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Reclaiming Your Sovereign Power under the Universal Law of "God"

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A rebellion of consciousness is happening that’s starting to establish itself in the most exciting of ways. Phase 1 Lockdowns may have eased, but just as predicted, in places we’re already witnessing stage 2. The erosion of civil liberties is steadily slipping in. Mandatory face masks in places and digital health passports being planned for example. BUT, there’s a growing movement that’s realised the state regulations and statutes introduced are subservient to Universal Common Law. It recognises the first principle of “God”, our Source Creator: that of the inalienable right to self-determination, free movement and expression. Here’s essential insight in how you can begin to reclaim that right.

Please Note: I am not qualified to provide legal advice on the statutes and regulations of the system. I have not been corrupted in that way. As you will come to see, in particular ways, I have rendered myself outside of the jurisdiction of these. But I cannot, and do not, offer legal advice. What I’m sharing is a reflection of how people have begun to extract themselves from this corporate fiction.

The Universal Law of God

For some time, I’ve had the unquenchable feeling that humanity could begin to challenge the lawfullness under which some of these draconian new measures are being instigated. To begin with, let’s be clear of the kinds of things that are currently happening and being slipped in under our noses: phase 2 lockdowns in isolated parts (the City of Leiscester in the UK and various US states for example); firing infrared into the pineal gland to test for the “virus”; digital health passports for travel are being planned; microchips are being inserted in various countries; the mandatory wearing of face masks on public transport in some countries; trackntrace in many countries. This clearly appears to have the underlying intention of denuding personal liberty and even downgrading consciousness to make people controllable within a stated global agenda (check out agenda 21).

LETS BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR, such measures stand in absolute flagrance of the Universal Law of “God”. Specifically: as your soul emerges from the singularity of the Source Creator (the singularity), it is automatically bestowed with the inalienable right to self-determination, freedom of expression, movement, and the unrestrained actualisation of itself. 

You may rightly question, “what place does this have within the legal systems around the world, how can this understanding actually help me in that regard?” The truth is, in the most profound of ways. And in ways, which when more people realise, can even come to topple the very system itself. What we need to realise is that this Universal Law of “God” of which I speak, is actually (either accidentally or by design) ALREADY enshrined in what’s known as the “Law of the Land”, under which most countries of the World stand. Not only that, but the statutes and regulations currently being introduced in the name of the pandemic are not lawful, and are being  challenged most effectively by those who know how to act under the “Common Law”. What’s more, we each bear these inalienable rights and don’t have to be a lawyer to enact the power. In fact since most lawyers and legal representatives stand within the system, they are obliged to fulfill the charade of the system, which is purposefully stacked against you and designed to disempower you with legalise, BUT, crucially, only by your consent to it. We unwittingly consent because of the way the system legality is presented to us. However, you can stand outside of this system in basic and simple ways that even the system itself has to recognise. You just have to know what your rights are and how to enact them.

That’s not to say the system won’t try to ride roughshod over these rights, but more and more people are successfully challenging the legitimacy of the system and succeeding, as you’ll see below. I should also say at this point, to enact this sovereign right, is going to require you to invest some quality time of investigation. But the rights are basic, fairly straightforward to apply, which movements around the world are ALREADY enacting with great success, by regular people just like you. That’s the rebellion of which I’m speaking that is growing day by day around the world which is now being engaged at the highest levels, calling into account, in the courts, the very functioning of the system itself. Particlarly because of these new draconian measures being introduced, that many of us deam unfair, unjust and unlawful.

It represents, in the most poignant of ways, clear evidence of what I’ve been feeling taking place in the underlying field – a clear movement to reclaim personal sovereignty in these pivotal times for humanity. Do stand up and take note, research the infromation I’m about to share, because currently a war is being conducted on your consciousness and it’s high time to do something about it. And what’s most important, we can win!

The Legal Fiction Created for You at Birth

What we need to understand is that practically all countries in the world are registered corporations, the statutes and regulations of which (I purposefully don’t use the word “laws”) are really non other than contracts. People are being conned into accepting these contracts by adopting a ‘legal fiction’ within these systems (based on your identity), which when you acquiesce to, and identify with, means you’re actually agreeing to the contracts laid down in these regulations. BUT, when you know how to disagree with them, even these state corporations recognise your greater power under the universal Common Law, and specifically, the Law of the Land. In the videos and reference material linked below, you will see how regular citizens are ALREADY challenging the state corporations and their statutes. For example by getting inside the loop of the issuance of the contract and making the governors of the corporations legally liable (in financial terms) for what happens to you. The mere enactment of this liability alone, in very basic terms, can be enough to send the corporations running.

It goes even deeper than this. When you were born, a birth certificate was created on your behalf (without your consent) and entered into the system – you unwittingly became property of the corporation that masquerades as your country of birth. This now depends on you identifying with the ‘legal fiction’ that is your name. Whenever an agent of the said corporations (the police for example) acting on behalf of the corporations engage you with regards to the regulations and statutes, they’re actually enacting contracts with you (it’s easy to know, because you merely have to ask them what regulation or statute they’re engaging you about). In which case, it you identify as the legal fiction, you are inadvertantly acquiesing to these contracts. Which is why they always want you to identify your name and address. However, it is possible to extract yourself from this ‘legal fiction’ and register yourself, as a Living Human with a Lawful Identity, under the International Common Law Court. By doing so, you now stand under the jurisdiction of the Common Law, and crucially OUTSIDE of these statutes and regulations (should you so choose). This is what plenty of people are now doing (around 500 people per day in the UK). Personally, I have taken it even a step futher than that, which I also invite you to contemplate. And this is enfolding the deeper spiritual truth. Which is that you are not even your identity. This is how I apply it to me…

I am Open. I am a sovereign being of the Source Creator, and stand under the Universal Primary Law of personal sovereignty, freedom of movement and expression. I am embodied as a Living Human standing under the jurisdiction of the Common Law. To be perfectly clear, I am NOT the legal fiction of the corporate system that was created for me through my birth certificate and WITHOUT my consent. However I now own the legal fiction to navigate the system.

You make it clear that you are a sovereign being of God (the Source Creator) registered under the jurisdiction of the Common Law. You’ve extracted yourself from the legal fiction created for you, but you now own it as the primary means by which you navigate the system. Furthermore, if the said agents of the corporate system continue to try to enact the regulations and statutes (through contracts) of the corporate law against you, they are in effect acting fraudulently (providing they’re acting on oath to uphold the Law of the Land). And so you reserve the right to render them personally liable for any sufferance to you that this might cause. This can be done by recognising the oath that such servants took upon entrance into their service. For example, in the UK a police officer takes this oath…

I, do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of constable with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, and that I will uphold fundamental human rights and accord equal respect to all people, according to law.

What they’re actually agreeing to in reference to “law” is the Law of the Land which is enshrined in the Common Law. Not the corporate legislation and statutes. Therefore it becomes possible to accept their oath and render them liable under it. You’ll see this principle being effectively applied in the In Power video at the bottom, with regards to the bosses and agents of the corporations.

For example, personally, I would value each day of my freedom of movement at around £100k (a very conservative estimate), for which I would render any agent restricting that freedom personally liable. I would make it clear that as a Living Human, I stand under the justisdiction of the Common Law Court to which I am within my rights to call the agent into account. What you’ll witness in the video material below, is that how bosses of corporations, politicians and even judges are leaving their posts where this personal liability is being accurately enacted. Because it is lawful. And in many cases they are acting fraudulently.

If you explore for your particular country, I believe you will see that all such agents of the system actually swear an oath to something that equates to the Common Law – such as the constitution in the USA, which was formed from the Common Law.

The Walls Come Tumbling Down

We are at the early stages of these realisations. And I’m not saying this will all be straightforwards in the beginning, by any stretch. BUT, people around the world have begun this process of liberation from the corporatocracy of the system. With each one of us that does it, by merely taking ownership of your Legal Fiction as a Living Human, you will find the system beginning to break down of itself because it is built on the premise of you identifying AS the legal fiction created about you. I recommend it’s high time to begin to investigate what I’m sharing and to start to take action by reclaiming your sovereignty under the overriding law of our Source Creator  – that of “God”. It’s up to you of course whether you begin. But what’s essential to realise is that we’ve reached a crux point in life on the planet and within society. The way things are going, if we continue to blindly acquiesce to the system, then our rights and freedoms will be progressively taken, making it much more difficult to retrieve. We need to act now, so as to protect our civil liberties in the Shift.

Make no mistake, the Shift of the planet into higher consciousness will still happen, this will all unravel at some point in the medium term. But what we’re talking about is your freedom of movement and expression within the Shift right now – the ability to self determine. A crucial aspect in the Ascension of Humanity, is clearly the reclaimation of personal sovereignty. It’s fundamentally integral, at whatever the apparent personal cost (cost to the ego). It’s clear this is a driving dynamic of the Shift itself. The Shift is causing, and thereby inviting, this direct confrontation with anything that would restrain it. It is the untangling unravelling process itself.

Here below I share an overview of some of the practical ways in which people have already begun. I urge you to inquire. Then to begin to consider ways in which you might get involved in this reclamation of your sovereign birth right.

I should futher add, that at times, and in particular ways,  I do give limited consent to the corporate governance system where it provides a fair service. For example, I do consent to pay taxes in order to support the infrastructure of society in a way that benefits the people. Likewise I consent to pay vehicle tax for driving on the roads, council tax for my residence so that rubbish can be collected for example. But I retain that as my free will sovereign choice and based on the fairness of the various services provided.

Registering Your Lawful Identity under the Common Law

As peviously mentioned, unwittingly, we’ve thus far consented to a legal fiction created about us at birth. In a very simple and speedy online process, you can register your birth certificate with the International Common Law Court (which is what I’ve done). This very straightforward act, which extracts you (as a “living human”) from the  ‘legal fiction’ and thus stands you outside of the corporate statutes and regulations (the ‘contracts’). Instead you (as a “living human”) stand under the jurisdiction of the Common Law Court. You do still have to know how to enact this jurisdiction to make it effective, but standing under the Common Law is the first step.

It means that should you wish to, you can challenge the ‘contracts’ issued against you by the state and without your consent, by not acquiescing to the legal fiction they created about you. The imposition of a vaccine for example. I hasten to add, to enact this, would require some depth of understanding gained through research.

Here is important reference material I suggest you come back to having completed the rest of my article…

Intro Video on Taking Back Your Sovereignty Through the Common Law Court

Question and Answer Session on How the Common Law Court Works

To register your birth certificate under the Common Law Court, and thereby establish your Lawful Identity, go to this website and investigate the process…

The Common Law Court

Enacting Common Law through Liability

Here is now the most exciting and adventurous part – the means by which you can begin to enact your inalienable God given rights. It’s where you start to make the agents of the corporate governance personally liable, in a straightforward financial way, for their actions against your freedoms, health and well-being. In the example given in the video below it is concerning the impact and removal of Smart meters. But as will become increasingly clear, this can then be applied to all aspects: the imposition of a mandatory vaccine; lockdown that damages your personal freedom and rights to earn a living; face masks that damage your health etc etc.

Back at the beginning of this year, 2020, I pointed out that it would be a year of special significance – a parting of the waves, where to thrive and succeed in the Shift you’d need to make an internal decision and begin to navigate with 20:20 spiritual vision. Specifically, meaning to learn how to connect with your soul and to follow it. Because the Shift is beginning to separate out ascending consciousness. It’s time to decide if you choose to be on board that process. The train has begun to leave the station.

Right now we are witnessing, in graphic terms, the initial effects of that Ascension process. The lockdown  of society has been instigated BECAUSE of the Ascension of consciousness on our planet. It’s a last ditch attempt to try to curtail it. This agenda will not, cannot, ultimately succeed. But the question is, how many souls will extract themselves from it? Who will go with the Ascension?

What’s currently revealing itself in this Ascension Process, this elevation of consciousness, is the immaculate way in which the Universal Law of freedom of expression is enshrined in the very Law of the Land by which we live. Corporate governance stands UNDER the Law of the Common people, UNDER the Universal Law of God. In this Great Shift taking place, “God”, our Source Creator is now revealing that to us in the most spectacular of ways.

Will you take back this Universal, Sovereign and Inalienable right?


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(Special thanks to Aspasia for the diligent research material referred to in this article. Her work can be found here…Aspasia Awakenings)

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