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What’s Happening With Russia?

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Many of us breathed a sigh of relief in 1991 when the Berlin Wall came down and the Cold War came to an end. Over 40 years of staring eyeball to eyeball with the now defunct Soviet Union ended, without the nuclear missiles ever flying.

At long last, we had peace from the nuclear threat and the world was no longer on the brink of nuclear annihilation.

While there have been wars in the last 25 years, even wars that the United States were involved in, none of them threatened the very existence of mankind. Even the threat of Islamic terrorism, which intentionally targets civilians, kills only a few people, compared to what nuclear-tipped ICBMs can do.

There has been relative peace between East and West, with the more streamlined Russian Federation and the United States of America even worked together at times. While these two nations weren’t necessarily the best of friends, the constant face off and struggle for supremacy that marked the decades following World War II had finally come to an end.

That is, they had until more recent times. The combination of a strong Russian leader and a weak American one have brought us to a change in the global dynamic.

Whereas the world had become accustomed to looking towards the United States for leadership, whether they wanted to or not, the lack of leadership coming out of Washington has paved the way for the rise of a new global leader, right at a time when such a leader was beginning to flex his muscles.

Barack Obama has shown his weakness to the world, most especially with his infamous “red line” in Syria. When he didn’t enforce that line, the most powerful country on the face of the Earth lost face, showing the world that rather than backing up what we say, the President was all too ready to back away from what he had said, when people didn’t accept his threats.

It’s one thing to threaten a bully, but at some point in time, you’ve got to be ready to back up those threats with action. If the bully backs away, all well and good. But if the bully raises his fists, you’d better be ready to swing. Yet Barack Obama turned tail and ignored his own warning, when Syria ignored his treat.

This was noticed by many world leaders, most especially by Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin. Since becoming the Russian Federation’s President for the second time, in 2012, Putin has been making aggressive noises, letting the world know that Russia was not gone and that their imperial ambitions were alive and well.

As a former intelligence officer, it is quite possible that Putin remembers the glory days of the Soviet Union fondly, when the world was afraid of her might.

How the Past is Shaping the Future

The Russian people have been attacked many times through history, most especially in World War II. They were the true target of Hitler’s aggression, as Hitler himself stated in his autobiography, Mein Kampf. This has given the Russian people a national desire to protect themselves from other such attacks.

There are three main manifestations of that complex need which we need to concern ourselves with:

  • The first is their fixation on becoming militarily strong. In Russian eyes, one of the most important ways to prevent attack is to be stronger than your attackers. Therefore, they have invested billions of rubles into their military, at all levels.
  • The second manifestation is to become the hunt, not the pray. Everyone knows that the best defensive is a good offensive. Throughout the Cold War and again more recently, Russia has been the aggressor, so that they wouldn’t have to be the defender.
  • Finally, the old Soviet Union developed the finest intelligence organization in the world. While the breakup of the Soviet Union and its replacement with the Russian Federation has caused a reduction in the size of their intelligence organs, you can be sure that they kept the best and the brightest, as well as their most important programs to keep track of potential enemies.

One way in which they have done this is through cyber-warfare. Russia is one of the world’s two leaders in cyber-warfare, the other being their ancient rival China. Both countries have invested a considerable amount of time, money and talent into developing the wherewithal to turn conventional hacking into a weapon.

Here in the United States, our government is playing catch-up with these two countries, most especially in defending ourselves from their constant probes of our electronic defenses.

This reached a head recently, when President Obama publicly accused the Russians of hacking into our systems, in an attempt to meddle with the 2016 presidential elections. Whether this accusation is true or not is up for grabs, but it is clear that the Russians have the capability, if they have decided that it would be to their advantage to meddle in our elections.

Is Putin Preparing for Nuclear War?

One of the closest Vladimir Putin’s supporters has been quoted as saying that if Hillary Clinton wins the November elections, there will be war. More specifically, he has supposedly declared that the war will be a nuclear one. This is either some rather intense saber rattling on Putin’s part, or maybe the Russian President has some rather dangerous plans up his sleeve.

Yet it looks in many ways like Putin is preparing for such a war. He has stated that Clinton is the true danger to world peace, not Trump. So apparently in his eyes, she is the one who will begin any war.

Video first seen on Dawn Obrien.

If you look at Clinton’s history, she has always voted in favor of war. So, while Democrats present themselves as being against war, Clinton, at least, has a history of being in favor of it. This is quite different than the current resident of the White House, who ran for election on a promise of ending our involvement in the global War on Terror.

There is a lot of evidence to back up the idea that Putin is preparing for nuclear war, something that he alluded to with Obama and is now stating more strongly with Clinton:

  • He has moved nuclear capable missiles to Kaliningrad, a small piece of land, bordering on the Baltic Sea, between Poland and Lithuania. This small area is a province of Russia, even though it has no physical contact with the rest of the country. By moving nuclear missiles there, Putin has created a threat against Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Germany and the Czech Republic.
  • Russian strategic rocket forces are at a high state of readiness. Testing of three long-range ballistic rockets in the last few days show that Russia’s rocket forces are ready to perform, when called upon. The three separate, but related tests, one from Russia’s Pacific Fleet, one from their Northern Fleet and one from the Plesetsk Space Center all hit their targets.
  • While Russia’s official statement claims that these three tests were a normal part of military training and testing, it is difficult to know for sure. The age-old problem is that normal training and preparations for war look virtually identical. You have to wait to see what the country conducting the drills does, in order to know if their intentions are peaceful or not.
  • At basically the same time as this, Russia has conducted a disaster readiness drill, involving 40 million civilians, roughly 28 percent of their entire population. While the drills were broad-spectrum, intended for dealing with a wide range of disasters, including natural disasters, nuclear war was also included in the drills.
  • The Russian government is telling their people to prepare for nuclear war, giving specific instructions on war preparations, including checking gas masks, knowing where bomb shelters are, telling the people what to expect of the government in a time of war.
  • Russia media has been telling people about American aggression, telling the people of Russia to expect a nuclear attack from the United States. Vladimir Putin himself has appeared on national television, warning of the potential of an American offensive against Russia.

Taken individually, none of these items are particularly threatening; but together they paint another picture. Any of these steps can be seen as precursors to war, most especially the last one, where the people of Russia are being prepared for such an eventuality.

All appearances make it look like we have a pending war with Russia looming on the horizon. If we take what Putin is saying at face value, we will be in open conflict in the near future. But I am compelled to say, I am not convinced that such a war is really what we are facing.

It is quite possible that Putin has other plans and that the threatening moves he is making are intended for another audience.

We have seen over the last four years how aggressive Russia has become to their nearest neighbors, especially Ukraine. The invasion of the Crimea has been a clear act of war, regardless of Russia’s rationalization of their actions.

Neighboring countries see what has happened in Ukraine and the United States’ poor response to it, and have to be wondering what will happen when Russia chooses to invade them as well.

These countries could very well be the target of Russia’s statements about nuclear war. The mere threat of such an action is one of the biggest sticks there is, on an international level.

Should Russia choose to attack any of her neighbors or even to attack all of Europe, and used the nuclear stick as a deterrent, there is little to nothing that any of them could do.

Even the United Kingdom and France combined have barely over one-fourth the deployed nuclear warheads that Russia has. Entering into a nuclear war, even on a limited scale, would be suicidal for them.

Like many such situations, we’re going to have to wait to see what happens. At the moment, it seems that Russia, like us, is in a waiting game. They are waiting to see what our November elections hold for the future. Quite possibly, those elections could have much more of an international impact than they normally would.

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia. 


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    • carolina4

      what are you trying to say. that a vote for hillary would back the bear up. what if we told you we like the bear backed up. it makes us all stronger. i believe this next election necessitates something different. now, while i know this is all about one new york mob against another. one mob is fully compromised by a foreign country. namely israhell. the democratic party now belongs to them. all dual citizens. a vote for that is DEATH to america. because behind that levant, is the slippery eel of the vatican and the royal house of europe. bye, bye.

      • st

        no if hellery gets in they wipe us off the map.If she gets in ,well we have it coming :eek:

    • truthseeker4809

      Thieves can not get a leadership in the world. Make no mistake about it. People are not idiots although seemingly they look like one.

    • Icecharge

      Jeremiah 17: 5, “Thus saith the Lord: ‘Cursed be the man that trusted in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord. 6, For he shall be like the heath in the desert, and shall not see when good cometh; but shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness, in a salt land and not inhabited.’”

      Putin has drunk power-vodka and does not seem to understand the life that God the Creator has created. He takes part in Orthodox ceremonies but his heart is far from God.

      Four Dictators

      I wrote earlier how history is repeating itself, this time in the Middle East, North Africa and Russia.

      Before the WW2 and during it, there were two powerful dictators allied, mainly Hitler in Germany and Mussolini in Italy. However, there were two more dictators allied with them, namely Franco in Spain and Salazar in Portugal. The latter two were kept up in power by Hitler and in some measure by Mussolini but later, Franco and Salazar retreated from the alliance, obviously due to the destruction that the alliance brought along, and declared their countries neutral in the world war. Meanwhile, the neighbor countries of Germany and Italy, as well as almost the entire Europe and the North Africa, had to suffer more and more because of the maniac plans of Hitler and Mussolini. However, there was one more dictator, Stalin the Terrible that killed even more people than Hitler and Mussolini were able to do, helped by the western “democracies”. Europe was devastated.

      At first, Hitler and Mussolini were on the brink of a war in 1934 when Hitler wanted to take Austria first time. Mussolini feared that Hitler was about to take the German speaking Sudetenland from Italy and drove his tanks s in North Africa, and Eritrea. Hirohito for his part, conquered Korea, large areas in China and Indochina and almost all of the archipelagos of the South-east Asia. Eventually, the great three despots lost but Franco and Salazar were left on their thrones, so that their countries would not be conquered by the communism, the ideology of Stalin.
      Now, there are two great dictators again, this time in the east, namely Putin in Russia and Erdogan in Turkey. It seems that they have almost the same objectives as Hitler and Mussolini had.

      Putin wants to conquer the Most part of Europe because the nature of the Russians  is remarkably paranoid. They have conquered the residential districts of many nations until the shores of the Pacific and they always fear in their collective soul that some day, they may lose their power over the nations they have subdued, and those other nations would get a revenge on them. Therefore, the Russians every time elect or allow to take the highest power, the most ruthless and cunning man among themselves to be their leader, never mind how many people the leader puts in jail and kills, if only the main majority can live their humble Russian life as they did during the Soviet Union and under the czars before it. After all really, the Russians honor only a brutal force and think that they are  supreme, the “best” nation in the world as they said during the Balkan war, adding that the Serbs was the “second best” nation.

      More than Hitler before him, Putin has developed his huge Blitzkrieg forces, the land forces, the navy and the air forces, not forgetting the space forces with terrible ICBM’s (like the Sarmat, the country-destroyer). What is his intention? What else than the intension of Hitler, to use them. It is self evident that they have not been built for to be stored someday in a military museum.

      Like Mussolini before him, Erdogan was recently on the brink of a war with his counterpart Putin but later, they found their common benefits and established an alliance.  Woe to the neighboring countries and many other countries also in Europe and Middle East. Several cities in Syria are smithereens already and more are becoming such when the two big allies bomb them to save one allied dictator, Assad, helped by the fourth dictator in Iran. That is what happened in Spain before the WW2. Greece is in a great danger. They have found oil and gas that Turkey has not found on their own area. The gas pipe from Russia may calm down Erdogan for some time but before long, a favorable time point may come for Turkey to capture at least the oil and gas wells of Greece, maybe the whole country as Hitler did in the WW2 after setbacks encountered by Mussolini. Actually for centuries, Greece was a part of the Ottoman empire that Erdogan seems to want to revive.

      Nothing more is important for a despot than his own life and position along with his family, his allied dictator, their families, then their friends and supporters. The ordinary people come last if not at all. Only an ultimate destruction seems to be able to drive some sens into the head of a despot, if not even then.

      Instead of the far east ally, the Emperor of Japan, that the four European dictators had during the WW2, the new set of four dictators, Putin in Russia, Erdogan in Turkey, Assad in Syria and the Ayatolla Khamenei in Iran, has China in the Far East as their ally. China is expanding its territory as Japan did before the WW2. The Chinese have a great opponent, the US, but anyway, they have occupied a vast area of the South-China Sea already and nobody knows what they are going to take next. Can the similarities between the WW2 and coming WW3 be a coincidence? How could it be?

      On the basis of this probe, what could be predicted in the near future? This is not a prophecy and I am not writing as a prophet but I want to conclude something.

      Erdogan is like Mussolini, extremely proud, arrogant and too hasty. He wants to get results and fast, especially when the economy of his country is not working good enough and the  growing population of Turkey has growing demands. Therefore, it is expected that he decides to capture Greece or at least their oil and gas wells when the inner situation in the US will become bad enough to prevent the latter from getting involved. Only the waning membership of the NATO is keeping Erdogan at bay for now, probably not long.

      After Erdogan has started his mission to revive the Ottoman empire, I expect that he will turn his attention to the other parts of the ancient Ottoman Empire, the Balkan countries, Kurds abroad, Iraqis, Lebanon, Israel, North African countries etc. Eventually, his plans will cause a strong friction between him and Putin, driving them into an open conflict. With the nuclear weapons that he has caught in the large NATO air force base in Turkey, Erdogan will destroy some key cities in Iran and elsewhere. The Russians will come to help their Orthodox brothers and take Greece and the Orthodox Balkan, the ancient Constantinople as their most important target.

      As his last attempt to revive the ancient Turkey empire, Erdogan will gather nine allies in the neighborhood of Israel and launch a large allied force against her (Psalm 83) but will encounter a crushing defeat. He will get alarming messages from the north about Russian operations and from the east about Iranians attacking. He will get afraid and retreat but encounter his death.

      Meanwhile, Putin’s Russia will decide to occupy all important oil and gas grounds in the Middle East to get a superior dominance over the energy markets of the world and at the same time, to conquer the area of the ancient Byzantium or East Rome, to get a decisive political power and to help their Orthodox brothers. The economy of the West has collapsed and their societies are in a turmoil with severe riots and civil wars on their streets. The western powers or what are left of them, decide to keep aside of the other turmoil in the east. The narrative in Ezekiel 38 and 39 will become real when Putin will try to conquer Israel and make end of it as a state and a hard obstacle.

      God will defend Israel in a supernatural way, not because they are so good (which most of them are not but deeply drowned in their sins) but because the end plan of God the Creator has to be made possible. The Russian forces with their allies will be destroyed supernaturally by God with masses of meteorites falling on their troops and weaponry. Only 1/6 of them will be left alive (as said also in the Russian Bible).

      The world will get a short interval of a reasonable peace and order. The nations of the world start repairing the damages of the wars and riots, trying to organize their life as best as they can. After that, the final phase in the worlds history will come before the return of Jesus Christ, Yeshua as the real King and Savior. It will be the most severe time of the all ages but the end will be good. When the end is good, all is good. Let’s wait and pray for it.

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