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What Will Really Happen If Donald Trump Is Elected President

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By Larry Alton

The polls are tight in the Republican presidential primary race between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. This is no doubt one of the most interesting elections to date, and Trump is promising all sorts of changes if he gets the hot seat. 

Opinions are still mixed on that outcome. Other politicians like Mitt Romney have spoken out about Donald Trump and what will happen if he’s elected, but thousands remain loyal to Trump’s campaign. It’s still up in the air if he’ll really receive the nomination or not.

Since Trump is calling for some of the most radical changes in American history, it’s important not to ignore some of his key ideas for policy changes and how that will affect our nation. Let’s look at some of the things that will probably happen if Donald J. Trump is elected president.

The Economy Will Probably Improve

If there’s one thing Donald Trump has going for him, it’s his plan for the economy. He’s a businessman, after all, and he’s not bad at what he does. Some of the finer points of his plan to improve the economy include a reduced-rate tax plan that will lessen the tax burden on everyday citizens and encourage major corporations to bring more money into the United States Treasury. 

He’s also determined to bring more jobs to United States soil by limiting outsourcing to Japan, China, and Mexico. He’s been a big supporter of the American economy so far, and he understands many of the ins and outs of business that could help the government in legislation. 

There is reason to call in the questions of Trump’s four bankruptcies in the discussion about Trump’s plan for the economy. He’s made a lot of money after gaining his inheritance, but he did manage to go bankrupt four times in his career. However, Trump argues that these issues make him more qualified to run the country, not worse. He stated in the most recent debate: “I came out great, but I guess I’m supposed to come out great. That’s what I’m supposed to do for the country. We owe $19 trillion. Boy, am I good at solving debt problems. Nobody can solve it like me.”

The economy is already moving upward after the financial crisis of 2008, and Donald Trump may be able to ride that wave to increase the greatness of the economy.

Goodbye Obamacare

Another policy that will likely make its way to the forefront of his presidency is his determination to repeal and replace ObamaCare. Unlike his Democratic constituents, he doesn’t plan to make big changes to enact free healthcare or to change the way we currently run Medicare and Social Security. As we’ve seen from countries like Canada and Sweden where welfare aid is abundant and healthcare is free, this is probably a good plan. 

He has actively opposed socialist healthcare under the belief that it will cause our excellent healthcare system to lose its reputation and ultimately fail. He believes that a free-market oriented plan will work better to break up the insurance company monopolies and improve the prices of drugs and treatment.

He has also widely advocated that the Affordable Care Act could be the thing that takes down our nation. It’s costing the government trillions, and raising taxes on the middle class. It’s also taking away certain inalienable rights outlined in the Constitution, since it forces people to either pay a tax or purchase healthcare.

Instead of the current plan, Trump will likely propose one that will give the choice back to the buyer while still making health insurances and care more affordable. He’ll do so by targeting the health company monopolies rather than the individual.

He’ll Probably Offend Some Really Important People

If he’s elected, Donald Trump will likely do some good things to our economy. But it’s not going to be a pretty picture, and we can safely argue that there are many, many things more important than money. He might make some much-needed changes to our current system, but at what cost? Could his actions and unchecked words actually send us to war?

He’s made jabs at the Pope, alienating the 60 million Catholic people in the country, not to mention making enemies of the millions of other members of Christian religions in the United States. The fact that he would attack a world leader of the Pope’s caliber is a little frightening.

But what’s perhaps most disturbing of all is Trump’s poor relations with the media. It’s true that most presidents don’t love the media, but for the good of the nation and its people, they keep a civil tongue. He’s cast a personal vendetta between himself and Fox News’s Megyn Kelly, which has transpired into some pretty bad media for the Republican contender. It’s true the that media is always after its political candidates, but the more Trump criticizes them, the more he’ll cause a stir that will affect the turn of the media’s gaze. The media often controls the level of panic or calm in a nation, and having the president at total odds with the media might turn out to be catastrophic when matters of state are at hand.

All in all, there’s not any clear projection that can reveal the outcome if Donald Trump is elected president. Right now, the crystal ball is pretty muddy on that one, but there’s no doubt, based on Trump’s past behavior as both a businessman and a political candidate, that it will be a rocky road. There will be its benefits, but will the cons outweigh them? 

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    • Anonymous

      The whole bankruptcy issue is a red herring. For somebody with a real estate empire like Trump has, it is structured such that every building is a corporation separate from the holding company. In the case of the Trump casinos, for example, one building probably contains three corporations: the casino, the hotel, and the building itself. If the casino goes down, for example, the building and hotel remain intact, and the bankruptcy does not reach his personal fortune at all. To think that somebody like him would keep everything in one company is short-sighted. Yes, four of his “corporations” have gone bankrupt. His personal money has not been infringed.

      I have been bankrupt. It is not the horrible event everyone pretends it is. I would rather have a business man who went bankrupt in the office of the president than the know-nothing naive moron that we have now…

      • The Zodiac Report, Nancy R Owens


      • 2QIK4U

        100% Bankruptcy lets you clean house

    • 2QIK4U

      Time for PRESIDENT TRUMP to kick ass and take names

    • The Clucker

      Want to Follow the Money proof from Lobbyists to the Bush family? Read below. You will follow todays Ted Cruz’ family getting $5 Billion in the 2008 bailout, and follow that money all the way to the 1933 Bush family Attempted Coup of the White House. Maybe some of you can learn why the Bush family controls the US by following all the bribe US Gov $ to Lobbyists from Cruz today, Romney, to President Bush, and then to his Grandfather Prescott Bush (who was convicted by US’ Highest Courts of his attempted Coup and Aiding and Abetting Hitler during WW2.) Imagine that, Prescott Bush (GW’s father) laundered Nazi money in the US, while US soliders were dying and fighting against Hitler. Learn your hidden secret history they tried to remove from US History. Follow the money…

      But of course, its longer then 1 minute of reading so just move along like all knowitall clueless sheeples… They are afraid to read a 3 page story that gives specific info… Atleast give it a chance and you’ll learn things. It not only gives stories, but gives physical proof of money bribes that is proven by any court of Law.


    • FraMar

      “Anonymous” and “2QIK4U” (not me tho’) nailed it regarding bankruptcy.
      As for attacking “a world leader of the Pope’s caliber” I say, BRAVO. We don’t need a chicken in the pot, er I mean White House. If he’s “frightening” then I’m glad he’s on our side. If the Catholics can’t see past that, then we ARE in trouble.

    • jdpent01

      jdp…Many companies go bankrupt and restructure, there are some that make it and some that fail, the company that goes through bankruptcy and makes it afterwards is able to help others [OUR COUNTRY NEEDS HELP IN THE WORST WAY] Donald knows the Art of the Deal what does Rubio, kasich, and Crux know nothing nothing but politics, samo samo on immigration and everything else. all want open borders thus if they are elected we have no country, the 2 Dems are the same. We need some who has a strong voice and is stead fast on facts and truth.

    • Man

      Want to know “what really terrifies the Elite”? :evil: & :twisted:
      Why they’re even getting help from the infamous Anonymous, To Stop Him!!

      It could BANKRUPT AMERICA. :eek: Get it while you can! :wink:

      :arrow: :idea: :idea:

    • RAM73

      I’d like to know how (if Trump is elected POTUS) he’s going to turn our main stream media around and start reporting the news instead of creating the news. Trump’s at odds with the media because of their bias, especially to conservative candidates. There’s a whole lot of house cleaning to be done and I just hope Trump is up to the task. Our country’s freedoms have been under assault especially after 9/11. The NDAA, the CIA and other agencies spying on the American people. The rush to get our guns. Our country has been infiltrated from within by enemies of freedom. These factions hate our Constitution, our rule of law, our Bill of Rights, and our Judeo-Christian heritage. I guess what I’m trying to say is we’ve been infiltrated by communist factions in our govt. The reason there’s so much anger amongst the voters is because they truly are angry and fed up with lying politicians. They’ve already figured out who the Democrats support but, when the Republicans dismiss the voters wishes numerous times, they’ve awakened an angry giant. We’re sick and tire of it and we’re not going to take it anymore!

    • apache5

      as it stands there is only ONE person ono the current ballots that might help this country and it is TRUMP!!!! he is the ONLY one who appears to be legitimate the others are ALL compromised!!

    • foxtrotromeo

      laughable at best, oh he dares to talk against the Pope,lmbo….about time a person with that much media light on them say the truth about that demonic office of pope and the demons that have occupied it!!! the right thing should not include pandering to people regardless of faith o
      r political persuasion!

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