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The Middle Class Has Been Targeted For Extinction - It’s all a Planned Fail

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“I’ve been Telling You: It’s all a Planned Fail

by Miles Mathis
First published June 30, 2024

There has been a mountain of commentary since the staged Presidential debate, but all of it is worthless and diversionary, since no one is breaking the surface.

Yes, Biden is suffering from dementia, but we have known that for years. And Trump was also horrible, demented in a different way. But none of this was organic or accidental. As I have been saying for years, the office of the President has been staged for decades, since the time of Gerald Ford.

After Watergate, the CIA took over the executive branch in toto, using it only as a front. By 1980 they had installed a Hollywood actor, so you should have figured it out by then, but almost no one did. That is what Watergate was, you know: a successful CIA coup. Hard to believe most people don’t know that, 50 years later.

They don’t know it because CIA now controls the media, the universities, the
public schools, the Supreme Court, and Congress as well. You get all your “information” from the CIA, so without a lot of effort you aren’t going to see through it. You won’t realize you are living in the Matrix until—by some accident or luck—you manage to step outside it for a moment, like Neo.

I did that, and I now make the reports. I didn’t manage that by luck or accident, I managed it by huge effort of will and lots of brain time. I admit it also helped that CIA has made so many obvious blunders since 911, that being the first major screen-tearing. They allowed DHS to form, which has since mismanaged so many events, CIA’s tool is permanently damaged. The old Wurlitzer won’t play the old tunes anymore, it will only screech, hurting everyone’s ears.

In the recent vaudeville, what we have been seeing is the CIA continuing the old plan—which goesback to Reagan—of moving the country right by a grand fooling. Every President since then has moved the country right, including Clinton and Obama. The basic idea was to make the middle and lower classes think they were conservatives, by tagging family values as conservative and then giving that script to the Republicans. The Republicans have always had the least concern for the lower classes, as should be known to anyone who has ever read history, but CIA’s job was to get you to forget that.

Republicans like Reagan would pretend to care about middle America: farms, families, and church, and commentators like Rush Limbaugh would salt it in for decades with more manufactured platitudes and posing. Alex Jones has taken up where Rush left off, hiding behind the flag and the steeple. [Be advised the Babylon Bee, though funny, is doing that, too.] But in truth the Republicans don’t give a rat’s patootie for any of that: if they did things wouldn’t be like they are now.

The middle and lower classes have been raped every decade since 1970, getting worse every decade under both parties, with income disparity on a steep incline. The rich have continued to get richer under Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden, and the poor have gotten poorer.

The middle class has been targeted for extinction, since after WWII the middle class got way too prosperous. The rich saw all that wealth and wanted it for themselves. They now have most of it and they want it all.

But they have had to keep your eyes and mind off that at all cost, which is why they have to keep you diverted with fake wars, constant crises, sports, movie stars, hyped weather, fake murderers, and a million TV channels of lies and garbage. If you ever dried out for half a second, you would start seeing through them.

So why have they wanted to move you right? Because they are right. The rich pretend to be on both sides, supporting both Democrats and Republicans, but at the end of the day rich people are right.

They are conservatives because they are conserving their own wealth and hegemony and power. That is what the terms originally meant, before they got busy stirring them and flipping them. So you see how it would benefit them if you were also right. If you think you are on the same side as the rich, it is hard for you to be a revolutionary. It is a great way to detooth any possibility of revolution: make everyone in the middle and lower classes think they are conservatives.

The CIA is so good at this, they can still get you voting for their billionaire Republican candidate, and thinking you are being revolutionary for doing it! Even after 911 and Sandy Hook and all their other failures, in a time when many people are finally asking real questions and trust in government is nearzero, the CIA can still fool you into thinking you are conservative and that you need to vote Republican to save the country.

How did CIA manage that feat? They have managed it by tanking the left on purpose. Although Obama was their puppet and he did almost nothing for the common man, black or white, the very fact he was considered “left” was a problem for the CIA. After eight years of Obama, and many DHS failed fake events, the country was drifting to the left.

Although Obama broke all his promises to the middle class, the promises had been made, and people were making demands. So Trump was ushered in to make you think the country was moving back to the right, in hopes you would follow your neighbor. But that didn’t really work, since again Trump didn’t actually do anything for the middle or lower classes. It was again rapine by the rich.

At the same time, things were continuing to get worse for the CIA, since during this time they and DHS continued to botch more and more fake events. They were losing control of society as a whole, due to the internet and rising opposition across the board. People were waking up and seeing through the
whole facade. So someone had the brilliant plan to tank the Democratic Party on purpose. Surely that would move the country right, right?

The idea was to force people to move to the Republican Party by making the Democrats so unappealing no sane person would support them. I don’t have to tell you how they did that, because you have been alive for the past four years. You know how they did it, with a raft of revolting Democratic leaders and appointees that no one would have believed a few years ago.

And it hasn’t just been those faces, it has been the planned fails at the border, in Afghanistan, the Fentanyl failure, the rising mobs and looting, the race wars, the destruction of entire cities like San Francisco and Portland, the unaffordable housing, the Covid tyranny, and a thousand other things. 

Speaking of which, the alternative sites are republishing Bill Maher pretty consistently now, since he is often skewering the left (which proves my point again).

But after the debate debacle, he said that things aren’t that bad in the US and that “people aren’t dying in the streets”. Yes, he actually said that and was not rushed on the stage by the crowd and torn limb from limb. You have to wonder where
Maher is living, that people are not dying on the streets. Because everywhere I can think of, THEY ARE! Primarily from Fentanyl, but also of poverty, homelessness, vaccine damage, and mental illness caused by living in this country of savage pillaging and gaslighting by the upper classes.

We need to send Maher (by bus) to San Francisco, for a little tour of the streets downtown. Or how about Baltimore or Detroit. The only thing I can figure is that Maher must be beaming his show from Bezos’ private island Lanai in Hawaii.

For a tonic to this, I recommend this recent roasting of Maher by Bill Burr. In it you can see what a slimy poser Maher really is. I remind you he is also the one who said Israel has the moral high ground in the Middle East. Yeah. Sort of like Custer had the moral high ground at Washita.

But let’s return to the staged debate. As you are seeing, this went exactly like CIA wanted it to go. In a rational world they would never have let Biden debate anyone, since it was sure to be a disaster. Instead, this dying old man was hung out to dry on purpose for you to hate and make fun of. Yes, Biden has always been a creep, another front from the Families, and he probably deserves this and
much worse, but still. It shows you how these people take care of their own. 

I guess the Bidens have been promised by the CIA they will be rehabilitated later. These debate films will eventually be lost along with the Moon Landing tapes and the negatives from Kitty Hawk, and history will paint Biden as a great leader and statesman, one who valiantly and selflessly battled the Grim Reaper on the world
stage for the greater good of mankind, blahblahblah.

Biden has been falling on his head for four years, so why didn’t they replace him as candidate a year ago, before the primaries? Because this is a planned fail. It is going exactly to plan. It is the same reason they chose Kamala Harris as VP: to put the most fear in you. You would do anything to avoid her as President.

You would vote for a sack of rotten turnips to avoid having to see her for four more years. You are being driven inexorably into the waiting arms of the Republican Party, which has another raft of lies and indignities waiting for you in 2025. And what can you say against it? You are a conservative, right? Your MAGA hat can never tarnish, right?”

Me: Of course this assumes that the election is real. And Mathis has comprehensively demonstrated himself that they can announce whatever results they want, courtesy the audit trail free voting machines. In other words, that it’s NEVER real. But that is minority knowledge, so I guess this is for mass consumption and so he leaves out all the fake Biden stuff too [at least 3 Bidens it seems, maybe more]

It’s not quite the same here either, we have a more educated electorate….

But can anyone seriously believe that Landslide Starmer is really left like they say?

As per his definition above that is; he uses the original old meanings of the terms left/right

It’s the same in France too, the only real opposition is from the right. The left has been deliberately subverted in France, traditionally a strong left there…

Photos and links that he refers to are here:


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