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3 Things THEY Don’t Want You To Know About NAZIS

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Many of us have learned what took place in Nazi Germany.  While there has certainly been misinformation about some thing that went on, the vast majority of atrocities committed by the Nazis are enough to turn anyone’s stomach, but it’s our own government and the corporate fascists in America that not only committed treason with the Nazis, but aided them in bringing many over during Operation Paperclip.

In a recent piece by Jeremiah Harding, he exposes three things about the Nazis that the Mockingbird media and our government would rather you didn’t know about.

He writes:

For my first piece here, I believe it’s best to start on the right foot and discuss the long-established spiral toward total fascism. Part of this is based on the long-held alliances between the Nazis and the West™. From aiding them during the war to funding and employing them post-war, the US and NATO have gone to great lengths to protect their fascist allies in return for maintaining a neoliberal and neoconservative global order. There are well-known and lesser-known aspects of this relationship. Many are surprising to people when mentioned, so I’ll provide a concise yet powerful list of three ways the West has consistently empowered and emboldened Nazis.

However, before diving in, I find it necessary to state that the state often distracts its citizens from its growth by pointing fingers at the left. Many proponents of right-libertarian thought overlook this diversion or falsely claim the state is leftist, which is far from accurate. This truth is something on which both Noam Chomsky and Murray Rothbard can agree. Chomsky, in “FAILED STATES: The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy”, states:

“With the Cold War no longer available, it was necessary to reframe pretexts not only for intervention but also for militarized state capitalism at home… The costs and risks of the upcoming phases of the industrial economy were to be socialized, with eventual profits privatized…”

He points out how the Cold War justified vast military spending and state expansion. Once expanded, the state found new adversaries and venues for foreign ventures. The US government has consistently found reasons for growth, using agencies like the CIA to generate future threats, like the Middle Eastern “terror threat”[1], always ready to combat “communists” and counteract the Red Menace in Russia. Sounds familiar?

Rothbard, in “Capitalism Versus Statism”, highlights:

“If we are to keep the term ‘capitalism’ at all, then, we must distinguish between ‘free-market capitalism’ on the one hand, and ‘state capitalism’ on the other. The two are as different as day and night in their nature and consequences. Free-market capitalism is a network of free and voluntary exchanges in which producers work, produce, and exchange their products for the products of others through prices voluntarily arrived at. State capitalism consists of one or more groups making use of the coercive apparatus of the government — the State — to accumulate capital for themselves by expropriating the production of others by force and violence.”

He further explains that the state has always been a tool for whoever wished to dominate the economy, leading to various economic models, concluding:

“the State has its inception in naked banditry and conquest, after which the conquerors settle down among the subject population to exact permanent and continuing tribute in the form of ‘taxation’ and to parcel out the land of the peasants in huge tracts to the conquering warlords, who then proceed to extract ‘rent.’”

Using these two perspectives on state capitalism, from opposite ends of the ideological spectrum but aligned on anti-authoritarianism, we can discern the underlying issue and why many events on the forthcoming list transpired. The West had a state capitalist empire to protect and created adversaries to justify expansion and the subsequent increased control. In reality, the West and the Nazis were closely aligned. Their propaganda often shared striking similarities in racial and sexual imagery, as long as the subjects were the “Other Team™”. The ideologies, business dealings, and post-war arrangements weren’t so different, making the Nazis’ post-war transition from foes to allies smooth. This transition even started during the war. Let’s delve into the list, beginning with:

1. WWII is big business – let’s do business with the enemy!

Many people are aware that American businesses traded with the Nazis, but few realize the extent of this cooperation. It wasn’t just a few companies – it was some of the very pillars of the modern American economy that helped exploit minority populations for additional profit and global positioning.

Take IBM, for example. They created the punch card system that the 20th-century salaryman knows and loathes. A US Census Bureau employee conceived the idea as a way to simplify population documentation and control. The business changed hands from its founder, Herman Hollerith, who sold it to Charles Flint, who then hired Thomas J. Watson to manage the company. They immediately started working with Hitler’s regime, both before and after Adolf Hitler came to power. Willy Heidinger, CEO of the German IBM subsidiary “German Hollerith Machine Corporation,” oversaw this collaboration, with IBM owning 90% of that company. When trying to control a minority, a census is crucial to identify who is who. The Census Bureau-originated company was more than willing to employ its systems not only to assist with the census but also to manage the organization of the concentration camps.[2] Every camp had a “Hollerith Department,” keeping watch over the inhabitants under the genocidal gaze of the Nazis. In 2012, Edwin Black, who wrote the book on this topic, stated in the Huffington Post[3]:

“The punch cards, machinery, training, servicing, and special project work, such as population census and identification, were managed directly by IBM headquarters in New York and later through its subsidiaries in Germany, known as Deutsche Hollerith-Maschinen Gesellschaft (DEHOMAG), Poland, Holland, France, Switzerland, and other European countries.”

In essence, the foundation of modern American computing received substantial funding and initial global market share by participating in genocide. How’s that for a “Cathedral”?

And speaking of American foundations, let’s talk about the Bush family. Prescott Bush played a pivotal role in supporting the Nazis, assisting them in acquiring and hiding their money and providing the coal and steel necessary to construct the tracks and infrastructure of their concentration camps. The father of George H.W. Bush and grandfather of George W. Bush, Skull and Bones alumnus, he worked for Brown Brothers Harriman, helping Fritz Thyssen finance Hitler’s rise to power. He was also the director of Union Banking Corporation, which represented Fritz and his U.S. interests, and had ties to the Consolidated Silesian Steel Company, which provided much of the material for Nazi operations, including building concentration camps and powering the war machine.[4] Without all of this assistance, the Nazis would have struggled to secure the money and resources required for the Reich. So not only did Bush orchestrate 9/11, but his grandfather enabled Nazi Germany. That was an inside job too.

It wasn’t just presidential families and the foundations of the modern tech industry and Silicon Valley involved – the Rockefellers also played a part, funding Nazi eugenics research. There’s a reason why so many Americans supported Nazi Germany – Nazi Germany learned much of what it knew from America. [5] This is a direct quote from Hitler himself:

“Now that we know the laws of heredity, it is possible to a large extent to prevent unhealthy and severely handicapped beings from coming into the world. I have studied with interest the laws of several American states concerning prevention of reproduction by people whose progeny would, in all probability, be of no value or be injurious to the racial stock.”

From Harry Laughlin, director of the Carnegie-funded Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, to Stanford President David Starr Jordan, many Americans in the early 20th century endorsed eugenics. Edwin Black also noted how the Rockefeller Foundation established and sponsored major eugenics institutions in Germany and collaborated closely with American eugenics organizations. The same Rockefeller Foundation is now involved in major vaccine and international identification initiatives[6]. And don’t overlook the fact that Chase Manhattan, founded by Rockefeller, worked directly with the Nazis, helping them raise $20 million in exchange for $500,000 and targeting Jewish accounts and refugees fleeing the Nazis.[7] These individuals are now seeking involvement in the new digital dollar. Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain.

It wasn’t just money; transportation also played a role. Noted anti-Semite and Hitler supporter Henry Ford produced war materials for the Nazis, helping transport them around Germany. General Motors did the same. As reported by the Washington Post:

“American managers of both GM and Ford went along with the conversion of their German plants to military production at a time when U.S. government documents show they were still resisting calls by the Roosevelt administration to step up military production in their plants at home.”

Not only did these companies want to help the Nazis, but they were also somewhat reluctant to help the Americans. They provided the Nazis with the rubber needed to invade Poland and were essentially the driving force behind Nazi capabilities. Most American car manufacturers were aligned with the Nazis, with few exceptions.[8] General Electric exploited Jewish slave labor and also helped build the concentration camps directly. They worked with Thyssen, as mentioned earlier, and eventually became the company now known as “ThyssenKrupp”, famous for their elevators and attempts to sanitize their corporate history.[9] Fred C. Koch, father of libertarian favorites the Koch Brothers, in partnership with William Rhodes Davis, built what NYT called, “the third-largest oil refinery in the Third Reich, a critical industrial cog in Hitler’s war machine.” Alcoa, an aluminum provider for Nazi Germany, had a monopoly on that resource and, instead of using it to choke out the Nazis, actively enabled them.  Standard Oil Company also assisted financially and materially, powering Nazi machines.[10] IG Farben played a role in German finance (and helped build Auschwitz)[11], International Harvester Company sold them weapons[12], and ITT helped produce aircraft[13].

And what would a war effort be without documentation and reconnaissance? As they say, “pics or it didn’t happen,” so Kodak was all too happy to sell photographic equipment to the Nazis. They even employed 250 slave laborers from concentration camps.[14] MGM, Paramount, and Fox kept the Nazis entertained, and Disney screened movies for them[15] – keeping the Nazis not just profitable but also happy. Propaganda was disseminated through Random House parent company Bertelsmann A.G., which produced Nazi propaganda.[16] Woolworth[17] kept them well-stocked. Dupont [18]and Dow Chemical[19] assisted in producing war materials, and Coca-Cola created a new version of Coke, Fanta, to continue selling in Nazi Germany[20]. Also Bush was well connected to IG Farben, who was producing Zyklon-B for the Nazis, and would later become Bayer, and other known companies.[13]

So, one might think that if these companies and America and the West, in general, were trying to rehabilitate their image after World War II and claim victory over the Nazis, they would do everything in their power to crush the remaining Nazis and hold them accountable for their heinous crimes against humanity, right? Well, that brings me to my second point:

2. NATO and the US helped Nazis escape Germany and employed them around the world.

So, after the West helped the Nazis rise to power, maintain power, and live a comfortable life while profiting significantly, they needed to protect their investment. Consequently, they hired Nazis into various positions. I will touch upon a few of these post-war Nazi connections, though there are numerous examples. To begin with, did you know that one of NATO’s first major organizations was essentially a rebranded Nazi faction? The former leader of the Wehrmacht, Hasso von Manteuffel[21], proposed the name for a new division after the war, arguing that West Germany needed a defense force. The Federal Republic of Germany joined NATO in 1955, and the Bundeswehr became a haven for many Nazi officials and soldiers. They allegedly had to renounce their past affiliations, but believing Nazis is questionable at best. Moreover, does renouncing previous deeds equate to repenting for them? Does it absolve them? NATO, created primarily to oppose leftist governments, provided a suitable environment for Nazis to continue their activities. [22] This might also explain why the CIA assisted them.

Reinhard Gehlen was a Nazi spy, a war criminal, and chief of the Nazi spy organization in the Wehrmacht. His position meant he had intimate knowledge of Russian tactics and established contacts. The US heavily funded him and helped rehabilitate intelligence officers from the Schutzstaffel and the Sicherheitsdienst (SS and SD). SS officers and spies, who kept Hitler informed, were not only spared from the Nuremberg trials but were offered employment by Western governments. The CIA invested substantially in what became known as “The Gehlen Organization,” using it to spy on Russia. This network, empowered and funded by the CIA, eventually evolved into Germany’s official version of the CIA, the “Bundesnachrichtendienst Dienstsitz Pullach,” or “Federal Intelligence Service.”[23]

These Nazis provided poor intelligence, and it eventually came to light that they were helping fellow Nazis escape Germany for places like South America, evading accountability through what are known as “ratlines.” Essentially, the US aided in laundering Nazis, using the CIA to fund and support Reinhard’s efforts to help as many Nazis as possible escape Germany with minimal effort. The organization responsible for laundering Nazis was CIA-funded and is now the intelligence apparatus for West Germany. This may explain the current allegations of rising anti-Semitism and Nazi sentiment in Germany.

The US also used Ukraine as a platform for establishing a Nazi presence, a fact largely ignored by the Western press. As reported by TeleSur, the CIA funded two projects, “AERODYNAMIC” and “CAPACHO.” The documents quote, “The purpose of Project AERODYNAMIC is to provide for the exploitation and expansion of the anti-Soviet Ukrainian resistance for cold war and hot war purposes… Such groups as the Ukrainian Supreme Council of Liberation (UHVR) and its Ukrainian Insurgent Army (OUN), the Foreign Representation of the Ukrainian Supreme Council of Liberation (ZPUHVR) in Western Europe and the United States, and other organizations such as the OUN/B will be utilized.”

All these organizations were fascist, sympathetic to or following the platform of Nazis. The US aided them not only in executing their force but also in disseminating their Nazi propaganda. These groups either actively participated in or were offshoots of those involved in the Holocaust in Ukraine and Poland. But the US could weaponize them against Russia, and so they did.[25] Historians Per Anders Rudling and Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe, as well as political scientist Ivan Katchanovski, wrote extensively on them. Their involvement in the Holocaust necessitated historical revisionism for better blending in. However, the US knew exactly whom they were dealing with. The idea that the US wouldn’t know they were dealing with Nazis, considering their history of enabling Nazis, is absurd. They knew, and they enabled it for the same old reason—opposition to Russia, communism, or the left.

The US space program initially worked with Holocaust camp administrators like Werner Von Braun, who held high positions in NASA, building missiles and rockets.[26] Operation Paperclip was not limited to NASA. Nazi doctors Walter Schreiber and Kurt Blome worked on MKULTRA and related programs, applying Nazi interrogation techniques involving drugging people until they broke. The US learned this from Nazis, who, in turn, got their ideas from the US.[27] These are just a few examples among the 1,600 Nazi scientists imported through this program and the thousands exported through Gehlen, the thousands employed by NATO, and the thousands supported by the CIA in Ukraine and elsewhere. It should come as no surprise that a Nazi presence remains, nor that the US would want to suppress this information when one of their Nazi partner countries engages in a hot war with Russia.

This is why discussion about groups like the Azov Battalion, Svoboda, Patriot of Ukraine, Right Sector, and S14 is discouraged. It’s the reason Jon Stewart, Disney, the DoD, and ESPN can award Ukrainian Nazis with Sonnenrad tattoos medals.[29] It’s why Holocaust survivor families with strong claims to the Bush family fortune couldn’t sue successfully.[30] It’s why the Nuremberg trials didn’t eliminate all the Nazis—Western governments, corporations, banks, and the press were not willing to abandon their investment. The Nazis didn’t lose World War II; the US was as much a Nazi as the Nazis, putting Japanese people in concentration camps and perpetuating a history of racism, slavery, minority oppression, propaganda, and more. This is why Hitler credited the US for his initial ideas and why Alex Jones is considered a “hate figure” on Facebook, but support for the US-funded and trained[31] Azov Battalion is permissible.[32] This brings me to my final point.

3. Nazism is back, and it’s worse than ever.

I’ve been involved in various political circles for many years. In many right-wing circles, and even in groups that claim to be neutral but predominantly support the right and criticize the left, I’ve noticed a trend. This trend targets what can arguably be termed as superficial, ineffective, and state-capitalist “leftism.” This phenomenon can be succinctly described as “entryism.” Wikipedia defines entryism as “a political strategy in which an organization or state encourages its members or supporters to join another, usually larger, organization in an attempt to expand influence and propagate their ideas and program. If the organization being ‘entered’ is hostile to entryism, the entryists may engage in a degree of subterfuge and subversion to hide the fact that they are an organization in their own right.” This tactic was described by Liberty Hangout, an organization known for collaborating with white supremacist Jared Howe, who is a friend of and regular contributor to Chris Cantwell and his website. Liberty Hangout routinely pushes Republican and pro-Trump propaganda.


Of course, you wouldn’t be able to tell that they were pro-Trump unless you were following them back then, when they were proclaiming in all caps, “AMERICA IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE TRUMP’S COUNTRY. JOE BIDEN SUCKS”[link], “WE LOVE DONALD TRUMP” [link], and “King Trump” [link]. Gone are those days, and the days of comparing him to Ron Paul and Jesus Christ. Now, all you’ll see on their profile is either the platforming and promotion of Ron DeSantis or their new Catholic page. They might not get the interactions they once did, but they’ve certainly infiltrated and converted quite a few people to the right wing. Some have even been actively turned to Nazism by Jared Howe.

This isn’t a Liberty Hangout hit piece, though. While that might be justified, I won’t engage in that here. But it should be noted that libertarians should avoid spreading propaganda that would have fit well on the CIA payroll during the Cold War, especially when it resembles Nazi propaganda they directly funded under the guise of opposing communism or Russia. Just because someone opposes the left doesn’t mean they’re inherently good; often, they serve the state you claim to oppose.

It’s said that if your interests align with mega-corporations, banks, the government, historically powerful bloodlines, and the like, you support the wrong agenda. But many ignore that these groups have supported the Nazis and still do. Disney, ESPN, and the DoD have recently given medals to Nazis, and megacorporations, banks, and the government don’t want you thinking about it.

Many right-wingers claim the banks and world powers are a Jewish conspiracy, but some of the biggest banks stem from institutions that funded the Nazis. Remember, JP Morgan Chase is a Nazi institution. The Rockefellers, who funded CBDC and major eugenics research, funded the Nazis. Major car, entertainment, and food companies approved of them. So while there may be powerful Jews, financial institutions and major economic players are closer to Nazis and fascism. That’s why Nazi-friendly organizations are behind The Great Reset[33], why its figurehead can be traced back to Nazism[34], why the Bilderberg Group is steered by right-wingers like Peter Thiel, why the CIA has its hand in all social media, why Twitter was handed over to the WEF, and why Facebook is staffed by the military and intelligence complex.[35] Make no mistake; it’s not the left in power. It’s those who got their power by decrying communism and Russia while learning to control our minds, speech, and actions who got their start powering concentration camps, turning the world into one where we’re all prisoners and slaves, descendants of Nazis and their supporters, state capitalists who’ve stolen everything and seek to protect their ill-gotten goods while forcing us to pay rent on land they falsely claim is theirs.

They want us distracted, and they’re doing it as they always have. “A scary virus from a foreign threat? Fear the Chinese and their bat food! We’ll propagandize so much that anti-Asian hate crimes will skyrocket! Ignore the research funded by the West because, as usual, the West has funded problematic things in the region it now decries. If you even breathe wrong about COVID, we’ll erase you from social media. Watch out for their evil spy balloons, and pretend they aren’t weather balloons so we can act shocked that someone else would surveil another country! And those Russians, placing bases and armaments near friendly countries’ borders? Who would do that—


They all want war! Look how close they put their countries to all our bases!

Jacobin -The Armored Archipelago

— oh, right, we do that all the time, but it’s only a problem when we can point the finger at a foreign country. People are getting tired of that, aren’t they? Well, look up at the sky, turns out all those government agents who said there was no UFO problem were lying to you, and now we’re the Good Government Agents™, and we would never lie to you now! Honest, promise, cross my heart and hope to get Epstein’d! Oh, and don’t ask too many questions about him either. Oh, and…”

It’s like this all the time, and it was like this at the start of Nazi Germany. They had spent so much time getting people to fear foreign countries to establish control that when they wanted that control, they connected everything to the Jews, claiming they were responsible for all of society’s ills and at the root of every “degenerate” group’s problems. From black people making Jazz music to Gypsy dancing, from modern art to parody, everything had to pass the bureau of morality.[36] You needed a license to say, do, or get paid for something. Everything had to serve the state’s interests, all was subsumed by the state. Fascism 101. This extended to which church you could worship at and even whether you could be LGBT. The Holocaust Memorial remembers[37] the first book burning:

“On 6 May 1933, the Institute of Sexology, an academic foundation devoted to sexological research and the advocacy of homosexual rights, was broken into and occupied by Nazi-supporting youth. Several days later the entire contents of the library were removed and burned.” The Institute stood to research and treat underserved people and promote “transsexual understanding and calls for equality for homosexuals, transgender people and women.”

All of this should be protected speech. In America, with the First and Fourth Amendments, they’d have to at least pretend it’s a free country while censoring people like this. But the Nazis just burnt the books and quelled the speech immediately. That wouldn’t happen here, right? Oh, wait. We have the World Economic Forum, historically downstream from Nazis, telling us we don’t deserve mental privacy or freedom if we think the wrong things.[38] They now have Twitter and seek to power it with AI, connecting it to our finances and purchases. Elon Musk wants to “copy WeChat”, a system used by the Chinese government for state capitalism in the form of social credit fascism. The WEF wants to stop your posts before they even hit social media. It’s like book burning meets Minority Report.[40] And they want it all connected to a Rockefeller-backed CBDC, who, let me remind you, were friends of the Nazis.

So pardon me if I think this global fascism we’re heading toward will be worse than any previous fascism, and pardon me for not taking their distractions or chosen targets to dilute and deplete my energies. They point us at foreigners, minorities, or some other news cycle aspect so we’re busy fighting each other and can’t fight them. Meanwhile, they’re getting sophisticated and advanced tools to control us all, maybe this time for good. We don’t have much time, and every second we waste on petty bickering, another state-approved criminal walks free. Another useless presidential cycle is coming, where they’ll ramp up the fear and pretend it’s The Most Important Election Of Our Lifetime™ (Brought To You By Pfizer).

So ask yourself. Are you going to be one of the people burning the books, or one of the people reading enough of them to know that this has happened before and it’s never good for liberty? If you’re in the latter camp, you’ve got a lot of good things to expect from me here and at Agorist Nexus. If we don’t stop the fascist machine of oppression, we’ll all be destroyed by it, and it’s coming faster than ever. Let’s speed up together, shall we?


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Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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