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By Joe Public. Censor That!
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Video! UK Police: Man Arrested On Suspicion of driving motor vehicle whilst under the influence of tea. Did Greater Manchester Police just Pervert the Course of Justice?

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Yet another cameraman, filming at the Barton Moss Anti Fracking protest site, was today arrested this time on very dubious suspicion of driving under the influence charges after admitting that he had drank a cup of tea in the morning. This footage clearly shows a GMP constable fabricating an admission from the cameraman that he had had two alcoholic drinks.

Worse still though is the list of offences, seen on this video, committed by the constables in the run up to the cameramans arrest, who was not even in a vehicle at the time but in fact was a pedestrian. Barton Moss police unit comes under scrutiny for crass stupidity and unlawful behaviour again

and again the people ask.”Where are Manchesters decent, law abiding ‘Bobbies’?”

Here is the 6 minute video with a critique below.



Now I don’t know about you but several questions, and serious concerns spring from just this one 6 minute video alone. 

Let’s walk through it. 

1. The public have the right to video document the Police, going about their duty, in a public place. In other words they have a RIGHT to film them. It is no different to the public, and the police, being filmed by towwn centre cctv. It is lawful and it has been stated by the Police as such when they made it clear that


“Members of the public and the media do not need a permit to film or photograph in public places and police have no power to stop them filming or photographing incidents or police personnel”

So why at the 30 second mark does the sergeant say 

“Away, ….away ….with THAT!”.     

It is clear that the THAT he is referring to is the video camera which is recording the arrest and note well the force being used on the arrestee at the time with the constable on the right, twisting several times, the right arm of the detainee.  An arm already clearly bent double in a hammer lock and rendered completely useless.  So why the numerous twists of the arm resulting in the man’s screams in pain and his declaration that he is not resisting?. He clearly isn’t.  This is video evidence of not just ‘heavy handed’ policing, or ‘robust’ policing. This is unreasonable and unjustifiable use of force. Call it what it is.
This is Police Brutality …..and this is also a crime. 

Maybe these constables from the Unacceptable Behaviour Team could go and monitor their colleagues in Greater Manchester, at Barton Moss, because unacceptable behaviour from them is being documented on a daily basis. Prehaps they would like to get involved. Unacceptable behaviour is unacceptable behaviour no matter from whom it stems, is it not?.

Next at 40 seconds in we witness the sergeant assault the cameraman by shoving him backwards onto the gravel road, causing him to fall and land (pretty hard from what I saw) flat on his back. The sergeant can be seen for an instant looking down on the prone man before returning to the arrestee withhout any concern for the party he may have just injured. The crowd can be heard gasping after the attack and impact. 
The definition of assault?.

assault verb accostaccost bellicoselyadgrediaddriri, affront hostilely, aggressappetereassailassault belligerentlyattackattack physicallyattempt violence todeal a blowharmoppugnset upon, set upon with force, set upon with violence, strikethrust at

It is clear that the silence from Government, on the issue of the disproportionate force (criminal assaults) being metered out by Greater Manchester Police at a LAWFUL, peaceful ecological protest, is down to the fact that they (David Cameron and those heavily investing in shale exploration) want these protesters gone so that the public will forget about shale and fracking, the councils will take the bungs, the politicians and investors get rich whilst the land gets destroyed.and people start to die from the chemical effects and the poisons. THIS is why the police are brutalising people exercising their Human Rights and that means our Police Force has been corrupted by the Corporations. No longer do they police for the public and the population.  The Police now police entirely for the Corporations. They, like every other body, have been bought of by the bankers, the Corporations and the Globalists.

Oh the shame of it. 

Where are Europe’s courts on this I muse?. Isn’t it about time a litigator stood up and took these people’s cases to The European Court of Human Rights?. It is their Right to protest, and always shall be in this Democracy.  

Shame our Government into acting making a statement on the fact that our, once admired world wide, police service has become a gang of thugs enforcing Corporate will over the masses..

So, on with the cameraman after he picks himself up. He is herded, pushed and ‘told’ that he MUST “go over there”.
Now I don’t know about you but on a public highway and/or a public footpath, unless you have actually committed a crime and are under arrest you are not LAWFULLY required to aid or assist the police in any way whatsoever. It is your right not to in fact. (Rice vs Connelly 1966 see link below). Nor are you LAWFULLY required to do anything they order you to do. In effect they have NO LEGAL AUTHORITY over you. Everyone knows that you DO NOT HAVE TO SAY ANYTHING, but this is mainly attributed to after you have been arrested but nonetheless you do not have to say anything to them period, or do anything you are ordered to do, because it is YOUR choice whether you help the police. It is not obstruction. It cannot be construde as obstruction if you are not ‘obliged’ to comply.    Rice vs Connelly 1966

The cameraman can be seen being pushed backwards towards the ‘line’ by the constable. In fact the cameraman makes the point for the video of informing the constable that he is assaulting him with his act of shoving him and it is at this point that the integrity of Greater Manchester Police evaporates completely…….

 ”I’m not assaulting ya, I’m moving ya an I’m ‘helping’ you into that line”

Let’s just stop right there.  What the hell is that?.
If you are shoving someone physically, that is classed as an assault. There is no remit to ‘help’ someone by shoving them. Nor is it the duty of a constable to move a member of the public, who is under no obligation to, by force. But then again, you can still clearly hear the screams of the arrestee in the background. So again, was it the filming that caused a chain reaction of ridiculous fairy tail policing gaffs?.  
The Right to film the police is the only way for the public to highlight critical FAILINGS such as these

Police constables are not there to ‘help’ people move from one place to another by force!! which was what this was.  Ludicrous, but from there it just descends into farce. 

What you are witnessing in this video is ‘Police intimidation gone awry’.

The constable states….  “I could arrest you, but I’m not gonna arrest ya, but it’s in your interest…….  ”

Let’s just address that before we finish the sentence.  
If the constable could arrest him, why has he not done so?. Why has not one single charge been levelled up to that point?. Maybe it’s because not one law has been broken by this individual as yet, compared to the several so far by the Greater Manchester Police, and that’s just in this video alone.  
So the constable could arrest him even though there has been absolutely no crime, but he’s not going to arrest him. Why?
The whole world has been watching Barton Moss, the aggressive policing AND all the arrests. Every arrest opportunity is taken. So why is this one different?. I’ll stick with er….because there was no crime? Now we go from the ludicrous to the plain farcical. The constable finishes his sentence….

“but it’s in your benefit……  ARE YOU DRUNK?.  Have you been drinking this morning?. You’ve been drinking this morning. Have you been drinking this morning?.”

“No I have not” replies the cameraman

“You have been drinking this morning”

“NO I have NOT, “

“You have been drinking this morning”

The cameraman tells the constable  “I have had TEA!”.  the comment can be heard quite clearly but more worryingly is what appears to be blatant lie told by this constable to his coleagues in stating that the cameraman has confessed to drinking two drinks. This is compounded by the fact that had the constable misheard then he was corrected at least three times by the cameraman. This allowed the opportunity for the constable to correct himself. He did not, and so therefore is claiming that the gentleman made an admission that he did not make. I believe, in court of law circles, this is called Perverting the Course of Justice.  This is also a crime and by far the most greivous so far in this video. The constable must surely have realised he misheard when presented 3 times with the correct sentence, “I have had TEA!” but he chose to ignore that, even after he was informed that it was all caught on video. What you are witnessing, it seems, are constables who are acting in an unlawfully manner.

Moving on.  
The constable finally states something concrete.
The cameraman IS “being detained” whilst the constable makes enquiries”.  

If you are DETAINED, you are in fact arrested. That is to say, your movements are arrested, The two are one and the same. So being detained is being arrested which leads to the question why aren’t this gentlemen’s Rights being read to him?. Isn’t that the very first thing a policeman must do when he arrests someone?. Isn’t it?

More worryingly it seems is that fact that, even if the cameraman had had an alcoholic drink, there is absolutely no way to tell if he might have had that alcoholic drink upon ARRIVAL at the camp or before. He clearly states he had been drinking tea. There is no evidence that the cameraman was even in a car with alcohol in his blood.  There is no evidence that he was under the influence of alcohol at all. All this constable had was the supposed smell of alcohol on a member of the public’s breath. No car in sight, no evidence of a drink drive offence. Nothing. 

There is, in lawful terms a word for this.  It is called Police Harassment and there seems to be quite a lot of it at Barton Moss.

The cameraman again asks for the constable to confirm his arrest and the constable again replies with 

“You are detained, it’s as simple as that. You are detained”

Watching this video I saw the final fragments of Greater Manchester Police’s credibilty disolve.

No, constable. It is NOT as simple as that I’m afraid to say.  This is a wholly unlawful ‘stop’. You have arrested this person by detention, the definition of ‘detained’, but you have not read him his Rights and since when was it introduced into law that a pedestrian can be detained and ASKED to CONSENT to a breathaliser and then be arrested for refusing a breathaliser?.
a) There is no vehicle involved immediately prior to or during this preposterous and ridiculous keystone cop, drink drive stop
b) There is no EVIDENCE that the cameraman was or had been drinking alcohol before driving to Barton Moss and not a chance in hell of proving the contrary.. 

The fact is he may well have had a shot of something to keep the cold out when he arrived or he might not have, but one thing is for sure. There is no evidence of a crime, well not by the cameraman anyway. 

All the constable can keep referring to when the cameraman keeps pointing out that he is a pedestrian on a public footpath, is that “You’ve been drinking, and you came in a car this morning”.  It does appear that, if the cameraman had been drinking (which is still hotly awaited news), it more likely would have been the case that he came in his car, and then had a drink. The fact is that this was a drink drive stop on a pedestrian without a vehicle in sight, after capturing footage of yet more police brutality at Barton Moss. 

Are we seeing the bigger picture yet?.. 

It’s the Stupidest Arrest of the Year award for this particular constable from Greater Manchester, and his colleagues whom he tried to ‘big up’ the arrest by claiming that the cameraman had ADMITTED drinking alcohol.. He eventually get a totally unlawful arrest from the fact that the pedestrian, member of the public, does not consent to a roadside breath test and failing to provide a specimen is in itself an offence. This in itself allows the constables to ‘properly’ arrest the gentleman, and then at last, finally caution him. BUT IT STILL DOESN’T DETRACT FROM THE FACT THAT THERE WAS NO VEHICLE INVOLVED IN THIS DRINK/DRIVE STOP AND NO WAY OF ESTABLISHING WHETHER ALCOHOL HAD BEEN CONSUMED, IF CONSUMED AT ALL, BEFORE OR AFTER DRIVING THE VEHICLE THAT WASN’T THERE. Utterly ridiculous and clear harassment for filming the the police. 
Total Policing FAIL.

This is the most pathetic grasp at a nowhere near noteworthy or lawful arrest, manipulated by a deceitful and unprofessional policeman, I have ever had the sorry misfortune to watch. Isn’t it about time we had a statement from The Home Secretary about these and other nasty policing methods and unlawful practices being employed up at Barton Moss, before we shame our country and our police service any more.

Or will there continue to be a deathly silence, with added handwringing and profuse sweating, by those in politics who are involved in fracking investment in the hope that Greater Manchester Police will ‘get rid’ of the dreadful hippy protectors so that they can continue to make money from the demise of Britain’s Green and Pleasant Land without such public interest or understanding of fractured engineering.?.

It really is looking as though Greater Manchester Police are exactly what they are being called in the chants on the video,…. GMP IGas Private Army, 

After all, Barton Moss really is NOT a Riot, its a peaceful ecological demonstration, and each day it becomes more and more successful. Thanks to GMP IGas Private Army…

So to conclude, at Barton Moss, a cameraman has now been arrested of suspicion of having an alcoholic some unspecified time of the day and owning a car that had been parked since morning. This arrest came after yet more totally unfathomable behaviour by the Barton Moss Keystone Cops. The arrest is flawed and. it would appear, so are Greater Manchester Police.

The Salford Star joined the campaign in calling for a PUBLIC ENQUIRY into the behaviour of GMP Barton Moss. A petition raised has reached over 2000 in just a couple of days. You can find the local article on Barton Moss and the petition here.

To read the petition and sign it you can follow this direct link

It’s a wonder this protester was not arrested for being under the influence of wine ….gums.

To be honest, if this video wasn’t so serious in the questions it raises it would be funny but only recently Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London was quoted as saying “police will be encouraged to ‘get medieval’ on austerity protestors this Summer”.  (link below)

Looks to me like the Police Service of the UK are setting about desensatizing themselves from the public they used to protect. I guess there will be a lot more head cracking and a lot more video evidence of police wrong doing resulting in more civil court action, which in turn will probably lead to the demise of the UK Police Service. I have a feeling that those that are “all out for shale” are “all out for the disbanding of the UK Police Service too”. Next they will be telling us that our ‘new and improved police service will be staffed by G4S…..

Oh wait! 


An update on events surrounding the cameraman.

“Yes they arrested (kidnapped) and detained the cameraman at a Manchester Police Station (unlawful imprisonment) for approx 10 hours . At the station he again refused consent for a breath test , and subsequently charges were then raised against him for this …. …he was released on bail, but the camera he had been filmimg them with was not released … it was ‘held for evidence purposes’… The case went to court however, at the beginning of the court proceedings it was announced that the charges were being dropped.”

Thus the Courts did not get the opportunity to see the video.  But you did………………   

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      Whats with the little gay police vehicle (go-kart, pram !? Whatever the F**ck it is)

      • True News

        Looks like a clown car… :grin:

    • Stēkō

      America gave away its constitution
      England foresook her Magna Carta

      And it now rests on Jesus to finally come and set the captives free.

      The New World Order is the Dark Ages Part II, and even has the exact same super villain at its helm. Something’s never change, like who has the seat, power and great authority of the prince of this world.
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      someone please put names to these police thugs.spread pictures of them over local and national newspapers.shame this dispicable officer your next door neighbour?

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      Oh I do wish I lived in Manchester, I’d have t’shirts made of these clowns, they are like yank cops, fascist but fascist light/ caffeine free. What a sad state of affairs, we used to have some decent coppers in this country, the force seems to have lowered it’s intelligence level to get in, they don’t know wtf the rules are, amazing footage, shame the media won’t show it.

    • snowl

      Is there a P.I (Public Intoxication) law there? Not defending the police actions AT ALL! Just wondering. I just know here in the states it’s illegal to be in public intoxicated. I’m wondering what the mans official charges are and if he was actually arrested?

      You guys over there all sound so proper when you talk! Even when your cussing.. no joke!

      Anyways.. Just wondering the details?!

    • Dooley

      Just burn the whole stinking island, and be done with it.

    • gizzy

      the worrying thing is that he is not a constable but a more senior ranking Inspector so the junior ranking sergeants that eventually arrested the cameraman where taking the higher ranking officers word …… that Inspector should be sacked from the police force immediately before he causes any more damage :evil:

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