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California Under Full-Scale Attack! Secret Agenda No Longer Hidden!

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Geoengineered Firestorms
Terrorize to Advance the Agenda(s)



California firestorm

UN Agenda 21
2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
Will Not Be Thwarted by President Trump
Even if California Must Be Destroyed

State of the Nation

There is nothing more sacred to the New World Order agenda than the covert plan to establish a One World Government.  The ultimate goal of that misguided agenda is to completely own and manage all natural resources on planet Earth, as well to control the weather around the globe—24/7.  This game plan also includes controlling all human resources, of course.

NWO Cabal Pursues Total Dominion Over The Earth’s Weather And Natural Resources

Only with the understanding provided by the preceding exposé can anyone begin to apprehend the true depth and breadth of this highly organized, multi-century conspiracy.  In fact, all of the natural disasters and manmade catastrophes are used to carry out this master plan.

What is of paramount importance is to correctly comprehend both the strategy and the tactics being used by the NWO ruling cabal.  Weather warfare, geoterrorism and environmental destruction reign supreme in the outworking of their agenda.  As follows:

  1. TPTB possess the in situ technology to create virtually any type of natural calamity they so choose to, many from scratch.
  2. TPTB can manipulate an existing hurricane (or tornado swarm) by intensifying it and directing it to a specific location.  The can also trigger earthquakes in active fault zones, as well as volcanic eruptions when they are semi-active.
  3. TPTB can bring about any number of dramatic manmade catastrophes such as the BP Gulf oil spill, the SoCal Gas natural gas leak, the Oroville Dam Spillway collapse and the Hanford nuclear site leak.

California Fires of 2017

In light of the preceding assertions, it ought to be quite easy to grasp the utter simplicity of purposefully starting a series of fires in the once great state of California.

The entire state has been the victim of a geoengineering scheme that was significantly accelerated when [JESUIT] Governor Jerry Brown’s term began in January of 2011.  As a matter of historical fact, the Great California Drought is known to have officially commenced in the first quarter of that same year.

Even though Brown has been made aware of the relentless chemical geoengineering operations that have occurred in the state’s skies, as well as over the Pacific Ocean, he has never once publically acknowledged it.  California Governor Has Received Evidence Proving Drought Was Geoengineered

The coordinated combination of chemtrails and HAARP technologies, together with the various power plants and Nexrad transmission stations, has allowed the geoengineers to wreak havoc on every square inch of California.  Hence, it’s imperative that the residents become aware that their ongoing Armageddon is being fastidiously manufactured…in the air, on the land and with the waters.

Relentless Chemtrail Spraying and HAARP-manufactured weather events radically alter California’s climate

Nothing illustrates this fabricated phenomenon better than the currently raging California wildfires.  The daily firestorms are actually the product of a multi-year strategy to set the state up for the full-scale implementation of the UN’s Agenda 21 and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  The following photos show just how powerful and destructive these geoengineered firestorms can be.

CALIFORNIA FIRESTORM PHOTOS: How does this type fire damage even happen? Defies scientific explanation!

How did they do it?

First they geoengineered the worst drought in the recorded history of California.  Then they deliberately triggered the worst natural gas leak in world history.  The Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility in the northwestern San Fernando Valley was the site of the largest methane gas leak ever in USA.  Conveniently located just north of Los Angeles, the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility near Porter Ranch released a record amount of methane into the atmosphere in 2015.  And it’s still leaking today!

ALERT: Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Facility Is Still Leaking

Aliso Canyon methane gas leak mapped out in the surrounding area by volume in 2015 in red.

Why was the SoCal gas leak so integral to their yearly firestorm scheme?

Think about the natural combustibility of methane gas. Then consider how explosive any given locale would be that has a steady stream of natural gas leaking into the environment. Particularly when the leaking gas is coming from the largest storage facility west of the Mississippi it ought to be clear that not only does “Houston have a major problem”, so does Los Angeles.  And it’s not going away until the state addresses these leaks in a decisive manner.

Gas still leaking at Aliso Canyon and elswhere

It is quite inconceivable that state oversight and federal regulatory authorities have permitted the Aliso Canyon storage facility to continue to leak right up to this very day since it was discovered in October of 2015.  That wasn’t the first time, either.  It has been known to leak for decades without any meaningful remedial actions taken by SoCal Gas.  The following article published by Southern California Public Radio on August 28, 2017 spells out the current predicament.

California state regulators see methane spikes at Aliso Canyon

The critical point here is that methane is a highly volatile gas that moves in ways that can cause it to accumulate in certain areas depending on the prevailing weather patterns.  Were it to exist above certain concentrations in any particular locale, it could substantially contribute to and/or exacerbate a raging firestorm.  Surely this is what’s happening in those places that have a history of similar leaks.

Given the ferocity of the firestorms now plaguing different parts of California, as well as the speed by which they come and go, it appears that they are being fueled by something extraordinary.  It should be noted that the wildfire seasons — throughout the whole state — have been getting progressively longer and more destructive over the years.  Certainly the historic drought has contributed greatly to this new reality, but so have the unrelenting methane gas releases.

The gas leaks are by no means limited to Aliso Canyon.  The Natural Gas Storage and Transport Industry has facilities (and pipelines) across the state, many of which have proven to be similarly problematic, although not such an astronomically high volume of leakage.  When these large and small leaks are viewed in the aggregate, it becomes clear that the state of California has been inexorably transformed into an enormous tinderbox.

Weather warfare triggers firestorms

The 2017 firestorm back story is very complex and difficult to piece together.  Given the massive atmospheric engineering programs being conducted above California and the 3 contiguous states, as well as over the ocean, there are new definite weather patterns which have been observed since Brown took office.  Not that the state had not already been targeted before Brown took office as the premier Agenda 21 laboratory in the nation.

Truly, Kalifornia is ground zero for the UN’s stealthy initiative to impose Agenda 21 dictates disguised as friendly environmental laws.  Likewise, the less surreptitious but equally deceptive 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is also seeing blind support from the heavily Democratic legislature in Sacramento.  The shadow government knows that the way to compel the legislators to lend their political and personal support to the UN agendas is to stage apocalyptic wildfires in those locations that will produce the greatest effect (aka terror). California Wildfires: Devastation this year nearly the worst in state history

California has always had its fair share of wildfires, which manifest as humongous forest fires, fast-spreading grass fires and highway-jumping brush-fires.  Hence, it’s quite easy for the arsonists to get away with starting these various fires in close proximity to Los Angeles (targeting Hollywood) and San Francisco (targeting Silicon Valley), and Sacramento (targeting the state capital).  Given the overwhelming influence that these three demographics have both within California and upon the nation-at-large, the hidden strategy becomes apparent.

KEY POINTS: How easy is it to convince Hollywood moguls and actors of the need to address [what is essentially GEOENGINEERED] climate change when wildfires are licking their neighborhoods with towering flames?  How easy is it to persuade the politicians to pass any legislation that penalizes businesses in the state that have gigantic carbon footprints?  How easy is it to influence the Sultans of Silicon Valley to use their global social media platforms to favor all content that pushes any draconian legislation that fraudulently addresses climate change?

Nothing motivates the movers and shakers quicker than a sea of yellow flames in their back yard while air thick with smoke and ash is wafting through the neighborhood.  Often referred to as the “Golden State”, it is slowly turning black.  Once a paradise for all the “beautiful people”, it’s gradually becoming a dystopian post-apocalyptic wasteland and home to more illegal aliens than U.S. citizens.  Of course, many years of a Democrat-led state government is very much to blame, as is the predominant ultra-liberal mindset found in all the urban centers.   Wherever common sense has fled from the leaders, and the use of the faculty of human reason has been suspended indefinitely, things will not go well.  Welcome to K A L I F O R N I A  2 0 1 7 ! ! !

Wildfire anomalies of 2017

What has really distinguished the violent firestorms during the 2017 wildfire season, which have simply blown up out of nowhere, is the extraordinary heat they are generating.  The temperatures are so high they are melting steel and other materials normally not seen in the aftermath of these seasonal wildfires.  Furthermore, the tornado-like winds that whip up before, during and after are quite unusual according to those who have lived in the affected areas for decades.  California Fires In Napa Valley: What twisted the steel? Continue reading HERE.

The other anomaly about these firestorms is the number of fires that jump off at one time in a relatively large area.  Many researchers have circumstantially proven that many large wildfires in the past were actually started by arsonists on the ground.  The fires were set at one location, and were then spread by the wind.  Because of the timing of some of them, it appears that many of those fires were strategically set to produce a certain outcome.  Sometimes they are started merely to distract the public from a significant local event.  However, the fires this year follow a completely different pattern, though the intentions may be similar.

The recent spate of firestorms in the Napa Valley and around Sonoma County has produced a whole new dynamic that residents have never seen before.  These fires seem to pop us spontaneously as though they are being started by some giant magnifying glass in the sky that is quickly moved unpredictably from location to location like a hopscotching fire tornado.  Some investigators have labeled this inexplicable phenomenon a new form of geoterrorism.

GEOTERRORISM: 60 Geoengineered Firestorms In California Come Out Of Nowhere

How these firestorms are really created eludes even the best scientific investigators.  However, their extremely destructive nature and the unprecedented damage associated with these fires indicate that the hand of man is somehow present.  Everything from DEWs (directed energy weapons) to space-based invisible lasers have been conjectured.  The following video has catalogued some of the anomalies, as well as surmised their causation.

VIDEO: Northern California Wildfires: How These Firestorms Were Created

KEY POINT: How did so many vehicles sustain melted metal when the trees and grass and asphalt were left completely unscathed by the flames?  A burning fire in
a car will last only so long before it burns out, and it certainly will not get hot enough to melt the metal components.

Melted metal flows from a burned out car abandoned on a highway during the Valley fire in Middletown, California on September 13, 2015. (Photo credit should read Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images)

Geoterrorism Wracks California

There is no other state in the union that has been the object of so much geoterrorism as California.  Of course, this is by purposeful design.  The NWO cabal knows that California has always been the premier trendsetting state.  Whenever they embark on a social engineering experiment, the Golden State is where they set up the laboratory first.  This is where their lab techniques are refined and perfected before they are run in the other 49 states.  The state of Colorado has recently been used in a similar fashion.

Geoterrorism is not just a way of softening up the populace for Agenda 21; it also provides an opportunity for the geoengineers to test their new weather weaponry and other warfare technologies.  Not only can they determine the efficacy of their advanced satellite-based weapons, they can evaluate how the people will react to the celestial assaults. This is a pivotal issue for the power elite.  Because they cannot just terrorize the entire citizenry like they did in Syria in order to force a mass exodus of the indigenous people away from their ancestral lands, they are proceeding with a relentless sequence of natural disasters and manmade cataclysms.

This is how geoterrorism is especially utilized to scare the people away from certain areas that have been identified as “special” according to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.   The same perps are using the imminent threat of the “BIG ONE” to scare many folks from the regions surrounding the San Andreas fault (Southern Cal) and Hayward fault (Bay area).  The California earthquake echo-chamber has never reverberated as it has in 2017. No getting out of this’: Major earthquake ‘certain’ to hit Southern California, study says

However, it is the unseen weather warfare that has really taken its toll on the consciousness of Californians.  So much so in fact that many now suffer from a unique form of PTSD due to the many calamities which are often experienced in rapid succession.  Facing a protracted wildfire season is not very fun, especially when it occurs during a longstanding drought.  Throwing an 8.0 earthquake into the mix only adds more anxiety to a very tense state of affairs.

We would be remiss if we did not mention the many other governmental fiascos and social debacles that afflict the same West Coast jurisdiction.  Adding this fuel to the fire only guarantees a statewide breakdown, and probably sooner than later.  Until then the weather warriors will take advantage of this other chaos and confusion as they always have to serve the UN agendas.

Agenda 21 United States Map


At this late date, there’s one particular remedy for the assaulted and beleaguered people of California that could reverse the race to the bottom.  It might also permit an honest investigation of these and other weighty matters.  The expeditious  IMPEACHMENT  of Governor Jerry Brown would serve to send a message to the other crazymakers who now populate state government.  As a primary state and national leader of George Soros’s Purple Revolution against the Trump administration, Brown needs to be removed from public office post-haste.

Groups Joining Forces To Form Grassroots Organization to Remove Brown From Office Before California ‘Crashes and Burns’

Once a convicted Edmund Gerald Brown Jr. is securely behind bars for life for gross negligence, official misconduct and seditious malfeasance, California can begin the process of reclaiming its state rights and legal sovereignty as guaranteed by the US Constitution.

There’s only one way that such a necessary development will occur.  The citizenry must take back their power from those who have stolen it.  They must also stand in their own truth and speak that truth to power like never before.  When a critical mass of truth speakers do this in unison, the whole place changes in an LA moment.

The Jerry Browns of the world, and especially those who lead the current “crash and burn” approach to governance in Sacramento, must fear We the People more than they fear their masters in Deep State.  In order for this major shift to take place, the citizens may have to show up in force with their “torches and pitchforks”.

Let’s get busy!

State of the Nation
October 14, 2017

Editor’s Note

Perhaps the most important exposé on the Internet today, regarding the true causes of climate change, is the previous SOTN post titled: Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Global Climate Change, Not CO2

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      FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE on a global geopolitcal scale has been achieved by the Vatican/Zionist/Freemason cabal.
      Full-spectrum dominance also known as full-spectrum superiority, is a military entity’s achievement of control over all dimensions of the battlespace, effectively possessing an overwhelming diversity of resources in such areas as terrestrial, aerial, maritime, subterranean, extraterrestrial, psychological, and bio- or cyber-technological warfare.

      Full spectrum dominance includes the physical battlespace; air, surface and sub-surface as well as the electromagnetic spectrum and information space. Control implies that freedom of opposition force assets to exploit the battlespace is wholly constrained.

      • Knarlydawg

        Full-spectrum dominance by the Luciferian Vatican/Zionist/Freemason Deep State psychopath supremacists !! Spot on They are openly demonstrating their abilities for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

        • beLIEve

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          California….KALI–fornia….KALI …so-called “god(L)ess of DESTRUCTION.

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          Unfortunately, judges, lawyers, and other government officials enjoy various levels of personal immunity provided by both law and “professional courtesy.” How do you sue a lawyer for malpractice? You hire another lawyer — if you can find one who’ll take the case.
          Only with great difficulty.
          HOW DO YOU SUE A JUDGE for railroading you in court? You don’t.

          As a practical matter, private citizens can’t sue the President of the United States, a Governor, judge, or even an IRS agent for failing to obey or enforce the laws. If we try to sue in court to compel our government officials to obey the law and perform their lawful duties, the JUDGES ROUTINELY IGNORE our petitions AND LAUGH us out of court.

          Because legal and de facto immunities shield government personnel from being sued for committing crimes against the People, THE PUBLIC IS legally disarmed, UNABLE TO AGGRESSIVELY SUE the GOVERNMENT OR ITS AGENTS and compel them to obey the Law.
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          • Sean

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            Cheese Eating Rats like Due D. deleting my comments.

            Other Cheese Eaters like Glenn Candy A$$ and Idiot in the Machine not allowing comments.

            Careful you don’t get the Black Plague from these Cheese Eating Rats.


            Fake Science, Fake Medical Industry, Fake History, Fake News.

            WOOOOO Look at me the earth is spinning like a top and rocketing through space and I haven’t PUKED Once, until I read all the non-sense on the World Wide WEB. :idea:

            A Procession of the damned.


            Cerveny wrote. “Even today, the odd selectivity of fish falls remains a difficult aspect to explain scientifically,” he noted. :lol:

            Australian town, 326 miles from river :eek: , hit by raining fish. :lol:

            But the startled bird theory fails to answer a simple question: why haven’t the “flying” tadpoles been noticed before? :lol:

            In January of 1877, THOUSANDS of living black snakes, ranging in size from a foot to a foot and a half, rained down on south Memphis. :lol:

            Notes and Queries, 7-8-508:

            A correspondent who had been to Devonshire writes for information as to a story that he had heard there: of an occurrence of about thirty-five years before the date of writing:

            Of snow upon the ground—of all South Devonshire waking up one morning to find such tracks in the snow as had never before been heard of—”clawed footmarks” or “an unclassifiable form”— alternating at huge but regular intervals with what seemed to be the impression of the point of a stick — but the scattering of the prints — amazing expanse of territory covered — obstacles, such as hedges, walls, houses, seemingly surmounted—

            Intense excitement — that the track had been followed by huntsmen and hounds, until they had come to a forest — from which the hounds had retreated, baying and terrified, so that no one had dared to enter the forest.

            Notes and Queries, 7-9-18:

            Whole occurrence well-remembered by a correspondent: a badger had left marks in the snow: this was determined, and the excitement had “dropped to a dead calm in a single day.” :lol:

            Revelation 4

            After this I looked and saw a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had previously heard speak to me like a trumpet was saying, “Come up here, and I will show you what must happen after these things.”

            At once I was in the Spirit, and I saw a throne standing in heaven, with someone seated on it.

            The One seated there looked like jasper and carnelian, and a rainbow gleaming like an emerald encircled the throne.

            Surrounding the throne were twenty-four other thrones, and on these thrones sat twenty-four elders clothed in white garments, with golden crowns on their heads.

            From the throne came flashes of lightning, and rumblings, and rolls of thunder. Before the throne burned seven torches of fire.

            This is the sevenfold Spirit of God.

            And before the throne was something like a sea of glass, as clear as crystal. In the center, around the throne, were four living creatures, covered with eyes in front and back.

            The first living creature was like a lion, the second like a calf, the third had a face like a man, and the fourth was like an eagle in flight.

            And each of the four living creatures had six wings and was covered with eyes all around and within.

            Day and night they never stop saying: “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!”

            And whenever the living creatures give glory, honor, and thanks to the One seated on the throne who lives forever and ever,

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            They cast their crowns before the throne, saying:

            “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for You created all things; by Your will they exist, and came to be.”…

    • Wity

      Naaa! Not gonna happen..See the NWO/GWO 666 are made up of fallible humans who have no super powers!

      Also the extreme variation in the worlds population type density / politics / religion / thinking and greed
      will cause the NWO 666 to fail even if they are able to cross breed a new colored race in North America , Europe
      and the Brit commonwealth……

      What there will be is ~ an extreme increase in wars destruction and suffering for mankind ( 7 years )

      A 3rd of the Earth will be destroyed ~ men will seek death and not find it…


        fallible humans who have no super powers!

        • CAPTAIN CHAOS!!

          That’s what I thought.

          You are my long lost Suid Afrikaans broer what used to call himself BOER.

          • CAPTAIN CHAOS!!

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            Though l am of 3rd generation Dutch ancestory !
            So i can still understand your language…

            You strike me as an Afrikaner Boer dressed in red ~ rather appropriate for your unfortunate circumstances…..

            Most everybody that is anybody is getting the hell out of the Northern Hemisphere and heading south to escape the Muslim and black invasion ne’…

            Oh! and the coming Trump / GWO 666 wars.

        • Wity

          Man in Red, sorry to disappoint you, but im No not from Africa De Sud….

          • CAPTAIN CHAOS!!

            Oh well. It’s sill fun arguing with you. You’re much more robust than the average soft-ass western pussies these days.

    • Anonymous

      A swarm of small meteorites started the CA wild fires.

      16)California Wild Fires
      * Santa Rosa & Northern CA Fires Defy The Laws Of Physics (Where’d The Houses Go??) – Oct. 10, 2017
      Meteorites made of organic ices (e.g. frozen Propane, Butane) penetrated the roofs of houses and cars, where they evaporated into confined combustible gases and ignited. Thus cars and houses were destroyed, but not trees. The meteorites that landed outside simply evaporated in the air and the wind blew the gases away.

      Comet Biela And Mrs. O’leary’s Cow – 03 Feb 2008
      “What eyewitnesses described was more like a holocaust from heaven than an accidental fire started by a nervous cow. And in fact, according to a theory propounded by Minnesota Congressmen Ignatius Donnelly, the devastating fires of 1871 did fall from above, in the form of a wayward cometary tail. During it’s 1846 passage, Biela’s comet had inexplicably split in two; it was supposed to return in 1866, but failed to appear. Biela’s fragmented head finally showed up in 1872 as a meteor shower.
      COMMENT: DonaldJHunt – Congressmen must have been smarter then
      “Donnelly suggested the separated tail appeared in 1871 and was the prime cause of the widespread firestorm that swept the Midwest, damaging or destroying a total of twenty-four towns and leaving 2,000 or more dead in its wake. Drought conditions that fall no doubt contributed to the extent of the conflagration.”

      Meteor/Fireball Crashes Into (New Hampshire’s) White Mountains Starting Huge Wildfire! – Oct 4, 2017

      NAPA CA Fires 100% Verifiable Proof Meteor/Meteorite Same Time As Fires Reported! – 10/08/2017

      Veterinarians Focus On Rebuilding After California Firestorms – Oct. 12, 2017
      The equine veterinarian was camping outside her ridgeline home in Santa Rosa, watching the fall meteor showers. It was the wind, Crocker said, that hinted something was amiss.
      “All the sudden, it was different,” she said. “I looked north, and I could see it glowing.”
      To Crocker’s south, the view was similar. Wildfire. Overnight, at least 15 separate blazes had broken out in California wine country, kicking off a firestorm that has decimated 190,000 acres of land in Napa, Solano and Sonoma counties

      • Wity

        No Way Hose’ this was Vegas ll with lost more to come ….

      • Andy

        Sir, may i ask what on earth you think you’re doing?

        presenting the facts & the truth to fairy-tale believers? :lol:

        have fun with that :roll:

        • Wity

          Andy what would you say about the Los Angeles fires….?

          Some living in LA say these fires are normal ie normal strong winter winds off the mountains ?

      • Firmament Does Exist

        Hahaha, now that’s funny!

    • truck driver

      Facebook comment had news article from Spain that California is supposed to declare independence from the US today

      • Andy

        lmao Catalonia

    • beLIEve

      ABLY ASSISTED by……CHEMTRAIL spraying of …

      ALUMINIUM BARIUM STRONTIUM…SULPHUR HEXafluoride ..and ….God knows what else :idea:

      * *
      :idea: :evil: Fires BURN HOTTER With Nano Particles in….. CHEMTRAIL$ :idea:



      WHAT is the CAUSE, and COULD it be that the AERIAL SPRAYING known as CHEMTRAILS is the CULPRIT, let’s examine this subject closer.

      “The dangerous thing about the chemical reactions in fire is the fact that they are self-perpetuating. The heat of the flame itself keeps the fuel at the ignition temperature, so it continues to burn as long as there is fuel and oxygen around it. The flame heats any surrounding fuel so it releases gases as well. When the flame ignites the gases, the fire spreads.”

      Is there such a thing as a fire burning TOO HOT you may ask? Well according to the government website NEWTON DEP , the answer is YES.

      Q. I have read that water can actually fuel a fire that is “too hot”. How is this possible, and how hot is “too hot”?

      A. This is true, though only certain types of fires get this hot. One type of fuel that can do this is magnesium. Magnesium burns at 3600 F (2000 C) and at close distance is brighter than the Sun! Paper, on the other hand, burns at a measly 454 F (220 C). Since magnesium burns so very hot, it can actually split water into hydrogen and oxygen (2 H2O –> 2 H2 + O2). Then the hydrogen and oxygen undergo combustion due to the excessive heat to form water again. While you might think that this cycle would keep going, it take an incredible amount of energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen–more than you get back out when you reform the water. All of this heat is lost to the atmosphere and the fire will eventually burn itself out. A magnesium fire is so hot that it can burn a hole right through a car’s engine block (since the engine is made of aluminum/cast iron and melt at a lower temperature than magnesium burns). There are other examples, but this is by far the most common/popular type of metal fire that water will not work with. Another is called THERMITE, WHICH is a COMBINATION of ALUMINIUM POWDER and IRON OXIDE (rust)–this will burn just as hot as magnesium.
      Lithium, sodium and potassium are all metals that will burn and react with water as well.
      POTASSIUM is SO REACTIVE with water that it has to be stored in oil because IT WILL REACT WITH THE MOISTURE IN THE AIR.
      This is not true of magnesium or thermite, which have to be ignited with a very hot flame.

      If you have taken any type of fire extinguisher safety courses, then you will know that there are 4 classes of extinguishers, A, B, C and D. ABC extinguishers put out most fires with carbon dioxide, while class D extinguishers put out metal fires using dry powder. How do they do this? Table salt! Believe it or not, there is powdered sodium chloride (regular table salt) that comes out of a class D extinguisher and puts out the fire by smothering it! Sodium chloride will put out most types of metal fires, though those fires containing lithium, it is preferred to use copper to extinguish the fire. There are a couple of others including sodium carbonate or graphite, but those have limited uses and drawbacks. “

      Aviation and retired USAF Mark McCandlish in his address to the SHASTA COUNTY BOARD:

      When materials such as ALUMINIUM Oxide, BARIUM and STRONTIUM (as a Carbonate) which are all used in explosives or pyrotechnics are combined with SULPHUR and Iron Oxide in an explosive chemical reaction, these components CREATE TREMENDOUS HEAT – ENOUGH TO MELT THROUGH A STEEL SUPPORT GIRDER IN A FRACTION OF A SECOND.

      Mark McCandlish states “Imagine then, how this affects the conflagration that is a forest fire with these materials present in the environment. I have personally spoken to a number of career CDF personnel who have told me unequivocally that fires over the last ten years have become significantly more difficult and costly to suppress. They burned unusually hot but officials were at a loss to explain “why”…”

      MacCandlish goes on to say that “Now as if that weren’t bad enough, with ALUMINIUM BEING A CONDUCTOR of ELECTRICITY, spraying countless microscopic-sized particles into the sky does something else you might not have considered: It dramatically increases the electrostatic potential of the air. That is, its ability to conduct electricity. So those STORM CLOUDS THAT ALWAYS SEEM TO FOLLOW HEAVY CHEMTRAILING ARE PRIMED TO PRODUCE MANY MORE LIGHTENING STRIKES.
      In late July of 2010, (if memory serves) one such storm produced over 8,000 lightning strikes in our region, many of which created fires. When it was all over a month later, CALIFORNIA had totaled over $23M in suppression costs. And since the chemtrailing started around 1999-2000, the amount of acreage burned and suppression costs have doubled according to NOAA figures.”
      Let’s begin with a short description of Fuels, additives, and why we believe that CHEMTRAILS are RESPONSIBLE for CREATING …HOTTER FOREST FIRES, as well as longer burning forest fires, more destruction and doing it all with very little oxygen. If you know anything about the basics of fire, then this is no surprise. Fire needs oxygen because when we burn a material we actually induce a reaction of the material with oxygen. The energy that is released during this by this chemical reaction produces what we call FIRE. Essentially, fire is the side product of the reaction to oxygen.

      Fuel-Air Explosives [FAE] disperse an aerosol cloud of fuel which is ignited by an embedded detonator to produce an explosion. The rapidly expanding wave front due to overpressure flattens all objects within close proximity of the epicenter of the aerosol fuel cloud, and produces debilitating damage well beyond the flattened area. The main destructive force of FAE is high overpressure, useful against soft targets such as minefields, armored vehicles, aircraft parked in the open, and bunkers.

      Fuel/air explosive represent the military application of the vapor cloud explosions and dust explosions accidents that have long bedeviled a variety of industries.

      THIS PAGE HAS NOW BEEN REMOVED WE DON’T KNOW WHY : A New Set of Blast Curves from Vapor Cloud Explosion M. J. Tang, Q. A. Baker Process Safety Progress Winter 1999, Vol. 18, No. 4 – Pg.235

      Recent History of some of the largest US Fires:

      Murphy Complex Fire 2007

      Spreading through the states of Idaho and Nevada, the Murphy Complex Fire burned an estimated 653,000 acres of land in 2007. The same area was subject to another fire, which spread into Mexico, in June 2011.

      Summer 2008 California Wildfires

      Burning land in Northern and Central California, the Summer 2008 California Wildfires included over 2,780 individual fires that occurred between May 22 and August 29, 2008. Killing 23 people and destroying over 1.15 million acres of land, the fires were believed to be caused by a combination of lightning and heat.

      ARIZONA: Wallow Fire 2011

      Burning from May 29, 2011, to July 8, 2011, the Wallow Fire was named after the Bear Wallow Wilderness, where the blaze in Arizona and New Mexico started. Over 538,000 acres of land, 72 buildings and 16 people perished as a result of the fire, which was believed to have been started by an abandoned campfire.
      Large Map of Wild Fires in USA

      Large Map of Wild Fires in USA


      NOTE: Google search engines have removed BOTH Chemtrails Kill from there search engines. Please use the link we have provided if you wish to join our group here




      Lithium and Flourine


      Armfield, J. M. (2007). “When Public Action Undermines Public Health: A Critical Examination of Antifluoridationist Literature”


      December 2012 DOD Alternative Fuels: Policy, Initiatives and Legislative Activity

      THIS PAGE HAS NOW BEEN REMOVED WE DON’T KNOW WHY : A New Set of Blast Curves from Vapor Cloud Explosion M. J. Tang, Q. A. Baker Process Safety Progress Winter 1999, Vol. 18, No. 4 – Pg.235

      Mark MacCandlish :

      The Truth

      9 Responses “Fires Burn Hotter with Nano Metals in Chemtrails”
      Izora Woods
      October 3, 2014 at 6:33 PM

      Interesting – I agree completely. We have a well and the water is very high in iron and when our filter isn’t filtering enough – I know because the water is really hot.

      Also want to say – when :idea: I SEE THE IMAGE SHOWING THE FUEL/AIR EXPLOSION :idea: – it makes me want to add up – US FORESTS NOT ALLOWING PHOTOGRAPHERS ANYMORE :idea: – the HAARP experiments that are taking place in Washington state – The passing of :idea: ALLOWING AGENT ORANGE – also very flammable – to IMPLEMENT AGENDA 21 – they are going to scorch the forests – to grow MONSANTO crops!!!

      Related Stories

      Earth Shifting with 20 Earthquakes in 2016; Talk of Pole Shift and connection to chemtrails
      Book ‘Funny Clouds: A Chemtrail Tale ” released on Amazon gets attacked
      Climate Change Conference 2015 Did not address Geoengineering
      Arizona’s SPACE FACTORY
      Aurora sounds in space
      Strange Sounds coming from The Aurora Borealis
      Peter Kirby’s History of Chemtrails and The New Manhattan Project Details

      • beLIEve

        POTASSIUM PERCHLORATE….aka……ROCKET PROPELLANT…….in Chemtrails :mad: :idea:

        * * *

        According to the article I have linked above…

        Titled……’Fires BURN HOTTER With Nano Particles in….. CHEMTRAIL$’

        :idea: POTASSIUM is SO REACTIVE with water that it has to be stored in oil because………

        :idea: IT WILL REACT WITH THE MOISTURE in the AIR. :idea:

        * *
        According to the article linked below…

        Titled….’Stop Spraying California’ !

        Spraying Biological & Chemicals Agents on U. S. Citizens is Illegal!
        The only way to STOP CHEMTRAILS is to wake up others!
        Visit our Chemtrail Survival Items Page

        :idea: POTASSIUM Perchlorate and Chemtrails :idea:

        The article ‘STOP SPRAYING California’ …indicates…..POTASSIUM PERCHLORATE… being SPRAYED. :shock:

        * *

        Potassium perchlorate is the inorganic salt with the chemical formula KClO4.
        Like other PERCHLORATES, this salt is a strong oxidizer although it usually reacts very slowly with organic substances.

        IT has been USED as a ….SOLID ROCKET PROPELLANT, although in that application it has mostly been replaced by the…HIGHER PERFORMANCE….ammonium perchlorate.
        KClO4 has the lowest solubility of the alkali metal perchlorates (1.5 g in 100 mL of water at 25 °C).[1]

        * * *

        California …and god knows where else is being…SPRAYED with………

        AMMUNITION….EXPLOSIVE PRIMERS…….and….ROCKET PROPELLANT ??? :?: :?: :mad: :mad:

      • Mean Old SOB

        Start your own god-damned thread would ya?!?!

    • Andy

      so, let me get this right,,,,, :???:

      “they” can generate and steer hurricanes which contain more energy than all of humanity’s nukes combined :roll:
      “they” can also generate and steer wildfires AND the wind which drives it while simultaneously spending vaaaaaast resources fighting said fires :eek:

      what’s next? i suppose “they” have a remote-control setup and they’re steering Nibooboo around the solar system? :shock:

      no wonder America is fucked;
      87% of americans actually believe man-made fairy-tales and the characters therein are real
      50% are conspiracy theorists
      100% corrupt political system
      100% corrupt public sector
      100% corrupt financial system
      100% corrupt legal system
      100% corrupt military system
      100% corrupt medical system

      the once-great United States is dying of multiple cancers and the cancers have spread to just about every aspect of american life – what’s worse is it appears the rest of the world is blindly and blithely going down the same path toward self-destruction

      time for humanity to grow up – or go down

      • wiseoldlady

        You forgot:
        100% corrupt school system
        100% corrupt media system
        100% corrupt world history recreated by the victors.

    • Pink Slime

      No, you are seeing the ineptness when sodomite lovers (Jerry Klown) and liberals take over your state. Liberals DESTROY anything they touch and sodomites will bring judgment from Yahuah.

      Double jeopardy. Flood and fire on you, then earthquakes so the land will SPEW you out of your obamanation. :twisted:

    • Josie

      Does anyone think that President Trump is not aware of what’s going on and who’s behind these man made catastrophes. I am beginning to have my doubts about him. If he doesn’t arrest and stop these people soon it will be to late. Hope I’m wrong…

    • Mean Old SOB

      “Jesuit” Jerry Brown!!!


      He ain’t one of ours!

    • Man

      Property planning was never a thing in the US. So people build houses in floodplains and bushfire areas because “the government cannot tell me where I can build my own property! This is freedom loving America!”

      And then when SHTF, Blame the government for it and ask for compensation. Because it never happened before…

      Damn those man made disasters!

    • truthseeker4809

      A chunk of ice can get super hot before the core of it gets melted. It could get hot enough to cause fire on dried bushes but not on trees that have enough moisture.
      The problem with HAARP theory is that HAARP doesn’t have the capability to focus energy into a tiny spot. This is more like a result of approaching meteors in forms of chunk of ice that are showering down on earth. It could get bigger and bigger and that is the problem. Not everything is government conspiracy.

      • dakota

        Firemen get paid to start the fires and then they get paid to put them out. Simple.

    • Robert Cowell


    • Razor


      • wiseoldlady

        If your theory was true then everything near Old Faithful would also be experiencing the same underground magma burning….but not happening.

    • RenegadeRose

      Let it burn

    • beLIEve

      :idea: OMG :idea: HA HA HA :lol: ……..PerpeTRAITORS…….REVEALED ! ! !:mad:

      The Galactic Federation Of Light: “Mostly Aliens” Destroyed Napa Valley!


      * *

      The $CUM at the top….appear to be TRYING to SHIFT the BLAME. ? :?: :mad:

      Possibly BECOMING FEARfull of ….PUSH BACK against THEM. :idea:

      An awakening populace will jeopardize THEIR CHANCES of effecting a LOCK DOWN. :idea:

    • wunmansho

      Its not coincidence the ‘news’ was trooped out to ‘show’ us something… for effect. All planned ahead of time. Either it didn’t happen (the steel) and was just computer generated video which thier doing all the time now, an accelerant was used (probably not) or thier showing us what thier sattelite weapons can do which the fire was covering for. Big boys with big toys are no different than thier smaller counterparts. When you can’t find a reason to play with them…you just make one up. You can just see some black ops 4 star saying… ‘I wanna use it’….

    • wunmansho

      People with access to the ‘buttons’….amongst themselves refer to it as a ‘tech boner’…..

    • truck driver

      It’s a BLM Land Grab, burn down everything to take the Land

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