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Losing All Faith in Trump: The Disastrous John Bolton Appointment as National Security Advisor And Pompeo as Sec. of State Proves Greater Israel Is Puppet Master in Washington

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Losing All Faith in Trump:
The Disastrous John Bolton Appointment as National Security Advisor And Pompeo as Sec. of State Proves Greater Israel Is Puppet Master in Washington

Commentary from Ken Adachi, Editor

March 23, 2018

Losing All Faith in Trump: The Disastrous John Bolton Appointment as National Security Advisor And Pompeo as Sec. of State Proves Greater Israel Is Puppet Master in Washington (March 23, 2018)

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Up until now, I’ve avoided condemning Trump in print because he was a genuine Hail Mary save for America from the train wreck called Hillary Clinton, but it’s no longer possible to keep faith with him since it’s now so blatantly obvious that Donald is going to follow in the Neocon footsteps of Dubya and allow Israel to bring ruin – once again – upon America, the Middle East and world peace in order to serve the satanic Zionist psychopaths who run Israel, international banking, and the military-industrial complex.

Appointing Pompeo as CIA head honcho was bad enough, but making him Secretary of State to replace another poor choice, Tillerson, is going from bad to far worse. And to appoint a full blown, war mongering dedicated Zionist like John Robert Bolton – of all people – to the position of National Security Advisor, in order to replace yet another poor choice, McMasters, is pure insanity.

I do not agree with those know-it-all critics who now say that Trump was a set up from the beginning. That’s the dim-witted view. He was the genuine article in the beginning, but he lacks the character to hold the course and is unaware of the mind control technologies and black magic that the Deep State routinely uses to bring their mannequins into ‘compliance’ if they aren’t regular members of the Club. And it seems to me that that transformation has now taken place.

I knew from the get-go that Donald Trump is Donald Trump and didn’t expect Abe Lincoln. I was hoping, however, that he would avoid going to war with Iran or any other nation, even though he was blowing obligatory, anti-Iran bon mots to Israel during the election campaign. I had hoped that he would focus on building ties with Russia, get out of Syria, and rebuild America while still wearing the yarmulke and shawl during state visits to Israel.

There may still be a tiny glimmer of hope, however. Fortunately, Trump has a mercurial – ‘you’re fired’ – temperment and it’s possible that a sufficiently large public outrage and backlash against the Bolton appointment, might get Trump to reconsider. It’s unlikely, but possible. Even though FDR was hugely popular with the American public in the 1930s, he got a furious storm of protest letters from ordinary American citizens when he tried to stack the Supreme Court with his hand picked, Yes Men. Trump wants to be liked by Americans and viewed as a populist ‘good guy.’ We should let him know by email, tweets, letters, and public (campus) demonstrations that Bolton is completely unacceptable and remind him of who’ll be the majority in the voting booths in November of 2020.

If we remain passive about the Bolton appointment, then the Israeli-owned Pentagon Killing Machine will continue to expand its operations in Syria, create the pretext to attack Iran, and eventually launch World War III – which is fine with the Zionists, because that’s what they’ve been working for since Albert Pike laid out their three world war agenda in an 1871 letter to Manzinni.

The disastrous appointment of Dual Israeli citizen John R. Bolton may be the lynch pin move that will usher in World War III. Is this what we want? To destroy the lives of countless millions in the Middle East along with American soldiers and the People’s wealth to please the Zionist psychopaths running Israel and their frontmen in Washington?

Is this what we want?

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The Untold Story of John Bolton’s Campaign for War With Iran

Everyone knows Bolton is a hawk. Less understood is how he labored in secret to drive Washington and Tehran apart.

By Gareth PorterMarch 22, 2018

In my reporting on U.S.-Israeli policy, I have tracked numerous episodes in which the United States and/or Israel made moves that seemed to indicate preparations for war against Iran. Each time—in 2007, in 2008, and again in 2011—those moves, presented in corporate media as presaging attacks on Tehran, were actually bluffs aimed at putting pressure on the Iranian government.

But the strong likelihood that Donald Trump will now choose John Bolton as his next national security advisor creates a prospect of war with Iran that is very real. Bolton is no ordinary neoconservative hawk. He has been obsessed for many years with going to war against the Islamic Republic, calling repeatedly for bombing Iran in his regular appearances on Fox News, without the slightest indication that he understands the consequences of such a policy.

His is not merely a rhetorical stance: Bolton actively conspired during his tenure as the Bush administration’s policymaker on Iran from 2002 through 2004 to establish the political conditions necessary for the administration to carry out military action.

More than anyone else inside or outside the Trump administration, Bolton has already influenced Trump to tear up the Iran nuclear deal. Bolton parlayed his connection with the primary financier behind both Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump himself—the militantly Zionist casino magnate Sheldon Adelson—to get Trump’s ear last October, just as the president was preparing to announce his policy on the Iran nuclear agreement, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). He spoke with Trump by phone from Las Vegas after meeting with Adelson.

It was Bolton who persuaded Trump to commit to specific language pledging to pull out of the JCPOA if Congress and America’s European allies did not go along with demands for major changes that were clearly calculated to ensure the deal would fall apart.

Although Bolton was passed over for the job of secretary of state, he now appears to have had the inside track for national security advisor. Trump met with Bolton on March 6 and told him, “We need you here, John,” according to a Bolton associate. Bolton said he would only take secretary of state or national security advisor, whereupon Trump promised, “I’ll call you really soon.” Trump then replaced Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with former CIA director Mike Pompeo, after which White House sources leaked to the media Trump’s intention to replace H.R. McMaster within a matter of weeks.

The only other possible candidate for the position mentioned in media accounts is Keith Kellogg, a retired lieutenant general who was acting national security advisor after General Michael Flynn was ousted in February 2017.

Bolton’s high-profile advocacy of war with Iran is well known. What is not at all well known is that, when he was under secretary of state for arms control and international security, he executed a complex and devious strategy aimed at creating the justification for a U.S. attack on Iran. Bolton sought to convict the Islamic Republic in the court of international public opinion of having a covert nuclear weapons program using a combination of diplomatic pressure, crude propaganda, and fabricated evidence.

Despite the fact that Bolton was technically under the supervision of Secretary of State Colin Powell, his actual boss in devising and carrying out that strategy was Vice President Dick Cheney. Bolton was also the administration’s main point of contact with the Israeli government, and with Cheney’s backing, he was able to flout normal State Department rules by taking a series of trips to Israel in 2003 and 2004 without having the required clearance from the State Department’s Bureau for Near Eastern Affairs.

Thus, at the very moment that Powell was saying administration policy was not to attack Iran, Bolton was working with the Israelis to lay the groundwork for just such a war. During a February 2003 visit, Bolton assured Israeli officials in private meetings that he had no doubt the United States would attack Iraq, and that after taking down Saddam, it would deal with Iran, too, as well as Syria.

During multiple trips to Israel, Bolton had unannounced meetings, including with the head of Mossad, Meir Dagan, without the usual reporting cable to the secretary of state and other relevant offices. Judging from that report on an early Bolton visit, those meetings clearly dealt with a joint strategy on how to bring about political conditions for an eventual U.S. strike against Iran.

Mossad played a very aggressive role in influencing world opinion on the Iranian nuclear program. In the summer of 2003, according to journalists Douglas Frantz and Catherine Collins in their book The Nuclear Jihadist, Meir Dagan created a new Mossad office tasked with briefing the world’s press on alleged Iranian efforts to achieve a nuclear weapons capability. The new unit’s responsibilities included circulating documents from inside Iran as well from outside, according to Frantz and Collins.

Bolton’s role in a joint U.S.-Israeli strategy, as he outlines in his own 2007 memoir, was to ensure that the Iran nuclear issue would be moved out of the International Atomic Energy Agency and into the United Nations Security Council. He was determined to prevent IAEA director general Mohamed ElBaradei from reaching an agreement with Iran that would make it more difficult for the Bush administration to demonize Tehran as posing a nuclear weapons threat. Bolton began accusing Iran of having a covert nuclear weapons program in mid-2003, but encountered resistance not only from ElBaradei and non-aligned states, but from Britain, France, and Germany as well.

Bolton’s strategy was based on the claim that Iran was hiding its military nuclear program from the IAEA, and in early 2004, he came up with a dramatic propaganda ploy: he sent a set of satellite images to the IAEA showing sites at the Iranian military reservation at Parchin that he claimed were being used for tests to simulate nuclear weapons. Bolton demanded that the IAEA request access to inspect those sites and leaked his demand to the Associated Press in September 2004. In fact, the satellite images showed nothing more than bunkers and buildings for conventional explosives testing.

Bolton was apparently hoping the Iranian military would not agree to any IAEA inspections based on such bogus claims, thus playing into his propaganda theme of Iran’s “intransigence” in refusing to answer questions about its nuclear program. But in 2005 Iran allowed the inspectors into those sites and even let them choose several more sites to inspect. The inspectors found no evidence of any nuclear-related activities.

The U.S.-Israeli strategy would later hit the jackpot, however, when a large cache of documents supposedly from a covert source within Iran’s nuclear weapons program surfaced in autumn 2004. The documents, allegedly found on the laptop computer of one of the participants, included technical drawings of a series of efforts to redesign Iran’s Shahab-3 missile to carry what appeared to be a nuclear weapon.

But the whole story of the so-called “laptop documents” was a fabrication. In 2013, a former senior German official revealed the true story to this writer: the documents had been given to German intelligence by the Mujahedin E Khalq, the anti-Iran armed group that was well known to have been used by Mossad to “launder” information the Israelis did not want attributed to themselves. Furthermore, the drawings showing the redesign that were cited as proof of a nuclear weapons program were clearly done by someone who didn’t know that Iran had already abandoned the Shahab-3’s nose cone for an entirely different design.

Mossad had clearly been working on those documents in 2003 and 2004 when Bolton was meeting with Meir Dagan. Whether Bolton knew the Israelis were preparing fake documents or not, it was the Israeli contribution towards establishing the political basis for an American attack on Iran for which he was the point man. Bolton reveals in his memoirs that this Cheney-directed strategy took its cues from the Israelis, who told Bolton that the Iranians were getting close to “the point of no return.” That was point, Bolton wrote, at which “we could not stop their progress without using force.”

Cheney and Bolton based their war strategy on the premise that the U.S. military would be able to consolidate control over Iraq quickly. Instead the U.S. occupation bogged down and never fully recovered. Cheney proposed taking advantage of a high-casualty event in Iraq that could be blamed on Iran to attack an IRGC base in Iran in the summer of 2007. But the risk that pro-Iranian Shiite militias in Iraq would retaliate against U.S. troops was a key argument against the proposal.

The Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs of Staff were also well aware that Iran had the capability to retaliate directly against U.S. forces in the region, including against warships in the Strait of Hormuz. They had no patience for Cheney’s wild ideas about more war.

That Pentagon caution remains unchanged. But two minds in the White House unhinged from reality could challenge that wariness—and push the United States closer towards a dangerous war with Iran.

Gareth Porter is an investigative reporter and regular contributor to TAC. He is also the author of Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare. Follow him on Twitter @GarethPorter.

34 Responses to The Untold Story of John Bolton’s Campaign for War With Iran

  1. I believe “War With Iran” is on the agenda.
    I wrote the article below some time ago.
    “Will There Be War With Iran”?

    Is it now Iran’s turn to be subjected to the planned and hellish wars that have already engulfed Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan and other countries? Will, the gates of hell be further opened to include an attack on Iran?…

    [read more at link below]

    See also:
    Will the War Agenda of the War Criminals Result in Nuclear War?


  2. Clyde Schechter says:

    Unfortunately, John Bolton is not just your typical neocon pathological liar and warmonger. Even by their abysmal standards he’s pretty unhinged. He is one of the most dangerous people around these days.


  3. Procivic says:

    The re-emergence of Bolton is the result of Trump’s electoral victory, a phenomenon that resembles the upheavals that followed when an unhinged hereditary ruler would take the reins of power in bygone empires.


  4. Duglarri says:

    There’s a big difference between the wars with Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and Somalia, and a war with Iran. The difference is, this is a war the United States could lose. And lose very, very badly. As Pompeo remarked, it would take “only” 2000 airstrikes to eliminate the Iranian nuclear facilities. But what will it take to land 20,000 marines on the northern coast of the Persian Gulf to secure the straits, and there fend off 1.7 million Iranian regulars and militia on the ground? How will the navy cope with hundreds and hundreds of supersonic cruise missiles fired in volleys? What about the S-300 missiles that are by now fully operational in Iran?

    A look at the map shows that this is a war that the US simply cannot win.

    Unless it uses nuclear weapons and simply sets out to kill every last man, woman, and child in Iran, all 80 million of them.

    Which I suppose is not out of the question. As all options are sure to be on the table.


  5. Minnesota Mary says:

    “Everyone worshipped the dragon because he had given his authority to the beast. They worshipped the beast also, saying, ‘Who is like the beast? Who can fight against it?’” Revelation 13:4

    Who can fight against the U.S/NATO?

    Bolton, Gen. Jack Keane, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and the whole warmongering crowd that frequent the air waves at FOX will not rest until they have us at war with Iran and Russia.


  6. wrap says:

    So Trump is thinking of hiring a loudmouthed incompetent who is a known conduit for botched Israeli spy service forgeries used to gin up war with Iran.

    What a sick farce.


  7. Hanson says:

    The Boltons, Frums, and Boots of the world never have to fight the wars they start.


  8. Julien says:

    Bolton is a cancer for the US. As a warmonger, he thrives in hostile environnements so no wonder Bolton wants to create them with no regards for consequences.


  9. EliteCommInc. says:

    Well, we need the John Bolton’s of this world for times in which a uncompromising use of force is required.

    But I don’t need background to know that advocating for wars that serve little in the way of US interests because we simply are not in any “clear and present danger”.

    Odd that so many “old schoolers” have abandoned some general cliche’s that serve as sound guide.


  10. the freakshow (cont’d) says:

    Just when you think you’ve heard the last of the various catastrophes, blunders, and odd capering about involving Bolton, you hear that voice from the old late night gadget commercials barking “wait, there’s more!!”

    I doubt anyone will be surprised to learn that Bolton was duped by Israeli forgers (very droll story, by the way).

    You’d think that no serious person would consider giving him a National Security Council post, particularly given the current level of concern about “foreign meddling”.


  11. rta says:

    I wonder if people will finally realize that Trump was only draining the swamp so he could replace it with a cesspool.


  12. Chris Mallory says:

    “The Boltons, Frums, and Boots of the world never have to fight the wars they start.”

    Hey now, Bolton’s service in the Maryland National Guard made sure the North Vietnamese never landed in Baltimore. Can you imagine the horror if the Russians had captured our supply of soft shell crab?


  13. Esther Haman says:

    John Bolton a 75 year old loser, a has Never-been, which is the mouth piece of the Zionists who keep him on the pay roll. He likes to hear his own voice and to feel important because he wants war with Iran or all the Middle East. He’s actions and speeches are all emotional and lack logic and reasoning.
    So, what is he good for?!


  14. Egypt Steve says:

    Re: “Well, we need the John Bolton’s of this world for times in which a uncompromising use of force is required.”

    Not sure about that. We definitely need Roosevelts and Lincolns, Grants and Shermans and Eisenhowers and Pattons. I’m not clear on what function the likes of Bolton serve.


  15. Kent says:

    This article fails to address the why. Why does Bolton want war with Iran?


  16. Steve says:

    I do not agree that Iran could prevent a conventional bombing/invasion of their country. But they could make it sooo expensive, the dollar ceases to be the world reserve currency, and if they do that, they will have done mankind a favor.

    But after the conquest, imagine the guerrilla war! The US basically had to fight an insurgency from amongst 5 million Sunni Arabs in Iraq. Iran is much more ethnically homogeneous. So even if you get some minorities to turncoat and work for the occupiers, you are still left with about 60 million ethnically Persian Shiites. That is a 12 times larger insurgency than what you had in Iraq.

    And if the Iranians had any sense RIGHT NOW, they would make sure every family had a stock of 10 powerful anti-vehicle mines, REALLY powerful mines. Make sure all are safely buried with locations memorized. And make sure everyone had the training to use them, even older children (who will be the front-line guerrillas in 5 years).

    So if that devil Bolton gets his way, his own country will pay a price too, and deservedly too. I want my country to be peaceful and friendly to the world like the Germans are now. But it may take the same type of “WWII treatment” to get my hateful war-loving countrymen to walk away from their sin.


  17. Steve says:

    The guerrilla war in Iraq was fought against only 5 million Sunni Arabs, the US occupiers having successfully pealed away the Kurds and Shia to be collaborators, or at least stay uninvolved with the insurgency.

    But Iran is not just bigger than Iraq, but much more ethnically and religiously homogeneous. Imagine what kind of insurgency you might get from 60 million ethnically Persian Shiites?

    My advice to the Iranians RIGHT NOW is to mass-produce the most lethal anti-vehicle mines possible and distribute them to the entire civilian population. Train everyone how to use them, then once trained, bury maybe 20 mines per family, all in known but hidden locations.

    THAT will stop the Bolton/Zionist plan dead in its tracks.


  18. b. says:

    “Why does Bolton want war with Iran?”

    Maybe it was a career-enhancing move. It is a legitimate question, along with “follow the money”? Regardless of why sociopaths like Keith Payne or John Bolton become obsessed with “winning nuclear war” or “bombing Iran”….

    How do they make a living?

    Who would bankroll somebody – over many decades – to not just consider or plan, but actively provoke illegal acts of aggressive war, against declared policy of the government and the demands of the Constitution they have sworn an oath to uphold?

    It is also educational to see that the fabrications and other “war-program related activities” in regards to Iran resemble the same stovepipelines that provide the Iraq 2003 pretexts – with Powell reprising his role as useful idiot – which clashes badly with the “blunder” narrative that anybody in the US government actually believed Iraq had WMD – was beyond “the point of no return”.

    This also bodes ill for a Bolton-formulated policy on Korea, and any “National Security Advice” he would see fit to fabricate and feed to the Bomber In Chief.

    Furthermore, we learn just how unhinged Cheney really were – expecting Iraq to be a mere stepping stone along their adventures on the “Axis of Evil” trail. If these are our gamblers, nobody would suspect them of counting cards.


  19. b. says:

    Bolton and Cheney must have been livid about Stuxnet, for all the wrong reasons…


  20. PAX says:

    We must look into our very national soul and ask why are we entertaining a war with Iran? The answer is clear. It is to further the goals of a fanatical, right-wing, group of Zionists. When a truthful history is written about this era of endless wars, the errant and disgraceful behavior of this group will be clearly identified and they will not have anywhere to hide. You may fool some of the folks, some of the time, but not all the folks, all of the time.


  21. Buzz Man says:

    Hiring a ghoul like Bolton will mark a new low even for the Trump administration. And that’s saying something. These chickenhawk bastards should all be required to fight on the front lines of the wars they push. That was true, I’ll guarantee you Bolton would shut up in a hurry.


  22. marvin says:

    John “FIVE DEFERMENTS” Bolton is a filthy yellow bellied coward. Drag her/him to Afghanistan amd make IT serve in the Front Lines for the duration.


  23. Tulsa Ron says:

    Israel and the Zionists are exactly the “foreign entanglements” that George Washington warned us about. Bolton is a neocon-Zionist who wants the United States blood and taxes to ensure Israel’s dominance of the Middle East.


  24. Jeeves says:

    So Gareth Porter cites his own Truthout article as authority for the assertion that the “laptop documents” are fabrications. Most of the cited article seems to be devoted to “Curveball”, the impeached source of Iraqi intelligence, in order to prop up the bona fides of the German who claims the Iranian intelligence is a forgery. Any other sourcing for this allegation available?

    Judging from a quick look at what else Truthout has on offer, I’m not sure about the credibility of Mr. Porter.


  25. One Guy says:

    My news update just said Trump tweeted McMaster is out, to be replaced by Bolton.

    Fasten your seatbelts. I’m going to look up some verses in Daniel and Revelation regarding huge wars in the Middle East.


  26. Grumpy Old Man says:

    He just got appointed. We are f****d. Seriously.

    Untold numbers may die.


  27. Jeremy 2 says:

    And Trump just replaced McMaster with Bolton. Hate to say I told you so, but…


  28. Minnesota Mary says:

    It’s a done deal. Bolton replaces McMaster at NSA this afternoon.


  29. pirouz moghaddam says:

    Thank you Mr. Porter for your insightful and intelligent articles, being that I am from Iran Originally brings tears to my eyes to even imagine such tragedy, I pray this will never happen. Having lived in America more than half of my life and having children that are Americans makes these thoughts even more horrifying . I am however thankful to read all the comments from so many intelligent , decent and true Americans and that gives me hope that such disaster will not take place. The people of Iran are decent and kind and cultured , I am hopeful that they will find their way and bring about a true democracy soon and again become a positive force to the humanity.


  30. Wally d. says:

    Great comments. Glad to learn that not everybody has imbibed the cherry flavored Pool Aid and there exists some people aware of the consequences of supporting a buffoon.


  31. PG says:

    Perfect! The unhinged Bolton joins the crew of the unhinged Trump. Peace in our time – at last!


  32. Hexexis says:

    I’d wager that Bolton’s hired because he nearly rivals new boss Trump for ingratitude.

    Doubt he’s ever properly thanked Pres. Clinton for shoving (at the behest of Sens. Helms & McConnell) indie agency Arms Control & Disarmament (1994) into Dept. of State, from which Bolton issued his fabricated “white papers” on Iraq WMD (2002).


  33. Fran Macadam says:

    It’s enough to fool most of the people, most of the time. Truth be told, it really doesn’t matter what the people wanted, after the election, anyhow.


  34. Mwasa says:

    A war with Iran, a country allied with Russia, would mean losing every U.S. Aircraft carrier east of the Mississippi. All because of a loudmouth!


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