proves the opposite. If you believe the world is flat, your a window licker, believe ufo’s and you have a large audience. Sorry but I’ve watched more debunking videos about flat earth that for it and it’s sad to say, the globalists are the more crackers, evidence is not a necessity, the fact I can see Calais port from Dover port at 26 miles difference, proves on it’s own, the world is flat. ‘Why can’t I see Hawaii from La, I hear them ask, because is fkg miles away you pleb. It’s not even worth the effort trying to get people to have an open mind on it as it’s on lockdown, (only certified nutters believe the earth is flat). I don’t know, neither do you, who believes mans been on the moon, not me, yet we are still seeing the same composite picture for the last 40 years, yet know one gives a darn. Google, all maps are lies and and you’ll see they have been lying about that all these years and that’s mainstream, not conspiracy stuff. Open your mind and you’ll find the evidence points in the direction the earth is actually flat.

      • OzzieEd

        You make some good points as does the article. Gravity is not what we are told because we live in an electric universe. If you look into an atom you will see a miniature version of the universe and there are no flat bits. How the hell you can conceptualize this flat earth concept is beyond me. My mind is open and this reality is holographic. Sorry but the idea of a flat earth would be an anomaly amongst all the rest of creation. Where else in nature is anything flat? Sure they faked the moon landing, not because they haven’t been there, but because they don’t tell the truth about what they are up to or people would realize that we are far from alone. To suggest we are the only sentient life in an endless universe is patently ridiculous. Life is everywhere.

        • LifeIs

          OzzieEd true, about the electric universe, and true, gravity is not what we are told.

          The evidence is, what we are told is not just wrong, it’s preposterous.

          We have Bruce DePalma’s spinning balls experiment.

          We have spinning galaxies that require the invention of invisible matter, to hold
          them together gravitationally. We have “arms” that should not hold together, as
          the stars farther from the center should be moving more slowly.

          We have the Tamarack mine experiment.

          We have Bode’s law and we have the spin of Venus synchronized with Earth’s orbit
          around the Sun. Neither is explained by gravity.

          The “flat earth” story is a disinformation story, to direct us away from what should be
          obvious. There are 4 dimensions of space. Earth is a 4 dimensional sphere with a 3 dimensional surface. And a 3 dimensional axis of rotation (like a hurricane.)

          The evidence is:

          The paradox of the curvature. By the formula for the curvature of a sphere, the Earth is
          flat for several miles in any direction. Thus the Bedford canal experiment results.

          But we MUST have about 8 inches of curvature per mile, for the circumference to be right.

          It should be obvious from numerous experiments, that light that should be over the horizon and is not (or some of the light, we need to look at polarization) is travelling up and down, in 4 dimensional space.

          Impact craters are always circular and a rock thrown into a pond makes a circular pattern of
          ripples, regardless of the angle of impact. The ONLY explanation for that is: to penetrate a 4 dimensional object, you must make a 3 dimensional hole. The force of the penetration has magnitude, but no direction.

          The “core” of the Earth does not conduct pressure waves, and if a core was there, it would.

          The Earth and the Moon (yes the unmanned probes deployed seismographs) resonate (“ring like a bell”) from strong quakes.

          The 3 dimensional axis of rotation of the Earth is just like that of a hurricane. Eye of a hurricane, hollow center of Earth, same thing.

          Time is not a dimension, because it has direction, and because it is only measured by a flow
          of energy. Time, and gravity, are both the 2nd law of thermodynamics in action. Energy flowing from greater concentration to lesser concentration.

          • carsonking

            Only for the first mile, then you have to start squaring the results, it’s 64 inches after 2 miles, I shouldn’t be able to see Calais from Dover.
            I’m not poo pooing your theory but your making out as if it’s not one tenth as ridiculous as the flat earth theory, yet it has less proof , at least with the flat earth any idiot can work it out as opposed having a masters in quantum physics for yours. And it’s always the simplest answer, it always is, the globe model makes very little sense.

            • LifeIs

              See, that’s the paradox.

              The square of the distance multiplied by 8 inches.

              A 32 inch drop in 2 miles.

              But the linear curvature has to be 16 inches in that distance.

              It has to be, for the circumference to be a circle.

              An object of 3 dimensions has a 2 dimensional surface -or surfaces.

              If Earth were 3 dimensional, you could go north, south, east, or west, but not up or down. And the curvature would be linear.

              An object of 4 dimensions has 3 dimensional surfaces.

              Earth is 4 dimensional. The surface is 3 dimensional.

              Which is why the curvature is not linear.

              The 3 dimensional Earth theory is as wrong as the flat Earth theory.

              carsonking I meant to say Rational Skeptic had two standards. I’m sorry for the way it posted under your comment.

              The Earth has a 3 dimensional surface.

            • carsonking

              Dude, I’ve been looking in to the forth dimension and I pretty much understand what your saying, but and it’s a big but, I’m in no way comprehendaly able to answer. I understand your formula but I just can’t get my head round it. I’d really love to, do have a link for dummies. I’ve watched most of the explanations on YouTube about the forth dimension it’s just getting it to fit in the globe aspect, if you know what I mean? I’m open minded to anything and I hope your right and I no longer mostly believe the world is flat. No offence, never been offended, well except that person who called me a liberal, that hurt.

            • carsonking

              One minute, this isn’t a Christian trick is it?
              For there to be a forth dimension a being must be able to see it, otherwise it does not exist, surly?

            • LifeIs

              What we see depends on how light travels and how we interpret
              the patterns it makes on our retinas.

              And the brain makes efficient use of its resources. We think of the Sun as “rising” and “setting,” because it’s easier to imagine the Earth as a fixed frame of reference.

              And it is easier for us to imagine a 3-D frame of reference, 3-D vectors of motion, 3-D cause and effect.

              But you see the 4th dimension in any vortex. Like a hurricane and its “eye,” there is a 3 dimensional axis of rotation, NOT a line up the middle.

              When you see rippling sheets of “Northern lights” you are seeing a 3 dimensional flow of particles into a 4 dimensional atmosphere.

              When you see a circular pattern of ripples from an object thrown into water, you are seeing a 4 dimensional surface penetrated, with a 3 dimensional force of impact. No direction, just magnitude.

              When you see the 3 dimensional surface of the Earth, and any sphere in the real world is a 4 dimensional one, with a 3-D surface,
              you are seeing the 4th dimension.

            • carsonking

              But you are breaking the rule that we can’t see the forth dimension, ripples on water are surly 3rd dimensual? To allow your theory, I have to throw out everything I know about the forth dimension, like a 2d object could never see or at least comprehend the third dimensional object. So there has to be a presence to observe the forth dimension, something with a bigger brain than us? After watching a lot of them I came to my own conclusion, the forth dimension is smaller than what we are trying to project, they always use those stupid straw squares and I thought, maybe the forth dimension is microscopic. Anyway, it’s as crazy as flat earth, it’s like turning up to a tank fight with a pistol and someone giving you a knife instead, I can get my head around flat earth theory. :sad:

            • carsonking

              That was meant to be a smiley not a sad, potatoes for fingers. :)

            • LifeIs

              No, it’s not microscopic.

              And the analogy to a 2-dimensional being is forced.

              We are not 3-dimensional beings living in a 3-dimensional world.

              We are 4-dimensional beings. In a 4-dimensional world.

              And we don’t know that we CANNOT “see” the 4-dimensional shapes of things.

              We know that our brains interpret spots of light on our retinas,
              to “see” the world. We see with our brains.

              And 3 dimensions are easier for the brain to keep track of.

            • LifeIs

              Note: Much of what we SEE in the world is actually INFERRED.

              Like, the orbits of planets. We see part of an orbit and infer the rest,
              using mathematics.

          • OzzieEd

            Thanks Lifels
            I’m not going to pretend I understand the whole 4th dimension thing but hopefully I’ll get there. Great reading. There is so much to ponder at this time in history.

            • carsonking

              Ditto, I like the idea we live in a forth dimension but can’t comprehend it, that sounds feasible in my mind. But that by no means, means I understand totally but your getting there, I understand more than I did 72 hours ago.
              Thanks for taking your time to explain. See, I can be nice. :)

            • carsonking

              Hi, I spent the evening with my nephew who after studying all what I’ve been saying over the last fortnight, totally disagrees with me. He came out with the forth dimension idea like you, except he didn’t understand the forth dimension so I had to spend a couple of hours explaining the best I could. He totally disagrees with me which is fantastic as I have someone to bounce ideas off. He wanted to buy a weather balloon and a thermal imaging camera but after explaining the cost, we are going to the Lake District with lasers and other equipment to see what happens. Neither of us have a problem with being wrong, so it will be an honest result.
              On a different note, is anyone having a problem with, I’m using an iPad and I am constantly being interrupted by an advert that freezes my browser, I’m having to write this in notes and copy and paste as I don’t have enough time to write it on the site?

    • RationalSkeptic

      Only place you can find more stupid posters than Godlikeproductions, is Beforeitsnews.

      • carsonking

        This isn’t godlike productions, are you sure, there’s a plethora of religious fruitcakes on here?

      • LifeIs

        You appear to have two standards.

        Wrong is wrong and preposterous is preposterous, anywhere.

        • carsonking

          I have many standards, I’m sat here in track suit bottoms and slippers but I wouldn’t go up the shop In it.

    • Mark

      Sorry…your brain is a hoax! :lol:

    • Linelock

      Not sure where you got these ideas but I will point out that Isaac Newton was not an occultist. In fact he was a devout follower of Jesus Christ which is widely documented in his writings.

      This site is so full of people posting drivel and made up sh** it’s hard to even engage on this site.

      :lol: :cool:

      • Anonymous

        So you knew Isaac personally or was your opinion formed by some book that you really have no idea if it was truthful or not?

      • Scanner Darko

        So all that stuff he wrote and did in relation to alchemy is a forgery and a lie?

    • doggy do

      Hey why not? Everything else on this site is ridiculous, might as well join the party! :lol:

      • LifeIs

        Problem is, much of the content of science books and magazines and journals is b.s. that is just made up.

        That’s why we have “surprising” astronomical discoveries, and mysteries of physics, and climate predictions that fail.

        It’s why some surprising discoveries are forgotten about as fast as possible.

        The small, dark comets, discovered in the 1980s, are an example. First they were denied.
        An impossibly high standard of proof was set. When the existence of the comets was proved,
        they and their implications were forgotten.

        They are too dark to see, but sunlight doesn’t melt them. Solar wind doesn’t give them tails.
        There goes the prevailing story about how comets work.

        They are debris that proves a near -collision between planets not TOO long ago.
        There goes the prevailing story about the solar system being stable for billions of years.

        The theories and the theorists who peddle them are wrong. They can’t afford the truth.

    • Sonny Jim

      Well..1st he doesn’t seem to understand that sub-atomic particles follow their own rules..look it up..
      2nd..he said water always finds its own level on the horizontal…any sailor can prove to you the ocean is a sphere.

      • carsonking

        No he can’t.

    • carsonking

      I was in the same boat not a month ago when a video popped up in ‘watch this’ on YouTube, I watched it and kept telling him to shut up because it made sense and I’m already considered a bit challenged. The video has now vanished but it started the video with an illustration like the video below, it’s only 2 minutes long and ill sing you a song if you think I wasted your time, but please watch it.
      Maybe the earth is a much bigger shear than we imagined and we are one world on a globe that’s massive, it’s gone through my head, why else would, Admiral Richard Byrd say there was a piece of land past the South Pole that no one has ever set foot on, that’s Australia to me and you but I don’t think a three time ticker tape parade admiral would get confused. Why is no one allowed down there, how in heavens name did they get every country with a boat to agree to this and sign a treaty, how?
      How can you see New York and Philadelphia in the same picture and all buildings stand up right? You can’t see the bottom because of the swell of the ocean, that’s the de bunkers answer, you can’t see the bottom of the buildings, a three foot wave in front of you will hide a lot of stuff in front if you. Hold your phone two foot from your face and it could possibly hide a massive chunk of the scenery, yet it’s only 5inches big. Why can I see Calais????? As I said, I’m not 100% but the debunkers are crap. Anyone who uses NASA as evidence can take a hike, gravity is only a theory and how come you don’t get crushed at the North Pole? Why don’t planes just go up and up and wait for the destination to come round to them, I mean right up, it would be cheaper? Why can’t we see a picture of the Australians living upside down from outer space, sury if they can zoom to Pluto and beyond, a couple of thousand miles should be a piece of pi$$? Why are all the pics of the globe composites? Why do the elites not give a darn what happens to this place, have they somewhere else to go? Why do boats get smaller and not just fall off the horizon like they should, why do they approach upright as apposed to slanted, like they should? I honestly wish I didn’t believe it but the proof is in from of your eyes.
      Just read this page from the daily mail,

      And here is the video I would like you to watch, please do and debunk it for me, I want that. :)

      • carsonking

        Also, I asked a WWII Lancaster pilot who lives in the same home as my old man ‘do you have to keep tipping the nose to follow the curvature of the earth’? ‘No, don’t be silly was his answer, gravity pulled the plane down.

    • Astral Silence

      SIMPLE F’ING PHYSICS! It’s simple physics that prove the earth is not flat, a flat planet cannot even exist, let support life. There is zero reason for some big global conspiracy that has been going on for literally thousands of years that the earth is flat. People didn’t think the Earth was flat before Columbus set sailed to the Americas, that is flat out misinformation we learned in school…people have known the Earth was round since at least ancient Greek times.

      • carsonking

        I think you will find many ancient civilisations that believed the earth was flat, so your wrong on that point.
        Show me the simple physics that explains why I can see Calais from Dover. Also, why does the UN have a flat earth map on their flag excluding the Antarctic? The UN are the police of the world, they are no cocka many troop, don’t you find that intriguing?

        • carsonking

          Also, as I said, we might be one world on a giant sheer, maybe that’s what’ CERN is all about, trying to break a hole in the dome!

          • CrowPie

            Hey Carsonking,

            I’m glad to see you back. Did you know you have always been one of me favorite commenters?

            I have a question. If the earth is flat…why don’t ships that are going to or from say China to the U.S……fall off the earth? There has to be at least four edges. Right?

            • carsonking

              Cheers flower, :) .
              We are surrounded by the Antarctic, a 2 mile wall of ice, that every country agreed not to set foot on. Look at the UN flag and imagine ice all the way round.

            • Scanner Darko

              I get the whole wall thing.

              My biggest issue with the flat earth theory is the Coriolis Effect?

              What’s your explanation for that, carsonking?

            • carsonking

              It what sense?

            • Scanner Darko

              the obvious sense

    • truthseeker4809

      So now beforeitsnews is in a serious business of debunking the well known and verified science? Just go to Google Earth and search for your own physical address retards. Or should we have to start by defining what it means to be flat or round? I noticed some of the legitimate stories on BIN were gone in a minute. Can we trash this thread as soon as possible? I’m getting tired of BIN now..
      Someone has to start more sensible and informative site than this one..

      • carsonking

        ‘Just go to google earth’ and I’m a retard? I’m guessing you didn’t give my links the time of day and are just ranting about something that someone told you at school. Look at the map link I put up, it will take 40 seconds of your day and sit and realise to what extent they are prepared to lie and then come back.
        There are hundreds of sites dude, tried most if them, they are all full of religionists who don’t get the irony of being on a conspiracy site, it’s quite funny, well if your not American and understand irony it is. This is the most amusing site by far, yeah it’s full of nutters, I’ll give you that but if you want a conversation that you agree with, try a mirror.
        Or look at my map link and come back and call me a retard, that’s fair enough, isn’t it, because it’s not a conspiracy, they have made Europe look bigger in a map since the 1800′s, Africa is much larger in real life to the maps you have seen before, it’s a daily mail article, I chose a mainstream site on purpose but there are many others, go see.

        • carsonking

          Also your taking the same stance as all the other debunkers, just calling names and not providing proof or even looking at any. People like yourself make me believe it more, I’d rather be a retard than believe everything I’m told.

    • srsly1


      Really? Okay Lil’Troy, hit the hiiiighway, and do it the flyyyyy way.

    • chopperjeff

      Numerous errors with this gravity article.
      For starters, I have no clue s to why it’s stated that at the pole, your weight would be 7000lbs?!??!
      The only reason one has slightly less weight at the equator is due to the centripetal force. It’s not that Gravity is any different.

      Then there’s all the stuff about how the moon does not fall into the earth, or the Earth into the Sun, or the satellites into the earth…YES, BACAUSE THEY ARE IN ORBIT!
      When an object is in orbit, they are constantly falling towards the object they are orbiting, but since the ground is constantly receding away due to the curvature, it never makes it to the ground.

      Then there’s the mention of “upside-down water at the surface of the ocean”. Uh, no, there is no upside down, as everything is relative to the earth, not from someone standing out in space looking at the earth.

      And no, water is not always flat! Then it says that water always finds the nearest horizontal. The nearest horizontal? Again, the water, and I mean every molecule of water, is in a sense going towards the center of the earth. What do you think should happen? Do you think that water should form a flat plane over the spherical earth?
      Water only appears to us to always be flat as even a large swimming seems to be flat. But the rate of curvature is only about 8 inches per mile, so one would not notice any curvature of water over something as small as a swimming pool.

      Then is asks why atoms are mostly empty space inside, and not affected by gravity. It’s because atoms are more affected by what’s called the strong force, and electromagnet force. These are stronger than gravity, and thus gravity has little affect on atoms.

      It also states that the vacuum of space should suck the air off the Earth. No, because our atmosphere has mass, and with the Earth’s gravity acting on it, it holds it to the surface.

    • pulltabjunkie

      @beef, clucker,anon, arte: By arguing against the obvious flat earth, you have just proven how that by repeating a lie over and over into the ears of a student from 1st grade onward, you can indoctrinate them for life. The line of people waiting to meet the aliens will be comprised of morons much like yourselves. Instead of telling this guy to go jump off a bridge, how about you guys all have a sleepover at Beef’s mommy’s house, and figure out how to get water to curve, then get back to us. Remember, don’t eat the paint chips on the window seals, mkay.

    • The Thinning Veil Report


      welcome to the fray.
      you are correct about our reality, though many here prefer their fantasy so much so that their heads often nearly explode when their imaginary ba’al is under threat.

      great post. keep em coming.

    • Anonymous

      Scientist/cult cant explain anything with common sense and logic which are foundations for understanding. Ok im going to explain this the earth from so called space would look nothing like a map would cause maps were just made up for navigational reasons so if maps were made up then why would earth from space look like a map would show it . The cult uses theories not fact people , open your dang eyes quit being told what is real and find out try to prove anything that is theory like the the “theory” of realitivity. The theory of evolution which darwin himself said if his theory was true we would find all kinds of fossils proving it and guess what not a dang one found oh the vatican tried to send a so called bird which they said was evolving the scientist working on it noticed that they actually took parts from multiple animal parts and tried to trick the scientist into saying it was real now people there is not one shred of evidence to support any of the cults theories but I can show you a thousand to back up the bible and the earth being flat because their theory just cant hold water .

    • 2QIK4U


    • truthseeker4809

      Flat earth theory is not even pseudoscience. It is not even a theory nor a science. There is a fundamental physical principle called “Angular Momentum Conservation Law” in physics. Moon can not fall into the earth because of that. Earth can not fall into the Sun either. This nonsense of flat earth theory comes from the ignorance of the first principle of Newtonian mechanics. Study physics at the local community collage and come back to post this nonsense over and over again.

    • Real Expert

      Just give it up! These creatures want to believe in this so bad, that there
      is nothing you could show them or teach them that will ever change their minds.
      They want it so bad, they are willing to risk their credibility in front of the masses.
      It means everything to them.. (for whatever reason).. (pure insanity at a basic level).
      They pick out a flat spot on the earth and use that as their rallying cry that the whole
      thing must therefore, be flat as a pancake.. Then when you present them with some
      real proof that proves the earth is a sphere, they make up things out of the blue
      to explain them away, that usually defy everything we know about physics! Such
      as light is able to just stop in mid-air, and invisible wires hold the moon and sun in
      place.. It just never ends with them.. I believe that for rational thought to take place,
      you have to have at least some neurons in the brain firing electrical signals to each
      other.. You have finally met a class of people that don’t have this happening, nor will
      it ever, inside their brainless heads. Really want to blow their minds, ask them what
      power illuminates their tiny sun? Answer: I don’t know it just shines! Wouldn’t your
      moon always be full if it was self illuminated? Answer: Usually they skip this one, because
      it is beyond their ability to answer it.

      Bottom line is they want this so bad, we must give it to them and let them go on their
      merry way.. They just won’t ever get it.. They can’t, it’s impossible! When everything
      is a lie to them, you have nothing left to use to show them the truth. For some reason,
      when God created the “firmament”, they have it in their heads, that firmament means
      “FLAT ground”.. Not sure where they got that idea, but it really means “firm ground”.
      But whatever makes them happy!

    • Real Expert

      i think AIR is a hoax too.. You can’t see it, you can’t really smell it.
      Must be a hoax eh?

    • jjis

      So if the Earth is flat, shouldn’t I be able see the Sears Tower in Chicago or the St Louis Arch from the Empire State Building?

      • Anonymous

        Besides things like elevation, trees and buildings we also have the problem of air pollution. On windy days,there are far more particles in the air and these particles block your vision. The further you are looking, the more particles to try and see through.
        In the mountains, some days you can see a hundred miles. Other days when there is smoke, pollen, moisture,etc you can only see maybe ten. No mystery here.

    • carolina4

      we should all be headed for standing rock for thanksgiving. that they would take that pipeline straight through pristine indian country instead of through the north dakota wastelands is criminal. next up is the pipeline of water from the seven “watershed jewels” to santa fre. rumsfeld’s bailiwick. dick cheney. MAKE YOUR STAND IN STANDING ROCK. forget this sideshow. trump versus clinton. flat earth versus a sphere. jews versus infidels, i mean gentiles. california split. yellowstone blowout. everglades subterfuge. STANDING ROCK!!!!

    • charlie2dogs

      flat earthers are fing idiots

    • seataka

      Flat Earth – CIA Psyop to discredit 911 truthers

    • ButtPincher

      As usual the comments and insults hurled at the truth come from people with closed minds and zero research.. Notice how much anger is produced in the comments from those who have never ever spent any time actually researching the possibility.. That I believe is your sub conscious mind frightened beyond your normal control because this rings true and your false paradigm is collapsing. You are drawn to these flat earth postings because you must defend your precarious perch looking out over the edge of your world view based on lies from the controllers. Spend a few days on you tube with an open mind and research flat earth. It will change your life and perspective in a positive way. Or continue embarrassing yourself with your ignorant angry responses to anything that challenges your elementary understanding of the world.

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